White Replacement Isn’t a Conspiracy Theory

Tucker Carlson’s recent monologue on demographic replacement has sent leftists into a frenzy. It’s not that they categorically deny the fact that Whites are being demographically replaced, they just think it’s “racist” for Whites to talk about it.

The few influential people (like Tucker) who draw attention to “conspiracy theories” (like White replacement) are made the poster children for the radical left’s justification of right-wing censorship. The last thing anti-Whites want is 200 million White people not only asking themselves why they’re being replaced, but why it’s in their best interest. To save face, leftists just eliminate the discussion by virtually eliminating the influence of anyone who brings the subject up (e.g. the ADL immediately calls for FOX to fire Tucker for “spreading poison”). In other words, they don’t want to talk about it, and they definitely don’t want Whites to talk about it. This alone should be cause for concern. In a free society, all things should be up for discussion, especially a group’s existence.

On the rare occasion that leftists decide to talk about things like White replacement, it’s usually accompanied by a barrage of anti-White slurs and childish analogies that depict Whites as angry racists. Such can be observed in a recent Salon article titled: Tucker Carlson’s immigration bait-and-switch betrays his desperation: No one denies that immigration brings change, Tucker — just that it’s racist to be angry about it:

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is really determined to sell his audience on what is — and this cannot be stressed enough — a literal neo-Nazi conspiracy theory. Neo-Nazis and other white nationalist groups have long pushed the idea that a shadowy cabal of Jews is secretly conspiring to “remake” America and “steal” it from its rightful owners, white Christians. They are supposedly doing this by “importing” non-white people — who neo-Nazis believe to be mentally inferior and therefore easily controlled by the shadowy Jewish conspiracy — into the U.S.

Carlson’s only spin is replacing the word “Jews” with “Democrats,” but other than that, he’s lifting “replacement theory” wholesale from the neo-Nazi dregs of the internet and now is repackaging this ridiculous conspiracy theory as if it were an inarguable fact, much to the delight of White nationalists. And because Carlson’s main modus operandi is trolling, he’s relishing the negative attention he gets by hyping a racist conspiracy theory and he’s using his audience’s love of liberal-triggering to encourage them to mindlessly burrow deeper into the worldview of unapologetic fascists.

Carlson is a moral monster. It’s likely he has been this way since his high school “Dan White Society” days. Sadly, he is a monster that must be dealt with, despite the unfortunate risk of troll-feeding. It’s not just because Carlson has an audience that regularly tops 3 million viewers, though that alone is terrifying. It’s that he is a smart man whose strategy for selling this conspiracy theory is sinister and clever. To fight back, it’s crucial that progressives don’t fall into the trap he is setting.

Needless to say, there’s no argument here that rebuts the demographic realities resulting from immigration. Just moral posturing. What the left does best when they don’t really want to deal with reality.

It’s not only “racist” for a White man to be “angry” about his race being demographically replaced, but it also makes him a “moral monster” who promotes “a literal neo-Nazi conspiracy theory” if he mentions it to his audience? How does that make sense on any level? Is it racist for Blacks to get angry about gentrification, or when Mexicans take over Black neighborhoods?

On one hand the leftist says, “European colonialism is genocidal,” even when they politely leave after building infrastructure that the natives could only dream of. But on the other hand they in effect are saying, “non-White immigrants replacing White people is a good thing”—never mind why it’s good, much less good for Whites. How can any rational person take that argument seriously? Furthermore, how can any rational person attempt to present that argument in the very same article in which they are chastising someone for allegedly using “bait-and-switch” tactics?:

Basically, Carlson is pulling off two bait-and-switch routines. First, he falsely conflates any cultural change with his ridiculous “replacement” conspiracy theory. Second, he tries to paint the debate as one over whether change is real — something that literally no one contests — so as to avoid talking about the real issue, which is how it’s nuclear-level racist to react to cultural change like it’s some kind of existential threat. In reality, it’s just what happens if you’re lucky to live long enough to experience it.

Did I just read that right? Is she really saying that it’s nuclear-level racist to think that replacing a White population with a non-White population is an “existential threat” to Whites? Cultural change just happens. It’s inexplicable, and our media and political elites have had nothing to do with it. Nobody’s interests are at stake. Deal with it. It’s always good. Like when millions were massacred in the Soviet Union after the cultural change when the Bolsheviks took over. Or Cambodia. Or Rwanda. Even the nuclear-level racist ADL, as quoted by uber-racist Carlson, thinks that a one-state solution would be a disastrous cultural change for Jews. Actually, I wonder if she would even have a job if she said that about any group other than White people, excluding Christians.

There’s no way anyone could be so callous as to refer to what’s happening as just “cultural change.” This cultural change was brought about by ethnic activists who feared and loathed the traditional White majority of America, and it is kept in place by our new, post-1965 elite. Ms. Marcotte should give us a clear picture of how she sees the future when Whites are a relatively powerless minority in America. I’m sure she would see it as nothing but harmonious multiculturalism. But what if it isn’t? What if lethal ethnic conflict comes to the fore, as it has so often in the past. What majority group in their right mind would want to take that risk?

Nevertheless, I’ll give Ms. Marcotte the benefit of the doubt and assume that she is ignorant and not inherently evil (a courtesy she didn’t grant Tucker). Maybe she had a bad day and got confused with what she actually meant to say. Or maybe the editor called in sick. Either way, as a thankless gesture, I decided to post an edited version of the previous quoted paragraph:

Basically, Marcotte is pulling off two bait-and-switch routines. First, she falsely conflates White replacement with her ridiculous “cultural change” conspiracy theory. Second, she tries to paint the debate over whether demographic replacement is real — something literally no one contests — so as to avoid talking about the real issue, which is how it’s nuclear-level stupid to react to becoming a minority like it’s not an existential threat. In reality, only total idiots would consider themselves lucky to live through demographic replacement.

There, that’s better.

