Guilty of Working While White, Redux: One Year Later

Exactly one year ago from the date we started this interview on January 19, Tom Kawczynski was attacked by the national media for daring to work while White. Because the town’s board of selectman was unable to stand-up to the media’s intense bullying of Mr. Kawczynski for simply stating the obvious — that Whites should have the same right as all other groups to work together to protect, and even advance, their collective interests — he was forced to resign from his position as the town manager of Jackman, a small rural community in western Maine.

The Occidental Observer published an interview with Mr. Kawczynski during that media firestorm. This is a follow-up to that interview to learn how Tom and his wife have contended with the changes in their lives since that attack.

Russell James: You ended the last interview with the words “We have more support than
we know, and we are changing the narrative.” Do you still feel that’s true?

Tom Kawczynski: According to the Census, over 60% of Americans are Whites without Hispanic ethnicity. One party, the Democrats, actively works to subjugate any sense of positive identity for the majority. The opposition, the Republicans, hides in shame from defending the accomplishments of that same group.

Under such circumstances, it can feel like we are unwanted, but what is happening is we stand perched on the verge of a nationalist awakening in this country where Whites will finally speak up for our interests with pride, without shame, and in recognition that as the people who both built and maintain this great country, our voices must be heard.

A lie has long persisted that for us to have pride in our accomplishments is diminution of others. This makes no sense. Rather, it is the rising civil rights issue of our time, to recognize that in a nation which respects popular sovereignty, that the majority can escape silence and be heard once more.

I am confident a new day is far closer than anyone realizes and look forward optimistically to its arrival.

RJ: How do you think it came about that explicit assertions White interests are now completely unrepresented in the institutions of power of a country our forefathers founded and built?

TK: We live in a country where most of our schools, our media, and increasingly, our corporations participate in an ongoing effort to suppress any positive expression of White identity. This is the result of a hundred-year plot of radical egalitarians of all stripes; socialists, communists, and Marxists to undo the republic that honored our heritage and replace it with social democracy, the easiest government to control and purchase.

What is particularly frightening is just how vicious these people have become in suppressing voices, seeking now not to just censor dissent, but to we see people suffering social and financial penalties, as well as a justice system where thought itself is now becoming criminalized.

But the biggest problem for all we can talk about how this happened is that we stopped speaking up for ourselves, both in terms of our own people, and for the moral cause of defending our liberty and legitimate authority that derives from our civilization and its timeless ideals.

RJ: Why do you think it is principally Whites who are targeted for persecution and punishment by the current regime?

TK: I will be releasing a book in late February or March entitled The Loyal Revolutionary which focuses on this very question. When you look at voting patterns by demographic, some stark trends emerge. Whereas Whites vote for limited government, to protect gun rights, and are still about 60% against socialism, a mirror image appears in every other racial group in America. Across multiple election cycles, two-thirds of Latinos, three-quarters of Asians, and nine-tenths of Blacks express support for socialist redistribution policies.

In short, they’ve been promised all the historical wealth accumulated in America as well as being able to tax our labor and take our assets as part of being part of this so-called coalition of the ascendant. To make this coalition work, they have to be constantly stirred to resentment and be promised the wealth of others: Whites stood in the way of this, so just like all traditional sources of authority in this country, we are targeted along with men, Christians, and the idea that America is a just nation open to everyone.

One other interesting thing I discovered is that Whites are the only swing voters left in America. A real effort to connect our women and men together in common cause could restore this nation very quickly, which is why there is no more forbidden or ruthlessly attacked idea than Whites working together in common cause.

RJ: We are so often told that the ruling elites are truly “rich White men,” yet it seems that all Whites, including the White elites who controlled the original American republic that honored our heritage, are persecuted and punished by this new regime. Do you think this suggests the possibility that “rich White men” are no longer in control and that those constantly stirring non-Whites to resentment are from a different ethnic stock than the original lords of America?

TK: One of the interesting things that really jumps out in the research is that while every other “White” identity votes about sixty percent or greater for Republicans, Jews vote 70% or greater for Democrats. As has often been observed elsewhere, the rich White men who have many of the most prominent positions in media, academia, and finance are often Jewish, as are many of the best-known socialists currently and historically.

