A Jewish apologia for taking Hollywood from racist Wasps



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  1. Max Heiliger
    Max Heiliger says:

    Saw this several days ago. It is a self-congratulation piece about Russian Jews taking over the American film-industry and how they use their “entertainment” to create and rewrite the common culture. Why do Yanks trust the JWs to run the blood transfusion service!?!

    If one controls finance and propaganda, one controls the nation. The USA is now reduced to slavery to the Tribe.

    • George Kocan
      George Kocan says:

      Russia earned its Jewish population by invading Poland in the 18th Century and partitioning it with Germany and Austria.

  2. David
    David says:

    To hear them tell it, they are always the victim. I couldn’t watch the video, just saw a tiny bit of the “we were good people getting away from the Czar” routine or whatever shit they bang on about.

  3. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    First they idolize and idealize this wonderful America in their schmaltzy way. Then they make propaganda films to support their multitude around FDR pushing for war. Then they turn towards pro-Soviet films which garners American opposition.

    I glimpsed Nixon four times, who was also photographed elsewhere looking over McCarthy’s left shoulder, as his Counsel. Which, along with his Graham tapes necessitated being turned into an unsuccessful Watergate burglar.

    What I didn’t glimpse was any mention of the Catholic Leagues of Decency or similar formal legislation !

    Please don’t look while I barf !

  4. Richard B
    Richard B says:

    Honestly, can’t stomach it at this point.

    The self-absorption, the impossible to believe in Myth Of Innocence and corresponding Myth of Guilt (of Whites), the radical ingratitude. In short, the Moral Insanity. Can’t watch it. But I can think of something else better to do with my time. So, I think I’ll go and do it.

    On the bright side. Hollywood is falling apart, and not just Hollywood. Pretty much everything they stole from the Western world and now control is either in free fall or being sold to The CCP (a group that, unlike Whites, doesn’t strike one as being all that into power-sharing).

    It was always going to end like this with them and anything they control. There’s not much left for them to control because they’ve destroyed it all. Turns out that Jewish Supremacy Inc. isn’t a good long-term business model after all.

  5. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    Wow, what a history lesson! I knew some but this was altogether a huge dump of information. Thank you.

    Jesus asked the disciples “Who do you say that I am?” Matt. 16:17

    Doesn’t it all go back to that one simple question? If only they had accepted their Savior all the suffering and pain would never ever have occurred.

    It is so sad to all the good that Hollywood could have done for heaven and for their Savior and for Israel and the world and they did nothing. I always found it odd that of all of the medium of technology that could have been used to evangelize the world Hollywood was it! They could have put the entire Bible Old and New Testaments on the silver screen and told a history lesson that was true and through it brought peace to the world. They instead gave us yes Independence Day and Superman instead.

    Yep, “Superman {Jesus or God for that matter} really was {or is} an alien {to them}.”

    As for the WASP culture stupid doesn’t even begin to express that word really. Not even close!

    Doesn’t anyone bother to actually read the Bible and believe what it says?

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” If only they had accepted their Savior all the suffering and pain would never ever have occurred.”

      That assertion is obvious religious propaganda since it is not supported by an abundance of contrary historical evidence .

  6. Gerry
    Gerry says:


    Don’t you find it odd that why in places like Ellis Island the paperwork didn’t have included some kind of law regarding the Christian religion. I mean if what Chuck Baldwin says is true:


    then why would you not pass some kind of legislation on religion or a warning something anything in America? Instead they just gave some vague idea about the inherit God given rights of man and then proceed with freedom and liberty for all? Does this not lead to kingdoms of conflict whereby one can choose to believe in any kind of god that they desire? Does it or could not that lead to the proliferation of every kind of cult imaginable including voodoo dolls from Africa? America is a nation of too many conflicting ideas and beliefs all of them competing for leadership roles with guess what freemasonry being the top one and why? Because they include within itself every one of these belief systems? You can believe in whatever god you like as long what lol? You were born with character. Meaning you are a person of character which rejects the idea of sin but believe you were born better than everyone else. So if I become a Mormon i have every right to have as many wives as i want?

    You know the kings of the past had in their realm a religion that everyone from the king on down followed. In America its a free for all? What happened to truth? O, its based largely in your wallet now?

    Why in the past did kings like King John and King James say and abide by?

    “If a man is caught taking usury his lands will be confiscated. It is like taking a mans life and it will not be tolerated.” King John 1215, King James 1566

    The Mayflower crew? Given a chance of living under the current system of full blown usury or under a king with no usury at all which way would they turn knowing such a history lesson?

    I have never believed in the separation of Church and State and perhaps the best video of someone who makes an excellent argument is this fellow?

  7. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    Further, imagine something like this? The Jews accepted Christ as Savior the entire nation of them as in the Old Testament and then were given the U.S. Constitution what do you think would occur? Do you think it would have stood a chance as being accepted and ratified? Never I’d say never in a million years would it have stood a chance in theocratic kingdom which is the best form of government there is and sadly that is what is being created now although the theocratic is unfortunately a fake. An impostor who will bring about what Christ Jesus warned about the Abomination of Desolation created by guess who? And WASPS like Hagee are helping it along? Nice eh?

  8. George Kocan
    George Kocan says:

    The narrator said that life was terrible for the Jews in Russia. They were “frorced” to live in stetles. When Jews lived in Poland before the partition, they lived in their own villages and prospered. They had their own government. The called Poland the “New Jerusalem.” In Russia, later, they made up 4% of the population and yet were over represented in professions like medicine and law. Someone should write a book about the influence of Jewish people in Hollywood which involves corrupting the moral culture of Americans.

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