Crime, corruption, and interference: China’s CCP confluence in PC Canada

Recent experiences of Canadians in China have Ottawa professing its intention to finally stand up to Beijing. But Canada’s internal Chinese threat demonstrates greater vulnerability to Middle Kingdom machinations. China complements its military and economic power with three Western-bestowed weapons: immigration policies, political correctness, and corporate greed.

Sino-Canadian relations came to prominence on August 10, when a Chinese court imposed the death sentence on a Canadian convicted of drug smuggling. The following day China sentenced another Canadian to 11 years on highly doubtful espionage charges in a largely secret trial. A second alleged Canadian spy awaits trial on equally dubious charges. China arrested those two in apparent retaliation shortly after Canada detained Beijing insider Meng Wanzhou, CFO of tech giant Huawei Technologies, on an American extradition request. While the Canadians languish in solitary confinement, Meng resides in one of her two Vancouver mansions.

Vague talk of trade sanctions and a boycott of Beijing’s 2022 Winter Olympics emphasizes Canada’s helplessness. But China’s depredations inside Canada have long been obvious, especially in Vancouver. The city’s pitiable state might induce scorn, but “Hongkouver” presents a warning to the entire West. With nearly 50 million Chinese living overseas, 80% of them citizens of 180 countries, the rest of the world might wonder whose interests this enormous migration serves. Two recent books have, however cautiously, examined its impact on Canada.

Both authors are journalists, so they distance themselves from any hint of racial realism. Published earlier this year, Sam Cooper’s Wilful Blindness: How A Network of Narcos, Tycoons and CCP Agents Infiltrated the West starts with a preface by a Chinese granting permission to criticize Chinese corruption. Despite Cooper’s disturbing account, the author sometimes expresses almost breathtaking naivete.

Additional revelations come from the 2019 publication Claws of the Panda: Beijing’s Campaign of Influence and Intimidation in Canada. But this writer, former Hong Kong correspondent Jonathan Manthorpe, actually considers “populism” as characterized by Boris Johnson and Donald Trump to be an even more “toxic” threat to Canada than the Chinese Communist Party.

That must be a Chernobyl-level of toxicity because Manthorpe describes China as “a fascist regime . . . with a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.” He adds comparisons to Russian “Mafia capitalism” and “a classic Chinese imperial dynasty.”

The dynasties bring to mind the Middle Kingdom, a country that for thousands of years shut out the rest of the world to bask in its sense of racial superiority.

Now China has unleashed itself and its presumed superiority on the world. Historically, that’s a stunning reversal of more than a century of humiliation by foreign powers that ended with imperial Japan’s 1945 collapse. During the Opium Wars beginning in 1839, British gunboats opened China to the drug trade with Britain, the world’s first narco-state. Grim irony can be seen in the streets of Vancouver, where a sprawling underclass of mostly White addicts contrasts with an ostentatiously wealthy Chinese elite. Cooper says some Canadian and American intelligence sources believe today’s fentanyl trade represents Beijing’s “weaponized” use of the drug.

As Manthorpe explains, what’s good for Chinese business is good for the CCP. He says it’s irrelevant whether or not a Chinese company is state-owned. All sizeable businesses in China and many abroad hold close ties to the Beijing regime.

That’s an aspect of guanxi, the network of relationships that binds Chinese politicians, entrepreneurs, and gangsters. Yes, gangsters — Canadian police and security intel shows that “China’s government is in fact controlling drug cartels,” Cooper reports.

Beginning in the 1970s, the Chinese population of the Canadian province of British Columbia expanded rapidly thanks to exceptionally lax immigration policies, partly a reciprocal gesture for Chinese trade with powerful Canadian corporations. Maybe few places in the world can match greater Vancouver for its proportion of Chinese. Their numbers, wealth, and influence have transformed the metropolitan area.

Among the results have been soaring real estate prices. By the 1980s, middle class Canadians found Vancouver increasingly unaffordable as affluent new arrivals inflated single-family home prices and tore down modest buildings to put up monster houses and luxury towers.

“A new financial system based on secretive transactions had become the city’s economic centre of gravity,” Cooper writes. The main sources were “drug money and capital flight from Mainland China.”

