Speech by Santiago Abascal, leader of the Vox Party in Spain

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  1. Warlord
    Warlord says:

    Vox, the new nationalist party of Spain, refuses to recognize the independence of Catalonia, a nation without a state. Vox Is a colonialist party.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Oh lordy, lordy, lordy ! What have we come to ? A NATIONALIST party opposes secession: clearly demonstrating its ” colonialist ” program.

      • Neo Cohn
        Neo Cohn says:

        I have made an historical statement: Catalonia has never been a colony, a nation or state.

        Please refute instead of making a judgement of intentions.

        I am indeed a patriotic Spanish and I have no intention to apologise for it, sir.

    • European
      European says:

      Vox states the obvious.
      Your comment lacks any historical support about Catalonia.
      Catalonia has always been part of Spain. Actually more than half of Catalonians are against independence.
      There has been endless GERRYMANDERING to give an unjustifiable strength to small circunscriptions.

      Even after 40 years of endless cultural marxist, pro independence, open borders BRAINWASHING at schools, regional media and leftist media nationwide across Spain of pro Soros separatist Catalonians, Catalonian society is completely divided on that issue.

      As for colonialism, the cultural marxist Catalonian separatist establishment, should spend less money trying to colonize neighbouring regions and re-inventing and falsifying history.

      Of course, anyone can choose to shill for fake causes.

  2. Eric
    Eric says:

    Interesting that virtually every European country has at least one active ethno-nationalist political party that everyone knows about; we in the U.S have none.

    I can only think of three reasons why that would be the case:

    1) in European countries, as many as 15 different parties may be listed on the ballot and anywhere from 4 to 8 parties might be represented in Parliament. In the U.S., small parties don’t get admitted to the debate stage, so it’s always a choice between R and D.

    2) Ethno-nationalism doesn’t make sense in the U.S. the way it does in Europe, which is still about 90% white. In Europe, it is not “white people” that are the issue, but Germans, Spaniards, Frenchmen, etc., who happen to be white.

    3) Americans have been steeped in the propaganda that we are a “melting pot” and that even replacing the white population will not change the greatness of the country when it comes to its stated values of personal freedom, individual rights, the rule of law, etc.

    Europeans can realistically hope for a political solution. We in the U.S. cannot.

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