American Krogan: On Emma Lazarus

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  1. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    Now that they’ve destroyed the meaning of the statue, how long before they destroy the statue itself?

    It’s exactly because their power is so dependent on the destruction of other cultures that the best they’ll ever manage is a Pyrrnic Victory.

    From September 11th, 2001 to Covid 2020, the first twenty years of the 21st century is looking more and more like a protracted Samson Option. And the Samson Option looking more and more synonymous with the aforementioned Pyrrnic Victory.

  2. bruno
    bruno says:

    We should be thankful for such a fine movie. Perhaps the majority within TOO and J%E can easily absorb most of the message. On the other side of the comprehension coin, this will be too deep. After all, millions have had decades of indoctrination. Consequently, this will be shared with only a few.

    A pertinent point, in addition to the film’s other great points, is the fact about the statue’s creator. Few know him. Yet, all know who the zydowka (J) is. Reminds one of the “most important event in Eurocide II and Western Civilization,” the holycause. What about who’s the media’s most intelligent guy in the history of the human race, Albert Einstein?

    All kids know about the magic number 6 mln, but few know how many American boys were killed. The monopoly media and Deep State’s “best of all people” determine who is famous and what little children should be taught. You can see this within the riots by millenniums and the groups of Ws kneeling in homage to AfroAms, due to the new ideology of White Privilege.

    Yes, this is a great educational movie. More movies like this need to be created. They need to be shorter, in the 15 -20 minute rage, due to short attention of the new generation… This movie is a keeper.

    • Richard B
      Richard B says:

      Great comment Bruno.

      “On the other side of the comprehension coin, this will be too deep. After all, millions have had decades of indoctrination. Consequently, this will be shared with only a few.”

      This raises an excellent point. The whole issue between the quality of knowledge and the quantity of people who can understand it or even know that such knowledge is available.

      Awareness of this fact can be very distressing. But, the fact is, the whole quality/quantity thing has always been around. The higher you go in any area of human activity the less people there are who can respond to it competently.

      This is why the hostile elite are so dangerous to the human race’s chances for survival, and perhaps those chances aren’t that great.

      The point is, though they are on top of the power pyramid, they’re in no way on the top of the knowledge pyramid and it’s knowledge we need to survive. Especially in an age more complex and unpredictable than ever before in human history.

      Their power is science dependent, but not their knowledge of human behavior as it relates to our institutions and the management of them.

      So the imbalance between power and knowledge is greater than it’s ever been. In fact, I can’t think of a time in history when the imbalance has been so gross in scale.

      This is why I often comment about The Pyrrhic Victory of The Hostile Elite. Because, when you look past the surface of everything, that’s what we seem to be witnessing right now.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      They need to be shorter, in the 15–20 minute range, due to short attention [span] of the new generation.

      I have no quarrel with your realistic attitude toward the young and their aptitudes—it’s hard to imagine characterizing any assessment of the forces arrayed against us as “overly pessimistic”—but at some point a concerted effort will need to be made to improve their internal software, not just the information they are fed. As a movement on crutches can get only so far and only so fast, at least a core cadre of kids has to be made aware that the crutches they are using to hobble around with need to be tossed aside.

  3. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    Chosen Logic

    Overt Rhetoric:
    We are the chosen leaders of the oppressed and exploited against the powerful.

    Covert Reality:
    We are the chosen powerful who exploit the exploited by using them as proxies against our powerful competitors who will soon be the oppressed because they stand in the way of our lust for power.

    Everything about them and what they do is a lie. And now they know that we know they’re pulling all the stops.

    And yet, that’s not even the point.

    The point is, what can those under attack do? Anything?

  4. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    I always felt that lady libertas was just another form of idolatry. In God We Trust is a slogan but so much of it all is taken from Greek Mythology isn’t it?

    Strange bedfellows and you know what I believe to be the single biggest mistake ever made in the American political experiment was the separation of Church and State. By not implementing this originally it has devolved into kingdoms of conflict and with it this Crisis of Authority.
    Yeah, I know such a statement gives rise to many questions which to do it justice requires an entire essay which I simply do not have time or space to go into it here.

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