The Logos of E. Michael Jones

E. Michael Jones, a prolific Catholic author and controversialist, is best known as the author of Libido Dominandi and The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit. He received his Ph.D. from Temple University in 1979 and went on to become an assistant professor of American Literature at St. Mary’s College. One year into his tenure track position, he was summarily terminated for his public position against abortion. That event spurred him into starting his magazine, Fidelity, later retitled as Culture Wars (his translation of the German Kulturkampf). The magazine set out to explore the problems in the Catholic Church that led to Jones’ loss of his job.[1] How exactly could a professor be fired for opposing abortion at a Catholic university?! Since that time, Jones has gained international notoriety and amassed a considerable following. Besides his co-religionists, he has found a ready audience within several factions of the dissident-right. This is rather surprising, given that Jones strongly disagrees with the broad-strokes of the dissident-right on numerous fundamental issues. His beliefs differ so profoundly that their respective worldviews are impossible to reconcile. In the following, I will attempt to convey to the reader, in as concise a manner as possible, the beliefs of Jones on three core issues, namely: race, intelligence, and civilization.


I fail to understand how converting racists, materialists and Nazis to the Catholic faith, and encouraging young men and women to get baptized, married and have kids could possibly be construed as a bad thing.[2] — E. Michael Jones

Jones believes that race is an abstraction of the mind (“a fiction”) and an obsolete ideology;[3] it appeared, flowered briefly, and died, all within the span of a hundred years (1855–1945). Having characterized this conception as both upstart and failure, he rails against it, arguing that “Race is a creation of the biological materialism which found its most prominent spokesperson in Charles Darwin.”[4] His choice of the Darwinian-Spencerian articulation is convenient; he ignores other definitions that cohere perfectly with his worldview. Unfortunately, this is as far as his reasoning goes. And, if pressed for justification, he will only restate that which he has previously put forward — seeing no reason how anyone on earth, possessed of a right-thinking mind, could doubt him.

What Jones does believe in, however, is “ethnicity”: this trait is defined by social groups that have common cultural traditions. Of course, for Jones, these common cultural traditions are not influenced by genetics to any socially relevant degree. In fact, because he believes racial and genetic influences are absolutely incompatible with the Christian understanding of free will, Jones rejects these as determinants of human behavior. Hence, such theories are also equally incompatible with his critique of Jewish behavior (rooted in cultural-religious failings) proposed in The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit.[5]

To understand his view on mestizaje, a reader need only examine the description of Ethnos Needs Logos on Amazon’s Kindle Store:

In Mexico, unity happened by miracle overnight. Juan Diego’s tilma, with its depiction of the Virgin Mary, is the symbol of Mexico, the basis for a Mexican culture that has survived the predations of the richer and more powerful neighbor to the north. Our Lady of Guadalupe [the Catholic title of the Blessed Virgin Mary associated with a series of Marian apparitions] appeared as a mestiza, a mixture of European and Native American races. She was the cosmic symbol of the race mixing the English feared since the moment they set foot on the soil of the New World. She was the symbol of Mexican identity. She was the symbol of Catholic race-mixing and the antithesis of England’s and later America’s and still later Germany’s ideology of racial superiority.

Clearly, Jones favors miscegenation, suggesting that it even earns the approval of Heaven itself. And this quote isn’t exactly an outlier; his oeuvre is replete with multiple pages of thought flowing in the same vein.

How then, did so many come to believe that Jones supports, at least to some degree, “ethno-nationalism”? It should be patently obvious at this stage that he does not (and cannot) support any form of racial-nationalism. To elucidate, the Catholic Church is both Catholic and universal — and the historical teachings of the Church clearly affirm that it is for human unity and opposed to division. Jones invariably agrees, diametrically opposing “race,” “racialism,” and “racism.” He believes the first two to be incompatible with Catholicism and factually unsound. Like any other liberal, he believes the third to be a wicked sin. All three are to be rejected for the division they impose on the worldwide human family. Jones, therefore, speaks out against all forms of racial-nationalism. He even rejects monarchy, calling it “an obsolete form of government which will never return.” What Jones does support, however, is a variant of democracy — “Catholic democracy”, an innovation that mixes the neo with the archeo: modern democratic ideas and traditional Christian values.[6]

We will note here — in stark contrast to Jones’s oft-repeated claim that an African could, e.g., become Polish, that not even in the Soviet Union itself was it believed that Turks and Uzbeks, for instance, could become Russian!


Race difference in intelligence was created in America at the beginning of the 20th century… in order to exclude certain groups of people from the United States of America. It was based on immigration. … I’ve never been convinced that the IQ test was an accurate indicator of intelligence.[7]E. Michael Jones  

True to form, Jones believes that IQ tests are virtually useless; rather than measuring intelligence, they only measure an individual’s ability to take IQ tests.

Marching against a hundred years of studies and any remotely reasonable inferences of the data, Jones offers this stunning critique: “Race difference in intelligence was created in America at the beginning of the 20th century.”  As Edward Dutton correctly points out to Jones in their video discussion, “The fact that an IQ test was invented in 1912, and the fact there was a motive for wanting to deploy it, does not mean there are not differences in intelligence between different groups.” (Actually, the IQ test was invented in France by Alfred Binet who had been requested by a government commission to design a test that would identify children who were falling behind in school so that they could receive help; the first version appeared in 1908.) Unable to respond directly, Jones parries with a different line of argument, albeit one that also confuses wishful fiction with fact: “What you see over time is that the test becomes synonymous with intelligence.” Dutton’s polite response returns to the central issue: IQ correlates well with other measures of cognitive ability, such as educational attainment at 0.7 (a good test being one that correlates in the expected direction with other examples of what it is you’re trying to measure and not something else); it also correlates with a host of other real-life variables including job performance, even among people with similar levels of education, health, and social class; there is also a substantial body of research indicating differences in brain structure and brain size associated with differences in IQ. Jones ostensibly acknowledges much of this but stays put in his epistemic foxhole, returning fire. He repeatedly demonstrates his complete lack of knowledge on the topic, seemingly brought about by his inability to accept the idea that intelligence might actually be measurable.

It is abundantly clear that 1) Jones has no acceptable reasoning with which he can back up his stated belief; and 2) he doesn’t know anything about IQ tests, psychometrics, or quantitative psychology.

Wondering if there was anything more to his position on IQ, a request for a greater explanation was mailed to Jones. His response reads:

Standardized tests are a good indication of how well you take standardized tests. They don’t help a doctor diagnose appendicitis or a writer write a sentence. We published an article in Culture Wars a few years back by Chris Rapcewicz on how IQ tests were used to discriminate against certain groups. You find it by searching the index at


“Without the Catholic Church, Europe would resemble Somalia.”[8] – E. Michael Jones

Because Jones denies race, and all that it implies, he consequently rejects the traditional definition of the word “nation” (a race of people) — with its very etymology going back through old French to Latin.[9] He instead accepts the modern post-racial definitions, which can be readily found in any recent mainstream dictionary from any post-Enlightenment Anglophone country.

Regarding the creation of modern Europe, Jones writes, “Ethnos [“ethnicity”] needs Logos, especially if it aspires, as every ethnic group does, to become a nation. Logos, not race, is what allowed the various warring tribes of Europe who plundered the last structures of the Roman Empire to coalesce into the nations that constituted Christian Europe in a process that lasted in some instances over a millennium.[10] Indeed, it was logos alone that was responsible for the immense success of the warring cultural groups of Europe.

As anyone well acquainted with Jones should know, his central intellectual enterprise is Logos, which he defines most simply as “divine order” — the order and harmony of all creation, which serves as evidence of a divine Creator. “God” is also “Logos” according to Jones. Additionally, he affirms that the link between the creator and the created is Logos. And that we can participate in God’s mind, if we are rational creatures, by being rational. By this, he means that we can participate in God’s mind, as rational creatures, by living according to God’s will — i.e., by living a Catholic life.

Logos is the primary factor in Jones’ worldview. It determines whether a group will stew in abject poverty, squalor, and disease or ascend to the abundant and divine comfort of high civilization. The secondary determining factors are geography and physical things like mountain ranges.[11]

It is from this position, having rejected so much of modern science, that Jones puts forward claims such as, “Without the Catholic Church, Europe would resemble Somalia” and “If it weren’t for St. Boniface, my ancestors would still be chasing pigs through the forests of Germany and worshiping trees.[12]  

Beyond any doubt whatsoever, Jones’ Logos is nothing more than the functional equivalent of Magic Dirt Theory, which John Derbyshire adeptly explains:

The core idea is that one’s physical surroundings—the bricks and mortar of the building you’re in, or the actual dirt you are standing on—emit invisible vapors that can change your personality, behavior, and intelligence. That’s why, for example, you read so much about “bad schools” or “failing schools.” The thing to be explained is that schools whose students are overwhelmingly non-Asian minorities—blacks and mestizos—get much worse results on academic tests than schools whose students are majority white and East Asian. This has been so for decades, defying even extravagantly expensive efforts to change it, like the Kansas City fiasco of the 1990s.[13]

For a deeper view on the subject, the reader may turn to one of the many available philosophical critiques of Catholicism or liberalism; however, here we are only concerned with the essence of Jones’ thought.


In light of this information, we should be careful about how we approach and interpret the work of Jones. While some important ideas may be gleaned from it, it is largely incongruent with the more robust worldviews based on science. We should also be cautious of Jones and his intentions, given that he is clearly opposed to what we believe and appears to be consequently trying to convert us to his Catholicism.

Note: The author wishes to convey that the article is not intended to be anti-Christian and that the author is Russian Orthodox. 

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  1. Luke
    Luke says:

    E. Michael Jones, or anyone else, who supports miscegenation – is in support of White European genocide and that is the very same position that jews hold towards the White race.

    I will admit that I have listened to perhaps hundreds of radio interviews of this fellow – and agree with many of the points he makes about jewish behavior and jewish efforts to subvert and ultimately destroy Western Civilization. But, how this guy can claim to be concerned about saving Western Civilization and its Christian foundation of morality – but, yet lack the intelligence to understand that without White Europeans, Western Civilization would have never been created in the first place and certainly not by blacks or mestizos or Asians or any other non-white race – is, to my way of thinking, justification for not taking the rest of what he has to say with much credibility.

    I hope the debate between Jones and Jared Taylor eventually takes place and I expect Taylor will do a fantastic job of cleaning his clock on the race question.

    • Nick Dean
      Nick Dean says:

      Ideologues are the flea upon nationalist bodies always. Ideas for ideas’ sake thinking necessitates loyalty to the idea even if it’s not true and harms the nation. The nationalist is his opposite and would not want to import Catholics or conservatives or democrat voters or “higher IQ and more civic-minded,” or whatever else is the pushable alternative to the people as it simply is and wishes to remain.


      For further proof that Jones and his ‘ideas’ mindset implies he must lie and do harm, consider the fact he thinks America is traditionally composed of ‘three ethnic groups’: Jews, Protestants and Catholics. So, not only are Poles and the Irish the same ‘ethnic group’, but so are most Blacks and Whites who are protestant. The man has to rewrite dictionaries and lie about commonly observed facts to self-serve his weird religious obsessions and comical inability to be loyal to his race. This is ‘logos’? It would be news to the Greeks.

      Blame the altright for him being a part of our discourse at all. What a surprise!

      • Angelicus
        Angelicus says:

        Nick Dean = You are right. E. Michael Jones is a waste of space, in fact, he is even worse than that. He is a traitor.

