A Sad Day in Court for Men’s Group: Activist judge gives rightwingers max sentences, ignores real criminals

July 19 was a grim day for three young men from the Rise Above Movement (RAM) who were told their punishment by a federal district judge in Charlottesville, Va. The defendants had been arrested under the Anti-Riot Act, which a California federal court has found unconstitutional, and charged for their participation in the 2018 “riots” in Charlottesville and California. 

Denied bail, the RAM defendants, after many months in difficult conditions in prison, had entered into plea agreements in May 2019. A few weeks prior to the sentencing hearing and long after the plea agreements were entered into, the government announced its intention to try to increase, by means of the federal Hate Crime Enhancement Statute (part of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994, 28 U.S.C. Sec. 2800003), the sentences to which the RAM defendants agreed in their plea agreements. The hate crime enhancement statute allows a court to increase a defendant’s prison time if the court determines that the defendant, in committing a federal crime, e.g., rioting, singled out members of a protected group, such as racial minorities, women, or homosexual persons.

At the hearing, the government put forward a massive effort to make its proposed hate crime enhancements stick. It called two FBI agents as witnesses and introduced and discussed over 60 exhibits, mostly photographs and videos, and invoked comparisons to Nazi Germany. 

The hearing, however, had an air of Kafkaesque, bizarre unreality. During the entire hearing the government and its FBI witnesses ignored or mitigated the provocative, aggressive, and often violent actions of the counterprotestors, which included antifa and other hard-left radicals, at the Charlottesville and California confrontations.

For example, one of the government’s photo exhibits showed a RAM defendant holding a bagel and making a hand gesture that the government described as a “white power sign.” Standing next to the RAM defendant was a man who was friends with the RAM defendant. The government presented this photo as evidence that the RAM defendants were anti-Semitic and were targeting Jews at the riots. What the government failed to mention and defense counsel failed to elicit on cross examination was that bagels had been thrown at the RAM defendants by the neo-Bolshevik antifa agitators and their allies, and the man standing next to the RAM defendant was later viciously assaulted with a bike lock, and injured, by a masked antifa member. This masked antifa member was Eric Clanton, then a professor at a college in Berkeley. Clanton was charged with a misdemeanor for his assault, received a suspended sentence of 30 days, was placed on probation, and thus served no jail time. 

As another example, the government showed a video clip of one of the RAM defendants punching an antifa activist. What the government failed to mention, and defense cross examination only partly brought out, was that the antifa activist was masked and was charging provocatively up a set of steps toward the RAM defendant.

As another example, one of the FBI agents was asked on cross examination to identify the counterprotestors who appeared in many of the government’s photo exhibits wearing t-shirts urging violent communist revolution. The FBI agent’s response was essentially that he had not investigated and had no clear idea who the communist revolutionaries were, what types of violent revolutionary tactics they advocated and practiced, or what role they played in the riots for which the RAM defendants were charged under the Anti-Riot Act. Evidently, the FBI has neglected to fully investigate such things as neo-Bolshevik violence, a situation that will hopefully change as a result of proposed federal legislation declaring antifa a domestic terror organization.

As a final example, the government introduced a statement from a bartender in which he claimed he overheard one of the RAM defendants stating after the riots, “Next we’re going after the feminists.” The government argued this was evidence the RAM defendants were targeting women. Overlooked was 1) the statement was double hearsay, 2) it was allegedly made after the riots, 3) not all feminists are women, and 4) “going after the feminists” does not necessarily imply violence. (Obviously, mindreaders had been employed to determine the defendants’ intent.)

Unfortunately, the First Amendment rights of non-leftist protesters are of no real concern to activist judges today, most of whom are too scared to buck the narrative that white people who do not support neo-Bolshevism and anarchism are all dangerous terrorists.

On one level, the government’s attempt to add hate crime enhancements to the RAM defendants’ sentences failed, for the court rejected the attempt. But at another level—and probably the one the government really intended—the attempt was successful, for after seeing and hearing for nearly an hour the government’s hate-crime evidence, the court imposed on all three RAM defendants prison sentences at or near the maximums allowed under their plea agreements: One received 27 months, a second 33 months, and the third 37 months for their involvement in scuffles that, with the exception of a few counterprotestors whose faces were bloodied, significantly injured no one. The RAM defendants had no connection to James Fields, who drove his car into a crowd of counterprotestors, killing one woman, and the government did not even assert any such connection. 

