I was at the Washington, D.C. “Save America” rally

Part I

Contrary to Big Media’s Big Fat Lies, the Save America rally on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, was in my opinion an exhilarating, momentous, peaceful protest.

Spoiler alert: I did not make it inside the Capitol, but I was in the first 25% wave of people that arrived, and like 99.9% of those around me, I jubilantly participated in a peaceful “storming” of the Capitol.

A friend I’ll call “Bill” invited me to go to Washington for what was shaping up to be an historic event. We took the train down from New York the night before and stayed at the apartment of his brother “Jim.” Bill is a former lefty type who quips that the left had to work awfully hard to get him to be the Trump supporter he now is. Jim got totally fed up with the Democrats and is now an avid Trump supporter.

Cat McGuire with two patriots

On arrival to the Ellipse where Trump would speak, I can say based on many Washington marches under my belt that the Save America rally’s turn-out was spectacular.  I heard reports of a million plus present.  We will likely never get an official crowd estimate from the National Park Service.

I’ve been to marches large and small, but I don’t recall encountering such a polite, well-mannered crowd. Bill had been to a prior Trump rally and Jim had been to three (Johnstown, Trump’s hospital vigil, November 3).

They said every rally is the same: uncommonly good, nice people. I figured their love of Trump colored their characterization of the President’s base.  But I discovered at the rally that it’s an actual thing: Trump supporters are by and large decent, down-to-earth, genuine people.

I saw many women at the rally, and tons of young people.  Contrary to the drumbeat that Trump supporters are racist white supremacists, Bill and Jim told me that the rallies they attended were very diverse:  Sikhs, African Americans, Cubans, Mexican, Vietnamese.  The election numbers prove this out, with Trump gaining incredible traction with Black and Hispanic voters.  From what I saw, this Save America rally was almost all White. I never did get a good answer why Trump’s diverse base did not get to D.C. for this rally.

I have to say I was truly surprised how incredibly informed almost everyone I met was.  The conversations I had revealed big-picture thinkers as well as familiarity with granular details. Those I spoke with certainly defied the stereotypical depictions of dumb deplorables.

As expected, there were a lot of Christians in the crowd, some of whom I had great talks with. I’m not a Christian, but I respected their deep faith and the fact that Christians I’ve been meeting of late (not Zionist Christians) are intensely engaged with the pressing political issues of our age. I was expecting to see Orthodox Jews, but didn’t, although I saw the Israeli flag a couple times.

Trump finally came on at 12:00pm and in my opinion he spoke with gravitas.  I appreciated that he came right out and told the crowd to remember all the Republicans who have ended up being turncoats, and the audience appropriately booed on cue. (Check out how Mitt Romney was heckled—uncued—on his flight to D.C.)

We left the Ellipse a little early to make it to the Capitol by 1:00pm when the certification proceedings were scheduled to commence. I assumed everyone would rally outside the Capitol. Some people were saying we should go in and demand the Senate do the right thing, but I didn’t hear anyone echo that idea.

People were angry and disgusted, saying they’ve had enough and they’re not taking it anymore. The stench of the Georgia election the day before was in the air. While the demonstrably stolen national elections were the coup de grace, the Biden Crime Family, China, the lockdowns, the riots and looting, and the totalitarian threat of a Democratic win all figured prominently in people’s minds and emotions, and I saw many protest signs that expressed those concerns.

Walking to the Capitol, we learned that Pence was going to throw Trump under the bus. The feelings of injustice were palpable.  Appropriately, the crowd made a pit stop at the Department of Justice en route to the Capitol. The crowd was really wound up, roaring chants like “Do your work!,” “Shame on you!,” and “Crime scene!”

There were two officials standing in front of the DoJ, and they weren’t the slightest bit worried that this keyed-up crowd might start pelting them with rotten eggs or something. While I saw one protester employ an actual pitchfork to carry his protest sign, I did not see a single visible weapon the entire time.  So much for White men and their guns. Yes, people were angry. Yes, people were venting. But I felt very safe with this crowd.

As we were walking down Constitution Avenue, it dawned on me that there were virtually no police anywhere. They were surely around, but on the thirty-minute walk to the Capitol, we didn’t see a single police officer. I did spy an undercover man with an ear wire and then a few police cars diagonally parked at intersections, but that’s it.

I was really taken aback by the conspicuous absence of a police presence. Every major march I’ve been to, the streets are fully lined with police, sometimes on horses.  I remember being terrified once at a New York City protest when a cop on an enormous steed charged into us demonstrators.

