The Wall in a Nutshell: It’s About White Racial Consciousness and the “Browning of America”

Of all things Trump, the most defining and distinguishing is his advocacy of, and identification with, a wall to curb illegal immigration across our southern border. It was the signature issue in the announcement of his candidacy, an issue no other major candidate would have dared to advocate, an issue that catapulted him into an immediate lead in the polls, and an issue which gained him the immediate and unprecedentedly vehement and bitter opposition and hatred of the “left-wing” media (even greater than their hatred of Nixon, with endemic comparisons to Hitler) and all the other branches of the Anti-White Coalition that dominates the political, corporate, academic, media and cultural establishment.1

Despite the dissimulating and misdirecting rhetoric to the contrary, chiefly from establishment Republican politicians, operatives and “strategists” attempting to rationalize their support for the wall by any means other than race, the wall is widely — and correctly — seen as very much about race, as part of the larger issue of mass non-White immigration and the displacement of Whites as the majority population group and their dispossession and replacement by non-Whites. So it is not surprising that its support and opposition are sharply divided on racial lines. Non-Whites (including semi-European and non-European Caucasians) know that the wall is about race and so they overwhelmingly oppose it. Mass support for the wall is limited to Whites, but because Whites are less racially conscious and because they are less motivated by their racial interests — and therefore more racially divided on political lines — than non-Whites, they support it by only a slight majority.2

While the debate over the wall has been exclusively defined in terms of secondary issues by its proponents, carefully evading and even denying the primary racial issue, its more radical opponents have been honest (and correct) to express their opposition to it racially, defining it as a racist (i.e., pro-White) and therefore immoral means to slow the racial transformation of the country from White to non-White now openly referred to, celebrated and advocated as the “browning of America.” The more moderate opponents of the wall, like its proponents, prefer to dissimulate and evade the racial issue by justifying their opposition in terms of secondary concerns, such as its cost (negligible compared to the expenses associated with illegal immigration) or its supposed ineffectiveness, with the strength of their opposition being the most accurate indicator of how effective they really fear it would be. But for both sides the wall is not really about the money. It’s about the racial future of the country.

Both sides are primarily motivated by underlying racial interests which are the source of the passionate intensity of the debate. The Anti-White Coalition instantly recognized the wall as something that would slow the rate of racial transformation, the dispossession and replacement of Whites by non-Whites, the “browning of America.” Similarly, those Whites who support the interests of their race, the White cause, consciously or subconsciously, explicitly or implicitly, share this recognition, and so see the wall as something that will help preserve their race from the agents and causes of its destruction.

The secondary concerns cited by both sides cannot explain the emotional intensity and passion that characterize the issue, indicating they are euphemistic evasions of the real primary issue, just another avoidance of the underlying concern of our time: the issue of White racial dispossession, and a more or less gradual, more or less violent, process of White racial destruction eventually ending with White extinction. For that is the direction in which we have been heading, with steadily accelerating speed, since the formation of the present World Order in the aftermath of World War II.

The direction in which we have been heading is not by accident or chance. It is by design, the deliberate and intentional agenda of the globalist World Order of open borders, one world, one race and one global economy. The wall, whatever its level of effectiveness, is a barrier raised against that agenda. In the context of the general issue of mass non-White immigration and the resulting racial transformation, the wall is a symbol of White resistance to the “browning of America,” of a White awakening to, and rising against, the causes of its racial destruction. It is therefore seen as a potent threat to the multiracialist project and the entire agenda of the Anti-White Coalition. However effective the wall is as a barrier or deterrent to illegal non-White immigration, it is as a visible symbol of a new assertion of pro-White purpose and determination, of a resurgent White will to live, that it has taken center stage as the primary bone of contention in the apocalyptic battle for survival of White America and its White population.

The issue of non-White immigration, symbolized by the wall, is the dividing line between those who want unrestricted mass non-White immigration, the browning of America, the dispossession and replacement of the White population by non-Whites, the racial transformation of the country from White to non-White, and the anti-White racial revolution, versus those Whites who want their race to continue to exist, and to have control of their existence in the continued possession of their own country.