But in all seriousness, she acknowledges that immigration changes the face of society, but in the same way that “generational shifts” result in skinny jeans and TikTok. Again, it’s important to understand exactly what this woman is saying: she is saying that White replacement is comparable to “changing fashions and evolving social norms.” She even attempts to cleverly justify it by comparing White people’s demographic decline to the bad hair products of the 80s:

Here’s the thing, though: Lieu didn’t give any game away. Liberals have never denied that immigration changes society. Of course it does, along with generational shifts, changing fashions, and evolving social norms. When I was young, people wore low-rise jeans and MTV still played music videos. Now it’s skinny jeans (though apparently not for long) and TikTok. Change is inevitable, and generally good, as anyone who has a memory of hair-destroying styling products in the bad old days can contest.

What makes “replacement” a conspiracy theory, however, is that it invents this elaborate fantasy ascribing change not to the normal churn of human society, but to a sinister and hidden conspiracy of Jews and Democrats who are secretly inflicting change to pull off some grand scheme.

She says the reason “White replacement” is a conspiracy theory is because Whites point the finger at “Jews and Democrats” as the those responsible for massive non-White immigration into the United States. What she doesn’t say is that Republicans wanting cheap labor—Jews and non-Jews—bear a healthy portion of the blame.  But yes, Jews and Democrats have been the prime movers—Jews heavily involved since early in the twentieth century, and Democrats totally on board now that they have basically jettisoned their White working-class base and are dreaming of permanent hegemony due to their non-White voting base.

What would make “White replacement” a conspiracy theory would be if it wasn’t an observable phenomenon. If it’s such a positive transition, why can’t we have an honest discussion about it without name-calling, moral posturing, and censorship? If this “normal churn of human society” is so wonderful, why are so many Whites unhappy and complaining about it? Are they just too stupid to know what’s best for them? But to make that argument, Marcotte would have to explain exactly why it’s just wonderful for Whites.

The data are conclusive: White demographic replacement isn’t a conspiracy theory, it’s a statistical fact. The fact is that it’s stupid for Whites like Marcotte to believe that the share of the population like them just magically decreased by 30 percentage points in less than 50 years and that it is “nuclear-level racist” to think it may not turn out well. Particularly in a era when tens-of-thousands of non-Whites are marching for the southern border at any given time on Biden’s promise of mass amnesty, and legal immigration continues at an all-time high.

Immigration is 100% causative, meaning that it happens for a reason. There are two primary elements that define a nation: ethnicity and borders. Borders are designed to keep people from other nations out, or at least they used to be. Protocols are in place as to who gets to immigrate into the United States (all countries have an immigration policy). It’s not just some random act of human migration called “cultural change” (unless that’s the new liberal term for legal and illegal immigration”) that determines who gets to come here and who doesn’t. Up until 1965, the National Origins Formula prevented immigration from changing the ethnic composition of an America determined to retain its Northern and Western European character.

Historically speaking, immigration has always been a politically divisive topic in the United States. It goes without saying that if America was 90% White, Democrats would never win a presidential election in the current political climate. Just as it’s safe to say that Republicans will never win a presidential election when Whites become a minority. It’s as simple as that. Just because the writers of Salon pretend it isn’t happening doesn’t mean it isn’t.

The weird thing about this line of liberal “logic” is that they would never apply it to any other group besides White people. Do African nations have a moral imperative to import enough non-Africans so that they are a minority? For that matter, they wouldn’t apply it to animals or plants either. These people would sacrifice their lives to save a tree or an endangered insect. But for some reason they won’t do it for White people. Why is that? Well, for starters, anti-White hostility has been dramatically increasing in recent years, to the point that Critical Race Theory, which blames White people for everything bad about society, is now the more-or-less official position of the establishment: media, academia, politics, Big Tech, and Wall St. — with “Jews and Democrats” leading the charge. This singling out White people as a group for all social evil borders on dehumanization, the third of the 8 stages of genocide, according to the US State Department. Ironically, the eighth and final stage is denial (e.g. “it’s not White genocide, it’s cultural change due to a normal churn of human society”).

More importantly, Carlson is propping up this fake debate so that he can smuggle in his real argument, which is that change is bad.

Carlson’s whole gambit depends on the presumption that change is a terrible thing. But that belief is both delusional and, on the subject of immigration, racist.

But it’s only a “fake debate” insofar as liberals and the left don’t even try to tell us why ethnic replacement is a good thing for the people being replaced. They opt instead to write slanderous articles filled with anti-White slurs and buzzwords without addressing the real concerns of those who are talking about White replacement. They don’t want the Tuckers of the world telling you that demographic change could be very bad for the people in the process of becoming a minority. Left-wingers ultimately want Whites jumping up-and-down with joy for their impending demographic doom. It’s just “cultural change.”

One can’t help but notice why liberals (or Ms. Marcotte) never offer an explanation as to why Whites should be so happy about their replacement. And even when they do, it’s always the same narrative: if you’re White and not happy about being a minority in your own country, it’s just because you’re an angry racist who can’t accept change. We’ll see what happens when the children of White liberals can’t get into a top university because all standardized tests have been thrown out and equity demands that non-Whites be admitted according to their percentage of the population (or more). And we’ll see what happens when liberal White suburbanites have to deal with poor non-Whites being dropped into their neighborhoods as local jurisdictions lose power over zoning.

If White replacement is a good thing for Whites, and they should be happy about it, wouldn’t it make more sense to offer an explanation of how it’s going to be beneficial?: if you’re White you’re going to be demographically replaced in the United States, but don’t be scared, it’s just cultural change and it’s going to be good for White people. And here’s why: you’re taxes are going to go down, you’re communities will be safer with less crime, your children are going to get a better education, healthcare is going to be more affordable, there will be less social unrest, no more BLM/antifa riots, there are going to be more jobs, there will be fewer suicides and opioid overdoses and so much more. Not to mention, your children and grandchildren will absolutely love being a minority. Just ask the Blacks!

