The Way Life Should Be?: Maine as a Microcosm of Jewish Activism

The demographic war being waged on the state of Maine has received nothing but glowing press and for good reason—certainly not that it has any legitimacy, but that its beneficiaries are not just protected from scrutiny but praised for their efforts to swamp the indigenous White population by the media establishment. When we understand who controls it, this makes all the sense in the world.

While married to Congresswoman Chellie Pingree, Jewish financier S. Donald Sussman, through his Maine Values LLC, acquired a 75 percent ownership stake in MaineToday Media—the newspaper group that owns the Portland Press Herald, the Maine Sunday Telegram, the Kennebec Journal, the Coastal Journal, and the Morning Sentinel—meaning Sussman now had a controlling interest in most of Maine’s largest newspapers. The Jewish Cliff Schechtman is the editor of the Portland Press Herald, which has published naked propaganda supporting Jewish mayor Ethan Strimling’s call for any and all “migrants” to come to the city. The Press Herald and Sunday Telegram editorial board has endorsed Eliot Cutler[1] (also Jewish and childhood friend of former owner Richard L. Connor) for governor and in Portland’s 2015 Mayoral election, the newspaper endorsed Strimling. The paper has a long history of neglecting to report on essential facts—such as violent felons’ immigration status—and for favoring biased hit pieces. In other words, it is lock-step with its national counterparts in the Jewish-run media.

In 2015, Sussman sold the controlling interest in MaineToday Media to fellow Jew Reade Brower. In 2017, Brower bought Sun Media Group, parent company of the Sun Journal, in Lewiston. Brower now owns six of Maine’s seven daily newspapers and prints its seventh, the Bangor Daily News. He also owns twenty-one of Maine’s thirty weeklies and a number of other specialty publications.[2] From Brower’s profile in the New York Times (itself adamant that Maine and neighboring New Hampshire are too White and too old and…you know the rest):

Mr. Brower’s hold on the newspaper industry of a single state stands out…Maine’s emergence as a national political hot spot…adds to the influence Mr. Brower could have over the public discourse through his properties.[3]

Who needs state-run media when the unaccountable private sector exerts monopolistic control? So we have a situation in Maine where the entire media apparatus is privately-owned, its refugee re-settlement program has been privatized, and its financial and business interests—fully committed to importing an entirely new population—control its politics.

Speaking of politics, two prominent figures in our saga warrant closer attention: the aforementioned Cutler and current Governor Janet Mills.

Eliot Cutler

Cutler is president of the Board of Directors of the Emanuel and Pauline Lerner Foundation, which is focused on “youth development programming.” If said programming is anything like that of the state’s governmental counterparts in TRIO, this means essentially indoctrinating children. Unfortunately I cannot reproduce the conversation I had with a former TRIO employee who reached out to me to discuss the abuses within the program witnessed over the course of several years, for they had anonymity concerns, but I was given the greenlight to provide a rough outline of the tactics employed and the operant ideology. In effect, “disadvantaged” and low-income students are isolated from their school friends and forbidden from speaking with them over the duration of seasonal “camps,” held at a physical remove, where the threat of expulsion and ostracism from their new “friends” in the group looms if they are found to be in violation of any of the myriad rules or ideological transgressions. Ideologically, the program is designed to facilitate the transmission of anti-White programming and various other Cultural Marxist permutations—including the glorification of African migrants and pushing a pro-mass migration stance, incentivizing identification with “queerness” and gender fluidity, etc.—under the guise of “advanced collegiate preparatory scholarship.” There is no outside oversight.