Bill, Jim, and I got to the Capitol about 1:30pm before much of the crowd had arrived and saw protesters running up the steps. We were surprised to see so many going up the steps because we assumed there was a police barrier.

We smelled tear gas and heard flash-bang grenades going off in the distance, but very soon the disturbance fizzled and the unruffled crowd paid no more attention to the possibility of violence—especially since no reinforcements came at all until we left the event at 4:00pm. It was at that time—finally—that police cars began converging on the site as we were walking away.

For some, entering the Capitol was very easy.  I talked to a young Asian man who couldn’t believe how easy it was to enter the building. A White guy told me he went in and out several times. Apparently, there were various entrances.

Dozens of people were rushing up the stairway and congregating on the balconies.  Where we were, though, there was gridlock on the steps.  The long line prompted many to climb the walls, the scaffolding, and construction trailer roofs, which is what we did, and it gave us a panoramic bird’s eye view.

There was a tremendous sense of excitement.  Dozens of people, even hundreds, could have easily “stormed” the Capitol, but chose not to. In fact, a relatively extremely small number entered the building. In my opinion, most did not go in because there was so much camaraderie and patriotic zeal taking place outside. Crowds were singing the Star Spangled Banner, and of course chanting “USA! USA!” The energy was electric, 100% positive, and we were determined to make sure our presence was known to the lawmakers inside who we assumed were deliberating on the certification.

For a crowd this size and in light of the crimes that had been done against our country, the heightened energy flowing amongst us could have been combustible.  But we protesters had about as much malevolence as an energized Superbowl crowd.

Because the vast majority of the crowd was not engaging in violence, I suggest that there was a Charlottesville-type situation in which Antifa types violently breached the Capitol despite filmed instances of Trump supporters trying to stop them.

And just as with Charlottesville that likewise brimmed with agents provocateur, the media are now demonizing the Trump protesters with the calumny of White supremacism—and implicitly treating them as proxies for the 70 to 80 million Trump voters.

I spoke with a middle-aged White guy who was 20 feet behind the late Ashli Babbit. He told me he heard a shot, saw her fall down, and that she was hit in the neck. He said there were people on the scene who told everyone to leave so they could attend to her. He did not tarry, and had to leave through a broken glass door. He struck me as someone who was in a state of semi-shock.  His parting words to me were how fortunate he felt because he “could have been that person.”

Let’s be clear, the so-called Capitol riot was trifling compared to the violent rioting and looting in U.S. cities by Black Lives Matter and Antifa mobs. These events were shamelessly excused by the media, and many celebrities as well as Kamala Harris paid for the bail of those arrested.

Of the 24 photos USA Today posted of “Damage inside the US Capitol,” the most damning consisted of debris, litter, and dust. Compare the property damage of January 6th to last summer when “mostly peaceful protesters” reduced vast swaths of Washington, D.C. to flames.

Biden and Black Lives Matter are now calling the Capitol police racist for treating the violent “Capitol breachers” (Antifa) with kid gloves. If the powers that be actually thought Trump supporters were dangerous extreme-right radicals with guns looking for trouble, wouldn’t the State have been armed to the teeth to protect the Capitol?  I didn’t see any National Guard. I didn’t see any D.C. police.

About 3:00pm, with most everyone from the Ellipse now at the Capitol, we were on the lawn right next to a line of about 25 police officers who walked through the dense crowd in riot gear. They didn’t treat us as if we were “domestic terrorists,” and in turn we treated them respectfully.

Around 4:00pm, everyone began to get an emergency text message from D.C. Mayor Bowser saying a curfew would be in effect from 6:00pm that night until 6:00am the next day.  Everyone dutifully began to leave.

Later when I was able to read the media’s reporting, I was dumbfounded to see something I had experienced as so peaceful, positive, and inspiring be described as violent, negative, and destructive. Black is white. War is peace. The stolen narrative of the Save America rally is my personal 1984 moment.

Part II: How a Life-Long Leftist Ended Up at a Trump “Save America” Rally

I am not a fan of Donald Trump, nor am I a “Q” devotee.  I inherited a liberal Democrat tradition from my mother who is of Italian immigrant descent.  Since 1992, I’ve always voted Green. In the 80s and 90s, I was active in anti-racist and ecofeminist movements.  Around 2010, I emerged from a hiatus of political activity to discover a shocking fact: the 9/11 Official Narrative was riddled with inaccuracies, if not outright lies.