Despite admonitions about “racism,” concerns have been raised since at least the 1990s about money laundering’s impact on housing. Internationally recognized as “the epicentre of money-laundering” is River Rock Casino, a BC government-owned, largely Chinese-staffed, and Chinese-patronized enterprise in the Chinese-dominated Vancouver suburb of Richmond.

Money soiled in any manner comes clean here. Chinese have literally dragged in hockey bags stuffed with grimy twenties from the street drug trade. Others use more sophisticated money transfers through underground banks in Macau or the Chinese mainland with branches in Vancouver and Richmond. These illegal banks have expanded to serve Hispanic cartels and Iranian-backed narco-terrorists.

River Rock patrons convert the money to gambling chips for a stint at the tables before redeeming the chips for respectable bank drafts. BC-originated money both comes from and fuels drug trafficking and loan sharking, with associated gangsterism like prostitution and murder. Money smuggled into BC from China generally comes from wealthy business/criminal figures (there isn’t much distinction) who, despite their usually cosy CCP connections, want to evade currency export restrictions to establish themselves, their families, and their money overseas.

With that money comes influence. And that influence — notwithstanding the flight from the motherland — serves Beijing. Following a two-year study by RCMP and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, the 1997 Sidewinder report provided evidence of CCP-linked businessmen, intelligence operatives and Triads affecting Canadian corporate and political spheres. Targets included Canadian real estate (a place to park wealth and a means of influencing local politicians), technology (especially communications and military applications), academia (more tech intel, along with influence over Chinese students and Canadian curricula), media (to propagate the CCP message), and politicians at all levels of government.

As if confirming the evidence, Canada’s political establishment shot the messengers. “Those involved with the investigations were demoted, moved aside or ridden out of town by senior RCMP and CSIS team members,” Cooper states.

Except for a few more investigative reports that met similar fates, Canadian law enforcement largely gave up. But Manthorpe says Sidewinder’s dramatic findings “obscured the far more subtle and successful means that Beijing uses to ensure its interests in Canada and other countries.”

They include the CCP-funded Confucius Institutes in Canadian schools and universities that monitor overseas students and spread CCP propaganda. But not always subtle are tactics of the United Front Work Organizations that China maintains in its consulates and embassies. Ongoing United Front campaigns include stealing intellectual property, harassing overseas Chinese dissidents, and various means of demanding racial loyalty from the diaspora. Special ops have included buying up and shipping home Canada’s (and other countries’) supplies of personal protective equipment while the motherland kept its Covid epidemic secret. Connected with Triads and money laundering, the United Front funds Chinese and compliant White political candidates.

“Most United Front ‘overseas leaders’ are businessmen who trade on their guanxi with Beijing to earn fortunes,” Cooper explains.

Cooper names several Chinese and White politicians on Canada’s municipal, provincial, and federal levels who have likely or overt links to Chinese underground banking, real estate, loan sharking, or United Front activities. Among them is former prime minister Jean Chretien, “who since leaving office, has been at the CCP’s financial trough earning millions for himself and influencing Global Affairs [Ottawa’s foreign ministry] in the public policy realm. Various Liberal Ministers and Global Affairs have shown a bias and written policy that is favourable to China and not to Canada.” And Cooper notes that the family foundation of current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accepted $1 million from a Chinese organization led by a United Front official.

Manthorpe portrays Canada’s last five Quebecois prime ministers as suspiciously China-friendly, from Mao-admirer Pierre Trudeau down to his son Justin. All five have political, business, and/or family links to the Desmarais family of Quebec that runs Power Corp., a strong beneficiary of Sino-Canadian trade and “the premier gatekeeper of this country’s formal relations with China.” However Quebec, unlike the provinces of Ontario and especially BC, remains relatively unscathed by Chinese immigration.

This Quebecois guanxi helps explain why Canada capitulated while our two most similar countries, Australia and New Zealand, continue to resist Chinese influence. Also unlike Canada, the US has launched “a steady stream of prosecutions” against CCP operatives for stealing technology. “It defies belief that the same level of industrial espionage is not going on in Canada,” Manthorpe argues.

