NFL Incentivizes Anti-White Racism

Entertainment only exists for the purpose of a leisurely distraction.  The health of a society determines the aura of the distraction. If the society sucks, the distraction will follow suit. Leisurely distractions are typically going to be primitive in nature. Meaning, the distraction becomes a degenerative microcosm of the very society that the distractions are used as a catalyst to escape.

One of the primary forms of entertainment for the better part of the last 50 years has been sports. Sports have largely been apolitical and secular. Which is ultimately what makes them a distraction, and therefore “entertaining.”

The distraction should ideally be somewhat entertaining if it hopes to be a legitimate escape from the social pressures within the status quo. The more depressing the existence, the more depressing the distraction needs to be. One doesn’t need to be a big brain rationalist to conclude how bad reality sucks in a society where the preeminent distractions are the choice between drinking fermented grains while watching Black men run with a ball, or depleting your endorphins with a mind-numbing cocktail of pharmaceuticals and porn.

One would assume that if your society sucked to the point that your primary source of escapism was to get inebriated and either watch Black men run with a ball, or watch women get gangbanged, that the social engineers would be content to let you fester in your misery. But, that’s where you’d be wrong.

Recently, the architects of entertainment have decided that you shouldn’t be allowed to be distracted from divisive “social justice” issues. If the millionaires running with the ball are disproportionately Black (NFL is 70% Black) that’s fine. But if the coaches are disproportionately White (75% of NFL coaches are White), that’s just not acceptable.

So, how do they correct this miscarriage of social justice? Well, by incentivizing NFL teams to hire non-White coaches, of course:

A new plan to incentivize NFL teams to develop and hire minority candidates for head-coaching and general manager positions has not been met with the enthusiasm by the people it is supposed to help.

Multiple sources who are people of color told ESPN in recent days that there are, at best, mixed feelings about a plan approved this past week that will award two third-round compensatory draft picks to teams that have minority head coaches or general managers hired away from their organizations.

Aside from the obvious—the NFL partaking in explicit anti-White discrimination, let’s rationalize the NFL’s “plan” from a layman’s perspective: The goal of all NFL teams is winning. These teams have no problem drafting Black players and paying them millions of dollars to run really fast with a ball. I mean, do you think that anyone who has any clout within an NFL organization has ever said: “Nope, we can’t draft that guy. He’s really fast and would probably help us win, but his skin is just too dark. Let’s draft the slower White guy instead.” That would just be absurd, considering the demographics of the NFL. If you have a strong dislike for Black skin, then you probably wouldn’t be interested in professional football to begin with.

Therefore, if there’s no issue with paying Black players millions of dollars to help the team win, why wouldn’t the same be said of coaches and managers? If a team were to conclude that a coach with Black skin was the coach they thought would help the team win a championship, why wouldn’t they hire him? Or even her for that matter? The rationalization that there are all of these brilliant non-White coaches who don’t get hired cause their skin isn’t White is beyond the pale. In fact, even the people this is supposed to benefit are skeptical:

For starters, these sources were not pleased that many were not consulted about the plan and that it was passed swiftly, without any advance notice. These sources also did not approve of other people speaking for them when they were unable to provide input as to how the program would work.

“This will affect all of us, and we wanted to be involved in the process,” one source said over the weekend. “We don’t know whether it’s lip service or real, and we just want to be judged on our own merits.”

One would think that discrimination would be futile in a meritocracy. From the standpoint of, how does one moralize merit? Nobody seems to have an issue with the disproportionate percentage of Black players in the NFL. Normal people just conclude, “Ok, Blacks are just better cornerbacks and wide receivers. It is what it is.” So, why not the same attitude when it comes to coaches and management? Or, even ownership? Nobody seems to have an issue with roughly 30% of NFL teams (10) having a Jewish owner, even though there are only seven Jewish players in the NFL. Why is that? Maybe I’m missing something, but it appears that it’s only an issue if there are too many White people. Because, as far as I can tell, if there are too many Blacks, that’s a strength! Too many Jews, well, only an anti-Semite would even think such a thing. But, for some hypocritical reason, if there are too many Whites, that’s like the worst thing ever. And there immediately has to be regulations imposed to eradicate any statistical anomaly that could be misconstrued as advantageous to Whiteness.