The question why Jews particularly embrace Marxism so thoroughly is one worth more research and helps explain this contradiction. It is of particular import to them, as well, as we can see how the new more progressive Left is much more anti-Semitic with its embrace of Islam. Consider the comments made today by new Congresswoman Ilhan Omar as well as those earlier made by Rashida Tlaib for their blatantly oppositional stance against Jews.

The minorities of today believe there are no greater victims than themselves, which will surely be a cause of ongoing conflict with the highly leftist leadership of Jewish culture, which frankly, has served through the ADL and other entities to constrain any positive expression of White culture. Such actions, if not reversed, may prove both our downfall as well as their own.

One thing I am confident about in the future is in the growing number of Jews who recognize this trend, and as the pressure to censor from that front slackens, then we might be able to attack the ideology that threatens us all, which is this idea that equalized outcomes must be enforced and that we can no longer use reason or identify patterns in how people behave, individually or in groups.

RJ: Given the regular occurrence among Jews to demand to be able to express and to defend their identity as Jews while screaming “neo-Nazi” at any White person who tries to do the same vis-à-vis their identity, do you believe a time will come when Jews will embrace their “Whiteness” and join with us in defending White interests? If they do, do you think Whites should welcome that union?

TK: I argue there is no more moral case for any people, at either the ethnic or racial level than to fight for their continued existence, so I would hope those who oppose positive expression of White identity would see the inherent hypocrisy of opposing that right for us or anyone else. There have certainly been trends within the Orthodox community within Judaism in this fashion, and most Israelis seem also to intrinsically understand the validity of the argument of self-existence.

There’s an interesting contradiction within the Jewish community. I’ve read surveys that suggest over 90% of Jews consider themselves White, yet over two-thirds of Jews also believe when they are singled out for their behaviors or actions that is uniquely a form of racism, suggesting such racial identification is flexible in terms of affiliations but always expressed in a way that optimizes self-interest. Incidentally, I do not blame them for this, but I think they need to start asking the question much more seriously about where their interest lies.

Your final question is challenging, but my most recent book After Trump is suggestive. I make a two-part case for nationalism whereby we begin with a moral test, working with those of all races who share our core values of liberty, morality, and responsibility, and where we utilize that framework to best mobilize our citizens in common cause. Whites themselves demand a moral case, uniquely perhaps amongst all groups, before working in their naked self-interest, and having set such a principled standard, can judge whether or not to work with others on that same basis.

I would say that it is impossible for Whites to work with anyone who spends a disproportionate amount of time, energy, and effort aimed at disrupting the legitimate aspirations of our people to merely assert and practice those same rights of dignity and association for ourselves as other people take for granted. When it comes to the Jewish question, I believe the actions to begin a more fruitful relationship have to begin with a change from that community itself, because as we all know, anyone outside that community who comments upon their cultural trends is automatically painted with slander and slurs, even if all they recognize are matters of fact.

Any conversation before that about working with people seems premature, but I think we must be open to partnerships in general that serve our interest if we are to survive and prosper.

RJ: Why do you believe that Whites demand a moral case? Do you consider it a genetic predisposition or a cultural constraint?

TK: I suspect the genetic and cultural case reinforce one another, so separating them may not be possible and isn’t actually necessary. The European peoples evolved to deal with challenging environments that required high trust societies, encouraged comparatively lower birth rates, and relied upon seasonal cooperation. Groups were held together not by kinship but by commitment to a morally defined community based on trust and reputation; dissenters were ostracized and shunned.

Such constraints encouraged the pathological altruism with which the readers of this publication are well familiar, but one point not made commonly enough perhaps is recognizing how uncommon this is for other groups. I think our ideas of responsibility are also the roots of our embrace of individualism, the foundation of liberty in the West, but which we see much less frequently articulated in either Asian, African, or other developing societies.

Whites like abstractions like liberty and the rule of law, and in the American case, having three hundred years of habit where we did not seriously have to contemplate a society not run by our people, we had the luxury of assuming particular ideals were universal. Now that we are testing them with the inclusion of huge numbers of non-Whites, the growing body of evidence suggests rather than them assimilating to our values, our culture is being degraded to something more similar to the places where they came from, specifically because we no longer share the same commonalities, a question whose genetic and cultural components remain connected but will be hard to tease apart.