          • Nick Dean
            Nick Dean says:

            Jones is pretty well set in his ways against the White race, GK. He has decided always to be against us as a race and against races altogether. He isn’t even biblically guided, where Jews were instructed to be race-minded, and Catholics have a catechism from 1992 that expressly approves of race and national distinctions and the cosmic mandate to preserve them until whatever Jones waits for.

            He’s a crank amongst cranks who writes about Jews who don’t think like his favoured Jews do, because he thinks Jews are all important and Whites don’t exist.

          • Angelicus
            Angelicus says:

            “Potential allies”? In what world do you live in? Why should I want to associate with a traitor that says that there is no such a thing as the white race? A bastard that openly calls for miscegenation? With “friends” like these who need enemies?

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        In “Slaughter of the Cities,” Jones puts forth his theory on how distinct ethnic groups that happened to be Catholic — e.g. Poles and Germans — lost their ethnic identity by being driven out of the inner cities of America.

        This was done by importing blacks into their neighborhoods. By Jones’s logic, if the blacks had been Catholic, there would have been no problem.

        Jones’s objection to “white people” as a concept is that it mashes together distinctive ethnic and religious groups into an amorphous and meaningless concept called “white people.”

        He sees this as a form of abstraction and loss of identity. That loss of identity is reflected in the monotonous suburban and uniform consumer lifestyle of “white people” as opposed to the vibrant (I hate that word) and authentic (another word I hate) lifestyle to be found in distinct ethnic neighborhoods centered on Catholic parishes.

        The trouble with this analysis is that most white people today are a mixture of different white ethnicities and religious backgrounds.

        So whether Jones likes it or not, most white Americans can only claim that what distinguishes them in relation to other groups is not a particular ethnic or religious lineage, but rather being “white” or of European descent.

        And even if Jones were to say, “Fine. Then just say that you’re of European descent instead of saying that you’re white,” another problem would arise.

        More and more Europeans are not purely of European descent. Because of Third World immigration and miscegenation, more and more Europeans are of only partial European descent. You cannot equate them with white Americans who are solely of European descent.

        Jones tries to get around these objections by claiming that there are only three significant ethnic groups in the “melting pot” that is America: Catholic, Protestant and Jew.

        The problem with this (besides intermarriage between members of different religions) is that the influence of religion in the lives of Americans has significantly declined. And that religious influence has always been countered by the Enlightenment (anti-religious) values upon which America was founded.

        Our most famous Founding Father — George Washington — was a Freemason. Our one dollar bill and our national capitol are filled with masonic symbolism.

        Catholics and Jews might be united, but the same can hardly be said of Protestants.

        Furthermore, the Catholic Church isn’t just “not Catholic,” it is “anti-Catholic” and “anti-Christian” in its current incarnation. Jones, a traditional Catholic, is arguing from the sidelines of present-day Catholicism, not the center.

        All of that being said, Jones is valuable. No one is better at deconstructing Jewish subversion. And his religious background lends a moral force to that analysis that is unique and indispensable.

        Jones is extremely well read and articulate. His concept of Logos is essential to understanding how and why a synthesis of Christianity and Greek philosophy created the greatest civilization ever known to man.

        I would agree that people “make” culture (instead of “culture making people” — the assimilationist claim) and that white people DID in fact create most of civilization as we know it. But then we have to understand HOW they did it. And Jones gives us the explanation.

        So, as with other things, take the good and leave the rest. In my opinion, you would be doing yourself a disservice if you did not read “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit” and listen to Jones whenever you get the chance.

        • Nick Dean
          Nick Dean says:

          And none of what he would predict plays out in effect. Polish observant Catholic Americans end up performing educationally, socially, criminally, professionally, and familially most like Polish non-religious Americans, not like Italian Catholic Americans or Mexican or Filipino Americans. Religion doesn’t mean much at all in the real world, race and nation does. Jones is more capable of parsing this data than Thomas Sowell but Sowell did a better job because he isn’t a religious crank liar, he’s an honest student.

          • George Kocan
            George Kocan says:

            Polish Catholics in Chicago formed communities around their churches and maintained ethnic, family, cultural, social and language bonds. They managed to overcome the devastating challenges of immigrating into a foreign and often hostile country and build magnificent churches, schools, hospitals, newspapers, art clubs, sports clubs and other expressions of their Polishness. Along with other ethnic Catholics, they gained political power in the city challenging both the dominant Irish and other members of the Cryptocracy. The response to this challenge was ethnic cleansing by importing a flood of Protestants from the south, thus, driving the ethnics in to suburbs where Polishness and ethnicity were destroyed in favor of a tepid Americanism. Naturally, such ethnic cleansing worked spectacularly, replacing Catholics with hippies, commies, Third World immigrants of various stripes, in short malcontents of the Democrat Party.

          • Nick Dean
            Nick Dean says:

            Just to quote for the record:

            George Kocan:
            April 23, 2020 at 1:38 pm

            Polish Catholics in Chicago formed communities around their churches and maintained ethnic, family, cultural, social and language bonds. They managed to overcome the devastating challenges of immigrating into a foreign and often hostile country and build magnificent churches, schools, hospitals, newspapers, art clubs, sports clubs and other expressions of their Polishness. Along with other ethnic Catholics, they gained political power in the city challenging both the dominant Irish and other members of the Cryptocracy. The response to this challenge was ethnic cleansing by importing a flood of Protestants from the south, thus, driving the ethnics in to suburbs where Polishness and ethnicity were destroyed in favor of a tepid Americanism. Naturally, such ethnic cleansing worked spectacularly, replacing Catholics with hippies, commies, Third World immigrants of various stripes, in short malcontents of the Democrat Party.

        • Carolyn Yeager
          Carolyn Yeager says:

          “The trouble with this analysis is that most white people today are a mixture of different white ethnicities and religious backgrounds.”

          This wouldn’t be as true as it is if the ethnic city neighborhoods had been able to remain intact. How fondly I remember our Catholic relatives in Chicago, and their “flat” in a quiet German neighborhood on the city’s north-western side, but not too far west. We could walk to Riverside Amusement Park and other attractions like movie theaters. Yes, their parish church was pretty much all German, with German priests. Later, after all the demographic changes, my aunt moved into a house at the far west edge of the city. It was sure not the same! Nor was the house as interesting as their flat had been and did not feel as good. My grandparents had lived in one of those “railroad cars” style flats too – what a neat place it was. Though they lived in a more commercial area, it was German too, with a big Heinemann’s Bakery on the corner.

          There is a great sense of safety in an ethnic neighborhood. And if they share the same religion, that’s even better. “White” is not the same, no matter how peaceful it might be otherwise. I believe in the importance of ethnicity and will never see “White” as a replacement for it.

          • Nick Dean
            Nick Dean says:

            What are different countries for, CY? That we can have, cherish and preserve these discrete cultures is what different countries are for. Go to Germany if that is where your loyalty lies. The historic American nation will do fine even without your bitching.

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            Whites ( aryans/caucasians/Indo-Europeans ) appear to have the weakest sense of racial identity primarily because of christian theology and people like EMJ whom oppose racial consciousness . A weak sense of racial identity correlates directly with a weak sense of obligation to protect or support other same race persons in mixed-race conflicts . As one salient contemporary example , witness the pathetic White ethnic assistance offered to White South Africans in their political struggles against African negroes . The three major proponents whom spearheaded the overthrow of the SA White dominion were President Clinton , Pope John Paul and the gay catholic negro bishop Tutu — 2 Whites , 1 Black — three christians .

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            I agree with Caroline that it is unfortunate that ethnic white neighborhoods have disappeared and most whites have ended up in suburbs.

            As for “going to Germany,” you might be surprised how divided the Germans are, not only by religion, but by region and dialect as well.

            I remember a Bavarian telling me that when someone from another German region (I forget which) walked through a field, he left two deep tracks on either side of him.

            In other words, he was an ape whose arms dangled down far enough to drag along the ground.

            I took it that my friend was only half-kidding.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            That’s so funny Eric, I have to comment on it even if no one sees it. That’s the whole thing about ethnic city neighborhoods in the U.S. Since the inhabitants were not in their home country any longer but in a multinational country (US) those regional differences fade away and all, say, Germans are just German, not a specific type of German. The contrast is now with non-Germans, and that creates a secure sense of … family feeling, us vs them. Another lesson is: we’re always going to find something with which to contrast ourselves even if it’s only accent, cuisine and landscape (mountains or farmland).

        • Sutter
          Sutter says:

          Since Jones has proven himself to be so deficient in logic, I don’t see why we should let ourselves be swept easily into agreement with his analysis of Jews.

          His analysis is quite silly and religious in nature. It is tied in with the concept of “rejecting Logos,” which is unscientific.

          There is a rather simple explanation of Jewish subversion: they are trying to make a world perfectly safe for Jews because of their long memory of every pogrom. Indeed, KMac acknowledges this.

          But then again, this isn’t incriminating. It is easy to sympathize with this. But it is the way it is. And indeed, virtually all minorities in all countries through history have advocated for liberal tolerance, for their own well-being. All minorities in the USA do the same.

          We must push past this and continue making arguments against globalism, and for nationalism. We must explain that diversity is a negative, and unity is a positive, even despite the fact that intolerant people have revealed ourselves to be evil through so much of human history.

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            Jones is not deficient in logic. And his analysis of Jews is spot on.

            The pogroms and so-called Holocaust (which has upstaged much worse things that have happened to other people) were brought on by Jewish behavior, not by “evil white Christians” mistreating Jews for no reason.

            Cherry-picking what MacDonald has said will not get you very far on this website.

          • Carolyn Yeager
            Carolyn Yeager says:

            “There is a rather simple explanation of Jewish subversion: they are trying to make a world perfectly safe for Jews …”

            I agree with this; that’s it in a nutshell. Sutter’s whole comment is very good. Maybe the answer for how to proceed.
            “We must push past this (minorities understandable demand for tolerance) and continue making arguments against globalism, and for nationalism. We must explain that diversity is a negative, and unity is a positive.”

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      Thanks Luke, As you say, Taylor will clean Jones’s clock on the race question. We who are knowledgeable about race know this and if we didn’t we would
      already have been told numerous times on sites like TOQ, CounterCurrents, Unz etc., etc. etc..

      But let me ask you a question Luke. Why is it that no one on these sites ever tells us that Jones will clean Taylor’s clock on the Jewish Question? I have never seen or heard anyone say that. Why is that ? Why is it that Taylor’s semophilia is so much less important to WN’s than Jones’s deracination? We all know what the Jews have been up to – how they have systematically undermined our borders, our cultures and our minds. And yet when Jared Taylor refuses to talk about the J Question – I believe I once heard him say that “there is just a little problem there” that is not deserving of so much white nationalist critical attention – nobody particularly squawks or at least not when Jones is also the subject of attention.
      How come? Certainly no white nationalist should believe that the Jews are not out to destroy our civilization, right Luke? You say it yourself and E Michael Jones says it. And thoroughly documents it. So why then is there this preference for Taylor’s quietism/ collaboration with Jewish Power over Jones deracination? Why do you think that is?

