The Danger of a Universal Basic Income

As is now well known, not a few people in the Dissident Right are sympathetic to Andrew Yang’s insurgent bid for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination. Though at present a minor candidate, Mr. Yang may well receive a bump after the upcoming debates, and regardless, as 2016 has shown, damn near anything is possible in American politics.

The sympathy is largely derived from his support of a Universal Basic Income (UBI), specifically, $1,000 a month for every citizen. While various economists and politicians have batted around this idea for some time, Mr. Yang backs it as a safety net for all those Americans facing long-term unemployment due to deindustrialization, automation, and the general “precariatization” of our economy. There is an obvious logic to this plan, and its seduction is understandable. With an economy that goes through dramatic changes every few years, perhaps the simplest and most charitable thing we can do for those left behind is give them a bit of money to make ends meet.

While this money would not make anybody rich, the working poor might suddenly be able to make rent and car payments with ease. Many think this UBI would increase fertility as well and (though not purposefully) increase the number of stay-at-home moms, a goal many traditionalists value quite highly. All of that is well and good. I have never viewed government support of the poor as some kind of burdensome overreach. Furthermore, a simple UBI would do much to cut back on the federal government’s unwieldy and inefficient bureaucracy.

But there is one big problem with this plan. In a word: drugs.

I have nothing but sympathy for the citizenry living paycheck to paycheck in our nation’s vast Rust Belt. But that doesn’t change that in the here-and-now, giving them a considerable amount of cash with no strings attached might not be the best thing for them. Some recipients would certainly use the money responsibly to dramatically improve their lot in life: pay off student loans, stop taking taking payday loans, etc. But quite a few others would indulge in America’s latest hobby with a reckless abandon that gives me goosebumps.

The number of overdose deaths is simply staggering.

The entire number of US soldiers killed in Afghanistan, from 2001 until today, is 3,568. The same figure for Iraq, starting in 2003, is 4,571. Together they are 8,139, or about one ninth of the total deaths from overdoses in 2017 alone. The total number of American casualties in the Vietnam War was 58,220, less than any two-year pairing of overdose deaths in the last decade. The enormity of this death toll is truly hard to fathom, but consider this comparison: the total overdose deaths for the most recent ten years we have numbers for is 471,935. The estimated population of Miami today is 470,914.

And that’s just overdose deaths. It doesn’t take account of the crime committed by addicts to feed their habit, the broken families, the disastrous health consequences of habitual drug use, etc.

In terms of numbers, then, what is going on today is a war, and it is a war that we are losing. Since 2012, the percent increase of overdose deaths has gone up nearly every year. From 2012 to 2013, fatal overdoses went up just shy of six percent. From 2013 to 2014, it went up just shy of seven percent. From 2014 to 2015, the increase was about 11.3 percent. From 2015 to 2016, the increase accelerated dramatically, to 21.4 percent. From 2016 to 2017, the increase leveled a bit, going up only ten percent. As such, the numbers for 2018 may be as low as 80,000. That’s an optimistic view, mind you.

This represents a tragedy unlike any other in America’s history. The reason it is discussed so little by today’s media is because the vast majority of those dying from these drugs are White people, and poor White people at that. Decades ago, crack and AIDS generated all the sympathy in the world—not to mention a few government programs—for blacks and homosexuals. Today, the magazine that purports to be the nation’s foremost conservative voice, blithely claims that, “The truth about these dysfunctional, downscale [White] communities is that they deserve to die.”

Andrew Yang, to his immense credit, does not agree with this in the slightest. He has even expressed sympathy for the plight of these poor White communities—far more sympathy than any other remotely prominent Democrat. For him, a $1,000 UBI is needed to help turn them around. His thinking is, essentially, that since many poor White communities developed a taste for drugs (and other bad habits as well) as a consequence of going broke, that making them flush with cash again will lead to the immediate breaking of said habits.

Unfortunately, this is not true. Do not misunderstand me. Unlike our elite, I fully believe our nation’s poor and downtrodden White communities are both economically and morally redeemable—and that the rest of us have a duty to help them get back on track. But that does not change that many of the bad habits in these communities are well ingrained, and at this point, need more than an economic fix.

Put more bluntly: sending a ton of money with no controls on how it’s spent to a small town with equally high rates of unemployment and drug addiction will not get you anything more than a jump in overdoses. I say this not out of condescending detachment, but from a familiarity with that world. Plenty of my friends from adolescence are cut from this sociological cloth. They work crappy jobs, have no savings, and get high all the time. They have plenty of economic problems, and not a few health problems that could be better addressed with some extra money, but when that first UBI checks hits their mailbox, there’s not a doubt in my mind that the first thing they’ll do is book an Uber and head for the strip club. After all, that’s what they do now when they get their annual tax refunds.

From West Virginia to Minnesota and from Poughkeepsie to Biloxi, a UBI is going to mean a whole lot of very unhappy people can suddenly buy a whole lot more Fentanyl, cocaine, and heroin than they had ever thought possible. It will translate into more trips to the casino, the liquor store, and the whorehouse. As Earl Turner put it, upon visiting a druggy flop house, “They lack self-discipline and any real sense of purpose. They’ve given up. All they really want to do is lie around all day screwing and smoking pot. I almost believe that if the government would double their welfare allowances, even the bomb throwers would lose their militancy.” Left-wing journalist Chris Hedges documented this malaise in his 2012 book Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt as well, where he was one of the first to seriously address the then-blossoming opioid crisis:

The reliance on government checks, and a vast array of painkillers and opiates, has turned towns like Gary [West Virginia] into modern opium dens. The painkillers OxyContin, fentanyl — 80 times stronger than morphine — Lortab, as well as a wide variety of anti-anxiety medications such as Xanax, are widely abused. Many top off their daily cocktail of painkillers at night with sleeping pills and muscle relaxants. And for fun, addicts, especially the young, hold “pharm parties,” in which they combine their pills in a bowl, scoop out handfuls of medication, swallow them, and wait to feel the result.

A decade ago only about 5% of those seeking treatment in West Virginia needed help with opiate addiction. Today that number has ballooned to 26%. It recorded 91 overdose deaths in 2001. By 2008 that number had risen to 390.

Drug overdoses are the leading cause of accidental death in West Virginia, and the state leads the country in fatal drug overdoses. OxyContin — nicknamed “hillbilly heroin” — is king. 