The Lerner Foundation has also made the following organizations funding priorities: the Holocaust & Human Rights Center of Maine; the Jewish Justin Alfond’s Maine chapter of the League of Young Voters;[4] EqualityMaine; Mano en Mano; Opportunity Alliance; Somali Bantu Youth Association; African Diaspora Institute; Portland Adult Education, which has reoriented itself as essentially a jobs- and language-training program for migrants; Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project (ILAP); Maine Women’s Policy Center; the University of Maine Law School Justice for Women Lecture Series; Community Financial Literacy (described as: financial literacy programs for immigrant/refugee communities); Coastal Enterprises, Inc. (CEI); the United Way; Out! As I Want to Be (for the “expansion of the Gay-Straight-Trans Alliance presence in Midcoast schools”); Maine Initiatives (described as: ethnic community-based organization learning community project); Maine Access Immigrant Network (MAIN); and Franco American Heritage Center, which seems innocuous until you understand that this organization is no longer designed to preserve the Acadian-French culture but rather use the Francophone “heritage” as a justification for settling Congolese in central Maine.

Cutler’s former post-merger firm Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hoauer, and Feld LLP is deeply embedded in the network of immigration law firms that make significant money undermining federal immigration enforcement and representing the interests of the many large corporations seeking to import workers to undercut American workers’ wages and/or displace said workers. From their site:

With the largest public law and policy practice in the country, Akin Gump often represents clients in matters relating to immigration policy. We conduct analyses of legislative and regulatory proposals, and advocate on behalf of our clients in all areas of immigration policy…In every U.S. Akin Gump office, our lawyers represent clients seeking asylum in the United States. Asylum applications are adjudicated by the USCIS Asylum Office and/or the immigration courts. In either forum, access to a lawyer is key… Since 2007, nearly every Akin Gump summer associate, supervised by Akin Gump lawyers, has represented undocumented women who have been victims of domestic violence and need to “self-petition” for legal residency in the United States. Through this program, more than 150 women have secured permanent residency in the U.S. for themselves and their children…according to a study by the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, asylum seekers represented by an attorney are 12 times more likely to be granted asylum than those without attorney representation…. Our experienced team of lawyers is deeply rooted in the immigration law community and is involved with various immigration-related organizations, such as the American Immigration Lawyers Association…Akin Gump’s pro bono work in the area of immigration has been recognized on multiple occasions. An early leader in conducting Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) employment authorization clinics, our firm has been involved in hundreds of immigration cases in the last decade. Through corporate and pro bono immigration work, our lawyers have obtained a thorough understanding of the process required to obtain employment authorization, Social Security cards, Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs), and the process necessary for foreign nationals to travel abroad and obtain visas at U.S. consulates. We have worked with multiple families ensuring entry of dependents into the United States, filed applications for Employment Authorization Documents and “advance parole,” and communicated with U.S. consulates and ports of entry to ensure the safe return of our clients to the United States…Our immigration practice group provides a broad range of immigration services for business organizations and individual clients in need of assistance. Our lawyers have knowledge and experience in the following areas of immigration law:

  • business immigration
  • employment-based temporary work visas
  • permanent resident (“green”) cards
  • company executive transfers
  • EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program
  • immigration compliance
  • waivers of inadmissibility
  • employee training programs
  • foreign national hiring practices
  • immigration-related internal investigations
  • H-1B visa enforcement issues
  • E-Verify Program
  • policy and lobbying
  • legislative proposals
  • advocacy before executive branch agencies
  • family-based immigration
  • student visas
  • visa issuance abroad
  • travel to and from the United States
  • naturalization[5]

Cutler is senior advisor to the chairman and CEO of Thornburg Investment Management, and is now a member of the board of directors. In the 2018 election cycle, donations originating from individuals with Thornburg went to candidates such as Beto O’Rourke, Kamala Harris, and Xochitl Torres Small. In 2016, we see money went to Hillary Clinton and in 2012 to Angus King, with whom we are very familiar at this point. Given both Cutler’s and Thornburg’s investment in the Chinese market and its prominent place in the company’s investment portfolios, it’s little surprise the official line on populism is that it is “divisive,” and that tariffs are an impediment to free trade and therefore a bad thing. This is not unusual among the neo-liberal establishment. In fact, it defines it.

