The necessity of discussing Black-White race differences

We cannot discuss the failures of Black Americans without mentioning racial differences in intelligence and personality. Often we are led to believe by the mainstream media that disparities require correction in the form of diversity initiatives.  To some, the obvious explanation for the shortage of Blacks in STEM is discrimination.  Such a narrow outlook fails to account for the fact that on average, Blacks score lower on IQ tests, hence this could explain their reluctance to pursue difficult majors and why they usually drop out at higher rates than White students.  Interestingly, researchers do not observe a similar trend for less demanding fields.

Unsurprisingly, data experts have identified physics, mathematical sciences, and philosophy as the majors with the highest IQs in America and Blacks are underrepresented in all three.  These areas demand intellectual curiosity, so they naturally exclude dullards.  And since curiosity is a function of intelligence — people with lower IQs will be less curious.  As someone who has had countless interactions with Blacks, I am mystified by their disregard for abstract thought.  Unfortunately, I have met too many formally educated Blacks who openly express contempt for research if it will not result in financial benefits.

Although money is a prominent motivator — high performance is driven by passion.  So, considering that on average, Blacks have lower IQs and display less curiosity, their motivation to master complex subjects is relatively less.  Affirmative action can never reduce the deficit of Blacks in fields like philosophy and the classics. People who study these subjects seek to unlock the secrets of life. Philosophers, for example, frequently debate the meaning of the good life.  However, such theoretical matters are insignificant to Blacks.

Moreover, even though scholars assert that Blacks have made gains in IQ, Black culture is not conducive to learning. I am yet to fathom why Black acquaintances find my reading habits puzzling. Probably they think pondering the unknown will create a generation of misfits, though I suspect that this opposition stems from a dearth of curiosity.  Attempting to understand Black people is truly a daunting task.


Likewise, studies on racial differences in self-control offer fascinating data.  Blacks score lower than Whites on measures of self-control—what personality psychologists label conscientiousness or effortful control.  One’s level of self-control is a good predictor of academic success, wealth, and involvement in crime. People with higher levels of self-control are likely to plan for the future.  Unlike their impulsive counterparts, they master the art of delaying gratification.  Further, when we account for the role of self-control in fostering academic achievement, the lackluster performance of Black students appears less unusual.

Whereas people deficient in self-control are reluctant to plan beyond the present, their peers will waive luxuries today with the awareness that their hard work will allow them to reap future dividends.  Clearly, students in the latter category will prefer partying to studying, and so earn lower grades.  In addition, reviewing the data makes it easier for us to appreciate the prominence of Black students in delinquent activities.  Researchers show that among adolescents, lower rates of self-control have been associated with participation in delinquent activities.  Also, of great interest is the important relationship between self-control and patience. Patience is a function of self-regulation, so people deficient in self-control exhibit higher levels of impatience. As expected, studies demonstrate that higher rates of impatience are related to a greater degree of disciplinary referrals at school, lower graduation rates, and expenditure on alcohol.


On the other hand, mainstream pundits often invoke the wealth gap as an indication of racial discrimination.  However, their analysis is indeed mistaken.  IQ and academic performance differences in the usual direction have been found when controlling for social class—which is why social class-based college admissions do not accomplish the goal of admitting larger numbers of Blacks; lower SES Whites still score higher than Black of the same social class. We have shown that Blacks score lower on tests of IQ and self-control, so this vicious combination should logically produce impulsive people.  Borgo (2013) in an assessment of ethnic and racial disparities in saving behavior argues that “African Americans have lower saving rates than Whites, even after controlling for income and socio-demographic factors.”  The dominant profiles of Black people preclude them from developing long term plans.  As Borgo notes in the study: “Black…households are less willing to take risks and have significantly shorter planning horizons than do other groups, even after conditioning on income, age, and education.”


Meanwhile, we are regularly reminded that Blacks are denied loans at higher rates than Whites.  Yet compared to Whites, Blacks report lower levels of creditworthiness.  In fact, Blacks perform worse than other racial groups with similar credit ratings.  Assuming that financial institutions are guided by data they cannot be faulted for discriminating against Blacks.  Perhaps, if the evidence suggested that on average, Blacks had more self-control and longer planning horizons, we could accuse bankers of perpetuating racial discrimination, but the reverse is true, so they are justified in preferring Whites and Asians over Blacks.


Similarly, their disproportionate involvement in crime can be ascribed to lower levels of IQ and self-control. Intelligent people are capable judges of the implications of present actions on future opportunities, so in their world engagement in criminal activities can only result in a life of drudgery.  To smart people responding aggressively to an insult is not worth the cost of a criminal record.  Less intelligent people, however, are impulsive and may defend their honor by resorting to physical abuse.  For example, some time ago, a Black woman nearly killed a cab driver because he complained that she was moving like a snail and he wanted her to get into the car, so he could continue with his business. 


