For White Boys Contemplating Our Dark Future

“Even Satan presents himself as an angel of the Light.” — 2 Corinthians 11: 14

I was born in the last years of the segregated South, and I remember both the period before integration and the period afterward.  I was born to a father who was an electrical engineer, and a mother who was a waitress, and we had a comfortable, placid life until my father sustained severe brain damage in a car accident, requiring that he be retrained as a barber.  That was was around the time when my mother had to begin waiting on tables, to keep our finances afloat, and things became hardscrabble.  Looking back, I can see now that we lived in what many people would consider poverty.  My mother had seven children, too many even for those times, and the financial and psychological stress became more than she could handle.  She buried herself in Christian fundamentalism, seeking solace, but instead became more unstable and volatile.  In time, she began to suffer from extreme religious delusions, believing Jesus had returned to the earth and could be sought out if a sufficient effort was made.  Our home became increasingly violent, dysfunctional and broken, until it disintegrated midstream in our childhoods.  My father went to his parents’ home, where he died in a dark back bedroom, whimpering about his undying love for my mother.  For her part, my mother wandered away, stark raving mad, to search for her Messiah in unlikely places, and in the intervening four decades I have had no contact with her.

My parents’ ancestors had not had easier paths, even though their people were all from once prominent and wealthy Southern families.  Their families had obeyed the law in owning slaves, but had never abused their servants; instead they had considered them to be extended family members.  While I’m sure horror stories existed, I believe my own family’s lore recounting symbiotic and amiable relationships generally reflected the norm of those times.  In any event, both families had ended up landless and scattered as a result of Mr. Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation.  No one has ever talked about reparations for what many of them suffered:   bankruptcies, suicides, malnutrition, rooming house lodgings in their dotages, and early deaths.  Generations later, some of my ancestors were still living in shantytowns, occasionally being rousted out of their squatter villages by the police or military.

Out of these origins, we watched with familiar misgivings as soldiers with bayonets integrated public schools during the Civil Rights Era.  I remember that the school hallways soon stank from the odor of our fear, as our new peers pummeled, kicked and stomped their way into our hearts.  The Media invariably portrayed timid Black children entering schools through crowds of jeering and aggressive Whites, but our experience was somewhat the opposite:   we accommodated our government’s directives warily but meekly, and still got our asses handed to us.  Prior to integration, there had been order, discipline, optimism and a sense of community.  Afterward, we occupied institutions that were intimidating jungles, so much so that the frequent physical and sexual assaults that we experienced were usually not even reported.  We had been told what side history was on, and we were loath to disagree by making complaints.

Long before there were terms like “Media bias,” or “virtue-signaling,” or “Libtards,” we learned their meaning.  During the urban riots of 1968, a liberal teacher decorated our classroom’s bulletin boards with photos of Black rioters shot dead on the sidewalks by the police in Detroit and Watts.

“This will cause them to attack us more in the hallways,” a few of us pleaded.

The teacher was nonplussed by our comment.  “We have to demonstrate that we’re on the side of the civil rights movement” he responded with bewilderment.  “You must think of the greater good of our society, and make an effort to be team players.”

In my mind, this response was irresponsible gibberish, unconnected to the realities of the school hallways we were required to navigate. Yet, throughout my life, in response to my reservations in similar situations, the respondents have always deferred to God, morality, or the greater good.  And none of the answers I have received have been logical or sufficient.

I tried to play the game.  I tried to believe I would be treated fairly in the newly emerging integrated and “Diverse” America.  I soon realized this society will ultimately exclude the melanin-deficient, despite their delusions about having a place in this country’s future.  I had new lessons to learn, and after college I joined a federal agency, one divided into agents and support personnel.  The agents held a large majority of the higher-grade positions, and to achieve upward mobility it was clear that one should attempt to become an agent.  I applied to get into the agent training program, and was repeatedly turned down for admission.  It did not matter that I had two advanced degrees, one of which specialized in our agency’s mission.  It did not matter that I had known poverty via the misfortunes of a brain damaged father and a mother who was a violent lunatic.  There were no slots on the application to present that information, and, while I was shut out of the academy, it was common knowledge that others walking in off the street received preferences based on race and ethnicity.  “This is a non-issue,” I was told, in response to my complaints.  “Most of the applicants hired to be agents are still white.”  I appealed to my work colleagues, and quickly discovered that Whites who succeeded in getting admitted to the academy were indifferent to those of us who got left behind; they simply concluded that we must be deficient in some manner and thus worthy of our designation as lesser mortals.