Could anyone really believe this? Until “Jews and Democrats” are willing to have an honest debate on the causes and effects of the rapid demographic change ongoing in the United States, White replacement needs to be called what it is: placing Whites in a position where they will be vulnerable to the ethnic hatreds and historical grudges of others — and, quite possibly, violent (rather than creeping demographic) genocide least on the scale of what happened in the USSR. The hatreds among ethnic partisans and the mindless idealism of liberals like Marcotte are already in place.

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  1. Crush Limbraw
    Crush Limbraw says:

    Archived this 4 years ago – https://crushlimbraw.blogspot.com/2017/07/plot-to-replace-europeans-with-refugees.html?m=0 – and the plan is on schedule. If you word search Immigration Act of 1965 in DaLimbraw Library, you’ll be reading for a week. The Salon author is DaUsualMobot whose script is directed from higher up, just another termite being a termite. We need to pay more attention to DaFriends on our side who promise much and deliver little – and most of all, we need to have more discernment than the average public school grad.

  2. Conrad Gaarder
    Conrad Gaarder says:

    The idea is for the “argument” to go on until the frog is cooked.

    Just read D.D. Guttenplan’s “Holocaust on Trial,” one of three books written about the David Irving libel trial of 2000.
    For some reason not immediately apparent, Kevin McDonald testified on Irving’s behalf. Discussed were McDonald’s three books, including “Culture of Critique.”
    Guttenplan simply dismisses McDonald as “looney!”
    So there you have the strategy.

    • Kevin MacDonald
      Kevin MacDonald says:

      Nothing was discussed at the trial except a footnote in Separation and Its Discontents which described how Irving was being prevented from lecturing. The defense had no questions.

      • Conrad Gaarder
        Conrad Gaarder says:

        Thank you. I understand now.
        At the end of the book Guttenplan says Lipstadt and her publisher didn’t settle for the £500 and a retraction that Irving wanted, because they decided the risk was worth it so as not to be silenced. Of course, as you say, it was they who organized a campaign to not only silence David Irving, but to completely destroy his career, which they succeeded in doing.

        • Charles Frey
          Charles Frey says:

          Conrad, what the hell are you talking about. They certainly did not succeed in completely destroying his career.

          Lickspittle Canada forbids his entry as do one or two other beholden nations. However his publications keep apace and his web site is thriving.

          DAVID IRVING ACTION REPORT ONLINE, is a daily must for anyone thinking of themselves as informed; regularly updated. It also includes dozens of videos of memorable lectures. .

          He regularly mentions TOO’s newest publications.

  3. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    01 This article obliges the commenters here who called Tucker controlled opposition to stand up and explain their bullshit. Ditto for his ideological colleague Steyn.

    02 Their sole remaining explanatory option, quite logically, is to discredit Tucker’s vituperative critics. cited within. Good luck !

    • Charles Frey
      Charles Frey says:

      Of course I meant ” NOT to discredit Tucker’s vituperative critics, as cited within “.

  4. Some White Guy
    Some White Guy says:

    It’s very easy to deal with people like the Salon writer by simply pointing out that they are rabidly anti-White. The people who are behind anti-White policies are simply anti-White – no need to give them the names of their choosing, like “Democrats”, “Jews”, “liberals”, etc. The activities they are engaging in are anti-White, otherwise known as anti-Whiteism.

    They are the villains. There is no need to defend ourselves in their make-believe story where we are always the villains. Stop using the words of their choosing. We are the heroes in our story. Start writing like that and put them on the defensive instead.

    • Kris
      Kris says:

      Personally, I really enjoyed the article and I think it’s valuable to figuratively strike back at these types. I’m no intellectual myself and I could see myself if confronted by the Salon article, or some of the attacks in it, being unable to intelligently refute such. Reading this not only helps me understand why we are right, but also why they are wrong. But admittedly, I’m a just a casual reader who needs to learn more. I agree though that we should stop using their terms and giving power to words like ‘racist’ or ‘fascist’.

    • Harold Dorn
      Harold Dorn says:

      It was the Jews.
      While Celler and Javitz and the Jewish Lobby pushed for open borders, the lobby also pushed for abortion to kill white babies, affirmative action to steal jobs from white men (to curtail white family formation) and brainwashing to lower white birth rates. Paul Ehrlich was on every talk show telling whites there was a “population bomb,” too many people and not enough resources! Too many white people! Need to open the borders!
      It was all lies. Nothing but lies.

  5. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    I may be wrong, but I didn’t hear Carlson refer to any race. The fact that Salon chose to turn it into a race issue and pretend culture doesn’t matter, is because immigration, in its current form, it is a race issue as well as a cultural issue.
    When Enoch Powell was still allowed to speak openly on TV, I recall seeing a Dick Cavett programme where Powell was “debating” with a “liberal philosopher” type who kept speaking in what should happen, along the lines of the Salon article. Powell admonished him by saying something along the lines of he should stop dreaming and live in reality. Powell made the point that if the people of Wolverhampton (his constituency) one day realized that 40% of their city was now German or Polish, they would be every bit as upset. Everything old is new again.
    As for immigration, I have long held that it is an economic issue, which is something the real “left” understood. Every immigrant allowed in lowers someone’s wages and increases housing costs. With a real unemployment rate in (((Western liberal democracies))) around 20% there is no reason for immigration, regardless of source. I don’t resent legal immigrants, they have exercised a right to apply to enter. They didn’t pick themselves to be allowed entry. I resent the people who make the immigration policies and the people who fail to enforce immigration laws. In the not too distant past, even the legal immigrants were opposed to those entering illegally or breaking terms of their admission.
    It wonder if Amanda Marcotte would dare criticize Jonathon Sacks in the same way she criticizes Carlson? If so, would she be an Auntie Shem-ite?

      • Curmudgeon
        Curmudgeon says:

        Yes, I should have been more careful. I meant the race of the incoming immigrants, which was the reason for my Powell reference.