Invariably, after perusing the evidence on racial differences, we can conclude that the dysfunctional state of the Black family is a consequence of racial differences in personality.  Forming a family requires self-control, but impulsive people lack the willpower to eschew promiscuity.  Nonpoor Blacks, for example, are less likely than nonpoor Whites to oppose premarital sex.   The promiscuity of Blacks is a barrier to creating stable families — even conservatives are unwilling to admit this truth. For too long we have expected people suffering from a paucity of self-control to generate respect for the sanctity of the family and marriage.  Now is the time to wake up from our slumber.

Though in my younger years, I ignored race realists, becoming a researcher has taught me that many stereotypes pertaining to Black people are true.  Liberals may ignore the evidence, but political correctness cannot change the fact that racial differences are real and must be taken seriously.

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  1. George Kocan
    George Kocan says:

    Let as assume for the moment that Blacks do indeed fail to measure up to White standards in academic subjects? Why blame race? The most immediate agency having responsibility for teaching Blacks is the public schoo. Who runs the public schools? Democrats, mostly, ideologues, a combination of socialists, commies and fascists, who have made Black people their special project. But, they take absolutely no responsibility for their failures. Years ago, Jesse Jackson, famous “civil rights” leader and community organizer, came to the Chicago suburbs and blamed suburbanites (mostly Republicans) for the problem, accusing them of spending more money on White schools than on Chicago schools. But, conservatives were quick to point out that Chicago schools spent more per student than did suburban schools. We have not heard from him on the subject since. Today, these same teachers (that is, members of the teachers’ union) refuse to go back to the classrooms to teach citing the Wuhan virus as the problem. They want more money. The Annenberg Challenge gave the Chicago schools system $100 million for improve education. At that time Obama and his buddy Bill Aires, a commie, sat on the board to decide how this money was supposed to be spent. They supported teaching the kids about Africa and their racial identity rather than math and science. Democrats take no responsibility for their many failures. They blame racists and White nationalists and all that, except, none of these have anything to do with Chicago politics. Democrats promise everything and fix nothing (except elections.)

    • Toop
      Toop says:

      (claim) Let as assume for the moment that Blacks do indeed fail to measure up to White
      standards in academic subjects?

      This is not a assumption this a fact. The debate is the causes, weather it is of
      genetics or environment. The dogma in our society is that it is 100%
      environmental and due to racial prejudice (stereotype threat)

      (claim) Why blame race?

      Race is one of the strongest predictors for a variety of traits. It can also be
      detected through fingerprints, MRI (brain), gait (how you walk), genetics,
      anatomy, oral bacteria (spit), this reflects meaningful biological differences.
      Discussing race and racial differences while political untenable is not
      scientifically untenable. The guy who runs Harvards genetics lab (David Reich)
      has written on the validity of race and possibility of significant genetic differences given the preponderance of evidence now for recent human evolution.

      (claim) The most immediate agency having responsibility for teaching Blacks is the public school.

      This idea is very dubious. Their is a overall consensus by educational
      psychologist that the reason why students don’t succeed is not teachers but the
      students themselves (cognitive ability). A good resource on this topic is “cult
      of smart” (written by a leftist) and edrealist blog (conservative).

      A substantial amount of blacks live in republican districts (e.g most of
      the south) and preform just as poorly, sometimes poorer. Given the previous fact
      that teachers don’t contribute much. This can’t be blamed on democrats. The
      somewhat poorer performance probably reflects smart blacks leaving the south to
      more affluent coastal areas. Also please alert to me “fascist democrats”, most I met
      are strongly anti-fascist.

      • George Kocan
        George Kocan says:

        I am thinking more of politics than science. Politically, why make a big deal out of racial IQ differences when it gives the socialists, commies and fascists (aka Democrats) an excuse for their many failures and a weapon against their critics, the accusation of “racism”? The undeniable fact is that Democrats control education and produce stupid people.

        • Jud Jackson
          Jud Jackson says:

          It may be true that Dems produce stupider people than Reps. However, even in Dem cities and states blacks are always and everywhere stupider on average than whites. If you were to move a large number of blacks to the most Republican state (I don’t know which state that is but there must be one) in the US, and move a large number of whites to the south side of Chicago (a city that had been Dem for decades), the whites on the south side of Chicago would still outperform the blacks in that Republican state.

          • George Kocan
            George Kocan says:

            Walter Williams, economist and “Black by popular demand” (his appelation when hosting the Rush Limbaugh Show), noted that some Blacks did very well in Northern schools before they came under the influence of commies and mendacious Democrats. I take it as an article of faith, that Black will do much better under an old-fashioned education regimen than they do now. The chronic harping on their inferiority seems self-defeating politically and culturally.

    • John
      John says:

      Our IMMEDIATE problem is the decades long INVASION reducing us to a minority (which we have not halted). Restoring our European homeland (see Naturalization Act of 1790) would solve most of our problems.

