Mike Lindell’s Absolute Proof: China Joe as the Real Manchurian Candidate

Update, Feb. 22, from The Epoch Times: In an interview with the Wall Street Journal on Monday, Lindell said he was “very, very happy” about the lawsuit.
“I have all the evidence on them,” he told the paper. “Now this will get disclosed faster, all the machine fraud and the attack on our country.”
Last week, Lindell told the Daily Beast that he wants Dominion to file a lawsuit against him because he could obtain evidence via discovery. “That would so make my day because then they would have to go into discovery, and that would make my job a lot easier,” he also said.

Those with any concerns about the recent election, or the future of the U.S. electoral system, and even the constitutional order, should watch Absolute Proof, a video about computer election fraud that’s hosted, and probably financed, by Mike Lindell. Its source is the World View Weekend (WVW) Network, with which I wasn’t previously familiar. It was posted on Rumble on February 5, and by the time I saw it a few days later already had three million views. It seemed like a keeper so I downloaded it using the “Rumble video downloader” website.

Until seeing this video I tended to dismiss the computer aspects of the voter fraud allegations as something of a distraction. After all, it sounded quite fantastic and therefore required a great deal of substantiation for credibility, which seemed to be missing, unlike the evidence for manual forms of skullduggery — such as Trump voters showing up to vote in person and learning that their ballot had already been cast by mail for Biden, double- and triple-counting of Biden ballots, votes by non-citizens, intimidation of observers, voters and election officials, hundreds of thousands of ballots being counted without Republican observation, etc. All this was as plain as day, and indicated levels of fraud on a scale more than sufficient to change the outcome in the five states that flipped from red to blue — Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona. Sidney Powell was the main promoter of the computer fraud claims and repeatedly stated that she would soon “unleash the Kraken,” (i.e., the evidence) but never delivered (as of yet) on her promise/threat.

It appears that in this video Mike Lindell, the “My Pillow” CEO who’s worth ~$300 million, has released the Kraken. It’s two hours long so it requires some commitment. It gets better the deeper you get into it and the last 23 minutes deliver the goods in such detail that it seems almost too conveniently complete and convincing to be real. If it’s as credible as it seems, then “China Joe” Biden really is the literal Manchurian candidate.

Lindell is a bit too unpolished and emotional for this sort of thing, and his efforts clearly have some religious motivation, but his amateurish manner is sincere and authentic, as in his commercials for his products. He has made his fortune through marketing (not inventing) so he must have some talent for it, and especially in connecting with a less sophisticated audience. Also, his products are made in the USA, which he stresses in almost all his ads, making him one of the few marketeers not beholden to China. His business has suffered from the cancel culture, with many retailers dropping his product line because of his efforts to expose the election fraud, which reveals how thoroughly in control of almost everything the anti-Whites now are.

Lindell’s guests provide the sophistication and credibility, but he flies solo in the first twelve-minute segment where he reviews the well-known evidence of non-computer election fraud.

Lindell and Col. Waldron

His first guest is retired army Col. Phil Waldron, an expert on “information warfare” who was called by Rudy Giuliani to provide expert testimony on the Dominion voting machines and Smartmatic software before state legislatures. In a powerful segment (12:37-23:45) he describes Chinese control of Dominion and how the machines were used to cause a 26% shift in the Georgia vote, taking 13% of the vote away from Trump and giving it to Biden. He summarizes the election as “definitely a coup that was aided and abetted by a foreign threat nation state, China” with assistance from within the U.S. government. Since Waldron testified before legislative hearings on election fraud, his information is not new to those who watched the hearings, but since they were watched by so few, what he provides is effectively new even to the great majority of those who have otherwise been following the matter closely.

The second guest, Texas cybersecurity analyst Russ Ramsland (23:55-48:50), gives an overview of the security problems with the Dominion and similar voting machines, his firm’s efforts before the election to raise security concerns with the authorities, and their post-election forensic audit of the results in Antrim county in Michigan (where it has been shown that 5000 votes were switched from Trump to Biden and indicating that this could have happened elsewhere), as well as other counties where the fraud was even worse, but they have not yet revealed their findings. He makes the important point that the proportion of ballots that went to adjudication in Fulton and other prime suspect counties increased from the normal rate of less than 1% to over 60%, meaning the adjudicators were deciding the election, as in Stalin’s maxim that “It’s not who votes that counts, but who counts the votes.” Ramsland reveals there was also significant computer vote-scamming in Texas, but not enough to flip the state because the scammers’ concerns about the heightened level of scrutiny there deterred them from pushing their activities too far from fear of discovery. He also stresses that there was a complete lack of interest and investigation by the responsible authorities, from Attorney General William Barr to multiple agencies and judges, with no serious look at the evidence but only a general dismissal of the charges as supposedly already debunked.

