Fróði Midjord and Kevin MacDonald on the Chauvin Trial and the Great Replacement

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  1. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    01 Unsurprisingly, I agree totally with the points raised, but would like to augment a few minor but important points on the Chauvin verdict.

    02 Milwaukee’s 24 + million settlement with Floyd’s family, some time before the trial, undoubtedly prejudiced the jury: perhaps deliberately so.

    03 Floyd ” could not breathe ” already when he was forced into the Police SUV, AFTER which he was again taken out and placed on the road, which probably caused Chauvin to discount that complaint. One of the three other officers present, offered to roll down the window and turn on the AC.

    04 If I, his White Oppressor, were to sell my 2002 van, I could probably pay for half a bumper of his Mercedes SUV, which he bought, at least in part, as Big Floyd, the porn star.

    05 One of his jurors was in his 20s, in other words, already necessarily woke.

    06 There were seven women jurors, who would especially feel for the loss o this innocent child.

    07 Both the Prosecution and Defense were white, and roughly equally good, but the Rebuttal for the Prosecution was POINTEDLY Black, as a reminder, very capable and as the FINAL image, though color was not mentioned once.

    08 Rep. Waters’ latest call for continued ” confrontation ” leaves me with a loss for an adequate adjective.
    This typically Californian twit thereafter even made a mess of her explanation and asked to be thought of as ” Aunty Maxine “, as where in the real world Aunty Fa would come closer.

    09 A fair trial for Chauvin’s three present colleagues is not conceivable, even with a meaningless change of venue, given the publicity. My money is on a drop of charges after a pre-trial motion.

    10 AG Garland’s commission of investigation will not allow for Milwaukee to ” settle “, but, by its very political left nature, it will cooperatively ” consent ” to be run for an INDEFINITE period by Biden’s DOJ. Federalizing it, quite unconstitutionally, as a first among many [ all ] to come, as you mentioned.

    11 Congratulations on your very own MORGENTHAU PLAN !.
    We survived it merely because the still powerful, post-War Bolsheviks were very belatedly recognized as the real enemies of Western Civilization by that handful in Washington who could find it on a school library globe.

  2. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    In the second minute of the interview, Kevin suggests that Derek Chauvin probably acted irresponsibly in keeping his knee on Floyd’s back or neck for nine minutes. Given that the autopsy showed no evidence of damage to Floyd’s windpipe or anything indicating that a causal connection could legitimately be shown between Floyd’s death and Chauvin’s actions, I think that Kevin should not have characterized Chauvin as he did.

    No one who thinks that Chauvin’s conviction is a horribly grave miscarriage of justice—as I assume that virtually every TOO contributor and reader does—ought to yield any ground whatsoever to the evildoers who have perpetrated this injustice. As Chauvin’s knee certainly did not contribute to Floyd’s real or fancied breathing problems, Chauvin should not be faulted for taking what was plainly no more than an appropriate action to restrain an extraordinarily dangerous criminal.

    • Kevin MacDonald
      Kevin MacDonald says:

      Good point. But I do think 9 minutes was excessive and there was no way the jury was going to acquit given the video. The jurors were indeed intimidated by the threat of violence and would have bent over backwards to convict. An alternate said prior to the trial: “I did not want to go through rioting and destruction again and I was concerned about people coming to my house if they were not happy with the verdict.” The clear message is that rioting and intimidation work. I hope I said that somewhere in the video. Expect more–but we all already knew that.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Kevin, if Lisa Christensen is representative of the degree to which the white population of Minnesota has been brainwashed, it’s time to begin thinking of the state’s borders in the same terms Dante applied to the gates of hell: Abandon all hope, ye white people who enter here.

        The woman’s fear of rioters—sorry, Peaceful Protesters against White Supremacy—is virtually the only matter where her reaction might be described as rational. Otherwise, in every word she spoke, she gave pride of place to feelings in preference to facts. It’s no wonder that the local media were prompt to lionize her.

  3. bruno
    bruno says:

    This was an enjoyable podcast. Thank you.

    Around the 49 minute mark Kevin mentions “safe places to go.” I would like to comment on that. I feel that I am not only an expert but even way above that. You see, for years I would ride various motorcycles from coast to coast. I would camp out in forests and also stay in fine hotels. This was because if one was not near the Great Lakes, rivers or ponds, a shower was a good idea. With my own eyes I saw cities change. In fact, some of the nicest places had turned into hell holes.

    I could mention experiences ambulating in places like Newark, N.J. Time could be spent referring to the once peaceful Italian-Am city of Lawrence, Massachusetts and to many other cities which would take up too time precious time.

    Here, I would just like to touch upon a few items. This might give an actual perspective. Before going further, it should be indicated that it’s much different to travel on open wheels, outside of the cage (car) than it is to walk.

    One time riding a Goldwing down a major highway, I think it was near St. Louis, but can’t remember, a typical experience occurred. An elderly Black guy told me not to keep going and to turn off. I ignored him. After all, years earlier I had been in that region. Few miles down the road an elderly lady explained to me, that if I had any brains at all, I would not continue where I was going. Thus, directions were altered.

    Another time when leaving Michigan, there was always one place that I stopped, before continuing. It was delightful, near water and was a McDonald’s. I would buy a fish sandwich sit by the lake and take pictures. I also enjoyed talking with the natives. I generally spoke with regional inhabitants and that was one of the reasons for numerous explorational tours.

