Studying the JQ “on the pillow”

Growing up on a North German farm, I never met any Jews before I started studying classical piano at music conservatory. Two Ashkenazi students (male and female) from England were part of my class, and over the years, we interacted several times like students do, in a friendly, fun manner. I remember having accompanied a Jewish girlfriend at her Passover diet, eating a lot of matzah bread, fruits and vegetables. I was endlessly curious about life and people, like many young Whites are.

The never-ending brainwashing coming from German education, media, and politics infusing hereditary guilt into young German minds let me believe that I had to be particularly nice to Jews because we owed them something without being able to ever make it up to them. I still believed that the crimes committed by our ancestors were so unique and horrific, only allowing us to permanently beg for atonement that could never be obtained.

During my business studies in Berlin, I befriended a woman with a Jewish father. Her German mother had converted to Judaism, but she explained to me that Orthodox Jews would not accept her as properly Jewish as Judaism was passed from the mother’s side, through the blood. Given that pater semper incertus est—the father is always uncertain, only a Jew with a Jewish mother could be considered fully Jewish. I wondered already at the time how a child descending from five generations of marriages would look and feel like, if it started out with a Jewish mother and a Nordic father in the first generation, with the offspring continuing to marry Nordics in the subsequent four generations. Would the 3.125% of leftover Jewishness coming from their mother’s line still suffice for them to be considered as full Jews by the community? A question I still have to find the answer for today.

However, I clearly understood already at the time that Judaism was based on genetics and that religious dogma and ritual were mere ancillaries.

One evening, this half-Jewish acquaintance took me to a kiddush. We entered a big locked portal and joined a group of approximately 20 young Jews that had built up tables and chairs in the large courtyard, and dined on exotic food and sung songs in Hebrew language. They all spoke German perfectly, but I noticed that these young Jews had a second identity based on a culture that was neither German nor European. In fact, it was a culture that was completely alien to me. The looks of some who apparently did not approve of my presence are etched in my memory. I was clearly not one of them—my tall, Nordic physique invited them to ask where I was from. I felt like an intruder, which I actually was thanks to a half-Jewish girl being disloyal to her tribe by breaking the secret of this exclusive gathering. My thought was, would a full Jew have broken it?

On a Saturday/Shabbat, this adventurous young half-Jewess took me to a service at a synagogue. Men and women were seated separately, men in the basement, women on a large balcony behind.

Like at the kiddush the night before, seeing so many Jews in one place, I noticed a phenotype resemblance. Some looked a bit like Germans, but most had very distinct traits that were hardly to be found in German faces and morphology. I noticed a generally smaller body height, a relatively large head compared to the body, shorter extremities in ratio to the torso, slimmer shoulders, larger hips, big ears, wavy lips, a large sometimes hooked nose or just a long nose tip, fleshy nostrils, light skin but dark often curly hair including dark body hair on the hands of the men. Many men as well as women were chubby and not athletic looking. The men were all dressed in black with white shirts, sometimes wearing a large black hat, occasionally with side locks (payots).

There were also some dark or medium blondes, also with light eyes. Still, other typically Jewish features revealed hybridization without full belonging to the Europid, White Race.

During my childhood and until the end of my classical piano studies, I had spent over 12,000 hours putting black dots into music, making that abstract world my mental home. My musically trained mind captured all these details as raw data without being able to assess them.

However, it was obvious, some looked quite like us, the result of interbreeding, while some looked pretty foreign. A genetic study I discovered much later came to me as no surprise.

Jewish genetics indeed builds a bridge between Europids and MENA (Middle Eastern North African) people

Many years later, after having met dozens of Jews in Paris, I started to connect some dots, the first one being that a noticeably distinct group which White Europeans are not allowed to criticize without risking public shaming must somehow dominate our societies. The eternal victim status gave Jews an incredibly effective moral superiority whilst we Germans had to deal with the fifth generation of eternal collective guilt which was passed on genetically, despite the fact that the legal system of the Federal Republic of Germany would not consider a serial killer’s son guilty at birth: A double standard hidden in plain sight.

My soul longed to be part of an appreciated group of people who would proudly sing their songs and declare their love for their people and country. Like many Germans, I was looking for a safe space of self-love to feel good about myself. In France, I enjoyed the amour propre of the French people as well as their flattery.

The love for classical music made me enter Jewish circles again, where Ashkenazi and Sephardi mingled. Luxurious Parisian apartments, intelligent conversations, eloquence, politeness, cultivated appearances, all this was agreeable. When I met my half-Jewish very European looking and comfortably wealthy ex-husband, I still thought that Jews from Europe and White Europeans were distinct groups that shared a big intersection of interests. There were too many similarities and common passions about culture and lifestyle to think otherwise. It took me years to understand that all this is nothing if the most important ingredient is missing: Tribal Loyalty.

To get to this point, I studied the (half-)Jewish mind “on the pillow” but also in social settings. Without going into details, my awakening climaxed at a dinner in December 2017. I had already been working for WhiteDate, secretly, because I felt that my spouse would not approve, so I let him believe that I continued to work on projects for clients.

A Sephardi friend of ours joined us for dinner, we had lots of wine and the conversation evolved into a disagreement between them and me about gun rights in the USA. I saw the right to bear guns as a necessity in an increasingly unsafe environment due to immigration. I expressed my sorrow about the farmer killings in South Africa by mentioning that the Boers were OUR people and Western governments should help arm them if not offer asylum.

What had I said? My reference to “OUR people” made my then-husband and our guest go into strong opposition. It was racist to say such a thing. My argument that the Afrikaners were of German and Dutch stock, which made me feel for their suffering was completely rejected. There was a common understanding between my half-Ashkenazi ex-husband and our Sephardi friend that little-German-me should not see myself as being part of a racially united global White Nation.

If Jews had been killed en masse (or even just one) by Blacks in South Africa, I am certain that both of my conversational opponents would have deplored it by stating full allegiance to the Jewish Nation worldwide. This double standard came to me like a shock. Not being for the same football team is one thing, but not being for the same tribe, people, race is quite another. They clearly did not care for the wellbeing of MY people, the White People, for whom I naturally felt allegiance to, wherever they lived. Even worse, they did not care that White people were being murdered because they were White. Nor did they care about the right of White people to defend themselves.

Needless to say, this was the beginning of the end for my marriage. Whatever had united my spouse and me was just not important enough anymore. Six months later I had left my luxurious international lifestyle behind, moved back to Germany and the divorce petition was announced.

Since then, my awakening has been refined by learning more about Jewish responsibilities in the horrific Ukrainian, Armenian, Bolshevik Russian, and Stalinist Russian genocides of Whites during the twentieth century alone. Some even add the 80 million dead Whites of WWI and II including the 1–1.5 million German prisoners of war, young beautiful German soldiers, cruelly left for months to rot alive and die slowly in the mud of the Rhine meadows fields without any shelter against rain and cold. Additionally, 12 million German civilians including many women and children were tortured, raped, killed, and starved to death after 1945.

I am also aware of the Mao genocide of 40 million Chinese equally, but feel distanced from this historical happening as I care for my people first. Let the Chinese mourn their own and free themselves from these satanic infiltrators. Whites cannot fight other races’ freedom wars whilst we are genetically vanishing under today’s anti-White governments and techno-medico-communism called Corona pandemic.

Last but not least, I have two messages to the so-called ‘good Jews’ among whom I count my former spouse: Even Jews who do not actively participate in the secret Jewish nepotism and anti-White actions must understand that their denial of other races to practice the racial in-group preference and loyalty they instinctively practice themselves will eventually provoke hatred of all peoples against them as a collective. One day, the Jewish nation will reap the fruits of its actions.

Liv Heide works on which notes “We know where we came from, where we belong, and wish to share the feeling with like-minded partners. We understand that common cultural heritage helps romance to develop in mutual harmony and commitment. We want long-lasting love, marriage, and families with numerous healthy children. Call us … eccentric.

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  1. Alan Donelson
    Alan Donelson says:

    From “the pillow” to the epidemiology of genetic traits, Liv Heide gives us an extraordinary essay! She also infuses with fresh meaning and rhetorical life the hackneyed, near-extinct phrase “from the horse’s mouth”. I grew up instructed only “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.” Thanks to Liv Heide and TOO, I now have a better understanding of both sayings — not to mention my own Jewish friends and clients!

    • Flo
      Flo says:

      Agreed, Alan! I don’t have anything momentous or thought-provoking to add but I have to say I love these first-person essays, much preferring them to the usual heavy-handed philosophical treatises. They are also the best items over at American Renaissance (which I haven’t visited in many moons).

      • Margit
        Margit says:

        Whilst I find these article interesting occasionally, I much prefer the “heavy-handed philosophical ones”!!

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          Jack Sprat could eat no fat,
          His wife could eat no lean;
          And so betwixt the two of them,
          They licked the platter clean.