The Democrats, as the primary political vehicle of the Anti-White Coalition, oppose the wall for the same reason they support mass non-White immigration in general, as well as sanctuary cities and states to prevent deportation of illegal non-White immigrants. They want as many non-Whites to enter and stay in the country as possible, legally or illegally, as fast as possible, to speed the browning of America and the dispossession of the White population. For them, the wall is a symbol of White racism, of the White desire to keep the country majority White, retain possession of their country, and not be displaced by non-Whites for as long as possible, and thus immoral under their anti-White value system.

Except for Trump, the Republican leadership is not leading on the wall. They are responding to the pressure from the Republican base, the majority of which passionately wants the wall, a passion motivated by opposition, however implicit, unspoken or sublimated, to the browning of America. Perhaps even Trump is now responding to this pressure more than leading on this issue, with Pat Buchanan adding to the push with his essay Memo to Trump: Declare an Emergency:

[M]ass migration from the global South, not climate change, is the real existential crisis of the West. … America’s southern border is eventually going to be militarized and defended or the United States, as we have known it, is going to cease to exist. And Americans will not go gentle into that good night.3

The wall is not a normal political issue. Stripped of obfuscation and dissimulation it is fundamentally a racial issue, a symbol of the White will to live, to continue to exist and control its existence in its own countries. By awakening long dormant and repressed White emotions, the wall has become the focal point and energizing force of a resurging White racial consciousness, a quickening of resistance to White racial death, a new determination that the White race will not go gently or quietly to its destruction, and “will not vanish without a fight.” The Anti-White Coalition, with a default race-centered view of almost every issue, sees and understands this with the clarity of finely-tuned racial instincts and so must accept battle and commit all its resources to defeat it and the emotions it has stirred to life, or find its dominance challenged by a growing pro-White movement. As declared by anti-White film actor-director-producer Rob Reiner:

Make no mistake, this shutdown boils down to one thing: RACISM. GOP frightened to death of the browning of America. They will lose this last big battle of the Civil War. Diversity is our strength.4

To Reiner, the browning of America — and the resulting destruction of White America — is not only a moral imperative, with any resistance to it being racism. The Anti-White Coalition correctly targets Trump for instigating this unexpected challenge to the smooth advancement of their White replacement agenda. A CNN contributor accuses Trump of “trying to whip up fear about the browning of America,” and of

reverting back to playing on white anxieties regarding the browning of America — which I like to refer to as racism. Or, for those who prefer the more academic term, fear of losing status.5

The anti-White reaction to what they see as Trump’s threat to non-White interests has been nothing if not hyperbolic, with Black commentators perhaps the most extreme. Eugene Robinson, an associate editor of The Washington Post, echoing Nancy Pelosi, accuses Trump of “trying to make America White again,” and asserts Trump’s proposals to curb chain migration “can only be seen as an attempt to halt the browning of America.”6

Unfortunately for those who want the White race to continue to exist, it is now much too late to stop, much less reverse, the browning of America simply by the restriction or even the complete halt of non-White immigration. The agents of White destruction are already inside our borders in far more than sufficient numbers to seal our fate. Adding more only shortens the time to our ruin.

The Anti-White Coalition portrays the browning of America, and the racial replacement and destruction of the White population by multiracialism and intermixture, as inevitable, and its inexorable advance since the 1960s seems to confirm that belief, as described in an Irish Examiner article titled “Browning’ of the US is a battle Trump has lost:”

Trump’s moves are too late, says Michael Clemens, an Economist at the Center for Global Development, because the demographic revolution has already happened and a new, multiracial America is fast evolving.

“His attempts to make America whiter are doomed to fail, because the demographic revolution is now irreversible,” says Clemens. “Whites are already a minority of all children under age five. So, if all immigration ceased tomorrow, the country is still inexorably on a path to a new multiracial reality.”7

Obviously, a wall alone could not stop the browning of America, but it would slow it, giving those who would reverse it, those who actually want to make America White again or create a new White America, more time to advance their efforts. The only way the browning of America can be stopped is also the only way it can be reversed. The only way there can be a White America is by the spinning off of the non-Whites into their own separate countries or ethnostates, with the remaining America becoming a self-consciously White country or ethnostate. Only a racial separation at this level can save the White race now.