    I always had a thirst for adventure and knowledge. My thirst for knowledge has been mostly unquenchable. On this occasion, after many years of riding along the same route, I noticed that the McDonald’s was approximately 50% white. The demographics might have changed. Anyways, outside of that establishment immediately I noticed a different type of cars. They were of lower quality. Those going into the restaurant used vulgar language which I had not heard in previous decades. No need to mention attire or the wilding…

    Consequently, after eating a sandwich, I jumped on my Gold Wing and headed towards Minnesota. I used to enjoy riding around unpopulated areas. Sometimes I would even go up north to what I think was rt. 2, but can’t recall.

    After riding for hours it commenced getting dark and I was somewhere around one of the Dakotas. A tent was pitched, a small fire started and a collapsible chair can present a pristine picture of ultimate satisfaction. Even the steak was delicious.

    Then, around three or four in the morning three elements appeared. If adjudicating by facial features, they looked as if they were evolutionarily undeveloped. If a dog had not alerted me there can be little questioning of what might have occurred. After all, I was no longer young and the assailants were either teenagers or in their 20s. One had a 2×4 and the other a large branch. It would be best not to mention anything pertaining to shooting in the ground. However, it would be more than adequate to mention something that I will never forget. One pondered about what could’ve happened. Yeah, if those three wilding, savage creatures, had been sent to the promised land… due to the aspect of self protection. This, then, is the actual picture, of the US cake without any frosting.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Your account of your experiences is one of the most valuable things I have read on this site for months. Thank you, bruno.

  4. Karl Haemers
    Karl Haemers says:

    A short while ago, TOO posted a 3 part series on white issues. I forget the author and title, but if I remember it advocated for whites to flee to select regions, and there to fortify their regions against non-white incursions and ideological and cultural decay, calling them ‘castles’. Or did I encounter this strategy somewhere else?
    It seems a good one. White flight is happening all over again, this time it is immense, and we had better figure out how to direct and strategize it. It’s not just white flight, it’s white migration and relocation, and the places whites relocate to must become bastions of defense, or else whites will have to flee again. IOW, whites should flee from where they are only to assemble in more defensible spaces where they can stay and thrive long-term. The details for how this is to be done will be a fascinating discussion. As always, we can look to how white groups of the past conducted themselves in this way. KMac mentions Quakers.

  5. Barkingmad
    Barkingmad says:

    Hey, Kevin, you might enjoy life in Sturgis, SD. Been there, nice town. Not much excitement except for Ten Days in August every year. Summers pretty hot, winters bearable. Just a suggestion. 🙂

    “Sturgis is a town in South Dakota with a population of 6,796. Sturgis is in Meade County. Living in Sturgis offers residents a sparse suburban feel and most residents own their homes. In Sturgis there are a lot of bars and coffee shops. Many families, young professionals, and retirees live in Sturgis and residents tend to be conservative. The public schools in Sturgis are above average.”

  6. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    Frodi Midjord very astutely observes , beginning at the 00:36:35 videotape mark , the significance of the religio-political cultural establishment main “narrative” that people , including/especially nonjew Whites , will continue to “die for” as they have done often in the past recent histories . That “narrative” for each country is the kingpin of its ruling oligarchy mind-kontrol apparatus for the sheeple majority . “The narrative” is a powerful spiritually intoxicating concoction of education/indoctrination/(MSM broadcasts and publications)/(governmental and corporate propaganda)/brainwashing/(subliminal messaging)/(and more) whereby Westernworld Whites are programmaticly adhered/addicted to “the narrative” which Karl Marx called the religious part of it “the opiate of the masses”. Here in the USA the educational portion of “the narrative” is controlled by the Yale-Harvard axis . The secretive Skull & Bones society and CCP agents are major players in that axis .

    Midjord advocates for a Ghandian resistance movement to defeat the satanic ILLuminati genocide against Westernworld Christianized Whites . That may be a good way to initiate a serious White defense against the genocide that most certainly will require kinetic action beyond passive resistance . Ghandianism worked for India against an exogenous British imperial rulership . It most certainly would not be adequate for clearly defeating an endogenous Westernworld totalitarian NWO/OWO/JWO/ZWO global oligarchy despotism .

    Prof KMac reveals , beginning at the 00:41:00 mark , an important empiricly verified ( ie. scientific ) fact that Whites do often collectivize themselves in defense against acknowledged existential threats despite their genetic propensity for individualism .
    However , it is the predominant religion of Christianity among Whites along with their normal lack of adequate especial self-interest security collectives that has left them egregiously vulnerable to conquest and elimination by their chosenhite collectivized/gangsterized/mobsterized jewmasterss with minions and allies .

  7. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    Mad Maxine especially looked like something out Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, or post Apartheid South Africa. I’ve always thought ‘that is a creature from the Third World’, what with her shameless corruption and low shockingly low I.Q. That she is “in charge of Wall Street” as Tucker put it, just confirms me in my theory that they are just deliberately running the USA into the ground, just like you would ruthlessly asset strip a company.
    The sooner the USA breaks apart the better, to salvage at least something from the mess.

  8. rocky
    rocky says:

    Very disappointing, but also revealing interview. Kevin’s views are apparently as insipid and meek as Tucker Carlson’s and even though Frodi tries to lead him to say sth in clear terms he always goes in Fox news mode and repeats the same delusions and projections. Frodi told him these folks have their kids raped and killed and do not change and Kevin pours on how they are hypocritical and change schools and do it for the money. Lunatic. They are martyrs and will sacrifice kids, wives and their own lives in order to be righteous. We may do things for money, but thinking that is the woke motive is delusional projections. The two danish girls who got their heads chopped off in Tunisia will take the same trip even if they are told they would be tortured before the head trimming.

    • Barkingmad
      Barkingmad says:

      The people running the show are like the fisherman’s wife, who was never ever satisfied. (From Grimm Bros tales) The flounder finally had enough and fixed her wagon. When this will happen, however, no one knows.

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