          Food for every intellect at Professor MacDonald’s Restaurant!

          • HUGO FUERST
            HUGO FUERST says:

            @ P. de C.
            A sprightly piece of verse – a welcome change from the usual grumbles. Incidentally, I agree with 98% of your TOO article here a decade ago. Variety is the spice of life. So you need not go away as yet for a penitent reflection quietly to say your rosary to the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and his Momma.

  2. JimB
    JimB says:

    What a testimony! Excellent read. I’m happily married to a wonderful and beautiful 100% Scots-Irish woman, but if I weren’t and were looking I’d definitely let WhiteDate help me locate my bride.

    • Bobjeanjesus
      Bobjeanjesus says:

      One of my tattoo artist was a neo Nazi and he was also able to find love with some English girl. 🙂 I’m probably one of the only Americans she’s gonna meet who listens to Morrissey and joy division…it looks depressing , honestly .( for her , this culture )

  3. William Gruff
    William Gruff says:

    ‘Why us?’ they ask.

    Nothing lasts forever, not even Jewish global hegemony. One day they are going to be without the protection of the USA; one day they are going to be vulnerable in the miscegenated, savage, half-caste hell holes they have created by their subterfuge and corruption and the state of Israel is going to be too preoccupied with defending itself to be able to come to their aid. One day they will long for the protection of the safe and secure nations they worked assiduously to destroy, and on that day we shall have won. Ours is going to be a pyrrhic victory, of course, because by then our kind is going to be gone forever and the human race is going to live in prehistoric darkness again. However, we can find satisfaction in knowing that the Jews will have a real holocaust to wail over.

    • kolokol
      kolokol says:

      I agree. Jews will deserve it, when they get genocided also, after they doing it to the White race. Jewish chutzpah is beyond absurdity.

        HUGO FUERST says:

        The article that prompted these comments welcoming an imagined future genocide of the entire Jewish “people” was about Jew-Gentile marriage, something that has in fact occurred on and off throughout history. It is quite frequent today; see e.g. Julie Wiener, “Intermarriage & the American Jewish Community”, My Jewish Learning, nd online.
        What is interesting today is that both religiously observant and secular zionist Jews regard “marrying out” as ethnic suicide, another albeit non-violent holocaust, and seek “Jewish continuity” to preserve heritage and identity.
        Sauce for the goose…?
        Perhaps this phenomenon could be discussed objectively, without paranoia about moderator “crypsis” or personal abuse from notre poseur francais.

        • Tim Heydon
          Tim Heydon says:

          Orthodox Jews have a high birth rate.

          Conservativism is highly heritable.

          So the marrying out of the less religious means that in the future the Jews as a group will be more religious and ethnocentric than they are now,

        • Leon Haller
          Leon Haller says:

          Ironically, over time both Jews and Aryans will grow more ethnocentric, even as their respective numbers absolutely dwindle due to the shedding of tribally weaker members via outbreeding. Unfortunately, ours are dwindling more rapidly, as we don’t really have an analogue to the fanatically pro-natal (and admirably anti-feminist) Orthodox Jews. Fortunately, we are far more numerous than the Jews, Orthodox or otherwise. Jewish power is largely based on the presence of gullible whites. But as whites of stronger mind and character increasingly awaken, and as weaker white genomes disappear into nonwhite bodies, the proportion of gullible whites will continuously decline. This, not the future, is the heyday of Jewish power.

      • Bobjeanjesus
        Bobjeanjesus says:

        Lots of people are “crypto Jews “and so it would probably be impossible to genocide all the Jews in the world. There’s lots apparently in South America 🙂 even the American south west.

        • Ripper mcduff
          Ripper mcduff says:

          Several acquintances of mine claim to be European from one of the most pure White countries in the world. They have Jewish bodies (including mannerisms and inflections) and Jewish minds. There is indeed a large percentages of ‘Whites’ who are in fact actually genetically Jewish and would oppose our efforts to be free of Jews. Be careful who you speak to about pro-White issues.

    • Titus
      Titus says:

      Im not planning on getting genocided anytime soon, nor most people i know, and neither our progeny, they can try.

    • Bobjeanjesus
      Bobjeanjesus says:

      But there’s a Greek billionaire who sells yogurt… most Jews are not a billionaire like him . Global hegemony , aside . He’s a Christian most likely.

  4. Desert Flower
    Desert Flower says:

    Please, more articles written by Germans from their perspective. Normal and thoughtful Germans, not the hardcore neo-Nazis.

    This was an excellent essay. Thank you.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Cite, if you would, the names of a few earlier TOO articles written by hard-core neo-Nazi Germans. I’ve been hanging around here for about thirteen years, and I can recall nary a one.

      All in all, the remark above is self-importantly cautionary in a way that recalls commenters named Ned, Oscar, Hugo, and David A.

      • Ripper mcduff
        Ripper mcduff says:

        Desert flower?

        Israelis made the desert bloom remember?

        It is because he is so clever see?

        I too remember David A and his nonsense

        Neo-nazis! What nonsense.

      • Ned J. Casper
        Ned J. Casper says:

        @ P. de C.
        I must come back with a simple request to our resident Asterix. Why not make constructive proposals that advance white civilization, instead of continually chipping in with abusive personal remarks, albeit in an affected prose style?

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          As I wrote earlier—the moderator deep-sixed the reply as too harsh for your delicate sensibilities—my constructive proposal to you, Ned/Hugo/Oscar/DF, is this: put an end to your stealth propaganda for the Jews and their interests. Despite your multiplicity of screen names, you are a one-man hasbara operation.

  5. Jody Vorhees
    Jody Vorhees says:

    I lived in their motherland, Israel, for several years, and had a largely positive experience. Their moral superiority, however, displayed many cracks. A real estate agent, who had spent time in a concentration camp, refused to do business with us once he determined we were Christians. His subordinates were very apologetic, but we got the message. My mother pointed out that 400,000 Americans had died liberating Europe; it made no difference to the gentleman at all. On another occasion, a Jewish American family refused to let its children play with me, stating, “We didn’t move to Israel so our children could play with Christians.” On a third occasion, a coworker of my sister advised she would never accept a blood transfusion from a non-Jew. And everywhere was evidence of the distinctly inferior status of Moslems, Arabs, and Palestinians. These experiences were the exception to the rule — most Israelis didn’t ask what we were or care about our ancestry — but these experiences stung and made a lasting impression about tribalism and hypocrisy. Today, most Whites in the West have no sense of having a similar group identity. They in fact run from such an identity. That will most likely end up being mentioned in our epitaph.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      The remark about blood transfusions rang a bell. This obsession with blood mixing seems to be extremely important to Jews. They celebrated like they had won some great victory when they managed to get black blood mingled in with white blood in America, and they are forever slackening the restrictions on gay men donating blood.
      We all know of their constant promotion of misgenation, especially through pornography, making sure all Western children are drowning in this filth. Even though this black man/littoe white girl in braces and pigtails, isn’t even popular(they do measure this stuff) it’s still bombarded at everyone.

      The tame, safe, system-friendly but often thoughtful(though totally dishonest)MSM commentor Peter Hitchens often makes the insightful point that old-time student Marxists, now grown up and in power in media/government, are loath to speak of their Marxist youth, while PH himself will speak of it freely, because he is over that nonsense, while to them, it is still important.
      This is obviously true, and we can all understand this. PH doesn’t realise that he is giving himself away though, as he is 100% Jewish, and he will never speak on this. Because it’s important to him.
      He marked the 9/11 20th anniversary by pointing out a ‘falsehood’ that it’s widely believed in the Muslim world that this operation was carried out by Mossad.
      Why I mention Hitchens? Because he is the only media commentor I’ve ever read who constantly points out that he is always giving blood. He uses any excuse to mention it, the latest being a lament that he had to travel to Wales to perform this important ritual due to Covid restrictions in England.
      Trust me, he’s been boasting about his blood donation for near 20 years. I always just presumed it was the usual moral preaning, but now I wonder if their is some biological mechanism at play here.
      Makes sense. If your people have been programed for 2000+ years into keeping the tribes blood pure, you’d just by nature want to effect the impurity of the goyims blood.
      The only question is whether he is consciously aware of what he is doing. Though we will never get an answer, as to even hint at ANYTHING Jewish towards PH on twitter, his blog, etc, gets you instantly banned for life.
      Yeah, it’s important to him alright.