I discovered my liberal-left community offered little information of value on 9/11, largely because leftist thought leaders dismissed unorthodox views as “conspiracy theories.”  Thankfully, I went where the evidence took me, not where orthodox ideology dictated.  I found myself surfing right-wing (!) websites and dialoguing with lions, and tigers, and libertarians, oh my!

By 2016, I had begun to cull the best of liberal-left and conservative-libertarian positions.  My leftist colleagues made the binary assumption that if I wasn’t all-in for Hillary, I must be “for Trump.”  Au contraire.  By 2020, dismayed by the mind-muddle of Trump Derangement Syndrome, coupled with the weaponization of political identity, I now believe the liberal-left has completely devolved into unprincipled putrefying pus.  Their most pernicious mission is hijacking our nation onto an express train to Totalitarianville.

Today I’m neither left nor right.  Like so many other former lefty-liberals, I seek to align on common issues, not tribal loyalties. We embrace core values of a free society:

a) Common sense – the ability to think independently and rationally
b) Truth – a commitment to evidentiary facts and justice without censorship
c) Patriotism – love and respect for one’s country and its peoples
d) Faith – a belief that a higher spiritual force guides us all 

I lived the first 18 years of my life in a small Indiana town, population 900, where my father’s people came from Ireland in the early 1800s and farmed the land.  They were conservative Republicans—proto deplorables, if you will.  Having now lived more than half my life in cosmopolitan New York City, I admit that culturally there remains a significant gap between me and my new We-the-People allies.  Nonetheless, these days I feel a very strong, authentic connection to my roots, rural America, where locals deeply value liberty and our Constitutional freedoms.

So many lefty-liberals did not vote Democratic in 2020 in large part because they recognize that what are notionally called Democrats is now armored with the full array of Deep State Establishment Power, including Big Tech, Big Media-Entertainment, Big Pharma, Corporate Wall Street, the ABC agencies, the Academy, and the Nonprofit Industrial Complex. In cahoots with opportunistic Republicans, this Power intends to usher in a tyrannical Great Reset agenda and assassinate the Constitution—oh, except for the 25th Amendment.

I spoke with so many people at the January 6th Washington D.C. rally and learned that these folks incontrovertibly understand what Deep State Establishment Power is about. They know there is overwhelming evidence that the 2020 election was stolen.  They know that seasoned coup makers created chaotic conditions with the mail-in ballot scam, and they gaslight constituents to believe the election was fair.  More alarming, they accuse Trump of fomenting a coup that they themselves are in the midst of orchestrating as we speak.

Under the guise of audacious cunning lies and manipulative propaganda, a very criminal element cheated its way to power. That’s why the rally was called Save America.  And that is what all common sense, truth-loving, patriotic, faithful Americans must do—rise to the occasion to Save America.

Cat McGuire is an activist and writer who lives New York City. She works with Break The Spell, a public outreach group raising awareness about the Covid plandemic and the Great Reset.

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  1. tito perdue
    tito perdue says:

    Very glad you were at the demonstration Kevin. We should never apologize for being racist, white supremacist, xenophobic, etc.
    I adhere joyfully to those philosophies. Tito

  2. Julie O'Bryan
    Julie O'Bryan says:

    My husband and I were also in the crowd and some of the first one’s to approach the exterior of the West side of the Capital. I was also shocked at the lack of police presence on the West side of the Capital and everywhere during the whole rally. I have been to the Capital countless times. It was the least police I can remember ever seeing. The main thing I wanted to email you about, was did you see the police officer emerge from the top of the West side capital steps and wave the crowd up? I saw it and I was stunned. Before nearly anyone started climbing the stairs on the West and and climbing the scaffolding, a lone police officer emerged from the doors high up on the West side of the Capital and visibly gestured with his arms to come up! I regret I wasn’t filming at that moment. I haven’t seen anyone else talking about that or showing video of that. After some in the crowd made some progress up the steps, then some police officers finally did show up and formed a line blocking the doors up there. They then dropped tear gas down into the crowd randomly. After watching the police open the gates to the protestors on the East side, I am convinced from Senator Josh Hawley being harassed the day before to the Capital police waving us and letting us in this was a setup to damage Trump and the GOP.

  3. Anne
    Anne says:

    Thank you so much for such a thoughtful, well-written and thorough description of your experience of the Save America Rally. Sharing your story of evolving away from your left/liberal roots, your family background and where you find yourself politically these days resonates with me very much. Great that you were able to put this together in such a timely fashion! It’s encouraging to know something is afoot in a very big way that the powers that be are doing their utmost to stomp out. The more we spread the word about this, the better our chances for defeating the assault on humanity rolling out in full force.

