The Fifth-Generation War on White people: First They Came for White Southern Males…

Many Americans woke up this week to the crystal-clear realization that we have entered a fifth generation (5G) civil war for control of this county – a culture war, yes, but much more than that. In this short essay, I draw from history to briefly reflect on what this means to me as a more or less normal White guy who is trying to find ways to do more to resist the organized deluge of anti-White propaganda and policies.

Historical Parallels

Perhaps because I have been studying the rise of communism in Europe during the early 1900s, the past week feels eerily similar to my understanding of what it might have felt like to be a German Austrian in the 1910s and 20s, with the obvious difference that we have not recently lost a world war after failing in our attempts to salvage a dying, multicultural empire that has become increasingly hostile to its traditional citizens in order to secure the loyalty of its minority citizens. I believe I have uncovered nuggets of understanding, nonetheless.

I was not present in Austria a century ago, and I cannot really know what my Austrian doppelganger self would have felt thought while experiencing this period. I read a fair amount of history, but even this does not ensure this sort of experiential knowledge, since we self-censor our own diaries and journals. This matters little, however, because with some historical distance, I might see the situation more clearly than I would have if I lived during the time. And if the media and education system were as biased at that time against German-Austrian interests as they are against White American interests in the US today, then it is very likely that my understanding of Austria in the 1920s is better informed than those living them.

Rereading Mein Kampf, for the second time ever and the first time in over 15 years (and the first time I neither understood it nor finished half of it), it seems to me that Hitler felt much the same way that I do now. He was trying to save the Germans in Germany and Austria. I found it strange to admit to my wife that I think the biggest personality difference between Hitler and me is that he seems to have been rather more empathetic than I am. While I have completely lost patience with White Americans who intentionally or ignorantly are willing their own demise, Hitler repeatedly made excuses for those in Austria who were doing the same. He was so soft. But I think I have come to understand that he was trying to organize and inspire a mass of people far less intelligent and knowledgeable than himself, and so he needed to be patient with them. So, I believe that reading Mein Kampf again has made me a nicer, more understanding guy. I would contrast this with the way the Trotsky secured the loyalty of the officers of the Red Army, but that would be too much of a digression.

To the point, which is to use history to inform present action, you might say that Hitler’s plan to secure the future of the German people involved retaking control of the media, which had become a propaganda machine that continually tried to undermine the interests of the German people.

I will pause here to say that I often read articles from the Jacobin – the socialist magazine. And although most socialists would scream at you until their head exploded before they would admit that Hitler was a socialist (but he was, albeit a nationalist, i.e., German, socialist rather than an internationalist socialist), I see them as potential future allies in the fight against globalism. The oligarchy has freaked out about Trump because they see him as a populist who, like Hitler, united working-class Germans from Left and the Right to fight their common extranational and international enemies.

It is clear, however, that we have media problems. I was astounded and enlightened to read Hitler’s discussion of the media and propaganda in Germany prior to the rise of the Nazi Party. The parallels to today are uncanny – even though the media have evolved. It seems to me, at least, that we are in fact closer to the propaganda age of the early 1900s in Europe than we have been at any time in my life. Looking back, it was the Summer of Antifa and the astonishing response of the media and the politicians that caused me, and likely many other Americans, to begin to see parallels to the Russian Revolution and the color revolutions. I then found myself reading about the rise of fascism, first so I might understand the parallels between the Brownshirts and antifa, but then so that I could understand how Germany successfully fended off the communist revolution that killed 12 million civilians – with perhaps 20 million more people during Stalin’s reign. To put that into perspective, that is about half as many people, military and civilian, as died in all of World War II. To take it even further, less than five million Germans are reported to have died during the war. That is, for me at least, an unimaginably large number of deaths and a terrible, terrible tragedy – but the number of Germans who died in WWII was less than one-sixth of the people who died in Russia as a result of the communist revolution and ensuing regime.

Although I am a registered libertarian (just to give you a sense of where I am coming from), I have never more fully appreciated the appeal of national socialism than now. Similarly, I did not vote for Trump in 2016, but I found him more appealing this time around – certainly not because of his rhetoric, or even of his actions, but because of what he came, in the second half of his term, to begin to resist. The ongoing coup has been in place because some people rightly interpreted that Trump was striking a Hitleresque chord among the White Americans who the international bankers and international socialists are trying to undermine politically, psychologically, and economically.

I am not a jackboot-wearing skinhead. I am a normal, middle-aged, gray haired man who, rising from working poverty to the middle class, has experienced something like the American dream. I am respected at work, loved by my family, affable, rational, well-educated, and White. And I am preparing for a war.

I am not preparing for war in the way that most Americans would (fail to) understand it. That is, I am not taking up arms to overthrow a government. I am not joining the military so that I can resist “regimes” that seek to rein in the Jewish oligarchs who pillaged their economy. I am not preparing to wage war against a duly-elected South American government that seeks to abandon the petrodollar so they can remove the yoke of vulture capitalism that has been imposed on a people. Surely not now.

No, I am not gearing up to drop multicultural democratic bombs from a B-2 Stealth bomber or to use a Predator drone to assassinate a scientist from another country because he is successfully resisting the implementation of Greater Israel. The war that I am preparing for is a defensive war to protect my people from an illegitimate government that is unduly influenced by foreign interests and is controlled by hidden oligarchs who use two-party democracy as a veil to pillage my people and others.

Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that I am already fighting the war. As I said above, it is currently a fifth-generation war: an information and propaganda war against the traditional power structure in the US. It started as a war against the hegemony of White Anglo Saxon Protestant Southern Males. Then it evolved into a war against White Anglo Saxon (redundant, I know) Christian males. Once that was secured, it evolved into a war against White Males. As the recent Karen memes and a million articles, books, and television clips (speculation on the last one, since I no longer watch it) demonstrate, the war is now simply against all White people and other non-White people who do not hate White people and/or seek to undermine them at every opportunity.

It would seem, then, that we are fighting a fifth-generation Race War, but it is not that simple. First, there are many allies among Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and others who share in the struggle against a common, nation-destroying enemy. Secondly, there are even more – many more – White people who still believe that to criticize anti-White policies and propaganda is a form of psychopathology. These people, blinded by stupidity—or more likely by ideology—fail to see the true reasons for and consequences of labeling phrases such as all lives matter as racist. As dumb as cows being corralled for the slaughter, they readily proclaim that it is so wonderful for people of all races and ethnicities to celebrate their people and value their heritage – so long as the celebrants are not White. Natural selection demands that this insanity will end one day: one way or another.

The point is that this is definitely about race, but I for one would like people to be able to articulate an agenda that is far from “all Whites are good and everyone else is evil.” No one in this world believes this, and yet it is the mantra and the scarecrow constantly presented by elites in the media to those who lack the ability or desire to understand. Part of the goal of this essay is to help others better express this position that Whites need to do a much better job of defending ourselves against anti-White propaganda and policies.

From Academia to Media

I think it would be helpful for others to understand that the war that is being thrust on us has its origins in colleges and universities. Since the late 1970s, the influence of Critical Theory has been growing in academia. In college, smart young adults, most of whom have learned to do well in school by regurgitating what their teacher tells them, have for a couple of generations now been ingesting Frankfurt School ideology without being provided the opportunity to criticize it. To do so automatically gets one labeled as anti-Semitic or racist. This indoctrination has allowed critical theory to migrate from liberal arts and social science classrooms out into the rest of the world, where more people can see it.

Universities often get criticized because of all the liberal professors. My experience has been that there are far few liberal professors than people imagine – if liberal is taken in the classical sense, whereby professors introduce students to multiple perspectives and then allow the students to think for themselves. Liberal, in this sense, stands in opposition to both conservative and to leftist professors. There are and have been liberal professors in this sense (“I don’t care what you believe, I just want you to support it with evidence and reasons”), but their influence on young people has been increasingly overshadowed by leftist professors who take a very different approach. Rather than allow students to develop and apply their own moral sentiments, leftist professors profess that there is a right and a wrong; good and evil are real. And it sounds very much like it could have come from Jesus: blessed are the poor and oppressed; woe unto them that are wealthy. Coming primarily from a Jewish perspective rather than a Christian one, this has roughly been retranslated as Black people, Hispanics, and Jews are all oppressed and are therefore good. Non-Jewish White people, who have denigrated Jewish perfidy and parasitism, at least since Hellenistic times, are evil. That is the simple formula of Critical Theory in a nutshell (from someone who wrote a dissertation on the subject). People love their simple moral binaries, and the Left have been dishing it out under the mantra that “everything is political.” As such, universities have been evolving to the point that propaganda, rather than the pursuit of truth, has been the modus operandi. The result has been the creation of a Woke army who has very strong feelings, is very good at group think, but is not particularly knowledgeable or very good at reflecting on the limitations of their own beliefs. (This is, of course a gross overgeneralization, and I am sure there are many exceptions. These should be noted and celebrated.)

Now, however, this way of thinking – everything is political – has made its way into the mainstream media. The child of this view that everything is political is that we must all value social justice. There is no clear picture of what this term actually means or what its realization would look like, and this is intentional of course, because it is an unfalsifiable, pseudo-scientific, religious doctrine that cannot be refuted. That is, it must be taken on faith that ours is an unjust society, that the fault lies with and only with White people, and that the remedy is for Whites to give up their positions of power (to Jews and their surrogates).

Several years ago, to make the news more interactive, the big media agencies adopted opened discussion boards. This did not last long, however, because the anti-White bias was constantly exposed. The comments sections all suddenly disappeared from those corporate news outlets whose larger mission was to subtly construct and maintain an anti-White narrative. This gap was filled by social media. Even more recently, however, censorship has reached formerly unimaginable levels. The case in point is that social media as well as corporate media have fully censored the president of the United States of America. I think this has jolted many people, even those who would never have read what the president said. More people are beginning to wake up.

All of this begs the question why the media would do something so risky. Although I am not privy to those sorts of conversations, a historically informed reading between the lines suggests to me that the media was directed to hazard this extreme censorship because those pulling the strings have concluded that President Trump, likely despite his initial intentions, had come to connect and identify with the one group of people that the Two-Headed Beast of international banking and international socialism needs to undermine if they want to gain full control over the country. That group currently seems to go by the name of American Patriots.

Although still largely hiding behind progressive, well-intentioned, polite and accommodating, but ultimately self-eradicating Whites, the enemy has shown itself a little more clearly in this latest offensive.

Because of this bold gambit, many Americans have, in just the last several weeks, come to believe that there is no political party that represents normal, thinking, middle- and working-class people. In fact, many of those who can trace ancestors back to the founding of this country are surprised to find themselves questioning or denying the legitimacy of our government. They wonder how this has happened so quickly in the United States. They stand in awe at the surrealism of the media’s depiction of “an attempted insurrection” by those who are most loyal to the principles and traditions of our country.  They stand, somewhere between dumbstruck and furious, over calls being made to “hold those in leadership positions accountable” who have in the past expressed any support for The President of our country. Has it really come to this? What should I do?

I woke up early this morning to the realization that I need to do more to resist anti-White and antipatriot propaganda and policies. But what can I do? I am not a politician. I am not super-wealthy.

We each have our strengths and weaknesses. I am a rural INTJ with a small social network, but I am somewhat skilled at research and writing. So, I decided to write this essay and send it to Professor MacDonald to see if he would be interested in publishing it.  If he does, I will publish it under a pen name because I would very likely lose my job if I published this under my real name. And I enjoy my job. What became clear to me this morning was that whether I want it or not, I am engaged in a 5G Civil War. I can hope that the bullies will stop picking on my people, or I can join the resistance and try to turn back anti-White propaganda and policies by raising awareness and helping others do the same. And I need to talk with people and read more to discover what others are doing. To make sure I can continue the fight, I need to make a backup plan in case I lose my job. I would love to read in the comments what others are doing to prepare themselves for what lies ahead.