But the Quebecois elite aren’t entirely to blame. The story of HD Mining International casts harsh light on BC opportunists. Neither Manthorpe nor Cooper mention this. In 2013 the Chinese company began coal mining in northeastern BC with an underground work force comprised entirely of 51 miners imported directly from China. Prior to suspending work due to declining prices, the company intended to expand the underground operation to 480 Chinese. The company claimed only Mandarin-speakers could understand longwall mining, a procedure commonly used in the US and Australia, among other countries.

Even after media publicized the story (while avoiding its obvious racial implications), the BC government continued to support the company’s Chinese-only hiring policy. HD Mining stuck with its agenda as two other companies in the same region laid off 775 Canadian coal miners.

Some Third World countries have suffered unfettered Sino arrogance, especially after being compromised by the loans and subsidies behind Belt and Road, the multi-trillion-dollar program to link much of the world’s infrastructure and resources to China. But BC has lowered the bar for First World countries. That prompts the question of who in BC benefits.

“Canadian political parties, academic institutions of various sorts, and the media have been far too willing to accept benefits, financial and otherwise, that make them beholden to the CCP,” Manthorpe stresses. “Perhaps most questionable are Canadian politicians and officials who in retirement from public life accept lucrative consultant work or advisory positions with the CCP and its agencies.”

It’s not just the Chinese elite who attract this subservience. Desperate to win votes from greater Vancouver’s huge Chinese middle class, many White politicians embarrass themselves with awkward attempts to speak Mandarin.

Much as China has transformed Canadian politics, Manthorpe says, China has overwhelmed Canadian business. “CCP practices of corruption, contempt for the rule of law and the sanctity of contracts, hierarchical arrogance, and disdain for social disparity have deeply infected the Canadian corporate world.”

Two years ago, after decades of compliance and/or complicity, the BC government ordered an inquiry of sorts into money laundering. As it plods along, the Cullen Commission will supposedly examine the problem’s full scope “including real estate, gaming, financial institutions, and the corporate and professional sectors.”

But a so-far very narrow focus suggests a number of inhibitions, including fear of racism allegations and the current provincial New Democratic Party government’s complicity, in addition to that of its 16-year BC Liberal predecessor. A thorough inquiry, as Cooper’s book implies, would release a non-partisan sorcerer’s apprentice on the entire establishment. The commission’s report comes due in December.

Meanwhile we can speculate how China will assert itself in Canada as this country succumbs to the multi-faceted social revolution. A hint might have come in Montreal’s 2019 homosexual Pride Parade, a type of event as sacrosanct in Canada as is the Hajj to Islam. Barely mentioned in Canadian media was the experience of a small number of would-be participants from Hong Kong who intended to protest Beijing’s anti-homo policies. Parade organizers barred them following threats from a much larger, aggressively contemptuous group of pro-CCP demonstrators. The Beijing supporters then disrupted the event’s moment of silence by singing the Chinese national anthem. Had Whites committed any comparable “hate crime,” of course, all hell would have broken loose. But police, marchers, and the antifa contingent that was presumably present did nothing.

Also present was Prime Minister Trudeau. Normally quick to berate wrong-thinking Anglos, he said nothing.

Even if China uses political correctness to its advantage, the country makes no concessions towards the West’s dominant ideology. Yet the regime has been embraced by Canada’s political and corporate elite.

Wayne Northrup is a pen name for the author of You Can’t Say That (, a racial satire set in Canada.