It did not help to point out other corruptions in the selection process:   the family members of agency officials were admitted into the academy in statistically impossible numbers, and the children of slain agents were simply waved in if they met the minimum admission requirements.  Someone’s father catching a bullet did not seem to create more merit than my father having scraped his head down a highway; sometimes a death is a vastly more merciful fate than the fate of those who go on living.  Be that as it may, for fifteen years of doing the agency’s skut work, I received the same consideration as any external applicant doing similar office work elsewhere, and the rationale for this was, ironically, stated to be “the necessity for all applicants to be treated equally.”  The problem with the rationale presented was that I could not expect the same reciprocity from other employers if I sought to be hired by them — they would be loyal to their own employees in ways that mine had not been to me.  Between the racial preferences and the partial nullification of my labor investment, I’d received a double whammy.

No one gave a hoot about any of this.  I filed grievances, and quickly discovered that the grievance process was intended to channel and smother dissent, not to deliver justice or meaningful redress.  There was also an Ombudsman, whose position was ostensibly intended to help mediate grievances like my own.  This possibility for recourse looked promising, until it was discovered that her husband’s job consisted of maintaining the agency’s Affirmative Action statistics and monitoring the success of the agency’s Diversity Programs.  I sued, and a judge ordered the head of our Legal Counsel Division to attend a mediation meeting to seek a resolution for my suit.  The gentleman declined to put in an appearance, and instead sent an Assistant U.S. Attorney, who was openly hostile toward me.  She stated that I would be offered career counseling, absolutely nothing else, and proceeded to deride me in my presence with descriptive terms like “snob,” “elitist,” and “malcontent.”

“Appeal their decision,” a petite and usually passive coworker urged when I phoned her with my results.  “Don’t be afraid of them.  They’re not competent enough to be scary.”

My coworker was wrong.  They were plenty scary, and I was aware that the agency had unlimited time, personnel, and tax money to fight my lawsuit in the courts.  I was also aware that there were few other venues for the airing of my grievance — no lawyer would even touch it — and that most of the people similarly victimized are not even fully aware of their plight, inasmuch as diligent efforts are made to keep the discrimination covert.  What I had experienced was not today’s often-imagined “systemic discrimination” allegedly directed at non-Whites, but instead the real McCoy — a de facto discrimination against Whites that is now codified, institutionalized and commonplace.  It is discrimination sanctioned and promoted by our government, academia, the media, and the private sector, and there are no advocacy groups for its victims, no support groups for its survivors, and no films or books created to pull heartstrings over their suffering.  The victims, if they are perceived at all, are looked upon as being inconsequential damage, unworthy of acknowledgement because they had their injuries coming.  For its part, my agency, and countless others like it, generally grind up their victims as invisibly as possible, ruthlessly, silently, insidiously, without genuine compassion or interest, licensed to do damage by goals they believe to be noble.   I had even at one point done a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain statistics for the racial preferences, and the agency had released printouts of numbers that no one could decipher.  When asked for an interpretation, the bureaucrats simply ignored me.

I had spent ten years jogging down icy highways in February, to meet the academy’s physical requirements.  I had specifically obtained a second advanced degree because it was in our agency’s field of expertise.  None of it mattered one iota.  “You are being treated fairly,” I was told firmly.  “No one is mistreating you.”  That was no doubt their opinion, but I left the mediation meeting feeling thoroughly violated.

My unit supervisor was a pleasant Black man, and I was later told to meet with him for my lawsuit’s reward, the career counseling.  He waited until the last day of the deadline for providing the counseling, and then called me into his office and turned on his computer.  For an hour and a half, he read the agency’s job postings to me, the job vacancies listed on the agency’s website.  When he was done, he gave me a sincere pat on the arm and uttered familiar words:  “Go back to work now, and try to be a team player.”  One of his White underlings was far less diplomatic.  “We are trying to be tolerant of you,” he said.  “We know it is important to keep our friends close, and our enemies closer.”  This same gentleman, during a previous time of friction, had once reassured me that he had been taught how to kill adversaries within five seconds with merely a pencil.

My Black boss, not long after my career counseling, brought into our career ladder two semi-illiterate Black janitors, and hired them to do the same work I was performing.  The career ladder brought them inevitably up the rungs until they were one grade level below my own.  I remained one grade level above them only because I was their supervisor, and I spent my last years at the agency laboriously correcting the work that they could only go through the motions of performing.

