The Elephant in the Living Room: The Communist Origins of Modern Antifa

The following text is the translation of two speeches given by General  Nick Z. Glasnovic in January 2020 in the Parliament of Croatia. Transl. by T. Sunic. General Glasnovic is an MP in the Croatian Parliament

Starting from the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in 1917, all the way to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1988, communist regimes all over the world killed tens of millions of people. Those mass killings were carried out in the name of equality, democracy and tolerance. Most of those killed were victims of “self-genocide” given that they were mostly victims of their own countrymen. Such criminal communist insanity had been planned to the last detail. Wherever the communist cabal had come into power, i.e., from Mongolia to the Adriatic coast, the most vital part of the population had to be beheaded first.

In an effort to destroy the Christian tradition, communists had to remove the Church and the clergy. During the early communist revolutionary post-World War II fervor, religious leaders were often burned alive, or buried alive, or crucified alive. The Bolsheviks, in 1918, buried alive the Russian Christian Orthodox  Bishop Andronicus. In 1937, the  Russian theologian, mathematician and inventor, Pavel Florensky, after being subjected to torture, was executed by the Communist authorities. He was one of nameless 750,000 victims of the NKVD (Soviet secret police). He was shot in the neck at the height of the communist repression, later to be known as Stalin’s “Great Purge.” In addition to killing millions of people of various religious denominations (mostly Christians), more than 110,000 clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church were executed. Even the Red Army needed to be partially beheaded. Stalin executed several Soviet marshals, generals and tens of thousands of lower rank officers during the 1936–1937 purges. In 1931, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow, which could accommodate up to 10,000 believers, was blown up by Stalin’s thugs. Books by foreign authors were burned or banned. In 1940, after Stalin had dismembered the Baltic states, literature in vernacular languages in those countries ​​was also banned.

Brainwashing was an integral part of all communist regimes, with psychiatric experiments on prisoners becoming a daily routine. Politically incorrect thinkers were confined to psychiatric wards where they were drugged, tortured and questioned. The Soviet NKVD and, later on, their smaller post-World War II copycat East European outlets shortly after they were established began to experiment with nerve poison, a method used later to “neutralize” political opponents, both at home and abroad. Prisoners were killed by mustard gas, ricin and digitoxin. After years of imprisonment, the Archbishop of the Ukrainian Church Theodore George Romzha was killed by a curare injection.

Nor did communism spare scientists, especially those who had obtained some prominence in the fields of genetics and forensics. The biologist Nikolai Koltsov, a Russian pioneer of modern genetics, became a victim of communist poisoning in 1940. On the same day, his wife committed suicide. Many Soviet pseudo-scientists, including a famed hoaxer Trofim Lysenko, who had rejected Mendel’s laws of heredity, succeeded in setting back for decades all efforts in genetic research in Russia.  Some modalities of the Lysenko’s quackery can be observed today among many Antifa and LGTB outlets who claim that gender and race are a matter of free choice and are not influenced by heredity.

In the early days of the communist experiment, the method of weaponizing food against their own people was also widespread, as was observed on the massive scale during the great famine in Ukraine in the 1930s. The mandatory communist slogan in the early 1950s, enforced all over communized Eastern Europe, went something like this:  “We shall grow wheat from the heavens so that hungry America and England can see it.” In order to suppress the revolt in May 1950 in the Cazin region of what is today a small slice of northwestern  Bosnia, the Yugoslav communist strongman Josip B. Tito, sent units of the Yugoslav National Army to quell the rebellion of starved peasants.

The Memory Hole

Victims of the Communist mass terror don’t seem to be a favored theme of Hollywood movies, docudrama, and TV series. These horrors are presented as little more than a minor footnote in history textbooks.  What do graduate students in the West know about Vasily Blokhin, the NKVD executive responsible for the execution of more than 7,000 Polish officers in the spring of 1940? What do Western students  know about  the fate of Ljudevit Jurak (1881–1945) and Eduard Miloslavic (1884–1952), two Croatian forensic experts who studied the mass graves at Katyn and Vinnitsa, hired in 1943 by the German Wehrmacht to examine the bodies of Poles massacred in 1940 by the Soviet commissars?   What do Chinese students, or for that matter Western students, know today about the “Great leap forward” and the “Cultural Revolution” (1966–1976) of Chairman Mao Zedong which nearly destroyed 3,000 years of Chinese history? The dead hand of Marxism and Leninism still extends over the European continent, albeit under the new label of “antifascism.”  Former communist affiliates and their latter-day antifa progeny have now rebaptized themselves into Social Democrats and Liberals. Former Yugoslav Titoists and their descendants in Croatia haven’t disappeared; they operate now under different party names, using more digestible parliamentary paraphernalia such as the “HNS” (Croatian People’s Party) the “IDS” (Istria’s Democratic Assembly), and the “HSS” ( Croatian Peasant Party).  The much vaunted Council of Europe resolution 1481, adopted in 2006 and condemning communist crimes, remains a dead letter, good enough to assuage the guilty consciences of Brussels bureaucrats.