Cutler’s MaineAsia LLC has received ample subsidies to explore the uses of “renewable energies,” greenhouse gases, and solar technology in year-round crop production in cold climates, such as Maine’s. Incidentally, Cutler is also a principal investor in ArchSolar, a company “developing more efficient solar electric technologies for sustainable year-round agriculture in northern latitudes.” Interesting. His Maine Seafood Ventures LLC is working to continue to expand the Asian market for Maine’s seafood industry, which will of course need more cheap labor to fish the waters into maritime fauna extinction.

Lastly, should we read into the company one keeps, the progressive-minded Day of Hope featured three Jews as its speakers in 2017—Cutler, Portland mayor Ethan Strimling, and Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project’s Board President Leslie Silverstein.

Janet Mills

In previous installments of this series, we’ve traced Mills’s sources of funding and her use of institutional support to aid in the importation of more African migrants into the state, but her track record before becoming governor also bears further scrutiny. The widow of real estate developer Stanley Kuklinski, Mills is notoriously cagey, frequently frustrating attempts by transparency organizations such as Vote Smart to provide an un-curated image of her.

As Attorney General, Mills repeatedly either declined to prosecute or delayed investigations of African migrants in Lewiston accused of violent crimes, including one brutal assault near Kennedy Park which ultimately resulted in the White victim’s death. In an absolutely grotesque display, Mills led a rally the following year in the very same Kennedy Park called Standing Up Against Hate, where “intolerance” was condemned— not the violent intolerance of the African imports toward their White neighbors, but the violence of the mosque shooting half a world away in New Zealand. South Portland City Council member Deqa Dhalac echoed Mills’s condemnations of “White supremacy” in stating:

“I am asking my non-Muslim brothers and sisters to stand with us in solidarity, and support us with your love and strong words to condemn White supremacy and Islamophobia.” Naomi Mayer of Portland represented March Forth, a social justice group based in Portland. She expressed dismay at the killings. “Fifty people (gathered) where they thought they were safe? How would you like it if you were having a party with your friends, and someone came in and killed all of you?” she said (my note: hmmm…more on this in a second).[6],[7]

Ethan Strimling was there as well, of course:

“We know better in the state of Maine about the importance of diversity and the importance of immigration,” he said. “Probably what I am most proud of is how we do stand up and say we do not tolerate intolerance every time it occurs.”

This must be little consolation to the family of the deceased Donald Giusti, who died three days after being savagely beaten by a gang of Somalis and Congolese:

In the days after the fight, several people insisted the attack on Giusti and his friends had been racially motivated, the result of tensions that had existed in and around the park since the end of winter…One witness, who videotaped part of the fight, told police a “White guy” had been running backward and had stumbled. After righting himself, “he was struck in the head with a brick, which caused him to fall to the ground.”…“After he fell, the Somali and Congolese group ‘stomped’ him for about 10 seconds, before they took off running,” Maine State Police Detective John L. Kyle II wrote in an affidavit. That witness said several people were armed with sticks, BB guns and a bat… Witnesses said the groups began fighting on Knox Street after teens in a car drove past the park and shot pellets and BBs at a group gathered there, striking several people… Police had said the investigation took longer than some because of the sheer number of people involved and because many were juveniles.[8]

That last claim is absolutely untrue, as I have on good authority the police were ordered to table the investigation until after Mills’s election.

Once again we see the obscuring of the true sources of racial tension and violence, a tried-and-true tactic practiced by the authorities from Sweden to Germany to the UK to Maine. The media is also complicit in refusing to cover that which does not fit their narrative. In 1980, there were 640 Somalis in the entire country. Now, there are at minimum 6,000 in Lewiston alone, and they are almost solely responsible—along with the Congolese—for all of the crime in the city. That said, from the “Immigrant and Refugee Integration and Policy Development Working Group Final Report” for the City of Lewiston, December 2017:

Immigrant and refugee youth of color can experience repeat encounters with the American juvenile justice system due in part to a lack of understanding around the way the system works [my note: we know that not to be the case].[9]

So in other words, the thirty Africans who shot at and assaulted a group of Whites outnumbered two-to-one didn’t understand the legal complexities of not beating someone to death on purely racial grounds, so they should be absolved of any wrongdoing. A hate crime—or a crime at all—this apparently is not. But wanting to not have this done to you and your friends and family, to your fellow citizens—that is very hateful indeed.