        • Achilles Wannabe
          Achilles Wannabe says:

          Yeah Nick, I agree that strictly speaking Jones and Taylor are not part of our movement. But the ultimate success of our movement depends on a sea change in public opinion. Both these guys are opinion makers with relatively big audiences. Both of a them have their fingers in important stuff that the public needs to think about – race with Taylor,
          ethnicity and particularly Jews with Jones. Put those two together and you have us, right? One without the other is ultimately a loser but somebody who is initially attracted to either Jones or Taylor could be on a way station on the way to us. People have to start somewhere. I am being speculative. I came here by the way of KMac but there are half way houses like Taylor or Jones that might be easier for some people

          But there is something else about Jones. Theoretically speaking he fails both the race test and the ethnicity test because he doesn’t get genetics. However if you forget about his theoretical universalism, He is almost spot on about the Jews. Also
          he raises what I think of as “The Catholic Question” or how much does ethnicity matter among white people.
          A lot of WN’s don’t seem to
          go there. I am Irish and was raised Catholic though I am a long time atheist. I am familiar with and comfortable in Anglo culture- schools, women etc. But I like to read histories about white people that notice my own peculiarities. Don’t see much of that in KMac – much as I like him I get it in Jones. I think it is why a lot of us who are Irish, German
          Polish etc might like him.

          • Nick Dean
            Nick Dean says:

            I think if you Irish had better recognition of your own history you’d feel pretty good about colonising Great Britain in sufficient numbers and cultural weight to rename one of our largest countries after yourself and leaving a heavy genetic footprint everywhere else.

            I think you’d feel good about invading and conquering and renaming after yourselves what we now call Scotland. You won that one. But that proud history is essentially forgotten. You’re just poor victims. Bullshit! Think for yourself and stop fighting for the victim stick with Jews who made it, control it, and will never let you have any control of it.

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        Jones and Taylor are (and should be) part of our movement because what Jones says about the Jews is true and what Taylor says about forcing whites to mix with non-whites is true.

        Neither one has the complete solution, but that doesn’t mean they don’t provide valuable service to the WN cause.

        Imagine where we would be without Taylor’s “White Identity” or Jones’s “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit”? Those books lend moral and intellectual weight to our movement equal to Kevin MacDonald’s trilogy.

        Neither man is asking to lead our movement. Neither one WOULD lead it because one of them would not go against the Jews and the other would not defend the preservation of the white race.

        No matter. We can still use them. And we can enjoy the fact that WE have a special insight both of them lack: that the COMBINATION of Jewish influence and race mixing in white nations is the real problem that needs to be addressed.

        • TJ
          TJ says:

          Our problem in one word- monopoly.

          Information monopoly, and monetary hegemon.

          Both of these are held in place by Federal regulation
          and statutes. This is, and these are, the Matrix.

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            No doubt . Jewish zionist information monopolies are indispensable to the creation and maintenance of Jewish Supremacy Inc . Whites on average have the IQ but not the political intelligence to compete successfully against jewish Zionists . Remediating the overall low level of political intelligence among the relatively large White ethnic group is not easy nor simple and may even be practically impossible ( hopefully not ) .

      • Sutter
        Sutter says:

        The fact is that the whole Jewish thing is only mildly interesting as a partial historical explanation for why the cultural institutions have become so incredibly anti-racist and pro-diversity, but it was not at all the only factor.

        It just doesn’t matter that much. I don’t understand why people are as obsessed as they are. It’s not as if I don’t understand that Jews push diversity: of course they do. So do ALL other minorities. And of course they push it ever harder because they are afraid of the Holocaust. No duh.

        But at the end of the day, the white majority is also choosing their own demise. Since attacking Jews is counterproductive, it is better to try to make whites want to be white, and attack the arguments against nationalism, not the Jews.

        There is no possible future in which we entirely ethnically cleanse every “different” person from our countries. There is also no possible future in which Jews are cleansed. There is just not much point in pursuing this.

        • Eric
          Eric says:

          If you had read and understood Jones and Kevin MacDonald, you would know that the oppression of the Jews has been brought about by one thing and one thing only — Jewish behavior.

          You would know that Jews have followed a historic pattern of allying themselves with powerful rulers who are unscrupulous. They have used that alliance to bring misery and oppression to ordinary average white people — in Spain, in Russia, and in many other countries.

          You would know that Jews are — above all — a nation. An international nation that looks out for its own interests first and foremost, just like any other nation. What makes the Jewish nation unique is its ability to infiltrate, influence and rule other nations.

          Jews seek to conform every nation they inhabit to their own goals and interests. The common people of a given nation will never prosper or maintain their freedoms and rights if their government and cultural institutions are heavily influenced by Jews.

          I agree that we cannot ethnically cleanse the Jews. Nor can we save the countries that have fallen under their influence.

          The long term goal of white nationalists can only be a white ethnostate free of Jews. Or a confederation of such white ethnostates.

          The alternative to the white ethnostate is clear: white genocide.

          Make your choice. It’s one or the other.

        • Ed
          Ed says:

          “Cleansing Jews” is a straw man, evoking Hitler. We just need to stop allowing them to influence white public opinion. Which should be easier in the age of the internet than ever before. “Bell the cat”… and we’re good. Even normies are smashing the early life section of Wikipedia and finding an interesting “surprise”.

          Further an iron-clad strategy of war is never get sucked in to attacking the closest enemy (the proxy). If you fight and defeat the Jew, problems with blacks, gays, and feminism disappear… or at least recede to pre-1900 levels. Pointing out that blacks misbehave is rather de rigeur and dreary. Of course they do. Thats why Jews are stimulating more misbehavior and telling them to point it at white people.

    • d.
      d. says:

      Christian churches have always cared about national issues like you can see in orthodox churches. Inside the gerarchical order you have the Primate or Patriarch who is the supervisor of a national church.
      In the social doctine you have also the organic principle complementary and connected with the sussidiary one.

      Jones refletc too much duginism in his point of view…

    • bellemoons
      bellemoons says:

      Jared Taylor is a gatekeeper/deadend because he refuses to even address what cannot under any circumstance be ignored. EMJ is a gatekeeper/deadend because he refuses to address racial genetics (and thus Jewry on a genetic level since he believes genetics doesn’t even exist and that all Jews need to do is mouth some words and be baptised and this will fundamentally change their very being which has been proven false by false conversions but he HAS to believe this because that is fundamental to his entire world view – his religion). KMac neither believes it is genetically tied but just an evolutionary strategy.. how one can come to this conclusion but not connect it genetically is beyond me. Either way.. basically everyone except JEWS ignores the metaphysical genetically tied SOUL. Ofcourse the Jew , being in possession of a Jewish soul, will interpret this as the Jewish soul being inherently GOOD and the non-Jew in possession of a non-Jewish soul as being inherently BAD. Why are their different souls? I don’t know but obviously there are and the only TWO which are direct players in this battle is the Jewish and Aryan (or if that term bothers you .. replace it with whatever you want to.. I prefer Germanic) .. everyone else (other racial souls) are relegated to basically bystanders and potential proxies to be used by the active aggressor against its enemy.

      • Angelicus
        Angelicus says:

        Bellamoons = You have made a very good analysis of these two pathetic characters (Jared Taylor and EMJ) What is particularly harmful is the latter’s idiotic belief that a Jew can become something else just because he is baptized. That proves his colossal ignorance of the Jewish Question. What can you expect from a moron who lives in the Middle Ages?

        • George Kocan
          George Kocan says:

          Many Jews have converted to the Catholic Faith (not counting the original apostles and disciples), among them Mortimer Alder of the Great Books series, not Jewish books but books written by Europeans. The usual sequence is 1. conversion and then 2. Baptism. Another Jew of note is Bernard Nathanson, a abortionist and one of the founders of NARAL, who explained in one of his books how this Jewish organization used Catholics as foils to convince the public that abortion on demand is a good, decent and moral practice.

        • Frank
          Frank says:

          Jews convert … and it works … but even Jones says be watchful of false conversions. I read an early 20th century French writer (forget his name) who said that it took three generations before the Jewish trait of trickery was totally eradicated.


          (Mod. Note: “Vaughn”, or “Von” or “Fan of Jones” or “Frank” … please do not post under different handles while using the same email and URL. This confuses readers. Or is that your intention? Just Don’t Do It.)

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            I was reading comments posted in response to an article that was on a conservative Catholic website. The comments concerned a “Catholic” woman named “Goldstein” who was raising a ruckus and being a divisive figure in the Church.

            When I commented, “Well, duh. She’s doing it because she’s a Jew,” all hell broke loose.

            Oh, my, what a terrible person I was! It was entertaining to see all the virtue-signaling that ensued.

            Needless to say, I didn’t bother with that website anymore. It was another fake conservative “controlled opposition” site run and populated by fake Christians…

    • Jared Taylorstein
      Jared Taylorstein says:

      Will Jared Taylor clean his cock with his usual, philo arguments “jews look white to me”? Or that good one “jews are our friends”? Or a very specific subtle one he uses “jews have been involved in american renaissance since the beginning”?

      Sorry, but Jared Taylor has jewish money in his pockets. Any guy that tells me to listen to jews doesn’t have my well being in his mind.

      • Nick Dean
        Nick Dean says:

        And when it comes to regular American Whites who have pro-White positions, Taylor absolves himself of responsibility for anything active they do in self-defense with the line, “but I only have a professional relationship with them.” Which is true, Jews pay him to try and neutralize them.

      • Angelicus
        Angelicus says:

        You could not have said it better. Jared is a waste of space like the other gatekeeper EMJ. I don’t know which one is worse.

  2. Alphonsus Jr.
    Alphonsus Jr. says:

    I suspect that Edward von Newhouser has attacked a straw man. I’d like to see a response here from Jones.

  3. George Kocan
    George Kocan says:

    In his books, Jones offers valuable critiques of modern culture. In “Degenerate Moderns,” he exposes how people like Sigmund Freud, Pablo Picasso and Frederick Nietzsche have influenced and corrupted the culture of Christian Europe, that is, modern culture. While I believe that race is real, not a “social construct,” I also recognize the importance of culture, religion (or ideology) in shaping behavior. Walter Williams, a Black economist with many fans among conservatives recently wrote a column which reported that black students who have been processed in schools by “progressive” teachers did poorly academically compared to those educated by conservative institutions. Chicago, which is run totally by Democrats, which includes a significant influence of communists, has runs public schools which graduates students who cannot read and do basic math. Drive-by shootings happen regularly in this city, in Black neighborhoods which vote 90% for Democrats.No one is born a criminal, a shooter. But, Democrats have found a way to reliably create them, by making sure they do not have exposure to the disciplined and loving culture of Catholicism. Through their control of entertainment and other institutions, they have made sure that Blacks have plenty of sex (the kinkier the better) and abortions, avoid marriage and related responsibilities and blame Whites for their troubles. In discussions about the Black community, the role of the Democrat Party in corrupting an entire racial group is never discussed.

    • Spark of Stark
      Spark of Stark says:

      White trash neighborhoods are just as screwed up as black ones, even though most of them don’t vote 90% for democrats. The vast majority of poverty-level whites are culturally black, talk in ebonics, live on welfare and have all the same social pathologies as ghetto blacks, or are even worse in some things like opioid addiction. Most of these degenerate white trash don’t vote at all but neither do the poor blacks, so I don’t see how democrats are making them behave this way.

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        You’ve given us the stereotypical, anti-white liberal/Left response.

        No one who truly interacted with and knew poor white people would paint such an unsympathetic picture.