We are witnesses to something that has not happened before in the already long age of the decline of White America. The agents of that decline have finally met some very unexpected stirrings of resistance. Are these stirrings harbingers of a White rage to come, portents that this rage is finally beginning to take form and coalesce around the issue of non-White immigration? The real reason non-Whites and their White allies oppose Trump with such passionate intensity is because he represents resistance to the “browning of America” and the anti-White agenda. Not as much resistance as we would like, but perhaps as much as is now politically possible, and however slight or weak his resistance might seem to us, that it is any degree of resistance at all has shocked and unleashed the full fury and power of the Anti-White Coalition, who must crush this resistance before it gains a foothold and becomes a fixture of the political and cultural landscape that the White cause can rally around as it gains ground, a rallying point for a growing White “rage against the dying of the light,” the on-going extinguishing of the life of our race.

If we who want our race to live, the advocates and supporters of the White cause, have provided some of the tinder, Trump has provided the spark that has kindled a growing fire that the outraged and shocked Anti-White Coalition. They are reacting with panic and consternation and are desperately trying to extinguish by every means — fair or mostly foul — before it grows so great that their entire anti-White project is consumed by the flames and a White ethnostate rises, phoenix-like, from the ashes of its predecessor. The anti-White project is not yet fireproof. It is still built mainly of straw and sticks rather than brick and stone. They hate and fear us for providing tinder and kindling, and Trump for being a spark, a dangerous arsonist.

In these dark times it is a wonder that such embers ever glowed at all in the Oval Office, and hardly to be expected they could do so for very long. At times it has seemed Trump’s spark has been dampened. But in his resumed fight for the wall, however late the hour, for at least one more brief shining moment a flame of hope is burning bright again. Long may it burn.


  1. “White,” as used in this essay in capitalized form includes only persons of European ancestry and racial type, i.e., the European racial group. In the non-capitalized form “white” it coincides with census bureau, official governmental and general common usage as including all semi-European (e.g., Ashkenazi Jews) and non-European Caucasians (e.g., North Africans, Middle-Easterners, Central Asians, etc.). The “Anti-White Coalition” includes all those who are against the most fundamental and vital — or existential — interests of the White race, especially its continued existence and control of its own existence, and the condition of racial separation these interests require. With rare exceptions, this coalition includes essentially all non-Whites present in Western countries, as well as those Whites who for whatever reason are aligned with non-White interests (diversity/multiracialism and White dispossession/replacement) against the existential interests of their own race.
  2. According to a January 13, 2019 ABC/Washingon Post poll a majority of 54 percent of White Americans support the wall while 72 percent of non-Whites oppose it. This poll was conducted when illegal border crossings were exceeding 50,000 per month.

  1. Pat Buchanan, “Memo to Trump: Declare an Emergency,” January 10, 2019

  1. Rob Reiner tweet of January 21, 2018, quoted in Edwards, Ethan. “The Last Big Battle of the Civil War.” A Fair Hearing: The Alt-Right in the Words of its Members and Leaders, edited by George T. Shaw. Arktos, 2018, pp. 77-86.

5. Note that this quote refers to mere anxiety by Whites about their dispossession and replacement as racism.

“Trump is trying to whip up fear about the browning of America,” Dean Obeidallah, CNN, November 4, 2018

  1. “Trump is trying to Make America White Again,” Eugene Robinson, The Washington Post, January 29, 2018
  2. Irish Examiner, “‘Browning’ of the US is a battle Trump has lost,” July 24, 2018








50 replies
  1. George Kocan
    George Kocan says:

    I here offer the United Nations’ definition of genocide, as it applies to the issue of massive immigration: the intent to destroy the whole or in part a national, ethnic, racial or religious group. The Democrats have stated this as a goal, to disrupt the ethnic composition of the US, to suppress the traditional European dominance and character of the US. The present Democrat policy on immigration is therefore the racist policy and not its opposition from Trump and other conservatives.

    • Anon
      Anon says:

      So by that definition the existence of Abrahamism is a genocidal threat to others, and has proven itself as well.

    • Jim Ryder
      Jim Ryder says:

      Excellent observation, divisive identity politics pushed by the left pits every group against the whites of this country and falsely stereotypes them all a racist xenophobes.

  2. Roland Maruska
    Roland Maruska says:

    So why did President Trump wait until after Republicans lost control of the House to start pushing for the wall? Why did he cap the property tax deduction, thus costing his party several states this last election? Why didn’t he tell Republicans he would tie tax cuts for the rich and the lessening of pollution controls to their support for the wall? Is he sincere in his support for it? He should remember Christ’s words: No man can serve two masters. And how on earth could he choose that Marxist John Bolton as National Security Adviser?