  4. Todd Hupp
    Todd Hupp says:

    Nice piece,Cat. Reasonable. The increasing censorship is very, very disturbing.”Cleansing” the USA of Trump supporters-half of the voters-is almost unbelievable. Thus we all know ,now ,what is being planned and rapidly executed.The left media and tech purchased the election and are now in control.

  5. Adolf Shickelruber
    Adolf Shickelruber says:

    “Democrats is now armored with the full array of Deep State Establishment Power, including Big Tech, Big Media-Entertainment, Big Pharma, Corporate Wall Street”

    And I suppose the Republican party isnt similarly armored? The poor American people really dont have much of a choice ie Trump has a Jewish daughter,Bidens grandchildren are Jewish etc. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

    • Anglo Saxon
      Anglo Saxon says:

      I lived in NYC for 10 years, I was into acting/waitressing etc. I’m very familiar with the NY scene. I have even seen Ivanka at my work. Ivanka married a Jew because she is a dog. If she could get a decent rich white guy she would have. Handsome wealthy white guys marry women much prettier than her. In addition she has a very stupid name & no decent guy would be caught dead dating someone called “Ivanka”. If her name was Kristy it might have been different for her.
      Plenty of Jews screwed over President Trump in business, he would hate them as much as anyone else, probably even more than everyone else.

      • Donald J
        Donald J says:

        You sound like a mentally ill whore that cannot understand how decent respectable people think. Ivanka is gorgeous and you are melting with jealousy… typical Trump moron you hate and love all at once and want more and more and more.

        I thought The Donald was a Handsome Wealthy White Man… and he married the first “Ivanka”. So wait is her mother fuggles too? Watching you people melt down has been one of the joys in this whole episode.

        • Kilo 4/11
          Kilo 4/11 says:

          ‘Ivanka is gorgeous”

          And she and her kike husband lent their voices to the chorus keeping daddy from doing things like serious border control and immigration restrictions. Just for giving Kushner a seat at the table where decisions were made, she was a malign influence.

          The only good thing she can do now for America is to stay away, far away, from politics.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          The several comments of Donald J bring to mind the ghastly videos that filled the Internet every summer during the Obama era. I refer to the footage where the residents of Martha’s Vineyard were seen lined up along both sides of the road leading from the local airport to whatever palatial summer residence the noble prince and his tranny “spouse” were to call home for a month.

          In the Stalinist enthusiasm of the smiles, cheers, and enthusiastic gesticulations of the locals, virtually all of them white, who were eager to show their adoration of their black ruler, it was not difficult to sense the desperation of people who, hoping against hope, were counting on their betrayal of their fellow whites to save them from the ignominy and much worse that would soon befall the other descendants of those who first built the USA and then turned it over to its (((enemies))).

          Like Donald J, those deluded folks thought that an open show of hatred and contempt for the same people that (((the overlord class))) and its black lackeys hate and contemn would win them a reprieve—that is, rather than merely a postponement—from the consequences of the guilty verdict already prepared for formal issuance by the soon-to-come supersessional state of Gulag America. Again like Donald J, they had learned nothing from Robespierre’s France or today’s South Africa.

          Rant on, Donald. Just don’t kid yourself that ranting will save you.

  6. Forever Guilty
    Forever Guilty says:

    Why almost apologetic tone? Election was stolen. American people have every right to be furious.

    And police. Why police , especially White police officers should be against protesters? I think many of them would be pretty happy inside if protesters took over, of course on surface they have to be “impartial” .

    In USA from 2020 becoming impossible to resolve conflicts via ballot box

    In USA from 2020 becoming impossible to resolve conflicts via due process in the Court of law

    So future violence is practically inevitable. .

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” So future violence is practically inevitable.”

      No doubt … and the “polite and peaceful” majority of Whites will not win the conflict unless their political thinking undergoes a rapid metamorphism .

    • Angharad
      Angharad says:

      Dear Forever – the SOLE thing 99.9 % of police care about is their pension. Period. The End. That is the only thing that motivates their every action.

    • Donald J
      Donald J says:

      Election not stolen, the Congress decides who is President and the President only serves at the will of Congress. 12th Amendment… why is it so hard for you to understand how systems work?

      I will never understand how anyone decided one day that they “had” something if “their man” sits in the office of President… a vestigial minor job in DC leftover from the 19th century. Basically the Mayor of America.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      I’m generally opposed to discouraging comment here. However, your adjectives describing your professional work are as day compared to night.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      I learned from your first linked video that you are yet another person who is commenting here under more than one handle, your other one being FedExMeYourDrugs. That discovery significantly lessened my interest in listening to you. Twenty seconds later, you lost me completely and forever at your first “my dude.”