Lindell’s third guest (48:50-1:01:57) is Dr. Shiva Ayyaduri, a smooth-talking Indian immigrant scientist and engineer who sounds more like a self-promoting salesman turned Massachusetts Republican politician. He claims to be the inventor of email, but this is true only in a highly qualified sense. He recounts his experience as a supposed victim of computer election fraud in his own GOP primary in September, with the apparent participation or connivance of the power structure, seemingly as a trial run for what happened nationwide in the general election. I see this segment as something of a distraction from the central narrative, with no connection to it unless we surmise that the Republican establishment is itself in on, and a participant in, the computer election fraud, as part of the establishment in general. In terms of the “uniparty” theory this could be considered plausible, but it seems a bit of a reach that they would risk exposing what could be called their “nuclear option” on such an insignificant election rather than carefully reserving it for the main event a few weeks later.

The fourth guest (1:01:59-1:04:51), former Michigan state senator and gubernatorial candidate Patrick Colbeck, was a Wayne county (Detroit) poll challenger who offers eyewitness evidence that the Dominion voting machines were connected to the internet, and therefore part of a network, despite official assertions to the contrary.

The fifth guest (1:04:52-1:08:07), Melissa Carone, who like first guest Col. Waldron has also previously given her testimony in legislative hearings, was hired by Dominion Voting Systems in Detroit to assist with I.T. (Information Technology) work for two days during the election. This guest is unique in this video in that she was a witness to blatant large-scale manual election fraud rather than computer fraud. Her job involved walking up and down the rows of tabulating machines where she was close enough to see thousands of ballots that were all — without exception — for Biden, never seeing a single one marked for Trump. She also witnessed many packs of these Biden ballots being run through the tabulation machines, and therefore counted, multiple times. When she informed her supervisor, a part-owner of Dominion, that there was a problem, he simply said they didn’t want any problems. She has since been threatened by Dominion with a suit for defamation and widely mocked by SNL and other MSM programming, with the clear message that if you dispute the integrity of the election you are a legitimate object for ridicule.

It gets better (or rather worse for the fraud-allegation-is-only-for-nutcases group). Lindell’s sixth guest (1:08:20-1:36:02) is Matt DePerno, a Michigan lawyer who got involved with the anomaly in Antrim county, a small northern county which consistently votes about 65% Republican and 35% Democrat but in this election voted exactly the reverse. This result was so anomalous, such a huge deviation from the norm, that it was obvious there was a problem and it was challenged. In a hand recount it was discovered that of 17,320 total actual votes the Dominion voting machines had changed 7,060 votes from Trump to Biden and also totally eliminated 3,200 votes. A forensic study (presumably the audit done by the firm of the second guest, Russ Ramsland) found that files with voting information were deleted from the Dominion system the day after the election. If 7,060 votes had been flipped in a large county it probably wouldn’t have attracted scrutiny. There is a great deal of additional worthwhile information provided by DePerno in this segment, including pages from the Dominion manual with instructions how to connect the machines to the internet and a video of Eric Coomer, Dominion’s director of product security, discussing their internet connectivity that supports all networks, even in Mongolia. Most chilling is the warning sent by Dana Nessel, Michigan’s Jewish lesbian SJW attorney general, to Michigan lawyers that their oath to support the U.S. and Michigan constitutions means they should “not file unjust and/or frivolous actions or mislead the court. The spate of Trump lawsuits in our state violates each of these tenets.”

Michigan attorney general Nessel’s threat

Per DePerno, Nessel has publicly stated this means “she’s calling for attorneys in Michigan to be disbarred who file lawsuits in Michigan challenging the election.” Furthermore, in a November 20 interview with The Washington Post, Nessel threatened to investigate and criminally charge Michigan state legislators who challenged the legitimacy of the election results, see here, here, here, and here. With this hanging over their heads there is little reason to wonder at the legislators’ unwillingness to acknowledge or consider the evidence, and why poor Giuliani found himself in the hearings butting his head against a wall.

The seventh segment (1:36:06-1:49:44) is, says Lindell, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, where he delivers the goods and releases the Kraken, and he doesn’t disappoint us. The star guest of this segment is “national intelligence researcher and author” Mary Fanning, who is listed as the executive producer of the video and is associated with The American Report and Worldview Weekend Broadcasting Network, see here, here, and here. Fanning is the only guest we do not see but only hear, suggesting she has reasons to avoid facial identification.

Lindell listening to Mary Fanning

Fanning provides exhaustive detail of foreign interference in the election by computer hacking, with over 66% of the intrusions originating in China. Per her account, this hacking alone took 4.8 million votes from Trump and added 13.3 million votes for Biden (i.e., not counting the voter fraud by old-fashioned skullduggery that was so blatant in the Black inner city precincts in Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia and Atlanta), with the true popular vote total being 79 million for Trump instead of 74.2 million, and 68 million for Biden instead of 81.3 million. This would be a total of 147 million popular votes for the two major candidates instead of 155.5 million. This difference indicates 8.5 million votes weren’t switched but simply created, which would help explain why the vote totals are so huge, although even 147 million still exceeded all expectations, being far beyond the 129 million of 2016.

