The Coronavirus and Galileo: An Interview with a Italian Nano-pathologist Dr. Stefano Montanari

Editor’s note: I am posting this not as a claim that Dr. Montanari’s ideas on the virus are correct—I do not have knowledge in this area— but only that his views should be aired. We are living in a time when science has become politicized and the claims of establishment scientists have become political orthodoxy and dissenters punished. In my field, psychology, decades-old findings have been to be unable to be replicated. Yet they are still to be found in textbooks because they favor leftist and environmentalist explanations for human behavior, particularly regarding racial differences, and dissenters are shunned and denied academic positions. Climate science has become completely politicized, so non-experts are left not knowing what to think while the establishment media and academic groups cling to an orthodoxy and brand anyone who disagrees as intellectually deficient and morally suspect. Can anyone trust the pharmaceutical industry (e.g., the Sacklers and the opioid crisis) or experts on nutrition? So much of what is produced in these fields is subject to financial motivations, and again, the average person is left wondering what drugs to take and what foods to eat. So let’s be open to Dr. Montanari’s ideas. Personally, I find many of his ideas quite compelling, and he is definitely well-versed in the field.

As the following content may be controversial, I do not pretend to truth, even to the truth of him whose thought and findings I report. My basic knowledge rests on the understanding that the property of rain is to wet and of fire to burn, and that a great cause of the night is lack of the sun.

Furthermore, given the current rapidity of the information flow, it is possible that what I relate here, by the time it is published, may have become the majority’s opinion. Though probably not, for we should keep in mind that, historically, the fabric of superstition (religious or even scientific) has often defied the feeble efforts of reason.

Which is why I begin with Galileo. It is universally known that Galileo was tried for his unorthodox notion that the earth circled around the sun, rather than otherwise. He had to recant his findings to avoid what happened to Giordano Bruno. Hence Galileo’s reported legendary mumbling as he left the court, “And yet it moves” (‘it’ being the earth in its revolution around the sun).

Theoretically speaking, the theologians may have had a point. Those readers who in their youth used trains instead of planes for transport, may recall what happened when they sat on a train waiting to depart, while another identical train was stationed on the adjacent rail. When your train, or the other began to move, for one second or so it was difficult to say if it was yours or the other train that was moving. A phenomenon consistent with the general notion of relative motion.

But Galileo’s assertions proved even more heretical when — using his DIY telescope — he discovered that Jupiter had satellites. For the finding disproved the assumption whereby the earth is the exceptional celestial object around which all other worlds orbit — the astronomical equivalent of the ‘exceptional’ nation of Obamanian memory.

Faced with the dilemma, the bishop of Pisa issued a directive to the parishes, admonishing that it was sinful to look through a telescope, because it showed objects that didn’t exist.

As of now, it is uncertain whether the world is a large assembly of bishops of Pisa or, as it may still be not sinful to hope, common sense will prevail.

One prevailing characteristic of the current Coronavirus metaphorical fever is the fantastic and logical inconsistence of the reports.

The Latin dictum or principle “Natura non facit saltus” (nature makes no leaps) has been an important principle of natural philosophy.  The sentence is attributed to Gottfried Leibniz, (1646–1746), one of the inventors of the infinitesimal calculus — though perhaps better known for his assertion, reached through elaborate reasoning, that ours is the best of all possible words.

The principle is/was also an essential element of Charles Darwin’s treatment of natural selection in his Origin of Species. And while many may take issue with Leibnitz’ opinion of our world, fewer probably disagree with the notion of natural selection.

As readers know, Italy is at the forefront of the coronavirus phenomenon because of the extraordinary higher number of cases and terrifying death toll, even exceeding China’s, where it all started.

At which some dissenting voices began to be heard, disputing the earlier findings — and/or at least disputing how they were reported.

The bitter and obstinate opposition made to those who, however clearly and with tenable arguments, disputed the data, induces the unbiased observer to at least hypothesize that some dormant privilege or as yet unexplained assumption has been attacked.

I would suggest disregarding the ‘battle of qualifications’ whereby a graduate of university X knows more than a graduate of university Y. As I mentioned before, my (however tentative) assessment of the plausibility and credibility of an explanation rests on:

  1. Whether the explanation is consistent with common sense and with what is commonly known on the debated issue;
  2. Whether the person in question has direct experience (and for how long) with the problem on which he expresses his views; and
  3. Whether his physiognomy is in reasonable harmony with perceivable symptoms of credibility—an idea elaborated in extreme detail in a massive study, by the Swiss author Johann Lavater, at the end of the 1700s.

I will begin with Dr. Stefano Montanari, a nano-pathologist who, for over twenty years, along with his wife, has researched nano-pathogens, the very minute illness-causing particles that typically float in the air of all crowded, polluted, highly trafficked, industrial cities, as well as factories.

[For Italian speakers, the link to the original interview is at ]

The prefix ‘nano’ refers to the dramatically small size of the items studied. It takes 25,400,000 nanometers to make an inch. The size of the smallest particle recognizable by the naked eye is 100,000 nanometers. Therefore nano-pathogens are dramatically small, though the damage they cause to the lungs is inversely proportional to their size.

The size of a nano-pathogen is between 5 and 200 nanometers. Considering that a virus is considered large at 250 nanometers, nano-pathogens and viruses (corona or otherwise), have the same order of magnitude. For expedience I will signal the questions put to Dr. Montanari in bold.

— Where did the virus originate?

All the news we have had so far is varied, fragmentary, and unverifiable. First it seemed it was born in China, then not in China (see previous article “Science and Fiction” — where virologist Dr. Wodarg claimed that some coronaviruses, belonging or related to the current entity called ‘the’ coronavirus, were already discovered in Georgia, USA in 2015).

Some said they come from bats, some that they were created in a laboratory to exterminate people en masse. Someone may know but they are very few. As for the bats, we may as well add the unicorn and we have completed the picture.

The fact that ‘this’ coronavirus is considered new, is anything but exceptional. There are very many coronaviruses. The common cold is often due to a coronavirus. They are viruses that by themselves cannot cause death, and very often are totally innocuous. This new strain is very infective, which means that it can more easily enter into people.

However, in the overwhelming majority of people it remains innocuous and without showing clinical indication of symptoms. But it hits, as an illness, old people, especially old people who take medicines used to treat other pulmonary diseases, or who have other pathologies.

Healthy people suffer absolutely no damage from this virus(es), which is probably ubiquitous and can be found everywhere in the billions, like billions of other viruses. Therefore I am convinced that, if we sought the virus in the 60-million Italians, we would find it at least in 30 million and probably more. As I said, this virus is found everywhere and it stays there without absolutely causing any harm, just like the enormous number of other viruses, present but harmless.

Mortality from the virus is very low and probably non-existent. But an illness with the virus is another matter. Yesterday evening [about Mar 23] we heard a primary doctor in a hospital saying that the virus is the same as an illness. This gentleman should go back to school, but not to university, a bit further back, to elementary school. It is a statement that makes no logical sense.

To die of an illness means that the illness is the cause of death. For example, a myocardial infarction is a cause of death. If someone is run over by a train, the ensuing trauma is the cause of death. If he who is run over by a train happens also to have a cold, the cold is not the cause of death. He casually happened to have a cold.

I am convinced that if all deaths were checked — about 650,000 people die in Italy physiologically every year — you would find more than half having the coronavirus, probably many more than half. For they are old people who have this coronavirus in their body. The omnipresence of the coronavirus type and other coronaviruses is a fact, not a hypothesis.

I see here the latest numbers from the official press service, indicating that Italy surpassed China in number of deaths during a single day, 475, of which 319 were in Lombardy. Therefore, I am asking you, Dr. Montanari, if you still use the adjective ‘harmless’ referring to the virus.

No, the virus is not harmless. It affects the lungs, just as there are viruses that affect the guts, hence diarrhea, the stomach, hence vomiting, the nervous system, hence headaches etc.

It means that, in certain cases, especially the old, they need respiratory care. If you examine the age of the dead, they are on average eighty-years old. A respirator is common equipment in a hospital. I have spent more than 40 years in hospital operating rooms, and it is absolutely standard equipment.

That we do not have them or have too few (in Italy) is due to our having, through the last 10 years, destroyed our health system. We have closed entire hospital departments, as well as many smaller hospitals.

The purchasing system is bad, and all that is needed in a hospital costs double than in other countries  because the purchasing system is corrupted at the capillary level. [My note: the very governor of the region of Lombardy was recently condemned to six years in jail for a monstrous misappropriation of funds (in the hundreds of millions) destined for health care.]

We are facing an emergency — if we can thus call it — because we are not prepared, due to the 10-year long process of dismantling the system. And when I hear it said that the Italian health system is the best in the world, my arms fall, and maybe not just the arms.

— But how do you explain the images of coffins carried away by military trucks from hospitals in the city of Bergamo. Would you still maintain that the cause of the death was not the coronavirus?

Look, and I am quoting the National Institute of Health, the actual deaths attributed or certified as having been caused by the corona virus were 3 (this was a few days ago when the numbers reported were already in the hundreds).  And when I hear Mario Giordano (a well-known journalist) say that we should not divulge this news, I wonder what kind of journalism we have in Italy (and maybe in the world). I’m not talking about the parish newspaper, I’m talking about a journalist of great notoriety, who says something contrary to the very ethics of journalism… This man is advocating disinformation.  It is a shame.

— If this virus mutates quickly does it mean that maybe the Italian virus is not the same as the Chinese?

It is not maybe, for sure it’s not the same as the German virus isolated in Germany, nor it is the same as the Chinese virus. It is the nature of viruses — they look for stability, for a state to be in in for a while. To achieve this, the virus mutates at great speed.   Tomorrow it will no longer be what it is today, and so on. But (the coronavirus) is not the only virus behaving this way. We host a huge number of viruses in our body. Many of them are also indispensable for our life.  They are not even beings as such — they are a kind of chemical chains. The current type (Coronavirus) is peculiar for its relationship to RNA and DNA but let’s not go into this.  There are many with similar structural characteristics.  They mutate very quickly — therefore when attempting to look for a remedy for this or that virus you run after something that runs faster than us.

— But how about the images from hospitals showing people with respirators. Is your explanation that the phenomenon is not due to the severity of the virus but to the cuts to health care?