  6. Barbara Levinson
    Barbara Levinson says:

    It was not jews and democrats that opened the borders; it was jewish donors alone.
    Jewish donors call the shots for both “sides.”
    I get tired of hearing about how it’s being done for “cheap labor.” It has nothing to do with
    economics. Prior to the mexican invasion blacks did much of the unskilled work, along with legal
    immigrants, veterans, teens, and the disabled.
    The single and only area of industry that actually needs mexicans is agriculture…and they should go home after the harvest,
    not stay here and get on welfare.
    Chapter 7 of the CofC gives a devastating account of organized jewry’s involvement in opening our borders,
    and in fact they did the same thing to every western nation.
    Mass immigration is the very definition of genocide.

  7. Noel Charlemagne
    Noel Charlemagne says:

    It’s genocide.

    Fake race-mixed jews steal new culture from WHITES and give to the n-word aka subsaharian in order to have racemixing.

    It may well have been accelerated by ww2.

    But the ideas of genocide, mixing away the white race has been in place for a long time. See the 1952 speech by hungarian jew vRabbi Rabbinovich in which he states WHITES should be mixed with n-wordsers aka subsahariansb because it means the end of the WHITE man and thereby the end, killing of their dangerous enemy.

    Or the play “the Melting Pot” by a Israel Zangwill, where he tries to do propaganda or does sucessfully for the different races such as the latino / latinx, subsaharian african and whites of different kinds and so on to melt together in the melting pot. Hence end the WHITE race. While he himself did not choose a latino or n-word wife, but instead someone from his own “people” a “jewish” woman.

    The same thing now with “jewish ” women who write articles regarding online dating and complain that a lot of people choose to date members of their race. Arguing that it is racism and they could never do that when employing people and “oy wey” and yada yada. But the woman is married to another jew a dude she probably met at j-date or at the syagogue. It’s just a fraud a charade. And most likely slavery as well as changing immigration laws aswell as ending slavery with the civil war had the goal of race-mixing. Now accelerated by the race-mixed “jew” and racemixed and non white occupation of our lands by non whites, jews, racemixed, gypsies, tattare and so on have one goal KILL US OFF BY RACE-MIXING. It’s warfare it’s genocide. And that’s just a fact. That people which are NOT Christian WHITES control 80 % or more of the media, just fact. That non whites and non Christians stole the election and thereby in effect ended democracy, just a fact. That WHITES are taken out by race-mixing, mass immigration, white flight, not getting into university and so on, just a fact. How can a fact be controversial.

    They fear the facts. The facts prove their genocide. It proves it’s a deliberate strategy. It’s not about making whites a minority it’s about killing us off or maybe be allowed as a small minority without access to education…

    Hebrews / Isarelites used to be WHITE, then 75 % of them mixed with arabs / middle easterners and more with subsaharian blacks. Once some of them became racemixed, they wanted the other jews to be race-mixed aswell. So they hated the WHITE jews and there are probably not many left atleast not that are not inbred in some way. But there used to be and they contributed greatly to Europes development and will continue to do so.

    Many race-mixed people in general are obsessed with mixing WHITES with other races. They feel threatened by WHITES and purity.

    It’s about taking out superior genetics and stealing everything superior WHITES do and or make and the like ALL THE TIME.

    Or the letter to Karl MARX BY BARUCH LEVY IN 1928, WHERE HE WRITES: “the Dissolution of the other races…”

    • Ned J. Casper
      Ned J. Casper says:

      That Baruch Levy letter looks and reads like a fake.
      For authentic quotes on race from Marx & Engels, see the studies by Nathaniel Weyl & Leslie Page.

      • Noel Charlemagne
        Noel Charlemagne says:

        That may be so, but the tendencies has been there and I did give other examples.

        Some half-jew wrote a book in the 80s or 90s wgere she wrote white culture can be replaced by black culture.

        But jews were doing so from when they started Hollywood, pushing the subsharian in their movies and with “jazz”. Often with jewish songwriters, but probably often stolen from Christian Whites.

        A Mr. David Goldberg has written on twitter: “Interracial relationships must be encouraged in Europe as the are vital in ensuring Europe has a diverse future”.

        Then he writes: “Open borders for Israel mean us jews would cease to exist”.

        Hence he knows several races in same territory without race laws or segregation and truth about race will mean holocaus on Whites. And he knows this also applies to Israel, yet he pushes for the holocaust of WHITES.

        Or the jew Noel Ignatiew, professor of “black-studies” at Harward that thinks Whites should kill themself and that the White RACE should be abolished.

        Or Emily Goldstein, that writes: “Yes, Diversity is about getting rid of white people (and that’s a good thing)”.

        Getting rid of a people means holocaust. Through race mixing.

        Not all jews have these views of course. But very few Christian Whites have them, and probably 25 % or more of jews have them. These views are not uncommon among race-mixed folks anyways and many jews are racially mixed, so what do you expect. Shure culture may be relavant aswell as high IQ and the like.

        Regardless these tendencies have been here since before ww2, see the play “the melting pot” that I did mention.

        And I don’t even mind jews or half jews personally, they tend to be nice people, nut these anti white holocaust pushing aggressive lowlifes are a great threat.

        But I mean antifa also want’s to kill off the WHITE race.

        But jews have been at it the longest. The ones pushing clearly see race pure WHITES as a great threat or an enemy or both that they wanna take out probably also to get rid of competition…

      • Daniel R.
        Daniel R. says:

        I do think it it may be real.

        It is the defacto policy of many large jewish corporations these days in Hollywood, academia, media, record companies, IT companies, advertising, porn and the like to promote race-mixing.

        Why would it not have been a policy in 1929 for a jew. This is what they do now. Why would not some of them have proposed it in in 1929?

        What has changed? They just boiled the frog slowly, slowly moving WHITE culture away and replacing it with that of the subsaharian african, where now it’s in your face. But they could not have done it without the dominance of sectors they have now (in effect ethnic monopolies). And slowly making the public used to it. Othervise the backlash would have been greater and they would have lost more money on it if the did not have the ethnic monopoly.