      • Flo
        Flo says:

        It’s possible his regular donations serve a medical purpose. He may have excess iron in his system, a genetic predisposition that can only be managed by regular bloodletting. Or he may have a rare blood type and simply wishes to help others. In any case yes, it’s gauche of him to keep bruiting his generosity.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          My grandfather had a rare blood type and was asked to regularly donate for this reason. But this was decades ago, he told me that now due to medical advances, they don’t need his blood anymore.
          Perhaps it’s different with Hitchens.
          Maybe you are right with the other reasons, but when ***EVER*** has giving Jews the benefit of the doubt worked out in our interests? Nay, when has it even not proved a total catastrophe?
          We absolutely must stop treating them as we would treat others of our race. If history tells us anything in loud flashing lights, it’s never, ever to trust a Jew, not even by a single inch.
          In the old days our protector from the predation of the Jews, the Church, went out of their way to put Passion plays on every year in every town to ram home this message to the peasants, the Jews are our mortal enemies, to protect the good people of the towns from th Jews.
          Once the Jews seized control of our media and culture, we lost this protection, and in less than a century we are almost finished as a civilisation.
          Jews are the most aggressive form of destructive cancer known to mankind.
          And what they especially pray on is the good will of women like yourself and turn it against you. You really must try to fight this natural good instinct in yourself, for all our sakes.

        HUGO FUERST says:

        PH is basically a post-Marxist, non-Jewish puritanical pessimistic pacifist patriot,not a conspirator engaged in physically poisoning pure Aryan blood. The “Mail” would not publish anything they considered antisemitic in any case, though he once made a passing criticism of the Frankfurt School and has obviously if indirectly attacked Anglo-American wars against the enemies around Israel. More important, his book “The Phoney Victory: The World War II Illusion” was a start in the right direction, although leaving out both the pre-war Jewish lobby in the West and the racial brutality of the Nazis in the East.

        • Harry Warren
          Harry Warren says:

          According to Christopher Hitchens’s book ‘Hitch-22’, both he and his brother Peter considered themselves to be Jewish. Their mother was Jewish (unbeknownst to her husband, their father, according to CH) and so was her mother.

          • HUGO FUERST
            HUGO FUERST says:

            @ Mr Warren
            For an interesting account of the Hitchens’ maternal ancestry and changing politics, including his attack on Jewish communists, see Eric Herschthal’s interview with Christopher, “NY Jewish Week”, June 10, 2010, online.
            For a broad view of his surviving brother’s opinions, see Peter’s “Abolition of Britain” (2018 ed); he seems to have become a Christian, unlike Christopher.

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            The difference is CH embraced his Judaism, never-ever missing a chance to boast of his tribal blood, while PH stayed as crypto as he could.
            CH, due to his lifetime sympathy for Palestinians, whether real or effect,( it’s hard to imagine any human caring for any other, when the man is a war promoter) couldn’t embrace the Jewish Supremacist ideology of Zionism, so he just took up second best, and became a jewish Supremacists neoconservative fanatic, of the kind that only a recent covert can become.

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          Mr Fuerst, PH’s book on WWII was a tame, system-friendly effort to push the needle by a miniscule amount in a truthful direction, and he would never have had the courage/cover to publish were it not for Pat Buchanons’, much better, braver, book.

          And PH a pacifist! ? N#gga say wot!? Y’all smoking crack in this beeatch?!

          He said WWII was justified, the 50 million of our our very best, the flower of our youth, dead, uncountable horrific injuries, ancient, irreplaceable towns, cities and hamlets, from the beating heart of Christendom, wiped from the face of the earth, the rapes, the inquantifiable phycological damage(probably the main reason the left has run roughshod over the right, our people were generationally demoralised by the defeat we all suffered in this war. The only victors were the Jews), loss of empire, we both know I could go on & on & on & on.
          Peter Hitchen’s official, public position, is that all this human misery was worth it, to get rid of a Nazi government the German people voted in democratically, and democratically more than once backed in plebiscites.
          Who do you you think was more intelligent, wise, well read and historically literate, the German voters circa the 1930’s? Or the brainwashed, TV & internet-retarded German voter of the 2020’s?
          And in the name of Jesus!
          For f#ck, f#ck, f#cking f#ckety, f#cking f#ck sake, what the mother-f#cking-f#ck gave the British or American f#ck-wit elites of the 30’s the right to decide who in f#cks’ name ruled Germany? Eh!?
          What crimes had the 1933-39 German government committed that justified armageddon being unleashed on their innocent people?
          ****I apologise for the language****, but sometimes only a strong, ‘industrial’ tone can quite convey the shock at realising some folks imagine WWII fan-boys, can also be pacifists!

          I don’t care what anyone sais, no human race, no human beings in all of history(from what I’ve read, I’d be delighted to be proved in error) have the diabolical evil in their souls to inflict such unnecessary misery on a population that was no better nor worse than any other. Except one. And we all know who I mean. Everyone reading this is thinking of them at this exact moment. Ha! I wonder how many are right now realising they are after all an anti-Semite, no matter what face they show the world. Don’t feel bad, If you are even mildly versed in history, and you are NOT an anti-Semite, you are either mentally ill, or get as big a kick out of inflicting sadistic misery on innocent people as they do. Maybe you should double-check your mother or grandmother’s real name.

          These people really are ‘our’ misfortune. But they are our forefathers’ murderers, and our foremothers’ rapists, pimps & exploiters.
          And if you really want to break through the decades of cradle-to-grave brainwashing all our people are put through, then every public protest, no matter what it’s about(as long as it’s nothing gay or semi pedophillic, but I repeat myself) should contain the flags and banners with the absolute Truth that “WE ARE ALL PALESTINIANS NOW”
          The based(5%?) will get it, it will get normies(90%?) thinking, and might even get some lefties(5%?) thinking our way, the ones who are just left for reasons of fashion, not those who have fully sold their soul to darkness.

      • Reality Check
        Reality Check says:

        They celebrated like they had won some great victory when they managed to get black blood mingled in with white blood in America, and they are forever slackening the restrictions on gay men donating blood.

        Would any of those They happen to have any names? Then name the They.

          • Reality Check
            Reality Check says:

            Yes, Sherlock, I meant do any of those Jews happen to have names? (You know, those syllables that go on your birth certificate or the dotted line?)

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            If you want to know their slimy names, go look them up, I’m not your dogsbody.
            If you can come back and tell me that actually Jews had nothing to do with relaxing of the racial blood-mixing laws around those times, then you might actually impress someone.
            If not, let me explain, this is a comment site where we mainly discuss the vomit-inducing filth that this Jewish tribe has inflicted on us, we have no interest in the particular names of the scumbags, for the most part.
            Hang around long enough, you’ll realise one jew is much like every other damn jew.
            For what you want, can I suggest Ask Jeeves? Unless that’s been jew-wiped as well.
            But I’m a fair man, credit where credit is due.
            “Sherlock” !
            Oh! Quite. How original. And, how we all chortled at that.
            Sorry, I must leave you now, I have my sides to zip back up.

  6. Geowhizz
    Geowhizz says:

    I had a similar experience over the course of a 10+ year relationship with a secular Ashkenazi Jewess. A valuable education.

  7. kolokol
    kolokol says:

    Good article by Liv Heide. She proves it once again – Jews seek to genocide the White race.

    Quote from the article: “My argument that the Afrikaners were of German and Dutch stock, which made me feel for their suffering was completely rejected. There was a common understanding between my half-Ashkenazi ex-husband and our Sephardi friend that little-German-me should not see myself as being part of a racially united global White Nation.”

    Exactly. If Jews were getting killed, then they would be horrified. But Jews are delighted when Whites are getting it. And they do everything to bring it about. Jews open the borders and open the jails. Jewish law firms work to free Black criminals, so they can commit more crimes. Jews were behind the anti-apartheid movement, and are now behind BLM (black crimes matter).

    They are now opening the border at Del Rio, to let in 15,000 Haitians, who are criminals and parasites. Jews cackle with glee in anticipation of more dead Whites in the near future.

    Of course, as the article says, Jews oppose gun rights. They oppose self-defense for White people, such as Kyle Rittenhouse. The entire Jewish legal apparatus has been mobilized to destroy him. If the jury acquits him, they’ll charge him again, despite the 5-A prohibition against double jeopardy. Under the Jewish Constitution, there is an egregious double-standard.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      What’s ironic about these Haitians America is currently being enriched with is that they will actually be about a thousand x more civilised than America’s native blacks. Haiti might be Third World, but it’s not a Jewified Satanic sh#thole like America, so my guess is most Americans will be bowled over by how normal these Haitians are, and free of burning hatred for white people.
      It’s the exact same issue we have in Britain, the problems only begin in the next generation, when these Haitians will become utterly indistinguishable from American blacks.
      I know many Polish who came over here 20 odd years ago, totally ruining job prospects for thousands of us young Scots, and ensuring my own wages would never need to rise ever again. These Poles used to laugh at us, said we weren’t hard workers, like them, etc. Now that their own kids have went through the Scottish school system and been drenched in the sick Jewish culture we’ve suffered under for so long, they don’t laugh so much. Their kids are nothing like they were, they’re not fresh-faced, hard-working adventurers, they are lifeless, dead-eyed, depressed unemployment statistics like so many of their Scottish peers.
      If I was American, I wouldn’t worry too much about the Haitians. I doubt America will be a going concern in 20 years time, and anyway, these guys are just filling in for all the black Americans killed in the womb.
      See? The Jew giveth, and the Jew taketh away. Something my Polish friends only now are beginning to realise.