PS-If you aren’t already outraged, go ahead and read these two paywalled articles: “Waterville Man Deported to Haiti Pardoned by Governor“;  “Kicked Out of Shelter, Family Pitches a Tent and Struggles with Homelessness.”


[1] You might find it interesting that all six of Maine’s largest newspapers endorsed Cutler in his gubernatorial bid.

[2] Brower has also expanded into Vermont, purchasing the Rutland Herald and the Barre-Montpelier Times Argus.


[4] The League of Young Voters U.S. is a national advocacy organization which organizes progressive voter guides and voter blocs nationwide, particularly geared towards the 18–34 age group.



[7] Organizer of 2017 Portland rally “against White supremacy, neo-Nazism, the Ku Klux Klan and President Trump,” Naomi Mayer, told the crowd at that rally: “I’m not here because I’m Jewish. I’m here, and all of you are here, because we are human. None of you were born to hate. It wasn’t in our DNA.” Yes, Strimling was also there, “proud of his city for standing against hate.”

[8]; side note: Maine’s first Somali Moslem police officer, Zahra Munye Abu, was arrested at a Ja Rule and Ashanti concert and was charged with assault, battery, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, and trespassing.


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  1. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    “White supremacy, neo-Nazism, the Ku Klux Klan and President Trump.”

    Of course all four are products of Jewish Supremacy Inc.

    “Naomi Mayer, told the crowd at that rally: “I’m not here because I’m Jewish. I’m here, and all of you are here, because we are human. None of you were born to hate. It wasn’t in our DNA.””

    The Bolsheviks didn’t love the working-class. They hated the upper middle-class.

    Same with JSI.

    It doesn’t love non-Whites. It hates Whites.

    Their propaganda is just that – propaganda.

    It’s so childish and stupid that it can’t compete with the intelligent exercise of freedom of speech, because its whole explanatory system would be reduced to rubble by even a reasonably thoughtful high school student.

    That’s why JSI propaganda works hand and glove with censorship.

    Speaking of stupid.

    They see no irony in having the power to pass Hate Speech Laws denouncing White Supremacy.

    When, obviously, if White Supreamcy really existed IT would be passing the laws!

    This is what is meant by the term “psychotic arrogance.”

    Here’s another obvious one that has so far eluded the “chosen.”

    No Jewish Supremacy Inc, No White Nationalism.

    White nations and WN are two different things.

    One used to exist until JSI was welcomed in and thanked its benefactors by destroying White nations.

    But WN doesn’t exist as an observable reality – anywhere.

    It might be an idea or fantasy in the heads of a few. But as a real thing it does not exist.

    But, again, to the extent it does exist it is only an idea.

    And it wouldn’t exist as an idea if it wasn’t for JSI.

    No JSI, No WN.

    In short, JSI is Organized Hatred and Mass Madness.

    It’s time to call it out for what it is.

    JSI’s representatives are criminally insane.

    • bruno
      bruno says:

      Richard, excellent brief. You put it in a nut shell. As a kid I would ride all over Maine as it was all W. I would camp out with my dog, without any fears. It was the same in New Hampshire and to a lesser extend in VT.

      To see that they are doing what they’ve done in other countries is more than heartbreaking. My last coast-to-coast iron hoss exploration tour-fun ride was about 3 years ago. Now one has to stay in secure hotels. Oh, what one could pen or say in a cafe. Let us thank the author Dr. John Q. Publius. Mr. and Mrs. John and Jane Doe, Hans Schmidt and Jan Kowalski could learn from Mr. Publius.

