American Roulette: Imagining a Dark Future and How to Deal with It

We are witnessing the beginning of our descent, quickening apace, into hard, explicit “minority” rule. In the name of abolishing hierarchy, a new one is being erected. Whether police departments are “defunded”, “abolished”, “reorganized”, or “reimagined”, one thing is for certain — it is time to say goodbye to White law enforcement officers. Cursory research into any majority-Black police department in America will reveal widespread murder for hire, drug trafficking, extortion, kidnapping, rape, and other atrocities. Of course, these behaviors are not limited to Blacks; witness our cartel-infiltrated Border Patrol. Even where the footsoldiers of the State are White, they cannot necessarily be counted on; as we know, they are agents of the State, and only the State, and will generally follow whatever orders they are given. From the recent behavior of the military brass, it is readily apparent that Barack Hussein Obama did his job well in compromising that institution.

From this moment in time, we have at least six possible fates. First, we might go the way of the Third Reich, with a glorious rise as a phoenix from the ashes of this steroidal egalitarian Weimar Regime, followed by a catastrophic war which left us essentially annihilated. This fate seems unlikely, as the conditions for such a rise do not presently exist, and though our Semitic, corporatocratic Enemy controls the levers of culture and government, a war cannot occur if one side refuses to muster. When many on the “mainstream” Right entertain the notion of civil war, they often laugh dismissively and say something along the lines of, “Well, we have all the guns. They’ve just got fatass pink-haired protesters.” Nothing could be further from the truth; our Enemy is the State, which still retains a monopoly on military-level force.

Second, we might go the way of the Confederate States of America, with legal secession and a horrific war of independence, followed by crushing defeat, tyrannical martial law, economic slavery, and eventual cultural erasure. Again, the idea of organized large-scale resistance at this late hour seems fanciful. Though Reconstruction was an early experiment in Black rule over the Southern States, the people of Dixie were, within a decade, able to reclaim at least nominally semi-autonomous governance within the radically-altered Statist Federal Leviathan. After the Radical generation of Black Republicans, the new United States government opted for reconciliation with its Southern cousins; this is the period wherein most of the Confederate monuments were built. In 1925, the United States Mint released a commemorative silver half-dollar coin to raise money for Stone Mountain, a gorgeous landmark that, I fear, will soon go the way of the Bamiyan Buddhas. In 1929 and 1958, Congress declared that Confederate veterans were not traitors, but rather American veterans. This period of Federal reconciliation ended during the Egalitarian Revolution of the 1960s, and the Southern States were once again reduced to vassalage. During this American Kristallnacht, innumerable Confederate monuments have been toppled and defiled, including a figure of Jefferson Davis in the Confederate capital, Richmond; in Portsmouth, Virginia, one of the monuments cracked the skull of a rioter who participated in pulling it down, in what might be the only bright spot of the past two weeks. As one of my friends wrote, “Johnny Reb gets one last Yankee scalp.” Another friend noted that this is the consequence of losing a war. And he is exactly correct; if a war occurs, and if we lose said war, we will simply be exterminated. The postbellum condition of the former Confederacy is historically specific, and thus unlikely to be repeated.

Third, we might go the way of the Afrikaners, whose spineless politicians voluntarily murdered South Africa by turning it over to Black rule. We need not dwell on the unspeakably grotesque horrors that befall the remaining Afrikaners today, as we are already aware. Chris Roberts recently aggregated a collection of news stories documenting the plight of the White South African. It is with sad irony that we note that Marike de Klerk, the ex-wife of F.W. de Klerk, the last White President of South Africa, the man who signed the death warrant of his people, was raped and murdered by a Black security guard at her Cape Town apartment in 2001. Today, the State facilitates through complicity, and even participates in, White genocide; we see rumblings of this now—our fallen monuments are the clear symbols of what will soon become of us.

Fourth, we might go the way of the Amerindians, those merciless Indian savages subdued and conquered by our triumphant White forefathers. That once-proud people has been reduced to crippling alcoholism, drug addiction, poverty, and vice, a totally deracinated and vanquished race. Just as “the only good Indian is a dead Indian”, the Black Lives Matter terrorists doing the work that the State isn’t willing to dirty its hands with (yet) openly proclaim that the only good Whitey is the dead Whitey.

We currently appear to be headed for a hybrid of the Afrikaner and the Amerindian experience, with the specter of Saint Domingue looming over the proceedings for good measure. Aside from our rapidly receding numbers, we are entirely disorganized, with a dwindling number of online spaces, to say nothing of the paucity of opportunities for physical coordination. We are, as they say, a day late and a dollar short. The Republican Party has finally shown its true colors, leading the charge of White dispossession along with organized Christianity. The subverted and corrupted trait of White altruism, coupled with the United States Constitution, were used against us; now that their usefulness has been exhausted, they are going to destroy everything that we have ever held dear. Our ethnomasochist rulers, the bipartisan Sonderkommandos of the Zionist Occupied Government, will sign us over to the cruel caprice of their POC barnacles for one minute of favorable television coverage. White despair already reigns ascendant throughout the land, from collapsing sperm counts, to over three-quarters of a million opioid deaths in a decade, to dramatically rising suicide rates. The signs of defeat are manifest, even if capitulation has not yet been officially declared.

The fifth fate that may lay in store for us is, of course, success. Two solutions are possible; the first, as we already know, involves much bloodshed. The second must be achieved through political revolution, which itself almost undoubtedly, if not necessarily, leads back to the first solution. Both involve the evisceration, razing, and rebuilding of every single institution that was taken from us by the century-long Jewish coup that is responsible for nearly all of the afflictions we are yoked under, including the viral egalitarian infection that has forever ruined the minds of the contemptible and damned White ethnomasochists that disgrace our race every day. We must never forget the fact that the Enemy is Jewish; all else is a distraction.

That being said, that “else” is the most immediate problem that we must solve. How can we do so? As aforementioned, any fantasies we may entertain of a national organized counterrevolution or even a sizable armed faction are just that — fantasies. We have essentially no money. We have no leadership. Though our ideological diversity is a partial handicap, that handicap can probably be overcome by our more simplified goal of a White ethnostate. Though we will never get a majority of Whites to follow us, this is not much of a problem either, as most nations are pushed and pulled by small vanguards who, through victory, acquire the masses. But how can we begin to contemplate victory in the pitiful state in which we now find ourselves, mired in quicksand? We simply do not know how to organize massive resistance for the twenty-first century; otherwise, we would not be where we are. However, we most certainly can contemplate some practical next steps.

First, we must recognize that our safety is in our own hands. There is no one rushing to our aid; our distress signals fall on obsolete receivers. They laugh as we die. We obviously cannot place our faith in any State apparatus as it now stands. The most practicable next step for our movement is to start locally, as all great movements do. We must organize neighborhood and community watch militias, first buying as many guns and as much ammunition as we legally can; as these laws will start to tighten like a vise faster than we can be made aware of the changes, now is the time to secure the means for our self-defense. These militias should be modeled on those of the Founding generation, and should drill constantly. These militias should only include those who can be trusted, who have the fortitude to fight but are not loose cannons, and who are at the very least ideologically sympathetic fellow-travelers. It is important that, at least initially, we retain the moral high ground and reserve the application of violence for reactive defense only. Start simply by talking, carefully, with your neighbors or nearby community-members; if you live in an urban hellscape without many Whites, abandon ship and go somewhere else, a factor that we will address later. And, whether you live in a White neighborhood or not, we must remain armed at all times.

Second, now is the time to be open. Speak out. Do not live in fear of being doxed; fear is precisely how they win. We think we are being careful when we use pseudonyms, when we cover our tracks, when we slink about under cover of darkness, but in reality, we are ceding more and more ground to the Enemy. What is the point of being so secretive? So that when they have finally fundamentally transformed our nation into a post-anarcho-tyrannical totalitarian State, when Whites have finally been conquered, we dissidents will be safe? That is the circular logic of defeatism, and it keeps us in chains. By that day, all will be lost. They will kill us anyways. The excommunicative Two Minutes’ Hate ritual that we are by now all too familiar with only has effect, both economically and socially, while we remain isolated. When enough of us become lightning rods, the storm will dissipate. They cannot take us all down at once; we are only conquered while we are divided. Now is the time to leave the shadows and cease behaving as if we are drug dealers, doing something immoral. We must exercise our birthright, and stand while we still can. Cowardice is not a virtue. By hiding online, you are not being smart, or strategic, or “playing the long game.” You are disabling yourself, rendering yourself worthless to our cause.

Third, in order to exorcise the isolation that has been imposed upon all of us, we must begin to physically concentrate in rural States that still have abundant land, that still remain remote and rugged. Those of us with the means to do so have a duty to begin, or continue, to purchase as much land as possible; by whatever arrangement these “landlords” may desire, White families can begin homesteading on said land, founding organic agrarian communities disconnected from the vicissitudes of the global “market” that wholly and solely benefits the Enemy. Wherever possible in our current lives, we must not give any more money to these evil entities. We must be as self-sufficient and community-centered as we can practicably be. These homestead communities are entirely feasible, by no means farfetched; that is what secession looks like. All we need do is literally occupy and build our own “autonomous zones”, for secession need not require official legislative or judicial action. The State is lost to us anyways. To further effectuate this racial secession, we must stop paying taxes. The American system of taxation is a Jewish (therefore, “usurious” would be a redundancy) extortion scheme by which our wealth is stolen from us in order to finance the worthless lifestyles of the Black and Brown horde marauding through our homeland. How long has it been since our taxes actually benefited us? Our taxes also finance the Administrative Deep State, every department of every agency of every bureau of which serves to accomplish nothing but the furtherance of our genocide. The IRS cannot pursue all of us at once.

Hopefully, these meager, relatively easily practicable suggestions will at least stimulate further serious and sober discussion. What is now beyond debate is that it is time to stop sermonizing, and time to start acting. We are living through the greatest crisis to have ever faced our White race, our White civilization; this is no coincidence, for, whether or not you are a Christian like myself, we must recognize that we were placed here, in this time, for a reason. It is time to fulfill our duty. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children. I will stop just shy of stating that we must totally abandon the political process, but we absolutely must now prepare for what increasingly, with each passing second, appears to be inevitable.

Finally, I am obliged to wholeheartedly state that we deserve to die if we do not fight back now. Recall those striking words of Oswald Spengler: “We are born into this time and must bravely follow the path to the destined end. There is no other way. Our duty is to hold on to the lost position, without hope, without rescue, like that Roman soldier whose bones were found in front of a door in Pompeii, who, during the eruption of Vesuvius, died at his post because they forgot to relieve him. That is greatness. That is what it means to be a thoroughbred. The honorable end is the one thing that cannot be taken from a man.”

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  1. Realist
    Realist says:

    The wealthy and powerful (aka Deep State) know that anarchy divides a populous thereby removing their ability to resist their true enemy and even more draconian laws. The die is being cast at this moment and the complete subjugation of the American people will, probably, be effectuate by the end of this year. A full court press is under way and life is about to change for 99% of the American people.

