The Way Life Should Be? Vol. IV: Bête Noir

At a recent symposium held at the University of Southern Maine (USM), “Economic Necessity: Workforce Development and Immigrant Integration,” the “necessity” of “internationalizing” Portland was echoed by a variety of figures from Portland Mayor Ethan Strimling to David Brenerman to David Zahn of Southern Maine Community College[1] who:

connected the college with various committees in the Portland metro area (Catholic Charities, One Westbrook, Maine Immigrant Rights Coalition, etc.). David was instrumental in initiating working relationships with numerous community partners allowing for innovative workforce training initiatives to develop between the college and other entities in the greater Portland, Maine region.

Also present were included: the President of the University of Southern Maine (USM); Xavier Botana, the Superintendent of Portland Public Schools; Quincy Hentzel of the Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce; representatives of SIGCO and IDEXX; and representatives of other NAE-affiliated cities Dayton, Ohio; Louisville, Kentucky; and Aurora, Colorado. As part of Portland’s initial investigation into establishing an Office of Economic Opportunity and Immigrant Integration and/or an Office of New Mainers, the Jewish Brenerman’s Economic Development Committee concluded that a “broad-based collaborative” must:

Rebrand (my emphasis) Portland as a multicultural, international city…celebrating the mosaic of ethnicities and nationalities here…strengthen Portland’s image as multicultural and international…Maine International Trade Center…re-engineer (my emphasis) the work force pipeline…[expand] USM (and SMCC?) role with training ESL teachers…support including microfinancing (Opportunity Alliance, Living with Peace, CEI, Community Financial Literacy, Portland Development Corporation, SBA) and proactively connect to employers’ needs (Diversity Hiring Coalition)…Ensure optimal coordination of the many service providers.

These service providers are legion—many of them we’ve previously discussed, and many more will be detailed. They are absolutely essential to the vast matrix of “philanthropic capitalism,” a very Jewish concept we will be “unpacking,” to use their parlance, to a greater degree in the final installment of this series, “Get Woke, Shoah Invoke.” It should be abundantly clear by now that all of these organizations from the “charitable” to the state- and corporate-sponsored are inter-connected and their machinery is geared toward first splintering and then eradicating the native white populations of the Western world. Understanding the mechanisms they employ is absolutely essential to counter-acting their destructive agenda.

Despite the fact that immigration to White countries today is predicated on economic exploitation and racial animus, it is the host population, seeing their opportunities and way of life evaporate before them, who must adapt, who are “hateful” and must confront the “systemic racism” of a society built by their ancestors for “themselves and their posterity”—not imported peoples from the dark recesses of the equator.

In a recent paper published by Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, entitled “New Mainers’ Barriers to Access Healthcare,” twenty-five medical professionals were interviewed on “systemic bias and disparities” in healthcare in the state of Maine, despite the fact that, as one informant put it, “Immigrants don’t prioritize wellness.” Never let facts get in the way of a good narrative.

Now, something about the names of the interviewees stuck out to me: Abshiro Ali, Hassan Mahmoud, Ghassan Saleh, Tho Ngo, Asha Suldan, Nelida Burke, Dancille Nshimimana, Jovin Bayingana, Claude Rwaganje, Tarlan Ahmadov (State Refugee Coordinator for Catholic Charities of Maine), Damas Rugama, Mufalo Chitam (Executive Director of Maine Immigrants’ Rights Coalition[2]), Heritier Nosso, Hawa Abdouckader, Sana Osman, and Nadine Twagirayezu. Of the two authors, one, Darlene Ineza, is from Rwanda, and the other, Kathleen Fairfield, supervises a clinic that works with Catholic Charities to bring refugees into Portland. I cannot imagine what their bias might be. Naturally, according to the authors:

A perception of scarcity and isolationary beliefs sometimes lead to an environment of xenophobia. Multiple informants shared stories of implicit bias (my emphasis), stereotyping and prejudice by health care providers and community members towards New Mainers. This is particularly heightened for Muslim immigrants in the current political environment. The instances of violence in Lewiston’s Kennedy Park this summer are one example of this (my note: in a bit of Orwellian flair here, the authors have seen fit to re-cast the dynamic of violent interactions in Lewiston, as Kennedy Park’s violence is almost exclusively perpetrated by Somalis, not whites.)… By recognizing the power of societal structures in their own lives, and working on individual bias and stereotypes, then a medical provider can become more attuned and empathetic to a patient from a whole other culture and upbringing.[3]

