Ed Dutton Interviews Kevin MacDonald: The Culture of Critique and Jewish Ethnocentrism

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  1. Dag Hammershield
    Dag Hammershield says:

    Very nice, deep, broad sweeping and humorous interview.

    Cold, individualistic, monogamic, trust evolving in trusting the Elite of today and therefore the Decline of the West, giving countries away to miscegenation etc.

  2. Patrick Pappano
    Patrick Pappano says:

    In Downton Abbey, Lord Grantham’s estate was facing bankruptcy from estate taxation which was exacerbated by Lord Grantham’s stock market looses in railroad stocks. The Jewish take down of the English aristocracy may have begun with heavy taxation, was put on steroids by WWI killing off English officers from the aristocracy and then manipulation of the stock market squeezed out any that survived. In Downton Abbey, Lord Grantham saves the estate by marrying a wealthy Jewish heiress. Very insightful British history. The final piece is the total destruction of the British empire in WWI and WWII in what can only be described as national suicide. The victim is right handed but the fatal shot is to the left temple.

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