We are not prepared for a disease that affects the lungs. For our politicians have destroyed our health system. You know very well, as a journalist, how easy it is to manipulate text and images to create a message.

There are definitely people with respirators who definitely need it — and they must be helped by it. But all these coffins are part of the 650,000 deaths we have every year in Italy — there is no increase in mortality. And if you go to any hospital, you see coffins coming out every day. Many years ago I turned down a job in childhood oncology, precisely because I could not stand the spectacle of the white coffins that passed by me constantly. We are talking about nothing and, as I said, you know that it is possible to manipulate images and context to achieve the impression you wish to convey. (What follows are examples of unforgettable momentous events that are quickly forgotten)

Here we are talking of 3 people’s death attributable to coronavirus. If the number does not please the media, that is another matter, but the facts are what they are — and that number, as I said, comes out from the National Institute for Health.

— But then is the pneumonia caused by the covid-19 is different from the pneumonia we have known so far?

It is an interstitial pneumonia; it is a viral pneumonia, but there have been these types of viruses in Italy for several months. We never talk about it, but already, for example, in October, about 5–6 months ago, there were patients with atypical pneumonia — pneumonia not normally seen and about which we knew nothing. The source was unknown, it was impossible to counteract the virus pharmacologically, and we had to wait for those sick people to heal themselves. They healed by themselves, because, contrary to what some try to make you believe, we have immune defenses that are very much stronger than the vast majority of drugs.

We have on our skin various bacteria, fungi and viruses that are there to contrast and counteract pathogenic bacteria and fungi, meaning carriers of illness. In fact when we wear gloves to combat the coronavirus, we are not helping because we do not allow our bacteria, fungi and viruses present on the skin to interact with the pathogenic ones. Then with gloves-covered hands we touch our clothes, we touch the money handed by the cashiers from the stores still open — the same gloves on which the viruses came to rest. Hence those gloves are distinctly worse than non-gloves. We are dealing with imbeciles, ignorant of the elementary principles of biology.

— Therefore, it is as if we couldn’t build antibodies in this way …

We don’t build antibodies to this virus — we already have immune defenses. From rhinos to elephants to goldfish, we all have the capacity to heal ourselves. If you have a headache, and I give you some enamel to apply to your nails, it was not the enamel that cured the headache. It was just that by the next day the body eliminated the headache — and this happens at large.

My old professor of physiology used to say that an untreated flu lasts 7 days, a treated flu lasts one week. This means that we presumptuously interfere with nature without realizing what we are doing so.

As for the masks… they are useless. There are millions, billions of viruses for every square meter of the earth, on the sidewalk and so on.  It’s an illusion following from the (imagined) idea that viruses are as big as sewer rats. A notion that perhaps arose from the words of Ms. Lorenzin when, as Minister of Health, she said that viruses crawl and jump around (as if they were animals).

Viruses exist in enormous quantities and can enter in enormous quantities inside the cells, which are a few thousandths of a millimeter wide. Wearing a mask compares with raising a gate to prevent mosquitoes from entering your house.

— But if the disease is not so serious why every day more and more restrictive measures are placed on us? How do the authorities of the institutions justify their behavior?

The major issue at stake is, or are, the vaccines. The regime that now encompasses the world will force the world to vaccinate — that is to vaccinate with and against a virus that does not give immunity, as this (the coronavirus) is the case.

If 50 years ago, at my exam of pharmacology, I had told my examining professor — who was one of the most knowledgeable pharmacologists of the time — something like that, I would have been thrown out of the door. For only an incompetent can imagine a vaccine against a virus that does not give immunity and has no chance of being effective. We are talking about a virus that mutates at very fast speed and we cannot possibly run after it (i.e., its mutations).

It’s a virus somehow similar to the cold virus, whose family it belongs to. You can’t vaccinate against the common cold because the common cold does not give immunity. In the course of a life, a person can have a cold 200 times, and at no time will that cold will give immunity (against the next). It is a colossal fraud. We are close to 8 billion people forced to be vaccinated and it will be an unimaginably enormous business.

— But then, if the most immediate defence consists in keeping the lungs efficient how does a smoker deal with the issue?

Badly. We all have bronchi. They are tubes that become thinner and thinner (as they approach the lungs). They convey air to the 600 million small bags, called pulmonary alveoli, in which oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged.

Along the bronchial tubes all healthy people have a thin, but indispensable layer of mucus, which envelopes and blocks dust, viruses and bacteria. Furthermore healthy people have, in the bronchi, what are called vibratile cilia — they are a kind of whips whipping out of the lungs these dust, viruses, bacteria and fungi.

The smoker has a layer of mucus that is relatively enormously thicker. The vibratile cilia not only cannot throw out what has been enveloped by the mucus — which in the smoker becomes catarrh — but they become paralyzed. What happens then is that the invaders slip down, slip into the pulmonary alveoli and do not come out anymore. Consequently the smoker gets viruses, bacteria, fungi in much greater number than a non-smoker does.

— On the subject of swabs (to verify the presence of the coronavirus), I would like to know from you what do you think of the governor of Veneto (Mr. Zaia) who said that we will take swabs from everybody.

The governor is clearly incompetent and doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Besides, for the analysis of the swabs special equipment is needed. The analysis cannot be done in the kitchen — both equipment and expertise are required.  And then there is a further problem. The results, in more than 80% of the cases are false positive. Therefore there is a real risk of telling a person that he is  ‘positive’ when he is not.

But there is more. Most of those who are actually positive have no symptoms — as is the case with the vast majority of viruses that exist in this world. Therefore, should we isolate and turn perfectly healthy people into sick people?

This is very serious, because — and this has been known for many decades — depressed people have lower defenses against pathologies and get sick more often. You take from these people the possibility to go out in the sun — without which the body cannot properly metabolize vitamin D, which is essential to protect our immune system.

So we stay at home in a bad mood, we cannot metabolize vitamin D and we get sick more easily. All these ideas, taken by perfectly incompetent people, are deleterious and worsen the situation.

People should be told to stay outside in the sun, to walk, to move around, to try staying healthy and eat healthily.  Not to stay indoors, in the dark and without sun. These incompetents don’t realize the harm they do or maybe they realize it, I don’t know.

— This seems a vicious circle. But, compared to the SARS (epidemic) what are the differences?

(The coronavirus) is one of the many lung viruses (like SARS), causing an atypical pneumonia. They are cousins, almost brothers. And SARS did not cause disasters.

There have been other similar pathologies, the swine flu, the avian flu… In the case of the avian flu Italy bought 27,000,000 vaccine doses and disposed of 26,700,000 of them. We paid all that money for vaccines that we threw in the sewers. We have no money for respirators but money to buy a vaccine.

We are ruled by the incompetent and I do not wish to talk about corruption, though I am tempted to. It’s like commander Schettino to the umpteenth power [Schettino was the commander of the Cruise Liner “Costa Concordia” that ran aground near an island close to Tuscany in 2012. He wanted to blow the ship’s horn to wish a Happy Birthday to a friend in the island, while showing off for his Moldavian girlfriend, a personal friend as well as unregistered passenger on board — 32 people died, the cost of the damage was in the billions range).

— There are those who claim that the coronavirus is seasonal. Could you give a prediction on when this emergency will end?

I cannot say whether it is seasonal or not. Like almost all viruses it can be affected by temperature. It is certain that nature is wiser than our statesmen and many doctors. Besides, it is not corrupt.

Nature knows well that when we get sick , the body raises the temperature because, from the point of view of fighting the illness, the higher the temperature, the more efficient is the illness-fighting system — meaning that the temperature improves the efficiency of our immune system and decreases the vital capacity of bacteria and fungi — assuming that the viruses have a life.

But what do the doctors do? They gives the patient Tachypyrine — which takes away that defense connected with higher temperature. The doctor prescribes Tachypyrine when his patient has a 37.8 C  (100.04 F) temperature. It compares to a besieged city throwing down the walls to let more air in.

It is pure folly.

As for the coronavirus, it happens that in the summer the temperature rises and it is possible that this reduces the virus’s vital capacity. Vital capacity is a wrong expression, but let’s say so for simplicity.

It is possible that in the summer the virus presence drops. Even so, the matter is not that relevant. Every year we have 20,000 deaths from influenza but no one talks about it. Furthermore, we have 49000 deaths per year due to infections contracted in the hospital. The data are official. 49000 people (130–140 people per day) die because they are admitted into a hospital, say, for an appendicitis and then they die of pneumonia. No one is talking about it, but we have many more deaths from these infections than we have had from a coronavirus, even since the beginning of this farce. We are facing something beyond absurd, which at least invites suspicion.

— Therefore, in summary, one cannot die of covid-19 unless the patient has previous pathologies.

Listen. If I throw you from the tenth floor and you had a cold or flu or had arthritis, I cannot say that you died of arthritis, flu or cold. You died because I threw you from the tenth floor.  Go and see the data from the Higher Institute of health. You find that those who died from coronavirus are all people who have cancer, who have a very strong diabetes, who are obese, who are old. Eighty-year-olds, as is the average death-norm in Italy, and 80 years also remains the death-norm associated with coronavirus, because they are all people who die of other diseases.

— How about the latest news about the death of a 32-year-old young man (from coronavirus)?

I cannot blame them but I did not understand. How sure are we that he died of coronavirus and not ‘with’ coronavirus? This patient had several health problems, some caused by an infection contracted in Cuba 2 years ago. Is this not meaningful in your opinion?

Surely you cannot think that if one is infected with coronavirus, then he should heal from cancer or from whatever other disease.  If someone has cancer, or a heart condition, and also accidentally the coronavirus, what does it mean? We are really facing a colossal scam.

— Do you agree, however, that it is good that the most affected, the weakest should stay at home?

No, it’s good for them to go out, to sunbathe, to stay outside, to stroll, to stay healthy, because if they remain locked in the house, they are more likely to die. Do you want to speed-up the death of the elderly? Should we keep them out of the air, out of the sun? They must walk, they must stay in the sun, they must exercise. In summary, they must do all that has always been said (as good for health) and that today is denied to them for interests that are abhorrent.


—  Let’s move on to England and Boris Johnson, as the last question. He wanted to rely on ‘’Herd Immunity’ but then he retracted…

His reasoning  resembles his hair. We are facing pure madness. First, herd immunity is a brilliant invention and fantasy created by the pharmaceutical industry. Only an imbecile can believe that there exists such a monstrosity as herd immunity, which simply doesn’t exist.

