Tom Sunic at the Scandza Forum, Copenhagen, 2019

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  1. Sophie Johnson
    Sophie Johnson says:

    Your illustration of ‘metalanguage’ with the example of the Yugoslav (Croatian) youngsters who marched to Belgrade to address a Yugoslav (Serbian) audience is brilliant. Their common language was the metalanguage that professed and extolled brotherhood, and proclaimed the meritorious ambition: ‘smrt fašizmu, sloboda narodu’ (death to fascism, freedom for the people). The concept ‘meaning’ had no role here. Indeed, it was unnecessary. The declarative unison was all that mattered.

    You then proposed that this metalanguage is the same as the contemporary one (democracy, human rights, inclusion, diversity, nazi, fascist, hater, etc.) in that both live happily without an awareness of meaning.

    The perfect truth of your observation took me by surprise. I always thought that it takes singing and marching around to insert a right-speak into a group’s social consciousness. But it does not, as the past eleven days in London proved. The self-entitled eco-warriors there uttered nary a word. Instead, they dressed up in silly clothes and did physical contortions in the name of dancing, happy that they have paralysed Central London, uncontrite about having blocked access to a major city hospital, and keen to continue to disrupt Londoners’ work and domestic lives. After all, therein lies their unity.

    But how like their Yugoslav forebears’ is their contentment with their congregation in brotherhood against the enemy who is not ‘woke’ to global warming! And not least: both groups are blissfully unaware that they are the puppets of an elite, and that ‘their’ antics have been choreographed for them.

    And I confess to a concern: Dr Sunic, had you had more time to speak, would you have aligned nationalism and the bolshie users of metalanguage? From your other lectures, I presume that you would not. But I would be a great deal more comfortable if you would outline the anatomy of nationalism.

  2. bruno
    bruno says:

    This was simply excellent. I’ve always liked Tom. It’s too bad that his lecture here couldn’t be seen by millions.

  3. Armor
    Armor says:

    I agree that the civil war in Yugoslavia was a mistake, but not that the separatism of Scotland, Flanders, Corsica, Catalonia, and others, weakens the opposition to the race replacement program. The less political unity there is, the harder it should be for the Jews and their allies to push race replacement. The ideal of defending one’s Scottish or Corsican identity clearly runs counter to the Jewish ideal of replacing White people.

    We are told that the current leaders of separatist movements tend to be anti-White leftists. That is because the leaders of all organizations have been co-opted by the Jewish power (media, government, phony intellectuals…). Natural leaders have been censored and pushed aside. But a huge majority of pro-independence voters are opposed to race replacement. I think Scotland would probably move to the right if it broke apart from England. It would weaken Jewish power which is mostly in London. Scotland would be able to develop some political and financial, as well as media, independence.

    In my own Brittany, there has been little talk of separatism in the last decades. In the last century, there has been a massive mixing of the population that makes it harder to advocate for separation, but the real explanation is something else. The separatists have been silenced in the same way the opponents to race replacement have been slandered and silenced. Their voice has been stifled. No access to the media. It would be difficult for them to cooperate with existing political parties, or to have a career in academia or the administration.

    Today, French-Parisian centralism is worse than ever. But it has become so bad that you no longer even hear about it. I think it has largely turned into a Jewish problem. Since they own the media and the politicians, it is no longer discussed.

    The French Yellow Vests movement was officially against taxes on gasoline. It could have been seen as a movement against the government, against immigration, and against centralism, but they were afraid to say so. They didn’t have the right spokesmen and the stupid Marine Le Pen didn’t help them. I think centralization of the economy, the media and politics, is ruining France. Automation will make things even worse.

    When the capital city has a monopoly on some services that every one else has to use, the rest of the country should get some help in return. But the government would rather let the White birth rate get even lower. The Jews in Paris see themselves as the winners of globalization, and the Yellow Vests as the losers. Actually, they are the winners of a protected centralized system. They are subsidized by the rest of the country. But they think that the Yellow Vests should accept their fate in the name of economic liberalism. All the while, more factories get shipped abroad and immigration is at a record high.

    So, in order for White people to survive in spite of automation and Jewish centralism, I think the best solution is separation, when possible.

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