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Jared Taylor on the George Floyd Riots


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  1. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    The troubling thing about all of this is that so many Americans believe the media story that blacks are victims of white racism and oppression. They talk of our long history of racism and how we must do something about it now and ignore black behavior. They must know that if a group of white men attempted to loot or burn a business they’d get shot. But they’re so aware of the difference between blacks and whites that they unconsciously allow for black behavior.

    Imagine turning over the country to be ruled by inner city blacks. That is what happened in South Africa and those who engineered it knew exactly what they were doing which resulted in white genocide.

    After desegregation in the South blacks were segregated in inner city ghettos and like rats in a maze they can’t escape so they turn on each other. They’re being controlled to eventually turn on us.

    Say what you will about segregation in the South, blacks were policed and they were governed and they worked. I remember local blacks driving around in Cadillacs. I was stunned to read about this in Carleton Putnan’s book Race and Reason: A Yankee View because I never thought anything about it but blacks were as well off and happy under segregation as they could ever be living around white people who must have some sort of system to be safe around them. Segregating them in inner cities and not policing them is a disaster and we know this has been planned and is done deliberately to create the same conditions that are happening in South Africa. It is so disheartening to get called racist when attempting to warn other Americans.

    How can we stop what is happening? It is astonishing to realize that we know what is being done to us and we know who is doing it and yet we are still helpless to stop it?

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      @Barbara “whites that they unconsciously allow for black behavior”
      I think this comment is correct.

      The readers of blogs such as this one are the type of person who thinks about things. What we easily forget is that most people are not like this. The role of most white people is not to think, and to just to put out their radar and pick up the current culture and follow it – even if inside themselves it also causes a feeling of unease, as today in the West the whites are aware that the current culture contradicts some of their own additional inner urges, eg an urge to do what is best for themselves and their children for a start, ie leave them a functioning country not one that invites backward people over for an invasion.

      But for now, for the majority, their culture-following urge is still overriding the other urges.

      However, currently it is a like a balloon twisted out of shape, as it is uncomfortable when the culture that you blindly follow tells you to be against yourself and your family and your own people and country.

      This means that if the culture changes to a patriotic one – eg after some traumatic event such as economic collapse – as soon as this happens the balloon will readily take up its proper, natural shape again, with the urge for self-interest now in harmony with the new culture of patriotsm, and people will be happier again.

      There will always be a left-wing rump amongst the whites, perhaps 15%, one that would never follow a patriotic culture however dominant it is (just as, the other way around, readers of this blog do not subscribe to the current anti-white culture and never would do so), and this is why 15%, or whatever they are, of ‘unbendables’ on the left will still be with us even under a patriotic culture, and they will seek to carry on working with ((foreign tribes)) who also, like the left, harbour malice towards white people, and this needs to be addressed. I suggest a colony in Africa for them to go to.

  2. Robert Keith
    Robert Keith says:

    MLK did not go in for violence. He knew it only justified the benighted policies of thew craven ruling class. They would not change their ways voluntarily. They must be risen above through righteousness, but fat chance of that ever happening.

  3. SallieAnn
    SallieAnn says:

    This is another FALSE FLAG done by crisis actors paid by Soros. Why would an officer have a crooked badge pinned to his uniform? Why would it take 3 men to hold down on the ground one man who is handcuffed? Why would Derek pin him down for 8 minutes without Floyd losing consciousness? Why didn’t they just put him in the back of the car? Derek knew George as they worked at a strip club together!!! Why would they allow this to be filmed in it’s entirety for 8 minutes? Why at the end of the video does it get all blurry and the filmer move around a lot? Why is the photo of the arrested guy not match the guy in the video? This is one huge HOAX perpetrated on America to foment a race war and an excuse to commit arson and murder on the cops. This is all paid for and orchestrated by SOROS who has an intense hatred of America and wants America to be Communist run…. Violence is always a Communist playbook agenda to get people to be afraid and want someone to help them and keep them safe…..the Bolsheviks did this same thing in Russia in 1917 and introduced Communism there too easily….the same thing is happening now. THIS IS A HUGE HOAX!!!! WAKE UP. George did not die “in public” but in a hospital where no one could see him die….how convenient …. this is all a lie. His family is not showing much if any emotion to his death….and they have the SAME attorney that Travon Martin and other HOAXES had…. Smell something rotten? I do.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      @SallieAnn – there is no need to stage anything, just wait for these events to occur and then blow them out of all proportion, and Soros to get involved at this stage, then give the simple masses the appropriate message about whites persecuting blacks via the MSM. Statistics, facts, eg the criminality of blacks, none of these will be mentioned by the MSM in the analysis, but most people are too stupid to realise how they are being fooled into believing that black people are downtrodden. It shows that no lie is too big or too outrageous ( eg black victimhood and persecution) for the MSM & academia to spread, and for black & white ignorant people alike to accept.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      The message our rulers have given us is clear:

      “You whites will have your cities burned, your people attacked, and your businesses destroyed any time a black is killed by a white.”

      “And we’re going to let it happen.”

      Some of the things I saw during the last few days on YouTube: A very old white lady in a wheelchair being physically attacked by a mob; another white lady being beaten with two-by-fours; a dog being abused by a rioter and then hung by its leash from a fence. The dog died.

  4. Eric
    Eric says:

    Blacks rioted in American cities in the mid-nineteen-sixties, and white Americans accepted it. Worse, they rewarded it by expanding welfare programs. It’s a good thing Planned Parenthood had such a big presence in the black neighborhoods. Otherwise, we’d have to deal with 25% of the population being black.

    The riots taking place now are different than the ones that took place in the sixties. They are planned and coordinated. The lead rioters are funded by the Jew George Soros. The globalists approve.

    Not satisfied with just burning down the ghetto areas of big cities, George’s paid thugs are causing mayhem in places like Santa Rosa, California, Beverly Hills, California, and Salt Lake City, Utah. But all the cities involved appear to be run by Democrats.

    The Russia hoax, Ukraine hoax, impeachment, and now the rioting, are all part of the effort to take down Trump. He committed the sin of being a nationalist, and globalists just can’t have that.

    It appears to me that Trump’s strategy (assuming he thinks that way) has been to let these things play out as an object lesson for white Americans. Let them see how much they are hated, how unfairly they are portrayed by the media, how thoroughly they are censored on social media. Let them see what the democrats have in store them: open borders, thinly disguised white genocide, etc. Then maybe they’ll wake up and stop supporting Democrats. We’ll see…

  5. Frederik Ladof
    Frederik Ladof says:

    That is not a protest against a cowardly murder but a pretext for looting electronic devices and destroying everything. Gandhi – no black man – would have proposed to fast in front of the Police station, in silence to commemorate a poor victim of the stupid violence. They are only monkeys and brainwashed antifa. They deserve the Chinese Police since they are fighting not for Freedom but because they are stupid and violent. Thanks to Leftist professors in the schools and Uni. Disengagement could be a good proposal. By stopping any kind of support in term of “welfare” will drive to the end of the game. No room for uncivilized people, no matter the color of the skin.

  6. Rerevisionist
    Rerevisionist says:

    I’m amazed that Kevin MacDonald seems to be approving of Jared Taylor’s wooden reading out of a script. Without apparently checking the truth of yet another Jewish myth.

  7. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    Thank you, Mr. Taylor. All true. Excellent video, and perfect assessment of the situation. Separation of the races now more than ever. Indeed, give blacks what they want and let white people finally walk away and get back to the business of branching into outer space like we should have been doing some 30 years ago before the liberal ball and chain of sympathy for blacks stopped us.

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