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  1. william boyd
    william boyd says:

    How fitting on this anniversary of his birth is it to acknowledge that the three men in history with the most lies about their lives, are Jesus Christ, Adolph Hitler and Martin Luther King Jr.

    • Alba R Jaunsem
      Alba R Jaunsem says:

      yes sir, ‘true that’,

      2021: the ONLY u.s. man to have a holiday named after him is…………

      You guessed it………black.

      Christobal Colombo does not count as he was not born in the former u.s., currently j.s.

      what a crap of a society, culture, people, ideology, art the j.s. is. total crap. oh well.

    • Jack Killough
      Jack Killough says:

      My goodness, I am so refrshed that I ‘m not the only one to acknowledge the truth of your iconoclastic observation! Thank you.

    • Martin Luther King Jr was a fraud - like Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Sister Lucia, the Dalai Lama and Albert Einstein ..
      Martin Luther King Jr was a fraud - like Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Sister Lucia, the Dalai Lama and Albert Einstein .. says:

      I dont know what to write here

  2. John
    John says:

    The Left has the advantage over decent middle-of-the-road Americans because the former are always on the warpath for change, just as the Bolsheviks were.

    Good Americans, in contrast, just wanted to live their lives, work, and raise their children. They weren’t looking for a fight.

    This was a formula for disaster. The GOP was mainly interested in getting re-elected and gave in to the Left.

    Good Americans became afraid of breaking taboos in public – about Jews, “Neo-cons”, Israel, Blacks, and some others.

    Still, the mass of good Americans is still larger and stronger than their adversaries and can win.

    They just have to get motivated and organized by great leaders.

    • alba
      alba says:

      i dont think so. the u.s. is the j.s. total control. republicans and white people are fighting for a culture that was already against human nature. they are/were way to competitive and rough around the edges. Not really how most cultures are around the world. in a multi-culti society where anyone can enter from anywhere in the world……the j.s. is f***ed. White people unfortunately will be the hardest hit, as always. blacks and jews cash in.

    • George Brent
      George Brent says:

      John, I feel like you do . Trump is talking about a patriot party run by him. This may bE the answer..remember in any fight good ways of communication are a must plus organization .

  3. Charles
    Charles says:

    Thank you for a very clear statement of our present condition. It is only with an understanding of our situation and our opponents that we can begin to consider how best to act.

  4. Ron Bass
    Ron Bass says:

    Thanks for pushing the envelope.
    The answer lies on a dollar bill on the Great Seal
    E pluribus unum – Latin for “Out of many, one” – is a traditional motto of the United States.
    We must resist, but there needs to be large number of us resisting in order to get traction and turn the tides in our favor.
    We have a project which is in development and will be out shortly to assist in that direction.
    We need leadership leading us in the right direction I f your interested send me an email and I will put you on our resistance team.

    • Marcus
      Marcus says:

      Ron, like many others, I am looking for ways to organize. I am also wary of infiltrators and front operations. How can we know that you are sincere and not vile?

      • Rick
        Rick says:

        Be careful of profile pics. Might you have left restaurant review ( “A bad experience. We will not recommend it.”) in March 2011?

        Hope you have not got habit of using same profile pic on different sites which would make it easy for the cancel mob to trace your name and whereabouts!

    • No Carpetbaggers
      No Carpetbaggers says:

      Sorry but a third Party cannot be run by Trump…his party will be used to further dilute the Heritage Amerikaner’s politically, both of Dixie and Yankeedom, just as was done with the so called “Civil War” to divide and rule over Heritage America, of which in reality was a banksters war by the agent provocateurs of the “Internationale” usury cartel (it has two temple’s and “priesthoods”, “Solomonic” and “Herodian”, aka Hasmonean Maccabean-Edomites, ie. which is international socialism, ie. communism with the institution established afterwards of the usury Internationale cartels “Fed Res” in the DC enclave) as his family is miscegenation (fully) with the enemy of our people.

  5. Michael Adkins
    Michael Adkins says:

    Marx told Engels in a letter written in 1882 that “You know very well where we found our idea of class struggle; we found it in the work of the French historians who talked about the race struggle.”

    Michel Foucault

  6. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    I’m concerned about the Great Reset and the technology that these people, the Stakeholders as Klaus Schwab refers to them, have that can be used to control all people on the planet. It may be too late to do much of anything to save ourselves at this point. All races are in the same boat, except the Jews of course who are the engine behind the Great Reset.

    The technology they have is frightening and is the basis for their new world order. They intend to control people with technology. We can’t travel, work or shop without a biometric passport that proves we’ve taken the vaccine. The vaccine gets into your cells so that if you get another virus that contains corona your immune system will attack your body and you will die. Corona is common in viruses. Bill Gates has boasted with a lot of self satisfaction that his vaccines “reduce populations”. So we either take the vaccine or we don’t get to leave our homes.

    The future is about trans humanism and vaccines can contain nano particles that attach to cells and create a bio mechanical interface. Elon Musk already has the Neurolink. I think this is what Christians refer to as the mark of the beast.

    Our congress is completely supportive of the Great Reset and the stolen election. The good news is that they’re looking closely at the military people they’ve brought to DC to protect Biden because they do not know if they can trust our soldiers. Wonder what they would do if they could trust them.

    The only hope we have is to get control of the public airwaves to inform people of what is happening because the problem is that the majority have no idea. If they did they wouldn’t take the vaccine. There is no doubt that the Stakeholders can do this to us because they are at this moment doing it. They have taken away our opportunity to be heard on social media so they believe that controlling all information is very vital to them. Therefore it is vital for us. Getting control of our public airwaves seems to be the best place to start the effort to save not only the West but the rest of the world.

    • HamburgerToday
      HamburgerToday says:

      There was a time before all this technology and technocracy. In some way, in the more ‘backward’ parts of the world, that older time still exists. Consider this: The ‘Americans’ have been fighting in Afghanistan for 20 years without victory. This is the multi-trillion-dollar US military. The ancient and the archaic defeats the modern all the time. Instead of concentrating on the enemy’s assets and strengths, concentrate on your own. Become ungovernable, but stay lovable.

    • Michael Adkins
      Michael Adkins says:

      Consider reading, COVID-19: The Great Reset by Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret. Strangely, they admit globalism has suffered some setback because of resistance from populations. Their fallback seems to be Dani Rodrik’s ‘globalization trilemma.’

  7. Cat McGuire
    Cat McGuire says:

    Great essay! Can’t say I have a plan, let alone a solution, but I am clear that a first step is awareness.

    I like to believe that one by one, when consciousness reaches a critical mass, the vibration will shift, and negative programming like anti-White racism will simply no longer be countenanced. I’m just not sure without “prodding” whether it will happen in my lifetime.

    Articles like yours are very important. Thank you for writing this essay. Good job! I would, however, like to make a correction having to do with WWII German deaths.

    Are you aware over 12+ million Germans died *after* WWII ended? And then the “denazification” programs kicked in to brainwash shame and fear into the remaining citizens. Most Germans today are an occluded people.

    Other Losses by James Bacque and Hellstorm by Thomas Goodrich should be required reading by all.

    • Tsigantes
      Tsigantes says:

      At least 40 million people died in east Europe / west Asia in the 10 years after WW1. And upward of 80 million worldwide in WW2. Meanwhile the numbers of German dead following WW2 are estimated lower than the one you cite by the agencies in Germany responsible for tracing the individuals and numbers. Perspective please.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      Thanks Cat, for noting this writer’s limited experience and knowledge about Germany and National Socialist Germany. Although I also applaud his good intentions.

      I would like to add that the two books you recommend do not represent the best of the original researchers who first uncovered and published the real horror of what took place. Thomas Goodrich did nothing but copy from these original authors, without conducting his own document research or uncovering anything new. Some of these authors are:

      Ralph Franklin Keeling, “Gruesome Harvest: The Allies Postwar War Against the German People” 1947 !! This is the original exposé.

      Alfred-Maurice de Zayas, “Nemesis at Potsdam: The Anglo-Americans and the Expulsion of the Germans.” First published in 1979, in German.
      “The German Expellees, Victims in War and Peace” and
      “A Terrible Revenge: the Ethnic Cleansing of the East European Germans,” Illustrated, both published in German in 1986, English trans. 1993

      James Bacque – “Other Losses: An Investigation Into the Mass Deaths of German Prisoners at the Hands of the French and Americans after World War II” 1989.
      “Crimes and Mercies: The Fate of German Civilians Under Allied Occupation.” 1997

      John Sack – “An Eye for an Eye: The Story of Jews Who Sought Revenge for the Holocaust.” Earliest copyright 1993.

      If anyone wants to know what happened to Germans, read these original sources, not popular “historian” Tom Goodrich’s (not his real name, I understand) copy-cat book that came out in 2010. See here the variety of subjects Goodrich writes about:
      “Hellstorm” is his only non-U.S. history book.

  8. Mark Dyal
    Mark Dyal says:

    Enough said. I’ve long believed that we already know everything we need to know; we just lack the courage to act upon what we know. This is one reason I began spending the time I used to devote to writing on other pursuits: if all we are creating is grievance lists, then, well, slaves can never have too many grievances or too many people to blame. They will never act. Because they are slavish. This essay proves that men and women have been out there. They already know. And they are ready to stop merely knowing. Cudos brother. Welcome to the festival.

    • John Bateman
      John Bateman says:

      Great article. The only modest caveat I have also applies to every other political article l’ve read in the last decade or two. And that is the assumption that humanity is not part of nature. You mention that you’re a Libertarian, and l guess there could be worse confessions – you just want to get along and not cause trouble (and not be blamed if anything goes wrong). Multiculturalism, why not? Just leave me alone.
      Now, the way you describe yourself makes you, and other right thinking people, think you can control the future country being planned for you. If we can transpose the species we’re thinking about, this is as if the bureaucracy of Red Bellied Salamander had decided that the future of the species required a massive influx of newts, with shared values. Result: Salamanders gone; Newts ascendant.
      We’re all part of the natural kingdom, a carefully hidden truth. You think we’re smarter than Newts? Look at the last 80 years.
      John Bateman

  9. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this article, but what caught my attention the most was the author’s forthright honesty in admitting he is using a pen name as he fears to lose his job.

    Yes, my friend, it is a very real danger! They always go after the money. Some years back I was attacked by the SPLC, and I can attest, as other dissidents can as well, that regardless of the enemy being successful, it is a very painful experience.

    Eventually more and more of us are going to need to shed the pen names and/or come out of the dissident closet in order to be more effective. To that end, my advice (to those who are not independently financially secure) is this:
    a) Get out of debt and stay out of debt.
    b) Attempt to be self-employed, or at least start a sideline that will grow into a simple living so that one day you are no longer dependent on big business and their politically correct mandates for your W-2 or 1099 job.
    c) Live with less, but enjoy life more. How? Get out of the cities. Grow a big garden. Work from home. Walk your dogs. Enjoy bird watching. Go fishing. Go hunting. In short, get a life your grandparents most likely had.

    We will make it, my brothers and sisters! Remember, our most precious constitutional right is the First Amendment (freedom of speech). The Second Amendment is there just in case the First Amendment doesn’t work out.