        And the letter was published in the French magazine “La Revue de Paris” in 1929.

        An other interesting text is the “A racial plan for the 20’th century” by Israel Cohen. Sure it has been claimed to be a fraud.

        But it is what many many jews do today, they follow it. That is proof itself it is a strategy put into place by enough jews to make it the dominant trend within society. It reads:

        “We must realize that our parties most powerful weapon is racial tension. By pounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been opressed by the whites we can mould them…”. This is what was done in education and Hollywood and then put into political force with the BLM and riots.

        Then he writes: “we will endeavor in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the n-wordsers (he uses the n-word here aka subsaharian africans)”. This they did indeed.

        Then he writes: “We will aid the n-wordsers (subsaharian africans) to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the n-word (subsaharian african) will be able to intermarry with the whites…”

        This they do follow. In Holywood the push n-word, in music they do the same. Our culture is almost replaced by n-word culture and it is done by jews.

        They promote aggressively even as the NORM racial mixture, they have an overrepresentation on n-word subsaharians as TV hosts and journalists compared to their part of the population. As soon as a n-word aka subsaharian african make it in any sprort he or she is extremely aggressively pushed by jews and for the music business, they push race-mixing by stealing from whites and giving to subsaharian africans.

        They are in their advertising companies obsessed with making propaganda for racemixing with subsaharian africans.


        What have changed since 1912, nothing. It’s just been slowly turned up and it will continue to do so so to speak and so on…

      • Daniel R.
        Daniel R. says:

        An making WHITE people feel guilt for slavery and the like was put into place by a jewish (probably also gypsy) writer od pedagogy books and education books and teacher like in the 70’s or something. He tried it out and found it simple to make WHITE people feel ashamed to be white.

        The whole trans thing, total promotion of homosexuality that was in place in weimar Germany, by a jew run institution for that. It is nothing new either, it was in place, the ideas in the 1920s.

  8. Tom
    Tom says:

    Well, I think what must be pointed out and made public is the notion and the fact that personal race preferences are not inherently racist and do not define racism in the slightest. Unless this distinction is made clear to the adolescents on the Left, the western world will remain straight on a collision course with a future anti-white racial fascism. At the moment, the academic establishment of the West has created the ideological justification for that fascism. It’s there, just hanging.

  9. Brian USA
    Brian USA says:

    Regarding White majority countries (White created) it’s basically over for the USA, many European countries, Canada, Australia and New Zealand in 50 years or less.

    Powerful elite Jewish extremists who control these countries via politics and the media, deceptively use massive immigration and White guilt to marginalize Whites and their power. In the USA White is a synonym for racist.

    The elite Jewish extremists who control the major media and most of the popular alternative media push the absurd Systemic racism and Critical Race Theory agenda (people assume Whites control these media organizations)

    The deceptive (supposedly won’t change demographics, mostly symbolic) elite Jewish extremist legislation, the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 (Hart-Celler Act), has basically destroyed the USA White society and the cohesiveness of the country. Part of the plan for a One World Government?

    Historian Roger Daniels took note of the legislation’s cascading demographic effects and issued this somber judgment: “Had Congress fully understood its consequences, it almost certainly would not have passed.”

    Journalist Theodore White wrote one of the most widely quoted critiques of the Hart-Celler Act.

    In his 1982 book America in Search of Itself, White first described the legislation as “noble”. Then he contradicted President Johnson’s signing-day assurance that it was “not a revolutionary bill”. White said the bill was “revolutionary and probably the most thoughtless of the many acts of the Great Society.”

    There’s a glimmer of hope, throughout history, sometimes elite Jewish extremists go too far and Whites rebel against them.

  10. Ned J. Casper
    Ned J. Casper says:

    There are plans to promote non-white immigration on a large scale into hitherto white countries already in the public domain. These indicate a conspiracy in any reasonable sense of the world. What triggers the term “conspiracy THEORY” is a reference to the so-called “alt-right” contention that the “Evil Jew” is exclusively behind the replacement process as with other things people dislike from porn to pletzels. Has anyone noted the Jewish attacks on “critical race theory” when its exponents turn on Israel?

  11. bruno
    bruno says:

    This piece was enjoyed. Thank you. Unlike most who theorize one experienced first hand the influence of the media/gov.’s “best of all people.” There are countless examples, but here’s a brief. When young, I’d give lectures. But, before going into that, let one say that in the 1960s one commenced visiting the world’s most famous camp. With one was a 5 year old son. Back then, we met former inmates. They’d speak about their labour, good guards and b-stards.. Most pertinent was that they denied most of the things pertaining to what general humanity has been subjected to learn.

    Once, when mentioning what was heard (very diplomatically) there was no strange commotion from the audience. One went home happily believing he had taught something from first-hand sources. Low and behold, not only was he castrated by ignorance from those giving out the checks, but he was never again allowed to lecture. In fact, he was shunned.

    This is not to deny that in other locations, outside of labor camps, groups were gathered and shot (Ponary, etc.). However, it should be indicated that numbers were vastly exacerbated, astronomically. That is a poison that should be diluted. Otherwise, in the lands of “free speech,” consequences can be dire.

    In Europe and America, there were many verboten topics induced by a certain element. Lastly, that element had a feeling of brotherhood, unknown or generally unpracticed by those infighters of the European family. Tucker is a symbol. He can only go so far.

    Like one told an old friend and author of The Dispossessed Majority (a book all should absorb), Ws will remain, in the West they will be pockets of them. However, at least in the next few centuries, in Byelorussia, Poland and large sections of Russia they will be the majority. Russia will lose some of her lands in Asia. Once again, thank you.

  12. Polemeros
    Polemeros says:

    The gaslighting of White America, once realized, is massive and of very long standing.