Things got even more gruesome.  I never saw another promotion in the agency, during the remainder of my tenure.  Meanwhile, the Black agents in our agency had previously had a discrimination lawsuit against it.  Most of these people were mediocrities who had achieved their positions only through the racial preferences dispensed to them, but, not satisfied with that largesse, they had then become disgruntled when their advancement through the management ranks was slow.  They had sued, received financial settlements, and, as part of the settlements, the agency had agreed to reeducate all of its managers through diversity training seminars.

In the seminars we were taught that Affirmative Action preferences were necessary in order for America to keep pace with its rapidly changing demographics.  White Americans would soon be a minority, and the emerging America would contain a new but historically disadvantaged non-White majority.  White America had debts to pay, for its mistreatment of non-Whites, and it should pay its debts in a good-natured manner.   In the meanwhile, our democratic principles of government, we were told, along with consumerism and good will and the English language were destined to keep the country glued together.

In these seminars, we were told not to pose questions or to contradict the speakers.  “If you have questions or comments,” the facilitators said, “you may approach the stage with them only when the seminar is concluded.”  It was in this milieu that I first began to have epiphanies that when they keep telling you to be a team player, it means you’re about to get raped.  It was in this milieu that I had the epiphany that when they keep telling you to get on the right side of history, it means eventually they’re going to get around to killing you.  First they destroy books, careers, icons, statues, graves, and memorials.  Emboldened by their success, they will inevitably move on to their actual targets.  You, in the flesh.  The intial request is an appeal for access to institutions.  The subsequent request is a demand for dominant power in the institutions.  The final request is for us to be complicit in making ourselves irrelevant and extinct, in a country that our ancestors explicitly built for themselves and their descendants.  Indeed, the New America gives every indication of gleefully capitalizing on the founding stock’s own democratic principles, documents and institutions, to achieve that end.

In the seminars, listening to their sophistry, I found myself brimming with many questions I had been directed not to articulate.   If all cultures, groups, and nations are to be respected and accommodated, why was my own being so visibly assaulted and dissolved through social engineering and mass immigration?  Why was our demographic and political displacement described as something desirable, when no non-Western nation or people would interpret it in such a manner?  If previous discrimination against minorities was so damnable, how was justice achieved by routinely penalizing Whites through Affirmative Action discrimination?  Did this not merely redirect the discrimination against a new group of innocents?  Why should we be expected to cheerfully fund and facilitate our own society’s reinvention through social and governmental policies?  Why are we forbidden even to describe our displacement and replacement with those same terms — when they accurately describe what is being done to us?   Most of all:   How did it become completely impermissible for anyone to ask these questions?

Once again, I noticed an absence of meaningful redress.  Once again, I found there are no avenues for meaningful dissent; there can be no meaningful dissent when there are no venues in which it can be heard.  To pose objections in spite of this reality is to be designated as a braying jackass in a wilderness, even worse, it is to be designated as morally suspect, as being illogical, indeed, as being evil.  Once again, we are to be the dehumanized collateral damage of the “arc of moral justice,” and our moral worth depends on the extent to which we submit to that condition silently and willingly.  Our own group’s need for self-perpetuation, for self-determination, for equality under the law — these things have all been rendered irrelevant, meaningless, in a society in which all things are now politicized and polarized.

Yet, to reiterate, America’s founding documents and founding institutions were created to first benefit the descendants of the European founding stock.  They clearly proclaimed that they existed for the benefit of the founders’ progeny.  It is thus folly to contend that they were intended to be tools for the dissolution of the nation-state created by those ancestors, and for four centuries America, with the exception of eight states in the South, was largely an ethnostate with an identifiable and relatively homogeneous culture and people.   All of that is now being destroyed in the name of an ill-defined largesse or the purely mercenary desire to import cheap labor, consumers, or votes.  The resulting metamorphosis will achieve the destruction of all that is familiar to us in the span of a single human lifetime, a lifetime of a mere seventy years, spanning from the gutting of our immigration laws in 1965 to the year 2035, the earliest date at which Whites are predicted to become a minority in the U.S.  And the year 2035 is tomorrow — an eyeblink away.  The currently emerging American society will be characterized by the end goal of many of the forces arrayed against us; we will evolve into a society characterized by one-party rule — by the Democratic Party, a political entity that is increasingly anti-status quo, anti-White, and radically socialist in its leanings.

