Tucker Carlson: “White Supremacy” is a “Hoax”

Tucker Carlson stated that “White Supremacy” is a “hoax.” Should we care? I posted a Twitter rant consisting of 5 linked tweets:

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I agree that Tucker is braver than any other Fox person.

    For example, he has guests that express deep skepticism over America’s wars in the Middle East, though his guests will not come right out and say that these wars are being fought mainly on behalf of Israel.

    But the implication is pretty clear. Tucker has to be careful and is. I bet that Jewish Americans already hate him but won’t come out and say that.

    Tucker also had on an ex-military guest who said flat out that that Mexico and the Central American states are “narco states” who will never cooperate with the US on illegal immigration.

    Trump says he has gotten Mexico to agree to send troops to its northern and southern borders to stop illegal immigration. Really?

    Then why are we still seeing illegal immigration over our southern border? Are we to believe that two major countries can’t stop people from illegally crossing the border? Why is this question not being asked by the mainstream media? Because there is something deeply wrong with them, that’s why.

    Compared to Tucker, other Fox hosts are ninnies, even if their hearts are in the right place.

    Another subject that mainstream conservative media, including FOX and conservative radio hosts, will rarely cover is the more outrageous aspects of the LGBT agenda, such as DragQueenStoryHour.org.

    97% of “conservatives” are afraid not just of Israel, but of the LGBT movement. We’re surrounded by cowards.

    • Dani
      Dani says:

      You have made some excellent points here – very well said & could not agree more. Tucker knows who signs his big, fat paychecks & is careful not to take it “too” far.

    • RoyAlbrecht
      RoyAlbrecht says:

      The fault is not Tucker’s that he fails to mention certain aspects of the White Nat-ist position.
      But he works for an arguably partly Jew influenced network, within a milieu of stupid American sheople.
      A leader can only expose the people to the amount of truth that they deem acceptable to hear.
      If White Nationalists and Our sites, like TOO, had done Our jobs more rigorously, then people like Trump and Carlson would be able to say and do more.

  2. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    Tucker’s great.

    Part of the fun of reading articles and comments and responding, etc. online today is spotting the new and improved methods trolls come up with to get their Us Good/Them Bad point across.

    Of course there’s the Good Cop/Bad Cop approach.
    Or, in this case Bad Cop/Good Cop.

    That’s where one troll will bad mouth all Whites and then the next guy will play off of that kind of agreeing while pretending to sympathize. That’s the real obvious template. Too obvious.

    But there’s another one I noticed that makes an attempt at some subtlety. Let’s call it Reverse Bad Cop.

    That’s the troll who flat out dismisses a Tucker Carlson because he’s not White enough.

    These guys sound just as obnoxious and dumb as blacks who would say that about Obama. Not black enough?

    All BO had to do was clear his throat during a speech while pointing at the cops and winking at his base and viola, instant riot. Not black enough. Please. He did far more damage to White America than even hordes of hoods have done and that’s saying plenty.

    In a funny kind of way, Tucker’s the reverse of Obama.

    He does lots of good for Whites, if they’d only listen.
    He’s on FOX for crying out loud. What do you want him to say?
    And who are you? And what are you doing?
    What are any of us doing? Maybe a lot. Maybe nothing.
    So far at least, there’s no evidence we’ve done much but read and write.

    Tucker is proof something has happened! Night after night.

    Here’s a White man who could obviously play it safe and take it easy. But it’s obvious his body rejects that. Even his wife and children are down with the cause.

    So it’s not just Tucker. It’s his family. They’re taking the hits together. He’s literally an example of what a healthy patriarchy gone right looks like.

    Ok, maybe he doesn’t go as far as some would like him to.
    Fair enough.

    How far would you like him to go? and why?
    How would it help? Would it help?

    We’re between the sword and the wall folks. Every little bit helps.

    And Tucker’s doing way more than a little.

    If something really bad happens to Tucker and his family, ie; worse than what he’s already been through, and Whites do nothing to defend him, then we’ve got it coming.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      I’d like to clarify what I mean by that last remark at the end of my comment above (about defending Tucker).

      When non-Whites (which includes Jews) are attacked, or believe themselves to have been attacked, or just flat out Hate Hoax us, they don’t say,

      “One of us was attacked.” and go about their day.


      They say, “WE WERE ATTACKED!” and spring into action.

      And Whites?

      THAT’s what I mean by saying that if we don’t start defending each other we deserve what’s coming.

      And we all know what’s coming.

      Anyone with half an eye can see.

      Oh, by the way, another kind of troll is the one who actually pretends to be on our side and then casitgates their own for refusing to automatically accept the MSM narrative.

      And then that commet is followed by another fake account who agrees with the previous commenter.

      It’s becoming an identifiable pattern that I’ve noticed on sites that are on TOO’s Blogroll.

      I’m referring to people who jump on any of us who are at least willing to question the narrative. That’s all, just question it.

      Aren’t these people supposed to defending Western Civilization?

      And didn’t one of our most important voices say that the unexamined life is not worth living?