Later in the book, Mr. Hedges introduces the reader to three middle-aged White men who live together in Gary, noting, “The men scratch out a meager existence, mostly from disability checks. They pool their resources to pay for food, electricity, water, and heat.” In talking to the three of them, the complete dearth of economic opportunities becomes quite apparent, as does the fact that the three men have largely abandoned hope:

[Neil] Heizer [one of the three] speaks in the slowed cadence of someone who puts a lot of medication into his body. He recently lost his car after crashing it into a fence. His life with his two roommates is sedentary. The three men each have a television in their bedrooms and two more they share, including the big-screen television that, along with an electric piano for Hovack, were bought with Heizer’s first disability check. The men spent the $20,000 from the check in a few days.

The part of the book these quotes are taken from ends when Neil Heizer dies of an overdose.

Though Mr. Hedges would almost certainly like to see these guys hauled off to a re-education camp, I have to admit his description of the ennui found in poor, White, drug-addled communities is spot on—more than any other I have been able to find, in fact. It is something I know a thing or two about.

So, yes to economic relief to Middle America. But free money with no oversight? No, or at least not yet.

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  1. Alexander Baron
    Alexander Baron says:

    The point of basic income is that it destroys the poverty trap which prevents people at the bottom from improving themselves. See linked video.

    Basic income should be payable to all citizens and only citizens.

    Most of the objections to it are pseudo-moral, from people who may work hard but ultimately produce nothing of value. The phrase think tank comes to mind.

    • MikeH71
      MikeH71 says:

      Agreed, also birthright citizenship needs to end as well before UBI becomes the law of the land.

    • tito perdue
      tito perdue says:

      “…prevents people at the bottom from improving themselves.”

      People are at the bottom because they refrained from improving themselves. If you truly despise poor people, give them lots of help.
      (Me? I used to support myself and my family on $120 a month in NYC while taking correspondence courses. Today, that $120 might be $400. Try it. Am I arrogant? More than you can imagine.)

  2. James Bowery
    James Bowery says:

    I note with some dismay that you have not read Charles Murray’s book “In Our Hands” where he addresses precisely the issue you raise, along with many others. Moreover, Murray is quite familiar with the rural fly-over country culture that concerns you. His home town is Newton, IA. And he’s also quite familiar with the sentiment of Bill Kristol you cite, as Kristol expressed it in his presence.

    When you say “no oversight” you’re saying to leave oversight in the hands of the current managerial class where the de facto consequence is rent seeking urban “community organizers” who are vastly more effective at delivering social goods to their constituents than are “social workers” to rural communities. The consequences are visible here in Iowa where I’ve been a delegate to State GOP conventions witnessing the way they are dominated by the tight organizational structures of places like Des Moines — capable of playing games with Roberts Rules of Order for their benefit and against the interest of equally populous coalitions of smaller communities.

    The current welfare system subsidizes political action of urban areas by paying people to do the bidding of “community organizers” while young men in rural communities struggling to outbid “the economy” for the fertile years of young women, lose that bidding war to the urban centers.

    Then there is the obvious benefit of making it quite clear to everyone that immigration dilutes the “shares” of the economy — every immigrant that crosses the border is seeking acquisition of a share that yields dividends. People who are freed to spend a little of their time in civic actions will be vastly more likely to pursue anti-immigration policies and do so effectively.

    Where we _really_ want to end up is taxing net assets and sending the revenue out in a militia’s dividend to replace all government functions — including military — with market forces driven by the demands of young men trying to start families but obligated to place their flesh blood and bone between chaos and the property rights being taxed.

    This will cause young women to have an entirely different view of young men –seeing them more as aristocracy they do the urban elites now consuming their fertile years as little more than office ornaments. This, in turn, will cause a turnaround in “the demographic transition” thence “great replacement”.

    • James Bowery
      James Bowery says:

      Erratum: “Bill Kristol you cite” should read “Bill Kristol, similar to the one you cite”.

      Here is the quote of Kristol I was referring to:

      “You can make a case that America has been great because every—I think John Adams said this—basically if you’re a free society, a capitalist society, after two or three generations of hard work everyone becomes kind of decadent, lazy, spoiled—whatever. Then, luckily, you have these waves of people coming in from Italy, Ireland, Russia, and now Mexico, who really want to work hard and really want to succeed and really want their kids to live better lives than them and aren’t sort of clipping coupons or hoping that they can hang on and meanwhile grew up as spoiled kids and so forth. In that respect, I don’t know how this moment is that different from the early 20th century.”

  3. Bill
    Bill says:

    Hi everyone,

    I wonder if some type of legal fund could come from the Sackler family that directly supports these European American populations that have a legitimate grievance?


  4. PaleoAtlantid
    PaleoAtlantid says:

    Our education system, or what passes for such, is geared to uncritical thinking and provides explanations to historical events with observations such as, ‘it happened that way’, or it was ‘an accident’ the result of unpredictable events. The opioid crisis within White working class communities is given a similar explanation. The real explanation is obvious and long overdue.
    The goal of our enemies is to kill off the White race, and to achieve their purpose they employ various think tanks to develop scenarios. Out-sourcing industry to China and general de-industrialization is one of their favored strategies. Once despair has set in room is made for easily available addictive drugs. This scheme didn’t require much imagination on behalf of the elites; it is a tried and tested method with a record of success, namely the 19th century Opium Wars against China. Jews such as the Sasoons were active during that period, we shouldn’t be surprised if the same ethnicity is active today. Killing Whitey for pleasure and profit!

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      “Out-sourcing industry to China and general de-industrialization is one of their favored strategies.”

      This is the reason the left promote ‘Climate Change’, in order to sabotage energy provision in the West. The treacherous British govt has closed down almost all of the coal power stations and blocks the use of fracking for gas despite us having hundreds of years worth of coal & gas, and these days coal can be burned cleanly due to new technology.

      To describe the current establishment as ‘enemy within’ is not an exaggeration.

      Incidentally, this proves that the elite are not doing these things ‘for money’ as many assume, as there are huge amounts of money to be made from using our own coal and gas resources which the bankers and politicians and leaders are prepared to forego in order to bring down the country that they hate – their own..