RJ: The pathological altruism you mention is a relatively new development in our culture. Just four or five generations ago, we were much less open to the idea of including others in our society and the readiness to accept our own displacement, and ultimately our own destruction, seems to grow with each generation. Because genetic change happens so slowly and this cultural or “memetic” change is occurring so rapidly, do you think it’s possible that the development of this pathological altruism is not a natural cultural evolution but rather a deliberate imposition upon us by the new elites?

TK: That seems fair. I would say we always had these latent tendencies to try to reach the other. Consider traditional colonialism which in Western terms was far less genocidal than in how other cultures moved into new lands, even as it was admittedly very violent. I think our guilt is deliberately exacerbated and that relentless cultural efforts are made to prevent any dissent to that model.

I also think such self-hatred is incredibly unnatural, and even a modest break in the cultural blockade against pro-White tendencies will lead to a flood of support for this position. My fear is that such action doesn’t come until we become a minority in this country, which will happen within a generation now.

RJ: During our last interview we talked about a project, New Albion, that you were working on that could offer some protection against us becoming a minority in our own country, because the likelihood of the region New Albion defines remaining overwhelming White even as the rest of the country fades to brown. Do you still believe an ethno-state is possible in that region and that balkanization might offer a solution to the browning of America?

TK: I remain an advocate for northern New England as one of the best places to live in America, which was the region where it was imagined New Albion might develop. However, I’ve come to realize the idea of retreat into peaceful seclusion is unrealistic before any conflict, because as we see in Europe and elsewhere, the global agenda to work against White interests will sooner fight us than let us peacefully separate.

The reality is balkanization pre-conflict is just the latest instance of White flight, and I see my own defeatism in thinking that this would work in the face of aggressive competition. Instead, I now advocate for retaking this country by our still-existing majority, working to reverse the immigration trends, and returning to an America which is closer to our historic balance of being 85% White. We don’t lack the numbers or capacity, merely the political will to protect our own interests, which I now work to revitalize.

Look for my future projects to make the Republican Party more cognizant that it is a party which is 93% White, and as such, ought to serve as surrogate for our interests. We must guide it to become a nationalist party, to reclaim America, and to ensure this land remains our land. I have no delusions this will be simple or without conflict, but I think such struggle is inescapable now, so we should play for the largest stakes we can, as quickly as we can realistically organize.

I’ve said publicly I’m the first pro-White Republican politician in America. It’s a message that has never been directly tried, but that has been quite successful in implicit appeals. Considering how hard the other side is pushing against Whites, I believe the time is upon us to awaken people to the reality that the America most on the Right love only remains so long as we remain majority White.

I hope others will join me in that struggle, because while myself and others can articulate this case and provide leadership, it will require courage that has been lacking thus far and logistical and financial support. Please understand we cannot keep running and hope to win; retreat unending is defeat assured.

RJ: How do you intend to promote this awakening and reclamation of America’s putatively conservative party?

TK: That’s a great question, but I won’t be able to answer it fully until June. There are two things I can share though which should be heartening. First, the dissident Right is becoming much better organized and more professional as befits the urgency of our situation, and I work actively to facilitate that networking. Second, we are beginning to connect with the activist base of the Right on shared core principles and a growing understanding that the defense of those values requires more stringent action on both legal and illegal immigration specifically because of the demographic tendencies.

One unique attribute I have compared with others in the movement is I’ve been both a political candidate and organizer before. The National Right organization I lead is helping to build the important idea where we stop punching right and embrace identity in a united move against the Left. As 2020 approaches, look for me to consider entering the public arena once more, because I know we need voices who are unafraid to speak common sense, the clearest application of which is for Whites to have an advocate for our legitimate and long ignored concerns.

For those who doubt this can be done, remember the idea that the Republicans would even embrace civic nationalism seemed like a pipe dream just five years ago. Things are changing quickly, and our long time in the wilderness can come to an end if we so choose.

RJ: Are you considering running for public office? If so, which one?

TK: I am, and I will let you know when I decide. If I should run, I would hope for support from all people who understand the challenges we face today.

RJ: I understand that discretion is required, but are you able to tell readers whether you’re considering a local, a statewide, or a federal office?

TK: If I run, it will be at the Federal level. The problems upon which I focus my attention, like immigration and cultural change, have to be addressed there.

RJ: How do you imagine the current Republican leadership might respond to your challenge?

TK: I imagine the existing Republican leadership will gravitate between trying to disown me and ignoring me. But my goal isn’t to reach them: It’s to reach the many Republican voters who deserve a voice that is serious about the problems we face and cares more about this country than winning the next election cycle.