  2. Wael Ahmad
    Wael Ahmad says:

    I don’t agree with this plan that’s suggested by Mr. Giles Corey, it’s chaotic,, unorganized, and almost suicidal.

    The best part of the article is when it’s identifies the main and only existential threat correctly, and that danger is the Jews, but it fails to notice that the Jews are not only enemies of the white people, they’re the enemies of the whole humanity, of all races and religions, black, white Yellow, Muslims, Christians, Hindus…etc, to them, they’re are all gentile, their slaves.

    The plan should make use of this facts, to start with a manifesto authored by well recognized personalities from those segments, and directed to all the non-Jewish minority, exposing the dangerous destructive plans of this criminal minority against all humanity, you have to show that the black is with the white, the Christian with the Muslim, against the Jewish satanic Cabal.

    It’s time to UNITE with the black, Latinos, Arabs and Muslims in this coming struggle, the black are also victims of the Jews, and if they open their eyes and see that their real enemy are not the police or white supremacists, but the Jews, the balance of power will shift dramatically against the cursed chosen people.

    • Brooklyn Dave
      Brooklyn Dave says:

      Thank you Wael, for your comment. While you are correct in that Judaism sees all goyim/gentile of all races as lower than themselves, I believe that it has an especially disdain for the white European descended Christian. As you probably know, this is both historical as well as theological. Historically, Ashkenazi Jews have been at loggerheads with the Christian European for all their existence. Persecution of Jews was primarily due to their practice of usury and other dishonest business practices. Very little was due to theological reasons. The theological antipathy of Jews toward Christians goes back to Jesus Christ himself and the Christian community proclaiming Jesus as a divine person. Kevin MacDonald’s many articles and books explain this very thoroughly. Historically and theologically Jews had to deal with only two other groups; Christians and a bit later Muslims.

      Groups such as Chinese, Africans, certain groups of Muslims such as Bangladeshis, and the vast majority of Latinos have no historical dealing with Jews and are thus not inclined to see them as Enemy. Only the Arab Muslim and the Christian (the vast number being in denial or asleep) will ever come to this point ideologically. These other groups only interaction with Jews are mostly with Hasidim, who at least in New York, are big time slum lords, and quite obnoxious to everyone (even other Jews). They may not like them, but no profound ideological transformation is going to occur. Even the Muslim is on different ground than the European descended white person of Christian heritage. I am afraid that whitey is really on his own in this battle.

      • David Shiloh
        David Shiloh says:

        I understand your feelings about Wael’s post. I once had a white Muslim of Jurisprudence express the exact same view that Wael has expressed.

        I would say that working with Muslims such as the late Qassem Suleimani, victim of Trump assassinating Suleimani, and which also murdered other innocent men, the drone had a weapon that sliced up the victims. He was traveling on a diplomatic passport and was there, on Trump’s request, to work out a peace plan, that is how evil the US government is. He could have taught Americans much.

        Working with the ideas of Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hizballah, would be most educational. These are men who have faced the enemy and beat them down each and every time and they show that evil doesn’t win in the long run. That men who believe in God and in right and in wrong, will emerge victorious.

        The Jews have a serious fault. It is the refusal to learn from history.

        • Brooklyn Dave
          Brooklyn Dave says:

          I am glad you brought up both Suleimani and Nasrallah. Personally, I think Deep State was behind the Suleimani murder – possibly Mossad connected. Israel wants so badly to get the US involved in a full fledged fight with Iran. Nasrallah is interesting in the fact that he and Hizbollah have united the many sects of Lebanon against a common enemy. In the US -and maybe in Europe, the majority of Jewish opprobrium is directed at the white Christian (straight) male. Wael is correct that it would be better to unite efforts than go down the road alone. Muslims are in a better position to see the root of the problem. Personally, I stick with the opinion that Hindus, East Asian, most blacks and Latinos don’t have enough interaction with Jews to see there is a problem insofar as Jewish control and orchestration of Amerians institutions and perceptions. Whites on the other hand suffer from two – and exceptionalism may be a factor, are that our churches have been Judaizing us for decades (for those who are Christians -even Catholic Chrsitians) and yes, there is a knee-jerk reaction amongst many whites (more than other groups) to see the Muslim as their enemy -due to 9/11 (if one really wants to buy the official story) the root of which goes to so much Christian support of the Zionist bedtime story. The only question I ask of Wael is if there is any truth in that most racial/ethnic/religious groups in the US are into pursuing their own interests (both individually and collectively) that very few actually see the problem and would be willing to work together.

          • Patrick Pappano
            Patrick Pappano says:

            The “Jews” have the whole world in the palm of their hand through control of money and media. Forget getting any red-blooded Americans upset about their own slavery; they will come up with a gazillion reasons not to object. But then look at the Palestinians and the Lebanese. Why haven’t their media and money been hijacked and why haven’t they been amicably enslaved like everybody else? Could it be that they have balls? Or is it that the Jews had no chance to take over their media and plant the “Jewish” seed in their people? Either way, I see even their 14-year old girls carrying stones for their men to throw. Rome would be thrilled with such an army.

      • Wael Ahmad
        Wael Ahmad says:

        Your conclusion that only the ” whitey ” are in the struggle wit the Jewish control is not only wrong, but it strategically disastrous, and maybe because of the delusional American European ” Christians heritage ” belief in their superiority and exceptionalism over the rest of humanity even in morality and fighting evil.

        Arabs, Muslims, Christians, Bangladeshis and Hindus, Africans, suffered multiple folds of Jewish harms & crimes than any other WASP community, which is until now, continue to support Israel and the Jewish organizations with their murderous crimes.

        Sometimes I feel that even the bright and good people of the white race, are poisoned by their exceptionalism and uniqueness, declining alliance with “lesser” class of human beings, well, if you want to keep the monopoly of fighting Jewish evil entirely for your race, I wish you good luck, and you can have the glory and trophies all to you, we are not interested in glory, but I don’t think that you’ll win this battle on your own.
        Thank you.

        • Charles Frey
          Charles Frey says:

          Wael, I hope you are aware, that, in all probability, you are speaking to David Cole, who gave a private tour to Zundel through Auschwitz I : filled with previously arrived at observations on incongruities of his own.

          Were I to be right, you would be immeasurably out of your league.

        • Daviid
          Daviid says:

          Wael, what “appears” to other countries as western (White,Christian..etc) exceptionalism (racism, bigotry, material selfishness) is in fact just widespread Jewish/Zionist exceptionalism, racism, bigotry and selfishness in disguise, projecting itself FROM those western countries via their political and media monopolies.

          As a small example, when you see a western politician or journalist in any “western” owned media call for attack/boycott on Iran, you’re seeing a representative of the very powers we all despise speak and not so called”whites”, not Christians, nor the secular people of that western country.

          Think of these mouthpieces as the (hateful) “face” of the western world, their projection is not the truth but is perpetuated to make us all believe that it IS the truth. Just as many other cultures and religions of the world have their faces projected negatively, as you’ve probably seen from your own perspective too.

          Wael, our enemy fear any future co-operation between Islam and Christians(on any level), and stoke discontent among us both to that end.

          We must all hold to our personal interactions that have been positive.

          For example, I once visited a shop(in the west) wearing a Palestinian scarf, I did not expect anyone to recognise it but upon entering the shop,the owner promptly smiled and stated that he had the scarf and he got his while travelling in Jordan. He asked me where I got mine, I had to admit, the internet. We had a wonderful exchange in regards to global politics and travel. Neither of us are Palestinian, we are from very different cultures but both Westerners.

          It has taken a long time for the west to realise who the enemy is, but it won”t take nearly as long for us to realise who our friends are…

        • Clytemnestra
          Clytemnestra says:

          Wael, what you and other people don’t understand is that, for the most part, Americans of European Christian heritage don’t control much of anything anymore in this country.

          The majority of Americans don’t want to be sacrificing blood and treasure in the Middle East. The majority of Americans don’t want the dubious honor of maintaining an overextended military presence all over hell’s half acre.

          The problem is that all the levers of government are controlled by Jews. The media is controlled by Jews who highlight the scant support of so-called Christian Zionists.

          It does not help your cause one iota anytime one of your loose cannons gets loose and pulls a violent terrorist attack that plays into the narrative the Jews wish to sell.

          Just because our government does not officially crack down on free speech doesn’t mean we don’t have quasi-governmental organizations like the SPLC “Hate” Watch nonsense and a cadre of “social justice” avengers doing handstands to ruin the lives, the livelihoods, and the families of any dissenters.

          At present, I don’t see many attempts for the Others to unify with Whites against Jews. We’re the low-hanging fruit they want to pluck. It’s easier to get stuff from a dispirited, demoralized, disconnected majority than it is from a tiny, powerful collective which is has been honing its self-serving agenda for millennia.

          The onus isn’t on us to reach out to you. All Whites do is accommodate so-called people of color and try to appease them. It’s up to you to network with us. I will take your case for unity more seriously when I see more so-called people of color getting up on their high horses and defending us.

          Otherwise, I’ll assume we are on our own against the rising tide of people who are as Anti-White in their own way as the Jews.

    • AntiSocialFool
      AntiSocialFool says:

      Good luck with trying to persuade white nationalists that only a union with Blacks and Asians can save the white race

      • Wael Ahmad
        Wael Ahmad says:

        Unfortunately I agree with you, but one has to try, maybe some people will think about the possibility, specially when there are not much alternatives available.

        • SPQR70AD
          SPQR70AD says:

          wael…we don’t need no stinking blacks or muslims who if the jews are defeated would turn on us being their main enemies are defeated. go start a revolution in afreaka

    • Mo
      Mo says:

      What is so disappointing, is the fact that the European-Americans continue to tolerate the destruction of their heritage. Why, as patriots, they allow themselves to be denigrated as “white supremacists”. Or why they would even accept a mentality of guilt.
      The Black African-American community has sacrificed and invested too much to effect American accountability to the principals and values upon which this nation was established. They were, and will always be allied with the European-Americans.
      More and more Blacks are finally starting to see the actual agenda of the left, liberal Democrats. This whole orchestrated race mongering and atonement is a strategy to impede them from voting Republican.
      If the European-Americans would get their balls back, the fifth state and second solution is feasible.

      • BB
        BB says:

        The author is correct about the Federalization of Confederate Soldiers. That would, in my mind, Make Confederate Statues Federal Monuments. Why isn’t the Federal Government Protecting them.
        The Negtoes along with the Hippies and other subversive groups led by communists operatives, burned government buildings, rioted and looted. Some, such as the news paper heiress, Miss Hurst,escaped a whole lot of jail time. Squeaky From and her accomplices did Hard time. Charles Manson died in jail. This guy makes sense, but, as King Solomon said,”There is Nothing New Under The Sun.”This is a Replay of the 60’s. The Communists just dustrd off an old playbook , gathered some “Useful Idiots” and went to town. Resist any way You Can and get your licks in wherever possible.