  5. Tom
    Tom says:

    I totally agree with the author. Once UBI starts, it’ll act as a crutch rather than as an incentive to take on personal responsibility for one’s life. Never mind more drugs, there’ll be more giant flat TV screens, extravagant blue or purple hair-dos, and a beat-up Cadillac Escalade sitting in the driveway. Then, when it becomes apparent to everyone that the $1000 has been stupidly squandered, the liberal idiots, all for votes of course, will start demanding a further $1000 per month for better clothes and laptops for the disadvantaged children – the idea supposedly being that equal opportunity means nothing unless all classes start off with the same means. UBI is nothing but another cancer cell trying to kill a formerly healthy and prosperous society that was based on individual initiative. We all remember the false promises of liberals – how welfare was designed only to be a temporary aid to families and how legalized abortion would make it “safe and rare”. Instead, we now have generational welfare and 60 million murdered lives in the womb. UBI is nothing but more socialistic bullshit from disingenuous Democrats who want nothing less than a total control over every facet of civil society – from cradle to grave.

    • bruno
      bruno says:

      We in our home enjoyed your commentary, Tom. Thank you. Seems we’re entering a whole new world. Already we’ve got an uncountable number of entitlement elements that have emanated from anchor babies. Today, as one ambulates within malls, seen are W females with males that resemble apes. A few yrs ago this ware hardly ever seen. Now it’s mainstream. One can only imagine what an era of UBI will entail. It’ll be a miracle if our people survive. If we do, it only be becuz of the hero segment such as KMac. I have always maintained that the only solution is a relocation policy. Without that, UBI will just add to those dregs of society mentioned. Once again, thank you for your thoughts.

    • Luke
      Luke says:

      “Put more bluntly: sending a ton of money with no controls on how it’s spent to a small town with equally high rates of unemployment and drug addiction will not get you anything more than a jump in overdoses.”

      .”From West Virginia to Minnesota and from Poughkeepsie to Biloxi, a UBI is going to mean a whole lot of very unhappy people can suddenly buy a whole lot more Fentanyl, cocaine, and heroin than they had ever thought possible.”

      I haven’t yet seen any conclusive evidence or any specific clamoring for this UBI insanity coming from the jewish community, so it would be unfair to automatically label it as yet one more weapon in the jewish White genocide agenda. There is, however, the complicity of the very jewish Sackler Family – which one can ponder at length and which could help us form a few conclusions.

      But, there is one thing that we can be 100 percent certain of, and that is the pathological obsession that jews have to exterminate and genocide the White European race and the fact that they will immediately embrace any means necessary to help them accomplish that objective. Aborting white babies, endless media promotion of race mixing to destroy our White European genes, lying and false flagging White nations into unnecessary wars that get our White soldiers killed, pushing every conceivable form of non-reproductive sexual degeneracy into the mainstream to try to help them destroy the traditional and normal heterosexual family structure, thereby preventing the birth of white children, brainwashing White females with radical anti-White male feminism that teaches them to pursue careers and to view motherhood as a curse instead of a blessing. No fault divorce laws which encourage women dump their husbands, and then demand half of his income in the form of alimony – which winds up impoverishing the man. Hollywood movies glorify the use of drugs, hoping to influence young white audiences to mimic what they see on the big screen. Anything that is destructive and harmful to the White race, the jews are pushing it and are solidly in favor of it.

      Oh, and imposing ever increasing levels of confiscatory taxation upon White middle class families, which helps lessen the affordability of married couples to have children – and at the same time, forcing those same White middle class taxpayers to subsidize the irresponsible breeding habits of non-whites who demand to be given welfare, free medical care, free housing and free everything else. One can even look at the outsourcing and off-shoring of good paying middle class jobs and the industries which provided those jobs as a direct assault on White middle class Americans and their ability to pursue careers that pay them decent salaries – and which help them to be able to afford to have more children.

      UBI would be every bit as destructive as this author predicts. And, from the enemy’s point of view – the old motto ‘By Deception, We Shall Wage War’ would be in perfect synchronization. I have doubt whatsoever that this enemy’s hatred for White Europeans is so pathological and deep rooted, that they would gladly pay $1,000 a month to poor Whites if they knew the money would be used to increase the number of dead Whites due to a drug overdose.

      They would see it as a return on their investment.

  6. Michael Robeson
    Michael Robeson says:

    Dear Mr. Collins, Yours is one of the most well reasoned and compassionate articles I’ve yet found on OO. Any proposals for UBI will have to take into account your insights about the self destructive and deep seated drug culture among mostly poor rural whites. The National Review article with the statement that those whites ‘deserve to die’, voiced the nihilist sentiment found among many MSM mainstream liberals who think and say such things only in private.

  7. tito perdue
    tito perdue says:

    In my neighborhood, a married, or rather an unmarried couple could live happily on $24,000/year, using their greatly-expanded free time to create more children to elicit larger welfare payments. A vibrant couple might then “earn” $40,000 a year while conserving their energies for reproductive purposes.
    The earned income tax credit already rewards people whose income falls below a certain number. Alabama has tens of thousands of vibrant people who make sure their income doesn’t surpass that number. They quit work in late summer and apply for Federal money.
    With a combined $24,000 a year plus welfare, plus the above-mentioned tax credit, plus food stamps, plus fraudulent disability claims supported by Jewish lawyers, it has been proved that anyone who works is a fool.

    • James Bowery
      James Bowery says:

      The passionate comments and arguments about the UBI, combined with the centralization of social policy in the Federal government, demonstrates the need for rational conservatives to get behind my idea for lossless compression of a wide range of longitudinal social measures.

      Going over and over and over the same old arguments about social causation without building a rigorous edifice that is useful for decision support is a waste of time and energy.

      I’m truly saddened by this lack of intellectual discipline among our people.

  8. DPChurch
    DPChurch says:

    You started off well by correctly stating that opioid addiction and overdose deaths is a crisis in America. You even included a graph from a reputable source and links to statistics.

    After that though, it’s the regurgitated and unsupported “Welfare Queens” nonsense from the Republican playbook. You know “people like that” and you are certain “that the first thing they’ll do” is be totally irresponsible because ‘those people’ are always irresponsible with money, lazy and are sexually immoral. You went to school with them, but you’re better and have made something of yourself (no doubt, because of something YOU personally did, nothing to do with your family’s relative wealth, history, power or connections, or simply pure luck.)