Where does Fanning’s data come from? Supposedly, cyber-security experts, who work for the U.S. government (?!?!), proactively “put all this in place before the election to make sure they caught all this information to make sure foreign adversaries were not deciding our election” and began collecting petabytes (quadrillions of bytes) of information in real time on November 1 in 2,995 U.S. counties. The detailed data, all listed neatly in columns on a chart consisting of “thousands of pages,” is overwhelming, including a time log of every transmission, the IP (Internet Protocol) address, unique computer ID code and geographic location (e.g., county and state) of every transmitting (source) computer and receiving (target) computer, the method of the intrusion (e.g., false credentials, breaking the firewall, etc.), whether or not the intrusion succeeded, and the votes changed, which are all “Trump down” by various amounts, meaning the number of votes subtracted from Trump and added to Biden.

 An excerpt from Fanning’s chart showing all 12 columns. Could these be the numbers that launch a thousand Krakens and topple the topless towers of Illegitium?

Close-up of the first 7 columns of Fanning’s chart for improved legibility

After this chart we see the display on the experts’ real time surveillance system showing the internet transmission lines, the time stamp on every transmission, and the actual files being sent and received as they travel along the transmission lines, with the most severe cyber attacks coming out of China.

Figure 6: Two views of the surveillance system display

It certainly seems that an undertaking on this scale, and the kind and quantity of data it has collected, could only have been possible for someone with a very high level of access and resources, suggesting government actors. Were they rogue actors, or were their actions sanctioned by the Trump administration? Did they fail? If their data is correct, then clearly in spite of their efforts foreign adversaries did have a decisive effect on our election, contributing far more to the total level of fraud than all the manual skullduggery combined. But perhaps their purpose was not to prevent the cyber-fraud but to document it, and Mike Lindell is the only one willing to promote their findings.

One thing strange about this is that even the old-fashioned skullduggery, such as double and triple counted votes, illegal and fraudulent votes, and hundreds of thousands of ballots counted without GOP observation, seemed to be sufficient in itself to move Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and perhaps a few others into Biden’s column by margins in the tens of thousands. Was Trump’s lead so great that it couldn’t be credibly overcome by the hacking and they needed the manual skullduggery to supplement the hacking campaign? Did they need the hacking in seemingly most of the other states as well not for electoral vote purposes but to prevent Trump from actually winning the popular vote, apparently by numbers way beyond their expectations, which would have discredited the results from their manual skullduggery in the targeted swing states? The clumsiness of the large deviation caused by the Antrim county hack indicates that the campaign was not as carefully planned as it should have been, and seems to be the type of mistake a Chinese nerd hacker with little knowledge of small town America might be expected to make.

The guest in the eighth segment (1:49:50-1:53:50) is 83-year old retired Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney (USAF) who gives his imprimatur to the video and states we “are now seeing the largest domestic enemy in our history” in addition to the most massive foreign cyber-warfare attack in world history.

The ninth and final, and shortest, segment features Terry Turchie, former assistant deputy director of the counter-terrorism division of the FBI, who addresses the failure of the FBI to investigate the election coup. In short, they were, and are, “compromised,” which suggests they are not free actors.

In closing, Lindell expresses his belief and hope that if seen by enough people this video will overcome the divisions in our country and unite us in a great revival of patriotism. He seems to think that proof of China’s reversal of our election will unify the entire country against this common enemy, with even the Left having an epiphany that transforms them into loyal America Firsters. Actually, of course, a Leftist seeing this video would more likely cheer China as an ally that came to their rescue and saved the day. Lindell’s belief reveals not just incredible naivete, but more dishearteningly, an amazing level of ignorance and dysfunctional sense of situational awareness. He doesn’t understand that everything now happening is ultimately about race, centered on race and driven by racial group interests. He totally misses the role of race and racial interests in the power struggle that underlies the increasing intolerance, division and polarization in the country, all part of the process of racial transformation as the founding White population loses power to, and is increasingly replaced by, the diverse non-Whites who are unified against them in this purpose. All the old verities and norms created and sustained by Whites do not matter to them, except as reminders of a history and people they see as hateful and an obstacle to their goals.

Nor should we want it otherwise. We should not want the unity Lindell wants and believes he is helping to realize. We should want increasing division and polarization, to sever our unnatural and racially destructive union with non-Whites and divorce ourselves from them with complete territorial and political separation. And despite what Lindell believes, this is actually what this video will do. It is an awakener, a red-pill, attesting to the fact that the racial status quo is unsustainable, and terminal for the White population and its country.

The standard, expected and seemingly scripted establishment (i.e., Anti-White Coalition) response to this video can be seen here.