  8. Dan Lissick
    Dan Lissick says:

    Just as the ‘color’ black does not describe properly the skin color of most people who are labeled as such so does the ‘color’ white not describe the skin color of many ‘native’ Europeans. This term was never used by native Europeans to describe themselves. I feel that these descriptions have been ‘given’ to us and the world by those that want to destroy us and the world. Similar to the terms Gnostic, Nazi and Pagan; which were never used by those three groups of people.

    I’m not sure of the best solution but I do feel that we, native Europeans(and descendents) should start using a different label for ourselves. Also, as you have discovered, there is quite a bit of intermixing which has over centuries blurred the bodily characteristics and skin/eye color of Jews vs. ‘whites’ which plays into the anti-white rhetoric – giving us terms like “white supremicist” – while many ‘non-whites’ look almost identical to ‘true whites’. Begging the question from casual observers “why would you want to exclude those ‘whites’.

    I’ve tried to use terms like EuroCaucasian or just Caucasian as is used on the “Affirmative Action” priority list…with Caucasian Males being on the bottom of the list which allows for legal discrimination against us.

      HUGO FUERST says:

      @ Dan Lissick
      If it doesn’t catch on, does it matter? Blumenbach devised the term “Caucasian” from the Georgians, supposedly typical and beautiful Europid people. Most “white” people don’t live in the Caucasus any more, but most people (if not all) know the difference between “whites”, “blacks” and “yellows”.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        To Mr Fuerst, you mentioned that Katherin Middleton isn’t Jewish on a previous thread, giving The Jewish Cronicle i think as your proof. I won’t pull you up for that, Jewish media is in general a million x more honest than ours, the mind boggles at what get written in Hebrew about our affairs.
        (I believe the ‘dancing Israelis’ went on Israeli TV to basically admit they had foreknowledge of 9/11 as part of the continuing phy-op that runs on normal Israelis without end. They want them petrified a nuclear superpower might one day find them out)
        Saying that, it’s just as likely to be garbage. We all know Jews have been inbreeding with the English aristocracy for 200 years, like they do also with the American one(see Biden’s family). It would be bizarre if they hadn’t managed to penetrate the royals by now. Remember, Charles married Diana, a blue-blood Spencer, with a line going back to Malborough.
        For the first time ever, it was fashionable for an heir to the throne of England to marry a commoner, and we are surprised a Jewess got to the front of the line? Plus it tactically makes sense for the Firm to ally itself with Jewish power, as it’s they who really call the shots in the UK.

        • Guest
          Guest says:

          The question of Katherine Middleton’s supposed Jewish ancestry is not really in doubt: when Prince George was born, the Daily Telegraph (a Jewish newspaper from a year after its founding and for most of its history since) published an article stating that the Duke and Duchess were staying at the Middleton family home and that the newborn infant would be duly circumcised and then went on to detail the members of the Royal Family who had already been circumcised. The comments by DT readers to the article included links to sites detailing the level of Jewish intermarriage with the English/British aristocracy over the centuries and an extensive running commentary amongst the readers as to the pros and cons of the barbarity of circumcision. I was reminded of this by comments below yours re supposed female preference for a circumcised penis:- it is perhaps more a matter of preferring what you know, since American babies born in hospitals have generally been circumcised for generations, due to the Jewish propaganda extolling the practice as a preventive measure against all manner of diseases, ailments (mental and physical) when, in reality it is physically and mentally destructive and, as a quick reading of the first passage in the Old Testament to mention it, makes clear, the act of circumcision was to be inflicted on newborn and also “to all those in your house whom you have bought with money”; thus, an act of control over the helpless.

          • HUGO FUERST
            HUGO FUERST says:

            Close association of the post-Stuart monarchs with wealthy Jews became noticeable especially in the time of Edward VII but with an interregnum for Edward VIII, whose wish for Anglo-German peaceful co-existence was a factor in his removal. However, the routine circumcision appears to date from a quasi-British Israel tradition that lines up the Monarchy with King David, and I don’t know if the current royal children went through the process with a rabbi.

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            So what’s your opinion now Mr Fuerst? Will our future king and Defender of THE Faith(that faith being protestantism) be a Jew, who worships a tyrannical, genocidal, racist God?
            Many of us are absolutely dreading the multi-culti, anti-white, pro-black coronation of Charles, the very thought of this monstrocity sends shivers up the spine, especially when compared to the act of transcendental beauty that Elizabeth’s coronation was.
            But little George’s? Would their be anyone willing to put money that this ritual will NOT contain as it’s centrepiece a human sacrifice to baphomet, followed by a mass interracial tranny orgy in a flaming pentagram, by people in robes and goat masks?

            “We are interupting this episode of CeeBeebies, to bring you the main highlight of important events from London . . . I know you kids will be disappointed not to see today’s Mr Tumble, but for your future development, our bosses in Tel Aviv consider it much more important to witness for your this”

  9. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    “instinctively practice themselves will eventually provoke hatred of all peoples against them as a collective. “ONE DAY”, the Jewish nation will reap the fruits of its actions.”

    “ONE DAY” came and went already with the dates of 70 AD and 363 AD!!! And since no one or hardly anyone learns from history we will indeed see the final finality of it soon enough I’m afraid:

    “But woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck, in those days! for there shall be great distress in the land, and wrath upon this people. Luke 21:23

      HUGO FUERST says:

      Some scripture scholars think the Lucan passage was written after the “Fall of Jerusalem”. Other Biblical verses to consider are Romans 11.26-29, Matthew 1.21, 15.24, 24.34 & 25.32, Revelation 5.5, 2 Thessalonians 2.4. Does any of it make much sense after two millennia?

  10. Margit
    Margit says:

    Fascinating insights here! As a fellow German, I can corroborate so much that’s mentioned. The institutionalised guilt that’s never rationally explained (as the author says, after 5 generations) but is not allowed to leave you – every utterance has to be weighed up. You are never free of the horror even in your own mind.

    • eah
      eah says:

      >never rationally explained

      It’s never ‘rationally explained’ because there is no rational explanation for never-ending, multigenerational collective guilt — like elsewhere, German politicians demonstrate their moral fitness to lead by showing obsequious deference to Jews, as well as sensitivity to other victim groups designated by the media — it’s public theater.

  11. Ray Caruso
    Ray Caruso says:

    When I met my half-Jewish very European looking and comfortably wealthy ex-husband

    Treason can’t be undone. Once a traitor, always a traitor.

    I really wasn’t expecting the story to go that way after reading the first part.

  12. Dan El
    Dan El says:

    Just as the ‘color’ black does not describe properly the skin color of most people who are labeled as such so does the ‘color’ white not describe the skin color of many ‘native’ Europeans. This term was never used by native Europeans to describe themselves. I feel that these descriptions have been ‘given’ to us and the world by those that want to destroy us and the world. Similar to the terms Gnostic, Nazi and Pagan; which were never used by those three groups of people.

    Not sure of the best solution but do feel that we, native Europeans(and descendants) should start using a different label for ourselves. Also, as you have discovered, there is quite a bit of intermixing which has over centuries blurred the bodily characteristics and skin/eye color of Jews vs. ‘whites’ which plays into the anti-white rhetoric – giving us terms like “white supremacist” – while many ‘non-whites’ look almost identical to ‘true whites’. Begging the question from casual observers “why would you want to exclude those ‘whites’.

    Terms like EuroCaucasian or just Caucasian as is used on the “Affirmative Action” priority list…(with Caucasian Males being on the bottom of the list which allows for legal discrimination against us) seem like better alternatives to a ambiguous and inaccurate skin ’color’.

    • Bobjeanjesus
      Bobjeanjesus says:

      Race mixing is great…one of my ancestors was native American…so far , I’ve shown almost complete immunity to tick bites ..and being outside I get bit alot each year . I met a man who got lockjaw while deer hunting in the same woods and it set me researching the topic and I’m convinced this immunity is coming from my DNA and I don’t look Indian…it’s in the old Mormon records…this what must have been scandalous race mixing that probably also claimed ” the lost colony ” of Roanoke.

  13. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    Thank you Volksgenossin Heide, for speaking out about the warping of the Gernan psyche. The intellectual poisoning and guilt tripping of ethnic Germans needs to halt immediately, and those responsible for it need to face the wrath of the people who have been wantonly defamed.