        • Clytemnestra
          Clytemnestra says:

          I have to be a contrarian here.

          If I could speak for the brave, valorous warriors of the Confederacy whose images are being torn down, I would think they would cheer it on.

          The LAST thing General Hood would want to be associated with is the modern LBGT American military! Ditto, Robert E. Lee, Ditto Calhoun, etc. ad nauseum ad infinitum. They fought with their respective states to escape this Union of the Damned.

          The quickest way to piss off Antifa and BLM is to point this out. Just like when the “woke” social justice wankers were talking about pulling Andrew “Old Hickory” Jackson (who proudly boasted, “I Killed The Bank” Jackson off the twenty, I would egg them on noting that the last thing Jackson would want his image on is the funny munny the Federal Reserve counterfeits today.

          Someone else may have pointed that out to the Usual Suspects, because they dropped that idea and kept Old HIckory where he was rather than replacing him with Harriet Tubman/Barack Obama.

          The best thing we can do is engage in our own Culture of Critique. I was talking with some friends and we came up with some awesome things to rename our pitiful excuse of a military. We also like the idea of putting up statues of Shitavious with his pants below his butt and some fat Shanaenae twirking on a heap of garbage to represent what a country on Jews looks like.

      • Wael Ahmad
        Wael Ahmad says:

        Republican party is exactly the mirror image of the Democratic party, if the African Americans will vote like you suggest, nothing will change, both parties are under total control of the Jews, and both parties are beggars for the Jewish Shekel.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      You raise an important point in your comment that Mr. Corey doens’t even mention, alliances.

      And that more than implies that the writer has not thought his idea through even from his own perspective.

      It’s also funny that he talks about not wasting time but starts his article with a number of “possibilities” that aren’t possibilities at all, by his own admission.

      He also makes no mention of a concrete organizing principle. This isn’t surprising. In all my years visiting these sites it’s rare to see anyone give that subject the attention it deserves.

      It’s basically an article from the point of view of a right-wing Christian. In other words, the very group who, as much as anyone else, allowed this to happen and then had the gall to act like they were the saviors of “The White Race.” Please.

      If we’re being attacked as White we should organize as White.

      If we have tyranny in general and the particular kind of tyranny we’re up against in particular then we should organize around freedom.

      If we need alliances we should accept differences long enough to form a common bond.

      If it can be done in prisons it can done in countries.

      Which makes perfect sense now that the countries of the West are looking more and more like one big prison yard, especially in the USA.

      Still, Giles Corey made an attempt and should be recognized for it. He deserves our respect, gratitude and support. And I’m sure he values freedom of speech enough to respect points of view that differ from his own.

      • Richard B
        Richard B says:

        “If we have tyranny in general and the particular kind of tyranny we’re up against in particular then we should organize around freedom.”

        Obviously, I’m too acustomed to The Unz Review comment section where I can edit after posting.

        The above should read:

        If we hate tyranny in general, and the kind of tyranny we’re up against now in particular, then we should organize around freedom.

        By the way, let’s keep in mind what Steve Sailer has said many times, that anti-Whtie hatred is what holds the fringes together.

        I recently saw the comment section to video talking about the conflicts among the fringes where those in the comment section clearly identifying as black said that the use of the neologism “People of Color” should be dropped and that they should focus just on blacks.

        Many Latinos and Asians don’t even hide their contempt and hatred toward blacks.

        Of course, they don’t have to.

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      Wael, in theory, you are right, but in practice, your idea is impossible. Sixty years of endless anti-white propaganda have created two monsters. One represents the vast majority of blacks who, in their ignorance and stupidity, have accepted and believed all the lies told to them by Liberal professors and journalists (mostly Jewish). The other monster represents the numerous, self-hating white liberals who also, and by the same reasons, swallowed the lies told to them by the Jews.

      I don’t think most Asians and Arabs hate whites; I believe that they just could not care less for them and who would blame them? Having a strong sense of national and racial identity, they only care about their own. Good for them! I also think that they are very few to have an impact on the coming racial war, a war that has nothing to do with them. This s a matter between blacks and whites.

      • Wael Ahmad
        Wael Ahmad says:

        I thought of arguing with you then I declined, to me, you’re either completely outside the knowledge of what’s happening for very long past time, or you’re deliberately advocating what the global Jewish powers exactly wants: DIVIDE & RULE, though to hide behind anti Jews mask.

        All your judgments are false & sinister.

  3. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    I have been reading TOO for a decade now and this is by far, for me, the finest article I have ever read.

    Why? Because it harmoniously weaves the following necessary elements together: simplicity, iconoclasm, truthfulness, pragmatism, and hope.

    The author unabashedly list out those avenues of action that (as history has proven) will not work. That is necessary, for by far the greatest gem in this article is that he then details in simple, unvarnished terms what WILL work, and HOW to go about it.

    To the author I would tender some encouragement that his advice on what to do is in fact being done by a number of families already – not just men, but their wives and kids, too!

    And to other readers I would say this: if you at all can, follow the advice of Mr. Corey. At a minimum, you will be starting out on a new beautiful life that you and your family will embrace with a thankfulness you never thought possible, and you will never look back.

    • Ed Connelly
      Ed Connelly says:

      Tim wrote, “I have been reading TOO for a decade now and this is by far, for me, the finest article I have ever read.”

      As a TOO writer from way back who has written close to 100 articles for this site, I have to say I agree with Tim. Mr. Corey has knocked this one out of the ballpark.

      Prior to this, as depressing as the objective state of affairs in our former country has been, I was still happy to see throughout the Dissident Right a sense that blacks alone or feminism or whatever were not our main problem. Rather, so many writers this last month have gotten it right, just as Giles Corey most certainly does.

      In particular, I thought some of the writers for Counter-Currents were hitting the right notes, but of course it is here at TOO that we most focus on the subject of our editor KMac’s “Culture of Critique.”

      I might, however, also mention a sort of manifesto from a sometime TOO writer, Thomas Dalton, who recently wrote elsewhere this must-read piece: “We Must Dismantle Jewish Supremacy: Silence Is Not an Option” (

      Together with Mr. Corey’s present essay, we have two powerful calls to attention. I salute both writers.

    • bruno
      bruno says:

      Thank you for your thoughts. Many are like me. As a youth they saw masses move and also relocated (remember Washington’s busing). Half a century later, just when they thought everything was perfect, demographics again set in. Fast forward.

      Yesterday over 100,000 marched for BLM and Queers in Brooklyn. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and other phone systems were down. No need to mention the anti-majority media.

      BTW zyd(owski) kultura is about bribing. If you -not really “you,” that’s an example- were a politico, judge, rule maker…and a zyd gave you a mln bucks, you’d be bought (for the benefit of your family).

      The way to go -if you’re not an elderly and/or are a young divorcee seeking to be nearly your progeny (about 40% of US family structure is sh-t)- is to reside in states such as Northern New Hampshire, Maine, Montana. If you really don’t want to chance your future genes to become monkeyized move to countries like Bylorussia or Poland.

    • Wael Ahmad
      Wael Ahmad says:

      Tim: Do you really think that finding a remote piece of land, make it a settlement for a community of families, to grow food and live outside the chaotic dense cities will work? I don’t think so.

      First, it’s not the solution for the whole Americans, but a tiny segment of them, and what this community do when visited by thousands of hungry and destitute people, are you ready to face of with guns and bullets, risking casualties of your families and relatives that you originally wanted to protect?, did you heard about the siege & burning and murdering of all Waco compound of the Branch Davidians, men,women & children in 1993?, did you read “The Road” by Cormack McCarthy?

      There is no option, any alternative or plan B that will succeed except the total destruction of all Jewish power in all of the world, and forever.

  4. Richard McCulloch
    Richard McCulloch says:

    I think the most important measure of any separatist proposal is what proportion of our race could it be reasonably expected to save, or is even designed to save.

    Other than the Afrikaner enclave of Orania (population circa 1,600), which is tolerated because it doesn’t interfere with the ongoing destruction of the other 99.9% of Afrikaners, the idea of isolated “Galt’s Gulch” style white survivalist refuges seems to be peculiarly American. This is probably attributable to two factors: an abundance of space which allows for sufficient remoteness; and the high degree of individualism among Americans which causes them to frequently default to individual or very small scale survival strategies.

    But like Orania, these micro-scale strategies are not designed to save, nor can be expected to save, a large enough proportion of our race to secure its continued existence and independence, much less its flourishing, in an increasingly non-white and anti-white world which would, sooner or later, overwhelm them. Running and hiding will only work for a very few and not for very long.

    Although it seems more difficult, we need to stand our ground in the center of the conflict and envision solutions on the largest scale, in terms of our race as a whole, and try to save as much of our race and its resources as we can, or at least all that are salvageable, as we’re probably going to need as many of them as we can get if our race is going to survive in the future looming before us.

  5. Sapaud
    Sapaud says:

    Everyone watch this video: “Follow The White Rabbit…” – and read this article: “The Matrix” –

    “NOTE: Police officers, Sheriff’s Deputies, U. S. Military personnel and their families will not escape this mass genocide! All will be compelled to take the “death vaccine” right along with the rest of the general public!
    My guess is that the federal or state governments will install another police authority to replace our Police, Sheriff’s Deputies and Military. My belief is that they will be using army personnel of the USSR and China. These armies are now occupying former military bases in each state that was closed down under the guise of budget cuts. Fort Dix in New Jersey now occupies a battalion of the Russian Army. I don’t know which bases are being occupied in the other states.”
    — Video description

  6. AntiSocialFool
    AntiSocialFool says:

    We white Western Europeans are almost as in bad a situation as the Whites in the USA.Declining numbers,rampant political correctness,widespread miscegenation. We do however have one advantage that just might save our bacon-Eastern Europe.At last count the population of Eastern Europe was 300,000,000.Non whites(including Jews,Romany etc) are probably no more than 2% of its population.The whites there arent too fond of political correctness and so called positive discrimination.They still take pride in the achievements of white civilisation.I believe only Eastern Europe can save white Europe both culturally and demographically.

    • Panadechi
      Panadechi says:

      n a Western European war with Russia, white nationalists would fight alongside the Russians and not supporting their treacherous anti-white governments.

      • AntiSocialFool
        AntiSocialFool says:

        Thats why Nato is such a joke.The idea that countries such as Greece,Bulgaria,Romania,Montenegro,Czech Republic would attack Russia in order to defend Turkey,is too silly for words.

  7. JRM
    JRM says:

    Excellent article. Maybe the most timely one ever published here. Kudos to Mr. “Corey”. Nice “Crucible” nod.

    I’ve been playing a version of “Where’s Waldo?” with pictures from the protests. Try to find the black person. Where I live the local virtue-signaling Whites far outnumber the blacks. I just saw a picture of a local BLM protest with no apparent blacks in attendance at all. There were signs reading “White Supremacy Must End”, but they were held by White people.