      I have no idea what you are doing, but it sure as blazes isn’t hard-hitting nor is it journalism.

  7. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thank you for a great piece of reporting Cat. I too was at both the Trump rally and the march to the Capital and demonstration there. (I am also from NYC btw) I have been to more than a few Trump rally’s and Maga marches and everything you say in your piece is true. I agree that they are exhilarating to say the least. For me, getting out of NYC and attending all of the three maga marches in D.C., the first being on 11/14/20, is a cleansing experience. To be around so much love for this country, it’s constitution, it’s founders, it’s culture, so many other Christians, is an amazing, great experience. Trump rally’s are ‘Love Festivals.’

    I stayed for the whole of Trump’s speech. I then marched with everyone to the Capital, and along the way I did notice the absence of a police presence. I can tell you that at both the November march and December march, there was a heavy police presence. The D.C. police at those marches were in no way intimidating. They were both times always very courteous and helpful and many are Trump supporters. Not seeing them this time around, and I mean I don’t remember seeing any law enforcement at all until we got to the Capital and even there the police presence was very minimal was strange.

    By this time we had heard that Pence shit on us and as you state, the Georgia scam was still in the air. Although raucous at times, the demonstration at the capital was peaceful and fun.

    Being very hungry, I left to get something to eat which was a chore since most establishments were closed. I came back at about four and the crowd was more raucous and loud but still, in no way violent. Due to the size of the crowd, the closest that I could get to the capital entrance was literally about 50 yards from it. Even though I was that far away, we were tear gassed! Being tear gassed is not fun to say the least-burns your eyes like hell. There was no violence whatsoever so why would the D.C. police or whomever they were, tear gas peaceful protestors. That to me is what made people to start to leave. It was not, in my opinion, the alert from the mayor.

    I will always cherish the great friends I’ve made, great feelings I’ve had at the Trump rally’s these past four years.

    Yesterday Twitter banned Trump. Marc Zuckerberg has banned Trump from facebook. Pressure is being put on Parler to censor conservatives. We are heavily censored on twitter and facebook. All of the pictures that I have posted of the rally have been removed by facebook.

    Yesterday was a scary, dangerous day for America. Here come the communists now. At the first DC march in November, a lot of talk was about resisting the lockdowns (no one at Trump rally’s ever wears a mask btw). The talk Wednesday was all about secession. I was never a fan of it but now I’m all for it. People have had enough and I kept hearing the phrase, “enough is enough” repeated over and over again by the people. If the President doesn’t declassify everything for all of the country to see how evil and pernicious the deep state really is and start the process of getting some of these criminals in jail, secession, which if you look at a map of the electoral college by county, all red, would be most of the country.

    What else is there that we can do?

  8. Sorel McRae
    Sorel McRae says:

    Thanks. Do you or anyone else know of legitimate (i.e., non-grifter) organizations providing legal aid for those arrested? If so, please post in reply here.

    • Bobby
      Bobby says:

      Hi Sorel. You might want to try: “The National Coalition Against Censorship.” 19 Fulton Street, # 407, NYC. 10038
      I reached out to them once with some First Amendment questions and they were helpful.

  9. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    Apropos Cat McGuire’s involvement with the attempt to open eyes to the nature and goals of the covid hoax, see this 48-minute video interview with Catherine Austin Fitts. She situates the “magic virus” within the larger process of transforming the world’s economies into an overarching global technocracy. The interview was originally posted on YouTube but was soon pulled for violation of its “terms of service”—doubtless the specific clause that prohibits telling the truth about anything concerned with the (((Narrative))). Fortunately, it was backed up elsewhere.

    For all I know, this several-week-old video might be yesterday’s news to everyone here at TOO, but it was new to me when I saw it a few days ago. I commend it to readers’ attention for Mrs. Fitts’s formidable grasp of the big picture and her real talent for explaining specialized matters.

  10. Cat
    Cat says:

    Great writeup Bobby. Thank you for adding to the documentation of what came down. I did not know there was gassing after 4:00 because by then we had left. Were there confrontations at that time or after with Trump supporters?