  13. Luke
    Luke says:

    If case anyone has yet to figure our why Biden and his cohorts are lying out their rear ends and claiming that the #1 greatest threat to their transformation of America are ‘White Supremacists’ – while totally ignoring the massive, nation wide epidemic of black rioting, looting, arson and attacks on white cops, White targets of opportunity and now Asians, clearly, out of control criminal behavior that is costing billions of dollars of damage to public and private property – is because they KNOW they are pushing a White race replacement agenda and they want to get laws passed that they can use against Whites who speak out in opposition to their White race replacement agenda.

    In their twisted and pathologically evil minds, they really do believe that Whites who resist their replacement and eventual subjugation to being ruled over by a motley collection of colored races who have been brainwashed into hating and despising Whites – poses, in their eyes, a serious domestic threat. They want to criminalize resistance to White genocide plans.

    Can there conceivably be anything in world history that is more evil than this kind of thinking?

    • Harry Winter-Goldberg
      Harry Winter-Goldberg says:

      You really nailed it. The Jews absolutely know that what they are doing is deeply evil as they are engaged in
      a deliberate program of genocide on the white race, and as you said, they are making it illegal for us to speak out about our own destruction. It really is the most evil agenda you can think of.
      And the irony is that it’s white Christian people that have shown the disloyal Jews so much kindness!
      We fought our brothers in WWII to save their sorry asses. White Christian boys fight proxy wars for Israel…..thousands of our young men were slaughtered….400,000 came home with permanent brain injuries!
      Jewish disloyalty and hypocrisy is really too much to bear. No wonder God Himself got tired of them.

      • Ned J. Casper
        Ned J. Casper says:

        @ H W-G.
        What reason do Jews have for eliminating all the white people on earth and leaving them with unfriendly Arabs, Afriicans, Indians, Chinese and Japanese? What would be their economic or strategic benefits?
        It was Belloc, I think, who said “How odd of God to choose the Jews”. But does God have “feelings”? Does he make mistakes? Does he get “fed” up? Is he a Sort of Invisibe Giant Man. “A Mr Cohen in the Sky” (Revilo Oliver)?

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          Belloc had nothing whatsoever to do with the couplet.

          “How odd of God
          To choose the Jews.”
          —William Norman Ewer (1885–1976)

          There is no evidence that Ewer, an Englishman, had any particular hostility toward the Jews, despite a century’s worth of predictably characteristic Jewish moaning about the hate the lines embody. On the contrary, only a Jew would ever assume that the temporary “chosen” status awarded to the Jewish people was attributable to any inherent worthiness that that people might possess. As if … !

          There is also the fact that the Old Testament makes frequent reference to chosenness being a matter scrutable solely to the Chooser. Deuteronomy 7:7–8 is one such, but there are many more.

          Rather, what Ewer did seem to have was an awareness of how extraordinarily odd a great many things about God are, at least from a creaturely perspective. A character in Graham Greene’s “Brighton Rock” refers in passing to “the appalling strangeness of the mercy of God,” and that’s just for starters.

          • Ned J. Casper
            Ned J. Casper says:

            @ Pierre de Craon
            Merci beaucoup, Monsieur le Chevalier, for providing the exact source of the quotation.
            I have to hand the 1937 edition of “The Jews” by Hilaire Belloc, which is well worth reading even today, especially ch.XIV on various theories.
            Exodus 19.5 and Deuteronomy 28 are also often quoted in this matter.

        • Johhny B.
          Johhny B. says:

          They did it first to most White jews.

          They hate the supremacy and the brilliance of pure WHITES.

          They wanna get rid of competition.

          An eye for an eye.

          Hatred of the superior.

          AAaaand they have Israel. Etno centric jews wanna wreck the western world to force most jews to move there. Most of them don’t care the least about non jews…

    • Dave Bowman
      Dave Bowman says:

      There is, indeed, nothing whatever in this world, or any part of it’s history, more evil than the completely deliberate, calculated, White-hating, nation-wrecking, remorseless, godless malice of Satan-worshipping international Jewry.

  14. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    If it is “racist” to be angry about being replaced by hostile groups of people who don’t have my best interests at heart and who will completely disenfranchise me in my own nation, then let me be racist. I tire of being forced to care about these asinine made up names and artificially loaded terms that jews and the left always lob at anyone who questions their agendas. If you want to call me names for having legitimate concerns about the browning of a white nation, then go ahead, knock yourself out. Call me every name in the book. I won’t be silenced by it, and in a world of good faith, it should be the name caller being silenced, not the one being called names.

    • Tim Folke
      Tim Folke says:

      Agreed! We forget the proverb from our childhood: ‘Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never hurt me’.

      Racism is the only means by which diversity can survive. Think about it.

  15. Jez Turner
    Jez Turner says:

    Hewitt E. Moore, this article has cheered me up immensely! Top marks and more of the same please! 🙂

  16. Olivia
    Olivia says:

    All I can say is you may well be surprised at what white liberals will tolerate. Their kids are literally turning into “wiggers”who act and talk black and who do not want to “act white”, listen to sounds that I can only call audio excrement, and the liberals don’t care. Their parks are taken over by massive, catered with bands and live music with no sound permits in front of their expensive apartments in Brooklyn every single weekend of the warm weather season and they do not care. A band of illegals can encamp in the park and litter it with waste and they do not care. They will allow blacks to set off fireworks all night long (this happened in several cities this summer, and expect it again, it’s a psyop: I saw men in parked cars in dead ends setting those things off too) and say nothing because “racism”. I say this because this is what has happened to Prospect Park/Park Slope, Brooklyn, which is not a cheap place to live and is what I call Mad Cow (Maddow) Country. I am the only person (from an adjacent neighborhood) who reports these things. I am the only person who appears to be bothered at the loss of our neighborhood by the invading HORDES of LATINS, who travel in large packs. And we began to experience racist treatment at a cell phone store where our debit card was then later hacked by the same young man who gave us the racist treatment. (And that was the only person who had seen our card.) Liberals will NOT react when their kids are forced out of the best schools. They will act like total goy. And that is the problem with liberals. They’re weak and they’re really fascist-minded, and that is how the Jews have destroyed true liberals. I am reading the Protocols right now and all of this is very very textbook. We must continue to expose this work. Thanks for this piece and for being here. We must figure out how to consolidate white resistance and, at the greater level, popular transcendence. It is not good to have people of color as enemies. But neither shall we be sheep.