    Now, mind you, I can’t get a decent game of “Where’s Waldo?” going with the looting photos I see from other cities. It is easy to find the blacks in those. I stayed up late one night watching a “livestream” of looting up north, and the blacks I saw were laughing and smiling; some had grins that probably took two days to get off. Some may still be grinning.

    Meantime, the news kept talking about sad black folks who were “mourning” and “trying to make their voices heard”.

    In my view, the current insurrection is generational, not racial. Of course, everyone thinks it is racial, even the Whites who are doing most of the protesting.

    What we are seeing is the result of Public and higher education. For years, the young have been hearing about how racist, unfair and downright evil America is. They’ve been taught to hate injustice, and shown how White America embodies injustice. They have not been taught critical thinking, but have instead received a full indoctrination thanks to the Jewish/Leftist takeover of American education.

    Why should we be surprised at their fury? Especially after having been told to stay inside for a few months or they might die from an invisible contagion. We can’t fully fault these kids; sure, they are being destructive, and behaving mindlessly. But they’re acting in a certain amount of good faith against institutions they have been taught to loathe as cruel, unfair and exploitative.

    It’s sad to see our own kind turned against us. But did we not know this was going to happen? Did we think a group of impressionable kids could be told that the system itself is corrupt, and not expect to see youth try to take on entrenched evil if given enough cover and latitude?

    We’ve lost the youth. Sure, there are a few exceptions. But look at the sheer numbers of bodies this revolt can place in the street. Could we muster 100 men to march? Could we muster 50? Maybe 10?

    The moderator may choose not to publish this comment. It’s not intended as demoralization. But given the frankness of Mr. Corey’s article, and given what I’ve been witnessing, I felt compelled to say it. We are on the verge of an increasingly dangerous path forward. I no longer feel that our troubles will come to a head in 20 or 30 years from now, as I have pretty much felt for some time. This thing is moving quickly now.

    Everyone reading this should take heed of the recommendations Mr. Corey offers, perhaps especially the one about being armed. But will one of us stop paying taxes? I doubt it. It would be great, but we don’t have the rolling momentum to pull it off; we don’t have the tacit permission of the Gov. to act up, as the rioters do. The outlook, gentlemen, is bleak.

  8. Bethany
    Bethany says:

    I have often wondered all these things myself. How will the white race survive? It becomes all too clear that this is the issue as you study history, S. Africa and get current news from folks like Colin Flaherty and others that I find on bitchute.

    I have already observed that it’s only a matter of time before every major city and minor city is infiltrated by POC police force and city officials. I mean, already now in my daughter’s public school it’s only minority children in pictures and getting all the rewards. Even the dummies at the church, always favor and give special attention to the black children. White children are always taught that the POC come first because they are always the “victim” and somehow our white children are these mysterious perpetrators, although they can’t consciously see it or understand it. But it must be true somehow because they see the bias against them and the favoritism of the other.

    I personally think that the organic course of action of the white race will be as follows: the majority will fall as victims, decimated in the coming slaughter against them. Because, (as with these statues that are mercilessly being taken down), the only trigger for removal is the white face. So clearly, the majority of whites will fall. And it pains me as I see this but what can you with all these liberal loving whites? You’ll never reach them. They’ll fall to Communism and to their own demise. Perhaps will get hit over the head and then wake up. But, with all of them, the clueless whites every where, many will be sacrificed. You know, it seems like the jewish survival mechanism is calling us: Stay with your own kind. Eventually some might get it. Some, like the white guys humiliating themselves by begging on the streets, overdosing, etc are sort of like the pawns on the front lines of army taking the ridicule, satisfying the POC’s pleasure in the pain of the white man. And even those that race mix are hopefully contributing to a bit more empathy toward us. There are POC’s that are thoughtful and conscious. Yes, fully agreed that the primary enemy is Jewry.

    All too often, I recall the words of Mickey Singer, (And even though Mickey Singer is Jewish, he says of himself, “I am a Jewish yogi that likes Christ,”), I’ve learned from Mickey that “There 13.8 billion years of forces beyond our control.” And he is right. With my heart I bless those poor whites who are allowing themselves to be abused and ridiculed and kicked as a twisted virtue signaling distracting as those of us with common sense, do what we can to get out of this hell hole. So much is out of my control. I just got to do what I can do within my power to save myself and my family. That’s what I want for all whites, that they wisen up and protect themselves.

    Obviously, I’m not biased against all Jews and/or POC, it’s my inherent altruism. Kindness counts. And I do my part with every white man and woman that I can talk to and share my opinions with. I point out what is forbidden. Most are open to the information because on some level they have experienced the distortion.

    I don’t think that whites should fight overtly in any form because for me, a white life is precious and needs to be preserved. Plus if you look at the cattle rancher and even the predominantly white Occupy Wall Street crowd, there’s a heavy handed, show no mercy response to us. Blacks can run away with tasers and fire them at police, commit all sorts of crimes and there’s 100% sympathy for them. But, never forget the double standard. There’s a target on Whitey’s head.

    I would love it if there were some whites that organized and bought land and we created an “Orania” somewhere. Maybe the US, but maybe safer a country like Uruguay or Chile, and why not just be like the Latinos here, and we just keep speaking English and arrive in such large numbers that the local population feels alienated or better yet just find that vast, uninhabited piece of land.

    As long as enough of us stay white genetically, preserve our heritage and hopefully after a couple of generations the Jews and their minions will destroy themselves. I mean, they’re headed that way, it’s only inevitable.

    • Wael Ahmad
      Wael Ahmad says:

      If the white race whom you’re one of them have abandoned and ready to sacrifice every moral, ethical, religious and conscientious principal, just for preserving the white genetic pool, you’ll end up with a genes that favor submissive, tolerant, fearful & protective, even against evil and corruption, and the “purity of white race” will not survive anyway.

      Think again.

  9. Angelicus
    Angelicus says:

    Brilliant article. Realistic and honest. The complete opposite to the pathetic and ridiculous article written by Robert S. Griffin on June 13 where he advises us to “root your arguments in this country’s core political and cultural ideas” which have done NOTHING for White Americans.

    Not only that, but Griffin also tells us that he would prefer a President “like the soft-spoken, unassuming, morally upright, white racially conscious U.S. president (1924-1929), Calvin Coolidge.” I ask, what did Calvin Coolidge do for White Americans? Zilch!, like all the other traitors who occupied the White House during the XX century.

  10. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    The black protests remind me of the Bolshevik Revolution and the way they took Russia. They want to defund the police and make blood run in the streets. If only blacks knew their true enemy and we could get them to fight on our side. Is there a black leader who might help us? We could start some sort of protest and demand control of at least one major tv media which is what we desperately need.

  11. Davis
    Davis says:

    When are White Christians and White conservatives going to stand up for themselves?

    America is on its way to becoming Black, Hispanic, and Leftist.

    These people cannot govern.

  12. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    Excellent observations. All true. Personally, I’m of the ethno-state mindset. I honestly think that’s our best, and maybe even only option right now. Again, as Mr Corey states, buying up good, productive land, and lots of it. An ethno-state will only work as long as all the land within it is privately owned. Of course, there are no guarantees that the jewish state and its black / brown jackboot dogs will respect their own laws, but that can’t stop us from regrouping our people and surviving. I would add one crucial suggestion; keep the ethno-state quiet. Clothe it in the rationale of an Amish style community, with its members outwardly projecting a back to the earth type of mentality, and keeping all mention of race “in house”. It will be more than enough of a dog whistle to attract those of our race still motivated to survive without pointlessly making itself a target and a nail to be hammered down by a society that is rabid to seek out and destroy all attempts at white solidarity.

  13. Lucius Vanini
    Lucius Vanini says:

    Small candle-lights in an otherwise dark night: a well-armed citizens’ battalion gathered in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, responding to rumors of approaching BLM/Antifa, a couple of days ago; the invaders never came (hopefully from fear). More recently, South Philadelphia Italian-Americans grabbed their guns and baseball bats and defended the local Columbus statue–which still stands and is unmarked.

    In England, football “hooligans” and other Brits with balls defended monuments of our European history, to which the low-IQ savages and self-hating white dupes didn’t gain access. Small things, but big things often do start small.

    Am doing everything recommended above, locked and loaded and plugging in, and more….

  14. Alphonsus Jr.
    Alphonsus Jr. says:

    We must stop contracepting ourselves to death. This, combined with the immivasion, has done much to weaken us since the ‘60s.

  15. Peter London
    Peter London says:

    We have allowed our enemies to seize the moral high ground. They have achieved this victory with a constant barrage of atrocity propaganda. We have hardly begun to answer back and yet we could do so very easily. We all know black-on-white murders vastly outnumber the rare white-on-black. We have thousands of martyrs whose names and faces we make no use of. There isn’t a day in the calendar that hasn’t witnessed the butchering of white martyrs, including beautiful girls whose lives were cut short, even beautiful children whose lives had hardly begun. Their photos should be everywhere. Imagine them as a backdrop at meetings and video interviews. Here’s a short list of a few recent ones:
    Nettie Spencer
    Karleigh Miller
    Madison Harris
    Owen Melin
    McKenzie Lueck
    Tessa Majors
    Erin Langhofer
    Valaree Schwab
    Lauren McCluskey
    TerriLynn St John
    Mollie Tibbets
    Angela Nielson
    Amanda Kirby
    Laura Pietscher
    Justine Damond
    Kristen Stone
    Kane Friess-Wylie
    Savannah Walker
    Tanya Chamberlain
    Logan Tipton
    Amanda Blackburn
    Jessica Chambers
    Colleen Ritzer
    Michael Verkerke
    Ashley & David Carpenter
    Antonio Santiago

    • Charles
      Charles says:

      We should start petitions, social media campaigns and flash mob style publicity stunts to demand more recognition for these names and other names like these in Western countries. We need to demand justice for these people. Demand media report and recognise the true horrors of black on white crime, report these honestly. We need to demand political reforms and changes to policing to better protect members of society from black on white violence. We need white advocacy, by white people and as Wael Ahmad said stand together with other races and religions as one, united against the common enemy of the world. All cultures of the world deserve to live in a homeland of their own kind that provides community, nationhood, liberty and safety.

  16. Horatius Captain of the Gate
    Horatius Captain of the Gate says:

    `To every man upon this earth
    Death cometh soon or late.
    And how can man die better
    Than facing fearful odds,
    For the ashes of his fathers,
    And the temples of his gods?”

  17. Rerevisionist
    Rerevisionist says:

    The most serious difficulty is that Jewish paper/electronic money is so simple for them to invent, and so huge in quantity, that it’s very serious bait. There’s a black billionaire in South Africa, for example. Obviously that’s not an outcome of hard work. Virtually all politicians are funded, with quantities of money and assets (such as shares) which honest people can’t begin to approach. Jews can hand out huge amounts to fund any imaginable damage. Unless this can be changed it’s hard to see how things can improve. The system no doubt will fail and I suspect that real assets will have to be taken back.