    • Bobby
      Bobby says:

      You got it Cat. I saw absolutely no confrontations, or violence anywhere the whole time I was there. I could not see inside the Capital building where the confrontations “supposedly” took place being about 40, 50 yards from the entrance.
      There was a clip of the people who you saw in the papers, the Viking guy etc., in a studio with a green screen. Which, for those that do not know, is a technology that is used in film making where literally any scenario that you could imagine can be created; riots, burning cars, rushing into buildings and causing mayhem etc., in a film studio. I would not be surprised if that is what they did, even if it was combined with other live footage. There were also some people at the Capital and at my hotel who just did not seem to fit in, who seemed a bit off. I strongly feel that the whole thing that happened inside the Capital was a setup. No way patriotic protestors would do anything like what was reported. Had to be Soros people imho.
      I have pictures that I took with my phone. Let me know how to get them to you if you would like to see them.

  11. James Jonas
    James Jonas says:

    It was a glorious day…AMERICA will not go down without a FIGHT….Ashli Babbit…our sacred martyrof he new revolution 1776 II…One town one city one…that will declare open armed rebellion against the BIDEN tyranny…one..

  12. Bill Colohan
    Bill Colohan says:

    I apologize up front because this is a complete non sequitur but can anyone here help me to find contemporary fiction that is not infused with woke ideology. It is so difficult to find good literature that does not have this as its centerpiece. Also, I never want to read another book that finds a way to work the Jews or the WW2 Holocaust theme into it.

    Thanks for any input that anyone can give!

  13. Richard McManus
    Richard McManus says:

    I will not have access to my 9/11 website for about 20 more days as I have had my Facebook account disabled for 30 days for what reason? I don’t know.

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  14. Roderick Roderick
    Roderick Roderick says:

    It is all very terrifying. I live in London it is not going well for us. Speakers Corner is shut, I was asked to leave by the Police last time I tried speaking, and was grateful not to have been fined or arrested.

  15. j. eric smith
    j. eric smith says:

    You walked right into their trap and are a very stupid. I did not even know this was going to happen beforehand. You should have waited until after certification and no hope of the legislative branch doing its duty. Now they have a fig leaf for their inaction. Stupid, stupid, stupid. We are now going to be rounded up, imprisoned, tortured and killed IMO. These people are satanic and know no bounds.

    • John Day
      John Day says:

      Dear Mr Smith, Cat didn’t do what you say, and by your analysis, anything she would or would not do would not affect our collective harvesting for organs and such.
      I share your concern, but Cat didn’t do it.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      I think it would be fairer to say that Trump led them into the trap.

      His effect on his fans reminds me of that old “Peanuts” cartoon of Lucy holding the football and swearing to Charlie Brown that — this time — she won’t pull it away.

      I knew Trump was a dud when he hired the swamp, ignoring his 63 million supporters who could have filled those positions.

      The only good thing that has come out of his administration is the realization that all of our institutions are corrupt and politics is not the solution.

      I’ll give him full credit for that. It was about time people found out.

      Hopefully, they have learned and won’t forget the lesson.

  16. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    It seems to me that Ms McGuire has begun down the road of real nationalism. Real nationalism is all of the political spectrum. The left/right, liberal/conservative, and Republican/Democrat labels haven’t had real meaning for more than 50 years. They are terms used to divide and conquer. Because the US is the biggest megaphone on the planet, it is the most obvious, but the same is true for the rest of the Zionist occupied governments in “Western liberal democracies”. In many cases, people in those countries figured it more than out a generation ago, and have been subjected, the entire time, to the blatant CNN, MSNBC, Washington Compost and New York Slimes type of media that the US has seen since 2016. The subtlety is gone, it is in your face lies 24/7.
    The globalists will do their best to destroy any concept of Ms McGuire’s free society. It cannot be allowed to spread, people might like it.

  17. Ken
    Ken says:

    Much of your experience relates to me, same timelines, same conclusions, except that on the morning of 9/11 as soon as they started talking about the towers coming down, which they did before the towers were detonated, I knew it was not hijackers with box cutters.

  18. Anne C
    Anne C says:

    Thank you, Cat, for sharing your experience of January 6, 2020. It’s great to have a perspective on this event from someone who was actually there. (It was also a bit of a thrill to see your name as the author of a TOO article, as I’ve always enjoyed your comments.)

    I was especially heartened to hear that you and the friends you attended the rally with could all be described as “former lefty liberals.” I could describe myself the same way – I started recovering from my libtard mindset about 25 years ago, and it has been a long and winding road to say the least. In these dark times, learning of others who are figuring out the propaganda we’ve been saturated in since birth here in the West is a silver lining for me.

    With that in mind, I hope you’ll accept a small criticism I have of your piece – please just take it as “food for thought.”

