Canada’s Fake Election: A Referendum on Trudeau and Little Else

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Reposted from Affirmative Right, with permission.

Last month Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau announced a long-anticipated federal election to be held on September 20th. He naively hoped to gain a majority, and thus get the power to enact any law, something he had been unable to do because his government is only backed by 155 MPs out of 337. If he is unableto get a majority, he has admitted that he will send Canadians back to the voting booth within 18 months.
Another factor motivating Trudeau’s decision to go to the polls is that most of the generous handouts linked to COVID-19 will end on September 30th, something the media has been shy about reporting. After that date, it will be high time to discuss the tab for those fiscal excesses, something that will almost definitely impact his shaky popularity. Tax hikes, after all, are a lot less popular than free handouts, so it’s best to hold the election while the party is still in swing, rather than on the morning after.

The thing is that polls – for what they are worth – show that his chances of getting a majority have suddenly dipped, and Trudeau could even be sitting in the opposition in a few days.

It is not that his opponents – Erin O’Toole from the Conservative Party and Jagmeet Singh from the far-left New Democratic Party – are very popular. It is simply that Trudeau has a negative record on every single issue.

Statistically, there should have been at least one good thing during his years in power, by mere luck or accident. But he has defied common mathematics, and has been able to provide an unanimously bad record in everything.

Even his environmental record has been labelled the worst of the G7 countries – behind even Trump’s – by the New Democratic Party leader. His bragging of a green government is nothing else than rubbish. In terms of economics, before the Pandemic, while the economy was soaring, he managed to create annual deficits ranging from 30 to 40 billion. The Pandemic simply allowed him to spend without counting, something the next Minister of Finance will realize was not the best way to manage the nation’s budget. As for foreign relationships, he has managed to bow down lower than it is humanly possible in front of China. He also managed to scuttle the few sectors that had not yet been sacrificed on the altar of free trade, like Quebec’s dairy industry.

But the worst is yet to come: in terms of demographics, he has continuously increased the quotas to reach a point where 400,000 newcomers enter the country each year, a number that amounts to 1% of the population. The very few who still deny the Great Replacement as a lunacy just show the world that illiteracy has not yet been eradicated in the Great White North.

Since the beginning of the campaign there have been some good debates on “critical race theory” or “systemic racism,” as it is also called. This was thanks to the leader of the separatist Bloc Québécois, the only political leader not to buy into the new establishment lunacy. There were also some interesting talks on Afghanistan, the economy, and the pandemics.

However, there is one topic that has not been discussed at all, and it is the most important one for the years to come: mass immigration.

Fake Opposition

Trudeau’s immigration policies are often discussed in daily conversations in Quebec, at the workplace, and in cafés. Most people agree that Trudeau’s policies in this matter are aimed at importing future electors. But the people who speak that way, the majority of Quebec’s blue collar workers, vote for what they consider to be the only alternative: the Conservative Party. Their reflection on Trudeau is indeed right, but where they end up being wrong is in their assumption that Conservatives have a different plan.

In fact the Conservative plan mentions no decrease in immigration levels.

Conservatives have never opposed mass immigration; they have simply managed to make it more socially accepted by fighting illegal immigration and immigration fraud, two statistically marginal aspects of the problem that will not stop, nor even slow down the Great Replacement of Euro-Canadians.

O’Toole’s goal is simply to replace Trudeau in the heart of newcomers.

As a matter of fact, it was Conservative Stephen Harper who set the previous record in term of admissions, quite an “achievement” when we remember that his government was labelled “anti-immigration” by the Canadian left, a claim so often repeated that many Canadians came to support the Conservative’s open gate policy while genuinely believing they had elected a nativist populist. Talk about fake opposition!

Going further back into history, the same thing happened with Liberal Pierre Elliott Trudeau and Conservative Brian Mulroney. While the first has passed into history as a staunch advocate of mass immigration, the quotas he set were actually really low; on the other hand, Mulroney, formerly viewed as someone working for the White masses, was the first to throw the gates wide open.

Today, thanks to the Left’s demonization of the Conservatives, we experience the same nonsense; people who want the demographic balance to remain the same, give their vote to a party that promises to do just the opposite. The power of the liberal media at its best!

Some who do see the contradiction will simply defend their vote with some baloney: Trudeau’s high quotas are maliciously motivated by his thirst for power, while O’Toole’s exactly identical policies are somehow economically justified. The fact that this latter explanation is not based on anything else than slogans emanating from the business sector and repeated ad nauseam by servile media is not taken into account.

