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  1. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    This is a relatively significant video that has the potential to profoundly affect the way people of the world see themselves in relation to Whites and Jews.

    1) Presently, general consensus is that the “…Eastern…” Religions, that a fair share of Whites have taken up for themselves, because of their “…Innate Wisdom…” and “…Superiority…”, originated with the primordial Godfather of them all, the Vedanta.
    2) The video above supports almost positive proof that the Vedanta, which gave birth to all other Eastern Religions, from Ashtanga-Yoga to Zen-Buddhism, was in fact brought into Northern India by pre-historic European Aryan Invaders.
    3) This widely unknown fact, that Europeans were the bringers of techniques leading to Spiritual Enlightenment to the Third World, rather than the reverse, namely: That “..Eastern…” Religions were derived by Third Worlders and then spread to Europe, has the potential of shaking up the playing field of how brow-beaten Whites see themselves.
    Jews would be deathly afraid that Whites may suddenly recognize that they at one time possessed the innate potential to be Spiritual Leaders of a Superior Nature who were in fact the original Samurai Warriors, Shaolin Monks, Muay Thai Kick-boxers, and Tibetan Buddhists.
    4) The above realization could spur a revitalized search by Whites to re-discover their Ancient Aryan Selves, instead of succumbing to the myth of Equal or Superior Eastern Religions in their Quest for Inner Peace and Strength.
    A definite game changer not only in the way Whites view themselves with respect to, but how they will eventually deal with, the Jew Engineered Foreign Invader-Pawns.
    5) Given the above DNA migrations of Europeans to Asia and the Cultural and Religious Traditions that Whites thereby imparted to Asians, it also sheds a new and much more positive light on the, heretofore regarded as largely negative characteristics of; Pathological Altruism, Puritanism, Individuality, Tolerance, Racial Equality/Superiority, and a whole host of other behaviours.

    • royalbrecht
      royalbrecht says:

      The above comment does not belong with the monthly TOQ Live Podcast…, but with the Youtube video:

      The above provided link was sent to me as a new post by TOO and deals with new DNA evidence that further confirms the already widely accepted theory that Europeans were in fact the pre-historic invaders of Asia and therefore the bringers of civilization, specifically “…Eastern Religions…”, to Asia and not the reverse historical scenario…,
      one that Jews are most keen to preserve in light of Jew hatred of Whites and the Jew desire to eliminate Whites from the planet.

      I will comment on the TOQ Live Podcast in a separate comment.

      Ty Mods.

      • Lucius Vanini
        Lucius Vanini says:

        YES, and one implication is that Europeans should throw into the trash can “Judaism for the goyim” (crutchtianity) ASAP. Judaism for the goyim–unlike its parent Judaism for the Jews–is ideologically incompatible with the preservation of peoples, inculcating self-abnegation, non-resistance, altruism, turning the other cheek, avoidance of self-love and pride. Judaism for the Jews has a backbone of healthy egoism, values national identity and calls for knocking the hell out of those who step on us, whereas Judaism for the goyim is well characterized (as by Friedrich Nietzsche) as “the will to the end”–the end of existence in “this world.”

        One of the worst things about the current White Nationalism is that so many of its adherents cling to that toxic ideology which introduced the deadly altruism gene into Europe. It’s also one of the more amusing things about the movement, inasmuch as people who continually knock the Jews nevertheless worship a Jewish god, the son of Judaism’s god, a scion of the House of David, etc. Further, they view as a quintessentially European treasure a creed which is as Asiatic in origin as the other two Abrahamic religions, Judaism and Islam.

        For a more in-depth treatment of the matter, I recommend the articles “Euro/White Nationalism and–Christianity?”, “The Biggest Religious Threat to Europe is Christianity, not Islam,” and “Threats to European Civilization–#1: Ourselves,” at

        They can also be accessed by googling “The European Family, Blog, WordPress, Europe.”

  2. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    Hyper-Altruism and Ultra-Puritanism, seen as pathological characteristics, is only a valid concept if one’s historical perspective begins when Materialism and Possessiveness began to supersede Spiritual Prowess in existential importance.

    However, as is becoming ever clearer today, Materialism can only provide a limited depth of Satisfaction before one begins to look inward for Deeper Peace and Tranquility.

    Based on the evidence that the “…Whiter Castes…” of Asia were derived from pre-historic Northern European genetic (DNA) transfer…,
    at a time when Scandinavians basically survived by behaving as just another, yet Superior, Hunting and Gathering Wild Creature within an overall Wild Paradigm…,
    It seems logical that in those days the Inner Spiritual Search for Knowledge of The Self took precedence, as a Prime Motive for Existence, over the quest for Material Possessiveness.

    Take my word for it:
    Catching a glimpse of reality, through one’s own Spiritual Self, requires extreme levels of fitness, focus, purity, self-discipline, postponed gratification, and all round asceticism.
    In fact, in the above quest, there is a direct correlation between the degree of Altruism and/or Puritanism, for starters, that one can possess and the Depth of Self Understanding that one can reach.
    Those within the Tribe, who go the furthest in this quest, will also inevitably become the leaders of that particular Tribe.

