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Richard Lynn on the Dysgenic Effects of Non-White Immigration


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  1. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    In the 1950’s I read an article written by one of Attlee’s ministers which said the Americans had ordered the British to admit Windians because the USA was stopping Windian immigration (the Ellis Islander Yankees
    obviously wanted to keep the Congress Uncle Toms happy).
    My uncle William was valet to Mr Elsworthy who was one of top State Dept, people in Europe. As a young boy he watched the Yankees march past his house when they invaded the South. They had killed his father and 4 of his uncles.
    He hated Yankees and the Germans who caused WW1 which he had tried to prevent. I am not keen on them either.
    His brother in law, great uncle Sydney, looked after Lenin when the latter lived in London.
    They were both Communists and Lenin and the State Dept. used them to pass messages.
    GUS was Keir Hardies office boy and mannged to save Lenin’s life.
    GUS collected Lenin from Belgium. On the way to the UK Lenin became frightened. Aunt Rose washed his trousers and Stalin laughed and awarded GUS the order of the Red Banner ” for saving Lenin’s life and cleaning the shit out of Lenin’s trousers”.
    Europe is Yankee occupied. The Yankees have flooded Europe with Africans. I knew friends of Stalin’s family who said that they did not understand what was going on. The communists did not give Moscow to the Africans. I believe all this was caused by the absurd late (thankfully) David Rockefeller.

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