  17. Olivia
    Olivia says:

    I meant to say massive hordes of Latins (I mean villages!) take over the park. Sorry I left that out.

  18. Eric the Red
    Eric the Red says:

    Please hear me out, read before you react…
    The left’s winning game is to accuse us of racism. But it’s futile to object we’re not. The left’s success depends on that weak defense. Anti-racism is the left’s weapon, not the right’s. The truth is, we must adopt a moral, neoracist strategy. It’s now the only way to fight back. The left won’t expect it, and we’ll be unified around a viable offense.

    It’s moral to apply consistent standards to test or judge someone. We judge people and races in a consistent manner. But people and races are not equal. That’s a category error, fake morality. You think the word racism reflects morality, but it’s morally neutral. How it’s applied determines morality. Use it to depict real-world differences with mutual respect. That’s moral racism. Don’t use it to enforce a feelzgood fantasy called racial equality that destroys free association. That’s immoral racism.

  19. Martin Rudling
    Martin Rudling says:

    A funny report from Sweden: The debate has been so taboo, that more and more immigrants are popping up with the question What the hell are you doing with your country?

    • Rickard Klarström
      Rickard Klarström says:

      Bonnier, a buch of porno lyiong thirf gypsy jews own 40 % of the media in Sweden. Most of the industry is ownes by people who have the tattare (gypsy like background) that then later mixed with jews. So what do you expect. The country is under occupation by racemixed elites and third world immigrants that are enough to vote parties that promote more massimmigration into power.

      It’s not ZOG it’s BMOG, Blatte and race-Mixed Occupying Government.

      Where blatte is Swedish slang for non whites.

  20. Craig Campbell
    Craig Campbell says:

    If you’re worried about white replacement (and I’m not), instead of whining about government policies, you should simply look at the easily available statistics which show that the lowest fertility rates are found in developed countries and that the lowest fertility rates in developed countries are among non-Hispanic whites. Whether or not white skin, blue eyes and blond hair are recent genetic innovations, the only thing that will determine their continuing existence or future prevalence will be the reproductive rate amongst “white” populations. Historically white populations have been very efficient at killing large numbers of themselves and the history of Europe is very much a record of warfare, mass killing and whites killing other whites. That doesn’t do much to increase reproductive potential. There has also been a history of European (white) expansion for instance into Australia, North. Central and South America where they somewhat replaced indigenous non-white groups, also for example the Viking Expansion into what is now largely Russia and Eastern Europe as well as into parts of Southern Europe, the Mediterranean, North Africa, the Levant, Iceland and Greenland, and the history of European colonial expansion into Africa, India, New Zealand, China, Viet Nam etc., in fact mostly all over the world. Isn’t it true as they say that the sun never set on the British Empire. In every place where European (whites) expanded they intermarried and exchanged genes with the indigenous populations. In other words while the white European population was increasing in number they expanded all over the globe and gained vitality from the populations they mixed with. It’s better to be a lover than a fighter and if you can manage to do both without getting killed doing either, then you will prosper and multiply. I think too many people are worrying about critical race theory and not spending enough time making babies. When you have the numbers, you control the neighborhood, you control the government, you control the business, industry and the economy. There is no such thing as a “white” person, although some groups are lighter than others, and Europeans are actually a conglomeration of many successive migrations into Europe, from Celts and Picts in the North to Berbers and North Africans in Spain and the Coastal Mediterranean to Tatars and Mongols amongst many others in Eastern Europe. There may be a long term reproductive advantage in reproducing with members outside of your close genetic heritage. Many of the worlds greatest civilizations were comingled ethnic groups. Maybe some people are conflating culture with skin color, because humans consist of many genetic characteristics other than skin color, and many of the non white people migrating into North America and Europe now share many of the same cultural attributes and aspirations as the populations that are currently predominant in those areas. The higher rates of reproduction amongst the migrants may indicate that they are more fit to survive long term.

    • Jenna Wattenberg
      Jenna Wattenberg says:

      Your comment is absurd….and you of course ignored the Jewish role in white genocide.
      Diversity destroys social cohesion. Our once high trust society has been Jewed and ruined.
      The non-whites are NOT “more fit,” they have agency only because the Jews GIVE them agency.
      You might want to read the Bell Curve and shutup.
      Non-whites are a GOLEM for the Jews, used as marxist foot soldiers to destroy all of Christendom.
      The non-white invaders have NONE of the cultural attributes of whites…..their children are pregnant at age 14 and grandmothers by age 30.
      You are totally FOS…..and probably Jewish as well….or an ethno-masochist retard.

    • Cindy Sparks
      Cindy Sparks says:

      In case you missed it, the presidential election was stolen. So your theory about numbers isn’t relevant.

      As to mexicans bringing “vitality” to America, are you referring to crime and drugs and gangs and welfare?

      We don’t actually need that kind of vitality.

    • Pauly
      Pauly says:

      If only the early colonialists had intermixed and married the indigenous Indian populations of North America we would have peace and not war? But alas what took place was when no white woman or not enough of them were available the white man turned to the females of the Indian populations and turned them into whores?

      • Craig Campbell
        Craig Campbell says:

        There is also the case of occupying men marrying indigenous women and merging the gene pools by reproduction. If the offspring survive they may become part of a mixed dominant (culturally) population. In this case white people are not being replaced in the true sense of the word since the dominant traits of the occupying (white”) population will continue to exist as part of a heterogenous dominant culture. the same is true if a dominant male or female member of the indigenous society, marries into the occupying race. Their dominant genes continue in the offspring of the surviving heterogenous population. Women are not whores in 100% of the cases.