    • Realist
      Realist says:

      “And how on earth could he choose that Marxist John Bolton as National Security Adviser?”

      I would say Bolton is a Globalist rather than a Marxist. Trump chose Bolton because Trump is a Deep Stater.

      • T J
        T J says:

        Their cut is 100% as the Talmud says everything on Earth is their property.

        Then they will possibly add a commission of 10% for their service of ruining the money. [Sin of commission]

        The world is not enough. . .

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      Wasn’t it Bannon who said nobody was more surprised than Trump about Trump’s win?
      I occasionally toy with the idea that he is the accidental President. He planned on using a strategy
      that had long been obviously popular with the GOP base but was at odds with its establishments ‘s interests. He did so so he could win the nomination, come close in the election, have a lot of fun doing it and then retire to doing the Trump Hour on fox where he could wax vociferously about everything he would have done if the election went differently. That was his plan. But then Moll Clinton turned out to be even worse than he expected. What could he do? He couldn’t just not show up. Now he splits every difference, not really knowing what to do next?

    • Leon Haller
      Leon Haller says:

      My questions, too. Trump has been a huge disappointment. That said, though, could it be that he truly is a patriot, but politically a very incompetent one? People, even Trump’s enemies, are constantly saying how “brilliant” he was in winning the GOP primary. I never thought so. Rather, I thought he was simply a patriot talking about some things that had irked him, and otherwise entering simply for the publicity, because of his ego, and because much of his wealth is “brand-name-driven”. I think he won in spite of himself: that any GOP contender with his basket of signature issues would have triumphed (unless he were really boring, which Trump is not).

      That is the silver lining in the debacle of his Presidency. He has opened the “Overton Window”, moved immigration into the consciousness of the GOP base, and made it clear to the RINO Establishment that we will never tolerate any Amnesty, and ultimately, want our damn borders secured. I predict all future GOP nominees will likewise be restrictionists (and increasingly harsh ones – at least until about 2036 or so, after which the situation will be hopeless; of course, as the whole world “dysgenifies”, even more domestic minorities will call for restrictions, too).

  3. Steven
    Steven says:

    I love articles like this that cut through the morass. I wonder if a moment of tranquility could be afforded by an agreement of both sides to speak guilelessly. The agreement would have to include a covenant not to dox the opposing side for its racial views.

  4. AlphonsusJr
    AlphonsusJr says:

    All true. But once again there’s a key omission. We whites are contracepting ourselves to death. This is just as important to mention as the colored invasion. Yet white advocates rarely mention it. Is it because they’re contracepting just as much as white ethnmasochist cucks?

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      Thanks, Al for bringing that up. I was hoping somebody would.

      Yep, it’s all about babies!!! The one thing we idiotic Aryan Nationalists have yet to figure out is that the ONLY REAL solution to our dilemma is the traditional, Godly family unit, with lots of kids!

      • Leon Haller
        Leon Haller says:

        Not true! Yes, we must increase White fertility. But segregating ourselves from diversity, and achieving territorial apartheid and new racio-political sovereignty, are far more important than producing a comparatively few more White children.

        Imagine the global [true] White population were to drop to 100 million (estimates vary, but I think we’re at around 500-600 mil today), and this on a planet grown to 10 BILLION. Now imagine that 80% of those remaining Whites were hardcore White Preservationists, and the other 20% were apathetic but unwilling to fight the racial majority in the name of “diversity”. Finally, imagine that all 100 mil were located in one sovereign territory (say, a racially cleansed Europe). Even being next door to 8 billion Africans and Arabs and Asians, do you really think we would be unable to survive – indefinitely?

        As long as we are willing to pay the taxes to build a world-class military, and fund the R&D to keep it at the planetary forefront – and as long as we are racially separate from all nonwhites and filled with a healthy racial will-to-live (and I would add, willing to invest in genetic enhancement research too) – our constituting only 1% of the Earth’s population wouldn’t matter in the least to the survival of our race and Occidental civilization.

        It is racial integration/diversity which is our downfall.

    • Carl Robinson
      Carl Robinson says:

      Absolutely right. It’s due to the materialist brainwashing, I’m convinced of it. Career or fortune should not be taught as the primary goal. Marriage and kids should be the goal. That’s how our supposed replacements are successful.