    • CM Miller
      CM Miller says:

      Marcus, thank you for the essay. Tom is the first one I encountered reading the comments who addresses the question… what can we do? The elites are terrified of our sheer numbers which are capable of overwhelming them. In every way the more we stop feeding their system, the less power they will have. Start at your own pace, but start. Although stopgap in the great schema, to Tom’s suggestions I would add:
      1. Big Banking: Bank locally, mine is a credit union, open in a limited number of counties to anyone who “lives, works, or prays” in the county. Since Christians are the first targeted, this is a nice signal
      2. Big Pharma: avoid their drugs whenever possible, get into groups that teach nature based healing, grow your own. Look up Terrain theory, work on improving your immunity.
      3. Big Grocery: shop local, find suppliers outside of centralization, follow people who grow their own as much as possible, get organic, look into those like Azure Standard out of Oregon.
      4. Big Tech: unplug as much as possible, internet connection is vital, cable is not, use Roku or other internet connection to your big screen and watch all that is available building your knowledge base on free platforms, YouTube is cancelling, Bitchute, etc. are not.
      5. Big gyms: go local or get outside: I walk my dog by the river, he chases my thrown sticks, I use rocks for strength & stretch in the sandy area, step up on the rocks, pushup etc. against the fallen tree.
      6. Big Lies: put every bit of truth out in as many forms as possible. My Facebook page is open to the public. I am shocked at what I can get by with – sometimes by just heading it cutely – I have never been put in their jail. I had only one meme taken down of an anti-White Israeli General’s murderous quote. They told me I might have “made a mistake” but it’s OK.
      7. Big Politics: The half Jewish director of the county GOP objected to my post of quotes of the Talmud against Goyim since underneath it a low IQ commented with slurs. I just said it was true and I won’t censor. The low IQ didn’t comment after that.
      8. Big Brother: Smarter people than I am suggested I pay $3 for the Threema encrypted app for secure communication when needed.
      9. Big Education: Home school. Even Wikipedia acknowledges starting in the 1960’s the father of the modern movement was from a family of Christians which escaped the Armenian genocide, RJ Rushdoony
      10. Big Population Reduction: Have babies.

    • CM Miller
      CM Miller says:

      I had suggestions in reply as well. I was awaiting moderation and I see it was removed. I don’t know what I said that violated guidelines. I don’t use slurs. Could moderators please let me know?

      (Mod. Note: I didn’t remove your comment. Don’t know who/why did.)

  10. Robert Wonder
    Robert Wonder says:

    You could distribute leaflets using a cheap car just for this.

    Or by foot (using clothes so that people won’t see it’s you).

    Organize anonymously in a network for your ethnical interest.

    Use things that make you anonymous on the internet and spread information there.

    Also I disagree with your nazi ideas. I disavow this despicable faschist ideology.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      It pays to be kind to a sincere author, as this one is.
      Adjectives, adjectives! It’s ‘ethnic interest’, not ‘ethnical interest’.
      And, it’s spelled ‘fascist’, not ‘faschist’. As in ‘fasces’, like on the reverse of the American dime.
      It’s OK, many of us have problems with spelling, usually because the teacher kept changing the words.

  11. Ace
    Ace says:

    Have you ever read: Discourse on Voluntary Servitude by Estienne de La Boétie? His theis is simple but profound. That all power comes from consent and once the people withdraw that consent there is no power.

    And I quote:
    “nothing more than the power that you confer upon him to destroy you. Where has he acquired enough eyes to spy upon you if you do not provide them yourselves? How can he have so many arms to beat you with if he does not borrow them from you? The feet that trample down your cities, where does he get them if they are not your own? How does he have any power over you except through you? How would he dare assail you if he had not cooperation from you?

    Resolve to serve no more, and you are at once freed. I do not ask that you place hands upon the tyrant to topple him over, but simply that you support him no longer; then you will behold him, like a great Colossus whose pedestal has been pulled away, fall of his own weight and break into pieces.”

    You ask what are others doing to be prepared. Well… many people across the internet are starting to realize something I realized over 30 years ago which is this… that Communist ideology explicitly states that everything must go. There is no compromise, no nuanced thought of what is good or bad, only the total destruction of the whole system and of Western Civilization. And Western Civilization and White Civilization are one and the same.

    Learned helplessness is the disease Western Civilization has caught and it is time to get rid of it. One man can make a difference. Think Alexander the Great, Caesar, Vercingetorix, Arminius, and The Buddha; all individuals who did great things. And so can you.

    Today, the left is going East and we are going West. We can’t both go in the same direction at once. At some point we are going to have to stand our ground and have no fear. If you look at many religious figures like Jesus or The Buddha, they stood their ground against evil and did not backdown one inch. They confronted it head on.

    Isaiah 41:10 – Fear thou not; for I [am] with thee: be not dismayed; for I [am] thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

    Be strong,
    The Devil

  12. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    “I see them as potential future allies in the fight against globalism. ”

    You aren’t seeing the fact that the rise of consumerism has made strange bedfellows. The internationalist multinationals have hitched their wagon to the egalitarian socialism train because that’s the very best way to advance mass consumerism. Brown people, above all else, want products and easy access to them. This supersedes any ideological affiliation they may passingly have, and corporations know this. Brown people are materialists at their core. Those people are not our allies for the simple fact that their smart phone is more important to them than any high minded, anti corporate rhetoric that a white person can try to reason them with.

    “First, there are many allies among Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and others who share in the struggle against a common, nation-destroying enemy.”

    These people see the jew and whites as interchangeable, and unsurprisingly so. Why would they bother to make the distinction between fair skinned whites and fair skinned jews? We’re all the “oppressor” in their books. They might struggle against the jew, but THEIR jew is simply any other white man. Don’t fool yourself into thinking the majority of brown people can properly identify the jew from a pack of whites. They can’t, and they also don’t care.

  13. Some White Guy
    Some White Guy says:

    Thank you for writing this personal essay to share with us all.

    I’ve found great solace and hope for our future in the writings and speech of Jason Kohne, AKA: No White Guilt.

    He can be found (still!) on YT under No White Guilt, or via his website at


  14. Jacobite
    Jacobite says:

    If you haven’t read it, I’d recommend “An Outlaw’s Diary” by Cecile Tormay.
    It describes the coming to power of Bela Kun’s Bolsheviks in Hungary in 1919.
    Because they staged a coup instead of a military take-over, it’s more comparable to today’s US.
    Unfortunately, Kun’s Communists were chased out of the country by invading Czech and Rumanian armies.
    Not likely in the cards for us.

    • Dave Bowman
      Dave Bowman says:

      Unfortunately, Kun’s Communists were chased out of the country by invading Czech and Rumanian armies

      I presume you mean “unfortunately – for THEM” ? As it was certainly one of the best and most wonderful things which could have happened for the deeply brave and noble WHITE Hungarian people.

      • Jacobite
        Jacobite says:

        Well, I meant that it was unfortunate that the Reds weren’t chased out by Hungarians. Hoping to be rescued by the Czechs and Rumanians isn’t the best plan. Kun got away and was sent to exterminate the Tatars in Crimea shortly after. Even worse was letting Georg Lukacs get away to the Frankfurt School.

  15. Dan Baron
    Dan Baron says:

    “Many Americans woke up this week to the crystal-clear realization that we have entered a fifth generation (5G) civil war for control of this county – a culture war, yes, but much more than that.”

    What county do you mean?

  16. Gneisenau
    Gneisenau says:

    I think that the US has finally been destroyed by jewish subversion accomplished through decades of dominating the media and the universities, which has incited black resentment, if not outright hatred, of whites and effectively parasitized the minds of the leftist inclined portion of the white population to actively work for the marginalization of their own race.

    The only solution is for the Red States to secede from the corpse and start over. (The new state would be a natural fit with the western Canadian provinces ex-Vancouver.)

    I agree with your assessment that what has brought things to this state of affairs is at heart a race war. I also agree that nevertheless there are many non-whites who would prefer to live in a country not dominated by the destructive doctrines of the contemporary left. They should be welcomed.

    However, secessionists will be called racists and white supremacists or white nationalists.

    Our people can never deal with these allegations without forthrightly saying that if racism means recognizing that different human groups have different average characteristics and that these characteristics affect average life outcomes then fine, we are “racist”. (In other words, whites are not the reason for black failure and dysfunctionality.) Reality is racist.

    We must also forthrightly take the position that if individualism, hard work, objectivity, the nuclear family, progress, respect for authority and delayed gratification etc. are “whiteness” then we refuse to accept condemnation for things and characteristics that we consider good. If that is “white supremacy”, fine we are white supremacists. If someone doesn’t value those things, he should look for another country to live in.

    • Sam J.
      Sam J. says:

      “…The only solution is for the Red States to secede from the corpse and start over…”

      This is propaganda put out by the Jews, not saying you are one, but it’s put to out start a civil war.

      Let me ask all of you is there “no” other alternative? Do you notice that you are being driven to to this one “must secede” idea? Have you noticed that prominent Hasbara which you can look at their past post and they are all about gas-lighting us for the Jews are now picking up this refrain of “there’s no other way but to secede”. Have you seen this? Look around, I have, and advice the Jews are pumping constantly for us has got to be a trap.

      It’s a trap.

      If we secede do you not think it will spark a civil war? Do you not think succession would start antifa uprisings that when put down would be reason for the blue, coastal States, to intervene to “protect the peaceful protestors”? And if this is the path that they have set for us don’t you think they have war gamed it out. We the red States, central States, do not have control of the military assets of the US. The Blue side, coastal States do. The coastal States controlling the Navy can bring in supplies, arms, equipment and possibly even troops from China.

      I’m not saying you shouldn’t fight them. I’m saying you should pick your battles where they are weakest and succeeding is not it.

      As far as the new administration is concerned I say.

      Well that’s a wrap. One of the costliest and most extensively prepared TV movies ever. All the cast, Trump, Q, the roving cast of Presidential advisors. Lots of extras. Antifa have done an exceptional job.

      In season four the stage is set for vast discontent. The Jews set the stage by stealing all the votes from the central States. The blatant disregard for the people while pretending the insider Trump has been overpowered by some mysterious cabal creates intense emotional conflict.

      Season 5 coming soon.

      Possible hints for the upcoming seasons.

      Massive immigration and gun confiscation set the stage for the civil war leading to the big battle. Are the armories of the central States being emptied to keep them from having ammunition? After the coastal States start losing power, water and supplies will they ally with the Chinese? Will the coastal States use the Chinese as central States breakers? Has the nuke force been taken over or disarmed by the coastal States to keep the central States from acquiring them? Could the central States Americans be genocided by the Chinese? Are killbots being mass produced by the Chinese to genocide the central States and how can they be stopped?

      Side vigilantes show the time traveler John Titor predicting our future but with the given years off. With the US hands full will the Chinese move in on the land of Africa and drive the Africans off the arable land?

      Stay tuned. Brought to you by our many sponsors. The FED, the Jews, our corrupt politicians and a cast of millions.

  17. peter bridge
    peter bridge says:

    German deaths. I think it was Michael Walsh who pointed out that more German soldiers and more German civilians died in the few years after the war than died in all the fighting and mass bombings of the war. The real H. Think ‘projection.’

  18. Noah Grant
    Noah Grant says:

    As a developer I am working on a couple of projects. Asha logos inspired me to think about an algorithm for merit based citizenship and voting power. I’m also working on building a news platform that will place a ‘star of David’ next to every Jew. Another project is to create a site for our future nation as a sort of ban list. Race traitors and race mixers will be documented with details of their treason against our race and this data can be used as a reference to ban these traitors if they suddenly have a ‘change of heart’ and want to come live in our new ethnostate. I have other irons in the fire as well. Staying fit and going to the range are priorities. I would also like to help anyone I can to create independent media platforms dedicated to white well being.

    • Sam J.
      Sam J. says:

      “…I’m also working on building a news platform that will place a ‘star of David’ next to every Jew. Another project is to create a site for our future nation as a sort of ban list. Race traitors and race mixers will be documented with details of their treason…”

      This would be of immense value.