Contrast this with the one-month suspended sentence and three-year probation Clanton received for smashing a bike lock into a man’s face.

There’s your wondrous criminal justice system at work, folks. Not a bit political.

The Free Expression Foundation (FEF) plans to submit an amicus (friend of the court) brief in support of the Charlottesville RAM defendants’ appeal to the Fourth Circuit. 

FEF also plans to submit an amicus brief in opposition to the appeal to the Ninth Circuit filed by the government in the parallel California RAM prosecution, in which the trial court found the Anti-Riot Act unconstitutional, dismissed the indictment, and freed the RAM defendants. 

FEF, a 501(c)(3), welcomes and will prudently and effectively use financial support. 


Reprinted with permission from American Free Press, 117 La Grange Avenue, La Plata, MD 20646.

Paul Angel is the chairman of the board of the Free Expression Foundation which is working hard on a shoestring budget to help people whose free speech rights have been restricted or assaulted. Currently we are looking for cases to evaluate for possible assistance. If you know someone who needs our help, write us at FEF, P.O. Box 1479, Upper Marlboro, MD 20773. You may also donate and find out more at www.FreeExpressionFoundation.org.

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  1. James Bowery
    James Bowery says:

    I demand that the President order the Attorney General to, under RICO, prosecute and sue Antifa AND the FBI agents testifying in the case against the 3 young men of the Rise Above Movement:

    1) for conspiracy to violate their 1st Amendment rights under color of law.
    2) to seek triple monetary damages inflicted on the class of those threatened with unlawful monetary damages, physical violence and/or imprisonment under color of law for expressing political opinions and engaging in self-defense.

  2. Richard L Gearon
    Richard L Gearon says:

    This story illustrates the comprehensive (((commie))) infiltration of all three branches of our government. The FBI gets its marching orders from the Kremlin and U.S. Attorneys are commie commissars. We are, indeed, in deep shit.

  3. Richard McCulloch
    Richard McCulloch says:

    Lack of effective legal representation is an important factor whenever pro-whites confront the judicial system. Some counsel fail to perform at even the most basic expected level of competence. This could be intentional as success could get them branded and damage their career.

  4. Chrlotte NC Bill
    Chrlotte NC Bill says:

    If they’re going to be prosecuted for essentially defending themselves against communist terrorists they probably should’ve hurt the violent, provocative scum ( that were mostly defended by the cops ) a lot more & “got their money’s worth…”

  5. Fredrick Toben
    Fredrick Toben says:

    The USA is following the German judicial model where any form of defence merely proves that the accused has lots of “criminal energy”.

    The US plea bargaining implies admission of guilt and factual truths become irrelevant, and so we are back in a witch-trial mentality where an accused is found guilty by the fact of being accused of a crime.

    Actual investigations into the criminal matter, more often a mere mind-reading exercise, follows a clearly determined ritual defamation process that focuses on hearsay of an accused person’s character.

    During the 17th century witch trial, things moved rapidly to execution of sentence: burning at the stake, or drowning. The guilty person is tied up in a bag, which is then thrown into a pond or river. If the bag immediately sinks, then that confirms the sentence was just; if it floats for a while, then that proves the sentenced person is using witchcraft to defeat the just sentence.

    This is the height of legal sophistry. and an application of this death dialectic of win-lose also resembles that what is happening in our casinos – don’t ask who loses!

    Spengler foresaw such cultural developments and correctly wrote about such an Untergang!

  6. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    Before WW1 a great uncle used to carrry a red flag around Berkley Sq.to annoy the people who were dining off gold plate while children starved a few miles away
    One day a toff told the sergeant to arrest the hooligans
    The sergeant, who was watching, said something like:”Sir, if I arrest these gentlemen tommorow I will be standing in front of a London Magistrate, who are not very nice people. He will dismiss the case after a few minutes and say “What is a fool like you doing in the Met. Police? I shall be writing a letter of complaint to the commisioner for you wasting my courts time.” The next day I will be standing to attention in front of the Commisioner’s desk. He will say “Thanks to you I have had to write a long grovelling letter of apology to the magistrate. I agree with the magistrate that there is no place for a fool like you in the Met . Police. Leave your warrant Card and uniform on the way out.
    Half an hour later I will be standing in the street with no job and a family to support
    You are now causing an obstruction and I will arrest you all unless you move along”
    The hooligans wanted to spend the night in the cell talking to the toff, but he went indoors.
    Things were more robust in those days , but the Judges kept out of politics and things were not so nasty


  7. Luke
    Luke says:

    Try though I may, I just cannot find myself having a great deal of sympathy for James Fields – although I do concede that he got rail-roaded – or for these Rise Above Movement activists.