    As an ex-feminist, I have become pretty sensitive to noticing when someone (myself included) is subtly putting down White men. I noticed that you made 4 references to individual males in your article:
    “I did spy an undercover man with an ear wire…”
    “I talked to a young Asian man…”
    “A White guy told me he went in and out several times…”
    “I spoke with a middle-aged White guy…”

    Do you notice how the undercover person and the Asian person get to be called “man,” whereas the two White male individuals who are amongst the protestors are just “guys”? There is subtle pejorative in these references.

    I could easily be accused of splitting hairs here. I know that you value White men deep down because you attended the demonstration in the company of two White men! But there is just so much negativity being thrown at White men these days from our enemies – think of how they are constantly portrayed by “Big Tech, Big Media-Entertainment, Big Pharma, Corporate Wall Street, the ABC agencies, the Academy, and the Nonprofit Industrial Complex,” and you’ll understand what I mean.

    Without getting into too much more of a diatribe about this, I believe the negativity towards White men that has become so casual in our current culture is what is contributing to the current suicide rate of White men and things like the opioid epidemic.

    As evidenced by the overwhelming maleness of the writers and contributors at TOO, White men deserve our respect and gratitude. They are truly at the vanguard of protecting us during these turbulent times. At very least, I think we should try to honour the White men in our movement by not slipping into undermining them in subtle (and not so subtle) ways.

    Like I said, I really appreciated your article and I hope you can take my comments as food for thought. Thanks for hearing me out on this.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      White men have a glaringly egregious lack of
      et al
      supports in their struggle against the genocide of Whites perpetrated by the ((( enemy ))) .

  19. John Day
    John Day says:

    Thanks Cat! I’m sorry to get to this so late. Fine exposition! Another friend sent me a link to the LaRouche PAC, with a video of the peaceful people singing and talking, an analysis almost identical to your own. I am so sorry that people just saw “Shaman Jake” on TV. https://larouchepac.com/

  20. Larry Z B
    Larry Z B says:

    It is refreshing to see the author note the difference between Judeo-Christians (Christian Zionists) and true, authentic Christians with whom she interacted with.

  21. Le Micromegas
    Le Micromegas says:

    Though I am not a Trump supporter, I’m also neither “Dem” nor “GOP”, neither “conservative” nor “liberal”.

    But I do believe in liberty, freedom, rights, justice and democracy.
    And I am a knowledge-seeker, even if that knowledge disrupts my current beliefs.

    That being said, I find this account most ridiculous.

    You originally state you believe there were some million or some people at the Capital rally, but then you continue to use the word “we”, as if everyone was of one body & mind.
    That is neither logical nor possible.
    Even if just a hundred thousand, or few hundred thousand people were there, there is no possible single unified mental state.

    People are individuals.
    As diverse as infinity.

    You further write “But we protesters had about as much malevolence as an energized Superbowl crowd.”
    And in doing so you are seemingly completely ignorant of the very combustibility of the crowd & mob mentality.

    I don’t know a single trustworthy Psychologist nor Sociologist that won’t identify and warn of the dangers of the development & progressions of crowd mentality.
    Most will demonstrate how the crowd psychology develops independently of the individual, even the collective individual.

    Individuals in mobs (not intended as a disparaging term here) & crowds are far more likely to engage in actions that those individuals themselves wouldn’t engage in.
    Thus though it could be possible that “planted” attendees started the storming & destruction, it is just as likely that was started by regular attendees.

    A simple hypothesis is not the truth.

    Most people prefer merely amusing & comforting anecdotes to cold-hard truths, and this article is evidence of that.
    It serves to entertain the fanboys & fangirls.

    What I do find most interesting, is how the “right-wingers” or pro-Trumpers, those whom just months ago were criticizing the “left-wingers”, are now revealing themselves to be exactly the same.

    From charges of “election stealing” to disruptive & destructive protests.

    A protest by any other name is just the same.
    A fool by any other name is just the same.
    A blind follower by any other name is just the same.

    With all that said, I still believe in and encourage truly citizen-led protests.
    And I do believe there is a true Deep State, that wants Trump out.

    But that same Deep State was only further empowered & enriched by Trump.
    Bezos, Soros, Gates, et al have only gotten richer under Trump.

    Despite numerous criticisms of Obama’s policy of QE, Trump just re-instituted the same.
    Despite vowing to “fight the elite”, Trump has only served that elite.
    Despite numerous criticisms of the Obama administrations use of phony, highly-manipulated BLS employment data, Trump has continued the same highly-manipulated data.