    You’ve just dropped ‘black’ from the standard conservative rant about poor black people on welfare, but statements are still presented as facts although they are wrong, and conclusions presented as common sense logic are still unsupported conjecture and biased opinion.

    The opioid crisis is not being ignored because it affects poor white people. Just the opposite. It has received far more media attention and much more sympathetic public attention than crack, AIDS or the massive incarceration of black people for petty drug crimes which white people committed just as frequently but with impunity. And this reason this epidemic is getting so much attention is that it is affecting white people too. White parents are burying their children. Not just poor white people, white people of every economic class. That fundamental, race based difference in media reporting and public attention has itself been reported by todays media numerous times. (You know how to Google, so you can easily find examples of that yourself.)

    Your argument that if poor (white) people receive Universal Income payments they will just blow it on hookers, drugs and booze is based on an illogical fallacy.

    There are no doubt many examples of poor people who have received a little extra money or a small windfall, and have spend it on “unwisely”, on a small “luxury” or an immediate gratification (usually an immoral vice is cited such as alcohol or fast food.)

    There are also many more examples of poor people who are very prudent with money. They have to be.

    When very low income people, especially those on disability insurance benefits or government assistance, come into a little extra money unexpectedly, spending it “frivolously” is often logical and practical.

    First, you can’t really blame them for wanting a small luxury or temporary escape from a stressful, often depressing life.

    More importantly, that extra money is either such a small amount that it won’t fix an actual problems (beer money won’t fix a hole in the roof) or if it’s a larger windfall, spending it on “something practical” like a newer used car or just keeping it in savings account can often create bigger financial problems. That’s because many insurance benefits and assistance programs are means tested. Having a car valued more than $6000 may disqualify a permanently disabled person from receiving government disability benefits (Ontario) or a financial asset like saving money in a bank until they have enough to insulate their house, may greatly reduce their ongoing government assistance. It’s illogical, but the practical logical thing for many poor people to do with a small one time windfall is to spend it quickly. The money isn’t enough to change their lives or resolve serious issues, but it is enough to make them poorer.

    The key difference with Universal Income payments is not the amount (the amount is usually not significantly more than the combined total received from all the various payments it replaces) but that it is NOT a one-time windfall. It is an ongoing, reliable, and predictable monthly payment. It allows people to make plans, save money for larger purchases, set achievable goals for their future.

    It’s not subject to means testing, or annual government audits of bank statements. Getting a better job or earning extra income from a part-time job or seasonal employment does not reduce the UIB amount. Working harder to get a little higher on the ladder actually them a rung higher. (They will have to pay some income tax on that extra income but that’s the point.)

    In every well planned Universal Income pilot project (some so-called UIB were essentially just renamed existing programs, or even cutbacks) the vast majority of UIB receiptiants have used that reliable, relatively small increase in their total monthly income prudently. But you are understandably skeptical, so you should read about them for yourself.

    European countries and their UI programs have been very successful, but the existing taxation, lack of universal health coverage and the patchwork of government assistance in the US are so different, a fair comparison is difficult.

    The Universal Income pilot projects in Canada were very similar to what’s being proposed in the US, so look at the two big UI pilot projects in Canada.

    Canadians have universal health coverage (it’s not actually universal – dental, vision and prescriptions are not covered at all except when hospitalized) but those poor white people you know so well are almost certainly covered by Medicad/Medicare. Essentially, poor people in Canada and the US are very similar.

    The first comprehensive Universal Income pilot program was conducted in Dauphin Manitoba in the 60s. It was completed as planned without political interference. The final reports media coverage and academic analysis are easily Googled.

    More recently, the Ontario government launched a large comprehensive Universal Income project involving thousands of people from several different communities. The Conservatives cancelled it immediately after gaining power in 2018, preventing the researchers from publishing even an interim report. However, media reports, in depth interviews with UI receiptiants, and detailed explanations of that UI program was structured can easily be found online.

    I’m not providing links because you will assume they were cherry picked. (I will caution that you should be wary of anything published by the Toronto Sun. Although their columnists often wrote about the UI project as if reporting investigative journalism and facts, their columns typically follow the formula of factual event or statistic, anecdote, fallacy, unsupported conjecture and opinion presented as indisputable conclusion.
    Which is exactly what you did. You’re gonna love Sue Ann Levy. You may be Sue Ann Levy.)

    • Elasa
      Elasa says:

      Thank you so much for taking your time to type all of that! Very well said. We need to educate everyone we can to facts and the truth.

    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      Actually, as I posted below, Mincome was in the 70s, and wasn´t restricted to Dauphin. There were a limited number of recipients in Winnipeg, as well, for comparison. No formal report was done at the time, as the newly elected governments of the day, that cancelled it, didn´t want a report. The link below is a retrospective study, using the project´s data.

      • James Bowery
        James Bowery says:

        Murray’s plan to replace the welfare state featured the human ecology impact of everyone receiving the UNCONDITIONAL basic income. A “white trash” (let’s be clear on what Hubert Collins is accusing these men of being) individuals blow their monthly deposit on opioids and can’t make rent, they will turn to people in the community for help. Since everyone will the social goods “In Our Hands”, everyone will be empowered to the way present day affirmative action civil servants of the welfare bureaucracy (and NGO “community organizers”) are at present.

        What do you think people of the community are going to do when such a “white trash” individual comes begging?

        Well, whatever they do, it is going to be vastly more edifying than what the affirmative action civil service bureaucracy does to these individuals. Indeed, a rational consideration of the etiology of opioid addiction must include the possibility that people are being driven to opioid addiction by the lack of community caused by “diversity” in their communities.

        Quite naturally, people, so empowered, will engage in assortative migration as a secondary benefit of possessing social goods under their control. The primary benefit will be the pressure they can bring to bear on “white trash” to shape up.

  9. Antonis
    Antonis says:

    I think that at this point no publication should allow authors to publish articles without proper research.. Especially when your intention is to be condescending towards those in need that could benefit from a welfare scheme like UBI. A simple search for the results of the many UBI pilots and experiments can easily disprove the assertions you put so much effort writing in a way that may sound caring instead condescending, which is what it is. You did cite sources for why drug addiction is an issue, but you didn’t cite any trying to prove why UBI would contribute to that, possibly because there are no such sources for your assumption. On the contrary, the opposite can be clearly demonstrated by the pilots and experiments, if you’d care enough to look. Or if you at least wondered about the reasons people fall into addictions in the first place, which is what UBI can actually contribute to tackling. I’ll leave you with just one question. Why is it that you don’t question the ability of people that already have a secure access to financial resources to manage them properly, as you do for judging those that don’t?