It’s almost as if the social engineers of society are these anti-White sadists who are subliminally chanting: “We want the essence of White existence to be so nihilistic that even the distractions from their demographic demise are humiliating.”

If that all sounds like White fragility, that’s because that’s what it is. Except, White people aren’t allowed to be emotionally fragile when their feelings get hurt. Or when they are systemically discriminated against because of their lack of skin color. Only non-Whites are afforded those privileges. White people just have to suck it up accept and the fact that life isn’t fair. And that equality is anti-White.


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  1. FUZOG
    FUZOG says:

    Only a revolt and round up of our enemies will save us. We are neck high in Anti-White propaganda and most Whites still blindly look the other way. Vigilantism could also be effective.

  2. Karen
    Karen says:

    Thankfully, I’ve never had much of an interest in watching jogger ball, so whatever. White people need to spend their time organizing for their own interests. White people need to spend more time building strong families. Leave pro sports to the black and brown people. We have precious little time left for time wasting distractions. Let all pro sports go broke. Best thing for our own people in the long run anyway.

    • Lucius Vanini
      Lucius Vanini says:

      Exactly right! One thing is clear: It is WHITES, with their greater intelligence, their higher IQ, that can constitute the economic stratum capable of supporting a non-essential, essentially frivolous thing like football, a mere game! It exists only because of them. If they wander away from it, the carnival crumbles!

      Leaving it to the browns and blacks will MAKE it go broke! All that THEY can do is run fast and jump high–lol–things of a LOWER order of accomplishment and indeed far excelled by quadrupeds…. They are like the horses at the race track lol! Only a lot slower than horses!

      “We have precious little [time left for wasting in] such distractions. Let all pro sports go broke. Best thing for our people in the long run anyway.”

      Brava, sorella!

  3. Frau Maus
    Frau Maus says:

    I’d like to know some brainstorming ideas as to how we can combat the anti White agenda. What are your thoughts as to how we can effectively raise the concerns of our White neighbors, colleagues, family members, children, and push back against our discrimination?

    Each day it gets worse. The longer we wait, the more hurdles we will have to leap over.

    I find the most challenging White people to talk about these issues with are White middle class and upper class Liberals who live in majority White neighborhoods. They love diversity when it comes to food options and helping out the poor non Whites, and have the most utter contempt for poor “racist” Whites who cannot escape diversity.

    • Defcon
      Defcon says:

      Remember when blacks couldn’t pass standardized tests because they couldn’t afford lunch? So they got free lunch. Years later they still couldn’t pass, this time it was it was free breakfast. Give it a few more years, still no improvement, oh we figured out that they are disproportionately disciplined. Now F it throw the tests away, the tests are racist. This applies across the board now, white man’s law need not apply. I swear to God they read the Turner Diaries and thought “hey this really would piss the honkeys off.” I should probably comment about the article, it’s as if the NFL can’t dig their hole fast enough. To the point of judging society by their entertainment, I immediately thought of Christians being fed to lions.

  4. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    Coaching is an entirely different skill set than playing. As great a hockey player as Wayne Gretzky was, he wasn’t a very good coach. Scotty Bowman was a mediocre hockey player, but an excellent coach. Mike Singletary was a great linebacker, but a lousy head coach. John Harbaugh was a mediocre player, but has been a very successful coach. Mike Tomlin was hardly a star player, but has been successful coaching.

    As the author points out, the owners really don’t care about skin tone. The only good thing about this, is the Negro Felon League and the NBA are shedding fans fast. With any luck, they will be bankrupt in a year.

  5. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    “If you have a strong dislike for Black skin, then you probably wouldn’t be interested in professional football to begin with.”

    What’s the causal link between liking professional football and not liking “black skin”?

    The NFL was loved by millions of Whites long before the number of blacks in pro ball exceeded their numbers in the population.

    So, perhaps it’d be more accurate to say “If you don’t like blacks you probably don’t like watching professional football.”