RJ: How does the National Right organization fit into your plan? Is it a membership group, an online community, or something else?

TK: Having witnessed firsthand how people are punished for their affiliations when they don’t adhere to what is politically correct, I’ve learned the best way to utilize the National Right is as an idea and a vision. We do have a presence on Facebook and a few other places for people to chat, but it’s more of a concept which people can support. The idea that the Right stops fighting itself over particulars while we engage a far more pressing has been long overdue.

I am proud to speak to that vision and articulate it for those who have been threatened or silenced.

RJ: You mentioned two of your books above (the soon to be released title, The Loyal Revolutionary and After Trump) and I reviewed a third book, Someone Has to Say It, on this site. Do they represent a series that should be read in a particular order or are they stand-alone works?

TK: Thanks for asking. Each book can be read independently, but the first three books make a sort of a trilogy. Consider them the past, present, and a potential future.

As reminder, Someone Has to Say It covered the last hundred years of American history in a casual reader friendly way to introduce how Marxist subversion has constantly progressed.

The Coming Civil War, my second book, has also been my most successful to date and it covers the current day, the divisions within America, and how the cultural conflict is likely to split this country along certain lines, which I identify as race, ideology, region, and culture. It is a deeper and darker book, but one which highlights the challenges we face.

After Trump is the third book in the set, and it’s both an exploration of the relationship between civic and ethnic nationalism as part of a progression, as well as offering practical policy solutions we should explore today to improve our situation and potentially avoid conflict.

Loyal Revolutionary is a different sort of book. Consider it more a personal philosophical explanation, as part handbook for the struggles ahead and how to deal with those issues, and also a much more focused effort to explain why demographic changes will kill America as we know it. We spoke earlier about the need to make a moral case for Whites to organize – this book is my effort to satisfy that need.

I also want to thank everyone reading, reviewing, and commenting upon my books. It allows me to continue my activism, support my family, and for that, we are grateful. Print and digital copy are available at or if one wants to order directly, send me an e-mail at

Lastly, I’m excited to announce all my books will soon be coming to audio format, so look for that to happen within the next few weeks!

RJ: Some see copy restrictions as an obsolete (because of digital publishing) and overly-burdensome system that favors large publishing companies over readers and even authors. As an author and (self-) publisher do you have an opinion on copyright law that you’d like to share with the readers?

TK: I’ve always chosen not to place onerous restrictions on my digital material with the understanding that technology will allow those so inclined to work around any prohibitions. Instead, I work to build a bond with my readership who understand they are supporting my activism through purchasing my materials, and see that support realized in their willingness to pay a premium.

Rather than going into the morass of copyright law, I would just say as an author and artist, I think the most important thing is to be responsive to the audience. Ultimately, sharing the information is more important than fighting for every nickel and dime.

Since you brought up the topic of publishing, however, I worry regularly that Amazon which controls 3/4 of the publishing market for adult fiction and nonfiction, will soon be the next target for social activism to limit what will be published. It is something which cannot be permitted, and would hurt many people in the movement besides myself.

RJ: Would you consider releasing your works under a free license such as those offered by Creative Commons or some other group?

TK: For shorter works, I may consider operating under Creative Commons, but I am content with the self-publishing model I have been using for my books.

RJ: While we’re on the topic of creative content, I remember you were doing a series of podcasts, a while back, called Conversations with Tom. Are you still doing them and are they available online?

TK: I do feature a regular podcast that is usually available at The site is currently down for security upgrades, to change server hosts, and to include a better format. I hope to be live once more in February.

RJ: What prompted you to do the podcasts, and how do they fit into your over-all plan?

TK: A number of people have told me they enjoy interviews I do on other shows, probably because I’m willing to discuss any topic and usually have something to say on anything, so I decided to start putting my own take on issues out there and to draw interesting people into useful conversations.

Besides, it helps me keep sharp for having challenging interviews like this one.

RJ: Considering everything that has occurred over the last year, especially the anti-White smear campaign that led to your resignation as town manager of Jackman, ME almost exactly one year ago, do you and your wife feel that it has been worth it? Is your life better now than it was then?

TK: What I am most grateful for throughout this trying process is we have learned who truly are our friends, and who were only pretending. This life has different challenges, but I enjoy facing them each day, and as much as I love living a quiet rural existence, I feel my skills are better used in fighting in the battles which have become a daily challenge.

