Jared Taylor on “The Heroic White Tribe of Africa”

This is an excellent overview of the tragic history of the Boers. For a bit more detail on the “British greed” that motivated the English-Boer war of 1899, see Part 2 of Andrew Joyce’s “Free to Cheat: ‘Jewish Emancipation’ and the Anglo-Jewish Cousinhood.” The relevant excerpt:

Another example of the Cousinhood’s increasing grip on the direction of British politics came with growing Rothschild involvement in South Africa. Feldman states that during 1890s the Rothschild branch became “heavily involved in diamond and gold mining on the Rand.”[40] When the German-Jewish diamond and gold mining magnate Alfred Beit floated Rand Mines in 1893, he was crucial in ensuring the House of Rothschild received more than 25% of the shares. By 1899, Britain found itself at war with the Boers of the Transvaal over the vague cause of securing political rights for foreign gold miners.[41] Because of the obvious shared ethnic heritage of the mine owners and the diplomats who trod the path to war, “the view that the war was a Jewish war was commonplace among its opponents.”[42]

This opinion was reinforced by the fact that one of the conflict’s earliest supporters was J.H. Hertz — Chief Rabbi in South Africa. Hertz would later be rewarded for beating the war drum with an appointment to no less a position than “Chief Rabbi of the British Empire.”[43] In February 1900, Members of Parliament were openly acknowledging the Jewish complexion of the hostilities, with John Burns emphatically declaring before a full House of Commons that “Wherever we examine, there is a financial Jew operating, directing and inspiring the agonies that have led to this war…the British army which  used to be used for all good causes…has become the janissary of the Jews”[44] — a comment that rings true today as a description of the American armed forces as a tool of Israel and its powerful American lobby in the war in Iraq and the looming war with Iran.

The same year, the Trades Union Congress issued a statement that the war was being fought to “secure the gold fields of South Africa for cosmopolitan Jews who have no patriotism and no country.” Justice, the newspaper of the Social Democratic Federation pointed out the involvement of “unscrupulous Jewish financiers” and the “Semitic-capitalist press.”[45] It is difficult to conceive of such free public expression today in the mainstream media.

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  1. Oscar Wilson
    Oscar Wilson says:

    The Anglo-Boer war was a mini-tragedy that preceded the two Anglo-German world wars which were major and avoidable tragedies. The Afrikaners were a nation in the making which never came to fruition, for several reasons of which the money-power and communist parties were only part albeit important. Verwoerd’s grand partition plan would have succeeded with western support. Now Europeans everywhere must draw the right lessons.

  2. Eric
    Eric says:

    Excellent video.

    Too bad no mention was made of the role of Jews, both in causing the Boer wars and in forcing White South Africans to give up their power. Also, I understand there were few blacks in South Africa until the country became prosperous. Then blacks migrated into the country from the north searching for jobs.

  3. bruno
    bruno says:

    Mr. Taylor is one of the great men of our people. If we survive outside of Byelorussia, Poland and Russia, statues should be built of that great man. As for Russia, in all probability, the Chinese will eventually own much of her Asian sector. No one knows our future. In all probability, there will be pockets of EuroMan in what is now Canada, the US and Australia. Of course, Argentina will remain. Taylor’s essential point is well made; mainly, infighting is what has been responsible for much of EuroMan’s dilemma.
    Sto lat do Pana Taylora (May Mr. Taylor live a 100 yrs.).

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      …” infighting is what has been responsible for much of EuroMan’s dilemma.”

      No doubt “infighting” is a big impediment for Euroman in getting sufficiently organized to effectively neutralize the existential threat against them .

      Prof KMac has tacitly identified “individualism” as a major dilemma for Euroman ( aka The Whites ) whereby they cannot prevail as individualists against persistent collectivist adversaries .

      It is impossible to square individualism with collectivism since individualism is based on the supremacy/sovereignty of an individual within a group whereas collectivism is based on the supremacy/sovereignty of a ruler/commander/hierarchy over any or all individuals of a group . The most salient feature of collectivism is the explicit or implicit mutually agreed obligation for personal sacrifice for “the greater good” of the collective upon demand of the ruler or hierarchy of the group .

      Personal sacrifice “for the greater good” is profoundly irrational since it defeats the purpose of joining a group for personal benefits . In particular , why would any sane person join a group/collective if not to personally benefit from membership in it ?

      Many people claim the crucifixion of JC was an affirmation of collectivist sacrifice . That controversy is beyond the scope of this comment .

      Fortunately , totally effective modern organizations can be engineered for the sake of individualists without requiring the cowardly ancient tradition of collectivist sacrifice , on demand “for the greater good”, by simply permitting voluntary sacrifice with no penalty for refusal to volunteer .

