TOQLive: Richard Spencer Joins James Edwards and Kevin MacDonald

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  1. royAlbrecht
    royAlbrecht says:

    What to do?

    1) Funding, the Jewish collective and real power.

    As things stand now, when Jews need money, they simply print (steal from middle class White savers) more of it and preferentially lend it to their Racial kinfolk to attack us Whites with.
    By appealing to our supporters, who happen to largely come from the White middle-class base, we simply double burden an already systemically, massively discriminated against and on a monetary level disadvantaged group.
    Moreover, with the Jews setting up parallel straw-men who mimic our concepts while de-platform-ing us, the real danger to their devious schemes, and substitute the Racial component with less benign root causes for what ails us, (((they))) are able to compete with us for the precious few resources we are still able to muster.
    There are however, a growing f(r)action of individuals who have been punished by the Jew-juggernaut, that have amassed hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars in assets while in the service of the Jewish media machine.
    For example,
    Mel Gibson,
    Lou Dobbs,
    Jodie Foster,
    Kim Kardashian’s husband (?),
    Jay Leno,
    …you get the drift
    These individuals should be targeted using organized outreach involving our direct followers through petitions, letter writing campaigns, YouTube video comments on their respective channels, and any other creative ways that can be thought of and implemented on a mass scale.
    There are some true stories on the dissident WN Right that more than outshine any of the Jew-inflated struggles that the (((Hollywood))) crowd can come up with.
    These stories would make excellent movie scripts and could be done on a relatively low budget and create a literal shit storm of controversial publicity…, something that is always good when it comes to releasing a movie.
    In the era of dying political correctness we now have a last chance to reach out to these people. All it would take is one big box office hit and look out Bubba, the dykes will give way.
    A script that reflects on the life of one of our people or a documentary that touches upon a few dozen of the most well recognized victims of Jewish Organized Crime, would be good starting points.

  2. Nick Dean
    Nick Dean says:

    Spencer and Edwards have their roots in a movement, Paleoconservatism, designed by Jews to draw support from pro-White winning pols like David Duke. That is why Paul Gottfried and Murray Rothbard say they created the schools of non-thought that captured Spencer and Edwards. I’m not making this up. Google it.

    Would we do better with spokesmen who were not dopes?

  3. bruno
    bruno says:

    I absolutely love KMac’s soul. He’s got the balls of an elephant. His remarks about Trump also hold water. Who else is there in Amdom. What! Maxine, Nancy, the Indian Pocahontas?

    No one is perfect and I disagree with KMac on some issues, but believe he is an amazing giant. He knows ‘The Donald’ can’t touch the Third Rail (at least not now). I hope Kevin lives a 100 years and has adequate cognitive ability. He’s a true hero to EuroMan. In fact, if he were a politico, he’d be America’s Viktor Orban or Warsaw’s Beata Szydlo…

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