    • Michael Adkins
      Michael Adkins says:


      “once again there’s a key omission”

      The demographic revolution Clemens refers to was build on abortion (60 million) and he knows it. He also realizes the Democratic Party (US) has steadfastly supported that revolution. I believe you are correct it’s more than time to “go loud” on the subject.

    • Charlie
      Charlie says:

      White wimin are contracepting “us” but they sure put out for the colored guys and squirt our hiz nappy haired mixed race baybeez while he cools his heels in prison on our dime.

    • Jim Ryder
      Jim Ryder says:

      Low birth rate and prosperity have an inverse relationship. Japan is undergoing a birthrate crisis, for the first time in history they are allowing limited immigration. Not quite related but interesting, two companies in China are offering extra time off during the Lunar New Year to unmarried women employees over the age of 30 as they are considered “leftover women” unsuitable for marriage. I single and up for some Chinese carry out.

  5. Loren R
    Loren R says:

    The Communist Jews are incredibly brilliant. Their plan to attack us through the educational system has been incredibly effective and they are on the cusp of complete victory. To have white columnists at the Seattle Times and other newspapers all across the country espousing “white privilege” baloney and millions of white people believing it is incredible. Way to go CJ’s! You have a large percentage of white people activity participating in their own destruction. That is no small feat.
    I am hoping more will wake up soon but I doubt it. The brainwashing in the school system is deep.
    I have some satisfaction that our enemies don’t really understand what they have unleashed. Their personal walls are not nearly high enough and a weakened America is only going to give succor to Israel’s enemies. Which are many and wide spread.
    They may have outsmarted themselves. They do that alot.

    • Karen Berger
      Karen Berger says:

      Have no fears. (((They))) should be careful what (((they))) wish for. ‘Pets’ permitted to run loose have a way of getting back at their masters. What goes around comes around.

    • Charlie
      Charlie says:

      If the kids don’t weep at sad holyhoax violins, the skool system administrators cram a mouthful of psychotropic brain melting drugs in their mouth. Makes me sick how many Whites allowed their children to be put on drugs at the behest of commie liberal skool system indoctrinators.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      For me there’s nothing brilliant about Jews. They’re just sneaky. Before Jews really got their hands on the levers of power, there was concern going way back to de Tocqueville, then with Emerson, Whitman, Williams James, Dewey, Jaques Barzun, and others. The basic message was, “No liberal education, No liberal democracy. No liberal democracy, then communism or fascism. That’s pretty much what happened.

      The Right’s used education in a traditionalist way that was outdated even then. And it was a way that, with reason, turned everyone off. Not even they took higher education seriously (though they started to pretend to care, but then stopped when they realized it was too late).

      The Left simply weaponized the great tradition as they weaponize everything.

      But many more asked the simple question, what do books and learning have to do with making money?
      And they basically went ahead and answered their own question with a resounding – “Nothing.”

      Jews weren’t brilliant. Whites were dumb.

      White America took to higher education they way Latin America took to Democracy. Not very well.

      The result being pretty hard to miss, and yet it was missed, ie; they lost their mind. They seemed incapable of grasping the fact that the more you respect the life of the mind and the world of ideas the greater the chances of preserving a culture that more people would want to preserve, fight and die for. Instead, they died for propaganda. And, sooner than later, they’ll die some more for the same reason.

      What killed Whites was the population explosion that introduced millions and millions of Whites who inherited a civilization they didn’t build, understand or care for. They entered into the world during an age of emancipation. So we had Emancipation without Acculturation. Just as the Third World is Adopting our ideas and institutions without being able to Adapt to them.

      So with Whites (and not just Whites) you have Emancipation without Acculturation.
      With the non-Whites you have Adoption with Adaptation.

      Jews were and are simple a cabal or parasites, predators, foxes and vultures who have been nibbling like the ignoble, sneaky and shameless cowards that they are, on what was already a dying carcass.

      Either way, theirs will be the single greatest Pyrrhic Victory in world history.

      I don’t we should laugh at the dinosaurs for getting themselves extinct. After all, they lasted a lot longer than we have so far.

  6. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    This article really gets to the heart of the matter regarding race and the southern border.