    Now, as mentioned in the young man’s video that focus’ on the DNA migrations from Europe to East Asia,
    Jews were present in Dravidian, South India (Kochin), well before Christianity came into being.
    How they got there, who they are genetically (DNA) related to and where they came from is something I would be very interested in knowing.
    However, I will bet Kugerrands to Donuts that if there was a population cohort within ancient India that was intent on Subverting Truth, it probably originated with these Dravidian Jews.

    Notwithstanding, largely what the Jew HAS done in today’s world…,
    and this dove-tails nicely with the Sanskrit Legacy that the pre-historic “…European Migrant Seers…” have left us in an attempt to preserve some of their Ancient Wisdom as a Defense against today’s coming Age of Jew Depravity…,
    is to Twist and Corrupt the Path leading to the Truthful Depth of Life by focusing upon and prioritizing the minute flaws that the lower human life forms that prevailed were drawn toward,
    and with each passing generation, adding to and Mutating this ever growing trail of misconceptions,
    to bring us to the Stage we are at today where the Planet’s once seen as Natural Balance has in fact been Turned Up-side-down.

    Seen from the above perspective, Extreme-Altruism only becomes a flaw when one places the Materialistic Paradigm of the God Forsaken Jew above that of the Primordial-Scandinavian Search for Inner Peace and Tranquility.
    If Aryan Man would return to his Primordial Roots, all the presently classified as pathological characteristics of Altruism, Puritanism, Individuality, etc…, would once again become Virtues.
    For, as all Roads lead to Rome, so too do all roads of present day called, “…Pathological Behaviour…”, lead to a cure.

  3. Lucius Vanini
    Lucius Vanini says:

    As for the Europeanness of Vedanta, of Hinduism and, by extension, Buddhism–I agree. According to what is now the accepted historical/anthropological belief, the Indo-European peoples originated in the east of Europe, in the Pontic-Caspian Steppe, from which they anciently emigrated in various directions–not only to every part of Europe but to the Near East, to what would become Persia (so Zoroastrianism can be added to the Indo-European list of creeds) and to what would become India. Not surprisingly, Cavalli-Sforza et al, 1994 (THE HISTORY & GEOGRAPHY OF HUMAN GENES) reports that the shortest genetic distance (0.0155) is between “European Caucasoids” and “Extra-European Caucasoids” of West Asia. As regards India specifically, a major genetic study, Reich et al, 2009 (“Reconstructing Indian Population History”), found that “Ancestral North Indian” genes are near those of Europeans.

    Christianity, like its parent Judaism and its cousin Islam, is a product of Semites, people of Asiatic origin.

  4. Lucius Vanini
    Lucius Vanini says:

    NO, altruism is in ALL instances a symptom of decline of vitality, of fitness for life. Healthy creatures and healthy societies consult their own interests firstly and lastly. Nietzsche is right to say (in THE TWILIGHT OF THE IDOLS) that “Man is finished when he becomes altruistic.”

    The commenter apologizing here for altruism (or a form thereof) reveals his embodying of the perspective connected with altruism when he says “one looks inward for deeper peace and tranquility” once one sees through the tawdriness of materialism. Fact is, truly vital and abundantly alive persons and societies aren’t much attracted to peace or tranquility because they’ve enough energy and fortitude to live life to the max–and it so happens that conflict and struggle are fixtures of our existence. Such persons and societies are neither cowed nor exhausted by strife and turbulence. The Viking did not say YES to life DESPITE its conflicts but BECAUSE of them.

    Nikos Kazantzakis speaks for the Pagan, life-loving perspective in his ZORBA THE GREEK, when, for instance, Zorba’s young buddy won’t pursue the village’s young, beautiful widow because troubles might ensue, and Zorba says “Boss, life IS trouble; only death is not! The way to live life is to loosen one’s belt and go looking for trouble.”

    Nothing reveals Christianity’s decadence more than the wish to “rest in peace” or the wish that others “rest in peace.” The Viking believed that if he died a brave warrior in battle, he’d go to Valhalla where he’d fight every day, killing and sometimes being killed, but going back each night to the heros’ banquet to eat his fill, get drunk and jump on a curvy blond Valkyrie. PEACE is the LAST fucken thing he’d have hoped to have in his afterlife. Other great societies like the Mycenean Greeks and the Egyptians also showed their health, fortitude and fitness for life by believing in an afterlife in which one did what one does in this life–that’s why they buried weapons, finery, even chariots with the corpse of the owner of these things, which they believed he’d use in the afterlife. That bespoke a LOVE OF LIFE AND THIS WORLD, an unexhausted appetite for the only life and world we actually know of. The Pagans couldn’t conceive of any blessedness lacking the glories and beauties of the life they lived–of which they wanted an interminable extension! (And I honor and love their memory for that!)

    And the Christian? And the Hinayana Buddhist (who wishes to reach Nirvana–literally the lack of qualities, i.e., non-existence, so as LOL to be spared the pains of Samsara, the cycle of birth and death and re-birth, etc.)? They want peace because life is too much for them, too daunting, painful and exhausting to be embraced and loved. “Rest in peace” is a unconscious confession of self-alienation and aversion to living.

  5. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    Dr. MacDonald. I’m aghast at your wardrobe malfunction; that Israeli-blue regimental tie, favored by our politicians and presstitutes to signal their allegiance to the donor class.

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