    • Swa6
      Swa6 says:

      Yes! Enough of German guilt already. But Germans were obviously the guinea pigs in the greatest. most destructive, most ruthless methods of social engineering ever. Now the same type of guilt shaming is used against all westerners. Americans are evil for slavery and killing Indians, English, Spanish and French are evil colonizers….and so it goes, we must embrace our destruction because we are all evil people with unearned privilege, etc etc

  14. Bernard Fife Wison
    Bernard Fife Wison says:

    I’m reminded of that great scene from the documentary “Defamation” where the Israeli children visiting Germany have been propagandized with anti-German nonsense, and they are afraid to go out to eat for fear the Nazis will kill them. Later, two of the girls claim that an innocent German man sitting on a bench “threatened” them, when in fact he had said something completely innocuous.
    This is an excellent piece of work and it’s also quite funny…..sad…..but humorous at the same time.
    An inside look at the stupidity of the ADL and their lies.

  15. Tim Heydon
    Tim Heydon says:

    Jews think of themselves as forever put upon; oppressed, wherever they are.

    It seems true enough that Jews are indeed disliked to a greater or lesser degree pretty much everywhere.

    They seem to think that this is invariably the fault of others. Indeed they have written entire libraries to try to explain this curious phenomenon.

    The explanation seems very simple though. But do they ever consider that they themselves are not entirely blameless and that the dislike they experience just about everywhere might mean that the fault lies, not in others, but in themselves ?

    • Ned J. Casper
      Ned J. Casper says:

      @ Tim Heydon
      You are right about the demography of the Orthodox. Other very religious groups are likely to “outpace” higher-IQ people, especially those who fear for the future of their children.
      A friend of mine once categorised the Jewish attitude vis-a-vis “antisemitism” as “self-righteous political autism”. There have been some Jews notably able to “see oursels as ithers see us” (Burns): Bernard Lazare, Otto Weininger, Oscar Levy, Arthur Trebitsch, Moshe and Yehudi Menuhin, Gilad Atzmon, &c. Even Theodor Herzl and Karl Marx can be quoted, as can genial writers like Chaim Bermant. Never mind a few Jewish comedians: “Buggsy Goldstein, Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein…not Larry Silverstein too? My life, surely there’s an end to vot you can find under a stein?”

    • don diego
      don diego says:

      Good afternoon, Tim. I believe I stumbled upon the answer earlier this year, after having read half of K-Mac’s “A People That Shall Dwell Alone” on the Tasmania – Melbourne (Aus) ferry:
      It was/is God’s fault. When calamity befalls them collectively.
      The “Aha/Eureka” moment came to me more recently when discussing the pros and cons of converting to Islam with workmates (a supervisor on the other side converted for a young lady- younger than his daughter).
      Their God, along with the circumcision ritual, and two thousand years of brainwashing. Circumcision is performed on the children (Arab Muslim’s and Jews) at different times to produce a change in their brains. Make them psychopaths.
      I had wondered for years about the desert peoples’ Locus of Control issues.
      If my comment and the link get through, then watching from 0:50 explains it. I’ve seen scientific data to back this up on twitter re: Jews bullying Iceland into dropping their circumcision ban.

      • Poupon Marx
        Poupon Marx says:

        The overriding and paramount question is….”Which type of penis do the majority of females favor and prefer?”

        ” And the results are….(the envelope please):

        In a recent study by Morris et al., (2019), the authors examine (i) whether male circumcision status influences women’s preference for sexual activity and the reasons for this, and (ii) whether women prefer male circumcision for their sons. The study found that, majority of women expressed a preference for the circumcised penis.

        As the King of Siam said, “Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera”.

        The main reasons given for this preference were better appearance, better hygiene, reduced risk of infection, and enhanced sexual activity, including vaginal intercourse, manual stimulation, and fellatio. In studies that assessed mothers’ preference for Male circumcision of sons, health, disease prevention, and hygiene were cited as major reasons for this preference. Cultural differences in preference were evident among some of the studies examined. Nevertheless, a preference for a circumcised penis was seen in most populations regardless of the frequency of Male circumcised in the study setting.

        In an earlier survey conducted by Wildman et al., (1976) of undergraduate women at Georgia College, Milledgeville, Georgia, on viewing color magazine photographs of men with “well-formed body parts,” 89% preferred the circumcised penis and 11% preferred the uncircumcised penis.

        Another study by Williamson and Williamson (1988), which centered on well-educated new mothers at a major Midwest medical center, 16.5% of whom had sexual contact with both circumcised and uncircumcised men, 92% believed the circumcised penis stays cleaner, 90% said it looked “sexier,” 85% said it felt nicer to touch, and 55% said that it “smells more pleasant.”

        Preferences for vaginal intercourse were circumcised, 71%; uncircumcised, 6%; and either, 23%; for fellatio, 83%, 2%, and 15%, respectively; for manual stimulation, 75%, 5%, and 20%, respectively; and looking at nude to achieve sexual arousal, 76%, 4%, and 20%, respectively. Of the 5.5% of women who had only ever had uncircumcised partners, all preferred the look of the circumcised penis.

        The authors concluded that “almost any sexual exposure to a circumcised penis swayed women to sexually prefer circumcision, with only 1% of the entire sample consistently preferring uncircumcised partners for all sexual activities,” all of whom were from the group who had only ever had sexual experience with uncircumcised men. No woman thought that an uncircumcised penis looked sexier.

        In a more recent online study conducted by Adam & Adam(2014), by a company selling adult products involving at least 1,000 US adults age ≥18 years found that 54% of women preferred a circumcised penis, 33% had no preference, and only 3% preferred an uncircumcised penis, with 10% of women refusing to answer. This study was published only online and was not peer- reviewed.

        A Canadian study also conducted by Bossio et al., (2015) involving women aged 19–71 years, 74% of whom were born in Canada and 12% in the United States, and 61.2% of whom had attended college or university, found that women prefer circumcised penises.

        • HUGO FUERST
          HUGO FUERST says:

          @ Poupon Marx
          The circumcised penis leads the field in porn videos including the so-called “BBC”.
          Christians who believe that Jesus was/is God presumably believe that He was also snipped (Luke 2.21f).

        • Barkingmad
          Barkingmad says:

          Any female who actually prefers the cliptcok has shit for brains. Let’s see, now. Suppose that for the past 120 years, the majority of females had their nipples cut off at birth. Doesn’t matter that she can’t nurse her children later on in life – other infant feeding options exist. Most men (on seeing or trying to pork) a natural woman might very well be repelled. YUCK. What are those growths on your chest, girly?

          @Don Diego. About the change in the brain resulting in an unusual mentality: it has to be done on the eighth day of life (a kind of open secret).

          When done to older boys, different results are obtained. However, either way, none are desirable. I think I read this (effect on older boys) in an article by a neuropsychiatrist.

  16. anonym
    anonym says:

    The good-natured and unassuming mindset of the writer, reminds me of one of biggest problems I had with the WW2 storytelling already in school (when I believed in most of it). How could the Germans go from being the most civilized people on earth, to suddenly, over night, become the most sadistic and barbarous, and then switch again, from one day to the next, to the most civilized?

    I just read a book about Josef Mengele, by David G. Marwell, where this paradox becomes almost comical. He is described, on the one hand, as a competent scientist and a true gentleman, and on the other hand, as a complete monster, who´s experiments and actions makes absolutely no sense at all. He stopped the typhus epidemic in Auschwitz – and then he sent them to the gas chambers. He treated inmates with tuberculosis – and then he sent them to the gas chambers. He treated sick children and comforted them – and then he sent them to the gas chambers. On and on and on. (A ” death camp” with a typhus- and tuberculosis ward – that´s a paradox if I ever saw one.)

    The experiments he performed – when described according to the existing documentation – was rather normal; he weighed and measured, took tests, and analyzed the data. When described by the Jewish Dr. Nyiszli and other Jewish “witnesses”, he comes off as so insane that it beggars belief. The first part is referenced, the second part is all hearsay and much less referenced.

    Even the physical descriptions of him, by the inmates he sorted at the ramp, is blatantly wrong; “blonde angel”, “handsome Siegfried”, “white gloves, monocle” (Elie Wiesel) – he was dark haired and hardly handsome (and never wore a monocle).

    (Everything said with the caveat that some of the experimentation in the camps did cross the boundaries, and was cruel. Strughold’ s well documented experiments in particular. But the Germans was hardly alone in doing this.)

    The book reminds me of the way it is even now, when someone like Kevin Macdonald is described as “a dangerous white supremacist” and and “a man filled with hate” – and then you see him on Youtube, and it´s a polite, soft spoken, even shy, university professor. (No comparisons otherwise with Mengele).

    It was this paradox that made me rethink everything, and opened my eyes about the Jews. Their lies isn’t just ugly, it reveals their hidden mindset, behind the facade.