    We live right on the border ourselves – but the northern border, not the southern one. And, it is because of race that the northern border does not have the problems that the southern border does. In other words, our neighbors are (for the most part) our kinsmen as well.

    In just 10 minutes or so I can walk in the forest with our German Shepherds and come to a little unguarded berm (looks like a railroad track without the ties or rails). That’s the border. In places there are little white signs asking folks not to cross, and I have always obeyed that law (though I cannot always say the same for the German Shepherds).

    Now and then I’ll meet a border agent in the woods, and they are always cheerful. They’ll even have a beer with you, so long as it’s on the QT. Suits me, though many of them seem to like Pabst Blue Ribbon, which is not my favorite.

    At the official crossings they are polite, professional, and cheerful. We often go up there because the restaurants are just fantastic. The Canadians, on the other hand, like to come down here as the booze is a lot cheaper in the USA (a lot less taxes than in Canada). They do have a thing about firearms, but other than that, they are pretty easy going.

    I believe there is no real border between our people, regardless of nationality. Race is the reality.

    • Michelle F
      Michelle F says:

      That’s very true about the Canadians!
      Unfortunately it’s the very exact opposite for me down here in Southern California. You really see the culture differences between whites and Hispanics now that Hispanics are the majority in my state. Legal and illegal Hispanics very much equal in the problems. It would be best for all of us if they would just stay in their own countries and stop destroying ours!

  7. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    The racial denouement does seem to be reaching critical mass. Unfortunately, way too many Whites are still in intellectual lockdown by the (((book cookers))) who dominate the media. And they are working 24/7 to keep the Whites beduddled
    Looking at the aftermath of Charlottsville, it’s obvious that these hostile and strident forces are trying to crush any organized opposition in its incipiency. They have Trump at bay, and are circling for the kill.

    • Charlie
      Charlie says:

      Not intellectual lockdown but deep deep deep in Stockholm Syndrome weeping at sad violins in Holyhoax mooveez.

  8. Karlfried
    Karlfried says:

    The advocates of the extinction of the white race did so in secret and now do so in in the open light. They are supported by strong forces and their propaganda comes from many places. From that point of view: They have power.

    But: They work for the destruction of the white race. The white race seen as a “unit”, an “entity”, in itself is a very large and powerful player in the world game. So our dead-planning adversaries cannot win by power, they have to win by tricks, the very most effecitve one is to make the white race kill itself.

    Any event, may it be small or big, that brings the white race into its mind: “We whites are one same thing, we shall unite and fight together for our survival”, any event, that makes the white race awaken, any such event will awake a sleeping tiger and all these white-folks-killing actors will have worked in vain. All their work of decades can go down to ashes within fourteen days if the white folks awake.

    Therefore the building of the border-securing-wall at the southern border of the USA is a highly symbolic act and very useful for the white awakening. The building, even the fight for its building, can be the starting point of the acceleration in the awakening of the white race.

    • Charlie
      Charlie says:

      Whites are only indoctrinated now to screw each other over for a percentage as taught by their Corporate Masters

  9. HK Wills
    HK Wills says:

    An unusually incisive piece: at its heart the border issue truly is a bare knuckle racial fight. As in the old Hollywood westerns this town isn’t big enough for two (groups) of us. I can imagine an exchange with an open borders type who would charge ” you wouldn’t want a wall if there were 20,000 Whites crossing the border”. To which the retort should be: You’re damned right: 20,000 Whites would not displace American Whites, contaminate the White gene pool, breed poverty, pollute the culture and disproportionately criminally predate Whites as well as parasitize White incomes. I am a racist for my race just as you are for yours.

  10. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    The simplest way to push back against the anti-Whites is to direct the narrative to economics. Immigration, whether legal or illegal, is morally wrong when millions of citizens are unemployed or under employed. Immigration, in that situation, is nothing more than importing poverty. In fact, immigration hurts American Blacks much more than it hurts Whites. Immigrants sending remittances out of the country bleed the economy. It is money spent internally on internally produced goods and services that creates employment. The statistical information about this is all available, but it doesn’t make headlines like Ray Sism. America, Canada, and the rest of the West were great when immigration was low as was real unemployment. Use Slick Willy’s line: “It’s the economy, stupid.”

  11. Rob Bottom
    Rob Bottom says:

    They must oppose Trump, because controls on legal immigration will naturally follow his controls on illegal immigration, and that is something they absolutely cannot abide.