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  1. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    This author is only scraping the surface, and leaves out the main culprit in the Chinese invasion the “Conservative” government of Brian Mulroney, Ronald Reagan’s duet partner. As bad as Trudeau v1.0 was on immigration, at least it was a tap on – tap off policy tied to unemployment rates. Trudeau dabbled in China, his flood focused on the Indian sub continent and other “Southern” 3rd world shit holes, which created its own Richmond-like ghettos in and around Vancouver. Mulroney’s crowd went out of it’s way to literally sell Canadian citizenship, post 1984 Hong Kong sign over, to Hong Kong “investors”. Friends living in Vancouver would tell of these “investors” buying floors of condominiums of the converted hotels built for the 1988 Worlds Fair. Toronto suffered no less a flood of “investment” vying with Vancouver to be among the most expensive property markets in North America. To top it off, Lyin’ Brian and his “Conservatives” changed Trudeau’s tap on – tap off immigration policy to a “target” number with a near 50% increase over Trudeau’s worst years. The policy has never been reversed, and the target numbers continue to rise and be fudged. Another “Conservative” government gutted the Temporary Foreign Worker Programme regulations that forced employers to demonstrate they could not find Canadian workers and at the same time allowed them to become citizens after 3 years of being “temporary”. An example locally was a large Chinese supermarket opening in an area flooded with recent Chinese immigrants and university “students”. The government stood back and allowed the owner to hire only those who could speak Chinese. What could go wrong? Suddenly we had an influx of drugs into the city, but, of course it had nothing to do with all of those imported foods from China.
    Yes, China is corrupt, but are the political whores in Canada and the US any less corrupt? Don’t Canadian and US businesses corrupt other governments? Isn’t Wall Street and its Canadian subsidiary really a form of organized crime and money laundering through the “invisible hand” of the mystical market?
    It’s the same story in all of the (((Western liberal democracies))). Fifty years ago it was Saudi and other ME countries using oil money to do the same thing. Yes, the Liberal Party in Canada, and Jean Chretien’s crowd in particular, has a lot to answer for in respect to China, but to pretend the “Conservatives” were any less complicit is insulting to any Canadian who has been paying attention.

  2. Forever Guilty
    Forever Guilty says:

    “Money soiled in any manner comes clean here. Chinese have literally dragged in hockey bags stuffed with grimy twenties from the street drug trade. Others use more sophisticated money transfers through underground banks in Macau or the Chinese mainland with branches in Vancouver and Richmond. These illegal banks have expanded to serve Hispanic cartels and Iranian-backed narco-terrorists.”

    Goodness. I could almost hear Jewish teeth gnashing. Chinese stealing essentially core of Jewish business activities. And because Chinese usually keep their end of bargain, they are easily wining business from Jews. Jew will “keep” his “promise” up to the moment it is beneficial for him and not a second more. He will stab his clients in the back with the great enjoyment if its safe to do so..

  3. ChilledBee
    ChilledBee says:

    The very same thing has been going on in Europe for many decades. The Chinese gangs are the number one traffickers in drugs, (mainly heroin), people, and illegal money. They have no problems at all in getting their dirty money laundered there either. HSBC was one of the big banks that was only too happy to oblige.

    Between the Chinese and the Jews, the poor Europeans were/are sitting ducks.

  4. Ned J. Casper
    Ned J. Casper says:

    Not only Canada, of course.
    Also, “Great” Britain.
    The self-destruction of the economy in ineffectual attempts to protect British Isles from climatic deluge combined with a takeover of its residual industry by the Chinese “Communist” Party is on its way. Behind the mask of global free-trade is the reality of global geo-politics. A civilization of past experience now modernises for future domination. As for TOO’s usual suspects 1.6 billion versus 18 million (tops).

    • pterodactyl
      pterodactyl says:

      In Britain ” a takeover of its residual industry by the Chinese “Communist” Party is on its way. ”
      An example is Brigend Steel in Wales, UK. It needed £20 million to stay afloat, seeing as it was hard to compete with foreign steel bearing in mind our higher energy costs etc.

      But the gov ‘could not afford’ the £20 million (the same gov spent £25 BILLION on track & trace app for Cvd) so guess who bought Brigend Steel? – The Chinese did, of course.

      The unions hardly made a squeak.

      The Chinese know who to give the backhanders to as they are expert at corruption. They know how corrupt this country now is and is easy pickings for them. The Taliban are more honourable and less corrupt than our current elite.

      • Joachen
        Joachen says:

        As an aside, my father-in-law supervised the deconstruction of a US Steel plant in eastern PA. specifically the blast furnaces in the mid 80’s. Why? It was sold to the Chinese and shipped to China.
        It had closed a few years earlier so due to declining demand. Brigand steel workers union no doubt said very little so as to keep the steel workers employed. Of course after reading this article, there’s always a behind the scenes story. Cash anyone?