    Charlottesville was clearly, and an easy to recognize, trap that the left set for the Alt-Right, and its purpose was to create a huge and chaotic ‘event’ , where the leftists who run the city – with the direct, criminal cooperation of the virulently anti-White governor (Terry Mcauliffe) – could deliberately incite a violent confrontation between the anti-fa and the groups who had an authorized permit to peacefully protest against the removal of a Statue of Robert E. Lee. Jason Kessler, who only a year before was an avowed leftist and Obama voter, played a key role in luring pro-White, pro-Confederate Southern Heritage people to participate in this protest and, as soon as I first saw this guy suddenly appear, almost out of nowhere, on the national scene – I was immediately suspicious of him. And, it was a matter of less than a dozen mouse clicks before his background turned up and the red warning lights began to flash brightly inside my head.

    The anti-White, White Genocide lusting forces of evil suckered the Alt-Right and pro-White crowd into stepping right
    into the ambush that they had set for us in Charlottesville. When your team fails to do their advance reconnaissance and
    advanced opposition research and when they fail to do extensive background checks on new faces that suddenly appear out of nowhere and seek to assume leadership roles and anoint themselves as ‘Spokesmen’ for our movement – the end result will invariably be devastating losses.

    Ask any military combat veteran who’s been trained in military tactics and they will tell you that ambushes are to be avoided at all costs. That’s why scouts are sent out – to look for possible ambush situations and then report back to the main unit their findings, which helps the home team avoid being lured into an enemy ambush. Team White failed to follow these basic guidelines and they got clobbered. Whining about it after the fact makes us look weak and wimpy. Worse yet, it allows our enemy to laugh at us over how easily they were able to snooker us.

    We should learn from these mistakes, and make the necessary tactical corrections and make sure we do not repeat these mistakes again.

    Oh, and by the way – where has Jason Kessler gone off to? Having served his mission assignment, has he gone back to the Obama camp and is he now helping the left to plot their next ambush?

  8. Poupon Marx
    Poupon Marx says:

    The primary “take-away” of Charlottesville-and Portland demonstrations-was the revelation of how far and wide the ZOG NWO has permeated and controlled beyond the coastal big cities. The police chiefs and mayors across Amurka might as well be genetic Jews, i.e., Dr. KM’s succinct appellation, “The Hostile Elite”. Among the worst and most vicious are single, radicalized, collage edjewcated females.

    What we have today, by ZOG design, is inversion of leadership, where the sickest, weakest, most neurotic [even psychotic], sociopathic make it and stay at the top. Curiously, a majority of the voting polity view them unfavorably in many cases.

    Our Tribe, the Indo-European is operating, analogously, in a theater of war, where we are pinned down by constant enemy fire, bullets and bombs. We are unable to move, respond in kind, and our communication network is disrupted.

    All the more reason to shift our thinking to secession and sequestration, where we can breathe and breed.
    This is not a neo-romantic notion of glories, and “rights”, etc, etc., but a straightforward necessity to produce progeny, restock the Herd with quality and viable people. This is irreducible and not an easy concept. Like the fish stocks of the Grand Banks (cod) or the sardines of Peru, once the stock gets below a certain number, resurgence and restoration proceed very slowly and wallow in constant peril of static depletion.

  9. Poupon Marx
    Poupon Marx says:

    Pardon the addendum. I must say that the South African and Zimbabwe experience is absolutely mandatory as a model of what NOT to do and what will NOT work. I mean trying to work within the “system” and the present framework of massive corruption and control by Command Central. It will only get worse. We are outgunned, outnumbered, and time is NOT on our side.

    What the Whites in SA and Zimbabwe SHOULD HAVE DONE was to create their separate, autonomous republics, based on racial selection for perpetuity. Instead, they were duped and seemingly hypnotized that a new “constitution” would guarantee them rights and protections alongside the Dark Persuasions. It is White (heretofore as a shorthand for Indo-European) Nationalism (secession/sequestration) or extinction.
    Simple. Black and White. Digital.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      The WFC ( World Future Council ) is one of a multitude of organizational fronts for the NWO/globalists/ILLuminati . About 10 years ago the WFC picked my address off a mailing list and sent an issue of their WFC magazine which had articles in it bragging about how the WFC executed a [ media blitz ] on the SA Boers to convince them to abolish the very practical apartheid system and give everyone political equality . Pres. Clinton , Pope John Paul and the gay african negro catholic bishop Tutu spearheaded the globalist//ILLuminati support for that movement to democratize S.Africa . The media blitz involved mass TV propaganda , mass radio propaganda , mass print publications propaganda , and numerous local seminars and leadership workshops — all to synchronously promote democratization as a panacea for virtually all SA political troubles .