    Those Whites who love pro ball and lament the fact that there are way too many blacks playing the game simply don’t watch it anymore. They watch the old games from the late 40’s to the mid-60’s on yt instead.

    Speaking of which, though the commenters on such sites are on their best behavior, the longing to return to the good ole days, and all that implies, is an emotion they don’t even try to conceal. Though, for the most part, just like today, they mostly talk about stats and football trivia.

    “It’s almost as if the social engineers of society are these anti-White sadists who are subliminally chanting: “We want the essence of White existence to be so nihilistic that even the distractions from their demographic demise are humiliating.””

    Or, more to the point….

    It’s almost as if the host population of society are these self-hating White masochists who, far from subliminally chanting, are actually shouting out loud, “Black Lives Matter! White Lives Don’t!”

    People are talking a lot these days about how the West in general and the USA in particular has become an Anarcho-Tyranny, and that very well may be true in its general thrust.

    But, the fact is, it’s gone even beyond that. Western society, especially in the USA, has become Sado-Masochistic, with the hostile elite and their poc proxies in the role of the sadist and Whites in the role of the masochist.

    Since evidence for this is literally everywhere you’d think more people would be talking about it. But they’re aren’t talking about it. Why not?

    Because the reality of their situation is presenting them with a kind of information they don’t want to have about themselves. So, naturally, the hide it behind a thick goo of impossible to believe in virtue signaling. Silence is violence can be interpreted in more ways than one.

    And “violence” in the this sense has to do with self-violation, or, masochisim. You get what you put up with. And Whites seem to be willing to put up with a lot.

    Considering how many have debased themselves by doing everything from putting a BLM sign in front of their house (no doubt at the very spot formerly occupied by a lawn jockey), to taking a knee on command, to – God save the mark – actually washing black peoples feet, I’d say the word “masochism” about covers it.

    In any event, the best church related word one could think of to go with this kind of religious fanaticism would have to be “Pew!” The whole thing just stinks.

    • Luke
      Luke says:

      I’ve always been a big fan of the sport of football – but, like Richard B points out – I am one of those White guys who fell in love with the game back when most of the NFL either had no black players at all, or no more than 4 or 5 on the entire team.

      When I ask younger guys if they remember former NFL players like Larry Czonka or Dan Reeves or Ed Podolak or Dave Osborn or Bill Burnett or John Riggins, who played, and excelled, at the running back position – they look at me with disbelief and will usually laugh at the idea that a White guy could ever excel at the RB position. Too slow. No moves. Not durable enough. Too pale and too stale.
      I’ve heard all of the endless anti-White, White self-hating, White self-loathing brainwashed into them excuses by the last several generations of White male sports addicts who have allowed the jews who run the media to emasculate and strip them of their self-confidence and masculine pride.

      As the league has gotten blacker and blacker, my interest and enthusiasm for the NFL and for college football has dropped to the lowest level I could have ever previously imagined. I’ve also noticed that the game has become catastrophically more violent – and the number of absolutely vicious cheap shots and late hits and attempts to spear opposing players with their helmets has skyrocketed. I have also noticed a trend where White players are being targeted for especially violent cheap shots and this is true most particularly for White quarterbacks. Add to all this savage negro behavior the constant showboating, chest beating, monkey shine antics after every single play – and the chimpanzee routines which black players insist on performing in the endzone after every touchdown – and this kind of garbage is such an incredibly nauseating turn off that it is driving millions of White men away from the sport. But, I have also noticed an even more disgusting trend where I see some White NFL players are now mimicking the chimpanzee-like antics of the black showboating players.

      Despite the fact that the NFL ratings continue to drop, and despite the basic acknowledgement of many of the top TV and NFL executives who admit that the pandering to BLM and the injection of liberal politics into the NFL is angering their prime viewing audience (White males) – they continue to push this garbage. Yesterday, one of the networks featured some black guy who was lecturing Whitey about how they needed to lick the feet of BLM and submit to their demands. I did not actually hear what the black guy was saying, because I refuse to watch any NFL game with the sound set to a level above zero – but his body language and entire demeanor was clear enough to read and interpret.