It is sad we live in a world where we have to fight for our basic consideration, so I’ll never say I celebrate this, but I take great satisfaction in pushing back against people whom I know are unjust.

I would also like to add how proud I am of my wife Dana, who has also been targeted as these people have no decency, and whose strength and resolve is a source of constant inspiration.

RJ: What is the best way for folks to support you/get involved?

TK: will be back up shortly, but until then, my preferred social media is @tomkawczynski at Anyone wanting to learn more is welcome to contact me at, and I promise to let you guys know before any big campaign launches.

Thank you for the support, and allow me to offer my thanks to the readers who continue our struggle. You guys make this possible.

RJ: Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I’ll leave you the final word. Is there anything you’d like to add that you think is important and that I neglected to ask?

TK: I just want to end on an optimistic note to remind people for the many real challenges we face, especially against this hostile culture, we have overcome far worse in our history and have yet to even test our strength. Better days are ahead and know you are never alone.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Great interview!

    Democrats and liberals (even white ones) generally do not like Whites, while Republicans and most conservatives are afraid to defend Whites.

    This is the pathetic condition we find ourselves in today.

  2. anarchyst
    anarchyst says:

    Let’s look at the differences between blacks and every other race…

    Europeans and Asians lived in harsh climates where life was (and still is) a struggle. In order to feed one’s self and family, it was necessary to domesticate both plants and animals. Ways were found that stressed preparing for the future, as there would be “lean” as well as “good” years when it came to animal and plant production. Both Europeans and Asians found ways to use plants and animals to insure their survival. Planning for the future was always a part of the European and Asian psyches. Social structures stressing “commonality of race and purpose” and preparing for uncertain futures was always part of the plan.
    Contrast that with blacks on the African continent, where both wildlife and animals were abundant. It was not necessary for Africans to establish agriculture or animal husbandry, as both were “there for the taking”. Africans cared little for future planning, not being able to develop any inventions, such as the wheel or boat. Among black Africans, there is no quest for exploration beyond searching for food—the next meal. Despite being situated on a great ocean, black Africans never pondered what lied beyond…
    Black DNA does not possess the capacity for exploration, future planning, or invention.
    The “grand experiment” of “civil-rights”, “(forced) integration”, and (misperceived) “equality (that is still being pushed by globalists and others) is destined to fail. Thomas Jefferson realized over two-hundred years ago th at blacks would not be able to co-exist without being treated as the different species that they are. Our attempts to equalize and normalize this species was doomed from the start.

    • Charlie
      Charlie says:

      “Let’s look at the differences between blacks and every other race…”
      Sloped Head
      Nappy Hair
      Big Teef
      Arms nearly reaching the knees for possibly walking on all fours
      Big Bulbous Booty Lips
      Broad Flat Nose with enlarged nostrils
      Large forehead
      Dark oily skin
      Inability to grasp concepts of oral hygiene and preventing odor
      Excessive Testosterone Levels for overcoming low birth rates
      Never had a written language, never had mathematics or science
      Followed the herds
      Still lives a jungle mentality
      Low IQs with the best only achieving what is considered low in other races
      Most everything is Culturally Appropriated (stolen) from every other race
      Lives a Plantation Mentality looking for a Master to provide everything

  3. anarchyst
    anarchyst says:

    The term “racism” was coined by early 20th century socialist communists in order to destroy the “social fabric” of whites. Those of the “tribe” are especially suspect as they excel in “divide and conquer” tactics.

    Even today, there are those that state that “race” is a “social construct”–nothing could be further from the truth. From physiological differences, medical drug and treatment efficacy, to cultural norms and even (that dreaded word–IQ) there are differences in every race–not from a superior or inferior aspect, just recognizable REAL differences.

    EVERY race must have an interest in perpetuating itself, congratulating its achievements, recognizing its warts and foibles, and the willingness to exercise self-improvement.

    Since the Alinskyites (and those of the “tribe”) declare that blacks cannot be racist and that non-tribal whites must bear the brunt of racial “penance and reparations” (despite whites fighting their own kind and dying) while giving blacks the highest standard of living within their own “culture, the deck is stacked against whites.

    Whites are of the only race that is criticized for attempting to instill racial pride in its members.

    This has got to stop . . .

