One half of the England Team Kneeling to the Other Half

White English players in training
The Ying and Yang of politics is division (or polarisation) and unity. The problems arise when you have division at a time when you should have unity and unity at a time when you should have division.
In the early 20th century we got things the wrong way round with division when we should have had unity, and now we are going the other way, having fake unity when we should have healthy division.

This may sound counter-intuitive because the petty divisions in present day society have been amplified beyond all sense of reality. The fact is that — and I mainly referring to the UK here — there has never been more political unity than there is now.


Try slipping a piece of paper between the positions of the Labour and Conservative Parties or — Scottish ‘independence’ aside — these two parties and the SNP.

The problem, however, and the one that we are all aware of, is that we live in a time that should be extremely polarised and divided because so much is toxically wrong with our societies and civilisation.
The latest emblem of this at the moment is the forthcoming European soccer championships, in which the England team is all set to take a knee for “Black Lives Matters” in Every. Single. Game. 
Here is Brendan O’Neill at Sp!ked, an online magazine that likes to pretend it is the friend of working class Whites:

…taking the knee is now little more than an elitist provocation. It has become a way of goading working-class football fans. This is the footballing elites – cheered on by the media class, the political establishment and the Twitterati – reprimanding the masses in the stands for their presumed prejudices and idiocies. The bent knee is yet another weapon in the never-ending culture war on the oiks.

Yes, it’s the big, nasty elites shitting on the little guy.

Yes and no.

O’Neill is a former Marxist, or more correctly a former open Marxist. I suspect he is probably a closet one now, having realised that being an open Marxist is just as big a turn off as being a fan of the Austrian Painter.

Sp!ked, by the way, used to be called Living Marxism. On the surface of it, O’Neill is channeling the dominant idea in modern Britain — namely the idea that race and identitarianism are non-starters and that we already live in a post-racial society. For him it’s more about class, but he only seems to mention this to de-emphasise race because “…really, you shouldn’t be hung up on that.”
But race is the fundamental reality in this case. The fact that constant efforts are being made to deny this is proof positive that it is.
But back to the England football team, the real reason that the team takes the knee is a very simple one.

It is not due to “all those turbo-smug NuFootball scribes on the broadsheets,” as O’Neill claims. No, it is instead due to the fact that the England team is two-tone team.

I would not even call it multi-racial. It is simpler than that. It is Black and White, and the Blacks in the team are convinced that there is such a thing as White racism, racist cops, and that the only way to make “Black Lives Matter” in America, England, and the World is to constantly bang on about it.

Only constant kneeling to a Black criminal and Marxists can keep this together
Anybody saying, “Wasn’t Floyd just some drugged-up thug?”, “Dude, all lives matter!”, or “Can we leave off the constant kneeling in front of empty stadiums? It’s pissing off the fans,” threatens to split the England team right down the middle.
Yes, thanks to race, and especially the “racial asymmetry” of Blacks and Whites in British society — despite all efforts to “level up” the races — England, both the country and the football team, lacks unity. Both are tenuously held together by the fraying threads of constant “woke” propaganda.
Those wishing to know more about the concept of “racial asymmetry” could do worse than check out Colin Liddell’s excellent “The Asymmetry of America.”

In my time the “woke” messaging pumped out in the UK has taken on North Korean proportions of propaganda, rendering almost any TV commercial or program on the BBC unwatchable.

White England players simply want to be in a successful footballing unit. Through their conditioning in two-tone Premier League teams, they know that this involves taking the knee not with their Black colleagues but to them.

This is a sacrifice in their human dignity that they are fully prepared to make. The fans not quite so much.
Daniel Barge writes for Affirmative Right. This article, slightly edited, is reposted here by permission.
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  1. John
    John says:

    -Another piece of evidence to b added to our file in the museum extinction.
    -Utter disgust what has become of us.

    • John
      John says:

      I remind myself everyday that the INVASION is ongoing & I mention it to practically everyone I talk to. I have no words to explain y 99% of ppl r indifferent to our INVASION & dispossession, & in light of that, we as a collective deserve the status quo as well as the dark days ahead.