Reacting to this with a shrug is the purest kind of madness.  Acquiescing to it is collaboration with a fate that will strip us of the right of self-determination, because other groups vote in blocs and we will, quite simply, be outnumbered and outvoted.  It is collaboration with the dispossession of our culture and our history, because both will be inevitably pushed into America’s margins.  It portends the confiscation of our wealth, because our wealth will need to be taxed away from us to subsidize the poverty of the incoming hordes.  Most importantly, all of this will dispossess us of our future as a people, because we will have become the Boers of North America and our future will be determined by others.  If the histories of the Tutsis of Rwanda, the Uyghurs of China, and the Christian Armenians of Turkey are indicators of the dark proclivities of human nature — as indeed they are — it may ultimately cost many of us the greatest price of all.

Are these notions beyond the pale for contemplation?  I think not.  We live in a time in which many nations guarantee their citizens’ rights in their constitutions, yet those rights are routinely disregarded.  We live in an era that is characterized, like all of the human history that preceded it, by purges and genocides, an era in which billions of humans are entirely content to live under the tyrannies of Communism, radical Islam, or authoritarianism.  These are the dark and dangerous waters into which our politicians cheerfully plan to cast us adrift on a raft built from blind faith, a hodgepodge raft constructed from scraps of the ideologies promoting globalism, universalism, racial egalitarianism, reverse racism, and other “isms.”  It will be a vessel unfit for any approaching storm, a craft that will easily upend in a vast and tumultuous human sea, and one where there is every reason to believe that our adventure will finalize with our disappearance.

In response to this predicament, for the largest part, our own countrymen are fat and comfortable and happy.  They are far too relaxed and stupid to entertain any notions involving fear, and the cynic in me no longer believes that what remains of America can be saved without upheaval, radicalism, and violence.  While I would never advocate violence, nor will I condemn it, not while my country is being gleefully and unnecessarily butchered all around me.  And in the face of today’s unrelenting turmoil, there have been, of late, clarion truisms that keep ringing in my mind.  One is the statement of Mr. Trump, on January 6, 2021, that “If you don’t fight like hell for your country, you’re not going to have one.”  Another sadly resonating truism is the one allegedly made by the Capitol Breach rioter Riley June Williams, a seven-word sentence that sums up our predicament: “There are no longer any political solutions.”  An even more disturbing insight that keeps entering my consciousness is one attributed to the writer Guillaume Faye:  “When you are forced to choose between violence and extinction, regrettably, the only correct moral choice is violence.”

How sad, even to have been placed in the position to need to contemplate such thoughts.  This is the corner into which our idiot leaders have now painted us, and most of us will no doubt live to see the fruits of their folly.  I am aging fast, and I may be spared such a fate; even so, I know where my ghost will abide when its time comes.  I will be at the running track at my agency’s academy, the academy where I never got admitted.  I will be running in the brutal cold of February, running as I used to run, groaning to push forward with a clenched jaw into the wind.  I will be catapulting around the track, believing against all of the available evidence that this country still has a future for my children, believing in a future in which an uncorrupted justice will yet prevail.

Believing anyway.

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  1. Harry Warren
    Harry Warren says:

    The ‘Capitol Breach rioter’? With capital letters too? Methinks you are not one of my people. CIA? FBI?

    • Chris M
      Chris M says:

      “Methinks you are not one of my people. CIA? FBI?”

      You beat me to it. I was thinking the same thing. But for different reasons.

      Such as the title. I mean, WTF? Then there’s the opening quote and the whole first paragraph. There’s just something inauthentic and unbelievable about it.

      But also the fact that it was long, boring, depressing, and ended in a pathetic, feeble-minded sort of way.

      It had “Give Up!” written all over it. As if that was the intention. To demoralize.

      One could easily imagine some agent-troll sitting at their desk writing it. It just stunk to high heaven from beginning to end. It read like it was scripted.

      This is why I don’t visit this site that much anymore. I’m sure KM and some of the writers are sincere.

      But there’s just something about the site in general that raises doubts. It’s as if the usual suspects got to them somehow. And who knows? Maybe they did.

      But, giving them the benefit of the doubt, let’s say that’s not the case. Ok. Fair ehough. Even so, they still have no solutions, and post articles like this one. Just another variation on the theme that Whites are doomed. So, what’s the point?

      I mean, how many articles can you read about the who, what and how of a group’s descent into darkness. Reminds one of Nietzsche’s warning about looking into the abyss. No thanks.

      • W. Poe White
        W. Poe White says:

        “There’s just something inauthentic and unbelievable about it.” I don’t know what you’re talking about. The article strikes me as authentic and wholly believable and also well written, honest and thoughtful.

        “It had “Give Up!” written all over it. As if that was the intention. To demoralize…. they still have no solutions” But you do? Let’s hear them then.