If you wish, we can make another show where I’ll explain why (herd immunity) is a scam. But even if it existed, how does herd immunity exist for a disease that does not give you immunity? It is as if you were saying that herd immunity exists for colds. We’re really in front of a character (Boris Johnson) who speaks because he has a tongue. He is dangerous and should be stopped.

— He cannot because he is the Prime Minister of Great Britain. We have touched on the most important points. Have we left anything out?

There is one point we did not touch — the economic, which is not part of my competence.  We are now blocking the world and, as for Italy, the economy was already at a low point. What do they do? They freeze all activities but keep the stock exchange open. Stocks reach a low bottom. What does it mean? The ultra billionaire can easily purchase companies that are now worth pennies.

When eventually it will be decided that the (coronavirus) farce is ended — and nothing will end because this virus will continue undaunted to do what it’s doing now (or its evolving strains will do), the ultra-billionaires will own everything. The rich (a degree below the billionaires) will have bought, say, 3–4 restaurants and/or 10 stores that had to close. In summary, all who were rich will be infinitely richer, But we will also have a flood-tide of people who will always be poorer. This will be another consequence of this fake epidemic, perhaps, who knows, created on purpose.

—  I would like to close with your comment on the possible correlation between pollution and the development of the virus…

We have talked and studied this for many years. When there are dusts, micro and nano particles, the viruses — all almost infinitely small —stick to the nano-particles, which then become the vehicles for the viruses, as well as for dioxins, furans (another toxic compound), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and an infinite number of other substances.

All this is widely known — but now some pundits say so as if it were a novelty.  We have been saying this for 20 years.

End of the interview.

I started with Galileo, because I had a cunning plan to bring him up again at the end. The Vatican chief prosecutor of Galileo was Cardinal Roberto Bellarmino, the same, by the way, who was instrumental in condemning Giordano Bruno to the stake. In the circumstances Galileo’s decision to officially renege on the on the geo-centric theory of the universe was wise.

We should, however, consider that both Galileo and Bruno lived during the peak times of the Counterreformation. The Counterreformation was the Catholic response to Lutheranism, just as the Patriot Act (never rescinded, by the way), was the response to 9/11.

Still, Cardinal Bellarmino had some remarkable skills. One of them was persuasive oratory. He attracted both Catholic and Protestants to his debates and was skilled at counter-arguing and rebutting the Calvinist theories that were spreading rapidly in the Dutch provinces.

In the case at hand, Dr. Montanari found a contemporary Cardinal Bellarmino in the shape of a Dr. Burioni, who has become a TV celebrity (corporate official channels) and made big bucks as an adamant advocate of the universal power of all vaccines.

It goes without saying that the pharmaceutical lobby ensures that only pro-vaccine voices are heard in the syndicated (there are no other) corporate channels. The situation mirrors the US. In fact, Dr. Montanari could only be heard on an Internet channel.

But whereas Cardinal Bellarmino was acknowledged as an intelligent individual — though misguided at least from a Christian or humane point of view — Dr. Burioni is an ass who uses his ass as an instrument of cogitation.  And this not for his views on vaccines, which are a matter of opinion, but for his reaction to Dr. Montanari’s interview, when it became clear that it was circulating more widely than expected.

Among other things Dr. Burioni is the head of a nebulous “Coalition Across Science,” whose funding is obscure but whose aim is to make all scientists agree with Burioni’s interpretation of the coronavirus and with the worth of a forthcoming vaccine. Hence the “Coalition Across Science” even includes sociologists, behaviorists and ethologists who, for example, study the mating behavior of bonobo monkeys.

To fight Dr. Montanari, Burioni has filed a legal suit, seeking penalties or incarceration for Dr. Montanari and the closure of the Internet station that published the above rendered interview.

I will spare the reader the lengthy motivations in the accusations of the braggart Burioni. The most interesting and to any same person incredible are:

Montanari is a scientific popularizer — therefore his voice is perceived by people as authoritative and therefore his statements take on an even more serious aspect….

It is therefore up to the judicial authority to determine whether there are any criminal wrongdoings in Montanari’s video and in particular a breach of Art 656 (publication of criminal information or dissemination of exaggerated or tendentious false news, likely to disturb public order)….

Art 656 prescribes a prison sentence of at least 3 months and a monetary penalty.

When the judicial authority verifies criminal offences in the conduct described, it will have to consider the adoption of any measure, also aimed at obscuring and seizing the YouTube channels where these videos are present, if not already removed.

The patient reader who read so far, may or will draw his/her own conclusions. The information published here is clearly inconsistent with the perception conveyed by the corporate channels — suggesting massive coronavirus deaths and great dangers to disbelievers or disobeyers of the safety injunctions.

Puzzled by the inconsistency — and to run a check, however minute -—I travelled around two local hospitals near the emergency section and saw nothing unusual, at least as measured by the traffic of ambulances.

As for judging who is telling the truth and who isn’t, let any of my 25 readers decide. As for me I am reminded of the advice that Timon of Athens gave to two robbers who came to see him, “Trust not the physician, for his antidotes are poison, and he slays more than you rob.”

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  1. Anthony Hudson
    Anthony Hudson says:

    I would like to thank the author for a very interesting article. It sounds plausible that we may have been duped on a planetary scale.

    Definitely a controversial but worthwhile perspective.


    Anthony J. Hudson

  2. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    “Therefore nano-pathogens are dramatically small, though the damage they cause to the lungs is inversely proportional to their size.”

    Sounds familiar, no?

    So familiar in fact, that it deserves a rewritting.

    Therefore the predator-parasites are dramatically small, though the damage they cause to the countries they exploit is inversely proportional to their size.

    You name it you claim it.

    If we can’t name it we can’t properly identify the problem.

    The result?

    We won’t be able to solve the problem.

    And, let’s face it. As problems go, this is a big one.

    Could you imagine refusing to protect yourself, your family, and your children’s future because you were afraid of being called a racist and antisemite?

    There’s no need to imagine it. It’s happening.

    Not long ago a reporter from Mendoza, Argentina published an article saying the virus is a hoax orchestrated by business and political interests in China, Israel, and The USA.

    In spite of the fact that he never once mentioned jews he was instantly branded an antisemite, forced to make a groveling apology(ever wonder what they threaten them with?), and had his article scrubbed from the net.

    Meanwhile, Jewish Supremacy Inc. is still allowed to say that Whites, Europeans, etc. “have no culture.” Doesn’t get much dumber or more insane. But, there you are.

    They’re still allowed to say “Treason against Whiteness is loyalty to humanity.” Notice, by the way, how willing they are to speak for humanity? Well, of course, since they want to control it, and are.

    Also notice, from the perspective of cultural history, that JSI’s God is invisible, and that they have essentially made themselves their own God and wish to remain invisible. Exposing God is blashphemy!

    And with that we’re right back to 4,000 years ago. What progress!

    Let’s see, what other culture is roughly the same age?

    China, of course. Even older.

    What do those two cultures have in common?

    Rule of Man over the Rule of Law.

    Blind Obedience to Their Authority (as opposed to European man’s Culture of Individual Conscience) that itself comes from their Drive Toward Orientation, via Belief as Truth (as opposed to European man’s Drive Toward Reality).

    Anything else?

    Yes, of course. They both have complete control over a propaganda empire that would have made Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot drool with envy.

    And, obviously, they both have a shared hatred of European man, which, naturally, includes his geographical extensions of the USA, etc.

    They both also have no problem with mass murder, even if it means killing their own.

    They both are fundamentally corrupt cultures, ie; meaning corruption, which stems from a lack of conscience, is impossible to control (as opposed to European man’s awareness of his own potential for corruption and a corresponding need to make their specific acts of corruption public, as a result of their ability for self-criticism without anxiety, and correct that corruption if possible – thereby creating a culture that jews and chinese want to live in – to see if they can exploit it – which they’ve done.

    And now we’re back to this phoney virus and why, if we’re willing to allow ourselves to be duped by this predator-mafia-merger-joint venture so they can have their Belt & Road Initiative, turn renminbis into dollars (which they’re in desperate need of since they created a fake economy and thereby lied to the word), then we have no one to blame but ourselves.

    In other words, if the world allows JSI and The Chi-Com Party to pull the wool over our eyes, again, then we shouldn’t laugh at the dinosaurs for getting themselves extinct.

    After all, they lasted a lot longer than we have so far.

  3. George F. Held
    George F. Held says:

    Great stuff! The following are excerpts from it which I plan to post elsewhere on the internet. Others might do the same. People need to hear this.

    Most of those who are actually positive have no symptoms — as is the case with the vast majority of viruses that exist in this world. Therefore, should we isolate and turn perfectly healthy people into sick people?
    This is very serious, because — and this has been known for many decades — depressed people have lower defenses against pathologies and get sick more often. You take from these people the possibility to go out in the sun — without which the body cannot properly metabolize vitamin D, which is essential to protect our immune system.
    So, we stay at home in a bad mood, we cannot metabolize vitamin D and we get sick more easily. All these ideas, taken by perfectly incompetent people, are deleterious and worsen the situation.
    People should be told to stay outside in the sun, to walk, to move around, to try staying healthy and eat healthily. Not to stay indoors, in the dark and without sun. These incompetents don’t realize the harm they do or maybe they realize it, I don’t know. . .
    It is possible that in the summer the virus presence drops. Even so, the matter is not that relevant. Every year we have 20,000 deaths from influenza but no one talks about it. Furthermore, we have 49000 deaths per year due to infections contracted in the hospital. The data are official. 49000 people (130–140 people per day) die because they are admitted into a hospital, say, for an appendicitis and then they die of pneumonia. No one is talking about it, but we have many more deaths from these infections than we have had from a coronavirus, even since the beginning of this farce. We are facing something beyond absurd, which at least invites suspicion. . .
    Go and see the data from the Higher Institute of health. You find that those who died from coronavirus are all people who have cancer, who have a very strong diabetes, who are obese, who are old. Eighty-year-olds, as is the average death-norm in Italy, and 80 years also remains the death-norm associated with coronavirus, because they are all people who die of other diseases. . .
    — Do you agree, however, that it is good that the most affected, the weakest should stay at home?
    No, it’s good for them to go out, to sunbathe, to stay outside, to stroll, to stay healthy, because if they remain locked in the house, they are more likely to die. Do you want to speed-up the death of the elderly? Should we keep them out of the air, out of the sun? They must walk, they must stay in the sun, they must exercise. In summary, they must do all that has always been said (as good for health) and that today is denied to them for interests that are abhorrent. . .
    There is one point we did not touch — the economic, which is not part of my competence. We are now blocking the world and, as for Italy, the economy was already at a low point. What do they do? They freeze all activities but keep the stock exchange open. Stocks reach a low bottom. What does it mean? The ultra billionaire can easily purchase companies that are now worth pennies. . .