  19. Olivia
    Olivia says:

    I have been thinking exactly along these tracks. 1) White people must not defend themselves but honestly they need to be on the offensive against these attacks. You see where defense has gotten you. Nowhere. And silence is not an option. The attacks have gone on long enough, and I will share with you, as a woman versed in feminism, that these attacks went back to second wave feminism where Mary Daly was removed from feminist history because a black woman didn’t understand her book, or was being used as a tool, and accused her of being racist. This woman was later made the first head of a women’s studies department despite her having no academic bona fides and being a mediocre poet. This was in the late 1970s, or about 1980 or so. The anti-white thing started in the feminist circle to take out the white feminist leaders, who immediately buckled and did not fight, and now what we have as feminism is not feminism at all, which in its classical form is extremely insightful and necessary as a philosophical and political perspective. You must understand feminism is not natively part of the anti-white thing, but white women were easy targets to take out, even feminists.

    My point is whites must prepare talking points and must begin to speak up when something anti-white is said. Point out the double standard. Point out the fact that City Journal did a study showing cops are not racially motivated in shooting but that blacks commit majority of crime (CIty Journal being a liberal NYC journal by the way). Point out that assaults against whites are never covered and that black on white violence towers over white on black. And point out that the race war is simply being used to divide people to prevent a populist movement from stopping the anti-human plans of oligarchs. Fight lies with truth and GO OFFENSIVE. NO DEFENSE. Defense always loses.

    2. Agree about the media completely. Now Obomb2 is coming for the vibrant alt media. This must be defended, again offensively. WE need to think now about what we will do when the feds lean on our web hosts. Decentalized protocols over centralized platforms. We need to get funds to pay decentralized web developers. This will be key. And be aware that NTD, Gnews, Bannon et al are funded from outside sources, even if we are in solidarity with those sources, they have their angle. Newsmax donated to CLinton. They’re out. So, keep building media but now we need Dapps (decentralized apps and to get people up to speed on this.

    3. Voter blocks. Need to demand election integrity now so that voter blocks can assert pressure on the reps. We also need to demand direct referenda, and many other means of bypassing patronage recipients in these areas.

    4. Radical considerations: Secession, declaring people’s sovereignty, declaring government null and void, having our own courts and tribunals, etc.

    All that said, we are not going back into the mistakes of patriarchy. This is what got us here. Patriarchy can not exist without a ruling class, and a ruling class has not existed without patriarchy. We need new values other than competition and war. These only suit the scumbags.

    • Anne C
      Anne C says:

      Olivia, you make some really good suggestions, but I disagree with you on the feminism angle.

      When non-white feminists started pushing white feminists out of “the movement,” that was just another instance of The Left cannibalizing its own. Its part of the nature of the Bolsheviks – consider Trotsky’s end with the ice pick.

      And I shudder every time I hear a feminist talking about their desire to end “The Patriarchy.” I am really grateful to live in a world where, at least until recently, certain areas have been dominated by qualified White men. This means I get to enjoy modern things like electricity, running water, the Internet – in short, modern infrastructure.

      With the way things are headed, feminists are in for a rude awakening as our Western Civilization falls apart. I for one am not looking forward to huddling in a thatched mud hut and spending my nights worrying about the cannibals over the way once “The Patriarchy” is finally put down.

  20. Irish Savant
    Irish Savant says:

    What I find hard to explain is the speed with which Our Enemies are prosecuting the war. It seemed to me that the White frog was slowly coming to the boil, blissfully unaware of its impending fate. Then recently the heat was suddenly turned up leading to a growing restlessness on the part of the White frog. Not sure what lay behind this change of tactics.

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      They probably got an extraordinary erection when they planned the guaranteed, multifaceted, essentially unprovable stealing of the [s]election, culminating moments ago.

      • TJ
        TJ says:

        May their next hard-on be even more extraordinary, with their cocks literally exploding in orgasmic crimson. . .

    • Sam J.
      Sam J. says:

      Irish Savant says,”What I find hard to explain is the speed with which Our Enemies are prosecuting the war…”

      I could be wrong but there’s no doubt that given the facts one scenario can easily explain all this. They want a civil war that brings about a WWII type, but worse, mass killing of the Whites in the US. They want us to kill each other off just like they got us to kill off their enemies in the middle east due to the 9-11 false flag. The reason they are pushing this is the internet is making their fake world view plain. Younger people don’t watch much TV and cracks in the internet are shining through the truth. If we get distributed based web sites, coming very fast, where everyone can opine without hardly any cost at all it will be the ruin of them. If they approve them look at my other comments. Look at how the previous John Tittor primed the whole thing. Look at how there a massive outpouring of people calling for secession. It’s a act. A TV movie. Notice how it all seems to line up but the plot has a bunch of holes in it that make no sense at all. Pay attention, a bunch of stuff that is going on makes NO SENSE AT ALL. It’s just another Jew TV movie of the week. I see frequently a LOT of movies have these huge plot holes where people do stupid things or the easiest way to deal with a problem is completely ignored. If you only go by the facts, don’t get emotionally involved, look at who the players are and their “total” actions including the past. Forget what they say. Only pay attention to what you can verify they are doing. See what they are doing and how their actions really don’t line up with what a real person would do. There’s tons of plots holes in the present narrative.

      Since this is a movie I’ll amplify by relating it to movies. A prime example is how the idiots in horror movies,”I hear a noise. Let’s go see what it is”, or they go off alone when there’s been indications that there’s some sort of danger and…they get killed by the hook or whatever monster lurks. No one would do this.

      I’ll give you another. In “The walking Dead” which I’m watching now the people go on and on about how the future is so bleak and how the zombie “walkers” can not be defeated and how we have no future. But anyone can see these “walkers” are complete idiots who just wander around and eat anything they can grab a hold of. You could build an armored car or just wear plastic armor similar to motorcross armor, get yourself a long pike(spear) with a guard so they can’t slide down the shaft and stab them in the brain til they were all gone. A couple months of clean up crews and the vast majority of the “walkers” would be history.

      It’s amazing how shoddy the whole thing is. Trump gets elected and a bunch of pro-Americans help him in the elections. All these are pushed out soon after election and a merry band of cabal and Jews surround him. Now he picked these guys and of course rails on and on about how he was betrayed but…he picked them. The question is if Trump was real and the Jews knew it would they have given him ANY air time before the elections??? The question answers itself. And I’m not one of those who try to elevate themselves by saying I always knew it. I didn’t. I was fooled. I’m a fool and this is difficult for me and others to admit. No one wants to be a fool but as time goes on the contrast between what we are being told and reality has become so glaring it’s impossible not to admit at least the high likelihood that we were. I was fooled by Trump and Q and all this play acting we are seeing is nonsense.

      We are watching a TV movie and are being driven to civil war.

      Olivia says,”…1) White people must not defend themselves but honestly they need to be on the offensive against these attacks. You see where defense has gotten you. Nowhere…”

      What to do. Now I’m not going to spell it out but if you wanted to stop a TV production would you go around shooting all the actors? No, you would shoot the financiers and the writers. Without them the show would stop.

      All these antifa, the sincere commies, the leftist, many of them are sincere and just want a better world. Not all. Some are typical psychopaths using whatever ideology to gain power but the majority are not. Killing them off will not help us. It will only engender revenge killings. They’re just the actors they’re not running the show.

      What’s a first step we can take. The left doesn’t want their votes stolen any more than the right does. We need to talk to the left about verified, no doubt, with ID and PREREGISTRATION voting. NO mail in bullshit. No I’ll wander in and vote on election day. The “rulers” say that asking for ID is racist but you need to point out that saying Blacks are too stupid to get an ID is about the most racist thing possible to say. It’s a lie and only useful to steal votes. Verified voting with double checked verifiable voters on a preregistered voters list.

      The left knows Bernie had his vote stolen. I think we can get honest voting if we combine forces.

    • Dave Bowman
      Dave Bowman says:

      Then recently the heat was suddenly turned up leading to a growing restlessness on the part of the White frog. Not sure what lay behind this change of tactics

      Well… that would be called “timeless Jew Chutzpah” – otherwise known as the same gross, ugly, unbelievable, offensively-stupid, disgustingly immoral and godless over-weaning Jewish arrogance, and murderous, blinding hatred of all things White, which, at a critical moment, has caused them, exactly as it always did in the past, to over-play their limited hand, in order to have a more immediate victory over us. With the inevitable result that they played too far, too soon – and instead of winning fast, lost considerable ground – and in public view.

      Jews will always be Jews. Their unchangeable and excessive character flaws and gross moral deficiencies, which they are incapable of even understanding let alone acknowledging or correcting, are what will eventually destroy them all. But next time, I believe, the result for them will be very bad – and very permanent.

    • MPO
      MPO says:

      I think the idea of Trump’s election scared them. The idea that an essentially third-party candidate could win a major party nomination and the general election. They saw how Trump’s basic, America first message resonated with a large coalition of Whites and they know how an even more powerful response could be achieved by that same message in more capable hands. They turned up the heat because the frog almost jumped out of the pot.

  21. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    IMHO Adolph Hitler the Great misunderstood Communism.
    In Europe Russian Communism was controlled by rhe Yankee North in the USA whereas Communism in the British Isles, France, Germany etc was controlled locally but not always by the Working Class. The German and British Communists liked and respected each other but did not think much of the rest.
    The British Communists held a meeting during the general strike to decide whether or not to atttack Buckingham Palace. They voted against which I think was a mistake since most of them had had military training and been in action. They knew that they had been betrayed by the Wedgwood Benn ( or Zinoviev or Stalin) who was the grandfather of that creep in Parliament whose mother was a Yankee Millionairess, of course. But they should still have attacked the Palace.
    The alcoholic,bisexual Winston Churchill wanted to send the Goons to murder my family, among others, but was overuled. A pity because it would have started a civil war.
    One of the greatest living historians ( I will not mention his name because it might cause some academics to poop their pants) discovered that two jewish Berlin bankers funded the Brownshirts.
    They helped destroy communism in Europe but not Yankee controlled Russia.
    Yankee controlled Russia was badly damaged by Hitler which benefitted the USA.
    Friends of Stalin’s family told me that the USA was the best friend the communists ever had.
    Bad Communism survived thanks to the USA and the black market, and Hitler’s mistakes.
    I believe that if Stalin had been successful he would have turned on the banks and shown that he was always on our side, like Adolph Hitler the Great.

    • Charle Frey
      Charle Frey says:

      Ed, few ” academics would poop their pants “, had you divulged David Irving as the historian in question. He had found an understandably sidelined letter from Chancellor Bruening, predecessor to Hitler, addressed to Churchill.

      B, inter alia, informed Churchill, that three Jewish Berlin bankers were among the funders of Hitler. B implored C not to publish these facts, for obvious reasons.

      B, with a very mixed, left-right bag of politics fled to GB, later to the US, where he lectured at Harvard and died in Vermont.

      Perhaps B had read C’s articles in the 20’s, in which he referred, between the lines, to obviously Jewish revolutionaries as ” having grasped the Russian people by their hair “.

      B was ignorant of the fact, that C was largely personally funded by the Irving-discovered Focus group: predominantly Jewish, which saved C’s family estate and covered his enormous liquor bills. .

      The very estate where the great number of Jewish, predominantly financial gangsters celebrated Chief gangster Beresovsky’s 70th birthday: undoubtedly for symbolic, stick -in-the-eye reasons, so important to them. We owe this information to party attendee Bill Browder, ” former US citizen ” – [ no US taxes ] and son of US Communist Party chair Earl Browder, who again robbed the abused Russian people blind, and his asinine, but widely believed Magnitsky Act, promoted by idiot Senator McCain & Co.

      Have an attentive look at REAL journalist Nekrasov’s impeccably reasoned film BEHIND THE SCENES. Naturally well-hidden but available.

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        Unless these Jewish Berlin bankers left credible memoranda behind, discovered by a real historian rather than having been fabricated by that other sort, we will never know their genuine motivation for funding Hitler.

        Were they interested in keeping possession of their money-printing presses, so to speak, and save them from their own Jewish red revolutionaries, regarding Hitler as the lesser evil ?

        Or were they motivated to fund their interest in creating Israel, which, within leading Zionist circles, could only bear fruit after TWO world wars ?