  10. Derrick smith
    Derrick smith says:

    Mr. Collins,
    Why dont you give your head a shake and hopefully you can worry about yourself instead of trying to sabotage the poor communities that could really use that influx of cash for a better life for their children and grandchildren!! I bet you have no money problems yourself and you are no doubt quite comfy, or maybe it’s that you just couldnt bare to see a poor person in the same class bracket as you! I find you to be a shit disturbing know it all who needs to be knocked down a few pegs!
    Quit trying to kick people when they are down already!
    That goes for the all others with similar statements! Why would you want to take food out of a child’s mouth? Assholes!

  11. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    UBI is an interesting idea that dovetails nicely with Natsoc, but only when you can CHOOSE the populace you wouldn’t mind crowdfunding with your own taxes. When that selection is made for you, and contains mostly your enemies, UBI becomes taxation without representation, and we all know how that ends here in the US. Maybe not a bad idea to give clownworld that extra push over the edge.

    UBI will also bring out the worst possible tendencies in people, as the above article illustrates. Vice will become completely uncontrolled if people get an extra “free” 1k every month. Also, maybe not a bad thing in terms of the theory of acceleration, just as long as you have a safe place away from the ensuing chaos that Wiemar on steroids would hasten in its wake.

  12. Blankaerd
    Blankaerd says:

    White people are consuming more drugs because families are breaking up, their culture is being vandalized and their surroundings tell them that they are evil and racist. A sense of community among our people is gone, a community that would have been able to prevent people from using or needing drugs in the first place. With the future looking evermore dark, there is a strong sense that tomorrow will be worse than today, and the main goal of people then becomes just ‘getting through the day’ and drugs can be a way – albeit a dangerous way – of helping you with that.

    I think legalizing all drugs would be a step in the right direction. Don’t get me wrong, I am not arguing from a libertarian perspective or anything, I just think that legalizing it and then regulating it is the better way to combat drug use. Drugs, including stuff like cocaine and heroin, should only be sold in designated shops that you need a license of some sort for. These drugs should be produced by carefully regulated companies for quality insurance. Right now drugs are often cut with chemicals that are just as bad if not worse than the actual drug itself. Not to mention the fabrication of the stuff often happens in unclean environments. If companies produce that stuff, then there’s simply no way that street dealers are ever going to be able to compete with that.

    We also take away the cartels main source of income. I think we’d reduce crime by a significant factor, also making the DEA redundant and thereby saving the taxpayer money. Furthermore, the companies that produce drugs and the shops that sell it could be taxed, which gives the government another source of revenue. Revenue that would otherwise be in the hands of criminals.

    We are then better able to see how much drugs people consume and perhaps even employ preventative measures if we notice that an individual is buying lots of drugs in a short time. Not sending him or her to jail or anything, but to send them help, if possible point them to a clinic or something of that nature. When we do that, I think drug-use would go the same way as cigarettes. People can still legally smoke, but the government is making it more and more expensive and is restricting its use in some areas. It’s effective, because the amount of smokers has declined sharply, I have found rates as low as 8% for the United States. When I was there three years ago, I already found smokers uncommon, even less common than here in the Netherlands.

    I have no illusion that these massive changes can be implemented in one go, and possibly requires decades of implementation, but it’s interesting if not necessary to talk about it.

  13. Robert Henderson
    Robert Henderson says:

    The universal wage will never get off the ground because it is simply unfundable – for a worked example for the the UK see
    The problem lies rooted in the fact that a universal wage scheme would have to have a level of wage sufficient to allow a person to live and where dependants are involved to fund the upkeep of the dependants.
    If the wage was not enough to allow people to live on it then employers would simply use the wage as a subsidy of their costs and those who were unemployed would need a top up from the public purse. At that point we would be back at square one.

    • Sam J.
      Sam J. says:

      What if we took all the money the banks got at close to zero interest during the bank bail out and gave it to citizens instead? We know they gave them $16 trillion and I’ve read analyst that say the amount was closer to $29 Trillion. At $29 Trillion and 300 million Americans we could have given a zero interest loan for every family of four of $386,666. Coincidentally 96666.66 per person almost $10K. If we can give this level of support to bankers then we can do so for the people. They did this for the banks by printing money and giving it to them. It might even force the government to print their own money instead of creating every single penny from debt to the Jew bankers. (Yes every single penny of cash or credit of any sort is encumbered by debt to the FED when it is created. It’s just a matter of time before the, never can be paid interest or principal, causes a huge crash. As all money is created with debt you CAN NOT pay off the debt because…to get money to pay of the debt requires…more debt. The whole system is a farce).

      My favorite picture of why we should have UBI is from the blog “The Bloody Shovel”. Makes me laugh every time I see it.

      I don’t see how UBI will necessarily effect drug use one way or another. The same people using drugs now will use drugs later and I’m NOT a Libertarian this is just the way it is.

      • Robert Henderson
        Robert Henderson says:

        What you are suggesting is an extreme form of “helicopter money” . It would not work because you wish to take all the money from the banks which would collapse not merely your financial system but the entire economy.

        Money which is not given an objective value by being exchangeable for a valuable commodity such as gold or silver has to rest on the confidence generated by a stable banking system which is of course reliant on political stability. Your proposal would utterly undermine such necessary confidence.

        That is enough to say no to your proposal.

    • Jake
      Jake says:

      I was waiting for that remark from someone saying that ubi is unfundable. But look at how Americans find the military. Trillions of dollars just wasted in every conceivable way yielding no social dividend. No, ubi IS fundable using the same fiat dollars that are squandered on fighting useless wars.

  14. gordon
    gordon says:

    The author totally misunderstands the problem and is therefore quite mistaken.

    The overdose problem – and epidemic – is the result of (primarily Jewish) drug companies pushing opioid drugs to prescribers as harmless painkillers to alleviate poverty and boredom for poor white men. Quite, quite different from the illegal drug industry where crimes are committed to acquire illicit drugs such as crack cocaine and Ice that – at least – are criminalised, and which do lead to theft and the like. Unlike the false benefits and promises of prescription opiates, these ‘recreational’ drugs are known to cause harm and, thus, fewer “suicides”(although more criminal activity to acquire them).