      Oh, and it is not only the NFL that has gotten blacker and blacker. In the televised games yesterday, every since commercial that was shown during the game was chocked FULL of blacks. Half of them depicted a White female paired with a black guy – and one or two even depicted a White guy paired up with a black female and on the floor, next to the sofa he was laying on – his ‘supposed’ kids by this black female were busy playing with their toys – and those kids were Obama looking mulattoes. Looked nothing like the White guy. The jewish media message: Say Adios to your White European genes, White man. Buried under the continent of Africa.

      My instincts are usually pretty accurate, and I read this sudden explosion in shoving blacks down the throats of what the jews know is a majority White viewing audience – as a sign that the jews have lost control of the hatred they have for White Europeans. For many years, they tried to be subtle about pushing this hatred – although people who were red pilled on the JQ could still see it. Today though, their hatred has consumed them and they can no longer control or suppress it.

      Maybe we can thank Donald Trump for that? He seemed to be the trigger that made them drop their masks.

      BTW: If Biden winds up in the White House – it will be 1917 all over again. Look for an IMMEDIATE push for hard core gun bans, gun control, and nationalizing unconstitutional ‘red flag’ laws – as well as abolishing the First Amendment to shut down any opposition.

  6. bumpercrop
    bumpercrop says:

    If people would just cancel their TV, magazine, & newspaper, subscriptions, at least the enemy would no longer financially profit from their malevolent social engineering. This is what is occurring regarding NBA and NFL, viewership continues to decline. After documenting historically poor ratings for the NBA Finals on the heels of the league turning political, the NFL has followed suit. A couple of months ago the NFL season got off to a poor start in terms of ratings.

    Now, ten weeks into the season, it looks as though the bleeding isn’t close to stopping for two of the NFL’s prime time spots: Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football.

    Last week’s Sunday Night Football Patriots vs. Ravens game – featuring two of the best quarterbacks in the league and arguably the best coach in NFL history – saw its ratings collapse 31% over last year’s Week 10 game.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      Everything you said in your comment is true. And many people are saying exactly the same thing.

      Unfortunately, though such comments grasp the situation, they totally miss the point. And the point is, The Sports & Entertainment Complex is simply one part of The Hostile Elite’s push for Full Spectrum Dominance. And, as FSD implies, the focus of the hostile elite is Global.

      In short, they don’t care they’re losing their traditional audience in the USA. In fact, that’s the whole point. They’re done with the USA, or, more specifically, with that part of the USA, which they now consider to be as about as obsolete a giant pile of rotary phones.

      Far from losing ratings, they’re gaining a new audience. China. And that’s why they’re bowing before them. The Chinese are their new audience, and not just the Chinese. And lets keep in mind that China itself is, in terms of population, four USAs. So, they stand to gain in viewership and revenue, numbers that far exceed anything the USA could ever provide.

      That explains why they’re dropping their White audience the way a football jock drops a used rubber after sex with some older, overweight woman he picked up the night before during last call.

      The hostile elite may be insane and evil, and they’re certainly that, but they’re not stupid, and they’re definitely narcissistic. In fact, they operate entirely out of The Dark Triad of 1. Lust for Power (or, Machiavellianism) 2. Narcissism 3. Psychopathology.
      And they like it like that. They don’t care.

      Anyway, they’ve got a plan and Whites simply are not a part of it. Except maybe in the roles of tax slaves and/or sex workers.

      Other Whites may continue to serve the elite’s interests in some way that might make them a living and maybe even a decent living. But you can bet it’ll be as soulless as one could imagine, seeing as it too will have to operate out of The Dark Triad.

      I realize these observations are depressing. But they’re easily confirmed. Just look around.

      • Tom B
        Tom B says:

        You said it well. This ‘dark triad’ is making Machiavelli look like an honorable mister nice-guy by comparison.
        In the deadliest game of musical chairs ever played, the Euroman is left standing, perfectly expendable, like you pointed out, in the big picture. Just observe the world’s most populated regions, that’s where the biggest markets are. The merging of GloboCorp and Cultural Marxism has arrived. They were just waiting for
        the former to green-light the latter. Satan is loose in the Western World.