        Either way they and thousands of others beat an orderly, comfortable retreat, afforded by the TRANSFER AGREEMENT, which merely froze their funds in German accounts, to be drawn on by purchasing German goods: in part negating their world wide organized boycott of German exports.

        • Anne C
          Anne C says:

          Dear Charles, I hope you are working on your book – you know, the one where you record all of this wonderful information you have sitting in the filing cabinet of your mind for the rest of us to dive into.

          Your latest post makes me think you could use the Detective story as your narrative genre.

          Thanks for the tip on the Nekrasov film. For anyone else who is curious…

    • Al Ross
      Al Ross says:

      Bitcoin requires quasi religious faith .

      I’d wish you good luck , Jimmy ( I am a bagpipe fan ) but that sentiment would be redundant because the word luck means good , anyway.

  22. Marcus
    Marcus says:

    Our ancestors, with the aid of abundant land, built a society that has allowed us to more or less mind our own business and family. I believe that most of us would be happy to continue down this path. But because positions of power are becoming filled by those who are increasingly openly hostile toward us, we are being compelled to act. Cincinnatus comes to mind as a model.
    Our ancestors would bravely go out and kill the enemy, but this is a different sort of fight – right now at least. History suggests these sorts of squabbles evolve into open fighting and that the loud, moralizing, litigious parasites are eventually squashed. The question is at what cost to the host people (Germany vs Russia vs medieval Europe vs Rome …)?
    A more immediate practical concern is where to begin. I would prefer to take the noble high road and warn them “hey, if you don’t take your nation-destroying ways elsewhere there will be dire consequences.” I don’t think that will do any good at this point, as they have too much power and feel like they are close to finishing us off spiritually. But that is where I am – shifting from defensive prepping to warning of the rising tide of resistance and the likely consequences of the continual demonizing of white people.

  23. George Kocan
    George Kocan says:

    Black Lives Matter taught us the Black lives matter, because race matters. Who would have thought that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 paved the way for ethnic cleansing and genocide of White people? BLM has superseded Martin Luther King and his eloquent invocation of a Universal moral code. Did he know that his job was to prepare the way for BLM and a Tribal moral code, wherein, “everything for those in the race and nothing for those outside the race.”

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      BLM has superseded Martin Luther King and his eloquent invocation of a universal moral code.

      I hope that in writing the quoted sentence you were simply acting in the capacity of a typical Illinois politician doing what such a person reflexively does. If, however, you were fully compos mentis when you wrote that sentence, you need to do two things: (1) read “Plagiarism and the Culture War: The Writings of Martin Luther King, Jr., and Other Prominent Americans” by Theodore Pappas, and (2) make an appointment with a priest in Chicago to hear your general confession. Tell him it will take a while.

      • George Kocan
        George Kocan says:

        MLK has amassed moral authority on the basis of his over Christianity and expression of the universal moral code. The commie/Democrat press has made sure the general public knows nothing of his sex life and intellectual fraud. Nevertheless, the commie/Dem alliance has changed the rules, again. Today, BLM is the moral standard, a tribal standard in which “for all those inside the race, everything; for all those outside the race, nothing.” This is a matter of simple observation and nothing worthy of confession.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          You’re wiggling, George. You wrote that King eloquently invoked a universal moral code. He did nothing of the sort. What you call his eloquence was formulaic blather drawn from a grab bag of biblical citations chosen less for their specific applicability than their orotund impact. He was a shameless hypocrite and a conventional blowhard in thrall to Stanley Levison and other NAACP Jews. He was elevated to secular sainthood by a media establishment that was hardly less uniform in its Jewishness then than it is now.

          • George Kocan
            George Kocan says:

            Most people regard King as an an eloquent exponent of the Moral Law. This does not include political junkies who harbor well-justified skepticism about the main stream media. Hindsight teaches me, at least, that he paved the way for Black Lives Matter, a group that rejects a universal moral law in favor of tribal law. Who would have thought that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 would pave the way for the ethnic cleansing and genocide of White people? MLK and BLM-type groups worked a scam, something like “good cop/bad cop.” The good cop made it work because he was convincing.

  24. Crush Limbraw
    Crush Limbraw says:

    If you’re anywhere my age – – this all took place under our watch.
    It took DaTermites over 100 years, while we slept in our own ignorance, stupidity and most of all – a continuing encroachment into our institutions by our enemies that we support to this day by having been ourselves and sending our children to be indoctrinated into our own demise.
    Stupid is as stupid does!
    No illusions – there is a way back – but it requires WORK.
    Start with your family, church, community – and prepare for blood, sweat and tears – and most of all the grace of God!

  25. pterodactyl
    pterodactyl says:

    “To the point, which is to use history to inform present action, you might say that Hitler’s plan to secure the future of the German people involved retaking control of the media, which had become a propaganda machine that continually tried to undermine the interests of the German people.”

    Whoever controls the MSM controls the culture, which at present is persuading whites to be anti-self, and is being run by 1% of the population, a 1% that comprises anti-white lefties ((and their allies)).

    But this is keeping the people like a twisted balloon, as it is causing unease and stress to be anti-self, and if a new culture of being pro-self arrives, it will be like relieving the pressure on a twisted balloon and it will resume its normal shape very readily. All the new culture needs to do is promote the idea that preserving white races and culture is morally desirable, as K MacDonald outlines in his latest book about Individualism.

    I wonder if a single patriotic TV station that was a main channel could be a ‘game changer’, on the principle that a few hours of a new message can undermine days, weeks, years of propaganda for a dishonest message that is easily challenged. Only a small window of light is required in many cases. I am sure that Tucker Carlson makes a difference, but it needs to be a channel that has more than a talk, it needs guests, documentaries, and films like Clint Eastwood would make.

    In Britain there was a documentary some years ago called ‘The Great Global Warming Scandal’. It was just one hour but it is arguable that this hour undermined years of on-message ‘global warming’ lies. But the point is that it was on a main channel and it was a very polished production, and people will only believe a message if (a) everyone is watching it (b) it has high production standards. A bit more than just a talk as in the Tucker Carlson show.

    However, such a channel would probably be blocked for now, as the ((left)) controlling the legal system is as powerful as their control of the MSM – they would go after the TV station using lawsuits just as they do against Trump. But if the law was run by the patriots, even if in just one state, perhaps one that gained cessation, then such a TV channel that is not ((controlled)) would be possible – Trump himself could launch it, without his brother in law though. This is why ((they)) would oppose cessation as they know ideas can spread.

  26. Coll Doll
    Coll Doll says:

    I appreciate your sentiment and beseiged feelings. It sickened me to listen to the new Missouri Representative, Cori Bush, employ the words “white supremacy” 4-5 times in less than a minute in her 15 minutes of hate addressing the Capitol protesters. It’s an enemy as invisible as the virus because frankly I don’t even know someone who believes white people are are superior to others.

    I feel a positive counter strategy is to encourage our friends and communities to express pride at every opportunity in our ethnicities, which for me is, Italian, Irish and a smidgen of German. Let’s emphasize the diversity of cultural traditions among whites — Greek, Polish, Slav, Scot, French, Scandanavian, Spanish and on and on.

    Obviously, this is not a solution, but ethnic pride can cast a roadblock on the path to demoralization which is integral to their grand strategy against white people — “their,” of course, meaning adherents of the Frankfort School.

    Can someone address if there are drawbacks to vigorously promoting one’s ethnic background in lieu of just being white?

    • Wendy
      Wendy says:

      “ I feel a positive counter strategy is to encourage our friends and communities to express pride at every opportunity in our ethnicities”

      This works because one tenet of multiculturalism in the Marxist universities is teaching the diaspora of various people’s and the accompanying political, social, and cultural struggles that result when groups leave their homelands and start new communities in lands far away.

      For example, the African diaspora is the basis of the destructive 1619 project but also the acclaimed book and TV series “Roots.”

      Embrace the concept of “European diaspora” and the Marxist programming quickly starts to unravel in innocent and on-the-fence observers. The diaspora concept is still there which is fine, it’s a reality, but the accompanying moral and social judgements that prop up divisive accusations of “white guilt” and “white supremacy” quickly fall apart when white people so much as acknowledge that their ancestors also experienced diaspora—and all the struggles it came with.

      The fact that white people being taught these concepts are then discouraged from participating in using them to understand their own heritage exposes the broader strategies for the divisive anti-white tactics that they are.

  27. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    A week before Dec. 27, James Edwards ” gave an interview to a magazine, that will be available in European newsstands when it goes to press in a few days. ”

    I hazarded the guess that it was Germany’s DER SPIEGEL.

    In my second comment I stated: The chap who interviewed JE may be of sterling journalistic character. We’ll see if his Editor is half as brave when he serves us the pudding as cooked here.


  28. Peter
    Peter says:

    Very good article. What I have been interested in for a while is how the German National Socialists eventually took over the German press. From comments Dr. Goebbels made and from articles I read, it is clear Jews had
    a more powerful media (and I think it was much more powerful) than National Socialists, or just plain Germans, regardless of their political tilt. What the NS had was more support from the people than any other party, but they still had opponents. Eventually the NS got control of the media and I would like to know how this was done. I would also be interested in what happened to the Jewish owners of the media. They probably left Germany and I suspect they were in a situation where they were forced to sell their newspapers. But it could be instructive for Americans that want to take back control of the media. It would be an interesting article or book

  29. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thank you Marcus for a very well written piece and we can all relate in some way. Your last paragraph is great. Yes, it is in many ways a form of bullying what they’re doing to us white folks in the country that our ancestors created.

    I am currently writing an historical fiction of Jewish Supremacy and do have an idea for a white advocacy group.
    With all that’s going on, I do remain somewhat optimistic. I believe that the US Supreme Court has never ruled against our First Amendment rights. I might be wrong about that but I don’t think that they have.

    We must also remember that there are well over 80 plus million Americans who support Donald Trump and many, many people, know that the election was a fraud. The current removal of the President from social media has many, even those who do not support him, concerned. And yes, there are also many, who are so indoctrinated that they will never, ever agree to anything but the total destruction of this country and themselves as insane as that is and they will gaslight you no matter what facts or common sense reasoning you present to them. Many of these types of people are the white, liberal class on the coasts.

    You used the word ‘awareness‘ in your last paragraph. I believe that might be the key. How do we bring awareness to the masses of what’s really going on? That’s what I’m working on, getting awareness into the language. Ex., You’re out to dinner with a group. Someone in that group is a looney liberal from the coast. Politics or whatever is being talked about, and the looney liberal says that ‘Trump is a nazi racist, he’s just like Hitler.’ I personally come back with things like, ‘Well, why not a Bolshevik racist? I’m reading a book by Donald Rayfield called “Stalin and His Hangmen,” great book, you can get it on Amazon, has a ton of great reviews. Did you know that the bolsheviks were predominantly Jewish and that the Soviet Cheka, secret police throughout most of their history under Stalin were also predominantly Jewish? Did you know that by the time Stalin died in 1953 that they had murdered through mass shootings, deportation to the Gulags, and torture well over 40 million Russian Christians and non-Jewish Russians? I never knew that before. I wonder why I was never taught that in school?” See, doing it this way, they can’t really attack me personally. If they do, I then counter with how interesting Rayfield’s book was and what a great read it was. Then I’ll say something like, “well, the media seems to be excessively dominated by Jewish people as is the film industry. Just makes you wonder?” You know, we should try and ‘gently’ bring this awareness into the population and of course, social media is a perfect tool for this. As there is now decentralized finance, there will soon be a decentralized internet. Also the social media site ‘Gab’ is doing everything they can to scale to accommodate the millions of patriots coming over from facebook and twitter. Telegram is also a very interesting free speech platform.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      ” I never knew that before. I wonder why I was never taught that in school?”