      • George Kocan
        George Kocan says:

        Yes, and such neighborhoods existed in Chicago when I lived there and they voted for Democrats. Democrats control the culture in which these people live. They control among other things the schools. They make promises to fix things and make lives better. So, they win elections. I must add, that much of the White trash that I encountered in Chicago came with the influx of the Black population from the South, from Mississippi, from Arkansas and other places. They were largely Protestant invading Catholic neighborhoods, driving the Catholics out in a planned ethnic cleansing, which Jones documented in his book, “The Slaughter of Cities.”

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          ” Democrats control the culture in which these people live.”

          should be

          [ Jews whom either are democrats or control democrats control the culture …]


          • Eric
            Eric says:

            Which is why we have to name the Jew.

            The Jew has shaped both mainstream political parties.

            Jewish influence has caused the Democrat party to embrace Cultural Marxism (diversity, feminism, etc.). Jewish influence has caused the Republican Party to embrace Neo-Conservatism (wars for Israel).

            Jewish influence has caused both parties to embrace open borders and the decline of the white middle and working classes.

  4. Jay Johnson
    Jay Johnson says:

    The White race built the world today of mankind lifted out of the mud and blood of the Earth and past.

    For a thousand years, Western mankind was mired in the Saul/Paul Jew founded and run Catholic Church* tyranny. Then Luther stuck up his Ninety-Five Theses giving impetuous to the White people of the West to throw off the tyranny. Mankind EXPLODED in development, thought, Liberty, and civilization.

    While the rest of mankind was still wallowing in tribal, wandering, or bureaucratic cultures, and the Jew virus was still contained on the Steppes, the White race West was thinking, inventing, exploring, and building. White race founded Liberty, civilization, and rising living-standards burst forth upon mankind.

    Only with the moving of the Jew virus West did mankind’s progress begin again to falter (The slave trade for instance)**. Only with Napoleon’s loosing of the Jew virus on the West (Grand Sanhedrin) did mankind begin to again embrace war over civilization. The Jews’ conquering of the last bastion of resistance to their malevolence, Germany, has sent mankind back on a course to the stone age, or worse.

    There is a reason that Jesus came to push back against not the Roman or Chinese empires of the day, but the Jews. There is a reason that Jesus is said to come again to save mankind from the Jews, “The Anti-Christ,” and their Catholic Church instrument of tyranny, “The Beast.”

    “It’s the Jews, stupid.” –Steele

    *The Church functioning as government and tyranny, not the people of Christian FAITH calling themselves Catholic.
    **Note the stark contrast in outcomes of the non-Catholic settled New World versus the Catholic/Jesuit settled New World.

    • daouda
      daouda says:

      Roma was the unique imperial state that united the white race in his federation ( prior the 3 ethnic tribes of the legend which i think are the three branches of caucasian people ) and with its dessolution catholic spiritual power didn’t limitate wars between christians.
      It was the imperial power that was forming the stability of the white europe before Islam and asiatic invasion that determinate the dissolution of occidental part.

      Protestantism is strumental and jews inspired, catholicism sells itself to the nordicist France and the unity was over without the possibility of a caucasian unity.

      Islam phisically and oriental esoterism intellectually attaks us still today like was in medieval and rinascimental era when you have the basis we togheter love of our progress.
      I prefear a leal foreigner tha a traitor.

    • daouda
      daouda says:

      pay attention to sabbateism and frankism in catholic and orthodox church and you will get that jews always supported muslims and oriental esoterism in our lands.

      I think protestantism is all bad but i think the best “normal individuale” not saint that i have seen are form this eresy

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      The Catholic Church tried to protect Christians from Jews and (somewhat) succeeded for a thousand years.

      The Orthodox Church actually did protect Christians from Jews — until a “Jew coup” overthrew Mother Russia.

      It wasn’t long after the death of Luther that Protestants actively collaborated with Jews.

      The Catholics had a “social doctrine” and doctrine of “subsidiarity” that recognized and promoted the dignity of all as children of God.

      The Protestant church reduced a man’s value to the size of his bank account.

      Of course, the mainstream Catholic and Protestant churches of today aren’t even recognizably Christian. By default, we are ruled by the Jews. The situation is somewhat better in Eastern Europe and Russia.

      • Jay Johnson
        Jay Johnson says:

        The Catholic Church was founded by the Jews. It is imbued, infected, with the Jews’ malevolence.

        The Catholic Church was/is like the Jew infected US Tyranny, sometimes it pays lip service to this or that, all the while their plundering, destruction, misery, and death continues unabated.

        Or put another way: The Jews enjoyed over a thousand years of plundering and destruction of mankind before Luther started the ball rolling against them. In the 500 years since, mankind has progressed in leaps and bounds, except those areas Catholic/Jesuit colonized. North America and China were colonized by the non-Catholic English, while Latin America and the Philippines were colonized by Spanish Catholics/Jesuits, etc. The outcome is stark, and telling.

        • George Kocan
          George Kocan says:

          As I recall, Luther took up with the Moslems. I am not sure that was much of an improvement over the Jews.

          • Jay Johnson
            Jay Johnson says:

            Like or dislike Muslims, but they are not a civilization infecting and destroying virus as the Jews are.

            Also: Which Muslim country has invaded America and sails and stations their fleet in the Gulf along our shores? Which Muslim country has sold billion upon billion of fiat-dollars in arms every year to our neighbors? Which Muslim country stations troops in our country and neighboring countries? Which Muslim country has overthrown the governments over us? Which Muslim country has installed and supported tyrants over us? How many Muslims are members of the Jews’ fiat-money and debt grift-machine?

            How many Muslims on the US Tyranny’s Supreme Court? NONE, while Jews are 33%, 1.73% of the US’ population, and Catholic Church representatives are 66%, 18% of the US’ population. A minority 20% ruling over us. Rule by a 20% minority is considered by many to be tyranny.

            The Bottom line: While so many of us are focused on the Jew fifth-column’s propaganda about Muslims, the Jews continue to plundering and destruction of us unabated.

            And no, a few Muslims did not implode with planes 5 buildings in NYC that day of another Jewish Infamy.

          • George Kocan
            George Kocan says:

            Muslims influenced Luther’s theology at a time when they, as the Ottoman Turks, invaded Europe and suffered defeat at the Hands of Gen. John Sobieski who led an alliance of Poles and other Europeans, which did not include Luther and his Germans. Today, Muslims have invaded Europe without firing a shot, as they are invading the US.Many Jews in the US do see this as a problem.

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      You left out the part where Calvin backslid into the Hebrew Bible. Goes a long way toward explaining why post Puritan America is the Jew run usury capital of the world.

      • Jay Johnson
        Jay Johnson says:

        I just discovered that a few months ago. I uncovered it when I was investigating the Jews’ response to Protestantism and Liberty. I knew that the Jews ALWAYS manufacture a counter-meme to use against mankind slipping from their control, so I looked. Calvinism just stuck out like a sore thumb. Bingo!

        • bellamoons
          bellamoons says:

          Yes Calvinism is horrible. It negates free-will. All of the most Judaized offshoots of Calvin ultimately reject free-will. Jehova Witnesses, Mormonism.. and they prescribe an “elect” a pre-determined elect. Judaism ultimately rejects free-will because it is radically monotheist – there is no duality as in Christianity of a “devil” possessing influence. That makes sense if you are a strict monotheist who believes in al all powerful, all knowing “God” doesn’t it? Judaism also differs from European Christianity in that “God” is not all benevolent. It’s right there in the O.T. and you will hear it in he more Judaized of protestant and “non-denominational” protestant sects as well. Sam Harris the “atheist” Jew rejects free-will. I’d say Einstein rejected free-will in the sense that he disagreed with the physicists who showed what appeared to be “randomness” in quantum. He couldn’t or wouldn’t wrap his mind around the fact that there wasn’t an all powerful-mover ultimately controlling everything. This is at least the way I understood his god doesn’t play dice remark.

          The only way I can make sense of A “God” is in a gnostic(?) sense. That there is an uncreated creator but it is outside time and space and the only direct interactions come from lesser created (or fallen?) beings.. demi-gods , angels or “archons” that are neither all good or bad. OR there is fundamentally a relative Duality. For there to be light a darkness must exist.. for a positive a negative must exist.. good vs evil – at least in this existence.

          IF I am wrong and there is no such thing as there being metaphysically differing souls then I’d have to fall on to evolution and come to the conclusion that the different races of man com from different species of pre-human. I don;t see these as being that different.. so I’s still end up on the same projectory but without a metaphysical element which could rise above it. Yikes.

  5. Angelicus
    Angelicus says:

    How refreshing is to see that we are supposed to believe that races do not exist but, at the same time, we should believe in the existence of a guy who walked over the water, cured blind people and resuscitated a man called Lazarus.

    Why should we bother with this idiot? Has anyone ever heard of Prof Revilo Oliver?

      • Angelicus
        Angelicus says:

        You are quite right, Michael. I think that besides being too honest, Prof Oliver had an intellectual formation that put him well above his own generation. He was not only bright, but he also had integrity, and that made him a dangerous person for the Jewish establishment. He would have had fun at the expense of this pathetic Bible-peddler named E. Michael Jones.

        • Achilles Wannabe
          Achilles Wannabe says:

          The Jewish establishment is worried abut Emichale jones. You see the historic Catholic Church put the collar on the Jews. The Protestant Reformation set them free and the plunder has gone on progressively ever since. Jones may not get Jews genetically but he under stands them culturally. Jews have tamed the establishment Catholic Church but they fear traditional Catholics like Jones. Jews think Protestants are useful idiots
          By the way, I an an atheist

          • Valdemar IV
            Valdemar IV says:

            “You see the historic Catholic Church put the collar on the Jews.”
            Pretty clear they never fixed the problem even tho they did not have any problem with methods such as mass murder, as the protestant-catholic struggle revealed.

          • Eric
            Eric says:

            The Jews were pretty well “collared” in Europe (outside of areas conquered by Muslims) by the Catholic Church from roughly 500 to 1500 A.D.

            One thousand years. Not bad.

            They were collared even longer and more effectively by the Orthodox Church.

        • Michael Adkins
          Michael Adkins says:

          I was wondering if you’re familiar with Dr. Damon T. Berry. I’ve been following him since his school days at Ohio State. In his latest book (Blood and Faith: Christianity in American White Nationalism) he spends a lot of time on Revilo P. Oliver.

          • Angelicus
            Angelicus says:

            Thank you very much, Michael, for the information about Dr Damon Berry who I did not know. I will look for his books and/or articles. Good luck!

  6. Panadechi
    Panadechi says:

    The word racism is equivalent to the words heresy or sin in the middle ages. Christianity in its pathological egalitarianism is not compatible with the science-biology reality. According to the latest continuous discoveries to those initiated by Darwin, there is certainty that evolution is real and it is also divergent, this last factor (divergence, evolutionary adaptation) is what produces the anatomical and psycho-social differences in behavior, first is the life (biology, genetic code), then behavior and adaptation to the environment. Humans do not escape these evolutionary rules of nature, it is already known that evolution is not linear, and that the same species may have evolved in different ways, depending on the environment and geographic separation. It is already known that there were no less than 8 different types of hominids, more than 100,000 years ago. So the greater the time-geography separation the more divergent will be the evolution, be it in appearance and IQ. The bees will create honeycombs, the wasps will create hornet’s nest, the ant will create anthill and the flies will create nothing.