        • British Groyper fan
          British Groyper fan says:

          Move out of the cities. Move to the small towns and find like minded people. Let the filth eat itself.
          In a time when organised Jewry is telling us that “White supremacy” is the greatest threat to their system, only feds would be encouraging our people to “choose violence”.

        • Servenet
          Servenet says:

          Hey, guy, if you think this article isn’t unusually depressing and black-pilled in-and-of-itself…then your skull is just a little too thick. The whole thing is shot-through with stewing-in-your-own-juices moaning. Not saying the awfulness of the narrative related therein is not accurate. Everybody here knows that it is. But to come off like the commenter doesn’t have an accurate take of his own on this dark-as-night essay is to just exhibit a good deal of plain cluelessness. True also the “agent” – wtf…reaction. I mean, really, an ultimate System Man is writing this stuff…WTF?!

          • W. Poe White
            W. Poe White says:

            ” if you think this article isn’t unusually depressing and black-pilled in-and-of-itself…then your skull is just a little too thick” Read what I wrote. I didn’t say the article wasn’t depressing. I said it was authentic, honest and thoughtful. Not some Fed psyop as Chris M was suggesting. I see no reason to suspect Desmond Walker of bad faith or or trying to demoralize.

            “The whole thing is shot-through with stewing-in-your-own-juices moaning.” I don’t see any woe-is-me moaning in Walker’s writing. He is just honestly recounting what happened to him. This isn’t whining, it’s facing facts. Facing the truth squarely is a sign of strength of character. Not hysterical petulance and victimlogical resentment a la Woke Leftoids.

            The truth is dark but that is no reason to deny reality and take refuge in head-in-sand denial. I do not want false hope based on sugar-coated illusions. Nor do I wallow in despair and self-pity. Nor do I get the impression that Walker is wallowing in despair and self-pity.

            If facing painful facts is too much for you then you’re on the wrong website.

          • Jody Vorhees
            Jody Vorhees says:

            Why do people come on these sites and ask, “Why aren’t you telling us what to do?” If you think about it, you already know what to do. The question “Why aren’t you telling us what to do?” was occasionally asked of Nelson Mandela (an icon of the modern social justice movement who in reality was a blood-spattered terrorist). He responded, very simply: “You must become ungovernable. You must destabilize this society until it negotiates with us.” Mandela’s followers destabilized the Republic of South Africa until its government negotiated with the African National Congress. From there, it was a short hop, skip and jump to the end of White South Africa. In a similar manner, there is no reason for White America to be passive as our future is being erased for us. Refuse to cooperate with the powers that be. Drag your feet. Undermine them. When possible, openly defy them. At every step, impede, obstruct, delay and frustrate them. Will this create wreckage? Yes, if we’re lucky. But perhaps in the wreckage there will still be something salvageable; nothing salvageable will be left once the Third World America has materialized. There will be no retreating, once we morph into Brazil.

          • George Kocan
            George Kocan says:

            Certainly, the Democrat/Commies who run the government are prepared for such resistance, since they know it so well themselves.

      • Goffty
        Goffty says:

        The AI article and competitive victimhood hood were interesting as general topics, and not necessarily from the perspective of jew hate

      • Forever Guilty
        Forever Guilty says:

        “It had “Give Up!” written all over it. As if that was the intention. To demoralize.

        One could easily imagine some agent-troll sitting at their desk writing it. It just stunk to high heaven from beginning to end. It read like it was scripted.

        This is why I don’t visit this site that much anymore. I’m sure KM and some of the writers are sincere. “

        I think, you are totally wrong. Writers and especially TOO founder surely have Balls of Iron, not to mention high IQ

      • Trevor Sedis
        Trevor Sedis says:

        Feminists have attacked men and masculinity for the past 55 years. They drugged boys for being imperfect girls; destroyed marriages and babies; mocked faith; removed all-male schools, institutions, fraternal orders, gyms, clubs; demonized male sacrifices; ruined male lives with false accusations; and so on. They did/do all that while demanding that guys keep doing all the dirty, dangerous, deadly jobs…while females get handed the cushiest jobs.

        During all that time…for more than a half-century…what uplifting, inspiring, effective actions did YOU take to counter the above?

        We’ll wait.

      • Jody Vorhees
        Jody Vorhees says:

        Anyone who wonders if this narrative was contrived probably never worked for a federal bureaucracy.