      However , individualism is so deeply embedded into the DNA of Euroman that he has difficulty engineering any organization of any kind for any purpose .

  4. Scott Burns
    Scott Burns says:

    John Burns MP was also the first to sit in a British Cabinet from the working class, and honourably resigned from government over the madness of Britain entering the first world war, one of only a shamefully few to do so. So I reckon we can take from this that he was a man of truth and principle, and believe what he tells us.
    It is always thus: The Jews do something outrageously crooked and totally for their, and against our interests’, a few brave people point it out at the time, but official history censors it, until decades later it’s left to ‘conspiracy theorists’ to drag it out of the weeds of time. This highlights the utter cowardice and shamelessness of the contemporary ‘conservative/patriot’ class, i.e. those who pretend to represent the interests of this group in the population. For 100 years, this group would have understood that covering for Jews was harder for them than it was for their fathers, but will be even harder for their sons and grandchildren if they don’t speak up. Yet they don’t. The never do.

    It becomes more and more apparent to me over the years that any man would be hard pressed to find even a semi-popular ‘conspiracy theory’ that didn’t in fact turn out to be true.
    The orthodox belief that ‘conspiracy theories’ are for fools is ridiculous on it’s face. We are expected to understand that all of society is organised, as it is, from the lowliest occupation to the highest, the poorest the the richest, from birth to death, and everything in between, all aspects of human endeavour is organised in some little or large way. With all things becoming more organised the higher up the scale of society and power they go.
    Yet at the very apex of this system, it is just an anarchic, swirling mess of chaos?
    When all logic, common sense and experience tells us that the pinnacle of society should be they most tightly controlled of all, we are expected to swallow the idea, that to think this, makes one a kook? A ‘conspiracy theorist’?

    It’s ridiculous.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” When all logic, common sense and experience tells us that the pinnacle of society should be [the] most tightly controlled of all “…

      I think you are confused about that . The higher up you go in a hierarchy the more freedom you have to enact your preferred decisions because you would have fewer authorities/officials above you to answer to . In other words , you acquire more freedom and become less of a slave as you move up in a hierarchy .

  5. Al Ross
    Al Ross says:

    A Scottish Member of Parliament , Capt AM Ramsay, who was critical of Britain’s defence of Jewish mining interests ( Beit , Werner , Barnato and later Oppenheimer ) described the British Army’s role in the Boer War as being ” the Janissaries of the Jews.”

    A song in remembrance of the Boers’ honourable defeat :


    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Thank you for introducing me to awareness of Captain Ramsay, whose powers of observation were evidently quite as sharp as his tongue.

      Interesting, isn’t it, how when the gents you mention (along with the Rothschild family) formed diamond-mining consortia, they named them in such a recognizably Jewish way: Anglo-American, for one; De Beers, for another?*

      Given that the de Beer brothers—Dutch, of course, not Jews—were compelled to sell their property for a pittance effectively at the point of a (Judaeo-British) gun, it must grate with their descendants that they, not the ever-guiltless Jews, should be the objects of the odium that the corporate de Beer name has richly earned.

  6. Angelicus
    Angelicus says:

    There is a saying that goes like this “There is no use in crying over spilled milk”. The same applies to this ridiculous video about the passing of the Boers. Who were the Boers? A bunch of ignorant peasants and Bible-bashers (by the way, their brand of Christianity (Calvinism) was the most Judaic of all Protestant heresies). Which were the great contributions to Western civilization created by these oafs? I haven’t heard of any great Boer composers, writers, scientists, sculptors or painters. What could you expect from brutes who hated civilized life, people for whom dancing, singing, etc were “sinful” activities? In Calvinist England, during Cromwell’s dictatorship theatres were closed and playing cards or dice forbidden.

    The modern South African state born in 1948 was something different. White South Africans understood the natural order of things and Nature and wisely kept Blacks at bay, denying them any political participation and social importance or influence. That was very good, but they cowardly and shamefully did not move a finger when the traitor Frederik de Klerk took power in 1989. White South Africans dug their own graves. I don’t have any sympathy for people like that.

  7. Al Ross
    Al Ross says:

    The Boers displayed vital skill sets which may be key to future White survival in nations , like the US, which used to be theirs , viz., farming and fighting .

    Anyone on the waiting list for a heart transplant should thank the Afrikaaner surgeon , Christiaan Barnard.

  8. Al Ross
    Al Ross says:

    Anti – White people with ostentatiously Roman Catholic, Supernatural nicknames must surely adhere to their Jewish Saviour’s inter racial message , viz., ” You Are All One In Christ ?”

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      If you are referring to the self-identified winged messenger whose comment sits two above yours, Al, your diagnosis is about as mistaken as it could possibly be. Read the present comment again, and look up his comments elsewhere.

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