Neither Fox nor Newmax or any other platform of significant reach have addressed this video or the possibility of massive foreign election rigging by computer hacking, nor are they likely to. Since the events of January 6 Fox has clamped down hard on all aspects of the electoral fraud story. Even back in November they didn’t air a Janine Pirro (Judge Janine) episode because of its coverage of election fraud. Maria Bartiromo covered the story heavily into late December then stopped. Fox news anchor emeritus Britt Hume put in an appearance to denounce the fraud allegations as clearly false and totally without substance. Lou Dobbs, who probably couldn’t be controlled if he was allowed to speak, was simply taken off the air, although not fired, and so is still under contract with Fox where they can control him and keep him from appearing on any other outlet.

Clearly we live in conspiratorial times, where there seem to be more conspiracies afoot then we can keep track of, but all of them are part of the much larger central conspiracy, which is all against our race.

Which brings us to the matter of the ignored elephant in the room. Where were the Jews in all this? Of course they were at the center of it all. But there is no mention of them and their role in this video. Nor is there much mention of the other usual suspects and bad actors in general. The focus is on the Chinese role, which is proper considering its scale and the fact no one else has mentioned it, not even Trump when he alluded to true election results very similar to those alleged in this video. Obviously, it is greatly in China’s interest to replace Trump with Biden and return to the relationship they had with the U.S. before 2017, when they enjoyed great influence over those in America’s “core circle of power,” as Chinese academic Di Dongsheng, Vice Director and Secretary of the Center for Foreign Strategic Studies of China, explained to a Shanghai audience on November 28 , with the video of his address going viral in early December and discussed on several Fox Network shows.

Figure 7: Di Dongsheng during his address, and Tucker Carlson discussing it with China expert Gordon Chang

But the Chinese couldn’t get away with something on this scale unless the Jews were on board with them, protecting their back and providing cover from the media, academia, politicians, Wall Street, etc. as only they can. Nothing like this can succeed unless the Jews are part of it, or at least agree to cover for it, and for that it has to further Jewish interests and be “good for the Jews.”

Let’s hope this video flies far and wide. As previously noted, it already had three million views when I watched it. If Lindell is willing to make the commitment, it could go a good distance. Its story that our domestic racial enemies have now formed something of an alliance of common interests with our most powerful foreign adversary, if essentially correct, is certainly a very important one, and would greatly discredit the establishment and red-pill a lot of normies, which can only help us. Also, it should inform us that although our primary enemies are unfortunately already within the gate and the odds of us overcoming them often seem overwhelming, the enemy outside the gate also commands our attention, and our deliberations should consider how to resolve our domestic racial problem in such a way that we will still emerge strong enough to confront foreign foes on favorable terms.


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  1. Some White Guy
    Some White Guy says:

    The Lindell video is not for everyone. The information is basically good, but for those who followed the election fraud closely, there is no new information presented. Personally, I find Lindell’s voice grating and his manner childish, constantly saying “Wow…wow…” during the interviews, but if you can get past that, the facts are there.

    It’s now mid-February and unless the Supreme Court cases are heard and have cause to change things, we will be living under the results of this fraudulent election for the foreseeable future. Our final dispossession is moving forward at a galloping pace. Half the country does not see it, or is happy about it.

    It is going to take something(s) or someone(s) willing to use an incredible amount of force and willpower to change the trajectory we are on in every Western country. The owner of Gab sent out a message a day or so ago that was promising, advocating for the demise of the current system and creating anew. A bold statement for these trying times.

    • John
      John says:

      Fraud is irrelevant as Trump had 4 years & didn’t fix what is THE ISSUE(race replacement).
      We all should thank Biden for being explicit (for those thick skulls who could not figure out what has been going on for many many decades) in his agenda of flooding USA w/the 3rd world, in other words replacing us Europeans by non-Europeans. Thank u Joe Biden – as no one can say they had no idea what is the agenda.
      Demography is Destiny.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      Personally, I find Lindell’s voice grating and his manner childish, constantly saying “Wow…wow…” during the interviews, but if you can get past that, the facts are there.

      I can get past that. He is DOING SOMETHING, putting himself and his assets at risk. F**k style, as you seem preoccupied with. This man is mainlining SUBSTANCE.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      “It is going to take something(s) or someone(s) willing to use an incredible amount of force and willpower to change the trajectory we are on in every Western country. The owner of Gab sent out a message a day or so ago that was promising, advocating for the demise of the current system and creating anew. A bold statement for these trying times.”

      Uh huh. Only 15% of “Whites” will take action when there is no other option, except humiliation, theft, dehumanization, and reduction to a Matrix organism.