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      Exactly – for every 1000 ppl ‘killed`by the current virus, in the absence of this virus, would 1000 still be alive? Clearly not

    • Sbaker
      Sbaker says:

      There are some nuggets of information in your posts. Several deserve further explanation, but before that, let me say the information in the article is little more than jibberish from an African medicine man. Such an article degrades the status of TOO.
      Your comments on hospital acquired infectious are written about in medical journals around the world, and your claim no one is talking about them is erroneous. The same applies to veterinary hospitals. The simple explanation is, sick people and sick animals go to hospitals for treatment of infectious diseases–this isn’t complicated or ignored. Hospitals are collection points for people sick with a myriad of infectious diseases and in spite of all the efforts of hospital personnel to sterilize hospitals it isn’t going to happen. It is a constant battle with the microbial world and it is not the fault of the people that work in hospitals–the fault lies with the microbes. Admittedly, there is a segment of the human population that deserves much of the fault and that is male queers and IV drug users. Both groups are vectors for infectious diseases too numerous to count. Simple changes in behavior would remedy these situations, and this is a crime seldom addressed by the old media empire.
      If you want healthy outdoor living it won’t be found in areas of high density human populations. Cities are like animal feedlots, both of which live in crowded conditions making any infectious disease outbreak spread like wildfire. Think about people living on top of each other like chickens in a massive poultry production facility. Gotta go now.

  4. AntiSocialFool
    AntiSocialFool says:

    “Healthy people suffer absolutely no damage from this virus”

    Stopped reading right there.I personally know 5 healthy people who have been diagnosed and are suffering from breathing difficulties etc including an 11 year old boy.

    • Alan Donelson
      Alan Donelson says:

      An infection and suffering therefrom need not produce damage. That’s an important distinction. The immune system counters an inappropriate invasion by a “hostile force” and goes to war. That war results in disease symptoms, which rarely feel good. But lasting damage from the common cold? I doubt you could find scientific support for that contention.

    • ChilledBee
      ChilledBee says:

      “I personally know 5 healthy people who have been diagnosed and are suffering from breathing difficulties etc including an 11 year old boy”

      Sorry – I don’t believe you.

      • Sbaker
        Sbaker says:

        I agree with you sir. Whoever wrote the article seems less than qualified as a virologist, but uses flowery speech to conceal what he lacks in knowledge. I worked for 3 decades in a full service diagnostic lab that included 6 board certified pathologists, a virologist, bacteriologist, and toxicologists. This new term of nanopathologist is one I’ve never heard of and I’ve conducted a dozen projects testing chemotherapeutic agents on nanoparticle platforms in animal models. We have been using electron microscopy for decades, and, of course this is suitable for viewing all manner of nanomaterials. Corona viruses are a large group of viruses, but this Wuhan corona is a novel pathogenic corona virus. It does not mutate at a rate that even approaches the influenza A and B viruses, which are segmented RNA viruses that can undergo reassortment. This corona virus is not segmented, and it is one never seen before–hence the name novel corona. The scientific integrity of the article is lacking and it would never pass review in a scientific journal.

  5. Minnie
    Minnie says:

    What about the Ebola virus?
    Did it not cause mass deaths?
    Did the victims have underlying health problems?

      • George F. Held
        George F. Held says:

        Cf. also:
        That actually depends on what you mean by “dangerous”.

        If you catch it, then Ebola is far worse. But It’s hard to catch Ebola—you need to get bodily fluids (blood, in most cases) into your body for it to infect you (and not by swallowing it; your digestive system kills the virus instantly). People who have Ebola are too ill to walk around, so the only way you can catch it is if you spend serious time in the same room.

        Your risk of catching the coronavirus is much, much higher. People are able to walk around and infect other people, and it seems very likely that they can even infect others without having any symptoms at all.

        Taken together, this means that your individual risk of dying from Covid-19 is much higher than your risk of dying from Ebola.

        So while the Ebola virus is much more deadly once you have it, Covid-19 is more dangerous to you, right now. Unless you already have Ebola.

  6. phyllis costa
    phyllis costa says:

    I strongly agree with Dr Montanari. Kudos to you Sir. I live thru it and my experiences are a true reflection
    of your in depth professional insight and knowledge.
    And Mr Occidental Observer…thank you for putting forward this so relevant interview.
    And too, you are right on…emergencies in my area are literally empty. we are begging for business…anybody.

  7. Alan Donelson
    Alan Donelson says:

    Most impressively informative! I forwarded your post, Mr. Moglia, to those I serve as an “internet information node”. In my judgment as one educated and trained in Pharmacology, Dr. Montanari hits the nail on the head several times — no wonder he attracted active opposition, he’s over the target.

    The next phases, if all goes well for NWO managers, directors, and minions, will be forced “checkups” (perhaps at roadside checkstops), mandatory vaccinations, the vaccines perhaps introducing live virus(es) along with Bill Gates’ wet dream of an RFID chip for purposes of tracking (enter 5G), and, once having the “mark of the beast” installed, the (Global) State will have achieved total control over each person’s life, livelihood, and ability to survive.

    One has to give the enemies of humankind their due — they are very good at making war. Russia, then Germany, now America. It IS happening here.

  8. pterodactyl
    pterodactyl says:

    “We are living in a time when science has become politicized and the claims of establishment scientists have become political orthodoxy ”
    The author gives two examples of bad science, ie when it is claimed that scientific evidence supports a theory, when it does not – a) climate change and b) racial differences in the genes.
    Here are two more examples – c) innate behaviour differences due to sex do not exist – eg claiming the only reason young women do not drive skip lorries is entirely due to society’s prejudices, and d) claims connected with the new transgender dogmas – an area of bad/bogus/false/perverted science in which the legal system & thought police are very vigilant and active against dissenters.

    Surely we are all qualified to have an expert opinion on b) c) d), and the effect of this is to reveal to any thinking person (including non-scientists) that the current scientific establishment have abandoned true science and all scientific theories have to get political approval, not genuine scientific validation, to be accepted.

    Surely the modern scientific elite is utterly discredited due to supporting b) c) d)?

    Surely they are made to look like fools and liars to any reasonable and thinking person by supporting that which is obviously false.

    We can see this by the elite’s support of a) b) c) and therefore surely this makes us no longer trust anything the establishment claims, wherever there is a political angle.

    Another area due in the near future to heap huge shame and discredit on the scientific elite when the cover-up is revealed, is the declaration of the elite that no white people could have lived in America before recent times, ie millennia ago, and could not possibly have been genocided by the ‘Native Americans’, as this would give whites ownership claims on the continent, rather than being called colonisers and invaders as at present. The current anti-white elite insists that there must not be any evidence of prior white settlement, and any evidence found must be destroyed, eg all bones found must (by law) be handed over to Native Americans for ‘disposal according to their religion’

    • George
      George says:

      Aren’t the anti-white elite mostly white? What are they thinking. Recall a cartoon featuring the Lone Ranger and Tonto surrounded by a very large band of Indians. Lone Ranger say to Tonto “We’re in deep shi:t.” Tonto’s reply: “We.”

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        Greed and power-lust trump loyalty to one’s own race, apparently. This seems to be truer for whites than for other races. Then again, maybe not. Chinese communists had no qualms about killing tens of millions of their own people. Blacks had no qualms about selling each other into slavery based on tribal divisions. All you need is some way to regard those you betray as undeserving — because of ideological, religious, class, ethnic, linguistic, educational or other differences.

        At any rate, what we are talking about in all of these cases are small groups of powerful people, not the great majority.

        In the West, there has been a long history of Jews ingratiating themselves with unscrupulous rulers, using their Money Power to seduce and control them, and then carrying out policies that oppress the rulers’ subjects. Nothing that I can see has changed in that regard.

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        @George I agree that the anti-white movement is mainly white, which is why other races cannot understand what we are doing, eg why we would remove Gaddafi from N Africa when he was the gatekeeper holding back huge waves of immigration from Africa to Europe. The other races have no idea that we did this in order to make our own white nations multiracial, ie our leaders are acting against our interests deliberately, as they are anti-white.

        This is the most important question of our times, and the reasons as to why this should be so are not discussed much in the mainstream, although in Twitter the anti-white movement is often referred to. K MacDonald contributes to finding the answer in my opinion when he focuses on the behaviour side of humans, as based in the genes, eg Scandanavians are more egalitarian. Our behaviour is controlled by our genes more than most ppl realise, including our politics. Different political ideologies are based on ‘behavioural strategies’. Eg one strategy is to toil the land and ‘make things’ such as tools, and store grain, whereas another strategy is to take what others have made. ‘makers’ and ‘takers’ are both viable strategies in animal behaviour terms.

  9. Jay Johnson
    Jay Johnson says:

    I have studied the tyranny’ virus-boogeymen since 2009; Since the 2009 virus-boogeyman they said rose up in an extremely crowded, poor, and filthy city, Mexico City, only to stop spreading there but jump and spread in the US. Almost hilarious. Viruses DO NOT WORK THAT WAY. The Ebola one was the funniest of all. Ludicrous, actually.

    As a result of my knowledge of the tyranny’s virus-boogeymen, I saw this one coming two and half week prior, and was warning family and friends of the coming nonsense a week and half prior. That is because they use the same propaganda methods, patterns, in the run up to each virus-boogeyman.

    A chief hallmark of their virus-boogeymen is the “Jump” and Burn.” That is, the virus is quickly said to “jump” from its area of origin, epicenter, to the West. In the West the virus-boogeyman is then “reported” to accelerate its spread despite the West being much less hospitable and conducive to spreading than at and around its epicenter. Interestingly, the rapid spread seen by the virus-boogeyman in the West does not manifest back in the region of its epicenter. Yes, a virus can jump via modern travel means, but will not then accelerate where it jumps to, especially if the new area(s) are less conducive to its spread, and then subside near its epicenter.

