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    • Fredrik Ladof
      Fredrik Ladof says:

      However I think that by speaking we will change the situation. THEY are afraid not only from our talking but also from only the way of our thinking. The Muslim wall is for THEM insuperable and their fight is only a matter of time. In Europe only the “elites” chant for THEM but the people know everything. A matter of time. This is way the work of Prof. KMD is very precious. One match burns the forestry

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      You can’t solve a problem you can’t identify.

      It helps to know as much about the problem as possible.

      But there’s no question that an important part of problem solving is coming up with a workable solution and then testing it.

      And that requires a quantity and quality of thought, knowledge, creativity, and courage that few have today.

      They’re out there and when it comes to leadership, they’re the real article. European man* has always produced them and always will, as long as he exists.

      Which, of course, is why the hostile elite, or, Jewish Supremacy Inc., is hell bent on eliminating them, or reducing them to an ineffectual and subservient blob of useful idiots, designgated scapegoats, tax slaves and sex workers.

      So, there are leaders out there and there are those who will support and follow them, and not in the archaic fashion of some master/slave nexus. But one with mutual admiration and respect.

      The problem is in getting the two of them together and uniting them around an organizing principle that inspires them into action.

      That’s happening now. And the discipline through suffering that so many of them have gone through for so long is making them fearsome.

      And, make no mistake about it, they’re feared, for a reason.

      Especially since even the enemy knows that a mass uprising is not only so cliche, it’s not even necessary.


      What is necessary is a critical mass.

      And that is most definitely happening.

      • Richard B
        Richard B says:

        *European man includes his geographical extensions of The USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and parts of South America.

        I find it helpful to use that in a cultural sense. But the more popular term “White” still very useful indeed. No matter what E. Michael Jones says.

  1. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    Beginning at the 0:10:00 videomark and ending at 10:21 , the interviewer asks why parents today do not believe their children will have as high a standard-of-living as the parents have today ? KMac then provides part of the answer ( albeit an important part ) , by the 0:13:10 end of his brief lecture , where he alludes to the fact that the jewmasters , whom he calls the ” establishment “, wiped-out by year 2015 ALL of the 1950s&1960s standard-of-living gains of the parents . Here are the missing parts of the complete answer :

    It did not start with money . It started before the advent of money . It started when the ancient hebrews now called ” jews ” conveniently decided that The Lord GOD Creator and Ruler of All the universe had chosen them to have ownership control of All the world . They soon realized that to get dominion of the world they would have to slaughter and enslave humanity ; and so the ” jews ” ( especially the ashkenazi financial tribe ) , in their pursuit of global ownership , have become masters of men in this world .

    {{{ ” And God said , … let them have dominion over … all the earth , and over

    every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth .” }}}

    ( verbatim quote from the Holy Jewish Torah , aka Old Testament , KJV ,
    Book of Genesis , chapter 1 , verse 26 ;

    where [ them ] = [ jewmasters ]

    [ dominion ] = [ ownership control ]

    [ creeping thing ] = [ humanity ] )

    No peaceful nor violent changes nor understandings will make any useful and lasting difference until Whites  ( the largest USA ethnic group )  en masse  start to take this truism seriously __

             {{{ you can ignore politics

    but you cannot [ avoid ] the consequences }}}

    which is a significant correction of the original famous but not quite true 
    Ayn Rand declaration __ 

              { ” … but you cannot ignore  the consequences …” }

    Whites typically ignore politics , except for their mostly inconsequential voting , and they also typically ” ignore the consequences ” ; but they cannot [ avoid ] the consequences ; a distinction of a very significant difference .  Whites tend to have great difficulty connecting the political consequences to the political causes ( even when they do not ignore the consequences ) , since they tend to ignore politics to begin with ; and also since many if not most Whites are politicly cowardly sheeple .

    Most Whites are descendants of rural cultures where politics has traditionally been mostly irrelevant to that way-of-life . Most Whites are still under the powerful legacy of their ancestral traditional nonpolitical lifestyles . Most Whites are politicly retarded compared to their jewmasters . Most Whites are at least nominal christians where christianity is a religion of self-enslavement to the chosenite jewmasters .

    Therefore , most Whites typically do not know about the political causes of the consequences because they tend to ignore their deep-set enslavement to the jewmasters whom always and eventually confiscate much of the wealth that underpins the overall White standard-of-living ( aka fleecing ).  
    Whites also need to understood that employments , as a form/degree of enslavement , cannot be eliminated .  There is no freedom from the scarcities of necessities  ( such as drinkable water , food , shelter , money , oil , etc. )  if there is no acceptance of the inescapable enslavement aspect of employment . In other words , freedom from scarcities of necessities is the flipside of enslavement to employment . The jewmasters seem to intuitively understand that freedom/enslavement relationship .

    Freedom from the enslavements above and beyond employment requirements is an important political issue that Whites need to be concerned about . Unfortunately , Whites in aggregate have not yet attained a level of political intelligence commensurate with their respectable high aggregate average IQ . Whites could start with understanding the difference between voting enthusiasms and real political intelligence so that they can begin to understand the politics of the ancient master/slave paradigm and how it relates to the standard-of-living.

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