    In fact, Trump has been used by those elite and that true Deep State, like a cheap whore.
    And yet fools continue to cheer him.
    As do the fools that cheer Hillary, or Biden.
    Merely birds of a different phony-feather.

    Rather than just the “Too big to fail” Big Banks of Obama’s reign, we now have the “Too big to fail” Big Everything.

    People have a right to be mad.
    But they’re largely being directed to fighting the wrong people.

    There’s a reason why the Elite & true Deep State transcend phony-partisan politics.
    Those phony-partisan politics are clever propaganda, serving merely to Divide & Conquer.

    And the constant nonsensical back & forth bickering & fighting of the mere followers of the “left” and “right” continue to fall for that massive propaganda.
    Whilst the Elite & true Deep State continue to WIN.

    Where you have growing dependence, you have a lack of independence.
    Where you have a lack of independence, you generally have an absence of liberty, freedom, rights, justice & such.

    There are massive power & profit motives behind those systems of dependence.

    Trump supporters, via their dependence on Trump, are no solution.
    Trump himself, via his dependence on that true Deep State, is no solution.

    Until people learn to ditch the reliance on Herd Mentality, and start doing more for themselves, nothing will ever change.

    And guaranteed I’ll be attacked for this, by those fanboys & fangirls, those whom can merely follow, for revelations of truths, rather than for descent to merely amusing anecdotes.
    So bring ’em on.

    Freedom, liberty & justice are only real when they’re equally available & applied to everyone.

    • Angharad
      Angharad says:

      Oh crawl up your own anal tract, you fatuous scold. The “crowd mentality” seemed to be LOVELY. Ordinary White American are on a very high political learning curve. They just got a huge, pain kick up that curve, on the 6th. Stop blathering like resentful, withered old school marm – and show a sliver or generosity. Or just shut it entirely.

      • Kilo 4/11
        Kilo 4/11 says:

        Angharad, it was worth suffering through his post just to get to your great one-liner: “Oh crawl up your own anal tract, you fatuous scold.”
        Thank you!

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      As bad as Trump is, and as unwise as the protest may have been from the standpoint of optics, it would have been worse if the election had been stolen and no one protested.

  22. Biden Sucks
    Biden Sucks says:

    Payback is a beotch.

    Remember, it wasn’t that long ago that Pro-Trumpers were calling for more police, and law & order, in the wake of BLM & Antifa protests.
    And that Trump himself was proudly supporting a larger presence of police on the streets.
    Well, they got it, but those police are now turning against the Pro-Trumpers.

    You gotta be careful what you wish for.

    It wasn’t that long ago that Pro-Trumpers were denouncing charges of election fraud.
    Yet now are sitting on the other side of that charge, leading it.

    What’s good for the goose?

    Grudge match politics has no real winners.

  23. Jose
    Jose says:

    All white nationalists should consider the argument for California secession in the following American Renaissance article, “Message to White Nationalists from California.”


    Perhaps secession could eventually be an option for people from different sides of the political aisle to unite around. Right now, we get the worst aspects of both the far left and far right. Hopefully more people will encourage and embrace the notion of a national divorce between California an the rest of the states.

  24. Ben
    Ben says:

    I was and will never be a Trump fan. However, I give him the credit of poking at the media and establishment. He promised and to some extent delivered to no wars promise. However, he caved in to Zionist/bankers/Israeli citizens in top government position. Made his son in law Jared as “Senior” advisor on Middle East. Jared and Ivanka pocketed millions from those “Muslim” Arab states by influence peddling. These states rulers are just Muslims by their names and will do anything to stay in power including befriending Israel who is dreaming to gobble up their land. Israel does not have any defined border yet.

    In defense of the protestors of 6th of January, I would say most of were out of towner and ordinary law abiding citizens. That day I rode from Springfield Metro station to China Town and saw hundreds of protesters riding along. Some with their family members. They were not wearing any mask, carrying large flags wrapped in flag poles. Contrary to BLM or Antifa members, these folks were polite, mostly quite and carrying out regular conversations during the whole trip, very unusual. No shouting and talking loudly, a trait of BLM and Antifa. While existing the metro station a lot of them had difficulty in exiting not having the knowledge of using metro card. No one jumped over or try to get out through the emergency exit. Everyone was trying to find out how to get out and there was no help available. One lady asked me about the metro pass buying procedure. I simply gave her my card to use which she reluctantly used.
    Thanks heaven I was not stuck with the BLM folks.
    Later I read about the violence that was hard to believe.

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