    • Jerry cornelius
      Jerry cornelius says:

      The flies are part of the process of putrefaction, they break down flesh and redistribute its elements. An essential part of life.
      Their Chief is Baal In old Hebrew religion(Qabbalah), Baal was chief of ”The Harab Serapal”-The Ravens of death”
      Possibly the Raven who Noah let fly from the Ark.see…

      • Jerry cornelius
        Jerry cornelius says:

        In Qabbalah, you have the ten sephiroth (The light spirits) and the ten demon kings[the dark side] (The ten come from Pythagoras math, taken by the Hebrew) the demons are from the Qliphoth or shells.
        The demons of the second sephiroth are Chaigadel which attach to material or lying appearances. Their chief is Baalzebub whose name signifieth the god of flies because flies haunt putrefying corpses. The Harab Seraphel are from the seventh Sephiroth Netzach (as said above)
        Maybe you think this non-sense but it is part of old literature often mirroring nature- As in flies do represent part of nature… my humble offering.

  7. gerry
    gerry says:

    “Without the Catholic Church, Europe would resemble Somalia.

    LOL, Given what is written in the book of the Song of Solomon:

    Do not stare at me because I am dark, because I am darkened by the sun. My mother’s sons were angry with me and made me take care of the vineyards; my own vineyard I had to neglect. 1:6

    and one has to wonder if King Solomon liked the black ones just as much or better than the white ones? I mean he really had the pick of a great litter didn’t he?

    As for neglecting the vineyard yes indeed if it wasn’t for slavery both white and black Western Civilization would still be groping around in the dark right? See book by Michael Hoffman They Were White and They Were Slaves.

  8. S. Speed
    S. Speed says:

    I suspect jared taylor to be deep state fake anti white racially mixed.

    Races ethnical groups genetics.

    Evolution us ongoing. I think nature surroundings and life had huge effects on people and so does genetics.

    What if genetics, race and ethnicity are a necessary precondition for geniouses and the highest form of art and science invention and do on.

    With raciall mixture it’s lost cant ve brought back. Hence racial mixing us evil goes against gods creation through evolution and so on. Its genocide in action …

  9. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    “Unfortunately, this is as far as his reasoning goes. And, if pressed for justification, he will only restate that which he has previously put forward — seeing no reason how anyone on earth, possessed of a right-thinking mind, could doubt him.”

    A better definition of dogmatic would be hard to imagine.

    The real culture war is that between

    Dogma vs Pragma.

    The difference?

    Pragma is willing to expose the vital system of ideas it lives by to a process of continuous feedback and correction.

    And Dogma isn’t.

    From this point of view Dogma is more fitting for what E. Michael Jones is about than Logos. And a more accurate definition of Logos from the perspective of cultural history would be the attempt to connect words into propositions and propositions into ideas and ideas into explanatory systems and explanatory systems with each other terminating in the study of cultural history itself,

    And make no msitake about it, it’s the study of cultural history that gives us a richer comprehension of human behavior and an insight into human interaction that nothing else can match.

    That’s why it was squashed 50 years ago just when it was picking up steam with writers like Kennetch Clarke, Jaques Barzun, and Morse Peckahm.

    Dogma comes in many forms, from E. Michael Jones, to any ideological extremist on the Right or Left, to The Hostile Elite, to the Chinese Communist Party, and, of course, Jewish Supremacy Inc.

    Obviously, the one most powerful right now is JSI with the runner up being The Chi-Com Party. They’re the two super powers of the world today. There’s no question about that.

    I mean, who else is there?

    In any event, at the moment Dogma in the above form has the entire world in lockdown.

    Dogma’s kind of synonymous with Supremacism.

    So, regarding the current situation, anyone interested in finding a real supremacist need look no further than the dogmatic psychopaths who have us in lockdown right now.

    Lockdown itself being synonymous with kidnapping.

    We’re being held hostage til they figure out what to do with us.

    But first, they need to come up with a sure fire strategy to squash any threat to their authority. Which, as we all know, has come in the form a resurgence in nationalism, or at least in a more nationalistic-type of thinking.

    In short, a rejection of Dogma.

    Regarding E. Michael Jones. He and others like him are the piece of meat JSI throws to the lions weak from starvation, but still potentially dangerous, so as to keep us at bay.

    His star will fade during the course of this year. After that he’ll go the way of Alex Jones and Jordan Peterson. He’ll be a has been.

    But, in a strange way, during this whole lockdown thing, it seems like everyone’s becoming a has been.

    Except me, of course.

  10. Pat Kittle
    Pat Kittle says:

    As a Christian-raised atheist, I genuinely appreciate the kindness of many Christians (& some of their music).

    I feel no need to rebuke them unless they insist on proselytizing, in which case I am reminded of a definition of Christianity:

    “…the belief that a cosmic Jewish zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree.”

      • Jody Vorhees
        Jody Vorhees says:

        No. A more or less accurate appraisal of Christianity, which today, in many, many, many places, is simply a business venture. In the small and dying church my family and I sometimes visit, there is a paid staff of five people. During this 2020 Epidemic, they have made repeated requests to members to continue making financial donations. But they have left the elderly, the needy, and the infirm to fend for themselves. They are not picking up anyone’s prescriptions. They are not grocery shopping for anyone. They are not boots on the ground. They are not even making phone calls to congregants.

        We are in week five of a lock down. They could have easily called all of the congregants in the lesser part of a day. They are instead sitting in a locked sanctuary, live streaming their prayers. Anything else would have required actual work.

        If such people cannot be counted on to assist in a national emergency, what are they worth? All religion is mysticism and superstition. When the tire hits the pavement, it’s all malarkey, infused with a lot of Bolshevist Social Justice Warrior chicken manure.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          They are instead sitting in a locked sanctuary, live streaming their prayers. Anything else would have required actual work.

          Whatever may be the virtues or failings of the specific people you complain about, it is hardly the case that sincere, focused prayer isn’t actual work. Indeed, it is often such very hard work that it’s scarcely a wonder that so few do it.

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            Prayer is fully understood by science and it is a mystery as to why prayer has never been scientificly explicated .

            Prayer sometimes works because it psychologicly calls on prayees to adjust and orient the alignment of their daily behavior patterns and decision-making toward a specified goal where a large number of social participants can facilitate achievement of the goal .

            There is no scientificly credible evidence that sufficient prayer causes an invisible non-incarnate deity to command fulfillment of the simultaneous multiple wishes of prayees nor that of a single prayee . The fulfillment of a prayer is either a purely probabilistic event or the mundane result of cooperative goal oriented behavior of a religious group where the prayees attribute a deity with the power-of-prayer .

  11. Trenchant
    Trenchant says:

    “Mestizo” is a racial category, whether you champion or decry it.

    I don’t know how Dr. Jones defines Jews, absent a racial classification. Many, if not most, Jews are not religiously observant. Perhaps “The Atheist Revolutionary Spirit: And Its Impact on World History” is more apt.

  12. Rob Bottom
    Rob Bottom says:

    Q: You’d be fine with your sons/daughters marrying an an African pygmy, so long as they were Catholic?
    A: Yes, so long as they were Catholic.

    I think we’re done here.

  13. Achilles Wannabe
    Achilles Wannabe says:

    Honestly, I’m in conundrum. I agree with virtually everything this author says about E Michael Jones. On the other hand, part of me wants to scream: “I am sick to death of hearing it.” I have heard it on Unz, CounterCurrents etc., etc’. etc..

    OK Jones is thoroughly deracinated, He is also clinically Catholic. And unlike so many of our role models on the White nationalist right – say particularly Jared Taylor – he is not possessed of much rational demeanor. So how come I LOVE the guy anyway?

    Well here is the thing. I am of Irish Catholic origin. In this country that means I am white but not quite. If that sound like something a certain Jew is want to say, well even the Jews are not all wrong at every level all the time Ok we Irish Catholics had a President – at least until the Jews blew his head off. And nobody kept us out of the good schools or the good jobs – at least when old dogs like me were coming up in the 60’s . But there was a way in which we “ethnic” Catholic origin types were not quite THERE. Not entirely up to snuff.

    The thing is we were not WASP”s. And in this country among the white gentiles, it is the WASP’s who gets the attention, the respect. In the old days the WASP was romanticized. Today he is abhorred But HE s the center of attention and this is reflected in American historiography

    The historian E Michael Jones writes a different kind of history. He talks about Catholics and not just Irish but Poles and Germans – particularly Germans He talks about them in America and in Europe . He talks about them in modernity and before. I find this very refreshing and illuminating At my very Jewish and Protestant college, Christianity was considered irrational. Catholicism on the other hand was declasse as well. There was just something about Catholicism which made it worse than Protestantism. It was that the Catholics persecuted the Jews. Since by the time I got to university “antisemitism” was THE capital crime in the West, I was always sort of feeling a little declasse myself for ever having been in this Catholic religion that once put the collar on the Jews

    Of course nobody told me that the Church’s “persecution” of the tribe was in a great many cases deserved. Nobody told me that Protestantism and particularly Puritanism was a kind of backsliding into Judaism which is the irreligion of ethnic narcissism and usury.

    Nobody told me stuff quite like that until the historian E Michael Jones arrived better late than never. This is why I would advise all of you WN’s who are of some kind of Catholic origin to read Jones, Again, he is way behind the curve on race, and IQ and is much much more CATHOLIC than the Popes have been for a hundred years However in that latter case, his weakness is his strength: He goes where the Catholics were. For you of Irish, German, Polish, or Italian extraction, he will give you a history of YOUR people. You Irish can read how Anglo and Jewish capitalists working together starved your people in an easily documented holocaust that has one understated book that I know of and not one movie from our socially just Jewywood. You Germans can find out about 19th century Deutschland economic theory that made Scottish and English gonzo idealization of free markets look like the Jewish science that anglos love.

    Anyway all Anglos are white but not all Whites are anglos – an obvious fact which is usually ignored or played down whether it be in traditional histories or the new dissident right stuff. Jones is a much needed antidote to historiographical Anglicization

    Read him with discernment though. Contra Jones, White Nationalist politics IS where all whites should be if we want to preserve our race. We really are all in this together. But white ethnicities have never been fully homogenized in America Look at the libertarianism in so many WN’s. Leaves me cold. Irish believe in BIG government. It is who is running Big Government and for whom that we worry about. But Anglo and Irish WN’s can argue about these things. Split the difference. The important thing is that differences of culture and attitudes towards economics and government must be acknowledged straight up if we want to avoid defacto Anglicization of white resistance to Globo Homo. Anglicization of WN will ultimately not be good for those of us who do not hail genetically and culturally from the Anglo British Isles. Anglicization of American historiography is one way white ethnics have been second classed. Jones breaks this Anglo historiographical paradigm. He gets White ethnicity in a defacto way despite his theoretical universalism. Catholic types should read him He will speak to your ethnicity and you will enjoy it.

    Oh, I should belatedly add that while all WASP’s are anglos, not all anglo’s are WASP’s – not even close. But that opens to complications I can’t deal with at the moment.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      Great comment.

      White Anglo-Saxon Protestant identity seems to have become not having an identity at all.

      With the other white ethnic groups being dragged against their will into “not having an identity” as well.

      The Jews love it!

      • Buckle
        Buckle says:

        Jones has a category for WASPs and WNs – they are Protestants who have stopped going to Church. There are only four hard sciences:
        Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy and Microbiology. IQ tests and “race theory” are not scientific.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          Scientific IQ tests and scientific race theories are ipso facto scientific . If you believe there are only 4 sciences then why use the qualifier ” hard ” ? Basicly , all science concerned with the exponentially more complicated animate realm , except perhaps microbiology , is normally considered to be ” soft ” science because of the typically much higher probability content of those ” laws “.