      And these trolls want us to take the word of a group of people who have lied to us so often that they’ve long since destroyed their own credibility and now have to use coercion, censorship and force by proxy?

      Beware of The JIDF Troll.

    • Danielle
      Danielle says:

      I wish Tucker would take it a little bit further – he hasn’t pushed it far enough. He is their top show & I believe he can take a hit or 2, such as losing a sponsor or 2 – don’t you agree? He is their golden boy – after him, they have nobody left, nobody.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      Here is the big deal ___ Those whom control the money control about 95% of all information ( good / bad / ugly ) worldwide via ownership/control of large transnational global media conglomerates which includes ” the press ” ; and they control both the public and private educational establishments [ Jews control the press and education ] ( Prof Kevin MacDonald and others may not yet be controlled ( or eliminated ? ) by our global masters because they are not yet ” household names ” for the masses ) . Those whom control the press control the ” news ” [ Jews control the news ] . Those whom control the news create ” public opinion ” [ Jews create public opinion ] . Those whom create public opinion control-the-masses [ Jews control the masses ] . The jew Rupert Murdoch created Fox News ( see the wikipedia article ) . If Tucker Carlson becomes really really valuable to the White Nationalist movement . . . . . he will be eliminated .

      • Richard B
        Richard B says:

        “If Tucker Carlson becomes really really valuable to the White Nationalist movement . . . . . he will be eliminated .”

        Could be. Wouldn’t put it past them.

        But they’ll probably just Bill O’Reilly him.

        If TC continues along the same lines on a youtube channel then they’ll simply Alex Jones him and that’ll be that.

        On the other hand, if they really want to go full on Stalin they could have some Antifa folks take him out.

        The purpose there would be to completely demoraize the base by not only taking out the only media hero Whites have, but also letting Antifa get away with it.*

        Which might work,unfortunately, for a number of reasons.

        1. Many Whites aren’t just brainwashed, they’re brainsoiled and still think they’re going to be part of “The Revolution.”

        Truly delusional. They’ll be taken out in due course. You can be sure of that. They’re just useful idiots. As soon as they’ve outlived their usefulness they’ll just look like the idiots they’ve always been.

        I know plenty of people like that. Some friends and even relatives that I’ve had to go No Contact with.

        2. A number of Whites have simply lost the will to live. Sadly, these lost souls are not long for this world. They account for many on opiods. But there are others too who aren’t addicts. Just simply lost. It’s heartbreaking to see them shuffling around.

        3. Then there’s the apathetic. They’re not lost. They just don’t care. As long as they have a job an the Internet they’re fine (until they too become a target. Which they will).

        4. Whites who watch Tucker, like Tucker, don’t want to see him hurt, but won’t lift a finger if he’s taken out. After that they’ll join group 2 or 3 above.

        5. Whites who are more than willing to spring into action but are totally unorganized and will lose valuable time trying to get their act together as a collective. They’ll be bumping into each other like The Keystone Cops.

        6. Those who are in contact and ready to take action, well-organized, etc.
        These folks will have The ADL/SPLC/FBI/CIA/NSA, etc. come down on them fast and hard.

        This group will either be Schaeffer Cox’d or LaVoy’d. And when they are, that, as they say, will be that.

        The above was just an impromtu list from one person who’s been following this. I have no doubt that others here would be able to put together something a lot more precise and polished. But you get the idea.

        *Not long ago “The Five” on Fox News actually marginalized Antifa and said that the real problem is “Neo-Nazis” and “White Supremacists”, both clearly fictions manufactured by The ADL/SPLC/FBI.

        Clearly the fix is in.

        Stay safe out there folks. Going to be a rough ride.

  3. Angelicus
    Angelicus says:

    I agree with “Richard B”. Tucker Carlson is a brave man and a true patriot. I am amazed by the fact that (((Fox))) has not fired him yet. I do not live in the US, therefore I do not know if white-nationalists are supporting him as they should, I mean with tweets, e-mails, etc. Tucker Carlson is the only voice speaking on behalf of white America. I wish we have someone like him in my country.

  4. Sapaud
    Sapaud says:

    Everyone should read the articles of Henry Makow ( henrymakow.com ) to understand, what’s going on. The videos of Adam Green ( Know More News ) are useful, too.

  5. Angelicus
    Angelicus says:

    It is surprising that someone who reads the Occidental Observer and therefore should know better (Sapaud) is recommending the webpage of the Jew crackpot Henry Makow. You need to do some serious reading and thinking man. Instead of wasting time with Makow visit nationalvanguard.org and educate yourself.

  6. Prof. Woland
    Prof. Woland says:

    Not only does Tucker Carlson have the best show on television but he does it with one arm tied behind his back. The reality is that he cannot interview “friendly” people from the alt-right to make his cases because it is verboten. Instead what he has to do is invite on liberal ideologues on his show and then cross examine them like a hostile witness. It can make for boring TV when his guests just filibuster or use their time to simply drone on. He could be having far more in depth conversations on certain topics if he could bring people on his show who could talk more directly about race, sex, religion and all the other identity issues that drives people to do what they do.

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