      Indo-Europeans ( includes SA Boers ) are on average high IQ peoples and unfortunately they are on average peoples with a low level of [ political intelligence ] ( where ” intelligence ” is defined , in the same way as the CIA , MI6 , Mossad , KGB and all those other westernworld intel agencies define it , as information and knowledge — not as IQ . Nearly EVERYONE conflates IQ and [ intelligence ] and use both interchangeably . Even the Nyborg & Molyneux video interview on IQ never made this most vital distinction between IQ and ” intelligence ” ( insofar as that portion of video that I had time to watch ) . IQ is basicly a measure of the capacity to process info ; and it is mostly a DNA genetic matter .

      Please note that [ intelligence ] , as defined herein , usually trumps IQ in comparative value . Also note that high IQ peoples tend to have high levels of [ intelligence ] ; except high IQ Indo-Europeans and their descendents ( includes USA goyim ) whom typically have low levels of [ political ] intelligence because of a cultural deficiency as a consequence of a cultural absence of political necessities for the traditional historical rural lifestyles of the majority . Altho the nonpolitical rural way-of-life is relatively recently no longer the norm for whites , the die-hard and ages-old tradition of nonpolitics still lingers on . The masters ( ” the jews ” = [ the enemy ] ) make no significant effort to awaken the goyim to political realities ; in fact they have so far successfully prevented an awakening of the white sheeple masses majority .

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        p.s. : An Obama is a member of the WFC . See the wikipedia article on ” World Future Council “.

      • Poupon Marx
        Poupon Marx says:

        @MT. Absolutely superb post. Perhaps more displaces and diaspora Boers could sound the clarion call of “what is happening to you and what WILL happen unless you wake up, organize and push back-in the proper, calculated way”.

        Always remember, IEs, the dictum, applies to chess and life: “The man with a plan, wins”.

        Please continue to share you thoughts

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          Pc issues slow me up and knock me off the internet sometimes for weeks until I eventually stumble on a fix ( web bugs damages and still working on the latest round of problems except for this TOO timeout ) . Half my Pc issues are outside the purview of my Norton security . Other than that , I intend to stay-in-the-game . I appreciate reading your comments also .

      • Achilles Wannabe
        Achilles Wannabe says:

        Interesting point. I’d like to know more about
        “a cultural absence of political necessities for the traditional historical rural lifestyles of the majority” .
        Recommend anything?

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          Rural peoples typically have strong [ individualist ] tendencies commensurate with their very self-sufficient lifestyles and the very uneconomical – for them – expenditure of time , money and effort involved in rounding up a coalition , out of a very dispersed and sparsely populated rural area , for the purpose of garnering support for a noncritical political objective . Political party headquarters reside in big cities — not small towns . Political parties are only interested in rural issues when enough small town peoples are involved ; and by far most people , whether rural or urban , are normally only concerned with parochial politics//government .

          Unlike urban peoples , rural peoples rarely deal with critical political issues other than hyper-imaginary ones like voting for a town mayor which is usually just a popularity contest . Unlike rural politics , urban politics can be very profitable for campaign winners or an established ingroup .

          Most westernworld white peoples were rural prior to ww2 ; and many of their rural and urban descendents are still significantly bound to their traditional ancestral mostly nonpolitical cultures . Most Whites ( the brevity name for Indo-European/Aryan/Caucasian ) lived in rural areas , prior to ww2 , where existential political threats were rare until the 1929 Great Depression which instigated the great rurals migration to cities .

          I am not going to make any money from carefully documenting references for those assertions so I don’t bother . My many decades of living among rural and urban peoples , along with extensive internet research , supports the personal observation that Whites are not typically a politicly astute people . In other words , Whites on average have a very low level of actionable political intelligence ( voting is not with standing ) ; which is why they do not pay much attention to any looming existential political threats . Altho internet media and internet political discourse are slowly snapping Whites out of the systematic mesmerization of the sheeple masses .