  2. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    In the finest US tradition, a foreign entity is responsible. The mistake all of the “China did it” promoters make, is that there is no evidence “China” as in the government of China, forced anyone to fail to do due diligence or buy the voting systems. Texas did due diligence and rejected the use of the machines for security flaws. Dominion promotional material appears to acknowledge the results can be manipulated.
    If Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney (USAF) stated, before the election, the Hammer and Scorecard were CIA programmes and that they would be used, why are they now “Chinese”? If Wikileaks Vault 7 release revealed the CIA was capable of hacking systems and making it look like someone else had done it, did the CIA stop? Did they become incapable to continue doing so by November 2020? I would remind people that co-founders of Staple Street Capital, Stephen D. Owens and Hootan Yaghoobzadeh are veterans of The Carlyle Group, which bought Dominion in 2018. Carlyle and the Bushes (who hate Trump) were closely connected.
    One would think Lindell would have a better grip on the concept of ownership versus control. I own shares in many companies, through my investment portfolio, as do many others. Those in control do not necessarily need to own the majority of a company. Some years ago, I met a business analyst from a company doing business internationally. The company had no problem with partnerships, and was okay with having a minority position – providing it was managing the operation. That applies to the situation with Dominion. Who was managing the voting operation? Di Dongsheng’s “people on the inside” is no different than AIPAC’s “people on the inside”. The “people on the inside” are the political whores who sell themselves to the highest bidder, not necessarily the owners of the voting systems.

  3. Floda
    Floda says:

    I’ve seen a large part of this video. I admire guys like Lindell who sort of come out of the ground from nowhere, making a tidy income and see how rotten the joint has become. He figures he owes the country a debt which in his way, he can serve by exposing this outrage. I see a very dark picture here: Late in the drama of Trump’s vote count it became known the ITALIANS were also in on the vote count. That means surely CIA is involved and not just with Italian intel, but Spanish and German Intel. That of course means the entire Spook World knows what’s going on and has known for a very long time because this is not new.

    So now what? Does anyone think they are ever going to let anyone come along and spoil their fun? No matter who is elected, how do you know the CIA in Italy, Spain and Germany is going to obey. I thought if ever there was ONE MAN who could get this done his name was Trump and look what happened!

    I’ll bet 95% of Trump’s supporters knew he’d win in a canter. The opposition run a near dead ZOMBIE who they claim beat Trump by Millions of votes and the Ziomedia confirms it and its goodbye Donald. How are we ever going to UNDO the corrupt voting system that China and ZOG use to rule America today?

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” How are we ever going to UNDO the corrupt voting system that China and ZOG use to rule America today? ”

      The same basic way the USA 1776 Founders did it : secret organizations , secret oaths , secret meetings , secret communications , secret plans , secret tactics , secret strategies , secret finances , and secret allies ; then act on it all overtly .

      Here below is a quick “how to” introduction on secret communications
      that was removed by DisQus as spam , at another website , from comments___

      >*>*> How to do secret communications *****

      There is no overt way to move forward to eventual success without a covert intel/security organization. (((They — the NWO elite globalist 911 ILLuminati hijackers of the USA government ))) have every overt escape route blocked . The USA 911 Patriot Act was designed to make it virtually impossible to openly communicate , get overtly organized , and then openly move forward . We have to do basicly the same as the 1776 USA Founders did : secretly communicate , secretly organize , secretly plan , and then openly act on those plans until victory , from an ignominious ILLuminati NWO enslavement , is achieved .

      White Christian sheeple are the largest USA ethnic group . 
White sheeple are for sure doomed .

      However , there is reason to hope (((they))) will not completely enslave and/or kill all of us White nonsheeple so long as there is still time for enough of the right people to form a global network of clandestine intelligence cells , at least three people in each cell , beginning with the first one that can be replicated across geo-political boundaries and have an indefinite cell-lifespan of many human lifespans such as do the Synagogues of Satan . Sheeple need not waste their time/money/effort in such an endeavor . However , many loyal sheeple will be needed to provide important infrastructure support to The Resistance .

      Any three sincere reasonably intelligent adult nonsheeple can form a clandestine cell at anytime and anywhere in the world ; and then eventually make friendly contact with any other cells anywhere at any opportune time while also maintaining clandestine cell security ; where each cell is entirely responsible for its own security arrangements which are normally easy and simple to abide and need not be complicated .

      The purpose of each and every clandestine cell is to discover and engage with other cells in order to form a global network that can effectively resist the ILLuminati Establishment agendas for worldwide enslavements of nonsheeple ( especially Whites ) .

      It is possible to communicate secretly over the www using virtually unbreakable encryption codes if you know how to do it . Be sure that you know how exactly it is done . There is more than one way to maintain secrecy . Be very careful about telephoning encryption keys to other cell members . Ad hoc cryptic “key” conversations understood only by the intended conversants can be nondecodible if thought-out carefully . Keep in mind that secret communications are not per se a crime but they can attract unwanted intel agency ( secret police ) interest of despotic criminal governments .

      You need an inexpensive small computer that can run your encryption software program to encrypt/decrypt messages then pass the encrypted file to an internet-capable device for transmission to the intended recipient and never let your encryption computer connect to the internet/www . An encrypted message file received from the internet is likewise passed to your encryption/decryption computer which never connects to the www/internet . Make sure your internet-capable computer/device is not connected to the www when you pass encrypted files to or from it .