      Another approach in company is that we do not have to be in the role of ‘the extremist in the room’ and we do not have to be ‘the H denier’ (or be as forthright as Ed Jones below), as such a position requires not just lots of facts and figures, historical knowledge and debating skills, it is in addition a defensive position that puts the onus on us to prove our case – why not do it the other way around, let them prove their case to you instead – ask them to explain why THEY believe the H narrative, and then they have to then defend their ‘beliefs’ rather than you defending yours.

      You could ask, “Was it appropriate to describe Stalin as ‘Uncle Joe’ or was this just war propaganda?” Then say, “So if Stalin was portrayed as good, and he was not, this shows the gov were lying to us in the War, so how do we know the Allies did not also lie when they portrayed the Germans as evil just as they portrayed the communists as the god guys?”

      Sometimes it is better (easier for you, and more effective in sewing seeds of doubt) to just act like you are sitting on the fence, searching for the truth, and merely trying to discern which events are true and which are government-backed lies and war propaganda. Put the onus on them to prove the H is true and explain why THEY believe it, not why you deny it – and do it in a way where you act like an open minded person sitting on the fence and having doubts about the official version – not as someone who already has strong views.

      So no need to deny the H, which can be counter-productive and cause closed minds to go even more closed – just act doubtful about the figures. This sows seeds much better than being viewed as a ‘denier’ as normies have been programmed their whole lives to turn against ‘deniers’.

      If you are asked “Do you deny the H?” just say “Of course not, I just want to know how much of the story is War propaganda lies, for example they changed the official sign at the Auschwitz camp in 1991 so the figure of 4 million was changed to 1 ½ million but the total of 6m was never reduced- so do you still think it is 6 million?” – Then they have to justify why it is still 6m even whilst 2 ½ m need to be taken off. They will not be able to tell you why they still think it is 6, and some will start to have doubts about the entire H narrative.

      (I am actually unclear how many of the 4m had previously been claimed were Jews, although this is important as the Js seem to use this point to get off the hook, as they might claim they never said they were mostly Jews and part of the 6m grand total in the first place – I am unclear on this important point, but whatever it is, the main point still holds, which is that the custodians of the official narrative have been using the law to defend what turns out to be an official lie left over from the War).

      You could say “The British government has issued a 50p coin that bears the inscription ‘Diversity Built Britain’ – surely this is false and therefore proves that the government supports propaganda lies that are not in our interests?” Then, “if the govt can tell lies of this magnitude, it makes you wonder what else the government was lying about in relation to the War”

      “After the War the US reclassified some German prisoner of war camps as ‘enemy combatants’ instead of prisoners of war, and this meant they did not have to let the Red Cross visit, and they were starved to death on purpose, and the US general (I forgot his name) who objected was sacked. Has anyone else heard about this war crime, as it suggests that even after the War the real version of the war was hidden from us, and we only get one in which the Germans were always the bad guys” (‘Other Losses’, James Baques)

      I am not telling people what to say, just making comments on how I do it, as in my opinion we do not have to be a brave hero, standing alone and taking on the whole group, all we have to do is act as a fence-sitter and sow seeds of doubt. That is my only motive, to explain how I do it, just making suggestions, and I am not trying to present myself as an instructor or teacher, even though I fear my comment might look like that! In fact because I am so ignorant about the details of the war – dates – people – events – it is much easier for me to put them in the dock as believers rather than myself as the doubter.

  30. Ben Sanderson
    Ben Sanderson says:

    I’m not doing anything so much as thinking things through. I now see us here in the “new world” as no longer being the city on the hill; rather, we must now learn from older civilizations in Asia. Once that gets through to Americans it will be easier to move forward with a constitutional convention. I believe we will require a more devolved federalism wherein states will decide their own social and cultural laws. And I believe that black people will have to be given some states that are set aside for black people. I am thinking that this would be from Louisiana in a long arc along the coast going up to Virginia, excepting Florida. I don’t advocate for separate nation states, but rather, separate states within one country. I also believe that Jews should have their own state, probably Long Island and New Jersey. Again, these people would be full US citizens but with an understanding that their normative home where they reside is in those states that have been set aside for them. The rest of 42 states would be white and explicitly for white peoples. I see no reason to remove Asians, they do not cause problems and they are still only less than 7% of the total population. Hispanics don’t bother me, either. They are mostly Catholic Christians who will assimilate in one generation. No, the real source of our problems are blacks and Jews and everyone here is not shocked by this statement of fact.

    That is what I am thinking. Again, I’m not doing anything. But this is a start. And it’s good news for anyone reading my comment, because I was a Seattle liberal all my life. I grew up in a middle class, white and liberal family. But I can’t abide this anymore. The regime is racial now, credit Trump for revealing that.

    And so I call on you here, support me on these yet to be actualizad thoughts. I call for a constitutional convention, sometime in the future, where we agree to give blacks the seven coastal states from Louisiana to Virginia excepting Florida, and we agree that these are their normative home states. As citizens they have the right to live and work anywhere in the US, but we must urge them for public safety and public sanity that segregation is the only way. And as I mentioned Jews must be urged the same thing. We aren’t a dictatorship; I don’t want that. But I want them urged to voluntarily move to Long Island and New Jersey, and a cap on how many of them can rise to the top of the main media outlets.

    This is my plan. I am a white, middle class, reasonable man. I don’t find my plan too unreasonable. And I said, a change of consciousness is required now. We’re done, finished, kaput, as the city on the hill. Remember those days when you’d turn on the tv and the news reported about an ethnic or race riot in some shithole in Asia or Africa and we’d all laugh? Guess what, that’s us now. And the whole world knows it. We are a shithole, too, albeit a rich shithole.

    You guys get my point. Good day to you all.

  31. S. Clark
    S. Clark says:

    A very thoughtful essay, and these are thoughtful times, although they look ready to meld thoughtfulness into something else.
    Paul Craig Roberts latest Column argues we are in a revolutionary era. America is over, for, all its laws and the Constitution are no longer valid. As Czarist Russia ended because no one believed in Czarism anymore, so our society is moving in the same direction.
    I am 68, look at the occupation of the capital, listen to Cori Bush call for all Republican congressmen who supported Hawley to be replaced, Hear Steven Cohen insist all Trump supporters be de-programmed…and I no longer care about the American flag. It and its institutions mean nothing to me. In effect, it has abolished itself, as we seem to be abolishing society and commerce due to Covid 19.

    I recall what Harold Covington wrote in 2016 about Trump’s appeal:
    ‘In short, the people who hate Trump are the same people who have F****ed up this country for the past 50 years and everybody knows it, and they figure anybody this establishment despises like that can’t be all bad. And they’re right. Anyone who is this badly hated by the existing American power structure is somebody worth looking at, although as I’ve said before, I really wish Trump was just a little more cattle and a little less hat. I have to say again, no one really knows what the hell this man in fact believes, and that worries me.’
    Trump is gone, and he latched onto populism, but kind of fumbled the pass. No matter. He was probably the only kind of populist leader our jaded society can come up with. Now we have to move on to something different. I don’t know. But the enemies of Trump made it very clear four years ago what they would do. Schumer threatened Trump about there being ‘six ways to sundown.’ They announced they would steal the election. They warned ‘don’t be worried if Trump wins at first…it will turn around.’ Now, they are calling for our end. They’re very open about that, whether it is arrogance or simple faith. They aren’t hiding things any longer, and really haven’t since Obama was elected. I saw many ‘liberals’ come out and openly admit they wanted to see this society destroyed. As Obama woke them up, so did Trump wake up the Populist whites. As the meme says, ‘things aren’t getting worse, only more clear.’

    As for the German deaths, 250,000 Germans starved after WWI when the allies kept up the blockade even after Germany agreed to an armistice.
    There is a ruthlessness to Britain and America that also chills me. That ruthlessness may soon be turned upon the original race and class who made this country, much like the big city mayors are killing their economies to ‘fight’ Covid.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      The column by Roberts that you refer to is something between a distraction and a disaster and as such is unworthy of its author. It might almost have been written by the ridiculous Andrea Ostrov Letania, whose rambling, nonsensical comments have disfigured dozens of TOO threads. In that the article flagrantly betrays the evidence of one’s senses, it brings discredit upon Roberts. I suggest that you read it again, this time with eyes wide open.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      S. Clark: “I really wish Trump was just a little more cattle and a little less hat. I have to say again, no one really knows what the hell this man in fact believes, and that worries me.’”

      – I like that saying, which I have never heard before. Trump was forced to strut around and act as if he had more power than he really did simply because part of leadership is projecting an image as one who is in charge and being listened to and obeyed, but in the end he did not even have the power to force Twitter to post his comments, or for the MSM to do the same in a fair way without omissions or distortions. Many on this site expected him to tackle the Jews, which is obviously out of the question within the first few years of swamp draining, as they control the legal system that would be investigating them. It will take a much bigger upheaval to remove such a deeply-embedded parasite.

      The next stage for the left will be to generate fake CGI films of their opponents such as Trump for distribution in the fakenews big tech outlets, and then remove any comments that call them out.

      As for Trump’s politics, maybe he was just an ordinary good man, so why would he be all clued up on the JQ and other complex issues that take decades for others before they can finally see the light, bearing in mind that 99% of what a person hears from school and television is slanted in such a way that it paints white man as the villains of history and the present. I only had my eyes opened when I looked up K MacDonald after reading a single comment in Breitbart ‘Kevin MacDonald gets it’. This is why it is important for us to mention this website and other places like Red Ice in our comments on Youtube and Twitter.

  32. SS
    SS says:

    Notice that due to a t-shirt or two at the Stop the Steal event, the Jews have grabbed control of the narrative and made the riot all about them. It wasn’t real Americans trying to stop a stolen vote. It was Nazis! It’s another Holocaust. They were there in Germany, they remember just how it started, Hitler killed their whole family.

    Know your enemy. Know what always happens. Jews are the ones orchestrating this culture war and the ones subverting our every effort.

  33. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    Could someone please ‘unconfuse’ me ?

    Most of us here recall all too well the considerable confusion regarding Obama’s prerequisite US citizenship to run for President.

    Many of us here regard it an entirely possible intention to replace Biden with ‘Kabala’ Harris-Imhoff: the one who didn’t even survive the primaries.

    Incomparable Jewish creativity will be hard-pressed to metamorphose her into the requisite US Citizen.

    Alchemy would require a Constitutional Convention to change the RACIST US Constitution, to accommodate her/them. It could be accomplished even quicker than the Second Impeachment hearings in the House, and of course with all their gravitas, roughly equal to the live sports announcer screaming a high-stake dog race into his microphone.

    • EnJim
      EnJim says:

      Under the ancient English common-law principle of jus soli, all persons—other than children of enemy aliens or foreign diplomats—born within the borders of a country are considered citizens of that country from birth. As a result, most people born within the United States—including the children of undocumented immigrants—are “natural born citizens” legally eligible to serve as president under the Citizenship Clause of the 14th Amendment, which states, “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.”

      • Charles Frey
        Charles Frey says:

        Things, as may be expected, are far more convoluted than that. It appears, that Harris’s eligibility had also been questioned. But what happens to foot marks in a swamp ?

        The only assured result of my comments, will be my permanent exclusion from visiting the US. From mass data collection to ADL to the Leader of the American Reichssicherheitshauptamt, [ DHS ] headed by a Hispanic Jewish Marxist. But then Ilya Ehrenburg wasn’t any better; and I survived that swine as well.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Your notably unsupported suggestion that ius soli is both ancient and devoid of ambiguity is worthy of Wikipedia. Among other notable complications involving its invocation here in the States, there is the nontrivial matter of how the phrase “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” ought to be read.

        Put plainly, “birthright citizenship,” when defined with the simplistic partiality you employ, is a species of puritanical heresy deforming the concept of citizenship per se.