      • Achilles Wannabe
        Achilles Wannabe says:

        Your critique of Jones was excellent Much better than the trashing by the author of this article we are all responding to. You were incisive and respectful.
        Jones’ draws the teeth of a lot of WN’s and then they reveal biases
        towards Anglicizarion or Protestantism or some kind of mean spirited anti Catholicism. You don’t I think there is a little more to White ethnicity than you do but we could debate that in civilized fashion. Always a pleasure to read you

  14. AntiSocialFool
    AntiSocialFool says:

    Anyone who believes that a capricious and unpredictable entity called Jehovah decided 2,000 years ago to sacrifice his surrogate son so that a small,useless tribe of fishermen and farmers could be thereby reconciled to Jehovahs plans for mankind is,in my book,basically a simpleton

    • Jody Vorhees
      Jody Vorhees says:

      “They” are God’s chosen people. It must be true, because they have told us so. And ethnocentrism is just fine as long as they’re practicing it. For everyone else, it’s taboo.

      These are the same enlightened and progressive minds that helped give us 28 genders from which to choose. And all the while, telling us that race and ethnic identities are imaginary and merely social constructs.

    • Jared Taylorstein
      Jared Taylorstein says:

      Now do that with anyone that believes nothing can create something. meh, a black man can be an atheist. A somalian can be an atheist. what’s the difference between you and a black atheist, you share the same world view.

  15. 12AX7
    12AX7 says:

    Riddle me this Mr. Jones: Why is Africa universally poor, blighted, backward, violent etc. while Japan and S. Korea, to name just two nations, are fantastically wealthy, orderly and advanced no matter how one measures such things? If any place on earth has magic dirt, it’s Africa. If any places on earth have tragic dirt it’s Japan and S. Korea.

    Africa is a treasure trove of mineral wealth plus many thousands of square miles of great agricultural land. Africa has the potential to produce millions of bushels of agricultural products for export every year but faces periodic famines. The seas off Africa are teeming with fish and millions of gallons oil is also found in abundance. Every element on the period chart including exotic elements such as Pt, Rb, Rh, Pd as well as Au and Ag are found in abundance in Africa. All of this is useless to the Africans, they barely scratched out a living from the earth until Europeans colonized the continent and exploited the tremendous potential of Africa.

    Compare and contrast with S. Korea and Japan. Neither country has any mineral resources worth considering. Both were devastated by WWII or the Korean War and had to start from scratch in 1945 and 1953. Both received foreign aid (not nearly as much as Africa though) but leveraged their tremendous human capital to become prosperous, orderly, peaceful, healthy, well fed nations. Intelligence is the key to human capital and Japan and S. Korea test well for intelligence. Africa, not so much.

    If Mr. Jones’s theories were correct Japan and S. Korea would be basket cases and Africa would be the dominant world power yet the opposite is true. Mr. Jones is trying to fit the Church’s post-Vatican II radical, communist, materialist, egalitarian worldview of a square peg into the Church’s pre-Vatican II round hole of recognizing different nations of the world and tailoring the Church’s ceremonies (but not its doctrines and dogmas) to the different nations of the world. The Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9) is instructive in this regard. The Church holds the Bible as the authoritative Word of God and regarded the Tower of Babel story as demonstrating that it’s within God’s providence and His plan of Salvation that different nations come into being with their own unique characteristics.

    Mr. Jones should put his faith in God, not the religious politics of the radical, post Vatican II theologians. Their day has come and gone and they have been found wanting. Diversity and multiculturalism are the hateful ideologies of the Usual Suspects Mr. Jones otherwise rails against yet he has fallen into their trap of conflating sound religious thinking with a passing, hateful, destructive anti-white ideology. He should know better.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      While what you say about Asia vs. Africa is true, Jones is a traditionalist.

      He rejects Vatican II and the “modernization” of the Church.

      His ideal is the ethnic (Polish, German, etc.) Catholic inner-city neighborhood and parish.

      As long as that exists, I don’t think he cares what happens in the rest of society (as long as it doesn’t interfere with Catholic identity).

      Of course, the ultimate good for Jones would be everybody becoming Catholic.

      Mother Church would then mediate between different racial, national and ethnic groups, and everything would be hunky dory.

      But that could only happen with a radically reformed and traditional Catholic Church.

  16. Chris Grammar
    Chris Grammar says:

    I admire E. Michael Jones. His work slaughter of cities argues that social engineers with Jewish guidance and Rockefeller money destroyed ethnic neighborhoods and identity with the great migration of blacks in the 30s and 40s. Europeans fled to the suburbs and became “white people.” Ethnic, Catholic churches, died. He believes the cat cannot be put back in the bag. He considers himself mixed race, Irish and German. I am mixed race German and Sicilian. This in his view makes racial identity ridiculous. I have tried to reconcile Jones with Macdonald and realize that the two are by and large separate. Ontologically Jones is theology and Macdonald science. Both can coexist. When Jones descends into the world of tables and chairs he is speculative. Macdonald is not and restricts his views to testable hypotheses and theory. I embrace both. I am a Roman Catholic and believe in sociobiology. I know my faith thrived in ethnic racial neighborhoods and it will again.

    • Achilles Wannabe
      Achilles Wannabe says:

      Ontologically Jones is theology and Macdonald science

      Yes but Jones is also – at least defacto – an ethnicist whereas MacDonald is, with the obviously huge exception of the Jews, a racialist who seems to avoid talking much about White ethnicity as it plays out at least in America.. You have to go to Jones to find about what the Calvinists in Europe and then the Jews and Wasps working together in america have done to Catholics and white ethnics as we used to be called – we Irish, Germans. Italians etc. I really appreciate Jones for that. As for his failure to understand race -and even ethnicity genetically – and his supra Catholic universalism, I can read him with discernment.
      I suspect my fellow White Nationalists are on average of Anglo Protestant origin and don’t really think much about whatever happened or is happening to White Catholics. They just want our numbers in their movement. I suspect my fellow white nationalists will impose Anglo values on WN without even thinking about it if they are unchallenged. That is the way ethnicity works I wonder if this Anglo Protestant bias is what is behind a lot of the contempt you see on nationalist sites for Jones. Unquestionably Jones is a tough nut to swallow both intellectually and personally but he is not stupid, crazy, pernicious – a “crackpot” as he was recently described by one writer on Counter Currents He nails the Jews while Jared Taylor practices at best quietism about the most dangerous people for whites in America and at worst believes that whites and Jews can get along just fine with maybe a little tune up. Yet Taylor -who is visually and personality wise the Anglo Protestant stereotype – is never as far as I can see called out for his ridiculous Semophilia,
      Sometimes I wonder if Taylor isn’t neo WASP. The old WASP ruing class was so enamored of the Jews that they gave them half the table instead of just a seat. Meanwhile the Jews thought the wasps useful idiots and raked up so much money
      that they no longer particularly needed the WASP anymore. Are the younger declassed WASP types trying for a comeback now within WN? Will they cut a new deal with the Jews if they an get the leverage through a ‘White” movement – especially since the Jews are now getting worried about all those antisemitic Catholic Mexicans and Muslims that they let into our country? If the neo Wasp cuts a deal with the Jew, bet that it will be on the backs of white ethnics or poorer anglos for that matter. There is nobody the WASP won’t sell out except perhaps for the Jew.
      Well I am running on and probably getting black Irish.
      So glad you like E.Michael Jones Chris.
      Try Barren Metal if you haven’t. He contextualizes the “science” of economics within Anglo- Jewish values.

      • Christopher Grammar
        Christopher Grammar says:

        Thank you for the well thought out reply. Achilles Wannabe. I agree with all that you have said about Taylor, Jones, and MacDonald. I like you find much value in both authors with the same reservations concerning Jones. He is wrong when he states without the Catholic Church Europe would look like Somalia. I guess the Golden age of Greece was filled with crypto catholics as were the glory years of the Roman Republic. Dr. Jones does not explain how this worked in the years before Christ’s ministry.

        • Achilles Wannabe
          Achilles Wannabe says:

          I guess the Golden age of Greece was filled with crypto catholics as were the glory years of the Roman Republic

          Good line!

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        Even though I’m a WASP, I agree that whites from other groups would be wise not to trust us.

        WASPs embraced the “money is everything” culture of the Jews, and they need to change that attitude and rejoin that human race.

        Family, nation, race, culture, tradition, religion, nature and ethnicity should never be sacrificed to the marketplace. Greed has caused our industrial base to be hollowed out and our nation overrun with immigrants who provide cheap labor.

        Greed has caused the decline of the white family — employers getting twice the amount of work for the same amount of money by luring women into having careers instead of raising children.

        These are just two examples of the Judaizing of powerful Protestants.

        Jews live under the same system, but they work as a team while whites exploit each other. So the Jew rises as the average white falls lower and lower.

        • Achilles Wannabe
          Achilles Wannabe says:

          My first wife was WASP – like upper class New England Anglo with roots going all the way back Nice girl but I am from the working class. I imagined that someday we would have real problems because I, my 60’s leftism notwithstanding, would reveal some vulgar predilections vs money or whatever. But do you know what shocked and surprised the hell out of me? How much she admired the Jews! Here is this ivy league blue blood and she was ga ga about Shlomo – at least in his liberal incarnation. I just couldn’t make that compute. It took me 40 more years before I understood why my Hester Prynne was so enamored of the Hebrew. Meanwhile we got divorced. Amicably actually

          Have you read “The WASP
          Question”? I am reading it now. Very interesting book. Doesn’t seem to get much attention on WN sites but there is a TOQ interview with the author. The book is a dense and dialectical analysis of WASP history by a WASP who is calling for a neo WASPism – a Nationalist WASPIsm I sometimes think that may actually be going on sotto voce in WN(obviously not you) and I wonder where that would leave bog refugees like me so I am right now reading the book.
          He knows all about the Jew but so far he kind of tip toes around the JQ which is sort of WASPY in itself. Anyway, you might find the book interesting

        • Von
          Von says:

          Eric… that was perfect! Are you Eric Striker by chance?


          (Mod. Note: “Vaughn”, or “Von” or “Fan of Jones” … please do not post under different handles while using the same email and URL. This confuses readers. Or is that your intention? Just Don’t Do It.)

    • George Kocan
      George Kocan says:

      Europeans have largely been relatively reproductively isolated for thousands of years. A random Russian can look like an Irishman. Yet, Russians and Irishmen do not look like Chinese, Africans or American Indians. Gene frequencies differ among all these groups. Gene frequences are even likely do differ among the Irish and Russian populations. A culture of art, music, literature and science also binds Europeans together. Europeans are a race made up of many sub-races. As I understand Catholic doctrine, races exist but require respect not outright denial. In modern politics, all races deserve respect Except the European race. And, that is wrong.

      • Fan of Jones
        Fan of Jones says:

        George that is perfect! Elegantly and succinctly stated.


        (Mod. Note: “Vaughn”, or “Von” or “Fan of Jones” … please do not post under different handles while using the same email and URL. This confuses readers. Or is that your intention? Just Don’t Do It.)

  17. Amateur Brain Surgeon
    Amateur Brain Surgeon says:

    ABS is of Irish-Algonquin abstraction but let us just say ABS is white. What does his race tell us about his weltanschauung and that of Joe Biden or Elvis Presley or Wink Martindale or Jerry Lee Lewis or Donald Trump?