Aside from the fact that the writing is atrocious, even for a paper such as this, the conclusions—totally expected, of course—are illustrative as a case-in-point. Similarly illustrative are two other notable names from the paper: “feminist scientist” Heather Shattuck-Heidorn, Lecturer in Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality at both Harvard University and the University of Southern Maine, and State Refugee Health Coordinator for the Office of Maine Refugee Services (“I study how our biology is mediated and influenced by our environments — especially our social and gendered environments. I also teach women and gender studies, about feminism and science, and write about how science and society interact.”) and the obligatory Jew, Debra Rothenberg: Democrat, “gun control supporter, marriage equality supporter, healthcare reform supporter, pro-choice supporter,” and recipient of a tidy $90,000-plus salary. The authors of the paper even admit the political purpose of these “New Mainers”:

Right now at the Immigrant Welcome Center, the major focus has been on registering 11,000 eligible immigrants to vote in the upcoming elections. Immigrants themselves consist of a sizeable portion of Portland and Maine’s voting population, and thus should be educated and sensitized on policy change so they can have a say in the overall structures shaping their lives.[4]

Interesting that they have a say “in the overall structures shaping their lives” and you don’t.

Maine’s “Whiteness” is oft cited as a problem in these types of studies, but why, exactly, that is problematic is never explicated, beyond vague references to systemic racism, discrimination, and the like—all without concrete evidence. That institutions of higher learning such as USM and Bowdoin are attached to these papers and symposia lends them a legitimacy they otherwise might not have. The “Culture of Critique” in these places is well-documented and the purposes clear—despite the cooption and even creation out of thin air of different disciplines in the academy the public generally still treats academia with a degree of deference. Using the universities for their propaganda provides an artificial intellectual heft to their arguments while at the same time using the campus as a forward operating base to inject their social engineering and importation of alien peoples into areas far beyond the usual reach of the cosmopolitan urbanite. This goes for the student body as well—a scant 10% of Bowdoin, Bates, and Colby Colleges’ students actually come from Maine. The numbers for the professoriate and administrators are similar.

Academia is an essential arm of the neo-liberal establishment. Not only do the universities promote the “right” ideas, they serve a variety of networking functions, support for privileged groups, and financial backing at least once-removed from the original source in collaboration with a number of what are euphemistically called pro-immigrant and/or -refugee projects. Once again we can see how enmeshed all of these organizations and institutions are. From the “Immigrant and Refugee Integration and Policy Development Working Group Final Report” for the City of Lewiston, December 2017:

A variety of institutions and local colleges including Kaplan University, Maine College of Health Professions, University of Southern Maine’s Lewiston Auburn College, Central Maine Community College, and Bates College all serve to connect members of the immigrant and refugee communities to opportunities for higher education in the area. … There are a variety of local organizations dedicated to providing support and advocacy services to the immigrant and refugee communities in Lewiston. Organizations such as Trinity Jubilee Center (TJC), Pine Tree Legal Assistance (PTLA), Maine Equal Justice Partners (MEJP),[5] the Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project (ILAP), and Western Maine Transportation Services (WMTS) represent valuable resources for both the native and immigrant and refugee populations, and address basic needs such as food, housing, income support, legal services, and transportation. The City itself provides both services and advocacy through its General Assistance Office.[6]

The Maine Immigrant and Refugee Services (MEIRS), also based out of Lewiston, “promotes a pathway toward citizenship and community engagement, creating opportunities for inclusion and meaningful participation for immigrants and refugees.” Its funding is derived from George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, which also provides financial support for the Maine People’s Alliance, the ACLU, the NAACP, and a slew of other open-borders, anti-white organizations. The Maine People’s Alliance runs the Maine Beacon, a propaganda rag committed to libelous accusations of “white supremacy” against anyone who professes pro-White or even immigration restrictionist views. These types of “nativist” sentiments are highly problematic, and their racism and xenophobia are the sole cause for individuals from sub-70 average IQ countries failing to achieve parity with the 103.4 average IQ population of Maine. The ACLU concurs, from a 2017 study:

In February of 2017, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Maine, in partnership with Disability Rights Maine and Kids Legal at Pine Tree Legal Assistance, released a well-publicized study that investigated racial disparities and identified five primary areas of concern: lack of teachers who share the cultural background of students; discipline disparities; differences in special education identification; programming for ELL students; and insufficient interpretation services…Lewiston Superintendent Bill Webster has confirmed the district’s need for more black and minority teachers, and conversations are taking place in relation to the recruitment and hiring of a more diverse workforce within Lewiston Public Schools. The district is seeking to work in partnership with the University of Southern Maine and other partners to design a recruitment program to attract more minority instructors. The district also seeks to promote careers in education to Lewiston High School graduates of color…Discipline disparities in Lewiston schools are greatly impacted by three factors: lower special education identification rates; limited cultural competency; and the incidence of trauma in many students. Cultural competency will improve with additional training of teachers and educational technicians. In addition, school staff would benefit from increased understanding of trauma and how adverse childhood experiences (ACES) impact learning. Schools need to continue to provide more training in these areas and have recently secured the assistance of a local facilitator/consultant to work on educator cultural competency in multiple schools.[7]

Their importation of diversity must beget more diversity to cope with the diversity. See how that works? Curious, though, that the lack of diversity in the first place is such a problem when:

Anaam Jabbir…a refugee from Iraq…and her family first settled in Georgia. They moved to Maine in 2009 because she heard that the schools are better in Maine (my note: “The schools are better” is, as we know, a euphemism for demographics) …Secondary migrants move to Maine for various reasons, including a belief that it’s safer here than in urban areas like Atlanta or Philadelphia (my note: Maine, the nation’s Whitest state, is also its safest—a correlation? Surely not.).[8]

Because Maine is so safe and has such good schools, and is therefore such a desirable destination for immigrants and refugees, it stands to reason that it must be a rotten place with systemic racism and all kinds of obstacles for the saintly people of color we’re reminded at every turn are so morally superior to us whites. Ipso facto, the ACLU of Maine is strongly in favor of more immigration into the state because…racism? In a September 2017 paper entitled, “We Belong Here,” author Emma Findlen LeBlanc concludes:

That our state (my note: not “our,” as LeBlanc is not from Maine) remains overwhelmingly white does not mean that we do not have an urgent problem with racial discrimination that demands collective action. In fact, the centrality of whiteness to Maine’s cultural identity often exacerbates the obstacles that immigrants and other people of color face. There are special challenges associated with being non-white in one of the whitest states in the nation, from greater ignorance about multiculturalism to fewer specialized services. Being a less diverse, whiter state doesn’t exempt our schools from the responsibility of grappling with race and racism; in fact, it demands a greater commitment.[9]

Because of course it does. LeBlanc’s offering is nothing more than a fifty-two page onslaught against whites for every Cultural Marxist, critical race theory invention you’ve been smashed over the head with for what feels like forever—insufficient diversity anywhere and everywhere, racial disparities in discipline and performance, the injustice of Maine formerly requiring a perfect score to test out of ELL classes, et cetera, et cetera. Don’t believe me? Read it yourself. LeBlanc concludes:

The structural and personal discrimination that this report documents is alarming, and we hope it will disrupt any complacency about the state of our schools. No person, and certainly no child, should feel as vulnerable, excluded, and victimized as many immigrant students in Maine described themselves as feeling.[10]

And of course it’s not just immigrants who experience pernicious racism while living voluntarily amongst whites; “Black Girl in Maine” blogger and Executive Director of Community Change, Inc., Shay Stewart-Bouley (“a Chicago-born, Chicago-raised chick”) moves about the state with the nation’s lowest crime rate in abject terror seeing all those white faces. Offering the typical crater-brained takes you’d expect to find at The Root, Stewart-Bouley aims to solve “the white problem” while her blackness serves as a substitute for intellect or even coherent thought in our (post-) modern Talmudic zeitgeist. That her organization Community Change, Inc. was founded by a Jew named Horace Seldon (who hilariously refers to himself as a “fellow white” in their mission statement), utilizes the space and resources of the Yvonne (Blumenthal) Pappenheim[11] Library (“a free lending library of materials about racism and white privilege in the United States”) also established by the organization’s founder, and is affiliated with the Boston Foundation[12] is utterly unsurprising. It would seem that Maine, just like craft beer and yoga and genetics and objectivity, has a white people problem, one the Judeo-neo-liberal establishment is here to fix once and for all.

More on this next time.

Reposted with permission from The Anatomically Correct Banana.