  4. Margaret
    Margaret says:

    An unbelievably enlightening interview that all people of all cultures should expose themselves to. Non-whites could benefits from this as they may have never considered the hypocrosy of what they may believe. I hope there will be more interviews, keeping us abreast of all that is happening with you, Tom. Thank you for all you do and will do. Hope you run for that political position in the near future. America needs more men like you.content://media/external/file/5017

    JOAN SOLMS says:

    I have just viewed the movie GHANDI for the 10th time I believe. His quotes should be our quotes. Fighting the government laws. “Never submit to these laws”; We must fight against this injustice: ID cards. public speaking at a convention. “Here we make speeches for each other”. Conservataives, Pro-Lifers, Clergy, fall victim to this charge. “Non cooperation with evil is a duty” We must be willing as Ghandi was to accept punishments administered by the government, .
    When parental rights were eliminated, the numbers that protested this act was minimal. And the recognition that the Zionist own and rule America was headlined in an Israeli newspaper. God help us.

  6. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    “…do you believe a time will come when Jews will embrace their “Whiteness” and join with us in defending White interests? If they do, do you think Whites should welcome that union?…”

    The Saudi Royal Family,
    the ones who control access to and encourage visitation of by all adherents of Islam to Mecca,
    are actually Turkish Jews who migrated to the Arabic peninsula some 200 years earlier.
    Despite (((their))) constant shrieking with respect to Antis-Semitic Islamics, Jews and top Islamics know that once Whites have been eliminated, the low IQed Islamic Hordes will obediently obey quickly instituted death penalties for people who tell the truth about Jewish Criminality.

    Islamic Hordes will sooner behead their own people that the Chinese military will murder their own people in the country’s National |Public Square, Tiananmen.

    The true fear of Jews comes from Outraged Altruistic Whites who have realized that Jews are actually behind White demise all along.

  7. fenria
    fenria says:

    Excellent interview, although I did cringe a little at the part about forming a union with so called “willing jews”. Maybe, with time and effort, one can tame a rat in one’s basement to form a rapport where the rat will eat out of your hand and you can pet it a little, but it is still very much a rat, and its behaviors and instincts will not change. Jews are not some bumbling group, naively making bad choices that will eventually damage their own security and livelihoods in our nations. Everything they do as a group is and has been planned for a very long time now. They cannot be “brought around”. They have harbored a hatred for us since the days of Turkic Khazarian exodus into Europe, and Europe’s resulting stance of wariness and weariness regarding this group of eternal strangers.

    They operate, first and foremost, on the strategy, “Is it good for the jew”, and they do not deviate from that mantra. And they are fully inured of the mindset that they should be able to freely practice this worldview in our lands with no regard or care for any hardships it may cause to us, the host population. They are not our friends, and not our allies. They are an eternal outgroup that, instead of seeking to become part of the ingroup, decides to destroy the existing ingroup so it can supplant it.

    • eric smith
      eric smith says:

      I think that the jew has a thought pattern so deep and ingrained over such a long period that it has become a pathology. They are utterly incapable of change. Humanity will soon come to this conclusion as the holohoax scam implodes. It was their outrageous power play and they have broken out into a full fledged systemic infection. They will either kill the host or the host will develope antibodies and eliminate the disease. There is no other conclusion than one of these two outcomes. It is not about hate or vengeance or even justice or freedom per se. It has become a biological struggle.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Your apprehension about cultivating or accepting willing Jews is well taken. But is it reasonable. This is not the place to regurgitate the long list of Jews and their organizations who oppose their majority’s central policies, and their methodology in achieving their realizations.

      Most of these consistently, and deeply principled people suffer the same consequences as those endured by our own.

      Apart from his fine, open, intelligent, determined visage, take Gideon Levy, one of the old-timers at Haaretz. Watch some of the many videos in which he vehemently and courageously disagrees with his own: read some of his opinion pieces in which he calls settlers SCUM, among other epithets, spiced with adjectives, who recently [ again – still ] cut down Palestinian income-bringing olive trees. [ Shades of Kristallnacht ].

      Is it either fair, or even wise, to reject Gideon, and, by extension, his readership and thousands of other like-minded opinion makers among them ? Or is that unnecessarily, even counter-productively divisive ?