  18. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    You go with Spengler and some Wagnerian death scene: I opt for Patton. ” Most of you sons of bitches out there are ready to give your lives for your country: well, let me tell you, the only way to win a war is for you to make that other son of a bitch give up his life for his country ! ”

    Somewhere I read a short bio on most of the Hitler Youth boys drawn up before Hitler during the last moments, as per the extant film clips. It included the decorations awarded to them, ranging upward to the Iron Cross. One mere boy, perhaps only two or three years my senior at that time, was given a special citation, because he was too young to have been a member of the HJ.

    This little soldier had hitched up his absent father’s horse to their farm wagon and singlehandedly retrieved a number of seriously incapacitated German wounded soldiers when Vesuvius erupted east of Berlin.

    Little did I know at that time, and for a prolonged interim period, that one day I would flee during my evenings into RUSSIA GOT TALENT to enjoy heir unequalled culture and to get the day’s refuse of our own out of my head.

  19. Canadian guy
    Canadian guy says:

    Good overall but i think the obsession with moving out into the countryside is a terrible idea. Cities are typically where the money is and we need to be building a support system such that we can thrive in the cities. In the countryside you are just waiting to get the Kulack/Africkaaner treatment and get either butchered to death by vibrants or have your land confiscated by racial-communists.

    If your cities are lost and you are at the point of wanting to hide out in the countryside – why not just wave the white flag and accept that you lost and then start organizing an exodus to less hostile territory? The economy is sliding into the abyss and the country is lurching towards south africa/ zimbabwe/ san domingue / venezuela and it’s hard to believe that things will get better as the years progress. Maybe you have to jump ship.

    • Canadian guy
      Canadian guy says:

      One addendum:
      The options are:
      1. Move into the countryside and buy guns and wait for the government to confiscate your land and guns
      2. Build support networks to help us thrive in cities
      3. Accept defeat and move to less hostile territory in foreign lands. But, to organize an exodus you need a united lobby that can convince a foreign country that it would be to their advantage to take you in.

    • bruno
      bruno says:

      Kanadian Guy, most of Amdom’s major cities are already gone. They can’t be saved. In fact, they are unofficial official City States. No need to mention that our people are might disappear. Most recognize the problem and it’s indoctrination: (1) Info from TelAvivza (all day long); (2) Schools that teach Whitey is vile; (3) Institutes that provide lessons on great B achievements; (4) Anti-Majority La CessPool Grande; (5) Elected “representatives” that follow the political crowd and MSM demands; (6) Large conglomerates seeking profit over saving the majority; (7) Transnational corporatists; (8) Cyberspace (Google, Apple, PayPal) and (9) censorship…

      Solutions –

      Move to a W region. It’s easier said than done, due to family structures and love of relatives, nieces, nephews…
      Networking (Think Solidarity era)
      Education in farming, weaponry, building, electronics, computerization fields (AI).

      It only takes one KMac or a Dr. Joyce, as a nation’s leader, to offset what we’re seeing now. It is more than possible. Such a leader would be able to get around the gold factor of Soros types.

    • someone
      someone says:

      On the other hand, what’s going to happen to the cities once they have been emptied of most of their productive citizens, most businesses are gone, and the cosmopolitan elites have left and taken their shekels with them? If CHAZ is the antifa/BLM blueprint for the city of tomorrow, they are going to quickly collapse into irrelevance. They cannot even successfully run a few city blocks for a few weeks.

  20. Canadian guy
    Canadian guy says:

    One addendum:
    The options are:
    1. Move into the countryside and buy guns and wait for the government to confiscate your land and guns
    2. Build support networks to help us thrive in cities
    3. Accept defeat and move to less hostile territory in foreign lands. But, to organize an exodus you need a united lobby that can convince a foreign country that it would be to their advantage to take you in.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Good luck in finding such a country; lobby or no lobby. At most, 24 hours after your initial feeler such country’s regime would decide, that losing the remnants of their miserable, engineered credit-indebtedness to Goldman Sachs, IMF, World Bank, Bank for International [ i.e. Central Banks’ ] Settlements, etc.,etc, would be suicidal.

      Nor will assurances to blend into the woodwork camouflaged as Amish change their minds.

      You yourself live in the second-largest country in the world. You can’t possibly suggest, that a regime like Trudeau’s would even be permitted by his Montreal puppet-masters to return your lobby’s call.

    • Clytemnestra
      Clytemnestra says:

      Here are a couple of suggestions from yours truly that are never offered.

      Find other methods of self-defense that do not involve the false security of guns. Most of the people in this country who bleat about 2-a rights – privileges, more likely, that can easily be taken away anytime the SCOTUS gets a wild hair – all have registered weapons and conceal carry permits.

      Which place is the ATF going to raid? John and Karen Christian, CCW holder’s suburban tract home? Or the crib of Tyrone and Shanaenae in Chicongo or Detroit which is chock full of drugs and unregistered weapons?

      Whites still act like this is still our country. It isn’t. It’s hostile territory under an occupation force that likes to scapegoat us for their corruption and incompetence. Assume that any and all assaults against 2-A are going to continue and don’t expect “True Conservatives” to conserve 2-A any better than they conserved anything else.

      We need to train ourselves and our children in martial arts that can easily employ skills to leverage lethal force. I read one article (that was quickly memory-holed by the Usual Suspects) about an unarmed elderly White lady who killed a much younger, buffer Black home invader by punching him in the throat and crushing his larynx. Needless to say she was not charged with a damned thing.

      We need to start looking at our homes for ordinary things that people would never suspect could double as lethal weapons in a pinch. Even if we think we live in a “safe” White area, we do live in n era where thugs can jump into a car to invade your area. Start equipping your homes now with door clubs and window security apparatus.

      It doesn’t hurt to quietly build a larder to feed our families during times of unrest, either. Make a point to keep the tanks of your vehicles topped off in case you have to bug out.

      The important thing is to handle things as much as possible on your own. Plan for every conceivable scenario. Do not involve the authorities. Remember: the police are not your friends!

      Wanted to add that moving out into Whiter areas is not a bad idea, but don’t look for Whitopias. Find a place that has very, very few amenities to attract Non-Whites. Poor, working class “white trash” towns with aging (but functional) infrastructures. Enough land to put in your own gardens and chicken coops, goats to milk, etc. Network by bartering skills and services with your neighbors.

      AFAIC, I would want any Non-Whites operating under a full-steam of GibsmeDat to be convinced that the low-hanging fruit, i.e. poorer Whites has already been stripped bare of the lower branches which I intend to look like I occupy and it’s time to climb higher.

      I want all these White pampered poodles apologizing for their “privilege” to have to deal with the monsters they have created. We need to escalate the process of educating Useful Idiots on how “paying the Danegeld” only results in more Danes storming your gates.

      • Trenchant
        Trenchant says:

        Excellent comment. Some sharks venture into freshwater to free themselves of parasites. The former suffer shock from the non-saline environment, but less so than the latter.

  21. James Clayton
    James Clayton says:

    Giles Corey wrote: “The American system of taxation is a Jewish (therefore, “usurious” would be a redundancy) extortion scheme by which our wealth is stolen from us in order to finance the worthless lifestyles of the Black and Brown horde marauding through our homeland.”

    The National Alliance wrote: “This day in history, [July 15,] 1215: King John of England puts his seal to the Magna Carta. John is also known for taxing Jews and then giving the proceeds to victims of their usury.”

    NETNETNET says:

    Do you think it is possible for Latin America to join your struggle? It means the fate of the world after all

  23. Panadechi
    Panadechi says:

    This is and will be the mother of all battles for the white race. Our enemy, the Semitic plutocrat parasite already feels and smells the blood of his already wounded prey (Los Blancos), he is only waiting to give his deadly thrust to his already scared and weakened victim, but he must never forget, that a wounded and scared prey it can become very dangerous in its last option to survive. The option of action came, nothing is achieved by crying for the milk already spilled.

  24. Eric
    Eric says:

    A few years ago, white people who thought they were under systematic attack and who thought that Jews were largely responsible made up only a tiny percentage of the white population. But increasing anti-white rhetoric and the riots must have greatly increased the percentage of whites in the United States who now understand that they are under attack. They don’t understand the role played by Jews, but they’ve taken the first step. The first step eventually leads to the second step.

    When you’re under attack, the first thing you need to do is determine who your enemies are. We tend to think all non-whites are against us. I don’t think that is true. Are all blacks our enemies? Certainly not. Not even all Jews are our enemies. So who does that leave? It leaves a small but powerful group of oligarchs — Jewish and non-Jewish, mostly white — who are trying to create a New World Order. They want a borderless world run by corporations and NGO’s controlled by them.

    The World Economic Forum and its recent “Time for a Reset” series of articles is a good place to find out what they want. They call it “The Fourth Industrial Revolution,” and it is about taking total control of the land, air, water, minerals, food, and other planetary resources. This can only be done by taking total control over the world’s people, which is to be accomplished using technology: 5G, AI, robotics, Big Data, nanotechnology, biotechnology, Internet of Things, etc. Other clues are to be found in such organizations and initiatives as the Club of Rome, UN Agenda 21 and UN Agenda 2030, which have been embraced by cities and counties throughout America.

    They are moving fast now because the technology they need is ready to be used. They are employing the so-called “Hegelian Dialectic” in order to take control: Problem – Reaction – Solution. They create a problem (Covid-19, which might not even exist, but no matter; all they have to do is make people believe it exists). Then they engineer the reaction (people agree to give up their rights and freedoms, small businesses are destroyed, mass unemployment, mass “chipping” through vaccination). When people start to question the nature of the problem, they engineer another crisis: A white police officer kills a black man. Stacks of bricks mysteriously appear in targeted neighborhoods, ready to be thrown at windows. The media (that they control) encourages the rioting.

    The reaction to this rioting is also carefully scripted: Kneeling police officers and National Guardsmen. Military leaders attacking the President when he talks about using the military to restore order. Governors and mayors who tell police to crack down on law-abiding people who protest having their businesses and churches closed down, but tell them to back off in the face of looting, rioting and arson.

    Apart from the damage caused to the economy and to the people harmed by these riots, there is an even more significant psychological operation that has been carefully planned and thought out. The whole thing is really just a Psy-Op of the kind that the CIA used to destabilize other countries through such things as staged protests and “color revolutions” in countries like Ukraine.

    The CIA, Mossad, major foundations (e.g., Soros’ Open Societies Foundation) and the NGO’s and non-profits that they fund (including Black Lives Matter) work together to accomplish these things. First they test them, then they go through “dry runs” (such as Bill Gates’s
    Project 201), and finally they put them into action.

    I emphasize the psychological aspects here because nobody could have forced small businesses all over the country to shut down. All they could have done was persuade them to shut down (a “pandemic” being the perfect excuse.) Once that was accomplished, the few business owners and church pastors who defied shut-down orders could be picked off one by one.