    Another hallmark of the tyranny’s virus-boogeymen is the behavior of the tyranny themselves. If the threat were real, their message would be lies about there being no threat, etc. so as to quell fear and panic (“return to your desks…”). During one of their virus-boogeymen events, the opposite is true. i.e. During a virus-boogeyman, fear IS one of the goals. The other goal the providing of cover to some component of their tyranny and agenda.

    Details avoidance is a hallmark of a virus-boogeyman. A virus-boogeyman always has the tyranny bloviating as much as during a hurricane disaster, except they avoid the minutiae of details they go into during a hurricane. During a real event the tyranny inundates us with details of dubious use, during one of their virus-boogeymen events, they inundate us with fear inducing innuendo. An example was the tyranny’s repeated claim last week that the virus-boogeyman could live up to 17 days on surfaces. Pure nonsense, but great fear inducing innuendo.

    Hedging is also a hallmark of a virus-boogeyman. This week they started to hedge with this gem: “More than half will show no symptoms.” i.e. if one begins to wonder where all the sick are, “they’re all around you, but you can’t see them. Now go back to not thinking.”

    A virus-boogeyman is also full of factual dissonance as various people are permitted access to the propaganda channels to promote their own ideas of what is happening and/or how to fix it. If the threat were real, and the goal to quell fear and panic, this would never be permitted–everyone would be on the “no fear” script. However, if the goal is fear, expect a parade of nonsense spouting quacks and “experts.”

    The goals of this, the latest of the tyranny’s virus-boogeyman: 1a) Permit the controlled implosion of our economy that they’ve plundered to the bone. Our thoroughly plundered economy has been collapsing since at least August of last year. Despite billions and billions of fiat-dollars injected into the economy via their repo markets since September. 1b) Keep our plundered economy propped up just long enough to kick off their planned for war with Iran. 2) Cover for the expansion of their tyranny over us. (Once the sheeple except they have the power to jail us in our homes, shutdown our businesses, force certain behaviors upon us, and drastically restrict our travel… 3) Cover for their machinations in preparation for their planned for war with Iran.

    The only thing we have to fear, is the tyranny.

    • Trenchant
      Trenchant says:

      The armed forces will have plenty of new recruits to choose from the ranks of the newly-unemployed, that much is certain.

      • Jay Johnson
        Jay Johnson says:

        It’s funny you say that. Based on things done and said the last 6 or so years, I do believe the tyranny is aiming to re-institute the draft.

        The main four reasons:

        1) The tyranny has used various means to deliberately reduced the size of their forces while simultaneously propagandizing a dire lack of recruits.

        2) The tyranny has claimed that recruitment has been tough in a “booming” economy. The “booming” economy a farce, as the American economy never recovered from its pre-2008 plundering.

        3) That their planned for war with Iran is going to, as per their “Which Path to Persia” documented, require several hundred thousand additional troops. My guess, to occupy Iran’s oil fields.

        4) They’ve had several of their pol and crat tools float the idea of instituting the draft in various forms several times the past 6 or so years.

        Bonus: As of today, attributing it to their latest virus-boogeyman, the tyranny’s propaganda-media is selling that recruitment is in dire straights. Oh, how the peasants of the world must be worried?!

        A relative of mine opted recently to join the Air Force to prevent being drafted into the combat arms at a later date. The impetus of his decision was my constant warnings of a coming war with Iran, and that the “deal” with Iran was a smokescreen as outlined in the tyranny’s “Which Path to Persia” document. He and his father thought my warnings humorous until the yanking of the “deal” and the nonsense of last year. However, they still think of me as a fool.

        I figure they will institute a draft at the beginning of their planned for war with Iran.

        Keep your children close, and your children of draft age closer.

          • Jay Johnson
            Jay Johnson says:

            Iran stands in the way of the Jews’ “Greater Israel” and hegemony over the Middle East. “Greater Israel,” the Jews’ Yinon Plan, and their “Which Path to Persia” document. Central banking is an organ of the Jews’ obligate parasitic methods of plunder and destruction; The foundation of their fiat-currency and fiat-debt grift-machine.

            The Jews are an infection.

          • Charles Frey
            Charles Frey says:

            Exactly like Serbia under Clinton and NATO: as related on Canadian TV by a former head of Germany’s Foreign Secret Service [ BND ].

            Who cited the real reason for the faux humanitarian concern for the Bosniaks: the Wests push to finally integrate post-Tito Serbia into the Western financial system and commensurate, geographically contiguous political control.

  10. Anne
    Anne says:

    Great article. For anyone who wants to watch the interview with English subtitles, you can if you go to the actual youtube upload here:

    Once you’re on the youtube site:
    – get past any ads at the beginning of the video
    – once the actual video starts to play, click on “Settings” (cogwheel with other icons at bottom right of the screen)
    – under settings, click on “Subtitles/CC”, then “Add subtitles.” A new window will open.
    – select your language

    I’ve only watched a couple of minutes of the video, but some of the video footage is interesting.

  11. David Ashton
    David Ashton says:

    Exposure to sunshine is desirable and counter-viral. It can and should be done in fresh air without close contact with other humans. In Britain, the police are actively preventing this outside gardens and urban streets.

      • David Ashton
        David Ashton says:

        @ Trenchant
        Yes, where I live in Norfolk lovely weather for the last three days. People have been arrested for sunbathing on Brighton beach. We have had high temperatures for long periods in recent past. Why the question? It is not hasbara propaganda or something, if I can put your mind at rest.

        • Charles Frey
          Charles Frey says:

          Has the ” Vagina Museum and Coffeeshop ” on Brighton Beach been closed ? Just worrying, since I saw internal photos of it. Innumerable varieties of vaginas decorating its walls: the display- and sales-counters overflowing with multi-colored, variously vagina-shaped muffins and other goodies.
          Differentiated by different flowers for different clitorises.

          [[[ Feminist, cultural compensation for dwindling Church attendance ]]]: I guess !

          • David Ashton
            David Ashton says:

            @ Charles Fray
            I don’t know about the Vagina Museum; I shall phone a relative isolated in nearby Hove to ask if she knows (about) it. We used to visit very occasionally for classical music from the famous Festival Chorus in the Dome. This seaside town is crowded with “gays” and lesbians. You can often smell cannabis in the streets. The beach is the healthiest place – though some time ago the only “family” group we saw on it was – black!

  12. finlay macpherson
    finlay macpherson says:

    It is about time people woke up to what is being done to them.

    The world death totals said to be due to COVID-19 were about 40 thousand as of a few days ago, which so far represent about 20% of deaths usually attributed to seasonal influenza. Coronavirus inhabits most people, and the PCR tests are mostly useless due to the 80% false positive results. I am convinced this whole COVID-19 Pandemic crisis is the equivalent of Chicken Little having you believe the “sky is falling”. Here are some of the reasons why I think this.

    What is really happening is the collapse of the global financial systems as the massive debt bubble could no longer continue and has burst. You aren’t wanted to think about that reality when main stream media has been continuously hammering fears of COVID-19 into your brain for months on end.

    Since the origin of banking, real money was backed by gold, silver and other actual items of value. That concept became radically changed last century with the introduction of “fiat”. Today, fiat currency is backed by nothing more than thin air for the most part. In the USA, the bankers – not government – own and operate the Federal Reserve, which recently has been lending the government trillions of dollars (fiat currency) daily in a last ditch attempt to slow Recession, and the expected coming Greatest Depression the world has ever known. It was seen decades ago that government tax income would not be able to offset the ever increasing debt load at some future time, and that time has passed. The COVID-19 manufactured pandemic provides a perfect scapegoat for assigning blame elsewhere than on those actually responsible for creating the current economic nightmare about to massively change the world’s economies and governments from what we once knew to the “New World Order” where all but the “very elite” are destined for enslavement. The Total Control and Surveillance Society is being installed as I write.

    Using “Lock Down” and “Social Distancing” techniques to keep your mind occupied and distracted. As unemployment escalates, small and medium businesses slowly go insolvent and bankrupt, large gatherings of people are banned, airline and other forms of travel become non-available, you are told to follow Emergency orders or be fined/jailed, and you might eventually realize you have been led into a trap with no escape. The largest corporations will probably survive, as well as the major bankers. None of the unjust redistribution of wealth from the poor to the very rich would ever have been possible without the bankers first inventing usury (interest charges).

    Those psychopaths in control own pretty well everything already except perhaps your body and soul, so see nothing wrong in stealing your house and other possessions as you slowly starve unable to keep paying for anything anymore.

    George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, H.G. Wells and others did try to warn the world’s peoples of what might be coming. The “idiot box” has done the mental damage, all the new shinies (consumer electronics) offered to “benefit your life” can now be seen as the Technocrats big wet dream able to track and record every move and interaction you make. When the electrical grid collapses, very little of that will matter.

    All the “Pandemic” misinformation doled out daily becomes nonsensical when you examine the details. A virus is microscopically very small, and as one expert stated wearing a protective mask does as much good as closing an opened gate to stop mosquitoes. Antibiotics have no effect on a virus. Vaccines have never prevented the human cold, and depending on a vaccine to stop COVID-19 amounts to a similar waste of time. Most virologists still disagree on subjects first raised in the early 1980’s as to what actual protein markers found in various immunological samples and tests really indicate. European and American tests for AIDs still differ in what is a positive result because they examine different markers. The healthy human immune system provides all the protection one needs to prevent death from viral infections. You will not be hearing that from Big Pharma or any of the other “experts” now telling you what to do.

    Hopefully, the globalist’s “New World Order” will never come to be, and we all become wiser to the economic corruption hidden behind the veil of “Pandemic Fear and Crisis”. Take control of your own thoughts and ideas for living in freedom rather than slavery to what has become the politicized pseudoscience of current governments and authorities. Those now claiming to be “just following orders” are no different from the Fascist and Nazi followers of the 1930’s.

    It is time to seriously investigate and think for yourselves rather than subscribe to what the “PsyOp COVID-19” controllers keep brainwashing you with.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      Excellent analysis. And, for those who charge “conspiracy theory,” conspiracies are hidden. This has not been hidden. From the seven or eight pointless wars that the U.S. has fought from Korea to Syria that haven’t benefited us in any way, to the Patriot Act, missing WMDs, Third World invasion of Western nations encouraged by our leaders, etc., it has been clear for a long time that we have been ruled by special interests that do not care one bit about us. Why wouldn’t they do all of the things you’ve outlined above and more? I can’t think of one reason why they wouldn’t.