  7. John
    John says:

    Black voting is overwhelming White voting because Whites split their votes between parties, whereas Blacks nearly always vote for Democrats in order to get freebies from the government.

    Black voting is ruining America, and Hispanic voting may be doing the same.

    I would like to see a major boycott of the NFL and NBA by Whites.

    No TV, no radio, no attendance, no buying NFL or NBA memorabilia etc. If you want to keep track, read the sports pages.

    Conservative boycotts usually do not work, but maybe this can be an exception.

    I would also like to boycott Black, Jewish, Hispanic, and LGBT businesses and franchises. But how to identify them? My idea is to take a pro-Left McDonald’s or other fast food franchise and put it out of business by demonstrations etc.

    There is such a thing as the Christian Yellow Pages. Maybe that can be more widely advertised.

    LGBT have the Pink Pages the last time I looked.

  8. adriana
    adriana says:

    There is a lot of white privilege on display in many sports at the level of the competitors. In some cases it is quite blatant, as is the case of swimming, kayaking, and skiing. Efforts should be made to redress that glaring discrimination or simply ban these sports as racists.

    • Fenria
      Fenria says:

      And what about all the majority black football and basketball teams out there? Should they also face this “redress” you speak of or have the sport be banned? Or is this just an “evil whitey” thing? How about the fact that there is in no way any stipulation on swimming, skiing, or kayaking that prevents non white competitors from joining the sport, and that your claims are completely baseless. Maybe the reason why those sports are filled with whites is because they, *gasp* culturally appeal to whites in ways that don’t translate so easily to non whites. Heavens, no!

      Again, the left shows its monumental lack of critical thinking skills, but extreme adeptness at parroting trendy narratives of the day.

    • Lucius Anthony Vanini
      Lucius Anthony Vanini says:

      Huh??? I hope you’re being sarcastic! But if you’re not, how are White swimmers more “privileged” than black running backs EXCEPT in being more capacitated by NATURE, by physical characteristics, to excel in a certain sport?

      Lol, for Pantheos’ sake, you don’t believe–do you?–that blacks and Whites are alike except in complexion!

      You CAN’T believe–can you?–that there aren’t physiological differences accounting for why blacks run faster and Whites are more buoyant in water!

  9. Nick Argead
    Nick Argead says:

    I’ve been an on and off again football fan… Mostly of the Chicago Bears, who recently publicly disowned their former star muzzle linebacker, Brian Urlacher, for sarcastically discussing the crybaby antics of the NBA players for racism. This episode of publicly shaming a good white man who dared to say what everybody was already thinking anyway, was offensive. Their media clowns went on the immediate offensive against Brian by claiming he was getting his information from social media sources which have no credibility (lol). They insinuated he was stupid and hinted at his repulsive innate racism. This lambasting was expected but the almost instant deletion of the story was the funny part because it exposed something they really didn’t want the public to ponder.

    Urlacher earned more respect from me with that statement than all the great plays he made on the field in his entire Hall of fame career combined. And the team that publicly trashed him, one of the leagues oldest and most respected franchises, earned my instant loathing for their racialistic treachery against both one of their own family members and race.

    George Halas would’ve rolled in his grave had he heard his former team roll over for the Jew in such a base and disgusting manner.

    And Everytime I see the NFL end zone mockery of “IT TAKES ALL OF US” I want to vomit. If they’d bother to complete the sentence it would say to “it takes all of us end the white race”. Because that’s the barely hidden in plain view intent.

    • chilled bee
      chilled bee says:

      I’m surprised he wasn’t given the opportunity to grovel and seek forgiveness from his masters the way Nick Canon did for his honest opinions.

      The whole thing just stinks.

  10. bruno
    bruno says:

    Allow me to thank the author. His brief was filled with plenty of knowledge.

    You will notice that after those low IQ footballers mocked the US majority, a significant number of fans continued to watch them. Absolutely disgusting. However, it also tells plenty about the fabric of our society.

    One of the reasons for the breakdown of W civilization is the teaching in schools. Nearly all metropolitan regions have little children learning about Saint MLK and other despicable figures who have done plenty to disassemble what was once a civilized community.