          I have only tried to explain the gist of the somewhat ambiguous ” absence of political necessities ” expression and avoid a longer discourse on the endless subject of politics . Hope it helps .

  10. bruno
    bruno says:

    The key in this article is the masked antifa-ite Eric Clanton. We read Eric Clanton used a mask and also hit another with a metal object. It’s noted that Eric Clanton was “a professor at a college in Berkeley. Clanton.” His name should be known by all decent people.

  11. Jordan Terry
    Jordan Terry says:

    The Charlottesville situation was a bunch of low-grade left-wing goons who lured a bunch of low-grade right-wing goons into a situation where the right-wing goons were to be set up with a crime to which they could be railroaded into jail with lots of media fanfare. The main purpose of this is to beat down any pride white people might have and to force the notion that resistance is futile. Serious, effective people don’t go to protests, especially in a society like ours. They will wait in the shadows until the time is right. Things are bad but need to get much worse for the average white to become sympathetic to the cause. Most whites still have it good. People who have it good don’t have a stomach for change, they like their barbeques, sports teams and tailgaiting too much. When there isn’t any food for barbeques and no money for sports and big-screen TV’s, then the people will start to get worried and start to be open to new ideas.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      A major problem is that after they get whacked by the zionist world order establishment , they will not have any capacity to initiate an effective counter-offensive because of their on-average very low level of political intelligence ( not IQ ) . They are not a politicly astute people and they do not know what they do not know — that they are extremely vulnerable to genocide against them .

  12. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    The following is slightly off-subject but relevant to the overall scheme of political affairs .

    Prager University on Aug 16 , 2019 posted the new 6 minute YouTube video


    The video has 42,588 views and 1,123 comments ( as of 8-18-19 ) and cost perhaps $30,000 to produce ; see the wikipedia article on PragerU .

    The two video narrators are both black ( african-american ) . It is a simple anti-white propaganda indoctrination video . USA jews are mostly leftist liberals and the vast majority of them oppose White Nationalism ( which they adamantly insist on conflating with both white supremacism and white-racism ) . Please note that justifications for a White/aryan/caucasian nation//ethnostate do NOT require white supremacy arguments nor anti-nonwhite race arguments . The foundational justification for White Nationalism can stand on its own merits without resorting to supremacy or anti-nonwhite arguments .

    Prager University founder Dennis Prager is a so-called conservative radio talk show host whom in year 2018 snookered about a billion YouTube viewers for all of his PragerU videos . Dennis Prager is a whiteskin california jew ; see the wikipedia articles .

    I have for years been looking out for an incontrovertible definition of ; the Webster definition is OK sometimes . My observation is that almost always refers to whites/aryans/caucasians opposition to their masters ( the jews ) race mixing progroms and racial indoctrinations which are , by United Nations definition , genocidal against nonjewish whites/aryans/caucasians .

    Please see the relatively brief wikipedia article on ” PragerU ” for an excellent example of the typically jewish convoluted background//history and convoluted platform//grounds which provide the context for interpreting//understanding the conservative(?) Dennis Prager .

  13. Slow Astern
    Slow Astern says:

    Mr. Angel mixes up two reasons for the harsh sentencing he describes. The first reason, which I do not dispute, is that the white nationalist defendants are unpopular. The second reason is the apparent incompetence of defense counsel, who failed, according to Mr. Angel, to adduce favorable evidence on cross-examination. Incompetence of defense counsel can be a denial of due process in a criminal case. Mr. Angel does not suggest that the below par performance of defense counsel was induced by the prosecution.

    White nationalists do not work well with lawyers. White nationalists expect their lawyers to be rote ideologues, and are disappointed to find out that mere recitation of white nationalist principles is not sufficient to carry the day in open court. The left is different; they bring their lawyers with them, and listen to what they say. It helps, of course, that much of the law is more receptive to the left, and leftists.

    White nationalists, ever unpopular, need to understand that the dangers presented by participating in a demonstration are twofold: physical, in that they may be attacked, and secondly, legal, in that the left has lots of lawyers, friends in the local prosecutors’ offices, lots of video cameras, wears masks, and lies.

  14. Achilles Wannabe
    Achilles Wannabe says:

    Interesting that the Antifa were throwing bagels. I would like to know how many of these “Neo Bolsheviks” – maybe a particularly pertinent characterization – are younger Jews returning to their Trotskyite heritage

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