  34. ChilledBee
    ChilledBee says:

    “I decided to write this essay and send it to Professor MacDonald to see if he would be interested in publishing it. If he does, I will publish it under a pen name because I would very likely lose my job if I published this under my real name”

    I believe there may come a time in the not too distant future that more mature voices that are already retired from academia and media will start to go public with their absolute proof of the horrors of what is being intentionally inflicted upon the white population of the West. It is so much easier when you have nothing to lose.

  35. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    Sorry, but this happens when you both write a comment and simultaneously watch Joe’s investiture on Fox, with the entire duplicitous, criminal, quasi-criminal and fraudulent menagerie on display.

    Of course US Citizenship can be acquired by almost anyone. Running for President, additionally, requires birth on US territory, or while stationed abroad fulfilling diplomatic or military functions.

    Which returns us to my above comment.,

  36. Neil Casey
    Neil Casey says:

    I liked this essay and also was struck with how we are being driven underground. The fear is real. I went onto a link that someone put up on This site and having a look around came onto the story of Duncan Lemp ( I am English so do not get much of what happens in The USA-That is why I was ignorant of this )
    Twice in a matter of days, I have heard the tern Boogaloo. Once on the Duncan Lemp Story and once on the news (I sometimes have the msm news on whilst I look and read on the web) know your enemy!
    The point is that he was not a Criminal and just because he was interested in certain views and posted certain thought crimes the cops smashed in and killed him Dead. Did he create his own demise or was he right to be worried?
    I stopped or was stopped posting any comments on YT time back when the Purges started as my posts either disappeared or would not load. I started thinking I have to be careful what I say, people have been Jailed here for having ”Downloads considered contrary ”
    I went to Bitchute but the bans have followed”Not allowed in this country”
    Now that the President has been De Platformed- and also Companies like Deutschbank have pulled out on Trump-It is a strong message from the left who feel really confidant and the have the senate as well ( I know enough to know that is bad news–we are starting as we mean to go on)
    Maybe what Jullian Assange says in his cyperpunk book that we need to get encrypted and onto the Darkweb
    We are being watched

  37. ed jones
    ed jones says:

    I read the 1st dozen responses and didn’t see any that answered your question, so I will.
    I went to the rally in DC. We jumped the fences and supported the young men taking the capital to make their voices and PRESENCE FELT.
    I talk about race and politics EVERYWHERE around family and friends and I say “nigger”, “muzzrat”, etc.
    I dont do all of those EVERY SECOND but i make it clear that I will challenge leftists ALWAYS AND ANYWHERE, and that I will defend the Confederacy and the original america the same way. RUTHLESSLY, LOUDLY, AND IN PUBLIC OR PRIVATE.
    And that if leftists want to ban words thats fine, but they’re not gonna stop using a word for me, so I’m not gonna quit using a word for them either. Their ban is for themselves alone.
    Tell them to quit using the words fascist and nazi and racist and that when they do you will quit using nigger, muzzrat, and libtard, and see what they say.
    They will MELT DOWN but then they will shut up in short order and run.
    We have the EXACT same argument. We find being called those words offensive(actually I find them a supreme compliment but I don’t tell them that. Lol). BUT THEY DONT CARE about our feelings but they think we should care about theirs. NOPE.
    It is PAST TIME to force every last person to pick a side in this cultural battle and this includes family and friends and strangers.
    Read Patrick henrys most famous speech, he says that for him to hold.back his opinions in a critical time is treason to God and country and that he doesn’t give a damn whose feelings it hurts.
    Thats how America GOT HERE. not from faggot pussies.
    And now white men have waited AS USUAL, far too long before standing up and now we are gonna be in a REAL PICKLE because our dads, our grandpas, and our great grandpas, AND US, back to 1860,(unless they were Confederates) have been PATHETICALLY UNKNOWLEDABLE BUFFOON COWARD SHEEP when it came to speaking their mind against the mainstream and against their wives etc. So that we have been led blind and dumb like sheep to the slaughter(–George Washington).
    And of course also, I’d suggest buying lots of ammo even if you can’t find or afford a gun. A gun too if you can. But ammo will be far more important as there r already more than 400 million guns in civilian hands. And also, be like our great grandparents and fill up a pantry full of food and a cistern worth of water and beverages just in case. This USED TO BE NORMAL COMMON SENSE.
    Any more questions, feel free to ask. Dr Macdonald, feel free to pass my email along to the author. Thanks and good day to all. Prepare and then start pushing EVERYONE for secession. It is our only reasonable hope at this time. DIO VINDICE !! I wrote 3 senators from the states I hail from last week demanding that they start pushing for secession as we have NO COMMON DESTINY with marxist jews and their leftist ilk.

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      @Ed Jones When a critical number feel like Ed Jones, the snowball effect will take place. I am not sure what the critical number is, but probably not very high as the people are being pushed and provoked a lot now. In the past it was more subtle, but now the double standards are slapping us in the face.

      The biggest obstacle is that the legal system is in the hands of the left ((and allies)) and can be used against our side. Eg Amazon broke their contract with the social media business ‘Parler’ and stopped Parler from using the Amazon servers for the Parler social media site as per their agreement. Parler is not censored and controlled like Twitter is, and today we find out that the judges backed Amazon, even though Amazon broke their contract with Parler in order to illegally block outlets that are not far-left and controlled.

      Trump also found the legal system does no want to investigate election fraud or Biden’s corruption.

  38. pterodactyl
    pterodactyl says:

    Article:“These people, blinded by stupidity—or more likely by ideology—fail to see the true reasons for and consequences of labeling phrases such as all lives matter as racist. As dumb as cows being corralled for the slaughter, they readily proclaim that it is so wonderful for people of all races and ethnicities to celebrate their people and value their heritage – so long as the celebrants are not White. Natural selection demands that this insanity will end one day: one way or another.”

    – Some who support the anti-white narrative as described above are, as the author says ‘blinded by stupidity’. They accept the anti-white narrative because, as K MacDonald describes in his book on Individualism, they are genetically disposed to accept the moral values of whatever is the dominant culture, and so even if the dominant culture tells them that it is morally right to be against your own people, they will even accept this. However, these white people must be extremely stressed and experience inner conflict by following such a culture at present, one that is against their own interest and their race’s, in other words, in conflict with other urges.

    The anti-white narrative was actually quite a hard message to sell to white people by a small sub-group of lefties, but they managed it eventually over a period of generations with the help of their ((allies)) who own Hollywood and the TV media, until whites finally ended up in the wretched state they are now in of being actively against themselves. The good news is that it should not take the same number of generations to reverse the process, as going in the direction from anti-self back to pro-self, this should be so much easier, and might only take a year or two given the right conditions (such as economic collapse). It did not take long for Hitler to make the Germans switch to a pro-self position, but in that case the Germans had reached the starving stage before they started to vote differently. Whites today are still a long way off that level of suffering.

    Many whites who accept the anti-white narrative do not just pay lip-service in public then secretly vote for Trump, no, the young naive in particular have accepted it into their hearts, which is why they still vote Dem even in secret. They have convinced themselves that the anti-white narrative is morally correct, although surely they must be currently experiencing high levels of inner conflict over this. This type of person keeps repeating in conversation with others what he believes are self-evident truths, and this is to convince himself that he is not just a coward for going along with the herd, no, he persuades himself that all his views are derived from basic irrefutable morals. He does this to reassure himself that he must be on the moral side – so he keeps saying the tenet: ‘we must never discriminate, all humans are equal’, and he tells himself that his ‘woke’ views must be moral as they are derived from this fundamental principle. So as regards any measure that will preserve his race and culture and heritage (such as a wall, or selective immigration) – such a measure cannot be morally right if it involves favouring a white person over an African in any context whatsoever, as that would violate his main fundamental principle, one which must override all others – so even in cases where the application of this ‘thy shalt not discriminate’ moral will ultimately result in the end of his race and people, and the downfall of the country that his ancestors built (for him to look after, not give away), still the principle of ‘never-discriminate’ must still prevail. It is, however, stressful for him to have to try and ignore the log of racism that other races clearly displaying ever more blatantly – and are proud of – while he feels he has to continue to condemn the speck-sized racism of his own white people. This double standard (of himself) is making him feel uncomfortable, as deep down he knows he is a just being a sheep and a traitor to his people.

    This type of anti-white white is the majority, and this type would readily switch back to being pro-white once we apply the policy advocated by K MacDonald, namely, make being pro-white morally acceptable in the culture. This will not be hard, as there are many other ‘fundamental principles’ that can be promoted in place of ‘never discriminate’. All it takes is perhaps one top quality prime time TV station that had fair news and wholesome dramas and films.

    But there are other white lefties (not Jews) who are not naive or gullible or stupid or easily led, and these are whites who are strongly wired to be anti-white, and for this type there are NO MORALS involved as a motive, unlike in the case of the naive whites. In the case of whites wired to be anti-white, they have a different way of thinking in place of standard morals, a sort of political way of thinking. In this mode of thinking, any good or better person is regarded as being in the enemy group, and when your own race is obviously better/superior, this makes your own race the enemy. It is quite possible to explain such a behaviour in animal-behavior terms, as such behaviour from the genes can confer advantage in some conditions, and we are governed by inner behavioural instincts more than most imagine. For example, most readers here who see an old lady drop her purse without realising, will pick it up and return it too her. Others are wired to take it. This demonstrates that we are wired to have completely different behaviours, as a pitbull is wired to be different from a labrador dog.

    It is appropriate to view humans within the white race not as one homogenous group (like dogs in a pack), but rather as different behavioural types, who are kept in equilibrium with each other, just as cuckoos and warblers are kept in equilibrium with each other. The difference with dogs and humans is that if you release pitbulls and labradors into the wild, in ten years time the pack will all be the same as each other again, and neither labrador nor pitbul, but more like any stray-dog pack that roams around in India today.

    The lefty humans are a distinct sub-group, ‘takers’ by nature, as distinct from another sub-group of ‘workers and makers’, and the lefty-subgroup talk using the language of morals (fairness, compassion) but they are not sincere and they use these words because it is how the majority – the others – think, so they need to tune into their wavelength to persuade the others to do what the lefties want them to do, specialising as they do in guile and cunning and deceit. The left seek to make their own type dominant in their society – which means they want the takers, the haters of the better – to be in charge, people like themselves. We can be certain that this type are not motivated by compassion as they claim, as they cried rivers of tears for blacks ‘suffering’ discrimination in white-ruled former S.Africa, whereas now they have not one ounce of sympathy for whites there now being persecuted and murdered. If the left’s claimed compassion was genuine, they would have it now for the persecuted whites – but they have none, just more hate. Furthermore, these white lefties who helped to bring black rule to S Africa, they knew beforehand that the blacks would end up far worse off under black rule than under white rule (tribal wars, misery, starvation, no health care). The left knew this in advance, so it proves that their aim never was to help the blacks at all, and their only motive was to bring down the whites.

    None of the elites including the banks and big business who helped to bring about black rule in S Africa stood to gain any money or power from transforming a wealth-generating country into a place of tribal war and anarchy, so this proves that money nor power were motives either, just as neither was a desire to help blacks. So the only motive left is a hatred of the better.

    All it takes is five minutes on Twitter and you will meet plenty of such whites. These types are not paid by Soros or influenced by Jews – they are nobodies who will gain no money or power from globalism – in fact most are fully aware that they too will be poorer, along with everyone else except the elite. These are the ones who are fanatical haters of Trump, and this level of hatred cannot be explained by them just being naive fools listening to the message on CNN.

    We have to acknowledge that if whites are to survive we have to do something about this fifth column enemy-within whites, and not just the Jews, who are their allies in promoting the anti-white culture. These whites, like troublesome Jews, need to be geographically separated and live in their own regions, together with the diversity. As their states within the US inevitably fail under their own poor management, their populations can easily be bribed to relocate to Africa, perhaps to a colony owned by patriotic whites for this very purpose of receiving refugees from all over the world who feel antagonistic to white nations. The bribed individuals can have a bank card with free money in the new state for life, so they will be content to stay there in the ‘land of free stuff’, and the tax burden on the patriotic states will be worth the price of avoiding war.