No Real Choice

But the thing is, opponents to the Great Replacement are political orphans. True, Maxime Bernier has often denounced mass immigration since he broke from away from the Conservative Party in 2018 to found the Populist Party of Canada, but it has always been an electoral posture in order to capitalize on the discontented vote. Prior to his “coming out,” Bernier had actually been a staunch opponent of identitarian politics and had fought against anything remotely close to ethnonationalism. A quick view of his candidates will prove to anyone that Bernier is not a closet White nationalist as the antifas have depicted him.

However, his cynical use of the immigration issue is not the only reason he does not yet represent an alternative: even if he can get his old constituency back, the chances of his party having two MPs are next to nil. The only positive impact a vote for Bernier’s Populists could have is in stopping the Leftward shift in the Conservative Party. If the Conservative Party realizes that the departure of Right-leaning voters from its ranks could impact its electoral chances, it may come back to a slightly more populist approach on immigration.

Since the Canadian Alliance and the Progressive Conservative Party (PCP) merged in 2003 to create the present-day Conservative Party, the Party has constantly moved to the Center rather than the Right, trying to present itself as a “sensible alternative” to the Liberals. Although the populists from the Canadian Alliance represented a majority in the new party in 2003, they soon came to adopt policies to the Left of the former PCP. The term Cuckservative has thus come to fulfil all of its potential in Canada!

It is very hard to distinguish Conservative leader Erin O’Toole from the Liberals of yesteryear. His program, his speeches and the policies he promotes seem taken straight from the Liberal platform of Jean Chrétien, fifteen or twenty years ago. With Justin Trudeau going totally woke, the Center has shifted more and more to the Left, and, instead of pulling the other way, the Conservatives have just followed the move initiated by Trudeau.

All in all, the 2021 election is not a real election with real choices. It is simply a referendum on Justin Trudeau. No Canadian prime minister – with the notable exception of his father – has ever generated so much hatred. Recent anti-Trudeau demonstrations have forced him to cancel events in Ontario, and he was recently pelted with rocks in London. His electoral placards are systematically vandalized in many places around the country (see video). The hatred for Trudeau, which was thought to be a Quebec specialty, may become a unifying factor in Canada, from coast to coast.

Rémi Tremblay writes for Affirmative Right. His articles may be found here.
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  1. Alan Donelson
    Alan Donelson says:

    As below the 49th Parallel, so above.

    Whether people in Kalifornication truly voted to retain in office their sitting despot, I have no way of determining. Having both Dominion and the USPS (Inc.), The Power$ That Be know. Canadians who vote will not know much more.

    An observer noted that NONE of the 31 (or so) governor wannabees on Part 2 of the ballot made a big issue specifically about the COVID-19 scamdemic a means to impose tyrannical measures. One exception: Kevin Kiley, legislator, attorney, and, by popular acclamation, late face on the Replace Newsom race, has credentials that rival any who work openly for the so-called Deep State. The award for CONtrolled Opposition, of course, has to go to titular Repugnut Larry Elder, who took an egg for the Gipper. At least he needed no “black face” as worn on occasion by Fidel Castro’s son, Justin.

    I opine that it’s good for “the people” — in this case, eligible voters — to depose despots, even while chanting “The King is dead, long live the King”. Practice makes perfect. We remain highly cognizant that, if voting made a real difference, we would not have an opportunity to participate in that ritual.

  2. Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon says:

    I presume that this is the same Remi Tremblay who identifies as a nationalist and created a furor commenting on “it’s OK to be White.
    If so, it is laughable that he would call the NDP “far left”. They are substantively little different than the Liberals or Conservatives, and have been for over close to three decades. The NDP used to be opposed to free trade deals, high rates of immigration, and in favour of leaving NATO while embracing armed neutrality. They are no longer, because the last real “left” leader of the party stated that an NDP government would restore the Bank of Canada to its full mandate, meaning it was prepared to take on corporate malfeasance. The media savaged the party at a time it was rising in popularity due to corporate malfeasance, selling of Canadian citizenship to masses of “Hong Kong investors”, and the extremely unpopular Free Trade Agreement with the US. The party learned that while those themes my be popular with working people, the corporate media worked hard to paint a different picture.
    I would add, that Brian Mulroney, was the most hated Prime Minister in Canadian history, with Pierre Trudeau being close second. As destructive as Trudeau v1.0 was, Mulroney’s junta was much worse.

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