      • Oscar Wilson
        Oscar Wilson says:

        The situation of the UK in the takeover of industry and assets by foreigners, especially the Chinese government, is dire. One of the few writers to harp on and oppose this is Alex Brummer, a prominent figure in the Jewish community. It is not a western interest for capitalists to finance “socialism with Chinese characteristics” or indirectly its CO2 emissions, as pointed out by the Gatestone Institute, also Jewish, though considerably more autistically Zionist than Brummer. No doubt some readers will have their own epicycle explanations.

  5. Edward Harris
    Edward Harris says:

    In Queen Victoria’s glorious days 3 of my ancestors were senior sergeants.
    (grandfather,father and son) in the same regiment of the British Army.
    They had to march 70 miles to the coast to board their ships because they were not allowed to pass through London, 40 miles.
    They were devout Christians and the regiment always held a service before it boarded the ships, usually for Africa.
    Upon retirement, RSM’s were given 100 acre farms in Canada, but only if they had served in North America. My ancestors had not, although they were a farming family. Some fool in London decided that the Ukranians should be given farms in Canada instead of RSM’s who had not served in North America.
    There is only one place in the Galaxy with sufficient stupidity to decide to settle East Africans in Australia which is, of course, the US State Dept. I have never understood why Australia and Canada have to be filled up, best wid dem coloured folks, but I am one of the few remaining white men who does not have a PhD.

  6. Sandy
    Sandy says:

    I arrived in Vancouver in the 1970’s and I have watched the surrounding farmland (you know, our food source) be covered in blacktop and concrete to accommodate the surplus population of the Third World and the international speculators. Unfortunately, Canadians then and now are quite willing to sell their farms and housing (you know, our race and culture) to the highest bidder as Vancouver morphed from a pleasant way of life into its present quagmire.

    With all the money being made here its surprising how slow the sales of Wilful Blindness is. You would think “the winners” would have time to read the book as they line up for the experimental shot that the politicians promise will protect the population from death, suffering and decling property values.

  7. matirani
    matirani says:

    This means what exactly – “Both authors are journalists, so they distance themselves from any hint of racial realism.”?

  8. Anon
    Anon says:

    the same for jews , muslims , indians or any other group in the west . The only retards subscribed to ultraindividualist agenda are european people , its imposible to keep the eyed closed anymore .

  9. bruno
    bruno says:

    Wow, absolutely another great article. Sometime in the late 1990s or early 2000s, after my annual month iron horse exploration tour from coast-to-coast in the US, I commenced using the term Hongcouver. The verba angered others. Although all ethno groups have infighting the Chinese -overall- stick together. That’s how they’ve dominated places like Indonesia. They have a sense of nationhood.

    We in Amdom and those in Froggyville north have allowed our civilization to fall on her knees. Has there ever been a darkening country, in our era with bellies as fat as ours, having high tech, that’s been able to get off the couch and fight back?

    The Chinese have mastered the Z art of bribing the entrepreneur sector along with politicos. Anticipate the future holding large Chinese migration to Australia and America (north and south). If we adjudicate by present trends the only hope for our people will be as my long time and deceased friend, author of the Dispossessed Majority, inferred; mainly, ethno states.

    Lastly, I appreciate the author using a nom de guerre. I’ve been doing that for half a century. It’s the only safe path on the road to free speech.

  10. hotrod31
    hotrod31 says:

    The eye will always see what we’re looking for …
    Over the last two-four hundred years, it’s fascinating to witness how the ‘intelligence-networks’ of the elites are able to ingeniously plant and cultivate whatever narrative they want to employ in their efforts to shroud their own avaricious activities in a perpetual fog of plausible believe-ability or denialism. Has it occurred to people that Western-elites do not like competition when it come to having snouts in, or even near the money-troughs? If, in the event, any country decides to compete or threaten their rapacious greed, they will be demonised … ad-nauseum in the 90-95+% of media outlets. Do recall that William Casey implied that; “the security industries will know that they have been successful when everything the people believed, was false”. Let that percolate through your mental filters for a while before rushing to judgement about anything in print or audio.