    Outside of edukashon the majority of “families” don’t have a mother in their homes, both parents are employed. Of course, “two parents” implies to only about 70% of Ws.

    Countless millions of children are being brought up by the anti-majority school system, mainstream media and school mates that have been indoctrinated. Millions of W high school female children are copulating with something similar to humans. You can see this when riding by institutes referred to as “high schools.” Hats off to the author. Let’s hope he has time to contribute again.

  11. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    At this point, they’re going to weaponize every form of entertainment and consumerism against us. That’s the script, and it will play out as intended. You, however, don’t have to sit there and watch that particular “movie”. You can get up and leave the theater at any time, and I suggest that all white people who care about having a future time orientation as white both racially and culturally stop trying to pick up this turd by the clean end. We have lost control of every facet of our society. At a certain point, it was bound to happen regardless of what we did since these are the tenets of multiculturalism to begin with. A cultural tug of war will always ensue with actual winners and losers.

    • JimB
      JimB says:

      There are some good comments beneath this article, to be sure. And the article itself quite good, kudos to the author. But your “At a certain point, it was bound to happen regardless of what we did since these are the tenets of multiculturalism to begin with. A cultural tug of war will always ensue with actual winners and losers” is one of the most spot-on for me. Those two sentences sum things up in a simple way and at the same time compel the intelligent reader to ask a key question: “why do we have multiculturalism if it’s so destructive?”

  12. Carl Schroeder
    Carl Schroeder says:

    @Richard B Sports are a way of conrolling whites and distracting them. Football soccer… Document of elders of zion spells it out… A way of distracting while murdering our race…

    And for entertainmen, the chinese market for example for music is like as large as maybe finland, austria and denmark combined. they dont spend money on it like westerners. Asians are great and smart but less innovative than whites (combination most likely of racial and cultural factors). Japan spend tons of money on innovation and research and it doesnt pay off like in counries with largely white populations.

    Hence the overtaking of most education places and in the long term education by asians is a disaster. East asians don fully get math, indians are sloppy and inprecise and don’t get things and they don’t care. So replacing whites with asians in technology kills technology and innovation.

    I live in Europe where many whites especially working class whites follow soccer. The hooligans fight often other whites often from he same region or city. I guess it’s good they keep aggression, case that will be needed soon… It’s also a kinda implicit whiteness that in effect work against whites.

    And he media show non white players and among whiteish players those who are more obviously of racemixed background such as being part gypsy or the like…

    But is sports in itself bad. In an etno state it cold be good I suppose although hooliganism and firms is often associated with dealing and using heavy drugs such as coke and ecstacy… But I mean a lot of whites like sports doing it themselves and watching it. It’s like some whites love arts some are into literature and or music and so on (many into several Different art forms) as such it doesn’t have to be bad if one could loose the negative aspects.

    As for racemixing I think it is driven mainly by music and the majors are controlled by jews (that steal and give stolen music to either subsaharian “blacks” or jews or half jews) and to some degree sports and desegregaion. Also afro music month and afro hisory (black history month) contributes.

    The n-wordsers = subsaharians just use violence and aggression of he most extreme psychotic sort (their nature) to scare the white males in their schools to become gay or stay out of he way while they steal their women often by semi force because they are most often very rapey. And whites are weak and who is gonna protect white women, not their teachers case they will be fired, not their white male classmates they are beaten down so hey might as well give up and give he n-wordsers subsaharan race what it demands…

    Give yo are already defeated, and also in sports is the jew and racemixed’s proaganda…

  13. Vic Dante
    Vic Dante says:

    If you watch commercials today, only blacks drive new luxury cars and only buy and use cell phones.
    They ALL have dinner together every night, and the children ALL sit together as a family and do homework. Right?
    Here’s a solution that seems to work for them:
    STOP using the cell service that promotes this crap. Stop using whatever they are pitching.
    See how it works out for these companies when they have to depend on ONLY non-white revenue.
    It may be too late for this, but if we don’t try, we must fail. And we ARE failing right now.

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