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  1. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    This is a relatively significant video that has the potential to profoundly affect the way people of the world see themselves in relation to Whites and Jews.

    1) Presently, general consensus is that the “…Eastern…” Religions, that a fair share of Whites have taken up for themselves, because of their “…Innate Wisdom…” and “…Superiority…”, originated with the primordial Godfather of them all, the Vedanta.
    2) The video above supports almost positive proof that the Vedanta, which gave birth to all other Eastern Religions, from Ashtanga-Yoga to Zen-Buddhism, was in fact brought into Northern India by pre-historic European Aryan Invaders.
    3) This widely unknown fact, that Europeans were the bringers of techniques leading to Spiritual Enlightenment to the Third World, rather than the reverse, namely: That “..Eastern…” Religions were derived by Third Worlders and then spread to Europe, has the potential of shaking up the playing field of how brow-beaten Whites see themselves.
    Jews would be deathly afraid that Whites may suddenly recognize that they at one time possessed the innate potential to be Spiritual Leaders of a Superior Nature who were in fact the original Samurai Warriors, Shaolin Monks, Muay Thai Kick-boxers, and Tibetan Buddhists.
    4) The above realization could spur a revitalized search by Whites to re-discover their Ancient Aryan Selves, instead of succumbing to the myth of Equal or Superior Eastern Religions in their Quest for Inner Peace and Strength.
    A definite game changer not only in the way Whites view themselves with respect to, but how they will eventually deal with, the Jew Engineered Foreign Invader-Pawns.
    5) Given the above DNA migrations of Europeans to Asia and the Cultural and Religious Traditions that Whites thereby imparted to Asians, it also sheds a new and much more positive light on the, heretofore regarded as largely negative characteristics of; Pathological Altruism, Puritanism, Individuality, Tolerance, Racial Equality/Superiority, and a whole host of other behaviours.

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