        That aside, turn on your television and you’ll find every third channel occupying itself with a victim narrative of some kind: unhappy fist-in-the-air Black people, unhappy Hispanic people, unhappy Asians, etc., all lamenting their marginalization and mistreatment by White America. It is an unending barrage of verbal and visual assaults, and the essence of this messaging is pretty simple: White America is evil and it has oppressed them and it deserves to fade away. Yet where are the narratives detailing the often brutal impact of America’s reinvention on Whites? Where are the personal stories about their own frequent victimization? Where are those stories recounted, other than on a few sites like this one?

        The American intelligence community does not sit and insert stories like Mr. Walker’s into websites like this, simply because it has no need to do so. The at-large media and academia effectively silence or manipulate such narratives on their own, while promoting the often fanciful victim narratives of nonwhites. As for demoralization, if there is any genuinely meaningful resistance against this and America’s ongoing dissolution and reinvention, it is occurring very peripherally and found in very few places. I would wager even at this late date that most Whites are still either unaware of what is happening, or feel helpless to change what they’re witnessing. Little effort is needed to help them retain those mindsets.

        The practical value of this article, if it has any, is that in its conclusion it advocates for hope in the face of a situation wherein little hope seems warranted. If you feel demoralized by the reflections, perhaps offer some courses of action that you personally consider viable and legal and practical. What effective techniques have you discovered and utilized? We and the crickets we’re sitting amongst will be waiting to hear from you. In the meanwhile, the least you can do is respect the reality that this site is one of the few that allows people like Mr. Walker to demonstrate that, despite the aforementioned dominant media narratives, it is millions of White American who are actually on the receiving end of what is real “systemic racism” — and routinely get raped by it.

  2. Caryl Johnston
    Caryl Johnston says:

    Remarkable and moving document. Would like to hear more from this writer. Growing up in the South in those days was a tremendous education. Mr. Walker gives a different picture of it, one that I must admit I did not fully understand at the time.

  3. curri
    curri says:

    This same gentleman, during a previous time of friction, had once reassured me that he had been taught how to kill adversaries within five seconds with merely a pencil.

    The late G. Gordon Liddy used to talk about that means of killing frequently on his radio show. He described the method, but I won’t repeat it here except for the fact it involved the use of a sharpened #1 pencil.

  4. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    Thank you, sir, for your honest insights; more so for your courage to speak out.

    Yes, there are no more political solutions. When I talk to people in our community I am dismayed that their entire focus is on the 2024 election. I tell them “Didn’t you learn anything from the last election? You vote DOES NOT COUNT”.

  5. Some White Guy
    Some White Guy says:

    Lamentably correct at every turn. The author starkly lays out the truth of our collective predicament.

  6. George Kocan
    George Kocan says:

    I have heard this story before, from a friend. Martin Luther King, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the civil rights movement in general have paved the way for Critical Race Theory, the 1619 Project, Lori Lightfoot (the mayor of Chicago who refuses to give interviews to White reporters) and the current war on Whites. The anti-White policy has nullified the stated reason for the Civil Rights Act of 1964–equal protection under the law. I say, make it official, repeal the Act.

  7. Tim
    Tim says:

    The January 6 demonstration can be regarded as a message from decent Americans that there will be pushback and that they will not allow a takeover of America by dark forces..

  8. Anthony Aaron
    Anthony Aaron says:

    As a sort of corollary to your opening quotation — this from ‘The Usual Suspects’ in the closing voiceover: ‘The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist.’

  9. Crush Limbraw
    Crush Limbraw says:

    Despair is not the answer – – and that commentary by Vox Day is just for starters. Our immediate ancestors in America were woefully unaware of WTF has been going on here for over 100 years+ – – that includes me and my generation, so get off our butts and get to work – NOW. Those links I provided are not for short attention spans or casual readers.

  10. Crush Limbraw
    Crush Limbraw says:

    After posting my previous comment, I just came upon this – – another confirmation that much of our present consternation with our country was earned by our selfish parents and grandparents – when you don’t stay married to raise your kids – AS A GENERATION – the consequential results are a given.
    This comment is not directed at the author – I am talking GENERATION.
    That’s a matter of historical record!
    What is happening now apparently is that our kids and grandkids have taken up the mantle which our elders dropped.
    That is encouraging!

  11. Michael Robeson
    Michael Robeson says:

    This is the best piece of first person writing I’ve seen at this website, and the best of its kind I’ve seen in yours. If the New Yorker magazine based its submission standards on literary quality, it could be published there. But we all know what kind of politicized work is accepted there. And that’s the main reason the quality of its writing has sunk abysmally.

  12. Nothavinit
    Nothavinit says:

    Any reason to exclude females from the discussion? If you haven’t noticed by the debut of the film, KAREN, white women are massive targets of this extermination enterprise. Stop being pigs. It’s not all about you. It’s about ALL WHITES.