  2. RoyAlbrecht
    RoyAlbrecht says:

    “I’m not here because I’m Jewish. I’m here, and all of you are here, because we are human. None of you were born to hate. It wasn’t in our DNA.”

    A perfect example of Jews stealing White Nationalist, Racial Realist language and twisting it to suit mass-murdering Jew designs…
    W.N.ists often can be heard saying that for example, “…murder and lying is in Jew DNA…”,
    as well as associating various modes of behaviour with various sub-species of humanity…,
    most of it seen as neither good or bad, but rather as just a fact of life.

  3. Karen
    Karen says:

    I ran across Dontell Jackson’s blog while doing some research. It seems that there are a few black Americans who are beginning to catch on. An interesting read. Too bad the black, foreign immigrants aren’t smart enough to realize that they are only pawns on the Jewish game board. The Jewish plan is obviously to chase down whites wherever they may be. This situation must be turned around.

  4. Franklin
    Franklin says:

    This is a terrific article that demonstrates how money can turn into media control which turns into thought control and brainwashing.

    And yet relatively few of us will speak out about or stand up against this onslaught.

    This is how we lose our White Christian country.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      “This is how we lose our White Christian country.”

      White – Race
      Christian – Religion
      USA – Country

      Those are three different things that don’t need to go to together. For some they do, obviously. But, for me they don’t.

      The idea that Whites HAVE to be Christian is too silly to take seriously. Same goes with Right-wing politics.

      How depressing and limiting.

      We’re way more than that.

      And The USA was once a White nation. But it isn’t anymore and it’s idle to complain about it or waste our time trying to bring something back that’s already gone for good.

      This is about Race and Culture. Not Theology or Ideology.

      Theology and Ideology are both subsumed by Social-Institutions and Social-Institutions are subsumbed by Culture and Culture is subsumed by Race.

      Race and Culture are worth fighting for because they’re so fundamental.

      They are the source of Belief.

      But beliefs? They come and go. So, let them.

      Beliefs are necessary, of course.

      But they’re also more or less, sooner or later, unsatisfactory and, when clung to and blindly obeyed highly damaging both to the individual and their socio-cultural situation, ie; the rest of us.

      But Belief?

      Try living without that.

      Well, many people are. And a lot of them are on opiods.

      But who needs drugs, alcohol, religion and politics when you can believe in yourself and your Race and its potential to build a Culture actually worth living in?

      To live like that you need to be a self-confident individual with firm and objective values who isn’t easily derailed by personal setbacks.

      But pure self-confidence, without moments of insecurity and even self-loathing, is a myth, an unattainable, undesirable myth.

      Who needs myths when you can be a power of example?

      Why waste time convincing people of anything when you can just make them want your life by believing in it?

      And who doesn’t want a life filled with self-confidence and the ability to serve others through example?

      Who needs Saints? Who needs charismatic leaders?

      We don’t. We need to escape from charisma.

      We have all that they need already. Mistakes and all.

      We just lost our way. That’s all.

      We don’t need advice from anyone.

      Personally, I don’t take advice from people I don’t want to be like. And I don’t want to be like anyone else.

      The hell with advice gurus. They need a kick in the ass. But, tempting as they are to humiliate, it’s better to just ignore them.

      And we have good reason to ignore them.

      We already have all that we need.

      And, again, that includes our mistakes and our suffering, as well as our many gifts.

      If we’re willing to share with each other our experiences, and let each other know we’re willing to help (those willing to help themselves) and let it go at that, there’s a lot we can do.

      And that’s all I’m doing here, sharing what I think. Anyone can take it or leave it. That’s none of my business.

      Nothing our worst enemy has ever said or done through Political Correctness, etc. has ever succeeded in making me hate myself for who I am.