    Thus, his whole premise is false.

  15. Conall Boyle
    Conall Boyle says:

    “They work crappy jobs, have no savings, and get high all the time”
    “All they really want to do is lie around all day screwing and smoking pot.”

    And that’s the world you prefer to UBI? Come on. What you are seeing is the EFFECT of the today’s formal job system. Drugs are symptom of the despair at crappy jobs, or worse disabled welfare which prevents you doing useful work.

    Post-UBI I would hope that self-work flourishes — mending cars, fixing up the house, gardening; looking after the kids, starting informal businesses — window cleaning anybody? All sorts of work needs doing locally.

    With restored self-esteem from UBI, then keeping healthy, improving the mind, learning new skills become positive routes out of the despair of drug-dependence, armed robbery and no prospects apart from crappy jobs.

    Maybe instead of McDonalds you cook your own? Cookery, baking, yet more skills to acquire for the self-reliant life! Who’d want drugs? A mugs game; let’s use some of our time to help the local junkie dependent on their fixes to learn to live life.

    FFS come up with some solution to your stupid war on drugs. Universal surveillance sucks, and won’t work. Enable people be free. Trust our people with the freedom to make something of their lives.

  16. Elena
    Elena says:

    I think you’re being very disingenuous; he goes on to write:
    “Donald Trump’s speeches make them feel good. So does OxyContin. What they need isn’t analgesics, literal or political. ***They need real opportunity, which means that they need real change,*** which means that they need U-Haul.”
    He’s not calling for the mass murder, the culling of poor white people, is he? He’s saying they need practical help. I think this piece lets TOO down. 🙁

  17. fg
    fg says:

    That’s incredible. Jewish owned banks, insurance institutions, media companies have trillions dollars in often hidden subsidizes (QE etc.). Blacks have money thrown on them, but Whites cant have meager $1000 a month

  18. Forever Guilty
    Forever Guilty says:

    “Put more bluntly: sending a ton of money with no controls on how it’s spent to a small town with equally high rates of unemployment and drug addiction will not get you anything more than a jump in overdoses. I say this not out of condescending detachment,”

    “I say this not out of condescending detachment,” !!!

    I think the author is White people hater and sadist. “Sorry my friend you better die in the cardboard box, its for your own good”

  19. milan
    milan says:

    The UBI paired with the Chinese Social Credit System and our overloads may have an answer to legislating morality for all.

  20. Michael Harreskov
    Michael Harreskov says:

    Somewhat agree but some issues that somewhat debunks this article:
    First much of the harm is caused by The War on Some Drugs and the resulting criminal records many addicts have not to mention being forced buy much higher priced black market substances or unknown purity.
    The actual percentage of hard drug users and addicts is still rather low and most overdoses are the result of Chinese Fentanyl ship via Mexico as Heroin was becoming more difficult to sneek across the Mexico / US border.
    Let’s say 1% of UBI beneficiaries are hard core drug users, this would be a likely scenario: Addicts would live together and pool their resources, theft would drop due to UBI payments and the fear of losing it due to incarceration.

  21. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    There are examples of UBI being done in Canada, which of course, is a different context. The first one was a Federal/Provincial trial done in the province of Manitoba in the 1970s. It was called “Mincomce”. There was no formal report done, but the data is available for inspection. I suspect no report was done, because anecdotally, people saw more benefits than drawbacks. Not only did it help the unemployed and underemployed stabilize their lives, it freed some of those receiving the benefit to grow a cottage industry to the point where they were able support themselves without it. The data shows improved metal health and fewer hospital visits, The important thing was that virtually all of the money was spent locally. The province of Ontario also began similar project, that had mixed reviews, but for the majority of recipients a big advantage. No program is perfect. The questions are: do the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.and are the disadvantages more of a disadvantage than currently exist?

  22. pterodactyl
    pterodactyl says:

    In more prehistoric times white races implemented the same principle, in the sense that if a farmer’s sheep were all killed, the neighbors would rally round and his family would not starve, unless everyone was starving. The state takes on the same role today. The difference is, as the author states, that today the recipient is able to harm himself with the aid. There must be intense natural selection going on, as the genes to be irresponsible were never given the chance in past times to have such a negative impact.

    White people lived withing the control of the group until recently, when the West became wealthy. The ending of group control has not made us happy. The only benefit really is health benefits (medicine), especially dentistry, anaesthetics & glasses.

  23. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    Interesting article! I was a CPA for 30 years and so have learned a bit about personal finance. Hopefully my comments will be taken to heart by at least a few, as follows:

    a) Poverty is a result, not a cause.
    b) Different races have different work ethics and spending habits, and therefore they cannot be treated universally within any particular society that is not homogeneous.
    c) The poor will always be with us. Even the Bible says that.
    d) We have always had the very rich and the very poor. If we were to gather up all the wealth in the world and redistribute it equally, within six months or so we would once again have the very rich and the very poor.

    There is no perfect solution, but world-wide ethno-nationalism would go a long ways to addressing economic injustices, whether they be real or perceived.

  24. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    Approximately between my third and fourth nanosecond of coming across your Figure 1 bar graph, I still thought I was gazing at the aggregate annual income of the 8 Sackler families, jointly owning Purdue Pharma: of OxyContin heralded fame.

    Nothing quite like peddling its antidote at even a higher price, through ‘Hypocritical’ Oath-bound, financially coopted, feted Doctors, Pharmacists and the anti-anti-Semitism FDA finks, accepting of homespun testing.

    Tikkun Olam [ the {unsolicited} Healing of the World ], my ass: unless the accent is on Olam, with its connotation of hidden.

    Read, even re-read, The New Yorker article, titled The Family that built an Empire on Pain [2017], while I continue to wonder whether Figure 1 does not equate, almost exactly, with their income: each so-and-so many dollars representing one miserably expired goy; never mind their families, communities and unnecessarily overtaxed and overburdened Public Health Care; which is massively striking back, seeking ” Restitution “, in this direction for a change. The touted philanthropy of that family, which means stealing from the few, even their lives, to redistribute among their 1.7%, will be of minimal help to their defense attorneys.

    Best recall expert bankruptcy lawyer and International Law abrogating Ambassador David Friedman from Jerusalem, for this extended-family emergency.