      My hope is that people are finally waking up, even though it might be too late for us to stop this madness.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      The economic collapse was not inevitable, otherwise why do the elite have stock-market shares which will collapse if the economy does, instead of gold or land.
      The financial collapse could be avoided by changing tactics rather than ruining the economy.

      There is an argument that the elite – with their plan for a new world order/ global village – there is an argument that the virus and the reaction of the West is actually very harmful to the elite, therefore it was not in their interest at all.

      The anti-white and politically correct elite thrive and do well when the Western economies are producing a lot of wealth. When the wealth decreases, as will be the outcome of the lockdowns, there will be less wealth for them to channel to themselves and their causes, such as foreign aid and the climate change industry.

      – And then already we see the transgender debate silenced, and Greta Thunberg’s demos all stopped as other side effects.

      Will the people continue to tolerate all the mischief the elite now get up to such as foreign aid and all the other ways they spend their nation’s massive wealth against our interests in accordance with their politics?

      The left ((and others)) thrive in a wealthy West because they are parasitic – the left tend not to make cars or computer chips or run factories and prefer the professions where they can parasite on the wealth that others create – lawyers, politics, media, education – all these thrive without making a pencil or loaf of bread between them.

      The outcome of the virus will be massive damage to Western economies, and the wealth production will now be lower.The left/current elite are a genetic subset of the population that has always been within the population, but has thrived as the West became wealthy, and land ownership was no longer the main source of wealth. The huge wealth currently enables the elite to retain the upper hand.

      Eg universities in the US paying their principle over a million dollars K MacDonald mentions in an interview. In a collapsed economy the river of money diminishes in its flow and there is less for the wealthy parasitic elite to channel to themselves.

      • finlay macpherson
        finlay macpherson says:

        Pterodactyl seems to think the economic collapse was not inevitable, and the wealthy would not want their stock market share values to become worthless. The point I wanted to make is that none of that matters when you own and control everything, which has always been the aim of the vultures I term as Satan’s spawn, the bankers. Shakespeare’s writings contain great insight. The world is a stage, and at the moment those running the show could not care less as to how many billions of innocent hard-working people will lose everything to die of starvation as the “New World Order” emerges from the ruins. Your thoughts of China, Russia, War, Drugs, Terrorists, Wuhan wet markets, COVID-19, etc., are just distractions to keep you in a state of increased fear and confinement. Wake up, get outside and socialize and actively prepare for the future you want for the community you live in, not the future those telling you what to do want. After all, the world will only change for the free, not the enslaved who just follow orders from their puppet masters.

      • Robert Dolan.
        Robert Dolan. says:

        Wrong on every count.

        The lying media is controlled by the small hat elite and it should be obvious that they are reveling in the scam level exaggeration of the danger of the virus as they fan the flames of panic and hysteria. With people at home and isolated there won’t be another “holocaust.”

        They are stealing TRILLIONS from the treasury, ramping up police state controls, and secretly laughing at the pathetic gullibility of the goyim.

        So, now any time the jews feel remotely threatened….all they have to do is have the media scream, “VIRUS!!!!”
        and all of the goyim dutifully run to their caves, shaking with fear.

        Note for George….the anti-white elite are NOT “mostly white,”
        they are 100% JEWISH.

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        We’ve already seen some of the (((usual suspects))) making a lot of money out of this crisis: Sen. Feinstein and a billionaire named Ackerman.

        They’ve used their “insider” knowledge to “sell high” or cash out their portfolios. Now they’re going to buy low and make even more money.

        They are betting that the economy will eventually recover. But even if it doesn’t, not to worry. They are rich enough — with a diverse enough portfolio of investments — that they will do fine regardless.

        If they’re poorer on paper, no matter. Prices will be lower. It’s all relative.

        If you’re not in their little club — on the other hand — well then, too bad for you.

    • Sbaker
      Sbaker says:

      You’ve been reading too many science fiction novels and you obviously are not a microbiologist or an immunologist. How can you pass yourself as such? This is 3rd world thinking.

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        Appeals to authority like yours are “3rd world thinking.”

        I didn’t know that a degree in microbiology conferred upon its recipient an inability to lie, exaggerate, or in general be a fool.

        How fascinating.

  13. SBaker
    SBaker says:

    China’s Strategy
    The corona Virus travelled the entire world from Wuhan but it did not reach Beijing and Shanghai… can anybody shed some light? Chinese Stock Market didn’t crash….American and European Markets did…Destroy other markets and be ready to capture them in every way.
    1. Create a virus and the antidote/vaccine.
    2. Spread the virus.
    3. A demonstration of efficiency, building hospitals in a few days. After all, you were already prepared, with the projects, ordering the equipment, the labor, the water and sewage network, the prefabricated building materials and stocked in an impressive volume.
    4. Cause chaos in the world, starting with Europe.
    5. Quickly decimate the economy of dozens of countries.
    6. Stop production lines in factories in other countries.
    7. Cause stock markets to fall, then buy companies at a bargain price.
    8. Quickly control the epidemic in your country. After all, you were already prepared.
    9. Lower the price of commodities, including the price of oil you buy on a large scale.
    10. Get back to producing quickly while the world is at a standstill. Buy what you negotiated cheaply in the crisis then sell at inflated prices to countries that have had their industries paralyzed.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      The reason why I don’t blame China is that our own leaders and “experts” are liars.

      They’ve lied about the mortality rate (Dr. Fauci claiming that COVID-19 is ten times as lethal as the seasonal flu when he has no basis for making such a hysterical claim), lied about hospitals being inundated with COVID-19 patients, and lied about everything else if what Montanari says is true, which I believe it is.

      Dr. Fauci has even praised the head of WHO — a mass murderer from Ethiopia — as a “good man” and respected colleague.

      • Sbaker
        Sbaker says:

        What experience do you have in microbiology? I’m trying to ascertain why you favor the chicoms?

        • Eric
          Eric says:

          Try to be intelligent instead of making fallacious arguments — e.g., appeals to authority and putting words in other people’s mouths.

          I never said I favor the “chicoms,” and I don’t favor them.

          • Sbaker
            Sbaker says:

            OK, sorry. What is your experience in microbiology?
            The guy that wrote this story is a pathetic charlatan. I would expect this from some 3rd world dump in Africa. This of course, explains why easily addressed, treated, and prevented infectious diseases run through Africa killing thousands, sometimes millions, while stopped cold in their tracks in the Western world.

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            Look up “appeal to authority” — a fallacy — and then get back to me.

            You have not shown that Montanari is a charlatan. Here’s another fallacy for you to look up — “ad hominem.”

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        You’re obviously a shill for Bill Gates, etc. I’ve never seen you in the comment section before. Are you being paid, or are you doing this for free?

        Explain to me how Dr. Fauci could credibly claim a COVID-19 mortality rate ten times greater than the seasonal flu while not knowing the number of COVID-19 infections and even telling asymptomatic people who might have been infected not to get tested.

        And tell me why we should trust Dr. Fauci when he calls the head of WHO — a known communist mass murderer — a good man and a trusted colleague..

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      “Create a virus and the antidote/vaccine”
      – but they did not have the vaccine, so this could not have been the plan this time, although certain countries/people might start thinking along the lines of (a) make a virus (b) sell the vaccine.
      (a) make a virus just for the sake of it with no power/financial motive. After all, there have been thousands of people in their houses working away in their homes for years to make computer viruses for no monetary gain. Whatever is their sick and twisted motive, the same motive could apply to the manufacture of a biological virus

      China comes off quite badly from the current virus, as they are now seen as the villains, although in the MSM they never point the finger at them, despite them even reopening their ‘wet markets’ where they sell wild animals for eating.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      What you describe is what was done to Germany post WWI through the “starvation” shipping blockade carried on by the British Empire (or by England, if you prefer). I for one still do not forgive them for this (or Wilson’s America for allowing it) since my family members (ancestors I do not know to be sure) were affected by it, though I have no way to know any particulars. As far as I do know, there has never been an apology for this, or an admittance of wrongdoing. If European peoples cannot right their past grievous wrongs to one another, we cannot defend ourselves against foreign transgressors, like China.

      Therein lies our continuing failure as White people to grow stronger. Instead we grow weaker as we just sit around and yak-yak about it.

      (BTW, I am impressed by the Italian’s article which matches my overall beliefs and life experience. I have been through many events where government and media together coerced we the people to go along with changes *they* wanted. What stands out to me is that in every case is there was no way to stop it — to really argue against it. Of course, humanitarianism, racism, anti-semitism, etc are used to shut up complaints, but we should be gaining immunity to that by now.)
      P.S. Just saw a new headline, the Dems are considering a virtual convention, plus Biden is unable to raise money to continue his campaign. So they’ll take care of ‘lots of birds with one stone’, so to speak. It’s becoming more obvious as we go along.

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        Carolyn, wasn’t the Treaty of Versailles preceded by the Vorvertrag: an agreed-upon script as to how the Treaty would be arrived at methodically as well as its parameter ?

        The so-called victors of this so-called Armistice, or mutual, simultaneous laying down of arms before any allied troops set foot on the Second Reich’s soil, in their habitual mealy-mouthed merchants’ way changed the goal-posts before the games even started.

        The Hamburger merchant bankers Warburg & Co.,
        ” negotiated ” for Germany, while their NYC scions Paul [ of Fed fame ], and his brother Felix, married to a Kuehn [Loeb] woman, ” negotiated ” for the West.

        Their traitorous father had been a special adviser to Wilhelm II, having counselled him to permit Lenin’s sealed train to pass through Germany to take out the Tsar. Which guaranteed passage was arranged through ” the good offices ” of the US Legation in Bern: coincidentally staffed that Sunday evening by Allen Dulles: yes the brother of John Foster Dulles.

        Reparations, excessive or otherwise, the Rhineland, Elsass-Lorraine and the ” sole guilt clause ” apparently were new to the German delegation and they simply went home.

        The British forced them to return to the negotiations, by blockading the continental Channel ports, absolutely vital for German food imports. In two American universities I was bullshitted into believing, that, as a result, only some 400,000 Germans died of starvation: as usual under these circumstances, mostly invalids, the old, women and children but not ” those ” with a knack for the black market.