  8. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    The descendants of slaves and Jim Crow have a strong case for financial compensation. Just as whites don’t wish to be a picked-on minority, blacks had to endure the same for a very long time. All these immigrants jumping on the reparations bandwagon have no case. Native Americans have already gotten plenty.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      Blacks have no case for reparations at all.

      1. The total creation of wealth they contributed to was wiped out by the end of the Civil War. They contributed little to nothing after that. In fact, they’ve been a net loss and a burden.

      2. In the past 50+years alone government aid to blacks is in the trillions. Just look up the government numbers on the aid directed toward inner-city programs since the 60’s. The numbers are staggering. But, surprise, surprise, financial aid hasn’t changed a thing. It’s like pounding money down a rat hole.

      3. A White underclass has existed for thousands of years, not just a couple of hundred or whatever. And though blacks were considered less than human they were also considered valuable property by businessmen who took their holdings very seriously, ie; overall, blacks were treated well.

      4. White slaves were not, at all. The contempt direct at them can be seen in everything from an early 19th century William Hazlitt essay (the one on Character) to HRC’s famous “Deplorables” comment. And because there were lots of us we were expendable and basically treated like garbage.

      I remember an acquaintance in High School who was upper-middle class (but, like his father, philistine to the core). When the band Lynyrd Skynyrd’s plane went down he openly celebrated it as the justified death of poor, good for nothing Whites. Made my blood run cold. Fortunately, I wasn’t alone in feeling that way. Unfortunately, neither was he.

      Ran into him a couple of years later and during a talk he handed me a Newsweek or Time magazine (same thing) that had an article on Dead European White Males, which, of course, he thought was just great. It was the first time I ever heard of that phrase. I had never heard anything more sinister or hateful, or stupid.

      Though he wasn’t jewish he later married one and has been stewing in misery ever since. But boy oh boy does he love his money. And he’s got lots of it.

      These are the kinds of people we are up against. And not just them. The last thing we need is to waste one second, not one second, about whether or not blacks have had it bad, have it bad now, and whether or not they deserve compensation. It’s WE who do. And that’s all we should be thinking about.

    • Russell James
      Russell James says:

      Not so sure about that. First, it was almost exclusively Jewish slave traders that brought them here, so if you want “reparations,” look there.

      Second, blacks were largely a drain on the economy even during slavery. Black slaves displaced a lot of White working men and caused a lot of poverty, for White share croppers, that persists to this day.

      Third, blacks have already received “reparations”. Billions of White tax dollars have been transferred to the black community via the ongoing “Left”-wing redistribution of wealth scam.

      And finally, American blacks have the highest standard of living of any black people in the world. Slavery was an economic boon for them, as beneficial for them as it has been destructive for White Americans.

  9. Charlie
    Charlie says:

    Instead of the usual “whoa is us” defeatist attitude of Whites I would cite the current environment as the last best opportunity to dethrone the joo and send them packing once and for all.

    The left is splintering. The new extreme radical left is distrustful of Israhell and jooz and being called out as anti-septic. Blacks have always been suspicious of jooz. Jooz have made themselves unknowingly vulnerable by being embedded close to the negro ghettos in what they thought was an ease to rapidly deploy them as their violent thug foot soldiers. NOW IS THE TIME TO BE HARNESSING AND FOMENTING DISTRUST AMONGST THE NEGRO FOR THE JOO. Turn the socialist leftists in on themselves and sit back and watch them feed upon each other.

    I will say this: If whites don’t reunite and reelect Trump in 2020 socialism will take the field. Elite socialists won’t promise to redistribute wealth from their own wealth, they’ll promise to redistribute it from “THE RAYSIS” code word for Whites which keeps the snowflakes on board which have also become whites mortal enemies.

  10. Charlie
    Charlie says:

    An addendum to my previous post:

    Rather than to continue preaching to the faithful, do as our enemies do and blog on their sites using the tactics that the vermin use, Blacks don’t comprehend higher philosophies like politics and government. They just don’t have the intellectual capacity. However that’s not to say you can’t hover in their Hip Hop and gangsta rap forums and sow dissent amongst them for the joo. You might argue why should we do them any favors and you’re right, we don’t owe those monsters a thing. However being the monsters that they are they can be easily manipulated to do our bidding for us the same as they’ve been used against us

  11. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    RJ: How do you think it came about that explicit assertions White interests are now completely unrepresented in the institutions of power of a country our forefathers founded and built?