  25. marion
    marion says:

    What do you do with a relative who loved cocaine so much that he spent his entire check on it even confessing to me once that all he wanted was a 20 hit and it turned into a thousand?

    When he was younger he made good money but blew it all on good times or what he thought was good times. Now he is in his late 50’s and is drinking himself to death. Financially destroyed and no way out except by way of a lottery win really. What gets me though is his credit rating which is more important than money really. Without it one can do little to nothing and he has nothing and why is because he doesn’t care to pay any bills. Nothing not even taxes. He actually was forgiven $210,000? Everything goes to collections? He now just uses the system for his own personal gain while he waits for what that lottery win or cancer which he cries why he can’t get it?

    • silviosilver
      silviosilver says:

      What do you do with a relative who loved cocaine so much that he spent his entire check on it even confessing to me once that all he wanted was a 20 hit and it turned into a thousand?

      I’m not sure what you do with him personally, but according to Hubert Collins, you must make sure to deny economic assistance to everybody else in his socioeconomic class, whether they love drugs or not.

      Did I get that right, Hubert?

  26. Ryan Tracey
    Ryan Tracey says:

    First, there are many studies, starting with Rat Park experiment showing that people (and rats) choose drugs when they cannot afford any other way to escape the misery of their lives. Drugs are the cheapest way. UBI won’t increase the drug consumption by the addicts because they alredy use almost much as can. And if they can’t afford the fix, that creates a risk of overdose once they manage to pick up some. They would feel like they need more stop the withdrawal, but their tolerance is actually lower.

    Right now, the struggling working class whites are forced to choose between drugs and the very harsh reality — which makes drugs a rational coice. We need UBI to give them other options.

  27. marion
    marion says:

    Just to add as well the difference between white and brown from my perspective anyway the relative who is white never sacrificed to build anything of lasting value or worth whereas a friend who is an immigrant Sikh sacrificed terribly to build a home and family working in fact 7 days a week for seven years after having gone to university while suffering from racism. He then spent another 3 years working 6 days a week. He can now relax a little but still works 5 days a week at his chosen profession in shipping. Let me tell you him coming from a foreign country to a country like Canada with so much promise and still having to sacrifice so much while those born here have squandered and robbed is astounding!

    Something is wrong? There is more to the story than what this article points to I’m afraid. Who deserves what really by way of handouts?

    I call it for what it actually is SIN!

    God created the government of fathers and mothers but with its destruction to many orphans and widows everywhere now and they want to solve the financial of it all by way of a UBI?

  28. marion
    marion says:

    Let me just add to economically I find it very troubling what the internet has done to retail and such. I mean if I can buy something on amazon and have it delivered to my front door cheaper by almost half the price than by going down to my local home depot for a comparable item wow, just wow!

    Sometime ago I heard some politician complaining the internet should be shut down and at the time I thought no way but had questions as to why this would even come up? Now after seeing and learning about the demise of entire malls and such I’m beginning to wonder?
    The world of work is not what it used to be. The future is not looking to promising.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      Amazon’s prices are seriously creeping up. A 3/4 hose to male pipe thread adapter is $8.18 on Amazon prime- the identical LASCO item is available at Lowe’s from $0.87. Maybe free shipping is worth $2 for such a tiny item.

      btw free shipping can had had from Lowes. First become a member or get the free Lowe’s card. The key to free shipping- always login before ordering- you can see the regular $5.99 shipping reduced to FREE. I use this all the time- Fed Ex to the front door.

  29. Mark
    Mark says:

    I disagree with this. But let’s just assume that what the author says is correct. So what? The opioid crisis is already happening, and these people are already consuming opioids. If they’re that irresponsible, then they’ll simply have to spend their money in a way that they get Darwin awards, which is supposedly what they’re already doing anyways, while the genuinely responsible ones will use the extra cash on improvement.

  30. marion
    marion says:

    Lastly, the thing with the white race as I have come to witness first hand is that unlike in the past when it comes to widows and orphans most became such due to misfortune of some kind. Today however, its all due to divorce of some kind. In fact just a couple of weeks ago a guy I know from a previous job tells me yeah my girlfriend left me last year of which they have 2 children together. I said I’m sorry to here that and then he blurts out to me I’m with a new girl now and she pregnant with my child? So here we have a guy with 2 women with children and he doesn’t have a clue how bad or serious/shameful this is and further to this he is hardly a man with a good job and future which can provide for two wives and 2 children. My guess to is that his first wife probably after living with the guy and realizing what a loser he is left him for his lack of character and job skills.
    I have yet to see this in an immigrant family where something like this is most shameful.
    This to takes me back to my youth and a testimony I heard from some guy who after partying it up one weekend was informed by three girls they were all pregnant with his child. We never saw a look of such depression on a man to this very day. He however, was the catch of the year really a man who worked as a military firemen and handsome. He played the whore however, partying it up and now has to pay for three wives and three babies or wait the government will provide by way of the UBI?
    So we are back to sin correct and the punishment of God is coming for these sins and the white race is full of it. Everywhere you look these days I have children from numerous wives? Fathers who abandon their wives and vice versa are guilty of terrible sins and God will hold them to account. I can’t imagine the excuses for leaving a spouse before God not one of which will hold water with Him?
    Remember the Brady Bunch? The twist today is father arrives with three sons the product of three other mothers and the mother arriving with three daughters the product of three other fathers none of whom were ever married in the first place. It’s all out of wedlock! Then if this wasn’t enough guess what? The bedrooms come equipped with keyholes or rather video feeds where everyone is playing with fire and destroying not only their lives but the lives of their children and by way of what abortion? Nice eh? Welcome to todays white race Mr. Macdonald!
    Hooray for the UBI!!!!!!!!! The government is our welfare, mother and father!

    • DPChurch
      DPChurch says:

      Feel better now that you’ve smugly ranted your disapproval about couples living in sin, and parents having few children from previous relationships?

      Today, fathers talk about their children and acknowledge their shared responsibility to provide and raise them — even after their romantic relationship with their children’s mother has ended. Tsk, tsk.

      As you pointed out, in the old days, fathers at least had the moral decency to die young or be killed in war, leaving their children and widow destitute and financially dependent on handouts from the local church and government assistance. Better to have a dead father than a living father who never married your mother.