      HUGO FUERST says:

      @ anonym
      I keep an open mind re Mengele (for example, the Dering libel case in England/Germar Rudolf),but there are some crazy stories about him: (1) eyes hanging from the wall (actually pupil color orbs for twin studies, his genetics speciality); (2) sorting out arrivals at the ramp into fit men for work, and women and babies for gassing; (3) ridiculous experiments on human organs without anaesthetic, whose victims survived to tell the tale; (4) his musical dog that attacked his pianist (Das Land der Musik, of course) whenever she played a wrong note. Years ago I read material provided by his son in which the biography of an educated and thoughtful scientist had atrocity stories sandwiched at intervals; incongrous and implausible, thought not unknown in the annals of medical practitioners (like Dr Shipman).

  17. Jett Rucker
    Jett Rucker says:

    Powerful. If this be “race hatred,” I say it is informed, even-handed race hatred.
    But I feel rather that is is hatred of being hated. Because of one’s race, or racial sympathies.

  18. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thanks for the great piece Liv.

    You got lucky. I made the horrible mistake when I got out of high school to go to a predominantly Jewish college. I was still only 17, from lily white upstate 1970s New York, and ridiculously naive.
    Because the school was predominantly Jewish, some of them did not hide behind what they really are; hysterical, degenerate, and most are sexually perverted. It is almost impossible for some Jews to tell the truth it seems. Like you it would be years later that I would learn the truth about them and their history.

    And they ‘hate,’ I mean Hate with a capital H, the United States. Those cute little Jewish girls from college who were “friends,” on one of my social media platforms, finding out I was a Trump supporter and loved my country, well, the venom was unleashed and they deleted me pronto. They are not so cute and sweet anymore that’s for sure. And the truth is that they probably never were.

    One interesting thing I’ve noticed on some social media lately, and I really don’t like spending too much time on social media anymore, is that some people are posting, “I just got my 2nd booster shot! I just got my 3rd booster shot!” The people posting this are always Jewish- makes one wonder. I responded to one about her boasting of a 3rd booster shot with ‘why is that hard to believe?’ She immediately deleted me.

  19. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Ah, forgot to mention. Liv, if you haven’t already, you really need to read, ‘200 Years Together,’ by Alexsander Solzhenitsyn. I believe that there is a German translation.
    I can only read and write English, so I read the version that’s currently on Word Press.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Also, presuming she hasn’t already, Shahak’s 3000 years.
      Even for a fully paid up anti-Semite, it will blow your mind. It’s easily available online(unz), not long at all, but my word, it changed my life, I’ll say that.
      If Britain was 100% clean, totally free of even one jew or Muslim, and I had the choice, ten million Muslims, or 100 Jews, I’d take the former in a heart beat.
      These ‘people’ are beyond belief.

  20. Robert Penman
    Robert Penman says:

    What an interesting article, something that could be passed on to people with little knowledge of the Jewish issue. Exposing double standards is always an effective tool to get people thinking, and Jews have an astonishing ability for double standards.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      What would that assertion be based on? Genetic history and genealogy? Skin tone? eye color? Level of civilization attained? General IQ distribution in the populations?

      Your personal biases? Arbitrary reflex of envy, inferiority complex-most likely not a complex? Lack of adequate ventilation in your confined toilet closet?

      • Carolyn Yeager
        Carolyn Yeager says:

        Wow, such aggressive push-back from someone who claims here, again and again, to be a Buddhist. The Buddha was not into defending one’s ethnicity and race one way or the other. I’ve said before that you are not a practicing Buddhist, but solely an anti-Christian.

        • Poupon Marx
          Poupon Marx says:

          Hello Caroline. Allow me to clarify your assertions and opinions with my own missives. In our past communications, I told you that I was a believer in Buddhism. The word, “practicing” never existed. I don’t know what meaning to even attach to it. To be a Buddhist, you simply need to believe that what Gautama Siddhartha Buddha expressed was truth and valid and of merit. The easily accessible source for this is

          Diamond Way Buddhism is a worldwide network for lay people from all walks of life, who incorporate Buddhist practice in their daily lives.
          Diamond Way Buddhism belongs to the thousand-year-old Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. Lama Ole Nydahl, a Western Buddhist master born in Denmark, established Diamond Way Buddhism in the 1970’s, together with his wife Hannah Nydahl. Their main teacher the 16th Karmapa asked them to teach what they had learned and to start Buddhist centers in the West.

          More than 40 years later, there are now 640 Diamond Way Buddhist centers around the world. The meditation methods that you can learn in these centers are all traditional Buddhist teachings, but presented in a modern, Western setting and language, accessible to all.. The worldwide headquarters for this Tibetan school (N.B. the italics) of Buddhism is in Germany, and is one of several, e.g., Zen, Sokka Gakkai, Falun Gong, etc. Interestingly, the greatest impetus and momentum for contemporary ever-expanding Buddhism originated and is centered in Northern Europe.

          Moving on to the teachings of Buddha. Just as there are several hues and shades of orange color (, so are the iterations of Buddhahood.
          However, they are all ORANGE.

          You termed my words written as “aggressive push back”, which is not violent or even very aggressive at all. It was pithy and laconic. Buddha spoke sharply to his attackers and opponents in his lifetime, but in a way of subtlety, air tight logic. He of course did that in person in a setting and venue face to face. Here I, a mere pilgrim, have the space and breadth of a single comment, a passing light, a shooting star in the faculty of my addressee. I believe, should he reflect and motivate himself to be more responsible and careful in communicating and characterizing, that the benefits outweigh the less than ideal methods. I’m sure you would agree on principle, My Dear, as the Object Of Your Idealization, Herr Hitler made many compromises for the Summum Bonum of his people. Summarily, I do not believe that The Buddha would have condemned my actions, given the exigency, but would have urged caution and care.

          In today’s world, Buddhist monks are enjoining and prescribing attacks and death upon Southern Thailand Muslims, due to their enslavement and atrocities upon a native and uninterested population in Islamic conversion. This is not a deviation or heresy of Buddha’s teaching, for he said that it is justified in killing another when the aggressor is set and determined to kill you, with no possibility of counter persuasion.

          I know this may cause a cognitive impasse in your evaluation and determination of ways and means. I believe that you are bound, like a mill wheel with a certain pattern and gauge of striations and radial grooves, to mill only a limited size of grain-that which “fits”. This is the limitation of Material Determinism, which was supposed to be the Force de Frappe and vehicle for limitless and endless human progress and advancement. Alas, Wie Traurig, it turned out to be a limitation and potion that turned into a toxin and narcotic. An overrated engine that could not pull the wagon to the top of the mountain.

          It is the tragedy of the German People, the greatest enthusiasts of this conception is that they overrated, overused, and abused this ideal and methods. While key to the material success of German and Nord Europeans, it turned from wine to vinegar. To those who can perceive Beyond, it was a transmissible perception that Germans where not a happy and fulfilled people. Their humanity was squeezed and crushed like a school of fish compacted by a hoisted fish net. Hence the movement of Germanic Romanticism, which attempted to actuate and propagate a more profound and connected Reality in harmony with the empirical, observed, concrete World. But it failed, because it was not universal but nationalistic, irrational and bi-polar/digital; that disillusionment led to a rebound Empire building, material fixation and acquisition of the property and wealth of others. Very likely torpedoed by the Klepto-Catheter Churlsh of Rome, The One True Church, enthroned by the Vicar of Christ Hisself.

          Out of this malformed, inconsolable mess, comes the substitutes, and surrogates. Militarism, Your Personal Adolph-the carrier of the Holesy Banner of necrotic false spiritual transcendence. I wondered for years how a culture of Germanic peoples could allow Semitic and subversive Semites to dwell and prosper within their borders, to influence and direct their Collective Consciousness, to initiate subversion and irrational, violent doctrines, to be fooled and deceived so continuously. In short, Nature abhors-and fills-a vacuum.

          This is but part of a continuation of the unfortunate and uncritical adoption of Aristotelian categorical and materialistic digital thinking. It’s either this or that, everything can be explained by the senses of the world perceived. This is inane on an intuitive level.

          Germans even vented these grotesque constructs to abstruse and heretic philosophies so dependent, serial, solipsistic, and syllogistic from abstractions derived from upstream abstractions, related to other abstractions, as to be wholly useless and irrelevant. Kant is cant. Heidegger is a grave digger. They are all Argentinian economists, who are full of shit, narcissistic and worse. Only Nietzsche and Wagner provide material for preponderance and study. The former is obvious and widely proclaimed, while Wagner’s philosophical foundations are not, BUT SHOULD BE.

          Please read the following descriptive comments on the profundity of Wagners spiritual enlightenment.