    • Trevor Sedis
      Trevor Sedis says:

      > “Stop being pigs. It’s not all about you.”

      Stop being a bitch. It’s all about women (especially white women: Steinem, Friedan, Faludi, Wolf, etc.) having attacked all men (white and non-white) for the past 5 decades.

      Now they want to help?

      How, exactly?

      • Curmudgeon
        Curmudgeon says:

        “especially white women: Steinem, Friedan, Faludi, Wolf,…”
        The white in colour, but not Caucasian. They are from the tribe whose name must not be spoken, who, at their convenience, are “white” only when attacking whites.

  13. Jody Vorhees
    Jody Vorhees says:

    I have often looked at the forcible and tumultuous integration of our public schools as the watershed time when our defenses as a people first began to undergo massive collapses. Almost everything else we are wrestling with today followed in the wake of that monumental defeat.

  14. Anon
    Anon says:

    I remember when cities in the North experienced school desegregation. They were shocked thinking their proximity to their own school would save them. Blacks were on the other side of town. The junior high school in the black part of town was torn down and now they had to attend school with blacks. Blacks were successfully kept out of New England and California for a long time, and I hope they start flooding into them. Why should the South get stuck with all the enrichment?

  15. John
    John says:

    Desmond Walker nailed it w/this:
    “Most importantly, all of this will dispossess us of our future as a people, because we will have become the Boers of North America and our future will be determined by others. If the histories of the Tutsis of Rwanda, the Uyghurs of China, and the Christian Armenians of Turkey are indicators of the dark proclivities of human nature — as indeed they are — it may ultimately cost many of us the greatest price of all.“.
    Rest assured this awaits us, unless we wake up.

  16. bruno
    bruno says:

    I believe the two initial commentaries against he author are unjust. Even if it wasn’t factual it certainly isolates around contemporary reality.

    As a kid I saw the Detroit riot. Most interesting was the flight of citizens. Plebeians who had saved their entire lives, lost everything they had. Even those who paid a home mortgage for 20 or 30 years skipped town.

    Media blamed Whitey; “he had not done enough!” As a youngster, I was astounded at what I had seen, but there’s no sense in rehashing old potatoes. To get to the chase, I said screw it all. Things were put in order and all personal possessions were sold for peanuts. I can remember an expensive TV audio system going for pennies on the dollar. It was difficult to part with a gun collection. Everything was just about being given away. That’s the price one pays to protect loved ones. Tickets were bought for the family and we left for Europe. It’s not easy starting over. At the time I had not thought of Northern Maine or New Hampshire. Way back then Idaho was the most distant thing from anyone’s mind, cuz situation had not escalated to where it is today.

    Mother Europe’s neighborhoods were wonderful. Other than France and England, basically Paris and London… Eastern Europe was Paradise, as far as peace and the quality of being amongst one’s own kind. Eventually, after shopping around, a job was obtained that most people can only dream about. I made hard currency in a soft currency society, but that’s another story. What I’m here to relay is the special feeling that one has when there’s no darkness around.

    One thought he was in heaven. Somewhere between 1976 and 1979 a friend of mine visited and he spoke about what most Americans recognize as TV ads. I sincerely thought that he was exaggerating. After all, how could that be? His family was in real estate and I was supplied with other interesting tidbits about the ins-and-outs of that ever-changing trade. You might find their reiterations very difficult to comprehend, So, we’ll put that aside.

    Fast forward. Revolution occurred and I had to return to the states. I spent nearly a year going from coast to coast on an iron hoss (motorcycle). I was astounded at the American change. It was the worst thing a person could envision. What I found strange was that the people had adjusted. Perhaps it was becuz the culture express was really a slow moving train.

    Demographics and cities that I had known were completely different. Eventually a job was obtained and one became a full time, 4-days a week bureaucrat. My first day I opened a car door for this woman and she slammed it shut. She harshly noted that in this country women can open their own doors. I’ll never forget it. Those in our entourage gave me a strange look. I had been away for such a long time and did not know the rules. I had never seen feminism in action.

    What the author writes about in this article is more than true. In our department third worlders were hired and they were unable to comprehend their jobs. They were a burden to others and no one dared to say a thing. And that’s simply the truth, regardless of any mocking. Thus, I buy the author’s message. I saw incompetence that would stagger a decent person’s imagination. All kinds of excuses were made. The most interesting point I discovered was that eventually the Whites also became lackadaisical and their quality of work astronomically fell.