    White is essentially a casual descriptor and those who, rightly, lament what has happened to America these past 100 years must, if they are honest, blame the destruction on the legislation of white men in opposition to the Kingship of Christ.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Had I been asked a week ago to bet fifty bucks on whether I should ever hear or see the name Wink Martindale mentioned again during the time on earth remaining to me, I would now be doing some aggressive rebudgeting instead of typing this comment.

      I doubt whether I would characterize your reminder as edifying, ABS, but accept my thanks at least for stirring memory’s pot.

  18. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    Mr. von Newhauser’s version of E. Michael Jones is a cartoonish distortion of a man whose learning and, a fortiori, whose capacity for observation and reflection are far greater than what is sadly the present-day norm. As analysis, the present article is as fundamentally unsound as anything ever published at this site. To compare it with any of the several excellent articles on Jones written by Ed Connelly would inevitably reflect invidiously on the former.

    A few other commenting dissenters have pointed to lapses of reasoning or perspective on the part of the author or his numerous enthusiastic seconders on this thread. I wish here simply to draw attention to an implication that is at risk of being overlooked: what appears to be the ardent desire to shrink the scope of the White Alliance—effectively defined by Dr. MacDonald at this very website as encompassing White culture, identity, and interests—to align it with the Christophobic prejudices of the European New Right. Indeed, in such a hothouse context alone could Mr. von Newhauser’s implicit praise for the obsequious, servile fraud John Derbyshire make any sense. An author’s friendly citation of Derb outside a mathematical context should ipso facto serve to acquit effectively anyone—Jones, Jared Taylor, or who you will—of the charge of uselessness to the White cause, let alone of its betrayal.

    • Brett Stevens
      Brett Stevens says:

      Newhouser’s “version” of Jones looks cartoonish because Mr. Jones’ position on these topics is utterly and fundamentally ridiculous (Europe would be Somalia without LOWGOSS; Jews have only been kicked out of countries over 100 times, etc. because of moral failings, etc. etc.). The point of the article is not to paint a well-balanced portrait of Jones, it is to show how ridiculous some of his views are. It appears to be rather effective, and hard to swallow, given some reactions — even though you can go to the sources and confirm things for yourself.

    • Brett Stevens
      Brett Stevens says:

      >”An author’s friendly citation of Derb outside a mathematical context should ipso facto serve to acquit effectively anyone—Jones, Jared Taylor, or who you will—of the charge of uselessness to the White cause, let alone of its betrayal.”
      Unfortunately for you, other errors aside, an author citing someone you don’t like does not mean they’re wrong.

    • Gustav Tollerzein
      Gustav Tollerzein says:

      The only thing cartoonish here is Dr. Jones’ discourse. He said or wrote all the things attributed to him in this article. He cannot deny any of the conclusions offered here. He’s had years of time and space to do so, yet keeps offering the same intellectually stale and pragmatically putrid theory. If ultramontane Catholicism as a political principle was capable of working to defeat the anti-white forces of western liberalism, it would have already done so. In practice, 50% or more of American Catholic bishops are homosexuals. They support mass non-white immigration. They seek to reconcile Judaism. Don’t forget, Dr. Jones was pushing the Novus Ordo throughout the entire period of the 1980s and 1990s, and attacking the traditionalist critics who have now been proven totally justified.

      You say that this approach puts the “White Alliance” at hazard. Jones has repeatedly repudiated any such application of “white” or “race” to politics. He couldn’t be more extreme: it’s Catholicism or go home. Nobody asked Jones to put race against religion. He’s been going to this, all on his own, for years.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        If ultramontane Catholicism as a political principle was capable of working to defeat the anti-white forces of western liberalism, it would have already done so.

        What’s the hurry? Besides, Catholicism is not a political principle. To think it is is to fall into a category error.

        Don’t forget, Dr. Jones was pushing the Novus Ordo throughout the entire period of the 1980s and 1990s, and attacking the traditionalist critics who have now been proven totally justified.

        I hope you’re not implying that Jones has changed in this regard! Sad to say, he certainly hasn’t. As concerns religious fundamentals, he hasn’t budged an inch from his views of thirty and forty years ago. That is to say, he remains what true Traditionalist Catholics (i.e., those who consider Vatican II a betrayal of the Faith) call a “conservative conciliarist” or, less politely, a “pseudo-Trad.” As one may readily observe, it is for this very reason that commenters at hard-Trad Catholic forums and websites closely restrict their high praise for Jones’s work to his unblinking condemnation of Judaism and the degeneracy, the moral and intellectual disorder, with which invidious Jewish influence has distorted our society and every form of discourse within it.

        In short, according as one’s perspective is strictly racial or strictly religious, a given man or woman could hardly be expected to do otherwise than find things in Jones’s work that are difficult or impossible to like. Yet to be as absolutely dismissive of the value of Jones’s analysis of Jewish perfidy as Newhauser and his admirers on this thread are, I suggest that a person’s hatred of the Cross would have to be pretty acute.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          I just realized that I have several times misspelled Mr. Newhouser’s name in earlier comments. I apologize to all for the error.

  19. John
    John says:

    E. Michael Jones draws a lot of strong emotional responses but I think the article does a good job of critiquing his ideas in a rational manner. Unlike some on the dissident right circles, I don’t consider Jones to be a villain just because I disagree with some of his conclusions, and I don’t view him as a bad actor or a fraud like Jordan Peterson or Alex Jones. There is a lot to be learned from listening to him and reading his books, which I frequently do. I agree with his understanding of the Jews, but I don’t agree that race doesn’t exist, and I don’t think he has offered any good explanation that it doesn’t; however, I believe he does offer some solid criticism of “white identity” as a form of deracination. A Somalian who migrates to Poland and learns Polish will have a different familial history and experience than a Pole whose ancestors lived in that land before him. The theoretical Somalian may have a grasp of the language but he won’t have the roots. But a Pole who becomes a “white guy” will be cut off from his roots as well. Speaking as a Catholic, I don’t agree that the Catholic Church is synonymous with Civilization. One can look at Ancient Greece or China for example, of high civilizations that were pagan. Although, I do believe that Logos is synonymous with Civilization and that Pagans such as Socrates, Aristotle, and Confucius could grasp Logos even without Divine Revelation – maybe due to Divine Mercy.

    • Luther Makow
      Luther Makow says:

      Nonsense. The author has strawmanned Jones. Jones is a race realist, he just denies race sometimes to bait the neo right. Dialectics 101. Logos can’t be stopped!

      • bellamoons
        bellamoons says:

        No need to talk for Jones. He will tell you that race is not important. EMJ considers race a social construct. He is at least (without having to delve any further) holding true to the tenents of his religion. Christianity is diametrically opposed to biological GENETICS being of ANY importance.

        • Jared Taylorstein
          Jared Taylorstein says:

          so what will save the white race is atheism + hom*sexuality then? A black man can be an atheist + a hom*sexual now what?

        • Vaughan
          Vaughan says:

          Christianity has no opinion on biology. It does say to love your neighbor but clearly doesnt mean you have to send care packages to neighbors halfway around the world. Jesus could have taught object lessons about anti-racism, anti-slavery, pro-immigration, feminism, LGBTQ .. but specifically did not.


          (Mod. Note: “Vaughn”, or “Von” or “Fan of Jones” … please do not post under different handles while using the same email and URL. This confuses readers. Or is that your intention? Just Don’t Do It.)

  20. Franklin Ryckaert
    Franklin Ryckaert says:

    In the interview on YouTube : Episode 3 : E. Michael Jones explains his anti-war views, Jones tells that in Yougoslavia he found that the ethnic conflict there was between 3 groups who are defined by religion (to wit : Catholicism, Orthodoxy and Islam), which gave him the idea that it must the same in the US. This can be found in the video from 2.12-3.15 here :

    In Yougoslavia that is indeed right, race and language being the same for all 3 groups. Maybe Jones made from there the wrong generalization that this is true for the whole world.

    Ethnic identity is however not a one-dimensional thing. I think there are at least 5 dimensions involved : 1) race, 2) language, 3) religion, 4) general culture and 5) history. In each situation there may be different distances in these dimensions, but they are always there. To deny the importance of the racial dimension and concentrate only on the religious one, is denying reality. For an idealist like Jones with his stress on “Logos” that may be understandable, but for us ethnic realists this is unacceptable.

  21. bellamoons
    bellamoons says:

    “How then, did so many come to believe that Jones supports, at least to some degree, “ethno-nationalism”?

    #1 They didn’t pay close enough attention.
    #2 EMJ would repeatedly state (without further explaining) that he supports “ethnic groups” knowing it would be construed by his audience as racial ethnicity when in actuality he means only religion and language.
    #3 They WANT to believe it.

    #1 and #3 could swap places.. but #2 is what matters. EMJ is disingenuous and I consider him one of the most -if not the most- dangerous influencers on racially aware whites at present of drawing them away from racial identity. But after 15 years I’ve come to the final conclusion that it is Christianity itself and I wasn’t even raised up in it.. just merely from osmosis it took that long to finally understand that Linder was right.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      Like (((michael savage [weiner]))) [radio host]- BORDERS LANGUAGE CULTURE

      Whites did not fuck over our own country. Going back to the start, we see the Naturalization Act of 1790, which states that “the USA is open to FREE WHITE PERSONS”. . .the country was quite explicitly based on race. That was abided by until 1965, when jews, with unlimited fake money at the ready [for 52 years], opened the borders to non-Whites.

      Jews have infiltrated, starting with the Scofield Bible, financed by jewish bigshot samuel untermyer. A more recent example is the ministry of the fat bastard john hagee, with its jew handler david brog.

  22. bellamoons
    bellamoons says:

    Something that is interesting is that EMJ agrees (with Ernest Renan, who he mentioned when speaking of this) that the Greeks possessed logos without/prior to Christ. EMJ calls this the “Greek mystery”. Wish all of his old videos were still available. I watched EMJ for months and interacted with him through comments. If you aren’t familiar with this and don’t believe he’d say this.. ask him about it.

  23. Craig
    Craig says:

    Jones learned early in his career that shillyshallying an opinion is not the road to success … or recognition as a non-academic. Therefore, these statements have to be read as overstatements for effect. Hyperbole, almost by definition, is not a “true to plumb” indicator of a person’s views. Let’s take these oft-quoted Jonesian statements one-by one.

    “Race difference in intelligence was created in America at the beginning of the 20th century… in order to exclude certain groups of people from the United States of America. It was based on immigration. … I’ve never been convinced that the IQ test was an accurate indicator of intelligence.” – E. Michael Jones

    The real reason to exclude certain groups of people from the U.S. in the turn of the century was because of the chaos they would bring. Chief among those groups in 1912 was Jews. But there were some that wanted to keep out non-English speaking groups (for reasonable reasons) and IQ tests were very slanted towards English test-takers. Northern Europeans also did better on IQ tests than Southern Europeans. The point is, that IQ test was a surrogate for picking what ethnic groups came in and which did not. In this regard Jones is correct. We may wish our grandfathers had been more forthright in stating their true aims, but it is what it is. The question is: what does Jones thing about ethnically congealed areas? Inasmuch as Jones has off-stated he is in favor of having such areas (Czech, Irish, Ukrainian, Slovak, German, Polish) in *South Chicago*, I don’t think he would be against Germany limiting its country to Germans or the US fashioning itself, in 1912, into a kind-of British-Irish-Norwegian-German confederation. Jones just doesn’t want to see IQ tests, the cope, vaulted to a significance above which they scientifically deserve.