          Note that-no surprise to me-it rests on a breadth and depth of the Teachings of Buddha. His sources, Schopenhauer, David Friedrich Strauss are all derived and inspired by Buddha Teachings. Very few people know or appreciate how precocious and profound Wagner’s Consciousness was. I daresay that to the last individual reading these comments, you were sure in your estimation that his cosmology was based on pagan gods pantheon of anthropomorphic “Super Heroes” of the comic book kind.

          There are also many ideas that Wagner borrows from Buddhism. Most of them were available and probably came to him from Schopenhauer. The include the view that the material world of the senses and the individual self are not real. By conquering ignorance we can be reunited with universal consciousness or Brahmin (often equated by Wagner to something resembling the Hegelian Geist or Spirit). We have a craving for immortality, but the path of truth is not to satisfy cravings. The belief in immortality leads to immorality. It is ultimately ego-centered and selfish to seek rewards in a future life. Perhaps most importantly he draws upon the Four noble truths. First, that all life is suffering. Second, that suffering is caused by desire or attachment. Third, that the cure for suffering is non-attachment and the ability to rise above sensations. And fourth, the eightfold path of enlightenment which Wagner translates or associates with his own formulation, the Path of Self-Divestment.” [ibid.]

          So, My Dear Caroline, I am hoping that you will examine your set of cognitive tools and architecture, and find new doors and windows (fresh air) opening for you. You may try to balance your adoration of Herr Hitler-who did and said several commendable things-with his misbegotten and mistaken beliefs, i. e., the mesmerizing stupor of the German Nation, German Consciousness, German Spirit, and Culture. Always remember, it was in GERMANY that Jews got a foot hold, prospered, subverted with relative impunity and assistance from the Gentile Germans, over a very long time. This could have been ended permanently with relative ease over centuries.

          Gute Nacht.

          • Al Ross
            Al Ross says:

            Gautama Siddhartha was an Aryan Princeling .

            He might have been impressed , though , by one Semitic, flesh – denying, New Testament passage :

            Matthew XIX : 12

          • Al Ross
            Al Ross says:

            Buddhism is good and may be a template .

            The Buddhist Sri Lankans defeated the Hindu Indian Tamils not long ago and the Buddhist Burmese got rid of many Muslim “rohinga” Bangladeshis.

  21. Abel Wolfgang
    Abel Wolfgang says:

    What is the solution? Seriously what do we do?

    Pray. Yes, pray God will save their souls.

    And we can also talk to as many people as possible. Help open their eyes. So many people, especially Christians, have been brainwashed. You even mention the j word and its like their brain clicks “antisemitic.”

    But talk to them anyways. Think of it as saving them, pulling them from the hell fire.

    And another thing we can do and I really enjoy this one. You go shopping at Sam’s or wherever, make simple little fliers with a message such as 1 Ther. 2 the apostle Paul clearly stating a fact, tney killed Christ and the prophets, and they’re the enemy to all people.
    Or just something about koser food labels being a hiden tax that only costs the average person more and benifits the filthy ones. Yes, evil is filth.
    Be creative. Let one in the shopping cart. Lay one in the restroom. Whereever, just get a message out in hopes tnat even just one person starts to think and take notice.

    Remember the new is like a roach. Tbey can’t stand the light. They fear people will notice.

    And remember also, it’s healthy to have righteous hate for those who do and promote evil. Never be ashamed.

    You fellow Christians. Stop buying into the lie God loves everyone and you must bless your enemy.

    Love and bless your enemy is if you4 enemy stricks you, love and blessing them is to stir k them back twice as hard and tben kick them when they’re down. Yes then help them up saying, now’s did you learn your lesson and understand the evil of your ways.

    Christ was not weak. Our Lord was not ignorant or nieve.

    Be like Christ, be strong, know the truth, be faithful, and do righteousness.

    God bless.

    God grant us the day the filthy ones are driven from among us a d may tbey repent of tneir wickedness.

  22. Barkingmad
    Barkingmad says:

    A rather significant number of “Italian Catholics” from Calabria* (and their descendents) living in the USA and Canada are not really Italian or Catholic. If you get my drift.

    *Calabria, regione, southern Italy, composed of the province of Catanzaro, Cosenza, Crotone, Reggio di Calabria, and Vibo Valentia

  23. Armoric
    Armoric says:

    We sometimes wonder if self-deceit may partly explain Jewish behavior, or if they know what they are doing. Do they understand concepts like truth and objectivity, or do they really think that truth is whatever is good for the Jews? Self-deceit is linked to the idea of hypocrisy: you are a hypocrite if you are not very honest with yourself about your own motivations. A hypocrite tries to deceive himself, not just other people. I think the leadership of the ADL is composed of scheming liars who want us dead, but on the other hand, a lot of the Jews are probably hypocrites who just go along with the dominant anti-White Jewish view.

    From what I understand, many Jewish activists who work to destroy the White race still have a few White friends. I’m not sure if that makes them creepier or more human. It may indicate that they follow their instincts, not a conscious and consistent anti-White ideology. It’s even more puzzling to see some of them marry into the White race, have common children, and still remain disloyal to the White race. But after all, many White people also go along with the Jewish plan to destroy the White race and somehow still think of themselves as good people.

    A quote from the article: “The love for classical music made me enter Jewish circles again, where Ashkenazi and Sephardi mingled. Luxurious Parisian apartments, intelligent conversations…”

    It’s annoying to see that the Jews are also in control of classical music. It’s not enough for them to dominate the distribution of rock and pop music. I think the main role of music is not even to please the ears, but to give us a sense of identity and cultural belonging. It serves as a kind of cement between people. It means it can only be done by us. We don’t need the Jewish interference. But they are trying to control all the means of communication between White people.

    Even without the Jews, classical music is often a pretext for snobbery, but it can only be worse under Jewish domination. Their philosophy is not art for art’s sake. Someone like J.S. Bach was probably completely immersed in his music. He was not just trying to impress the ladies. It’s hard to imagine a Jewish equivalent of Bach. Their thing is advertising, public relations, the artificial promotion of low quality music, the promotion of fellow tribesmen and the replacement of White artists.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Most of what you write about classical music and those who love it points to a lamentable tendency to repeat Establishment-narrative nonsense. What is to be gained by willfully embracing sullen philistinism just because what Jews have done to the inescapable business aspect of music and the other high arts is to turn it into a racket? Behaving thus is, alas, virtually a reflex with them.

      Even more so, what is one to make of your declared belief that “the main role of music is not even to please the ears, but to give us a sense of identity and cultural belonging”? How far can a man get when he insists on putting the cart before the horse? I can’t help wondering what you think is the “main role” of indoor-plumbing and public-sewage systems. I can tell you that when I spent a year in Vietnam more than half a century ago, the reasons that my fellow GIs and I lamented the absence of these amenities had nothing to do with a lost sense of “belonging.” Besides, anyone desperate for music (well, of a sort) that fostered belonging could go to the NCO club and join with others who tirelessly howled “We’ve got to get out of this place, / if it’s the last thing we ever do.” So much for priorities.

      Your other reflections seem equally curious. “[The Jews’] philosophy is not art for art’s sake. Someone like J. S. Bach was probably completely immersed in his music. He was not just trying to impress the ladies.” Bach is an old friend of mine, and I solemnly assure you that he has no idea what you are talking about. Most who listen to his music understand immediately what even the deaf can learn from the title page of almost any of his many works: that he composed primarily for the glory of God and in aid of his own salvation (i.e., the Parable of the Talents was seldom far from his thoughts). As for “art for art’s sake,” Jews can speak for themselves, but the concept would have been unintelligible to Monteverdi, Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven—all of whom lived and labored before the slogan was invented by French aesthetes who dishonestly declared that moral, religious, and social concerns were somehow demeaning, even alien, to true art—and it was frankly derided by Schumann, Brahms, Stravinsky, and others who were familiar with and scornful of its delusions and falsifications.

      Don’t forget, too, that “ars gratia artis” has long been the motto of (((MGM))), not of Bach or any of the other gents named above.

      Finally, “classical music is often a pretext for snobbery” is simply unjust. It’s the kind of thing that is said by people whose exposure to classical music comes entirely from its distorted presentation in (((Hollywood-produced))) trash. In what now seems a previous life, I spent forty years enthusiastically participating in the art music scene in New York City (twenty-six of them working at the Metropolitan Opera), and I never once encountered anyone who came even within a mile of resembling the hyperrich, priggish Gentile snobs that the Jews of Hollywood have persuaded many that true music lovers are. On the contrary, most of the multitudes of people I rubbed shoulders with actively proselytized for the music they loved, often with an energy reminiscent of a saint’s—and to a not entirely unrelated end. As for being rich, some people certainly were, but far more weren’t. In my own case, only in the last five years of my active presence in that world did my income exceed four figures to the left of the decimal point.