The communist regimes left not only human, economic and ecological devastation. Communist anthropology has distorted the mental makeup of generations to come. Communism had given birth to a species deprived of any moral values, of any sense of personal responsibility, and of any sense of striving for common good. The Russian writer Alexander Zinoviev called this species an “honest liar.” In November 2019, the Belgrade historian Srdjan Cvetkovic visited Zagreb. At a scientific meeting, sponsored by the Croatian Institute of History he confirmed the long-held public secret that 56,000 Serbs had been killed from 1944 to 1946 in Serbia by the victorious Yugoslav Communists. More than 20% of those killed were under the age of 18. The conference, as was to be expected, was ignored by the mainstream media in Croatia, thus reminding us that the authorities in Croatia and her EU watchdog, are the only ones who decide on the political narrative in the mainstream media. What do children learn now in Croatia about the history of the communist crimes against the Croatian people? Nor do they know anything about the largest ethnic cleansing campaign in European history and the destruction of the German minority in the former Yugoslavia during and after World War II. One must not forget that lies and deception were imprinted in the Bolshevik genetic code. Henceforth their offspring consider themselves as the only genuine interpreters of modern history.

The history of Eastern Europe has been mapped out by countless “Naked Islands,” big or small Gulag archipelagos, foibes, and unexplored mass graves. Almost daily the Croat media report on the newly found mass graves  dating back to 1945–46. To this day the ruling class in the West has shown a total lack of personal and legal conscience towards victims of communism. If we give up the search for the truth, we also sign our moral capitulation and we decide to participate in the erasure of our collective memory. It looks, however, that we will have to put up for a much longer time with the communist elephants in our living rooms.

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  1. anarchyst
    anarchyst says:

    One important point about the communist “revolution” in Russia is that only Christian churches were seized and “repurposed” as warehouses, stables, and for other secular uses.
    THAT, in itself speaks VOLUMES about who the originators of communism are…

      • Pierre Simon
        Pierre Simon says:

        Being French, I don’t understand what you mean by that expression, “kid gloves if you please.”. I read the article you link to, it doesn’t say Jews were persecuted and killed or synagogues were destroyed like it is the case for christians. Am I wrong? What do you mean?

        • Trenchant
          Trenchant says:

          Exactly right. It means rabbis and their followers received very lenient treatment compared to Christian priests and faithful during the Soviet era.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          Until well into the twentieth century, the finest dress gloves, those that combined the smoothest texture and the greatest elegance of appearance, were made of kid leather; that is, the skin of a young goat. As far back as the eighteenth century, the phrase “with kid gloves,” meaning “with special deference or consideration,” had come into such widespread use that it was employed by millions of English speakers who had never had enough money to have worn or even seen a pair of actual kid gloves. I doubt whether the situation today is changed much, if at all.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        For the thousandth time or so, sincere thanks to Trenchant for this and all the other remarkable stuff he finds.

        This sentence is one of many worth noting:

        In February 1930, Rabbi Menachem Gluskin of Minsk, a leading member of the Committee of Rabbis, was arrested, along with 13 other local Jewish religious functionaries, and charged with counterrevolutionary activity for corresponding with foreign Jewish associations and transferring information overseas.

        By 1930, the number of Christians in the area of Soviet domination who had been murdered for their faith was already well into the millions. Yet the enormity to which the author of the linked article calls especial attention is the mere arrest of fourteen Jews in expensive furry hats. The well-known Yiddish word for the attitude underlying the sentence’s implication is “chutzpah.”

        Or as Trenchant wrote, kid gloves—indeed!

  2. Arturas
    Arturas says:

    I wasn’t taught any of this in school.
    Nor was i told how communists almost slaughtered all of our country’s intelligentsia in one year.
    Young Lithuanian.

    • Harbinger
      Harbinger says:

      Of course you weren’t. As highlighted in the article, there have been very few films on Communism from Hollywood and the western film industries. Judaism is communism and they really don’t want to let the cat out of the bag do they? I mean, if the western peoples, actually realised that Judaism was behind communism and the massacre of hundreds of millions of people, then it wouldn’t go down to well would it?

      However, what you will be taught is all about Germany and the Third Reich. You will CONSTANTLY in almost every western msm outlet, Hollywood movie, TV documentary, soap, sitcom and series be given reference to nazis and the murder of Jews by them, including the holocaust promotion. Star Trek is a classic example of this, but pretty much everyone has mentioned something to do with it, at some time during their show.

      You were taught that nationalism is evil, right wing, racial hatred and white supremacy. Again, this is a lie. Before WW2, nationalism was left, right and centre in politics. Everyone loved their nation, their country and their civilisation. There was no need to have any ‘nationalist’ parties or even mention the name. However, along came the Jews of the Frankfurt school and completely destroyed the political spectrum definition. They moved the left wing national socialism towards the right. The moved anarchy from the right over to the left. And of course they created democracy (which is the path to communism) as the default political structure in western nations. They fooled people into believing that their vote actually counts.