    He also sees IQ tests as a test that has quite-successfully been manipulated by Jews and testing agencies such as Kaplan (a subject he has written about extensively). I can also tell by some of his essays on the Great Gatsby that he would have been happier if the Ivy League had remained a bastion of the WASP-elite rather than Jews. (But he wishes the WASP elite had not abdicated their responsibility for upholding Logos at the Lambeth Conference and by jettisoning the Hays Code). Jews wielded IQ tests as a tool to get into Harvard above a student from the traditional elite boys feeder schools.

    “If it weren’t for St. Boniface, my ancestors would still be chasing pigs through the forests of Germany and worshiping trees.” This is obvious polemics. He is just emphasizing the fact that Christianity had a civilizing effect on early Germans. He clearly admits that the Ancient Greeks, and to a lesser extent Romans, understood Logos, and were white. Somalis would be better off following Logos…. Who could disagree?

    Following Logos does indeed have a mitigating effect on the deleterious aspects of black behavior. Especially those attempting to live in Western lands. Traditional Catholics who are black, are not naming their children Don’quiesha. The trouble is, a) there are so few traditional Catholics who *are* black and b) the heart of traditional Catholicism has become a rare pearl that few can find any longer. Most Catholic Bishops have views indistinguishable from what the ADL believes. (This, Jones has fought against all his life, especially in his earlier magazine, Fidelity).

    His most troublesome statement to me, is one that you did not quote. He said (in a tweet response) that a Somali who moves to Poland becomes Polish in 20 years. But even that statement is a polemic. He is trying to deflect the reader’s attention from what he considers a red herring. Of course, he sees the difference between being a genetic Pole and a non-genetic one. Who couldn’t? (We can’t allow ourselves to get triggered by these kinds of statements). Hopefully a race realist would also acknowledge that yes, in some sense he is Polish if he has adopted all the manners and customs of the Polish in a full-throttled way. But that’s not to say that Jones (or race realists) approve a state of affairs where Somalis immigrate to European countries in anything other than exceptional cases.

    But there is also an occult reason for Jones to counter-signal race realists. It works!

    Indeed the ADL, Youtube, and other organizations wielding the banhammer, have tried to paint Jones as a racist. It has largely failed and Jones as a result has become one of the most popular figures on the dissident right, especially, apparently, with young people. The ADL wants Jones to be branded a racist (and indeed the coinage “antisemitic” was originally intended to have an anti-racist tinge) so that it can take the emphasis off of what Jones thinks to be the immediate and most solvable problem: Jewish misbehavior. Behaviorism, by contrast, takes the onus off the person to behave properly and blames instinct, race, environment, what have you.

    Jewish misbehavior may include a genetic component at this point. Jones doesn’t care. Blacks tend to misbehave; no one could read Jones without knowing that he understands this last fact. But it is not Jones’ allotment in the division of labor to explore these topics. And since he can’t be an expert on everything, he stays away from idle speculation in this area. Especially since it would give his enemies ammunition.

    But he knows what he knows. Jones thinks racialist theories take the emphasis off of what he thinks is much more knowable and important: whether you’re cooperating with logos or not. Logos is discernible by right reason, is accessible to every man, and doesn’t require a PhD in Biology.

    “Logos is nothing more than the functional equivalent of Magic Dirt Theory”. I don’t see any warrant for this statement. He clearly does not believe in magic dirt. He believes in magic logos… which is almost the opposite.

    Re: “Ethnos [“ethnicity”] needs Logos. You misinterpret this statement when you write, “Indeed, it was logos alone that was responsible for the immense success of the warring cultural groups of Europe.” Indeed the statement can be reversed: logos needs ethnos. They are inseparable. God created ethnos too and he means them to work together, is Jones’ view.

    I think even a non-religious race realist can see that having the correct racial views would be in vain if you had missed the whole meaning of the universe. We may disagree on what the meaning of that universe is. Some think it is Asgard. You may even *try* to be agnostic on the meaning of the universe. But usually you are adopting one interpretation or another subliminally.

    It needs to be understood that Jones is a scholar, yes. But he is also a polemicist. Having been freed early from academic constraints of politeness… and also not having the academic edifice to amplify his comments … he goes for the jugular. Why can’t people be race-realists *and* Catholics? A disturbingly increasing number of RR’s seem to think so. Jones should be thanked, not criticized, for holding up the Logos-believing wing of this movement.

  24. Craig
    Craig says:

    Two additional points I forgot to make about Mr. von Newhousers important if flawed piece.

    1) There’s a charitable (friendly or philanthropic) aspect to Mr. Jones’ criticisms of racialism because he’s trying to keep us from getting slaughtered, the movement obliterated and our dust scattered to the four winds. As he has made clear in interviews on the (“TDS”, “Strike and Mike”) he thinks that coming out as the “white movement” is the one thing they have so completely locked down it’s Suicide to attempt it. To the extent that anyone is yoking their horse to … a German political movement that arose almost a 100 years ago in a country with a very different make-up than America …even more so. Charlottesville is the crystalline example. It would be like taking to the streets with a “democracy movement” in the reign of Genghis Khan. He stated many times what a travesty Charlottesville was and how unfair it was, how bad a precedent it was… and that the government was being totally dishonest and, importantly, setting a trap. But he doesn’t want to see repeated. Jones points to a recent Muslim rally in Detroit that featured out-and-out terrorist groups carrying weapons: they were left alone because they were a religious group. I understand that Muslims get a PC pass and that Muslims are to some extent Jewish proxy warriors. But Jones thinks that if the movement came together religiously under Logos (involving both religious people and atheists who are against the poz, porn, feminism, usury etc) … it would be bullet-proof. Dissidents should at least read the new book (I havent read it yet but am familiar enough with Jones’ logos theory) … to give it a chance and see if it is a game changer. At any rate, this is why Jones is using hyperbole and being caustic in his comments: he is trying to shock the dissident right into looking down and seeing the gun on the table and picking it up and using it: Unity through Logos.

    2) About the Tilma/Juan Diego/Our Lady of Guadalupe. No organ has written more eloquently and beautifully about the Conquistadors, both Spanish and Portuguese, than American Renaissance. Taylor points out how incredibly leveraged they were, conquering millions with a small band. The reason they were able to do this is two-fold: one practical, and the other I believe is spiritual. The practical one is that the conquistadors did not come with families in tow, only priests in tow. This made them much more effective to the task. But this also meant mestizaje. Spiritually, they brought not just the sword but the Mass, the sacraments and what was clear to a sufficient number of indigenous was a culture. They realized they’d had it as a culture and this was clearly a superior God and way of life and therefore don’t fight too hard against it, if at all. This conquest-through Logos continued through to settlements such as the Jesuits had in Paraguay (made famous in the movie “The Mission”).

    Race-mixing was not the norm in Catholic civilization. To the extent that it came up at all it would have been looked upon as a weird, possibly sinful, paraphilia (say if a man living in Germany had imported a Somali woman to be his wife). The conquistadors in effect had the blessing of the priests to take wives among the indigenous. A dispensation,if you will. They knew full well that this would happen in such numbers that a new race would be created, the mestizo, perhaps the first new race on earth in thousands of years.

    The miracle of the Tilma and Our Lady of Guadalupe, Catholics believe, is a heavenly confirmation that the decision to racemix in this special case received heavenly recognition. I am not taking the blue pill here on Latinos, but if you think they’re bad now, imagine what theyd be like if they were still Aztecs! Latin America is largely a hellhole because of other moral failings of the leadership in Latin America especially usury. L.A included lots of freemasonry and more Jews than people seem to recognize because they tend not to believe they got that far (oh yes they did). As ZOG and Product saturate Latin America, and Catholicism is destroyed, Latinos just get worse and worse.

    The point is that Mr. von Newhouser is misreading Our Lady of Guadalupe as a prescription of race-mixing by the Catholic church as a solution to the world’s problems, the same as some shitlibs believe. Thats not the Catholic church. Latin American race-mixing was a one-in-a-millennium phenomenon.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      Many excellent points, Craig.

      White nationalists might not like Jones, but Jones likes to associate himself with white nationalists, and I agree that his motives are sincere. He’s trying to help us, not hurt us. Just because he doesn’t believe in “white people” as a useful concept doesn’t mean that he is in favor of multiculturalism, diversity, race-mixing, etc. How could he be if he supports ethnos in the first place? His recent series on what is happening in Ireland should set people straight on that score.

      Jones knows that the Jews are trying to breed whites out of existence. He knows what a formidable enemy they are. The only way to defeat them, he believes, is to revive Logos. Everything else has been tried and has failed.

      To succeed, you first have to know what the Logos is. St. John gives us the answer. Logos is the divine order of the universe. It is identical with God. The personification of God on earth is Jesus. Logos, in other words, is the True, the Good, and the Beautiful — as conceived by the Greeks — in the person of Jesus, who existed before time and who created and ultimately rules the universe.

      One way of learning how to defeat your enemy is to find out what he fears the most. He might try to deceive you in this regard. Like Br’er Rabbit, he might plead with you not to throw him into the briar patch when he wouldn’t mind you throwing him into the briar patch at all.

      So the Jew — playing the role of Br’er Rabbit — “fears” too many white people, white populism, and white nationalism. He fears a Holocaust (but then we find out that the Holocaust was really a Holohoax).

      These “fears” might just be strategies for Jews to gain more control and power.

      Jews thrived in Germany before WW I. They thrived in Poland in the eighteenth century. Whiteness and nationalism were no problem for them then. The division between Protestants and Catholics gave an opening to the Jews in Germany. The Polish aristocrats who feted Jews in the eighteenth century might not have been very devout.

      The two places where the Jews did have a problem were Spain and Russia — countries where Christianity was strong. Countries that couldn’t be easily subverted.

      At the top of the list of world-historical figures hated by the Jews are Hitler, Vespasian and Titus. But you can add Ferdinand and Isabella to that list. And you can add the Russian Czars.

      Hungary and Poland are strongly Catholic today. So they are intensely hated by the Jews. The Jews loved Russia when it was Communist and they controlled it. That love became muted under Stalin. And now it has become intense hatred (at least here in the U.S.) because…Orthodox Christianity is undergoing a big revival in Russia.

      This all leads me to think that Jones is on to something. The intense devotion of the Jews to shutting down Christian symbols and rituals in the public square is very telling. Christians never did anything bad to the Jews without first being provoked. The official Catholic doctrine was “Sicut Judaeus non:” Do no harm the Jew (but also, do not allow the Jew to subvert Christian society).

      Apparently, this reasonable forbearance, combined with firmness, was something that the Jews found intolerable, just as they found the liberality but firmness of the hated Romans intolerable. It represented a Logos-compatible policy that was anathema to the Jews — like making the sign of the cross to a vampire.

      Is this a spiritual battle instead of just a secular conflict? That is the question. It is a question that I think is worth considering.

      Another related question: Are we oppressed by Jewish influence because we have turned away from Logos — from God? That is what the authors of the 1890 edition of “La Civilta Cattolica” believed. If we don’t allow God to rule us, then the Jews surely will. They will be the scourge that punishes/motivates us to reform/repent and follow the path of Logos.

      This is another idea that I find worth considering.

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