  17. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    After reading all these comments that (for the most part) echo despair to a greater or lesser extent, I’ll put in another two cents:

    Please consider moving to the inland Pacific Northwest. It is very friendly to our people, and may prove to be a safe haven and even a bastion for regeneration. If you have kids, they would love it!

    It is a wonderful place to live. Good people, beautiful country, and one can grow, shoot, milk or brew everything they need for sustenance.

    As KMAC once said (excuse me if I mess up the quote) , “Living well is the best revenge”.

  18. Lancashire Lad
    Lancashire Lad says:

    I am ageing fast too, but I would say that moving on from employers’ whose culture doesn’t suit you can be more productive than using complaints to the HR/personnel function.

  19. Fenria
    Fenria says:

    This article makes my case for walking away, white man. Why are you still playing their game? Even if they did promote you, you’re still just a cog in their machine, completely disposable and replaceable. You know how you beat and scare this system? You take your talents and your intellect and you walk away. You go buy land, have a family with a good white woman, and use all your talents to construct a working farm that will be self sufficient for generations. THAT is what this jewish system hates. That is what it fears most of all; the competent, society building white people turning their backs en masse and going their own way.

    The jew depends on his goyim lackeys to prop up the infrastructure and keep the lights on. Don’t be one of them. Let the jew run his clownworld country with the blacks holding up infrastructure, haha. Let the failure be massive and clearly evident even to those who want to pretend it isn’t happening. You, smart white man; you sit there on your porch, on your land, sipping your tea, watching, and laughing.

  20. James Clayton
    James Clayton says:

    Here’s where its starting:

    The Whitest medical group in my community, through which I’ve accessed several physicians whom mean a great deal to me is now getting in the way for the same reasons Desmond Walker experienced. It simply has greatly lowered standards and is having difficulty recruiting physicians and staff with which I’m not at least experiencing cultural and arguably racial conflict resulting in simple ethical dissonance and increasingly poor service such as failing to address disputes economically and effectively. If you haven’t experienced it yet, hopefully you’re the stock that is strong-enough not to need medical care and are having lots of at-least-as-strong offspring.

  21. Kris
    Kris says:

    This article was amazing and really hit home for me, as I currently work in a similar bureaucracy and lost a position several years ago to a minority female with a fraction as much of the required experience. If there is any silver lining however, the agency is still very equal opportunity on paper, and the white males who do rise are much sharper and more competitive than they might otherwise be. In a strange and I’m sure momentary anomaly, the top two spots in the agency were last appointed to white males who are incredibly good at what they do. If any white males were actually benefiting from some special privilege (I don’t think they were) they are definitely at a disadvantage now and now really on the top of their game to get ahead. Still, I get that it may be winning a battle only to lose the war, but I like to acknowledge the positives when I can. Also, I hope to read more from the author.

  22. Floda
    Floda says:

    There’s only one solution for Whites and that is a total and permanent seperation from the black and brown parasites used as foot soldiers in a race war against Whites and western civilization. Get away from them in any way you can and make damn certain they STAY away. The crooks running America right now will use the military to prevent this but all this may change if the present crop of Audits reveal what we suspect and Trump’s impossible return brings a major shift in return of serious attempts at restoring the natural order of matters.

  23. Keith Harbaugh
    Keith Harbaugh says:

    Two words explain the reason for what has transpired in the West since 1945:
    “Never again!”

  24. Cthulhu
    Cthulhu says:

    You, I, and the people reading this aren’t Americans you see. Americans have told us many times an American is one who believes in the values of America, similar to how traitors believe in the value of selling loved ones down the river for short term benefits and child predators believe in the value of irreparably damagine the life of a young person for shallow pleasure.

    Americans are the people who believed in the value of murdering millions of their racial and religious brethren to keep making money. Make no mistake, Americans went into this world both eyes open, they listened to Father Coughlin on the radio, the heard Huey Long’s campaign, they knew the federal government wanted war with the Germans and would do anything to get it, and when they were asked, this country the Japanese would not invade for fear of an unwinnable guerilla war, one the nascent FBI could not dream of attempting, to go to North Africa and Europe to kill their brothers, and to supply Bolshevik communism with the materials to aid them, they muttered not a peep.

    If there is a god or gods or any sort of diving justice, Americans must die for this injustice beyond all injustices, and they will, at the hands of their accomplices and masters on Wall St. and in the federal government.

    But as I said, you, I, the others here, and I will add many more not currently this far along are not Americans, we are white men, lost and scorned in a foreign land, and by our will we can forge a new destiny.

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