  11. T.Gilligan
    T.Gilligan says:

    Unfortunately, I have Chinese neighbours who status is at the bottom-end of the social and etiquette spectrum.
    Clearing their throat and spitting so loudly it’s sounds as if it is fed through a microphone and outputted via a speaker. I have never heard them speak English; which adds to my perception that they are colonisning another outpost of Central London.
    I only wish Tony Blair or Boris Johnson had the privilege of hearing this edifying slice of London life.

    • Oscar Wilson
      Oscar Wilson says:

      @ T. Gilligan
      Well, when the Chinese invited into English cities reach the second million, Phony Tony and Bungee Boris could hardly miss the “noisome” consequences of their activities, unless they have continual access to the super-yachts owned by their paymasters.

  12. Aristo Boho
    Aristo Boho says:

    Dear Mister Northrop,

    It should be enough if I were to only COMMENT that your article is excellent but a constant shocking reminder of the weakness of the White Race, whether in The New World, as you describe Canada, or in The Old World.
    A. It is of no surprise that Canadian politicians have betrayed their country by being representatives for Red China and ergo profiting from it. For Western countries haven’t any authentic Nationalism at the helm, and no cultural love for their respective countries.
    B. The Red Chinese drug trade wouldn’t have any success in countries like Canada if the home grown association for delinquency, whichever Mafia, did not aid and abet it.
    C. In assisting Red China with its crimes is also The United States Military and its allies, yet primarily America, as Mister Victor Thorn had pointed out in an excellent article some years ago in “American Free Press” formerly “The Spotlight” about how the hundreds of thousands of Chinese pouring into Africa with their cheap Capitalist goods were distorting the whole social traditional structure of authentic Africans, and that these pseudo Chinese immigrants were protected by the United States military.
    D. None of anything I COMMENT or what you have written should surprise us because a Communist regime can never have got off the ground without finance from the Capitalist West. Mister David Rockefeller had considered it a great achievement his being of primary assistance to the eventual establishment of Mao Tse Tung and his regime.
    E. Many in the West fall for the pig swill that Communists do not care about Race. This is a falsehood. They are, once established in a non New World Country, very racially conscious, and we can consider them to be Atheistic-Materialistic Nationalists, who maintain control of their respective societies by way of enslavement and a powerful agenda of mind control, devoicing the individual of his identity, and the so-called Nation being nothing but one big industrial factory. Sadly, the fate and even present reality of North America and most of Europe.
    F. One of the two authors you present to us, Mister Jonathan Manthorpe calls Red China a Fascist Regime. Right then and there he is lost and shows shallow analysis. As mistaken as claiming excrement is honey, for it is nothing more than abyss of procreating ignorance that is constantly being made by many so-called pundits and political philosophers in the West, above all in the Anglo-Saxon sphere, and made popular by Mister Whitaker chambers in his otherwise excellent work, “Witness” in calling Communism Red Fascism. What can you expect from an oaf who claimed he heard cries of “To A Gas Chamber – Go!” upon reading Misses Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”. Nevertheless, I have said it before, they haven’t the slightest clue as to what was Corporativist Economics in The Kingdom Of Italy. Fascism would never have allowed its businesses and industries to make its own people second or poverty stricken third class citizens to another economic power or permitted its manufacturing centers to go abroad for a better profit and put its own people out of work, as America did. Just look at the Rust Belt. Neither Conservative nor Liberal, Democrat or Republican, ever did anything to prevent this. Viva Il Fascismo!
    G. Race! Il Duce Benito Mussolini wrote of the weakness of the Aryan, his superficiality and lack of spiritual centeredness in our contemporary world. It was his firm belief that the great danger to the West wasn’t Premier Josef Stalin but The Yellow Race.
    H. The British Empire has a lot to answer for historically for its role in the whole narcotics industry and the deconstruction of Western Civilisation. And its siblings America and Canada are just like its Mommy. The other two siblings in The Antipodes are the ones most at risk. The nullification of The White Australian Policy is a haunting nightmare of a specter to historigraphically contemplates.
    Thank once again.
    God Bless, Aristo Boho

  13. White Nation
    White Nation says:

    This author makes a mountain out of mole about the Chinese threat, but does not want to reveal the role of far larger and highly mobilized Punjabis in Canada, who are rapidly multiplying.

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