      A good encryption software program is named “PGP”. If PGP alone is considered not secure enough for your purposes , it is a relatively simple matter , but may be somewhat time consuming ( well worth it if necessary ) , to write a small program ( I still use the no longer commercially available Microsoft Q-Basic language for this ) to process a PGP encrypted file ( by , for just one example , substituting every other encryption character with the characters produced by my own Q-Basic program algorithm for which the intended recipient has the reverse program algorithm to recompose the original PGP encryption which can then be normally decrypted with the PGP “key” ) where only the intended recipient has my Q-Basic programmed reverse decryption algorithm . Your personal algorithm ( personal “key” ) could , if your algorithm is sufficiently unique and complex ( not hard to do that ) , make the PGP encrypted file positively virtually unbreakable by any NSA supercomputer. In other words , your encrypted message file would need to be unlocked with two different keys and it would be extremely quick since it is all automaticly ran programs .

      It may take days/weeks/months/years to find two other friendly nonsheeple to form an intel cell for freedom/survival . In any case , look for a small used preferrably Microsoft Windows Pc that could run the “PGP” encryption software ; and then , if needed , obtain a file conversion application for passing MsWins files , if necessary , to and from an Apple-internet capable Pc ( assuming that encrypted files can be successfully converted ) . The only way to pass a decryption key safely , for the first time , is in person .

      Avoid Apple Operating Systems if possible . Apple legally reserves ( via the their OS lease license ) the right to change anything in the OS at anytime and without any notice given to you . Apple also made it illegal for me to copy and distribute any portion of my Apple lease agreement which I am only allowed to view online with their servers . Apple has actually covertly cancelled my drive ownership and then blocked me from re-claiming ownership ( a leased OS function ) of my Apple drive . The Apple OS has some excellent features but privacy and security from Apple eyes is not one of them . Microsoft is much more legally respectful of your OS privacy . Ultimately , all major corporations are more or less in on the ILLuminati NWO conspiracy to completely enslave humanity — both sheeple and nonsheeple .

  4. Kris
    Kris says:

    All alternative theories aside, given the myriad anomalies which surround 9/11 (a relatively recent and profoundly well-known event also of great magnitude) and the utter lack of any concern or difference it has made to almost all of society — those who subscribe to the conventional narrative or otherwise — there is no reason to expect that any/all the voting anomalies in the world will make any difference either. Not only in regard to any actual politics or transfers of power, but even in regard to how history views the event. It’s sad to say, but there is little intellectual curiosity for this on the part of the public, and virtually no appetite to revisit anything so unsettling, be it terrorist attack or stolen election.

    For those who need a 9/11 anomaly reference: https://911research.wtc7.net/sept11/analysis/anomalies.html

  5. crisscross767
    crisscross767 says:

    Dominion Voting Systems Patents Given In 2019 To China Bank For Collateral by Paul Collin

    November 13, 2020


    Some mistakenly equate the HSBC with whom the 16 patents for Dominion Voting Machines were deposited as collateral, with China itself, when in fact the HSBC is a Rothschild Bank with its headquarters in the Channel islands.

    America Voting Security Secrets, include, the greater ‘Glitch’: Dominion Voting Systems Inc. ’18 Patents’ and ‘Intellectual Property Rights’ exchanged on September 25, 2019 for Collateral from HongKong Shanghai Banking Corporation ( People’s Republic of China ), Patent Numbers, Descriptions, Collateral Security Agreement plus more within The UPI Guy report ( Below

    Much further below, this report provides details into some of the majority of the aforementioned items, which will be quite amazing to most people.

    Fake News –

    “Communist People’s Republic of China Financially Captured Collateral Of America’s Dominion Voting Systems, Machines And Security Software Application Holdings” –

    The information source of origination came well-documented from the U.S. federal government as mentioned by the United States Patent and Trademark Office ( USPTO ), and elsewhere, including:

    The proprietary Original Equipment Manufacturer ( OEM ) DOMINION VOTING SYSTEM INCORPORATED ( DVS ) financial collateral owner ( in CANADA ) was HSBC interalia interalia the HONGKONG SHANGHAI BANKING CORPORATION of CHINA that was ‘officially assigned eighteen ( 18 ) different Patents’ listed within one ( 1 ) Patent Assignment’ on September 25, 2019 that belonged to DOMINION VOTING SYSTEM INCORPORATED ( DVS ).

    The ‘Security Agreement’ pertaining to all Intellectual Property Rights pursuant to those 18 Patents listed in ‘Schedule A’ was signed by, Michael McGee, Authorized Signor on behalf of DOMINION VOTING SYSTEM INCORPORATED ( DVS ).