        Decades passed, before I ran across a White Paper of the Royal Navy, admitting indeed to 800,000 fatalities through their hunger-blockade. But, honest Injin, the totality of the remainder of their historiography is entirely truthful.

        There is a photo of those times on the net, depicting a ca. two year old girl playing literally in the gutter of a street. Unkempt hair, filthy ragged clothes, dead eyes, undernourished, beseechingly looking up at a passerby.

        I would have joined before finishing my first liter, while intently listening to him at the Hofbrauhaus.

        And think about all the coincidental connections above. We are truly living pursuant to their playbook: irrespective of the authenticity of the Protocols.

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          Charles, thanks for this. I just now saw it, on Easter Sunday night.

          “I would have joined before finishing my first liter, while intently listening to him at the Hofbrauhaus.” Love it! What German wouldn’t have? The labor unionists took awhile because they were under the control of the communists. (Like you were under the influence of those two American universities!) This is a great comment, Charles, like so many you’ve been writing lately. I’m proud to share ethnicity with you.

    • Sbaker
      Sbaker says:

      The author is selling snake oil. Sadly, there is always a ready market for such miracle cures. This is the case for a thousand years or more.

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        At one of Bill Gates’s role-playing scenarios for a “coming pandemic,” it was suggested that the population be “seeded” with trusted plandemic — I mean pandemic — ambassadors to monitor social media and the internet and make sure that the hoi polloi remained suitably panicked.

        I’ve been seeing those “trusted ambassadors” all over the internet lately.

        • SBaker
          SBaker says:

          I am not a fan of billy gates. He is a computer wizard, not a infectious disease expert–he enjoys pretending. I have dealt with infectious diseases for a good number of years–ya know, some people actually do that. The African medicine man in the above is not an expert outside of Africa. I live in the western world, a regressive country you might consider hostile to your existence, but oddly, millions of people want to come here.

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            Explain how Fauci came up with his “COVID-19 is ten times deadlier than the seasonal flu” claim when he didn’t know the number of infections.

            Explain why he would call the head of WHO — a communist guilty of mass murder — a good man and a respected colleague.

            Explain how Montanari is wrong instead of just calling him an “African medicine man.”

            Incidentally, the Western World is not a country. And I don’t know why you would think I’m not part of it.

            Your appeals to authority are fallacious. You need to do better than that.

        • Sbaker
          Sbaker says:

          Eric, to answer your questions, review a course in epidemiology. If you choose to believe some 3rd world medicine man, there is nothing that I can explain that will enlighten you.
          What is your educational background? I’ve told you mine.

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            Your appeals to authority won’t work with me. You haven’t answered my questions about Fauci re his unsupported claim about the lethality of COVID-19 and his profound respect for the head of WHO (speaking of obvious charlatans…)

            I wasn’t aware that Montanari was from the Third World.

            Which Third World country is he from, Mr. Shill?

  14. Aristo Boho
    Aristo Boho says:

    Bravissimo, truly exceptional and to the point with simple but profound scientific language and a logic not afraid to call the shots of what is really taking place. Doctor Stefano Montanari does not hold back from his belief, which I agree with, that this whole pandemic is a nasty piece of work, by, in my own words, Dark Forces, with an agenda. He also corrects the well-intentioned Herd Immunity cure. Herein I PASTE an article by another Italian, Mister Giacomino Nicolazzi, written in English,on the further sell-out by a European nation to Red China, a suicidal economic phenomenon that has taken place deliberately and expeditiously since the seventies:

    Another piece of evidence that proves Doctor Montanari correct:

    And finally, the following is a quote from a long article written July 29th, 2019 for “The Education Forum” by Attorney-At-Law Douglas Caddy of the third and last meeting between President Richard Nixon and Confidential Informant Earl Robert Butch Merritt; this is eerie:
    “It was then at Nixon made a cryptic remark, apparently to emphasize the importance of the assignment that he had given Merritt. Nixon said, “I took my order from above and have followed it to the T.”
    Merritt was taken aback by the remark and asked Nixon what he meant. Nixon did not reply directly but instead declared that “the year 2020 would be cataclysmic not only for America but for the world.”
    GOD HELP US ALL!!!! Did any of you catch New York Head of State, Governor Andrew Mark Cuomo reply and state that there would be no return to normal when this is over but a New Reality. Mattoid Satanic Criminals. And in personal most sincere opinion, resident Donald John Trump is trapped. I advise you all to look up the transmissions “The Highwire With Del Bigtree” on You Tube. Aristo Boho

  15. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Jimmie thank you so much for this great article. This whole thing is such a diabolical fraud that it’s sickening. And God bless Dr. Montanari for speaking the truth.

  16. Anon
    Anon says:

    One of the key, testable claims of this article is that the death rates in Italy are not significantly higher than normal. If this is the case, we would have a bit more reason to conclude that coronavirus is not *that* dangerous.

    It is clearly the case in the USA that the hospitals are not very overstretched. In fact, most hospitals have shut down so much, cancelling non-vital surgeries, that they are massively under-utilized. We should wait for more information to come out regarding NYC, where the virus hit the hardest. They have a naval ship and a Samaritan’s Purse hospital for extra assistance; I don’t know if they are really being used.

    My uncle’s best friend died of this virus, but he was elderly and had a bad heart condition. It is hard to completely brush it aside when someone related (even through the grapevine) dies. But still, after this is all over, people will have to re-evaluate if we over-reacted. I can’t imagine that we haven’t.

    • David Ashton
      David Ashton says:

      This is not a hoax. (More like a hex.)
      Certainly in the UK, where the immediate response was slow and slovenly, some (not all) airport arrivals given leaflets saying that if they felt ill, see a doctor. James Burnham once noted that the “liberal authority” response to crisis stared with complacency based on ideology and ended with panic caused by incompetence.

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        Good summary by David Ashton. We have hundreds of ‘top elite managers and planners’ in the NHS on 6 figure salaries and they failed to plan for this, eg not enough respirators, despite other previous outbreaks over the decades providing precedents and advance warnings, eg Spanish flu after the War.

        We were completely unprepared and still do not have enough masks and gowns, yet all we hear is praise for the NHS.

        I agree with praise for the front-line workers, but higher up, why is the rest of the organisation immune from criticism? – Perhaps because it is based on socialist planning, in which employees get promotion according to equality and diversity, not ability, so it must not be criticised.
        The matrons of the past were able to discipline and sack, and have have been replaced by targets and training and procedures and unions to protect the lazy and incompetent from being sacked.

        • David Ashton
          David Ashton says:

          Thank you, Mr Pterodactyl, for a friendly response rare in this forum.

          (Mod. note: That sort of snark won’t get you very far here, Mr. Ashton.)

          Both the UK and US governments had long previous expert warnings about planning for future pandemics. Before WW2 the German government told its few infiltrated spies that the English were a “phlegmatic but somewhat juvenile people”; I regret today that this might be rephrased as “a complacent and somewhat infantile people”, but dead fish rot from the head down and the majority of our indigenous population remain good, sensible and competent.

        • Ludwig
          Ludwig says:

          pterodactyl says:
          April 8, 2020 at 4:50 am

          “….despite other previous outbreaks over the decades providing precedents and advance warnings…”

          I can’t prove it, but it’s certainly not beyond the pale to see some of those as “advanced preprogramming” for longer term moulding of public opinion. Even this ‘event’ is more preprogramming.

          One of the ways to bolster the deception is to place ‘trusted voices’ in strategic places and times to make sure the message is reinforced and the dissenters who stray from the script are neutralised by ridicule to achieve self censoring.

          In war, deploying tactics of deception is the most efficient and least costly way to maneuver your enemy to your advantage, or indeed defeat him.

        • Sbaker
          Sbaker says:

          You make some very good comments. This is one I haven’t taken the time to provide the links for, but, going back to 2005, Bush made recommendations to the budget builders in the House to provide funding for the next pandemic. Bush realized that pandemics happen and psychopathic leaders arise everywhere on the planet. Because of international trade and travel, even an infectious agent that jumps the species barrier in some remote part of the world can become a problem everywhere. The budget was increased substantially only to be cut back when the African was put in office. So, we were once prepared, but the disease of politics changed all that.

  17. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    Reading both this excellent article and the (nearly all) insightful, thought-provoking comments, I realize how much I both love and am so proud of my folk. Truly, we must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children – we are worth it!

  18. Robert Dolan.
    Robert Dolan. says:

    Wrong on every count.

    The lying media is controlled by the small hat elite and it should be obvious that they are reveling in the scam level exaggeration of the danger of the virus as they fan the flames of panic and hysteria. With people at home and isolated there won’t be another “holocaust.”

    They are stealing TRILLIONS from the treasury, ramping up police state controls, and secretly laughing at the pathetic gullibility of the goyim.

    So, now any time the jews feel remotely threatened….all they have to do is have the media scream, “VIRUS!!!!”
    and all of the goyim dutifully run to their caves, shaking with fear.

    Note for George….the anti-white elite are NOT “mostly white,”
    they are 100% JEWISH.

  19. SBaker
    SBaker says:

    News on the snake oil sales-couple. “About a year ago, I wrote about yet another bit of bad science promoted by the antivaccine movement. Basically, it was a study by two Italian scientists, Antonietta Gatti and Stefano Montanari, published in the International Journal of Vaccines and Vaccination entitled New Quality-Control Investigations on Vaccines: Micro- and Nanocontamination. As I described at the time, it’s a study that misused electron microscopy and purported to find all sorts of horrific particulate contaminants in vaccines, but in reality, thanks to lax controls and poor overall experimental design, showed nothing of the sort.

    Because the study came out of Italy, and virtually all the news about the story, other than that promoted by American antivaxers, came from Italian language sources, I had some difficulty writing much more about this study. It was, however, pretty amusing when one of the investigators, Stefano Montanari, was not happy with me—oh, no, not at all. Indeed, he attacked me, and I, as is my wont, responded with a dose of not-so-Respectful Insolence that was only mildly constrained by my inability to speak and write Italian and necessity to rely on the awkward English produced by Google Translate to understand what he was saying. In my response, I also took note of—shall we say?—additional scientific shortcomings in the paper that had somehow escaped my notice. Basically, The paper by Gatti and Montanari was yet another example of the alternative medicine trope that tries to blame nanoparticles as The One True Cause Of Disease.