      Overall, your comment seems to be searching for a rationale to justify defaming classical music and people who, agreeing with Alfred North Whitehead, understand that music can “claim to be the most original creation of the human spirit.”* As any such rationale succeeds only in doing the Jews’ work for them, I urge you to search again.
      *Chap. 2, “Science and the Modern World”

  24. antiseptic
    antiseptic says:

    it is no wonder when a goy intermingles to much with jews
    (or moslems) that his vision becomes blured . their main
    objective is mimikri . changing names to guest nation custom,
    interbreeding with guest folk to get northeuropean feature in
    oposition to their once murky hooknose Streicher features .
    look for example the Rothschilds , they dont look semitic
    anymore . when one knows their leaders + rabbis hatred
    of white goyim there should not be any wishful hoping for
    goyim or unbelievers to socialse with those both
    semitic mafias .

  25. Ronald C.
    Ronald C. says:

    Interesting article.

    Yes indeed the tendency among many jews to forbid or suppress white identity and ingroup preferences does provide a path towards genocide of whites when combined with massimmigration.

    The journalists tend to adopt to a “intellectual” climate generated at large by jewish ownership of in many countries a majority of media companies and also IT and the like.

    Personally what I dislike about many of the powerful organized jews in most western countries would be:

    1. Changing the immigration laws (which they did in many countries).

    2. Hiding the effects of this disaster with crime and replacement being factors, through their ownership and control of information.

    3. Pornography also used to confuse whites and make them not notice anti white laws being passed pushed by you know who.

    4. Anti white propaganda (anti white culture…), race-mixing propaganda in their media and commercials made by their companies and music business and so on.

    5. The tribalism at universities they control, anti white nature here pushing whites out of universities and getting unproportional amounts of jews in. I.e. racism or etno centrism for their own kind combined with hatred of christian whites (and just imagine if you have a german sounding name…).

    6. Promoting of homosexuality to young people with the objective of lower white christian child birth.

    7. The way many of them push for faschist control over the internet and surveillance as well as laws forbidding certain ideas or thoughts to be expressed. Once this surveillance which not only they want it’s a huge threat agains innovation since it does provide new ways for evil thieves to steal (not only jews).

    8. The pushing of bussing anti racist laws through the UN anti segregation pushing and so on. With I suppose for those jews who pushed having the objective of racial mixture or genocide.

    I am in no way saying all jews do this. All I am saying that this has been in effect a focus for many jews in western countries, probably enough to make it policies through their organizations even though I am sure many jews have disagreed. But saying it has been policies in their organizations is I suppose speculative since the decisions and policies adopted through them are kept far away from all goyim…

  26. Ronald C.
    Ronald C. says:

    I also disslike ideologies created by socalled jews. These include communism, capitalism, the frankfurt school and the like.

    The capitalism created by some jews have created the idea of profits to shareholders being the only thing of importance and this pushed the made in china thing and the like to a degree.

    Frankfurt school;

    1. Anti Christianity.
    2. Anti individualism.
    3. Social justice, feminism (make women hate men equals less white children).
    4. Working class replaced by minorities as the group to push forward.
    5. Gender studies, promotion sex change at early age…
    6. Anti racism.
    7. Creating atomized individuals.

    Also the anti white propaganda in Schools, through critical race theory, black history month, black music weeks and the like and making whites feel ashamed because like 1 to 2 % of White Americans had slaves and the indians and whatever else used to make whites feel ashamed of their RACE. This idea seems to have been tested first by a socalled jew who was a teacher and wrote many educational books.

    The culture war against white culture. Using all other cultures and thefts to promote the others. In order to make whites not feel unique.

    The teaming up with latin-communists and communist China and the africans in america to commit the election fraud (China bought woting machine company, a woting machine company created by the commies in lat amd, jewsih media backing them up, africans in america handling the woting due to their hostile take-over of territorries, cities).

    The anti human anti white gene-change vaccine which seems to be backed by jews.

  27. Ronald C.
    Ronald C. says:

    I also dislike ideologies created by so called jews. These include communism, capitalism, the frankfurt school and the like.

    The capitalism created by some jews have created the idea of profits to shareholders being the only thing of importance and this pushed the made in china thing and the like to a degree.

    Frankfurt school;

    1. Anti Christianity.
    2. Anti individualism.
    3. Social justice, feminism (make women hate men equals less white children).
    4. Working class replaced by minorities as the group to push forward.
    5. Gender studies, promotion sex change at early age…
    6. Anti racism.
    7. Creating atomized individuals.

    Also the anti white propaganda in Schools, through critical race theory, black history month, black music weeks and the like and making whites feel ashamed because like 1 to 2 % of White Americans had slaves and the indians and whatever else used to make whites feel ashamed of their RACE. This idea seems to have been tested first by a so called jew who was a teacher and wrote many educational books.

    The culture war against white culture. Using all other cultures and thefts to promote the others. In order to make whites not feel unique.

    The teaming up with latin-communists and communist China and the africans in america to commit the election fraud (China bought voting machine company, a voting machine company created by the commies in lat and, jewish media backing them up, africans in America handling the voting due to their hostile take-over of territories, cities).

    The anti human anti white gene-change vaccine which seems to be backed by jews.

  28. Sean T.
    Sean T. says:

    Well well. This Liv Heide, founder of the claims to have been working on a dating site while MARRIED / engaged or having a jewish boyfriend.

    Who, that is married or engaged or has a partner/boyfriend would work on a pro-white dating site? Or a dating site at all?

    Makes no sense except for if she thought of her jewish boyfriend as white.

    But if she did that, why would she hide from him working on a dating site for whites with that perspective jews could also join the site and date through it?

    Also the marketing for the site was very much racial if I may use that word and also referencing Europe a lot. So why would anyone with a jewish partner use that kinda language. Or maybe that was after they split.

    Also in an interview Liv mentions m,oving to Paris to experience different cultures and languages. I mean who would go to Paris to meet arabs and subsaharian africans. Especially a woman who’s largest interest in culture seems to be classical music?

    Also makes no sense. I go to Paris to meet white people. Sure it’s fun to hang out with Scandinavians or Americans also living there and the French of course.

    So this makes me think the site is a fraud set up by secret services and or jews to surveilance anyone pro white.

    And in 2019 the site had 3’500 members and only around 600 women.

    Not exactly the savior of the white race hey.

    I mean J-date has a lot more members.

  29. Sean T
    Sean T says:

    How large part of the dissident pro white or racist movement is founded by secret services or people part jewish or jews or part gypsies or tattare?

    Probably most of it.

    In Canada, according to Gavin McInnes, jews founded a nazi skinhead movement, because there were no “right wing extremists” there that were organized.

    I suppose this serves many purposes for jews:
    1. Scaring jews of the terrible whites and nazis this making jews stick together and also combat jews from marrying non jews.
    2. Creating anti hate laws and increasing surveilance of ALL whites which they seem to fear.
    3. Making race realists and anti immigration people look bad.

    Isn’t te amren dude Jarred married to a woman that is a professor of african studies I heard. That seems suspicious.

    I think the NMR or SMR in the Scandinavian region is run by part gypsies and even the founder who started a new movement I think is part jewish and als gypsy or tattare and a fraud.

    I read that some nationalist party in germany was founded by the brittish secret service of some kind.

    Now the NJP in the USA uses the same symbolism.

    And the Roussea dude with his gay manners and long hair in a pony tail, like I do think he nay be a fraud.

    The order may not have been a Fraud.

    But Mathews could have been that. Probably not because he took risks and pumped money into the movement.

    But what if these movements were frauds and the fed’s knew about it why would they care if money was pumped into it.

    He could have been a fraud to attract the most hard racists in the country and lock em up for the rest of their lives, including David Lane that jews really hated they even got him fired from his job as a real estate agent. And David Lanes propaganda leaflets that he distributed like 500’000 pieces of were not great and he was a somewhat problematic person regardless he did do some superb writing.

    And even William Pierce who wrote books about nuclear war and terrorism against the state as a political strategy. Like that is just stupid and makes no sense. And the other book about killing race mixing couples also not a great strategy. It just plays into the jews and anti racists thing where they can say “oh look at these terrible racists and ultra rightwing people they are a terrorist threat”. And by thet they can then use the state to surveilance anyone pro-white.

    Just like the “storming” of the capital due to the election fraud.

    I mean how deep state was that.

    The whole scenario was from a William Pierce book but light version and the secret services were probably involved as was antifa (with state connections of course through race, through obama). So the right wing people in the secret services though oh great we can use this to election fraud to have something like in the Pierce book but lightweight and not really dangerous and no casualties.

    But jews read all these books they have studied all scenarios and the KNEW about it and had a ready plan on how to use it. Have jewish congressmen and media scream and go on about how this was an absolute terror attack just like Pearl Harbour (so in effect an act of war) and 9/11.

    Which is of course ridicolous.

    And then this is used by jews and blacks to legitimize a fraud election and also to push laws that are anti white and so on…

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