      I love who I am. Flaws and all. And I’m about as imperfect as they get. And, since Race is immutable, it comes with that. But it can’t define me either. That’s an inside job.

      Race isn’t something to obsess over. It’s just a starting point.

      Our worst enemy knows that much. Of course, it’s what they start with. That’s why they’re working 24/7 to demonize and pathologize something none of us can change. Sadly, we’ve let them.

      And, though it’s understandable that we made that mistake, it’s not necessary for us to continue to make it.

      The irony of today is that our worst enemy believes in our potential more than we do.

      The second we all believe in it too, well….

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        Too many people need the apparent securities offered by a religion .

        Time for a new religion that is definitely not antiWhite .

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      Christianity is a religion of self-enslavement to the chosenite jewmasters .

      Time for a new religion .

  5. TJ
    TJ says:

    “. . .The hell with advice gurus. . .”

    Your entire comment is filled with advice. . .

    This is what Jewish Objectivists call “the stolen concept” [how would I know?], or what others call denying the antecedent, and others call circularity. . .

    The USA is fundamentally based on Whiteness- White Freedom, and not Christianity. The Naturalization Act of 1790 says the country is “open to Free White persons.” David Duke lied and asserted that the Act says “Free White Christians.” Reason, not faith, is our guiding light. . .as the Lord put it- “Come, and let us Reason together. . .”

    I say Reason, and let us cum together. . .

  6. Pat Etheridge
    Pat Etheridge says:

    Nice cogitating, Richard, but when the Media and academia and the churches relentlessly churn out “White self-hatred,” it has a profound effect that can’t merely be shrugged off. Everyone on this and similar sites has ultimately rejected that message, but it nonetheless has a devastating impact on the mindset of most of the sheeple around us.

  7. Mary Houghton
    Mary Houghton says:

    ” but it nonetheless has a devastating impact on the mindset of most of the sheeple around us.”
    You are correct, Pat. Unfortunately, those “sheeple” happen to be some of our children. My children have a totally different outlook to mine in regards to our towns and cities becoming non-white. They have been indoctrinated in the schools and universities, and they do not have any problem with it. I have even been accused of being a racist and a conspiracy theorist by my own child when I merely pointed out what the grand plan for our country was/is.
    One major thing perplexes me above all other things and that is the fact that in their haste to rid the US of white people and replace us, do the Jews actually believe that the non-whites will have the similar restraint and acceptance of their ways that we have had? I believe Brooklyn will become a powder keg in the not too distant future and hopefully, the ultimate lesson to them will be the old saying “be careful what you wish for”.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      They are not your children . You handed them over to the State when you sent them to a public/state school to be programmed for the purposes of the State . Get the State Child Protection Agency upset about how you are trying to deprogram ! your children ! and see how long it takes ((( them ))) to get custody of ! your children ! . Whites on average are hopelessly politicly retarded due to their on average descendence from a nonpolitical culture ( rural way of life ) compared to their hyper political chosenite jewmasters ; it is a cultural legacy effect and not an IQ issue .

      • Pat Etheridge
        Pat Etheridge says:

        A number of factors are in the picture: the need to conform, the adoption of the liberal agenda by our school systems, cultural legacies, unending PC Media bombardments, the influence of the churches, etc.

        I brought one or two relatives back to reality by directing literature at them very carefully. For example, try to paint a clear picture of what happened and continues to happen to whites in South Africa. South Africans were supposedly going to create a “nonracial” society. What they got instead was brutally violent black domination, a domination that can only result in time in the extinction of South Africa’s European population. Our own end will be something similar, I believe.

        If you can get your relatives to do the reading, direct the following books at your family members:
        “Into the Cannibal’s Pot,” by Ilana Mercer;
        “The Death of the West,” by Patrick Buchanan;
        “Alien Nation,” by Peter Brimelow;
        “The Path to National Suicide,” by Lawrence Auster;
        “Adios, America,” by Ann Coulter;

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