    • the watcher
      the watcher says:

      Hybrid vigour eh? Don’t talk rubbish fella, many people of mixed-race descent have identity and emotional issues – which is nothing to boast about! As for your comments about “great” civilizations” you seem to have a poor grasp of history as: the Aryans, Minoans, Greeks, Macedonians, Trojans, Egyptians, Romans, Carthaginian/Phoenicians etc were not of “mixed” descent but Indo-European ancestry! As for reproductive advantage and mixed populations: I can only point you in the direction of countries such as: Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico etc lol

    • Ned J. Casper
      Ned J. Casper says:

      @ Craig Campbell
      We all know what is meant by “white babies”. More of them are needed, along with a barrier to migration from the “Global South” most areas of which are failing to control their own birth-rates. This is in the long term a policy of benefit not only to western civilization but mankind in general.

  21. Charles Frey
    Charles Frey says:

    Most everyone here is familiar with the who, with whom, against whom, where, when and results and your regurgitation is correct. Your last few lines are complete rubbish.

  22. Jerry Penner
    Jerry Penner says:

    The migrants are “more fit?”
    Low IQ.
    Low impulse control.
    High testosterone.
    Oh yeah, they are more fit for CRIME.

  23. Karl
    Karl says:

    It’s obvious that Democrats want to flood with country with more illegal immigrants (usually Hispanics) who will reliably vote for Democrats.

    There are already 20 to 30 million illegals already here, and they are continually giving birth to American “citizens.”

    By encouraging more to come in illegally, the Democrats are displaying their greed and their hunger for power.

    Red states are turning blue, while it’s hard to find blue states that are turning red.

    We’re in trouble.

    Some people say not to worry because Hispanics are religious Christians.

    Yes, but they still vote for anti-Christian, anti-White Democrats.

    • Larry Goldwater
      Larry Goldwater says:

      hispanics are half assed catholics. Most of them don’t really practice the faith.
      They are usually marxists because they want free stuff. Many of them are anti-white.
      Some of the most vicious anti-whites are hispanic professors and government officials.
      Of course ALL of the non-whites have been programmed by the Jews to hate white people.
      The idea that hispanics are natural conservatives is a stupid cucky idea that has no basis
      in reality. Most of the countries south of the border are leftist hellholes.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Most of them don’t really practice the faith.

        Just so.

        As my eyes have been telling me for decades, here in New York City more Hispanics frequent storefront “churches” than conciliar (i.e., “mainstream”) Catholic churches. Fewer still turn up at Traditional Latin masses in the smattering of venues where the latter are celebrated.

        Indeed, Hispanics, with the partial exception of Cubans, seem as a group to lack a strong sense of moral or even social direction—an internal gyroscope as it were. A group so easily led might be nothing to fret about in a healthy, properly ordered white society, but as Jews are the ones wielding the hammer, malleability is a nonnegligible problem.

  24. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    ” When you have the numbers, you control the neighborhood, you control the government, you control the business, industry and the economy. ”

    Jews control all of that and they ain’t got “the numbers” when there are about thirty Whites for each Jew here in the USA .

    Low procreation rates are not only a function of high living standard White cultures . They are also a result of the predominant Jewish control/influence ( including genocidal operations/policies against White proliferation ) over Westernworld cultures .

  25. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    The ‘R’ (racist) word is casually used that it has lost it efficacy. In fact it has taken on a new meaning, and connotes with ‘guilt’ and ‘silence’: for should you have an opinion on systemic, and now institutionalized population replacement – not with Swedes or Norwegians but with Somalians and Nigerians, then one is ‘racist’.
    I hereby register my objection to this; and therefore equate the ‘R’ (racist) with the ‘N’ (negro). That’s how offensive it is and should you, you social and demographic terrorists object, then you can go live in the countries and with peoples you so desire to foist upon us.

  26. Jud Jackson
    Jud Jackson says:

    You know I have heard about the change from 89-90% white in 1965 to 60% white for at least 10 years, maybe 15. Is this true? Maybe it was 15 years ago, but it seems to me it should be quite a bit less than 60%, maybe something like 54-55%. This is similar to the 11 million illegals that is always being stated. It is actually quite a bit higher.

  27. scaredycat
    scaredycat says:

    very sad to see another TOO writer who considers himself dissident and opposing the MSM narrative embrace the narrative logic : “We’ll see what happens when the children of White liberals can’t get into a top university” .
    This is so weak and misleading. the German pro-immigration legislator who had his daughter raped and killed by an Afghan did not blink, he continues to advocate more Afghans.

  28. Vehmgericht
    Vehmgericht says:

    The BBC now teaches in its ‘Horrible Histories’ television series aimed at children that the original inhabitants of the British Isles were Black. Thus the ongoing displacement of the millennia-old White majority by incoming People of Colour is merely a return to the status quo ante!

    This is not in line with the scholarly conjecture that a Mesolithic population of Northwest Europe *may* have had *somewhat* darker skin than the present indigenes, but that is beside the point. The BBC’s purpose is to persuade the dim-witted that the ‘real’ English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish etc are the sub-Saharan Africans, while Whites are a bunch of interlopers.

    All in all a very dangerous piece of anti-White propaganda that needs to be rebutted vigorously.

    • T.Gilligan
      T.Gilligan says:

      Perhaps Vehmgericht, a more honest title for bbc’s ‘Horrible Histories’ tv series would be titled ‘Horrible Lies broadcast via our virtue satellite’.

      Btw: I am struck by the mission statements banners adorning the fencing around schools with self-congratulatory slogans like “Celebrate difference”. It’s akin to being in a ‘wokish’ dream.
      Hollywood made a distinct propaganda film in 1945 starring Claude Rains, “Strange Holiday” when his character is convinced America is now a ‘fascist’ state. The reverse is apparently most vividly real.

  29. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    Again, the Jews & their programmed minions continue to normalize the abnormal, the surreal, and the implausible. And, in the Anglo world of fantasy and delusion, the innately credulous White bunnies keep subsuming it!

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