    In any event, that was over a year ago (how time flies when you’re having fun!), and I thought nothing more of Gatti and Montanari until I noted in passing that antivaccine quack James Lyons-Weiler’s “Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge” (IPAK) had recently invited them to submit a proposal to investigate where the microcontaminant nanoparticles found in vaccines go in the normal developing mouse. Other than that, I had mostly forgotten about the story.”

    • David Ashton
      David Ashton says:

      @ S Baker
      Single-cause explanations in geopolitics as in medicine are always suspect.
      Did these nanoparticles also have missing foreskins and hooked noses, by any chance?

        • David Ashton
          David Ashton says:

          Not all Jews have the “Jewish nose”, though it is an “anti-Semitic” stereotype. Not many Arabs have it either. Many Muslims are not Arabs. There are people (mentioning no websites) who see “the Jews” behind every evil on the planet, and there are people who see Judeophobes all over the internet (apart from a site not six million miles away from the Charles Martel Society).
          (Mod. Note: WAY too much snotty-nosed snark, Mr. Ashton. Please go elsewhere to pen that sort of crap in comments.)

  20. Ironsides
    Ironsides says:

    IMO, I wouldn’t want to get any of this moronic, raving kookery near my site if I were you.

    In fact, you’d probably be wise to take it down.

    The ideas presented here are so insane — this “doctor’s” thesis could easily be extended to deny all disease entirely, meaning, for example, that bubonic plague didn’t kill anyone in Europe, tens of millions of healthy young people died from lack of sunlight — that they stand a good chance of rubbing off on the rest of the site.

    “You’re known by the company you keep” is true of information as well as people. This site is for a serious study of Jewish influence in history. If you start putting articles about Bigfoot, flat Earth, moon landing hoaxes, Roswell aliens, lizard people, or, as in this case, the demented ravings of senile quacks and mountebanks, the entire corpus of your work will get tarred with the same brush.

    I’m offering this advice because I LIKE this site, consider most of its articles to be well-researched and superbly written, and don’t want to see it shoot itself in the foot with the most moonbat, gonzo, weird, “conspiritard” posting imaginable.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      “The virus is not harmless.”

      Direct quote from the article.

      I guess you didn’t read it.

    • Ludwig
      Ludwig says:


      I don’t know if you’ve noticed but “conspiritard” posting is the norm around here, according to the deceived and closed minded!

      I did an internet search and found Dr. Stefano Montanari’s name come up in TOO [site] showing in the 1st results page, almost at the top.

      You know, if I was conducting a counterintel op as a “trusted voice” for this psy-op and jewish/globalist interests I’d try really hard to discourage TOO from posting on this very topical issue. Anything other than “….serious study of Jewish influence in history.” may show up in 1st page searches to those uninitiated with jewish operations in goy societies that might be brought here by that topical search and find alternative perspectives and wake up more of our sleeping society.

      Of course I’d use plenty of adjectives such as “moronic, raving kookery” and all sorts of other labels like “Bigfoot, flat Earth, moon landing hoaxes, Roswell aliens, lizard people”. Then I’d warn that “……the entire corpus of your work will get tarred with the same brush”.

      I wouldn’t mind this site having extensive knowledge with well researched articles on jews and antisemitism because search results and wiki have already tarred TOO as a rabid antisemite [site] so not to worry.
      I also wouldn’t want the very effective weaponised threat of personal medical affliction be wasted even on antisemites.

  21. Walter L
    Walter L says:

    Undeniable the Catholic Church has had some horrible popes and clergy that ignited Protestant revolution.

    However, the Reformation was essentially a looting of Church wealth; probably 0.01% of the population cared about Church doctrine and Galileo.

    The Reformation was successful because Kings and princes were eager to take over a thriving business, if you will.

  22. TruthBeTold
    TruthBeTold says:

    The Coronavirus is a Scripted Hoax perpetrated on the Naive, Gullible and Ignorant Goyem of the World by the Jewish Elite to Implode not only the American and World economy usher in the Greatest Depression
    so that Jewish New World Order with One World Government run by the Jews.
    THE FLU Movie Trailer – – Pandemic | Coronavirus Movie | PART 1 – – Pandemic | Coronavirus Movie | PART 2 – – Contagion (2011) Official Exclusive 1080p HD Trailer – – Containment (Infected) | 2015 Full Movie | Coronavirus Outbreak –

  23. ursussiara
    ursussiara says:

    (Mod. Note: Where to start? Maybe with “on this sight” just below? I’ll just leave this in the sandbox along with other ‘things’ sometimes encountered in sandboxes, just for fun.)


    Couldn’t wait to post links to the article on this sight.

    I was so gratified by the Authors set up ( including the part where he made it in plain speech that he was not an expert in viruses, btw) and use of analogy in comparing the plight of Galileo at the hands of the church to those of current scientist whose hard data is dismissed and vilified if it doesn’t pass the power du jour’s litmus test for “the truth”.

    In fact, I didn’t even make it to the meat of the story. I
    Was sharing it with girlfriend when she asked “where’d you find that”?
    “OTT.”..not typing it out.
    OTT.. it says here….

    “Oh Fuck Me!!!” Really?!?

    What the fuck is white identity? Is it the opposite of black identity? What about brown identity? Is that off to the side or somewhere in the middle?

    WTF are gonna do with Yellow?!?

    So albino must be like gods or something, huh?

    Notice I left out red. yeah, we know where that is. Or was.
    Stoopid Fucking Crackers.

    So what? You couldn’t tell my identity without getting to know me?
    Interest? ?!? You mean like hobbies? Other than dick measuring contests contests, what “interest” is so uniquely “white” that non-whites would need to be excluded.

    But I think the part that made me throw up a little in my mouth was the idea of “white culture”. In America. Or is that what you mean when you say white..?

    Im white. My earliest recorded ancestor from Europe came over on one of the very first ships carrying pilgrims to the continent.
    He was a Romainian Gypsy arrested in England. For being Gypsy.

    He must’ve been fucking up their white culture, because as punishment he was exiled, to the new world, on a puritan ship.
    (Funny right)
    Needless to say, the pilgrims, while they wouldn’t have shunned him, wouldn’t let their women near him. For his beliefs, NOT for his complextion.
    Fortunately for him, the daughter of the local Sachem ( big chief) had a thing for Gypsies. And the Sachem must have been impressed as well. He allowed his daughter to marry him ( I’m not digging up my records to get the names and dates just to satisfy naysayers. I don’t care if you believe me)
    Just as interesting the nation she came from were known as “the white indians” because they produced children lighter in color than other tribes. The “princess” was said to have auburn HAIR , blue eyes and freckles, which wasn’t completely uncommon amongst them. Their traditions speak of mighty warriors, giants with light skin and bright eyes who came from the sea to trade and explore long before. Some stayed, took wives and raised families.

    You see where this is going? Everybody has traditions passed down. Even whites. The difference, in America, is that America blends traditions from ALL of the cultures that come here.

    American culture was never completely white by design. Just heavily influenced. Sometimes in horrible ways.

    Culture is about WHERE you live, WHO you live with and HOW you get along.
    Go ahead explain how culture by color works..

    In the meantime. I only took the time to say anything because the site DID post some interesting articles that I thought were worth sharing.
    I thank you for that.

    My taking time to write you is a symbol of that. I won’t be referring anyone to your website. I will contact the Authors personally and direct folks there.

    It’s a goddam shame that you insist on focusing on skin color as a criteria for well, anything important. Most of the good honest people of the world aren’t any one color, including white.

    If I didn’t know better I would say that this is a troll site was
    Set up by The enemies of the truth to divide good people

    If I’m wrong lemme know. I will absolutely ignore any baiting and bullshit.


    • Eric
      Eric says:

      Duh. I’m white and I don’t know what white identity is. But I do know what black, brown, red and yellow identity are. And white interests…how dare there be white interests like there are brown, black, yellow and red interests? Stoopid crackers.

      And hey I’m white — blond haired, blue eyed white! I don’t know what white identity is but I am white.

      White culture in America — the idea makes me throw up a little in my mouth. How dare whites have a culture like browns, blacks, yellows and reds have cultures?

      My ancestor was a Gypsy who came over on the Mayflower. (Mmkay). Pilgrims shunned him for his beliefs (in lying, cheating and stealing).

      Chief Me Want Much Wampum had a thing for Gypsies even though he’d never seen a Gypsy before.

      But the thing is, Chief Me Want Much Wampum was actually a Nordic Viking, and his fair daughter couldn’t wait to marry my Gypsy ancestor.

      American culture was never completely white by design, even though the first immigration act of 1790 limited citizenship to white people.

      Go ahead and explain how culture by color works. I never studied history. I never learned about the cultures of white European people — about Bach, Michelangelo, Beethoven, Rembrandt, Dostoevsky, Gothic cathedrals, steam engines, and all that junk.

      Now, since I’m so upset about people being judged and discriminated against on the basis of skin color, I’m going to write my Congressman and ask him how it’s okay to legally discriminate against white people in affirmative action programs by giving racial preferences to non-whites.

  24. Federico Hernandez
    Federico Hernandez says:

    I am grateful to Jimmie Moglia and Dr. Montanari for this interview. I am no economist nor do I have even the most basic knowledge of science/pathology/medicine. I only have a little God-given common sense. Instinctively I felt something was not right from the start. I know from living through the years that viruses come and go every so often. I also know that everything is politicized in today’s world. Adding one and one together I came to the conclusion there was something suspicious in all this…..You called it a planetary crisis and it is to serve some agenda of those who want to rule the world…
    May God help us all.


    Dr. Montanari’s opinions re CV SARS-2 is controversial vis-à-vis the conventional wisdom.
    So be it. He is answering many questions about the the fatalities related to the virus that broke out in the Bergamo area that are not explored by the popular media (by popular I mean commonly read, not necessarily respected, comprehensive, or accurate in analysis of serious subjects such as CV.

    Other opinion leaders are weighing in with similar notions articulated by Dr. Montanari. NANO-PATHOLOGY is not a familiar discipline but it bears some research by readers before dismissing it.
    Here are some helpful links about the relatively new discipline that’s barely 20 years old. Keep an open mind, folks.

    • Sbaker
      Sbaker says:

      Nanopathology is not a new discipline. It’s just a new word to describe the world used in electron microscopy for more than half a century. It may be new to African medicine men, but not to advanced civilizations.

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