  12. Michelle F
    Michelle F says:

    Great article! I live in Southern California and have seen my city go from majority white to majority Hispanic. Legal Hispanics are just as much as a problem as illegals! These people are taking over everything! It’s very scary!

  13. tito perdue
    tito perdue says:

    Western Civilization is a white creation; no one else could have done it. On that evidence, we must acknowledge that racism is a wonderful institution that should be rejuvenated and inculcated in schools and in this journal. It is the last barrier to global homogenization, and represents the default position of 99% of humanity over 99% of historical time.
    A natural and indeed necessary sentiment, racism is just one method for people to evaluate others in accord with their genetic quality. Without racism, the world today would be dominated by Neanderthals, or by the class of people who inhabit sub-Saharan Africa. Civilization requires the leadership of fully-evolved individuals; those areas governed by less advanced races fall quickly into barbarism as we see in so many places today.
    In normal times, racism is so universally experienced that historians hardly bother to call attention to it. It is only in diseased and perverted eras, like our own, that elites rail against this ineradicable and precious human attribute.
    Hate, too, is a necessary and valuable component of life, and anyone devoid of hate – (I’ve never known such a person) – isn’t living a complete life. A healthy society will never try to sequester such normal emotions, an effort forever destined to failure. I myself have a full supply of hatred and loathing and racism, which I take out every night and polish to a high sheen.
    Tito Perdue
    White nationalist author

  14. Bruno
    Bruno says:

    Reading this excellent article reminds me of sitting in a café in Europe and hearing people talk against the wonderful workers paradise. It was in the solidarity days.

    As a kid I saw Detroit change. Now is an elderly man I see the same thing happening In many sections of our country. This article really hits home.

    It’s very interesting to read the comments. For some McDonald Has assembled a great group of people from all around the world. Sometimes reading the comment section makes one think of past motorcycle trips around the country. I saw a mini demographic changes over the decades. This new era, with the tremendous input from the anti-majority mass media Would put the Soviet system of propaganda to shame.

  15. John Taurus
    John Taurus says:

    Whites must move in masses to the South-Eastern states so that we can set up our own country when Whites wake up and realize Whites are on the way to being murdered “in mass”. We are already at race war, it has simply not been declared yet. Blacks murder Whites at an alarming rate but you won’t hear about it outside the area in which it happened. . The South East has the natural resources we would need to survive. Shipping and receiving would be available via the ocean. The climate would allow the raising of food without the long, cold winters of the North. The White man is hated by every ethnic group, thanks to the lying, anti-White media. Those same ethnic groups love what the White man created. How many White people fled to Africa this year to raise their standard of living versus the number of Africans that fled to Europe and the United States? There would be no electricity, radio, cell phones, lights, television, computers, cars, etc if not for “The Evil White Man”. Europe is being/has been destroyed via the same techniques. Move. In mass. To the South-Eastern States and take over the governments by sheer numbers and when the murder of Whites starts, vote to secede from the Jewnited States and start our own country…..maybe call it “Caucasia”. Personally, I dread what I can feel is on the near horizon…..egged on by the press and lying misinformation. We need a law charging the editors of major news outlets with treason if lies or broadcasts tend to lead the sheeple in a direction instead of giving the facts to the sheeple and letting them decide for themselves what to think. The Major Media is simply a device used to program the thinking of the sheeple. This programed thinking lets the programmers profit off the sheeple monetarily, politically, and it keeps them in power and the sheeple in the pens.