[1] James Angelo Memorial Social Justice Scholarship  is a 2-year scholarship to attend Southern Maine Community College awarded to an African immigrant graduating from a Portland high school.

[2] “The Maine Immigrants’ Rights Coalition (MIRC) is a unique collaboration of leaders – a majority of whom are people of color – representing diverse ethnic communities across our state.” One of its primary financiers is the Sam L. Cohen Foundation. It will also shock you, I’m sure, to learn that Randi Greenwald of the Bet Ha’am Jewish Reform community is on the Board of Directors.


[4] Ibid.

[5] MEJP sued former governor Paul LePage when his administration moved to stop welfare payments to illegal aliens.


[7] Ibid.



[10] Ibid.

[11] Another Jew, Blumenthal was married to “German refugee” Fritz Pappenheim, who taught at a Jewish-funded black college in Alabama (for those aware of their history, this was one technique in which the Jews were able to propagandize Southern blacks and stoke or inculcate anti-white resentment).

[12] The Boston Foundation (TBF), Greater Boston’s community foundation, is one of the largest community foundations in the nation, with net assets of over $1.3 billion. President and CEO Paul S. Grogan is on the Board of Trustees at Brandeis University (oh gawd). Grogan used to be a part of the Local Initiatives Support Foundation, financed by the Ford Foundation. TBF finances such projects as the Immigrant Family Services Institute and receives major funding from a host of local universities, Fidelity Investments, Combined Jewish Philanthropies (as discussed in Volume II), and the United Way of Massachusetts Bay, which is itself funded by Bain Capital, Raytheon, the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Bank of America, Ropes & Gray LLP, Gillette, Wells Fargo, Berkshire Partners LLP, Liberty Mutual, the Federal Home Loan Bank, Fidelity Investments, and JP Morgan Chase, among others. The Chairman of the Board for the United Way of Massachusetts Bay is Steven D. Krichmar, Founder and Managing Principle of Krichmar & Associates and Independent Trustee of the Goldman Sachs Trust II Funds—as well as a member of the Board of Directors of Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Boston.

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  1. Susan
    Susan says:

    This information is painful and infuriating to hear about, but a great wake-up call. Thanks so much to John Q. Publius for pulling together all the facts and to TOO for running this series.

  2. Pat Etheridge
    Pat Etheridge says:

    The horror. The horror. The horror. Each day, a new abomination to assault one’s eyes. I went to the local airport to help meet a relative’s visiting exchange student. The group of students was arriving from Cologne. The time for them to have reasonably processed through customs came and went. Then too much time had passed. A group on the other side of the waiting area consisted of an exotic mixture of Third Worlders: blacks, Arabs, Asians, mixed race children, and, incongruously, a smattering of melanin-impaired children. In growing dread, I began to have an epiphany: THEY might be the representatives of the former German Fatherland. And….sure enough, indeed they were.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      Ugh! Awful!

      In one sense of course E. Michael Jones is right when he talks about how we didn’t see ourselves as White, but as ethnic groups, the Irish, English, German, French, Polish, Italian, etc.

      That doesn’t mean, as he foolishly (or, suspiciously) concludes, that “White” is an invalid category with no range or attributes.

      But it does point to the fact that during the course of the 20th century those different ethnic groups either didn’t think about it, or, didn’t listen to those who did think about it.

      Meaning, they either didn’t think about where this was going or were too dismissive about it.

      Paul Craig Roberts (who, interestingly enough, is talking openly about race more and more) uses the word “insouciant” to describe most Whites.

      It’s good word. And, though I hope I’m wrong, it appears as if that insouciance, for some Whites at least, is incurable.

      Then again, maybe the insouciance is a mask for something else.


      And maybe that’s incurable too.

      Either way, who doubts they’ll live to regret it?

      Pride Before The Fall.

      Every. Single. Time.

  3. Jack D.
    Jack D. says:

    There is no better recipe for trouble than to bring in a group of young, unskilled, unemployed African males to a culture they have no connection with. They are then shown the open door to every welfare benefit available, with the only requirement apparently being to show up on election day and “we’ll show you how to vote”. This is a far cry from the British Empire’s traditional ability to bring in the best and brightest from its various colonies. And, BTW, where are all the women and kids among these immigrants?

    These excellent and well researched articles do a good job showing that Catholic charities aren’t really the main force behind all this – well done and thanks!

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