    An even greater psychological aspect to this is the willingness of the oligarchs’ enforcers to not even try to appear fair and reasonable.

    Prime example: Approving of protests without social distancing, but strictly prohibiting any other kind of activity without social distancing. The message to the public is, “We don’t have to be reasonable or fair. We don’t have to even pretend to be those things anymore.”

    How have they gotten away with this? By creating a huge political division within society. You have Democrats who don’t care about truth, fairness or reason if they get in the way of their attempts to destroy Donald Trump. At the same time, Trump’s supporters are so in favor of his winning that they don’t notice that he isn’t doing much for them.

    What we are seeing is Americans going through Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Their world is being destroyed before their very eyes, and they feel paralyzed, unable to do anything about it. They don’t know that what appears to be a Communist revolution is really just a destabilizing tactic. The oligarchs are monopolistic capitalists, not Communists. They like the police state that Communism results in, with its social credit scores and squashing of dissent, but that is all. They couldn’t care less about equality. And they’ve cleverly reshaped the whole Marxist paradigm, transforming Proletariat vs. Bourgeois into Non-White vs. White.

    All of this sounds very depressing, but will it work? I have my doubts. The main weakness in their plan is the Non-White vs. White element. It assumes that non-whites are united, when that is far from the case. We’ve seen Latinos in Chicago chase blacks out of their neighborhoods. If Latinos have to choose between black and white, they are going to choose white. When push comes to shove, so will Asians. And nobody much likes Jews.

    On a personal note: They finally reopened the bars where I live. I called a taxi to take me out to the bar. The driver, a very friendly Muslim, loves to talk. On the way to the bar, I told him what I thought about Stupid-19. He agreed. He drove me home at the end of the night. I told him I thought the Jews were behind all of the recent problems — fake pandemic, rioting — and he was delighted. I said, “You’re a Muslim, I’m a Christian. There is no reason for us to be fighting, other than the Jews causing us to fight.”

    We have to remind ourselves that the people who are not our race or religion are still complex human beings with the capacity for goodness and for love of the truth. A lot of truth is coming out right now, and that is good.

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      Eric, as usual, I cannot but fully agree with you. The Jews have been very keen on directing and nurturing the hatred against Muslims since September 11. The disgraceful behaviour of some obnoxious Muslim fanatics in Europe (I am sure egged on by the Jews) has led many European nationalists to consider Islam as the greatest enemy of the white race or Western civilization. Of course, this is wrong.

      Those idiots who believe in the “Muslim menace” ended up supporting Israel, like Salvini, Marine Le Pen (a treacherous bitch who turned against her father and went to lick the boots of the Jews) and Viktor Orban. As Corey said, WE MUST NEVER FORGET THAT THE ENEMY IS THE JEW!

      After reading your piece, I am quite sure that you must have seen this video if you did not. do it.

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        Thanks, Angelicus.

        Yes, I’ve seen the video by Spiros Skouras. (

        Everyone here should be following him.

        Once you understand what the globalists are trying to do, you will understand that their plan cannot be carried out without killing off 95% of the world’s population.

    • Anne
      Anne says:

      Excellent analysis, followed up with perceptive insight on how to move forward.

      The only way to win against a psy-op is to stay in charge of one’s own mind. You are so right when you say, “people who are not our race or religion are still complex human beings with the capacity for goodness and for love of the truth.”

      Thank you, Eric, for yet another great comment. Your words are a real morale booster for me. We can still win this.

    • Anne
      Anne says:

      Eric, I meant to leave this link as part of my comment to you yesterday but was having a little trouble finding it.

      You have no doubt heard about the Rayshard Brooks shooting, along with the utterly predictable propaganda and fall-out.

      This is an edited version of what was captured on the body cams of the two police officers who responded to the DUI call that led to Rayshard Brooks’ death. The running time is 6 minutes.

      The entire video is informative, but what I found particularly interesting was what happens at 5:18, after the shooting has taken place and EMTs and more police officers have turned up.

      At 5:18, an older black police officer (he’s wearing a white shirt and seems to have seniority on the scene) approaches one of the young officers who had responded to the call out. The older officer asks the younger one if he is alright, and when he says he is, the older black guy responds, “Good, good, good… Alright, we’re gonna take care of it, brother. Glad you’re alright, that’s my main concern… You talked to your wife, you talked to your family about it?” The black officer is clearly mostly concerned about the young white officer, speaks to him in a collegial, almost fatherly tone, and seems minimally concerned about Rayshard Brooks.

      This stood out for me because it shows something that just never gets highlighted on the MSM, nor even on the alternative media: A black and a white officer interacting as colleagues who understand the difficulties inherent in their jobs. That just wouldn’t fit the divide-and-conquer narrative. (((The Narrative))) that is truly killing us all, physically and spiritually.

      Or at least attempting to. You’re right, we don’t have to give in to it.

      • Eric
        Eric says:

        Thanks, Anne. I watched the entire video of their interaction (it lasted for at least one hour) and saw the part you mentioned.

        You would think most police in Democrat-run cities would be quitting their jobs right now. Some will, but I think a lot won’t.

        Their unions have donated generously to the Democrat politicians who decide on their pay and benefits. They are well-paid after the first few years. After 20 years they can retire with a generous pension and health care benefits. Then they can take another government job and get another generous pension.

        When I worked at United Airlines, fellow unionized employees with seniority called such benefits “the golden handcuffs.”

        • Anne
          Anne says:

          I used to work for Parks Canada. The “golden handcuffs” you speak of remind me of what the old-timers there used to say about the pea soup bureaucracy we worked within: “It’s all pensionable time.”

          Seems these retirement plans are a great way to buy people off.

  25. Jack Antonio
    Jack Antonio says:

    Remember that we have natural law on our side. You can’t fool mother nature. The left wing coalition will tear itself apart because it is internally contradictory, incoherent and irrational. The only thing uniting these vermin is their shared sense of grievance against imagined injustices.

    Blacks and Hispanics don’t like each other
    Muslims hate feminists
    Chinese and Hindus are out for themselves
    All non-Black muds think Blacks are sub-human
    Most muds are anti-homosexual
    All muds hate the Jews

    There are also the internal battles within each “community of grievance” E.g. lesbians vs. trannies; Black Muslims vs. Black Israelites vs. Black Christians (And many Blacks and hispanics will be neutered by Christianity just as many Whites have been.) Plus these morons lack the IQ for any sustained, concerted effort.

    Meanwhile… in light of the Jew funded and lead Black riots and even with lockdown, White Flight is going into hyper-drive. Not only Idaho, Colorado and Utah but even the boondocks of Eastern Kentucky are being bought up by escapees from Ca. NY & NJ. Real estate agents say they’ve never seen the like. Of course, no one will admit it’s White Flight. They put it down to high taxes. Right. Should these escapees attempt to infect their new states with their libtard poison they must be dissuaded from doing so with extreme prejudice.

    I read a sci-fi story in which Earth is saved from invading aliens by a secret army of men (old, childless, widowed, nothing to lose, unsuspected) who form a leaderless resistance army. Anyone know the title?

    • Anne
      Anne says:

      Jack, by sheer coincidence, I just read your article, Fade to Black.

      Great piece. I find the disappearance of white men from advertising extraordinarily disturbing, and your “insider’s story” proves that (((they))) are trying to play the long game – going after our minds and even our genetic heritage, before they completely empty our pockets.

      We don’t have to be (((their))) suckers.

  26. James Clayton
    James Clayton says: (includes prophetic photos you don’t want to miss) (Retired deputy claimed the comment and therefore admitted violating the agency’s social media policy by simply apologizing. “Investigating” means determining whether it can it be proven by prosecutors if not simply admitted to a forensic interviewer. The pentioner admitted the “crude” wording of the comment in a conversation about the department’s use of taxpayer money and county vehicles in a special-interest parade and on-command—facing threats of punishment—deleted the comment from the HCSC website blog.

    Searched “deputies + march + pride” and found much, much more

  27. Edward Sutherland
    Edward Sutherland says:

    My suggestion is-

    1. Build a new FUN progressive futuristic ideology, could be based on:
    1a: Less surveilance (it’s used by racemixed folks to steal and do antiwhite stuff).
    1b: Ethnocentric, a goal being maybe 80 % to 85 % whites in the USA, offering resettlement plans for african americans to move to africa (same for latinos). Maybe some sort of area for africans within the USA where they could move on free will. Get out all illegals (that’s easy), maybe including people given amnesty… And that means 80 to 85 % whites all ages (including people under the age of 18).
    1c: People learn their own culture and history in schools. The best art is tought alongside better education in natural sciences… A focus on white culture a non pc such. Boocks where the word negro is used mandatory. Carl von Liné, Darwin…
    1d: A more minimal state cause the state is used to steal mostly by corrupt racemixed folks and poc’s.
    1e: Cheaper living spaces built by state and private companies (cheap state land for it), freeing capital for starting companies doing reserach, evolving our culture and so on.
    Encouraging anarchistic (in the greek sence of the word) solutions people getting together and sharing things to be able to get things done. Community centers and the such with science building equipment art equipment rehersal spaces, combined with avenues for performing arts and music and movie theaters and the like.

    Then we need a new culture. Like whites used to be the best a hundred years ago or in the mid 18:th ventury aint doin it. We need new FUTURISTIC music new art new uncompromising litterature and comics and movies. New styles…

    We need true white venture capital.

    We need a culture where starting companies and families is encouraged.

    We then need to reach out to the masses with the truth about the lies they have been served fed with the truth about racial differences and the like. Sitting on a webpage or forum for likeminded folks won’t be enough. You need to be organized maybe in selfruling chapters governed by a common goal. This does not initially have to be to work for a certain party the goal is informing the public about the TRUTH in certain matters.

    Some people wanna live in cities some wanna live in the countryside. As soon as you have something like a city the pocs will swarm there and destroy it.

    But most whites will not give up their territory, USA is a hugely sucessfull country economically and has somewhat of a culture throughout the nation it is a huge market that is very very important for any company starting out or in business. Most whites and companies don’t wanna give it up. Most whites don’t have the ability to buy land and just move somewhere. You need money you need to live of like farming, and most whites have other occupations training and the like.

    I personally do not favor an ethnostate where there are genetest and gaschist checks on who’s allowed to live there. What if someone is like 25% jewish, white jewish, no arab genetics whatsoever. Most italians are like 4 % non white, but what about an italian that is 100 % white. What about someone who is 1 % negro? What about al those folks who are part east indian, more exacly part gypsy. French who are part arab. Finns who are part mongol, or russians who are part mongol. Germans who are part hunn? Soemone who is part spanish (i.e. most likely part arab)? Someone who is part inuit or insian, say 10 %. At what percentage would you then say it’s ok. It’s a slippery road, dangerous and also not optimal from an economic standpoint. Also these genetest are not to be trusted at percentages under 8 %, and often show very very different results.