  16. Bancroft Hall
    Bancroft Hall says:

    Early in the Trump Phenomenon, a number of supposedly White Advocate organizations and mouthpieces developed a “Trump Is a Shabbos Goy” position. The Nationalist Time editor half-heartedly supported Trump’s presidential campaing, only to throw Trump under the bus when is was Syria time. I recall the Syria event, almost two years ago. Trump had a small number of missiles launched at non-strategic targets in Syria. It was obvious what he did — send a bogus, phony attack against Assad’s forces, clearing the way for Putin to dominate the area, and for the later withdrawal of American forces (hopefully to man our Southern Border). So EGG on the Editor’s face as he labeled Trump a “snake oil salesman” and cut off support. Harrumph!
    Then there was Ann Coulter, a maybe-I-support-Trump in the campaign. But about 18 months ago, when the Build the Wall wasn’t going so hot, began a “Trump is Liar and Caver” and will never build a wall. Thanks Ann. Now The Wall is the main front-page discussion all over America. One commenter on this blog whines “Why didn’t Trump go for the wall” when he had a GOP majority? It’s because his GOP majority was equally opposed as are his Socialist Party White-haters. He’s doing it NOW for a whole many reasons, but he’s doing it.
    Finally there is the 321Gold guy, Mr. M., an old veteran of the Precious Metals speculation industry. Nothing wrong with his line of work — but he SAVAGELY condemned Trump from the get-go as an all-out Israel-Firster who is nothing more than a water-carrier for Jews, Israel, Zionism, the New York Port Authority, Jewish-owned interest across-the-board. Donald Trump is a Shabbos Goy! Say it Louder!
    I think all three points of view are full of excrement. We’ve waited all our lives for a Trump in the Presidency. We have how-ever-long-that-lasts to get our White Nationalist opposition arses in gear and organized. Boo Hiss to White Nationalist Trump Haters.

  17. Realist
    Realist says:

    How could McCulloch possible believe Trump was a friend of the White race? Trump is an ignis fatuus…..a chimera. He is a member of the Deep State, he is beholden to wealth and power. His White base has been played.

  18. George Bancroft
    George Bancroft says:

    Trump is beckoning the White Nationalist world to step up to the plate and reconquer our lands. It’s up to us to respond. Great analysis by McCulloch. Thank you for printing it in TOO.

  19. Deep North
    Deep North says:

    Sadly liberals and their non white coalition are ahead of white conservatives when it comes to thinking of race and group identity. White conservatives still tremble in fear of being labeled a “racist” or wanting these immigrants to come here the “legal way”. We still have our work cut out for us. I always remind color blind conservatives about the rates of legal immigrants and welfare use as well as their overwhelming tendency to vote Democrat.

  20. Achilles Wannabe
    Achilles Wannabe says:

    Wasn’t it Bannon who said nobody was more surprised than Trump about Trump’s win?
    I occasionally toy with the idea that he is the accidental President. He planned on using a strategy
    that had long been obviously popular with the GOP base but was at odds with its establishments ‘s interests. He did so so he could win the nomination, come close in the election, have a lot of fun doing it and then retire to doing the Trump Hour on fox where he could wax vociferously about everything he would have done if the election went differently. That was his plan. But then Moll Clinton turned out to be even worse than he expected. What could he do? He couldn’t just not show up. Now he splits every difference, not really knowing what to do next?

    • Charlie
      Charlie says:

      “I occasionally toy with the idea that he is the accidental President”

      Not an idea just to “toy with”, it’s a FACT.
      Taken to the next level Obamunism was INSURED 8 more years to polish off the White Race and set the Joo at the top of the heap finally and forever! The “investigations” are not of Trump but to disclose WHO within ZOG’s well Goyled machine did not deliver? The fix was in and the Jooish Media insured us that Obamunism WILL LIVE IN INFAMY!!!!!! Somewhere along the line a ZOG tool did not deliver and gummed up the machine and Trump somehow slipped through.

  21. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    “…celebrated and advocated as the “browning of America.”

    Oh, it’s most definitely about that. But then again, what about human beings is most commonly associated with the color brown. That’d be a good meme to have go viral. It’d at least get them to come up with another catchy phrase. For the time being, this one, to continue the metaphor, stinks to high heaven.

    • Charlie
      Charlie says:

      “Browning of AmeriKwa” when the continent they came from is still frozen in the Stone Age. Browns are mouth breathers and have never contributed anything to planet Earth.

  22. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth says:

    I am a Canadian with two Mayflower ancestors. Old stock Americans and Canadians are kin. I feel very sorry for all of our families.

    • T
      T says:

      Your sentiment is much appreciated and reciprocated Elizabeth. I had a Scottish ancestor which after residing in Canada came to the United States during the 19th century. Another ancestor arrived in Maryland from England during the mid 17th century, and one, very possibly, as early as the time of the Second Supply of Jamestown came to Virginia in 1608.

      Yes, the old stock of Canada and the US are quite closely related.

  23. Rick
    Rick says:

    Bullshit. I don’t care waht color your skin is! If you’re coming here ILLEGALLY ,I want yiu deported.
    Do it the LEGAL way.

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