      Two key points you missed up there on your soapbox:

      1. When parents are no longer together, the parents *share* the financial responsibility for raising their children, Women today have jobs, their own independent careers and are financially responsible for themselves. Men don’t pay alimony to women anymore (generally.) Whether a father has 3 kids from 3 different past relationships, or 3 kids from his only and current marriage, his financial obligations are essentially the same.

      2. The key Universal Income is *universal*, most people would receive it, including you. It’s not welfare, it replaces all or most of the welfare, assistance and financial supports people might currently be receiving.

      Generally, every adult receives it, not just welfare moms and lazy bums. And generally, every one would get the same amount. Even you.

  31. Walter L
    Walter L says:

    Neil Heizer lives with his two roommates. “The three men each have a television in their bedrooms and two more they share, including the big-screen television…”

    Where are the women?

    This is the problem. The cause is feminism.

    The mighty oak begins as an acorn seed that is nourished by soil, sun, and water.

    Man is a seed that is fertilized, nourished and thus grows into a man. That is the nature of man just as it is the nature of an acorn to become an oak tree.

    Take that away the nourishment from the acorn seed and you have nothing. Take that away the nourishment supplied by patriarchy from man and you have nihilism.

    Patriarchy is the rich soil, sun, and water nourishment that allows boys to become men.

    Feminism is destroying patriarchy.

    Feminism must be destroyed.

    No society needs women doctors, lawyers, politicians, scientists, or any women workers outside their natural goal as mothers and wives.

    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      I agree with your sentiment, however, an oak tree is androgynous. Any other tree would do.

  32. marion
    marion says:

    To add insult to injury lol I forgot to mention just three months ago I met another through work who guess what has or had rather three girlfriends all with children his!!! He told me about his 12 year old daughter and I gasped looking at him I said how do you have a 12 year old daughter when you don’t look a day past 21 or 22. You must have got started real early in life? He confessed he is 28 years old and actually has four children by three different women! And his first wife with the oldest daughter is giving him all kinds of grief which caused him to go into hiding. He had to leave his province for another and guess what he has no job really and was with us through labor ready? Complains bitterly about his lousy wage and lives almost homeless on a boat on a piece of land somewhere. His goal in life if you can believe it is to rent out the boat as a party vessel during the summer months. Meanwhile he struggles financially and hopes to open a topless barbershop to help pay for his lavish lifestyle! This is another 28 year old white man and his children will grow up knowing what. Daddy still needs to suckle the breast for milk
    Yes Hubert Collins instead of writing about the drug epidemic and the glorious UBI write a thesis on todays sons of the white race and who actually is going to pay for the sins of society. I know as I pay my taxes every month a UBI from it to people like this adolescent is infuriating. As for the poor children what of them really. Hooorrray the glorious UBI
    Are politicians stupid or what

    • James Bowery
      James Bowery says:

      Excerpt from “In Our Hands: A Plan To Replace The Welfare State” by Charles Murray, (p 57 1st edition):

      “…a woman living under the Plan can get child support that is often unavailable under the current system — the father of her child has a monthly income arriving at a known bank account that can be tapped, and modern DNA analysis makes identification of the biological father easy (see chapter 6 for more on this).”

      The illiteracy of “conservatives” on this topic — a topic which goes clear back to the founding of the US most obviously represented in Thomas Paine’s works, “Common Sense” and “Agrarian Justice” — is what has opened a hole in the defense of our people, through which the demonic leftist mobs left are streaming.

  33. DPChurch
    DPChurch says:

    Young father of 4, is working at a low paying job and living modestly, but has entrepreneurial dreams to better support his family.

    In the immediate future, he is planning use something he already has (his boat) to earn extra income.

    Longer term, he is plans to open a business which offers a service every man regularly need (barber shop) and combine it something many men will happily pay extra to see (topless women). Low overheads, large potential customer base, and a unique marketing feature which will attract customers and will allow him to charge much more than his competition.

    Ten years from now, he’ll be on the cover of ‘Narrow Minded Conservatives’ magazine and you’ll be boasting that you used to knowhim.

  34. TJ
    TJ says:

    June 5, 2016

    GENEVA — Swiss voters on Sunday overwhelmingly rejected a proposal to guarantee an income to Switzerland’s residents, whether or not they are employed, an idea that has also been raised in other countries amid an intensifying debate over wealth disparities and dwindling employment opportunities.

    About 77 percent of voters rejected a plan to give a basic monthly income of 2,500 Swiss francs, or about $2,560, to each adult, and 625 francs for each child under 18, regardless of employment status, to fight poverty and social inequality and guarantee a “dignified” life to everyone.

    Switzerland was the first country to vote on such a universal basic income plan, but other countries and cities either have been considering the idea or have started trial programs.

  35. marion
    marion says:

    came across a wonderful sentence today and for it to come from a women WOW!!!!

    though I must say the word European should be replaced with white men:

    “Dear European men: you are pathetic pussies” and “misguided compassion threatens to become the downfall of Europe.”

    A great video and interview:

  36. stealth
    stealth says:

    even if they manage not to increase the money supply with UBI (i’m sure they will have plenty of theft mechanisms to get that money back from people)there will be people with money that didnt work for it and who are less inclined to work.surely it has to mean higher prices and the UBI never being quite enough.

    is it possible to do a trial run of UBI in an area smaller than the area of general usage of a currency? i dont think so.UBI projects in certain towns are predictably “successes” but they arent repressentative of a nationwide project.

    +ve UBI may be just as much of a control structure as -ve taxes only more insidious(unless everyone jumps ship to a better currency-maybe one that doesnt have interest on money creation “lending”)

    if you have a store ,will you keep accepting the fed funny money when it becomes a UBI currency?

    there is no use filling a leaky bucket.better to reduce the cost of living than drop helicopter money on people

  37. marian
    marian says:


    there is no use filling a leaky bucket.better to reduce the cost of living than drop helicopter money on people

    I couldn’t agree more. It boggles my mind that with so few well paying jobs real estate is in the million dollar range for a home?

    Makes no sense whatsoever?

  38. James Bowery
    James Bowery says:

    People forget that anyone who steps out of line can be deprived of their livelihood and they are then thrown to the affirmative action civil servants wolves managing the welfare state.

    No wonder our people end up killing themselves, with attitudes such as those displayed herel.

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