      • pterodactyl
        pterodactyl says:

        John – correct about the invasion happening with the consent of the people. We often hear “But we were never consulted about mass immigration” and “We never voted for mass immigration”, and “All the Parties are the same, voting is pointless”

        All these statements are the opposite of the truth. We still have free and fair elections in Britain. ‘Fair’ in the sense that although voting fraud happens, it is not so great that it could overturn a resounding majority for another candidate, just as in the US a HUGE victory for Trump rather than a half-hearted one could not have been overturned.

        Over the decades, the people, including at the last general election, have ALWAYS in at least some constituencies been able to vote for anti-immigration candidates, including BNP candidates, some UKIP candidates, and independents, but the voters always SHUNNED them and CHOSE FREELY, in free and fair elections, to endorse mass immigration candidates from the main parties LibLabCon.

        From the last general election alone, Britain could have voted for dozens of anti-immigration UKIP MPs under the sound leadership of Gerard Batten, but the people CHOSE not to do this, and less than 5% voted to reduce immigration by voting UKIP, and now the same people who refused to vote to reduce immigration when they had the chance, now have the audacity to complain about it, as if the open-door policy has nothing to do with them and is not their fault – it is!

        The last few generations of voters have basically voted to hand over our lands to other races, who are themselves very racist and anti-white and quite open about it and proud of it, calling their own racism ‘heritage’ and ‘culture’ when they display it – and they are not wrong, as it is both these things. And we have done this because our lefties (and ((allies)) who guide the dominant culture, mainly via the MSM, told the people that if they wish to conform with the dominant culture and fit in like a good goy sheep, they must be against their own people, and favour others over their own, even in the secrecy of the voting booth when no-one is looking. They must betray their own people and hand over the legacy (their lands) that their ancestors entrusted to them to look after. And the traitors of this generation (the majority) have, in order to fit in with social norms, have acquiesced.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          A fair summary, but as Lenin said, what is to be done? Complaining about the peasants’ voting habits is like sailors complaining about the sea.
          We have all spoke to unpolitical people, we all know they are helplessly clueless, and asking the them to decide the fate of nations is absurd on it’s face, and actually an evil, cruel mockery of the peasants themselves.
          Because if you give them the vote, you give them responsibility, and can thus blame them. And blame they get, in spades.
          The whole idea of mass suffrage democracy is a sick charade. The only way it could work would be if patriots held an iron grip on the mass media, which is the true decider of how we are ruled. And this is impossible, as it would never last, we are too corrupt, or we’d ache under the chains.
          The sad fact is humanity hasn’t yet figured out how best to govern itself, no matter how many theories and options presented.
          -What is to be done? What is good. Like everyone else here, I try to offer ideas and fix foolishness’s. But there is no magic bullet.
          My guess is we just wait out the coming collapse of ZOG, and just roll with the flow of history, as our ancestors did, having about as much control over events as they did, while always striving to do the good.
          ‘Holy Democracy’ is already in history’s dustbin, the entire world can see what a pathetic joke it is, and how it brings nothing but ruination. Whatever comes next will be much more Chinese in style, thank God. Who’d have thought 30 years ago, we’d look on at the safe, peaceful, orderly, contented, happy family lives of the North Koreans with envy?

        • Ned J. Casper
          Ned J. Casper says:

          At three elections the voters were falesly led to believe that the Conservatives were serious about immigration control. There was little money for so-called “far right”, “racist” and “hate” candidates (some in competition in the same constituency), a hostile media, restrictive legislation, plus the deferential attitude of the English middle-class. Many constituencies are now vote captive colonies. The Brexit vote was to some extent a proxy protest not against other west Europeans but against open-door immigration. No excuse. However, Denmark and Hungary, and soon France, are altering the picture.

  2. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    01 How in hell can any rational person extrapolate, that there has never been more political unity than now ?

    02 Surely the primarily Jewish-financially dependent, sycophantic politicians of all parties, can not be equated with the general electorate.

    03 Although there is much subterfuge afoot, as disclosed by all those Al Jazeera videos, with genuine, self-described Israeli agents on record, only the traitors in both Houses qualify as members of their respective parties’ FRIENDS OF ISRAEL.

    04 How does all this superabundant political unity square with the purported, profitable, astronomical increase in anti-Semitism.

    05 The Jewish machinations within and around Labor, including corroborated, filmed Israeli Embassy involvement, are not limited to it and include stolen elections in all parties: resulting in the positioning of many most questionable characters at vital, governmental, multidirectional control intersections and influence; on all levels of consequential functions.

