Scandza Forum New Year’s Show: It’s Gonna Be Alright (Maybe)



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  1. Jody Vorhees
    Jody Vorhees says:

    It isn’t going to be alright. The Democrats are locking themselves into permanent power in the House and Senate. Our last Republican president leaves in less than three weeks. D.C. and Puerto Rico will soon be states, pumping more fuel into the Democrats’ furnace. The cities are on fire, our jobs have been exported, the middle class is shrinking, our culture is vanishing, and few people evidence any signs of making resistance. All of this paints us into a corner, where the only way to escape is through radicalism and force. And that is exactly the worst scenario that civilized people of good will can envision.

    • sandram
      sandram says:

      This is happening all over the planet. It is orchestrated by design by the same jerks that did 9/11, JFK assassination, chemtrails, gmo foods and animals, vaccines, etc. No one continued to stop them. And they are all in on it.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          In the sense in which I think you are speaking, nor do I—but thanks for saying it first and saying it plainly. Nonetheless, I admit that I retain some curiosity as to who precisely engineered and executed the kill, but I know that the odds that the answer will surface before my time on the planet runs out are zero to at least the fourth decimal point.

          In the sense familiar to devotees of counterfactual speculation, however, there remains the distinct chance that if Kennedy had finished his term, he might have gone down to defeat in 1964. After the assassination, virtually everyone in the pro-Goldwater movement correctly understood that, unlike JFK, LBJ would be impossible to beat. Of course, I have no way of knowing whether the world or my life would have turned out differently had Goldwater won the 1964 election, but it’s hard to picture things turning out worse than they did.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Why only Puerto Rico and DC ? Dozens of Hawaiian Islands could secede from Honolulu along the lines of their Jewish-owned hotel chains: then order AIPAC to arrange for their independent statehood.

      What about American Samoa, the Marshall Islands, Guam and any number of additional states – well ! at least during low-tide ?

    • Dee M
      Dee M says:

      I agree that nothing will be alright until the fraud of this pandemic get blasted into neverland. It was a catalyst and a complete farce on the world for the Jewish Communist Bolshevist global takeover of the world. Written out and planned over 150 years ago in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion and then the Communist Manifesto written by Karl Marx.

  2. Mary Minshall
    Mary Minshall says:

    I started to watch the video, but was unable to complete it. When I returned to finish, I got “Service Unavailable” instead of the video. In the future, please do not link to Scandza as they are apparently not a reliable source. As for what little I watched of the program, it may have been interesting, but as I could not return to it, I cannot give an honest comment, other than, the transmission of the woman who was in the Zoom box on the right made her voice so harsh that it was hard to understand her.

    • David Schmitt
      David Schmitt says:

      Dear Mary Minshall: wow! I rather think that if YOU had been asked the question, “Well, besides THAT Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?” you would have had an answer.

  3. David Schmitt
    David Schmitt says:

    All the speakers were very good. Mark Collett was healthfully insightful about the real cause behind these bizarre events: it is malevolently intentional White genocide. The latter must be recognized, resisted and fought through organization and peaceful aggression. We Whites have a history of resisting organization with each other because outsiders tell us to distrust our own people. Too many Whites are malignantly obedient. The host seems to be afflicted with a pathological resistance to being vigilant as is evidenced by his hand wringing about “conspiracy theories.” Vigilance is a normal and necessary aspect of the neurobiology and ecology of essentially all higher vertebrates. Conspiracy is a major and important concept in criminal law. I would ask the host to do some soul searching on that point. One must understand one enemy. Every military leader and historian understands this. Of course, we should eschew nuttiness—but hopefully you can discern the difference, right. Suspecting Soros’ involvement in BLM and the strategic insertion of district attorneys in key cities, askinng questions about the bioweaponization of viruses, being concerned about the incessant progression towards the total surveillance state and any number of of examples of false flags, war mongering and assacinations are not eruptions of irrational thinking. I have no doubt about DARPA-like technologies because of my own scapes with opportunities for developing these technologies.

  4. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    “All of this paints us into a corner, where the only way to escape is through radicalism and force. And that is exactly the worst scenario that civilized people of good will can envision.”

    On the contrary. It’s exactly the scenario civilized people of good will can envision.

    “…civilized people of good will” is not synonymous with “door mat” or “punching bag.”

    After all, what civilized person of good will would welcome their own slavery or destruction at the hands of uncivilized gangsters? They wouldn’t, of course. They’d fight back.

    Only problem is, there are hardly any civilized people of good will. Which explains why ” few people evidence any signs of making resistance.”

  5. Rerevisionist
    Rerevisionist says:

    Greg Johnson at about 2.55 said “What we do [whites] is because it’s right”. He was discussing WW1 and people with trench foot etc. He seems to have learned nothing aboiut Jewish methods. They foster and promote wars; they want dead whites; by control of money, they pay soldiers to kill each other. The victims feel they’re doing the right thing, but this is caused by complete control of the media.

  6. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    That was a lovely chat. I particularly appreciated MacDonald’s observation that ” they want one point of view out there.” Back in the days of Merrie Olde England Europe did enjoy one point of view which was basically live and let live. Unfortunately, our squabbles and constant internecine wars undermined our Christendom and now we are living under Barabbas and his efforts to bring in “one point of view.”
    Don’t ya just love it!

    • David Schmitt
      David Schmitt says:

      Dear Sandy and others, there is only one word: ORGANIZE. Europeans have submitted themselves to being a slave class. We could talk about how that was done with TV, the computer and then the cell phone. That’s for another time. Now, we must network and push back—hard. I am encouraging friends now headed for Washington, D.C. to collect email addresses and phone numbers of people they meet. On the way, stop into a Dollar General or discount store and get an 88-cent composition book like you used in grade school so that you can write down contact information that you gather from like-minded people at the rally—collect it from you new-found friends from around the nation, even internationally. Next, people in D.C. need to take photos and videos of everything going on. We must ontrol THIS narrative from now on. Analysis has been completed. In fact the oligarchs know it. This is why they went for broke in 2020. The time now is for ORGANIZING ACTION. It is our duty to be confident. It is time to work, to network, to trust and to build.

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