  2. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal’.

    (Sigh.) Well, there is the problem – the evidence is to the contrary! Yet the Regressives (no, I will not flatter them with the ill applied and self-appointed title ‘Progressives’) continue to build upon a lie, i.e. – that but for education, money, etc… all races can perform equally.

    In logic this is called ‘building on a false premise’. In the Bible it was likened to building a house on sand (instead of rock). In old European folklore it was illustrated in the story of the Three Little Pigs.

    Like the little pig who built his house out of straw the Regressives continue to lie to themselves. You know, it is OK to lie to one’s enemy to protect oneself and one’s loved ones. But, one should never lie to one’s friends. Incredibly the Regressives have taken idiocy to a new height – they lie to themselves, and they love it.

    • Curmudgeon
      Curmudgeon says:

      The problem is that “all men are created equal” today, is not understood in the context of the later 18th century. Created equal meant conception and birth, not inherent abilities. In the narrowest sense, slaves, in general, were not “human”, therefore not “men”. Blacks weren’t supposed to be citizens of the US. Assuming Franklin’s response “a republic, if you can keep it” is correct, it would seem obvious that he was aware that not all citizens were “equal” to those framing the US Constitution.

  3. John
    John says:

    The ONE thing we must FOCUS ON to get out of this mess that we & Founding Fathers got ourselves into is separation in PERPETUITY. And this time, separation with the 14 words MUST b written in Constitution.

  4. Franklin Ryckaert
    Franklin Ryckaert says:

    “…As someone who has had countless interactions with Blacks, I am mystified by their disregard for abstract thought…”

    One would expect, after all those interactions with Blacks, you would exactly not be so mystified…

  5. Toop
    Toop says:

    Remember who caused the taboo on the talk of racial differences the “Boasians”

    Cofnas recent paper says, citing Pinker (whatever his merits as a psychologist
    are, is absolutely shit tier historian) that “movements like the French
    Revolution, Christian abolitionism, the Social Gospel Movement, anarchism, early
    behaviorism, and French existentialism play no role in anti-Jewish pseudohistory” in regards to the rise of blank slatism.

    I personally don’t know of anyone or read accounts of scientist who were
    convinced of race denialism after reading french revolutionary, christian
    abolitionist texts, social gospel movement, anarchist and early behaviorist

    After many google searches trying to find race denial-ism in the writings of the
    aforementioned movements I found numerous historians and writers remarking on
    the racism of these movements, all major social gospel people (Washington
    Gladenn, Walter Rauschenbush, Charles Sheldon), many of the abolitionist, the
    founders of anarchism (Stirner, Proudhoun, Bakunin), early behaviorist (Edward
    Thorndike) had cancel worthy beliefs on race (or didn’t talk at all about race), almost no one had real blank slate beliefs.
    Only the french existentialist were blank slatist, Andrew Joyce has shown that
    Sartre strongly self-identified with the Jewish cause.

    Who was required reading in in many universities? Who wrote the UNESCO race
    question (Ashley Montagu)? UNESCO race and psychology (Otto Klineberg)? UNESCO
    race and biology (LC Dunn)? Had pamphlets distributed by the military (Gene
    Weltfish). Creating scientfic hallmarks of blank slatism like Doll Experiment
    (Kenneth Clark), linguistic determinism (Edward Sapir). Excluded hereditarians
    from scientific publications for political reasons? It was the Boasians.

  6. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    Again, we need to remember that blacks were introduced into our societies through integration, not to strengthen them, but precisely to destroy them (((Those))) at the forefront of the integration movements in this country look to blacks NOT as a race of nascent luminary worthies, but as easily controlled hammers with both the ability and desire to pound white people and our civilization into dust. They are the jew’s golem, and he knows very well what he’s doing with them when he stirs them up into a rageful frenzy over supposed racial unfairness, and then turns them loose on unsuspecting white cities to wreak the kind of havoc that only they are capable of.

    • George Kocan
      George Kocan says:

      Certainly, I cannot deny that Jewish influence has impacted many nooks and crevices of society including my own. But, I do not see how holding Democrats (and therefore many Jews) responsible for Blacks’ low IQ’s and destructive behavior makes me a Golem.

  7. Heinrich Metelmann
    Heinrich Metelmann says:

    Meanwhile, back in Hollywood, a movie called “Hidden Figures”
    starring Kevin Costner, was produced a few years ago, in which it is basically stated that NASA and the Gemini project would have been impossible without the intervention of three black mathematician women. What a RIDICOULUS movie.


    H. M.

  8. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    Free ranging, feral Negroes in the midst of any White civilization is an absolute kiss of death. There is a literal ton of empirical evidence out there which elucidates this fact. See, for example Richard Fuerle’s excellent book THE MISSING LINK WALKS AMONGST US.

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