    These are hard questions, and things that need to be agreed on for any type of organization that may at a later point become a political party.

  28. TheOtherGeorge
    TheOtherGeorge says:

    “Aside from our rapidly receding numbers, we are entirely disorganized, with a dwindling number of online spaces, to say nothing of the paucity of opportunities for physical coordination.”
    – This looms as our largest obstacle along with the common fantasy among those who are of a mind to resist that goes something like; “I will wait until TPTB attack in my AO (area of operation) and then I, along with my like minded neighbors will do this (insert the illusion of your choice here).

    “That being said, that “else” is the most immediate problem that we must solve. How can we do so? As aforementioned, any fantasies we may entertain of a national organized counterrevolution or even a sizable armed faction are just that — fantasies.”
    – Communication among like minded individuals in your next problem to solve. How to do that? Also how to reach a large percentage of White people without the message being compromised? Remember that your cell phone is worse than useless and easily used against you.
    “What is now beyond debate is that it is time to stop sermonizing, and time to start acting.”
    – Exactly so and in fact it has been past time to start acting for many years now. This is a very good essay, but I hope that it is not as you have said ” a day late and a dollar short”.

  29. Hannes
    Hannes says:

    Interesting article. Yes indeed the arch enemy of all gentiles have been always the Jewry.

    With all due respect to the readers, you American deserve atrocities and dead.
    Since 1775 the Americans waging wars worldwide (more than 200).
    Concerning the annihilation of the Germans during WWII – see carpet bombing (over one million children and women burned, shredded, buried), torturing captured German soldiers during the war as well as killing after (!) the war German prisoners of war (over one million/ Rheinwiesen-Lager due to hatred and an utmost primitive revenge of white and jewish perpetrators of a non-civilised nation) – your fathers and grandfathers didn’t identify the Jewish enemy as long as the Americans could kill masses successfully across the oceans.
    Death and ruin bounce back and hit American civilians who had never ever suffered from even a single bomb.

    Greetings from American occupied Germany.

    • Rerevisionist
      Rerevisionist says:

      All of that is true. One of the skills of Jews is to foment rivalries and tap into more-or-less psychopathic people. They do it to build up a case against (in this case) whites. They correctly point out that whites commit atrocities worldwide and non-whites enthusiastically take up anti-white causes.

      • Hannes
        Hannes says:

        Quite right. After the British and American white useful idiots had accomplished the destruction of the last stronghold against Jewish World Order, Germany, the Jews do not need the white race anymore. BLM is fueled by the them to extinguish the white race. Should US and western Europe plunge into chaos and anarchy the “minorities” and the whites will kill each other. Guess who the winner is?

        • Barkingmad
          Barkingmad says:

          Maybe, maybe not. Don’t forget that all those minorities don’t necessarily have any love for each other. Isn’t this already being shown in California with the Mexicans making short work of the Blacks? Just one example.

          Now take beauties like Shiptars and Gypseeze, both here and over there. Can you see them co-operating? They may all join together to get rid of us, but afterwards, the only thing that will work to quell chaos/anarchy is a strongman. Like the fellows from the middle East whom the rats in Washington just couldn’t wait to remove.

          Conclusion: There is no way whatsoever in knowing how this will all play out. My own money is on massive, widespread natural disasters changing the picture mightily. These kinds of events seem to occur alongside rampant human degradation. A nice big earthquake, hurricane, or volcano is just like the much maligned flu, which is nothing but a cleanser. New Orleans, San Francisco etc. Camille, Andrew, and more. Katrina – this time there won’t be any nice unpigmented folks with their tractors and boats to save the helpless/hopeless sitting on their roofs.

          Perhaps the most intelligent (and worthy) people somehow instinctively know to stay away from such places or if already there, to get out. But they don’t stay away in spite of nature repeatedly giving them a good arse-kicking.

  30. Oldtradesman
    Oldtradesman says:

    Emphasizing local is a good start. One means is the neighborhood watch. Got one?

    Engaging in mainstream conservatism for the purpoe of creating/co-opting a national movement is useless.

    However, mainstream conservatism is useful for identifying potential allies at local, neighborhood levels. Only a fool openly identifies as the white nationalist in the cul de sac.

    Following identification of a potential ally discrete, time-consuming, sideward vetting of familial relationships (interracial), religion (jew/gentile), religious/moral belief (esp. Sermon on the Mount, forgiveness, reciprocity), firearm interest/use of force, etc., is necessary. Look for discretion. Be aware of fantasies and boastfulness. A pot-belly with a Molon Labe or Gadsden tee cannot be taken seriously and will be the first to flee if all goes sideways.

    No higher level organization is possible until region-wide infrastructure fail and local cells can merge.

    Do any of you folks own one or more radio transceivers (portable/mobile/base)? Homemade VHF/UHF antenna mounted on a 20-30′ mast constructed from emt tubing? Solar rechargable batteries? Have you practiced on MURs and FRS frequencies? You know, just in case the toilet paper runs out?

  31. Exile
    Exile says:

    Our first job is to survive and raise a new generation – grow our numbers in the most lasting, dependable and traditional fashion. Educate those children our way, at home or in cooperative schools in our own communities.

    Come together outside the cities and get to know each other face-to-face. Form our own infrastructure and networks inside the wires of the existing state but out of its sight, mind & reach. When it lashes out, scatter and regroup.

    An increasingly non-White America will find it harder to function and maintain control over the urban favelas, much less the countryside. Wherever they are weakest is where we look to build our strength.

    The USSR collapsed under its own dead weight and contradictions within one man’s lifetime. Judaic neoliberal globalism will likely have longer legs, but who knows – events may dictate otherwise.

    The future belongs to those who show up. Figure out how to stay alive & stay aware. Give our children a plan and purpose – hope for a better, pro-White future, knowledge of the Jews and other forces arrayed against them and the determination to resist replacement and eventually take back our homelands.

    • Rerevisionist
      Rerevisionist says:

      You don’t seem to have grasped how powerful Jews were, and are, in the Soviet Union. If it collapsed, which is the official story, and may be untrue, it was because Jews decided to do some things, which probably aren’t fully known. It’s what they do.

  32. Alphonsus Jr.
    Alphonsus Jr. says:

    How many of you are contracepting, or have contracepted? You’re part of our destruction. It’s time to face this hard truth.

    • Pius
      Pius says:

      It is more complicated than contraception. Everyone assumes that having tons of white babies is the answer. We didnt contracept and most of our kids are shitlibs. And are on drugs, mostly prescription. And have varying degrees of functionality. Suspected causes include: The school system, strife between spouses, the media, … Original sin. Maybe wife and I would have been better off having *one* child and making sure that we had time to treat each other better and not get overwhelmed and not used the digital babysitter as much … and we would have produced one, pure, nationalist, capable, child to carry on our ideas.

      It’s also complicated by the fact that … and I am warning you single young guys .. your success in raising a family is going to be based on whether your wife goes along with the program and works hard … which is going to be intricately linked to how strong and energetic you are. Choose to get married rashly … “settling” … you may end up with a bevy of kids out at BLM protests.

      • Alphonsus Jr.
        Alphonsus Jr. says:

        Stopping contraception is certainly an insufficient element. But it’s an absolutely necessary element, one that’s far too infrequently mentioned.

      • Barkingmad
        Barkingmad says:

        I am sorry, but it is just not true that if you raise your children in some kind of near-perfect atmosphere (such as you describe), then they will think like you and support what you value. I see the opposite quite a bit. There is very little you can do – except soft peddle your philosophy and outlook, and never, ever, loudly criticize your kids’ opposing viewpoints. Just having a mild conversation, nodding your head, and letting them have their way for a bit does no harm. Indeed, if they see that you are being nice to them and they might be more willing to listen to you down the road.

        It might be helpful to have only one computer in the home, and then when your turn is finished you “accidentally” leave something on the screen that will really grab them. No guarantees, but it did no harm here. Ben Garrison and David Dees’ works of art (?) are a good place to begin. Some not-too-obvious articles from Russia Today may cause their ears to perk up. All depending on the children’s ages, of course.

        “You want a picture of Obama wearing a crown of thorns and smiling weirdly as he emerges from an egg labeled “Fascist World Government” perched atop a pile of gold coins, while a herd of sheep in the background hold up signs reading “O Baaa Ma!? A warehouse with an Illuminati-esque eye in a pyramid staring down at a skeleton in a labcoat labeled “CDC”, while said skeleton stirs a giant vat labeled with the UN logo and the word “VACCINE” into which pipes labeled “Live Ebola Virus”, “Monosodium Glutamate” and “Squalene Adjuvents” are emptying?”


        P.S. Make sure your kids (and you) get plenty of Vitamin D. You will notice the difference. Trust me.

  33. BB
    BB says:

    One ☝️ more thing. Speaking of the 60’s and beyond: I did not practice “Social Distancing” During the A I D S Epidemic 😷.

  34. Jordan Smith
    Jordan Smith says:

    “According to Darwin’s Origin of Species, it is not the most intellectual of the species that survives; it is not the strongest that survives; but the species that survives is the one that is able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment in which it finds itself.”
    — Leon C. Megginson, Civilisation Past and Present, 1963

    The artificial, self-destructive, anti-white veiled utopia we’re all living in has one main goal and one other objective:
    Enslavement through usury
    destroy white gentiles

    The time for battles is over, our ancestors did in the 40’s and 60’s and lost. Jews have had free reign to implement every mode to fulfill above outcomes. Any possible coupe or miltia started would easily be destroyed within hours with one of the many agencies us tax(slaves) pay. With that said, there is ONLY ONE option moving forward — Homesteading

    My fiance and I have been saving up to fully buy a large piece of land and the buildings required. Through our extensive reading, the capital needed for adequate land, house, buildings,outbuildings is around 250k. shortly our dream and hard work will come true.

    In our spare time we have been learning the necessary skills required to implement a successful, thriving homestead. Through reading, animal care, husbandry and farming on our small plot.

    This is OUR lives, OUR PEOPLE, there is no more time for half-measures and muttering on the internet. The ONLY option moving forward is action and to completely disconnect from this self destructive system that is fully designed for our demise.

    I am extending an invitation in hopes to meet fellow young, married or engaged white couples that have already realized this and have been making every necessary action in their lives to achieve the above goals.

    Please email me at:

  35. Canisius
    Canisius says:

    The answer is obviously … Russia. They have the land, the nukes, the wypipo and lowest Jew percentage of any European country.

    I have to think that Mr. Putin would be interested in getting an influx of hard-working, High IQ, peaceful, law-abiding Americans. Plus the “Fuck You” to America that Mr. Putin would be giving would be epic: “We won the cold war, sir! Your best and brightest left you and came with us!”.

  36. Edward Sutherland
    Edward Sutherland says:

    The rpoblem is partially that most people are busy surviving getting a jobv they enjoy starting a family, finding a partner meeting friends developing skills and so on.