      Politics, today is almost 100% left wing. There’s no right wing in politics anymore. In the US the Republicans are left leaning liberals (classic British liberal) and it’s the same for the conservatives here in the UK. It’s now a case of left wing liberalism vs communism when it comes to daily politics, whether in the US, UK or anywhere in the EU, excluding the former Soviet block states. Poland, for example, has just made 1/3rd of Poland an LGBTQ free zone, where no promotion of it is allowed, much to the anger of the elites and the LGBTQ.

      You are not told, because they don’t want you to know. Read Orwell’s 1984. You’re living in it.

      • David Ashton
        David Ashton says:

        “Judaism IS communism” – & also “capitalism”, “liberalism”, “modernism”, “Zionism”, “anti-Zionism”, “materialism”, “anarchism”…. ?

  3. Peter
    Peter says:

    I think this is a mistype: “During the early communist revolutionary post-World War II fervor”. I think it should say “World War I”. The burning down of churches and attacks on priests and nuns occurred in the 1930’s and maybe 1920’s already, before WW II.

  4. David Ashton
    David Ashton says:

    In 1967 I proposed and helped organize a massive 50-Year Commemoration of the Victims of Communism which took place in the Royal Albert Hall. It was truly “multi-cultural” in the proper sense that representatives from every nation that had suffered from Marxist-Leninist oppression came together on stage, Russians and Ukrainians, Serbs and Croatians, Germans and Poles, Chinese and Tibetans, &c. It was almost totally ignored by the media and parliament.

    Where today are the Museum/Education Centres for the “red holocaust” (Steven Rosefielde)? Some victims are more equal than others.

    One of the victims mentioned here, Nikolai Koltsov, was one of the early pioneers of ill-fated socialist eugenics in the USSR. The casualties of communism, ironically, have not been limited by “race, gender, class or orientation”. The goons and lemmings of “Antifa”, of course, know nothing and care less. The “Black Book of Communism” (1997) needs meticulous revision and expansion in response to all critics, and then republished as a paperback.

  5. Anthony Aaron
    Anthony Aaron says:

    But … but … we’ve been told — and are still being told almost continuously — that only the jews suffered in World War 2 (or any time in history, for that matter).

  6. jack
    jack says:

    ” The Communist Origins of Modern Antifa “???? ha. What you should have said was “The (((Communist Origins of Modern Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology)))

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      What you should have said was “The (((Jewish Origins of Modern Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology)))”

      The problem is a people- jews- and not any ISM. The Black Book of Communism
      needs to be retitled- “The Black Book of Jewish Evil”

        • Trenchant
          Trenchant says:

          “There is also speculation that Fidel has Jewish roots on his mother’s side. According to a 1998 memoir written by his daughter Alina Fernandez, Fidel’s maternal grandfather, Francisco Ruz, was a Turkish Jew from Istanbul. Whether or not it’s true, Fidel has told a number of people over the years that he may be descended from Conversos. Maurice Halperin, a Jewish professor who was accused by the American government of espionage and sought refuge in Cuba in the 1960s, writes that in 1960 Fidel told Ricardo Wolf (also known as Ricardo
          Lobo), Cuba’s ambassador to Israel, that he had Jewish ancestors. Several other people have confirmed this account, including Dr. Bernardo Benes, a Cuban-American lawyer who was the honorary legal advisor to the Patronato at the very beginning of the revolution, before he emigrated.”

          Apparently classmates called Castro “judio” on account of his baptism at seven years of age.

          • Trenchant
            Trenchant says:

            From the Dana Evan Kaplan article, I learn that the only business to escape nationalization under Castro was Old Havana’s kosher butcher. ¡No pasarán!

          • David Ashton
            David Ashton says:

            I had heard this story about Fidel but forgot about it! Maybe I should have said Ho Chi Minsky instead. Has anyone heard the story that, like Allende, the Great Cuban Liberator was early interested in eugenics? Che Guevara’s low opinion of Negroes is better known (except among the Antfa retards). Quite a few Florida exiles are kosher-friendly.

  7. Trenchant
    Trenchant says:

    Anyone know how Ayn Rand manage to secure a travel visa and not have her entire family liquidated in reprisal when she failed to return to the USSR?

    • David Ashton
      David Ashton says:

      Not all families left behind by emigrants during the NEP period were shot. In this case see also Jennifer Burns, “Goddess of the Market” (2009) pp.16-22,47,123. No doubt there is more in the Ayn Rand Papers archive.

      • Trenchant
        Trenchant says:

        I did look at your references, thank you, but found no new insights. And I assure you, no history is more curated and selective than that of Ayn Rand. I will assume, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, that the foreign travel visa was conceded, by parties unknown, as a personal favor, including the sparing of the family of a notorious defector and lifelong critic of the USSR.

  8. Achilles Wannabe
    Achilles Wannabe says:

    So you still can’t talk about the Elephant in Croatia huh?
    Well, we can read it in. Good speech

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