    06 How many Soccer Clubs are owned by Jews, replaced like dirty socks and who was behind the recent attempt to found the Superleague, with its billions in increased revenues. Of course in the interest of sporty sportsmanship ?

    07 The jabber about missed UK unity during the early part of the 20th century, [WW I ?] , ending with the Austrian Painter, confuses me to the point of ending here.

  3. Oscar Wilson
    Oscar Wilson says:

    O’Neill, like his former communist comrades, is undoubtedly a critic of woke identity politics,and incidentally a fan of Israel, and whereas Spiked Online (worth reading, friends outside “England” all the same) declares that sex/gender has a biologically factual basis, it is reluctant to say that race/ethnicity is also biological instead of a “construct” of (say) “white capitalists”. Nick Hume is from the western viewpoint far less acceptable than Frank Furedi, but their site strikes a blow for free speech in areas that are otherwise fenced-off as no-go or no-platform.

    As for taking-the-knee, one of the best and coconut-courageous critics of this political fashion has been the mixed-race Christian student Dominique Samuels (see Mail Online). Maybe Southgate should stay in this posture all through the “game” and let the others make rings round him. What is seriously disturbing is that with BBC-colloboration two notorious anti-police rappers have prepared a new anthem for the “English” team; they are the masters, now. Given the colossal proportion of black-face-only UK TV adverts anyone would think that the last census return made the Black communites 96% of the population rather than the other way around. Are the natives being prepared subliminally for a Grand Replacement, after all?

    • Oscar Wilson
      Oscar Wilson says:

      Typo correction: Mick (not Nick) Hume; apologies.
      Ex-Marxists know what’s going on better than the average “Tory” business-man or Soppy Vicar.

  4. Phil
    Phil says:

    I wonder if the “colored” players on the team would intimidate the White players if the latter did not take a knee.

    That is, the colored players stick together but the White players don’t.

    The whole thing is sick since no one remembers the actual reason players started taking a knee in the first place – assuming there was ever a reason.

    What I don’t understand about Britain is that it’s still a largely imperialist country (oil hungry, buddies with the US, pro-Israel, has its “British Commonwwealth etc.) and yet it’s “Woke.”

    The same is true of the US – State Dept. policy is still largely imperialist, but it and the Defense Dept. are becoming “Woke” what with their transgenderism and anti-Christian policies.

    Can we explain these contradictions?

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      Imperialism goes hand in hand with oligarchy.

      Parliamentary democracy, constitutionalism, republican government, etc., are just window dressing. The true power operates behind the scenes — bankers, billionaires, corporations, and union leaders who have sold their members out to corporations.

      Politicians, journalists, academics, church leaders, etc., are the paid-off servants of the oligarchy.

      Members of the oligarchy could not care less about the people whose nations they control. They regard them as expendable and replaceable. Just look at all the wars we’ve had: Whites killing each other in the two world wars, dying in a war our leaders never even tried to win against communism, and now wars for Israel.

      Members of the oligarchy will do whatever they can to take out any potential opposition. In the Anglophone countries such as the UK and the US, that potential opposition is White people of European Christian heritage.

      In this particular case, you have White athletes who are willing to humiliate themselves for the sake of fame and fortune. If all they wanted to do was “play football”, they could do that any old time without taking a knee for nonwhites or anyone else. But they would have to give up fame, money and dubious honor of “playing with the best”, at least for a while.

      The real problem here is a lack of character and personal integrity.

  5. John
    John says:

    We Europeans have allowed an anti-European extremely harmful ideology into our homelands & throughout our institutions. How r we going to explain this to our children. I sure can’t & have to consider moving for their safety. And where will THEY move to ensure their children’s safety!?

  6. Peabody
    Peabody says:

    Aren’t there any white men with money, who care even a little bit about the future of this country? Is the whole comment “Well, I won’t be around, ha, ha, ha!” really how they feel? Is more beer, bigger pickup trucks, more gambling, more stupid cruises or vacations, going to be worth it? You have to admire the liberals, they put their money into their causes. If Paleo-Conservative boomers were more passionate like that, about causes that help whites, we would be ahead.