    One answer to this question that could provide some very sobering, but much needed historical and contemporary perspective is that in the 19th century two, among many, important things happened,
    1. The Population Explosion. 2. The Communications Revolution.

    There’s a reason the great poet Robert Browning called the second one a disaster for the human race.

    The population explosion was our own internal mass migration, if you will. From 1800 to 1900 Europe’s population quadrupled, and in the US is was 16 to 1 growth.

    But the ratio of those who were literate in Europe was 32 to 1 roughly. Not sure about the numbers in the US, but it had to be even worse. The US never really took to higher education, dismissing it as “elitist.” These were the original snowflakes. More on the consequences in a moment.

    But for those who were following the cutting edge of advance culture the gap was obviously even wider. A lot wider. Like dysfunctionally, maladaptively wider.

    So, you have,
    1. Huge Population
    2. Those who can read
    3. Those who can think and govern
    4. Those who can problem-solve and innovate. And not just in nifty little gadgets. But in the far more important area of social-management.

    Our civilization, the most complex and unpredictable in history (there’s no precedent, nothing we can even begin to comprare it to) needs all four of the above, but especially the last one.

    Problem is, it’s not producing them. Coincidentally, it’s not producing enough people who even think the West is worth preserving. Jesus might suggest forgiving them for they know not what they do. But I’m not a Christian.

    In any event, the fact that Whites weren’t producing them accounts for our slip and fall, so to speak, over the last 100 years. We couldn’t keep up with ourselves.

    There was a huge population of Whites who very recently were born into and inherited a civilization they didn’t create or understand. So they threw it away. We’re kind of like a scientific theory that produces more data than the theory can manage. So the theory is undermined, without an alternative to take its place.

    This population explosion happened just after The Age of Revolutions. So, putting the two together, you had Emancipation without Acculturation. Ooops.

    We can see this in the third world clear as day, ie, their bad habit of adapting first world ideas and institutions without being able to adapt to them. But the whole Empancipation without Acculturation thing meant that we couldn’t either. Why didn’t we see this? Because of the inverse of guilt by association. Whites had no problem identifying as White so they could take credit for a civilization they inherited but didn’t create. It’s the typical mentality of the prodigal son. It’s like a fat, lazy, junk food eating football fan who takes credit for his team’s victory when he didn’t do ****.

    It’s only now that some Whites have woken up from their drunken stupor with a hangover to end all hangovers only to realize what an almost completely useless and pretentious pack of good for nothing stumble bums they really are. How else could you explain the success of Jordan Peterson and the corresponding relative anonymity of our great heroes of a culture crisis, Kevin MacDonald, Andrew Joyce, and others here at TOO, not to mention, from another perspective E. Michael Jones, and, the shamefully neglected Schaeffer Cox?

    It’s for this reason that, given how desparate and, excuse me, but kinda comical, our situation is (it’s certainly well-deserved), the sure fire way to hasten our demise is to make anything Right-wing synonymous with being White. It’s like jumping ship using a ball and chain instead of a life boat. It’s an evolutionary dead-end. Why?

    Because our problems are cultural and racial, not political and ideological. I realize we need some form of political representation as a means to an end. Very well then, why not The Pragma Party, or Europa, or I don’t know, something like that. Something more representative of us culturally that has to be represented politically?
    Not the other way around. Talk about putting the cart before the horse.

    The dependence of many here on The Right, in whatever form, is itself a consequence of both the population explosion and the communications revolution, where a kind of Gresham’s Law took place where inferior culture drove out the superior, leaving both the Right and Left White middle class “free” to reject the Western (White) notion of High Culture as “elitist” thus paving the way for today’s snowlfakes and SJW’s, who themselves are a product of that idiotic rejection that took place long before. And for which those Whites only have themselves to blame. Cause it left a gaping hole open for you know who. Why wouldn’t they just waltz right through it like they did and play us like a fiddle, like they also did?

    If there’s anything Whites have to atone for, it’s this.

    Happily, there’s still a lot more we can do about this than we think.

  12. Don
    Don says:

    Great interview. His optimism is very very uplifting, but also very delusional. Our greatest enemy is not the MUDS, but white indifference and even WHITE self hatred. The pathology of WHITE SELF HATRED is deeply rooted and has been ever since the 1840’s. I don’t see things turning around so easily. White cowardice will not be so easily transformed into courage as he seems to think.

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