    HSBC Bank International in Jersey, Channel Islands JE4 8NR …


    HSBC Bank International Address: PO Box 26 City: Jersey County: Channel Islands, UK Postal Code: JE4 8NR Telephone: 01534 616000 Fax: n/a Website URL: n/a Facebook: n/a Twitter: n/a Categories: Banks Services: n/a: Products: n/a: Brands: n/a: Coordinates: 49.766820, -7.557149 Accepted Payment: n/a. PO Box 26, Jersey, Channel Islands JE4 8NR 01534 616000. Map. Other Businesses in Jersey: Rubber …

    Colonial Courts of Admiralty Act, 1890

    11. Exception of Channel Islands and Other Possessions
    1 The provisions of this Act with respect to Colonial Courts of Admiralty shall not apply to the Channel Islands.
    2 It shall be lawful for the Queen in Council by Order to declare, with respect to any British possession which has not a representative legislature, that the jurisdiction conferred by this Act on Colonial Courts of Admiralty shall not be vested in any court of such possession, or shall be vested only to the partial or limited extent specified in the Order.


    Banks in the Channel Islands


    On the subject of the criminal HSBC watch the video from about the 19 minute mark.

    Cynthia Chung Interview on China Rising Radio: Her Research, Journalism and Insights


  6. Franklin Ryckaert
    Franklin Ryckaert says:

    Well, Biden may have been “elected” by fraud and thus be an illegal president, but this is not the first time such a thing happened.

    According to alternative sources, Obama was born in Kenya, and was an Indonesian citizen, two reasons why he never could have been president of the USA, but it still happened because the Jews wanted it to happen.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      Superb observation .

      However , it is important for Whites to realize that “the Jews” of concern are mostly Christian chosenhite jewmasterss .

  7. Ava
    Ava says:

    You all miss a lot. Follow up on Mary Fanning’s reporting at theAmericanreport.org. Yes, Trump’s lead was that massive they had to do everything they could to steal this thing. A key player in this is the CIA, which Americans never want to mention, the enemy within, yes in league with Mossad, as well as FBI and DOJ. Another very key player is the US Ambassador to Rome, LEWIS EISENBERG, who you may remember from negotiating the Larry Silverstein WTC lease months before 911, and who administered the victims fund, He is former Goldman Sachs and a major world zionist funder. He was involved in this steal in Italy, where Leonardo was involved. No one has noticed this except me.

    Second, if you want more on the links between China and Israel — and make no mistake, Israel stands to benefit the most along with China from the “Great Reset and is BEHIND CHINA’s infiltration of US and other Western officials — check out videos from a man called Brendon O’Connell on Brighteon. Watch the videos and understand how the NWO will be run from Greater Israel along the new Belt and Road. The West will fall if the right doesn’t start to wake up and see the connections between not only our own sellout scumbag criminals like Rockefeller, etc, — because the NWO is THEIR BABY — and China AND Israel. O’Connell claims to have evidence and knowledge of Israel giving US tech to China and this appears true, except that the US, through places like MIT, has given it directly to China in many cases.

    CHECK IT OUT. Yes, this is about defending not only the white race but the Western advanced civilization that the NWO scum hate!

  8. Forever Guilty
    Forever Guilty says:

    Well Dominion Company shares Floor with Tades Foundation. Tades Foundation financed by George Soros & (((C))) .


    So it is becoming more understandable how election was stolen from American people. My understanding that there was massive effort to conduct multilayered fraud . Repeatable ballot scans , mai-lin ballots, dead people, changing votes software. And a lot more

    However the problem was to coordinate these massive criminal activities, so results will be more or less plausible.

    And that is where Dominion Company was very useful. My guess, that there was real time data feed from Dominion to Tades Foundation and then to some “war room” possible located in Europe

    Analysts in the “war room” were working with real time data and so they could program changes into Dominion voting machines: how many votes they should steal from Donald Trump in each voting location. Also email could be sent to accomplices with instructions. for example how much mail-in ballots should be added.

    But there was a glitch in the fraudulent algorithm.

    In Georgia there was more then 10 subsequent vote butches with the same ratio 50.05/49.95 Biden Trump . Such a result could be achieved only thru fraudulent software programming


    The same artifact was noticed in Virginia as well it 55/45 Biden Trump split


    What does it tell us? The same glitch in 2 states tell us that there was not only fraud on local level, but it was in fact global fraud via software manipulation , coordinated probably from one “war room” .

  9. Stoffel Makwassie
    Stoffel Makwassie says:

    It is paragraphs like the last three of this article that provide fuel for our enemies. Mr McCulloch wrote what was in essence a well structured and argumentative piece. However, the reference to “the Jews” at the end is simply ludicrous. While what is stated may well be correct, it deviates from the prior parts of the article as it resembles mere bald, baseless statements: “Nothing like this can succeed unless the Jews are part of it, or at least agree to cover for it, and for that it has to further Jewish interests and be “good for the Jews.”” The author seems to base his claim on “just, because, it has to be”. Acts like these are why the far right (and in this one particular instance, deservedly) are described (or scoffed) as “nut cases”.