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        Most of our behaviour is from the genes, and very little from logic. Would logic have persuaded the masses in the allied side to rush enthusiastically into WWII full of conviction, over the issue of borders in far-off Europe, when most did not even know where Austria was on the map?

        We can observe that a pitbul will rush towards danger including a fight with another big dog, whereas a labrador dog will run away from a fight. This must be from the genes as even when dogs are raised by the same owner from pups, these characteristics remain.

        So if aggression, and lack of fear of danger (shown by the pitbul) are behaviours from the genes in dogs, it is reasonable to assume the same applies to another ‘pack animal’ – humans (‘fools rush in where angels fear to tread’). And then it follows that all other aspects of behaviour will also be programmed in the genes. One major aspect of behaviour is ‘grouping’, in both dogs and humans. Consider dogs first – most of their behaviour is concerned with trying to fit in with their own group, and fighting off the dogs in the enemy groups, which, in their case are on the other side of a border marked with scent. Within their own group, they are all concerned with the pecking order. So most of their thinking is devoted to thoughts about groups. This is why the domesticated dog spends the entire walk smelling which other dogs have been ‘in his ‘territory’ and remembering them for checking the next day.

        It is the same with humans – even a 6 year old child is already strongly tuned in to conforming with the group’s norms. 8 year old children will forcefully tell each other what they can and cannot say or do, for example, “you cannot have McDonald’s, it is not halal” and “you cannot say ‘Mr Black’ – it is racist” (without realising it was his actual name).

        A dog will only survive by fitting in with its own group, as if ejected it will not survive – and the same applied to humans in prehistoric times. And if the dog is ejected from the pack, who are its enemies who will try and kill it? A herd of deer? No, even when it is half dead and has a broken leg the deer will still leave it alone – its greatest enemies are other dogs from other packs, or, if it returns to its own pack, other dogs from its own former pack, thus proving that dogs are both its greatest ally and greatest enemy.

        So a dog’s greatest friends are dogs, and the dog’s greatest enemy is also other dogs, mainly the other pack, but as soon as its own pack turns on it, its own pack will also readily kill it (by ejection from the pack, or a a fight for dominance leading to injury). I saw a video about lions where a group turned on one male that was formerly dominant and just deliberately bit his hind leg to make him unable to walk.

        The point is that for both humans and dogs, group behaviour is the dominant influence over our behaviour, so it is bound to have a lot of our thought patterns devoted to this aspect of our behaviour, and when it comes to humans, both the subject of politics and the question of which sub-group you identify with – both of these will be part of our grouping behaviour. This includes whether you are programmed to see the process of making your own things as a good strategy (eg toiling on the land, making things to sell – which makes you ‘right wing’), or on the other hand, are you programmed to think it is appropriate to gain by taking things from others by scheming and cunning – and have left-wing thinking). (PS I support K MacDonald’s call for punitive tax for billionaires to redistribute their wealth, so these principles of ‘tax=bad’ and ‘never redistribute’ are not absolute or black and white).

        It is possible that a lefty judge who is rich and socially successful, it is possible that he is nevertheless the genetic type that favours the lower types, including the criminal class, and wants to empower them and favour them by giving them minimum punishment and releasing them as soon as possible, and it is possible that this is simply because he identifies with the bad people – the takers, the parasites, and this is because he feels, for some reason, loyalty to these types. And we can be certain that he supports Biden & hates Trump.

        You can also observe this in the behaviour of teachers in modern schools. A few years ago in Britain there were several ‘fly on the wall’ documentaries where they followed the life in schools for a year. What we observed was that many teachers, in particular the head teacher and ‘management’, strongly favoured the bad children, the disruptive ones, those who bullied the others and generally made the lives of others miserable, and who disrupted the education of others. This type of teacher tends to get promoted these days, and there are lots of them. They are the kind that almost sheds tears in these documentaries when a bully is finally expelled from their school after being given a hundred chances. Once, a well-behaved smaller boy stood up to a known larger bully girl, and the senior staff disciplined the good boy and sent him to ‘anger management’, when they knew he was a good boy and the other pupil was a nasty piece of work. (His low-status friends sent a delegation to the head to appeal his disciplining of their friend, but the head just dismissed them & you could detect his contempt for this brave little group of quiet boys speaking out). The preference of these teachers for the bad ones was very noticeable, although they undoubtedly thought they were coming across as ‘caring’ and ‘not wanting to discriminate’ against those that society considers ‘anti-social’. There must be some reason these teachers empathise so strongly with the bad ones, and I am positive they will all be lefties and Trump-haters and Biden-lovers, in other words lower-type-identifiers themselves, who favour others who are lower types.

        Also, when you look in comments sections and on Twitter, very many white ppl are not just naive TV watchers, they are clearly hugely hostile to other whites. Leaving aside the Jews, the sheer dedication and devotion of the smallish proportion of whites who are anti-white to the cause of bringing us down – this hatred that they show, for example on Twitter, is so intense that it requires a stronger explanation than merely being persuaded by their teachers or ((Hollywood)) to be like this. There must be an explanation rooted in our animal behaviour side.

        These anti-white whites view patriots as some ‘enemy group’, and the group they seem to feel antagonistic towards is the superior people, the more civilised, those with higher codes of behaviour, which means in practice, white people. Until we accept that these white-hating white people are our enemies just as much as ((other hostile races)) then they will always have a free hand to undermine the attempts of the patriot whites to just be left alone to live in peace. In past centuries, the majority would have ignored the bad ones and they would have no power, but these days, due to technology, even if these people are 10%, they are able to dominate the culture of the other 90% by controlling TV and the legal system, such that today an even smaller (1% ?) from them who want to cross-dress are now able to dominate the other 99% who now have to defer to the cross-dressers. I am not dismissing the impact of the Jews, as in my opinion if all the Jews were ejected from the West & went to Israel just as Moses and tribe were ejected from Egypt, then the enemy-within would lose half its numbers, and most of its funding, but not all its numbers and all its funding.

        There was an interesting documentary about a psychopath once. He noticed several murderers in his ancestors and when middle aged he wondered if it was genetic. He had had a very happy childhood, a loving family, normal brothers and a happy life. But he said he realised he was a psychopath. He gave one example: if he was supposed to attend his aunt’s funeral and instead he watched sport on TV, he knew it was wrong but he simply did not feel bad about doing it. This shows that even ‘guilty feelings’ are just part of our wiring.

  39. theonemirrorreflectsitsself
    theonemirrorreflectsitsself says:

    Coming primarily from a Jewish perspective rather than a Christian one, this has roughly been retranslated as Black people, Hispanics, and Jews are all oppressed and are therefore good. Non-Jewish White people, who have denigrated Jewish perfidy and parasitism, at least since Hellenistic times, are evil.

    You lost me with this paragraph(and not denouncing Hitler’s evil deeds, even though he had some good policies)
    What exactly is the publisher’s view on Jews?

    • Dave Bowman
      Dave Bowman says:

      What exactly is the publisher’s view on Jews?

      You’re joking… right..?

      Read “Culture of Critique” – written by our gracious publisher, host – and Editor-in-Chief of this website – and get back to us.

  40. Tom Briggs
    Tom Briggs says:

    All the power sources are with the devil of revolution. The merging of the cultural Marxist state with monopoly capitalism.
    Even more so than during the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution.
    Everyone seems to have woken up to discover that we are already in the ‘spider’s web’.

  41. CM Miller
    CM Miller says:

    Marcus, thank you for the essay. Tim Folke is the first one I encountered reading down the comments who addresses the question… what can we do? The elites are terrified of our sheer numbers which are capable of overwhelming them. In every way the more we stop feeding their system, the less power they will have. Start at your own pace, but start. Although stopgap in the great schema, to Tim’s suggestions I would add:
    1. Big Banking: Bank locally, mine is a credit union, open in a limited number of counties to anyone who “lives, works, or prays” in the county. Since Christians are the first targeted, this is a nice signal
    2. Big Pharma: avoid their drugs whenever possible, get into groups that teach nature based healing, grow your own. Look up Terrain theory, work on improving your immunity
    3. Big Grocery: shop local, find suppliers outside of centralization, follow people who grow their own as much as possible, get organic, look into those like Azure Standard out of Oregon.
    4. Big Tech: unplug as much as possible, internet connection is vital, cable is not, use Roku or other internet connection to your big screen and watch all that is available building your knowledge base on free platforms, YouTube is cancelling, Bitchute, etc. are not.
    5. Big gyms: go local or get outside: I walk my dog by the river, he chases my thrown sticks, I use rocks for strength & stretch in the sandy area, step up on the rocks, pushup etc. against the fallen tree.
    6. Big Lies: put every bit of truth out in as many forms as possible. My Facebook page in my full name is open to the public. I am shocked at what I can get by with – sometimes by just a cute title – I have never been put in their jail. I had only one meme taken down of an anti-White Israeli General’s murderous quote. They told me I might have “made a mistake” but it’s OK.
    7. Big Politics: The half Jewish director of the county GOP objected to my post of quotes of the Talmud against Goyim because underneath it a low IQ commented with slurs. I just said it was true and I won’t censor. The low IQ didn’t comment after that.
    8. Big Brother: Smarter people than I am suggested I pay $3 for the Threema encrypted app for secure communication when needed.
    9. Big Education: Home school. Even Wikipedia acknowledges starting in the 1960’s the father of the modern movement was from a family of Christians which escaped the Armenian genocide, RJ Rushdoony
    10. Big Population Reduction: Have babies.
    11. Big Medicine: Do the research, find those you can understand, who speak English & listen
    12. Big Media: Stop watching, don’t give them your first dollar, watch free, buy moves at local resellers, look for White, Christian, independents, TOO videos, Goyim TV, Bitchute, etc.

  42. Anne C
    Anne C says:

    “I would love to read in the comments what others are doing to prepare themselves for what lies ahead.”

    In response to the essayist’s request, I’m providing a (potential) “pragmatic” suggestion, and some personal suggestions.

    Pragmatically speaking…

    Most days of the week I think secession is unworkable. But then a little voice in my head says, yeah, but these are Americans we’re talking about. (I’m from commie Canada, so I hold you Southerners in pretty high esteem.)

    Consider what Brother Nathanael says about how secession works in this video (he begins talking on this topic at about 2:30):

    Apparently, some county sheriffs in CA are using their legal authority to counter Covid lockdowns imposed by the Governor; Brother Nathanael argues that the sheriffs’ authority could be brought to bear on other undemocratic dictats coming from the new federal administration. Something to think about.

    On a personal level, here’s what I’m doing to prepare for the times ahead…

    1) Conquering my fear: I feel fearful and anxious every day, but letting those feelings linger is letting (((them))) win. When I notice fear rising up in me, I shift gears and let other feelings in. Feelings of gratitude, faith, courage.
    2) Loving defiantly: When people who are close to me call me a White Supremacist, a liar, a conspiracy theorist, I try to step back and recognize they’re attacking me because deep down, they are afraid. I do my best to love them back.
    3) Keeping faith: I have ancestors who worked their entire lives, not to make their own lot easier, but in the hope that they would be creating the possibility of a better life for their children and grandchildren. So, if I don’t get to see the results of my work (spiritual, material or otherwise) in this lifetime, I have faith that my work will bear fruit some day.
    4) Connecting to my divinity: I have a direct connection to God (we all do) and I work at becoming more aware of that connection with every passing day. Doing this also makes it easier for me to accomplish items 1-3.

    Thank you, Marcus, for your article. It’s one of the most thoughtful I have read here or elsewhere in a long while.

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