    • Eric
      Eric says:

      Since 1913 in the U.S., and even earlier in Britain, it has not been possible for a White man to become wealthy without kowtowing to White-hating Jews. So such men have been few and far between, Henry Ford being one example. Nowadays, you even have to think twice about, say, writing a check to David Duke or National Alliance to buy a copy of “My Awakening” or “The Turner Diaries”. There’s a very good possibility your bank will cancel your account and you’ll be blacklisted.

      If you were in Washington, D.C. to support Trump on January 6, and being a White nationalist was the farthest thing from your mind, you still had good reason to fear a SWAT-like invasion and ransacking of your home by the FBI and local police at 5 in the morning.

      They aren’t leaving people many options.

  7. moneytalks
    moneytalks says:

    ” The Ying and Yang of politics is division (or polarisation) and unity. The problems arise when you have division at a time when you should have unity and unity at a time when you should have division.”

    Superb observation . That is why Christianity has already been scheduled for the dustbin of history . Christians tend to bang-on endlessly about a need for “unity” while endlessly ignoring the reality and/or need for “division” among presumably equally valid disparate cultures .

  8. Servenet
    Servenet says:

    Call me “thick,” but I never cease to be thunderstruck by the total madness that has/is/will continue to…engulf every White society on earth. Simply mind-spinning.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      Allow me to add to your ‘ thunderstruckness ‘.

      01 FOX just reported on a serious article published in some msm toilet-paper.

      02 ” As American as apple pie ” has just been dealt a deserved death-blow, because it is symbolically based on settler colonialism.

      03 Never mind the centuries-old knowledge of ” an apple a day…” and the necessity of the bad land thieves [ as compared to the ’48 good ones ] to feed their physically laboring families.

      04 Allegedly they used apple trees to outline the boundaries of their stolen land.

      05 Due to multitasking, I missed why the crust and even the serving platter were also deemed symbolic of racism.

      06 [ A land surveyor told me, that there are still several original boundary stakes outlining my rural acreage. I only have lunch in the fridge. For supper I shall check out these old
      boundary markers for their edibility. ]

      07 During Prohibition, the old Bronfman ran real liquor into the states across the Great Lakes. After apple pie is outlawed in the US, feel assured, that his active offspring will supply the American apple – pie -blackmarket. Likely with a kosher-seal markup.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      Jews are experts at thought control. Whites need to excel at overcoming thought control. It seems that most have no inkling about being mind raped.

  9. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    In 2011 Great Britain we had copy-cat riots following the police shooting of a gangster bi-racial Mark Duggan, and now the woke tyranny reigns with ‘take a knee’ for another Stateside anti-hero.
    Meanwhile of the 52 murders across Greater London this year, 19 were in May. According to a policeman ‘The hot weather played an important factor’ in the cause of those deaths. Undoubtable, most of those murder victims were young black men.
    I will take two knees for soldier Lee Rigby murdered in 2013 by two Nigerians on a London Street.
    ‘Diversity is our Strength’ is on a 50pence coin from last year – Oh, how I treasure that!
    Was Lewis Carroll making a prophetic allegorical story with ‘Alice in Wonderland’?

  10. Dian 'the AA Mathemagcian' Abbot
    Dian 'the AA Mathemagcian' Abbot says:

    Why don’t the cowardly scum White England players kneel for Cannon Hinnant?

  11. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    Daniel Barge writes,

    Those wishing to know more about the concept of “racial asymmetry” could do worse than check out Colin Liddell’s excellent “The Asymmetry of America.”

    I wish Mr. Barge had taken the time to spell out what precisely he thinks is “excellent” about Liddell’s article, which spends an inordinate amount of time singing the praises of John Derbyshire, a man whose readiness to defend Jews and Israel from unsympathetic critiques, no matter how temperate or dispassionate or unsycophantic they might be, is as disgraceful as it is predictable. Nor should it go unnoticed how frequently Liddell resorts to the term “conspiritards” to characterize those who regard Jewish power, antagonism, wealth, and influence as fundamental elements of the attack on white Western societies.

    It is true, however, that TOO habitués could indeed do far worse than read the article Barge links to, along with several more recent Liddell articles that one or two additional mouse clicks will open at the same site. What they reveal is a man much closer to a saboteur than a sage.

  12. Mr Reynard
    Mr Reynard says:

    Did you expected anything else from neanderthals kicking a ball ?
    I will not put the total I.Q. of the English Football team above 200 (Add all I.Q. of all players)

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