    • silviosilver
      silviosilver says:

      I agree that that portion was unnecessary and that, stated the way it was, it sounded “too conspiratorial.” On the other hand, everyone on this site simply takes for granted that Jews have massive media influence – influence so great it amounts to effective control – so there wasn’t any need to explain that any attempt at election interference would have to take into account the likely media/Jewish response.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      There is nothing bald or baseless about Mr. McCulloch’s closing paragraphs. He dares to recognizes patterns of behavior and of cause and effect and makes utterly rational inferences from them. (((Our enemies))) hate such acts because our enemies hate truth and flourish through deception. Let them think of Mr. McCulloch and the rest of us what they will and be damned!

  10. Poupon Marx
    Poupon Marx says:


    Texas Republican Party Chairman Allen West suggested Friday that secession might be the answer for pro-Trump states.
    “Perhaps law-abiding states should bond together and form a Union of states that will abide by the Constitution,” Mr. West said.

    Move over, Rover, and let Colonel West take over. Combat hardened. Played to win, adored by his troops, worshipped by their families.

    Personal testimonies from his former combat troops about his leadership, character, integrity, and courage:


  11. antisemit
    antisemit says:

    as the cold war between USA + USSR was fake (kissinger jews traveling
    back +fore, what did FISA in those cases ? probably nothing because they
    were jew deepstaters) so with BIDEN any enmity between USA+CHINA
    can only be a scam . its only theater for the masses+ medias . jew deepstate
    has send all industry to china, send them by Pollart spy US secrets + modern
    electronics, maybe US weapon secrets (air,navy,space). openly israel goes
    together with china, ruining USA by sucking dry, steering up race riots and
    votefraud in its jew medias . so deepstate-pentagon-cia-bastasds dont
    think that the chinese will pay your traitors pension when they take USA !
    chines have no respect for traitors !

  12. Phyllis
    Phyllis says:

    Until the people of the USA and the world start saying the word Jew again like they did before WWII when discussing world affairs and saying the words communism and Bolsheviks when discussing the dangers of political agendas then they will constantly believe the lies told by the MSM and the communist Democrat party. The MSM will push the belief that it is the Chinese who are responsible for everything related to the sinister events concerning the “virus” and communism. The communist Democrat Party just overthrew the government of the USA in a fraudulent election. Communism is Judaism – look it up! Their Bolshevik agenda has been world domination from over 150 years ago and we are in the midst of their takeover of the world. Read this to see the history and the connection right to today!

  13. Noel de Weeners
    Noel de Weeners says:

    I’m not a super fan of infowars but they had some relevant coverage of the election fraud.

    Here’s what I got sofar:

    1. A commie dictator in latin america (venezuela? would have to check), starts the dominion company and the commie state is part owner of the company.

    2. Just before the election the chinese, either through the state or a company connected to the state buys a large part of the company.

    3. N-word, subsaharians who HATE ALL WHITES count votes. Obviously cheat, because like social security, immigration of more subsaharians and the like.

    4. A mathematician finds the lead for Trump at a certain time in like 20 districs is exactly 5,5 % and the changes to the benefit of Biden. This is not possible unless the machines and voting was controlled by software. This exact the same number would not be achievable with humans counting and not algorithms affecting the voting, there is not a chance in one billion of one billion it would happen.

    5. Some inventor hacks the machines from a distance, another building and takes controll over them showing it can be done.

    5. Dominion executives are in the antifa who want’s to kill the white race. You may use a search engine to find the antifa manual. It was published by the Proud Boys (now western chauvinist on Telegram).

    Part of the underlying software was written by Microsoft’s Israel division. Bill Gate’s daughter is engaged to an egyptian horse rider.

    So in effect all non white races got together to take out Trump.

    So even a somewhat white friendly dude who want’s to regulate immigration, this is what you get. The non whites feel threatened and kill democracy.

    Reverse imperialism.

    They all steal what whites make and do and all our knowledge.

    And many racemixed (for example part gypsies) are as bad.

  14. BannedHipster
    BannedHipster says:

    The guest in the eighth segment (1:49:50-1:53:50) is 83-year old retired Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney (USAF) who gives his imprimatur to the video and states we “are now seeing the largest domestic enemy in our history” in addition to the most massive foreign cyber-warfare attack in world history.

    This guy is a notorious neo-con and a shameless liar that was sent out after the failure to find WMD in Iraq to tell everyone that they were sneaked across the border into Syria so therefore we have to invade Syria to finally get Saddam’s WMDs.

    This entire thing is ham-handed propaganda by the same people who brought you the Iraq war 20 years ago.

    Lindells may be good at selling overpriced pillows to Boomers, but I’m sorry – the idea that China hacked the elections from overseas is silliness that only old people who understand nothing about computers would believe.

    Does it not give anyone pause that this entire Trump StopTheSteal thing is being run by scam artist neo-cons like Thomas McInerney and weirdo “Christian Zionists” like the pillow guy – who just loves Israel and Jews?

    This is embarrassing propaganda. That no one spent five minutes checking on who McInerney is suggests that this narrative is wish-fulfillment for disappointed Boomer conservatives.

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