    They partly therefore trust the mainstream media which is governed by extreme PC. Anti white propaganda hidden behind a thin wall of entertainment and pretend “news”. They think the mainstream will serve them the best art and entertainment and correct facts and news. They don’t get that these days most mainstream culture is either castrated or propaganda, hidden such that therefore directly reaches the subconscious. People are fed pictures they are programmed effectively by mediamasters and culture marxists, see Gramsci:

    A mixed dude probably part arab / turk, certainly half albanian.

    I have a critical mindset. Long before I was ethnocentric I realised the mainstream media was bullshit. This was due to special interests in art. I found art that was superior to what journalists in the are were writing about and they were employed full time to cover the area. Soo I realized they were idiots lacking real knowledge.

    Most people fully trust journalists who are most of the time stupid slaves to their owners who are very carefull not to step on any toes to keep a career and so on.

  37. ValHallaX
    ValHallaX says:

    Great articles here, friends, no problem there.

    But something is missing. Badly.

    You seem to forget that to go forward, one must organize. Is it really so difficult to plan even smallest steps to that direction.

    Can you not advise people how to act locally ? Is even the most moderate organizing already illegal? Arrange eg. “Summer days”. People meeting each other in nice environment, preferably outside, in some civilized town. We have done this: Some people will talk to the audience, about some day-to-day matters, but mostly without too much electricity as some members are there first time. Arrange a lunch outside, in the shadow of a big tree. Believe me, people feel real good, when they see that they are not alone, and the most important, they will see that you are just a regular guy, as he himself is. Arrange some games, it will be easy, and all will be interested.

    Bonhomie, pleasant day, together with friends. Maybe you are afraid of this? Well, then there is not much hope, if you cannot even meet people that are concerned. What is the point to only write in the internet? If it is already so bad, that you cannot possibly meet your colleagues, then, heck, there is only left the violent side. And I do not believe it is, yet, as bad as that.

    You must bring the people together one way or the other. How can we otherwise become stronger? The Enemy organizes thousands of traitors, easily. But we can do the same, locally, with not too much noise.

    I have said it before, look at eg. The Nordic Resistance Movement. They go to the people, and they are loved by the people, no matter what the Enemy Media says. They even take part in the local elections. And yes, they are not afraid to talk…

    Stand up and fight.

  38. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    A very good essay Giles, thanks. I think that a ‘violent revolt’ or, uprising is highly unlikely but who knows. We did see a hint of that with the Michigan lockdown protestors. I very much like what you said about speaking out and talking with our neighbors. Also what you said about fear is so true. Jew’s make up I believe about 2% of the U.S. population and yet, with their manufactured cancer of cultural marxist political correctness, they control us using fear of social lynching or worse, if we dare to speak out about what’s going on. Speaking out and spreading awareness as best we can with those around us, anyway we can and also with other ethnic communities is paramount at this time. I live in an urban area and believe me, the black community is starting to wake up to the Jews and their lies as Martin Luther would say.

  39. Leon Haller
    Leon Haller says:

    Good post. The important point to convey to all rightists is that we are at WAR with the Left (more precisely, they have declared war on us). Therefore, we must stop pretending that there are non-conflict methods (Christian moralist, conservative, family values, free marketist, public admin policies) to ensure our survival. We must confront the Left, for now legislatively, eventually, I suspect, martially. For every one ethnonationalist site like this one, there are several conservative or libertarian or Christian traditionalist or Republican ones which just don’t get it. They think good government, or economic growth, policies will secure our futures from people literally seeking to erase us. Moreover, stupid conservatives keep thinking we’re strong, “the people are mostly with us”, etc. None of that is true. Pro-white whites, or even just “non-antiwhites” – regular whites who won’t “take a knee”, but aren’t white nationalists – are actually a small, perhaps aging, and definitely powerless minority in this country. I may be in the technical racial majority, but with whites so divided (obviously the real problem: whatever evolutionary defect lurks as the final cause of our division into white survivalists and white suicidalists), I am actually a powerless minority, an internal refugee in my own country.

    There is much we can do – but no one seems to want to do it. This is where we are so inferior to Lenin, Trotsky, Hitler, Mao, Castro, etc. They put their lives on the line. We seem not to want to jeopardize even our livelihoods.

    We need serious national leadership. We need a national organization, like the NRA or NAACP, but dedicated to our people. If a straight racial appeal still won’t fly, how about a coded one? The American Heritage Preservation Society, a group formed to lobby against the erasure of American heritage, specifically to protect American statuary. The America First Discussion Group. Etc. Our chief problem, aside from the ongoing immigration invasion and the control of the FedGov by antiwhites, is our own white atomization. That must be mitigated and overcome. That can only happen offline. Once COVID is past, we must start a national organization whose purpose is to promote awareness of traditional America (in reality, to educate and mobilize our people).

      • Pierre Simon
        Pierre Simon says:

        Hitler was no jew, that’s for sure, it’s part of the BS Jews themselves whip up.

    • Trenchant
      Trenchant says:

      The quest for national leadership is entirely premature, as Thomas Dalton’s June 19 article makes clear. It will emerge organically from the amalgamation of thousands of minuscule power nodes that the current disarray will spawn. Water droplets that coalesce into a stream then a raging torrent. Think small and be confident that others will do likewise.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        “The quest for national leadership is entirely premature …” I would go somewhat farther: almost every aspect of the analysis offered in the other comments and presented in this article and, in its different way, Dr. Dalton’s article is so premature as to be quixotic.

        Aside from a handful of observers (I am thinking of Trenchant, Barkingmad, Charles Frey, and one or two others), almost everyone, whether author or commenter, strikes me as assuming that the Hope card will, in some sense, serve to trump the Experience card and win the game for our side after a certain number of hands have been played. Put otherwise, I see a disheartening insufficiency of cold-light-of-dawn pessimism.

        Like the Roman Empire before it, the US empire, whether understood politically or economically, may look like a terminably wobbly stool, but it is a stool that has multiple solid legs, and when all is said and done, a stool needs only three to remain upright. Well before AD 100, good, profound, thoughtful men saw the rot and lamented the chaos that would ensue with the imminent collapse of Rome, however much good might also come of it. Their analysis shouldn’t have been four centuries premature, but it was.

        The most reasonably optimistic assessment I myself can make is that, if I am correct in seeing this country as New Rome, the present state of affairs is roughly comparable, mutatis mutandis, with that of the period of Diocletian. In other words, there is fully another century to wait before the imperial capital becomes too weak to defend itself from being sacked and another near lifetime after that before the pernicious political influence of the (((imperial rulers))) utterly collapses—or rather is compelled to flee, with (((them))), to its top-secret Byzantium, there to begin plotting a return. God help our descendants!

        Those others and I with an abiding attachment to the Cross and its consequences have at least a secondhand understanding of what was done and can be done in catacombs. With that in mind, I urge the majority hereabouts—i.e., the post-Christians and outright pagans—to make a start on their research into that phenomenon before moving day arrives. After all, who knows how much longer it will be till research of that sort is no longer permitted?

  40. controltheground
    controltheground says:

    great article – I agree that White men grouping together locally is the only way forward – if everyone claimed just their own street and town, this would already be won – remember the maps showing Trump voting counties covered 90+% of the land area of the US – hold that land, and the cities can go to hell.

  41. Edward Sutherland
    Edward Sutherland says:


    First of all the USA put troops in germany to stop the spread of communism.

    Secondly hitler took / stole power without having a majority of votes.

    He was probably a tool for people who wanted a wwII, and to spread communism due to it’s atheistic anti religious nature and them being satanist they saw communism as a step towards satanism. It may have been some kind of secret society thing. Many of these secret societies originate in germany. They are run most likely by racemixed folks. One of these secret societies was founded by a dude who said he was related to a persian prince i.e. iranian i.e. racemixed. Their “first testament” is written by “traveller of light”, traveller usually means gypsy. They are obsessed with old egypt, where most white levians mixed with black africans, and were on the averege 8 % negro. Of course the uttermost elite might have been white european but they were probably very few.

    You often hear nazis complain and say the jews started the war. They didn’t invade germany with tanks, nazi germany invaded Poland, Holland, France, Belgium, Norway and later Russia. None of these wanted nazism, these parties were not popular there. Neither did they want to be occupied.

    40 million people died in wwII, it vaused the PC climate we have today and was a way in effect of pushing the brown and negro genetics into Europe to a larger degree, which probably these people in the secret societies were counting on. They probably were shure nazis would loose the war eventually.

    That being said I have german heritage and respect german culture and germans. I also do not like that anyone dies, including the 8 million germans who died in wwII.

    Have you read the genetest result that shows Hitler was probably part berb / north african. That could have been from Spain occupied by the north africans and then spain occupied the Netherlands and then it’s a neighbour country to Germany.

    Also Trump is moving out troops from Germany. And most germans do not want nazism, they got burned.

    @ValHallaX The NMR (nordic resistance) is a small group based these days mainly in largely racemixed (sapmi and finns, who are part asian / mongol) northern Sweden. They have like maximum 1000 members in a 10 million people country, thats 1 person in 100’000. They have not been elected in any commune even though they moved many of their supporters to certain places just to try to get elected. They are also nazis and nazism was never popular in Sweden. And it still aint soo….

  42. Enoch
    Enoch says:

    Very very bad plan, you need snipers, covertly taking out the few people pulling the strings like the Rothschild’s and Soros families and take their money.

  43. Patrick Pappano
    Patrick Pappano says:

    I am a 76-year old white conservative Roman Catholic from Connecticut who had 2 years of ROTC but declined further “service.” I have thought about our predicament a great deal and feel that the linchpin is not race, or culture but lies within the heart of all men. Our problem is kakistocracy, rule by the worst men of all races and persuasions. Sure, I could default to my whiteness, Irish-Italian. But then I think it was the white man who took down the greatest white civilization that ever sprang up, the German Third Reich. And for whom? The Jews? Ha, Ha. The Jews are only the first rank of the of the trampled. They got no idea. The tramplers come in all colors and persuasions and are simply people who cannot get along without a paycheck and someone to tell them what to do. They are not the bosses, but they are the problem and they are mainly white. No gentlemen, the way out is the fan the flames of manhood, in every guise and organize by the heart. You don’t have to love that darker skinned man but if he is taking out the left flank while you are taking out the middle, as General Patton said, you’ll know what to do. The answer may have been provided by Weishaupt, circles within circles, all of the same heart, but not of Weishaupt, well armed and without fear of death.

  44. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    The USA is now much like Germany in the 1930s re: the Jewish takeover of banks/finance, universities ,medicine, law and business. The Nazi movement has been very beneficial to modern Germany where the old line, white, Christian wealthy are still in control. They do however have a serious immigration problem now being addressed politically by the Right-correctly.

    Professor Mac Donald’s recent new book is very clear ,factual and enlightening. Thank You Professor.

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