Condition Red Revisited: White Male Erasure in Advertising

Condition Red Revisited: White Male Erasure in Advertising.

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  1. Karl
    Karl says:

    It’s all pushed by White liberals and Jews in advertising who want to dilute and even destroy White Christian Americans.

    When America becomes majority Black and Hispanic (most American newborns are now non-White), Jews and Asians will rule.

    So be careful, Blacks, what you wish for.

    • Deb
      Deb says:

      Mr. Vanini,
      Your letter is remarkable. I am curious as to whether or not you received an answer. Due to mandatory DEI training, I turned down a position to tutor children in reading. If more people speak out and refuse to comply, maybe we’ll make a difference.

      Kudos to you for your willingness to call a spade a spade.


      • Lucius Vanini
        Lucius Vanini says:

        No, never got an answer. Didn’t expect one, actually. I’m not sure it didn’t have some minor effect, though. I don’t think they get enough of such feedback.

        I admire your stand, your unwillingness to compromise. The European Family has all the diversity I need to get through life. Hopefully you can somehow pick your shots and tutor European or Euroamerican children alone (segregation forever!) and not only teach them how to read but acquaint them with our matchless literatures.

        Yes–maybe if enough irate Whites communicate their displeasure, the businesses connected with this anti-White advertising will wise up. A LOT of Whites grumble, but I fear that few let it be known except to likeminded people. I think we all should protest and warn, and I fervently hope we can establish our own media, both corporate and social, wherein there’ll be only decent ads.

        • coinherence
          coinherence says:

          I used to buy a brand of toilet paper called “Who gives a crap” (good product overall). In one of their email notices they announced their support for BLM. I sent them a post announcing that so long as they supported BLM I could no longer patronize their product. I specified that I was a white male and that BLM was an “anti-white” organization. They replied that they only wanted the best for “all races”. Yeah, right.

  2. Andrew Durden
    Andrew Durden says:

    Thanks Edmund, I enjoyed this reprise of your essay and look forward to the next instalment of “The Jewish War on Christmas”.
    With regards to the reprise, I believe “Tyler Durden” is a pseudonym.

  3. Joe
    Joe says:

    This is precisely why I have not watched television for 25 years. I noticed this trend toward white-male-besmirchment even then. It is so blatantly obvious today that I marvel at how any white male can stomach such insults to his heritage. It just goes to show how successful the removal of testosterone from the caucasian male has been.
    I pray every day that I live to see the reassertion of the masculine in one last battle for the survival of our kind. As a consolation, it is absolutely certain that if we perish as a race, civilization will fall irrecoverably.

    • RegretLeft
      RegretLeft says:

      I have watched almost no TV (sports up to 20 years ago) for 50 years. … I understand your points – but … I just don’t feel “insulted” by it – it is all so laughable and absurd – I have some understanding of history and of Europe’s glories and abominations – and intend to spend my remaining years mostly enjoying the former (e.g. have lots of Handel operas that I want to get to). In short, there is a kind of confidence that can form a shield … feel free to disagree.

  4. RegretLeft
    RegretLeft says:

    One of the most curious features of the “Erasure” of whites in advertising is that it very often does not promote “blacks” in advertising; rather principally extremely light skinned persons of mixed African descent – “mulattoes” is the now forbidden but once common term. The two women posed as airline pilots above are extremely anomalous (quite black). Want proof? – Look at an LL Bean catalog – find a black person – can’t do it! (particularly black woman) – rather – I call them “barely black” – lots of such. A major Chase bank campaign a few years back – exclusively the barely blacks much preferred by our white masters.

    • Franklin Ryckaert
      Franklin Ryckaert says:

      The promotion of light skinned Mulattos rather than really dark skinned Blacks in advertisement serves two purposes. One: it is less abhorrent to the white observer. Two: it foreshadows the desired future, which is a totally miscegenated population. A very common scene is a dark skinned black man with a (blonde) white woman and their light skinned mulatto children. The plan is “soft” genocide of Whites by miscegenation with non-Whites, by preference with Blacks. Thus the Jews, who are behind this, hope to never have to fear “another holocaust” and they can rule supreme on a planet without their most capable competitors, an expression of both Jewish paranoia and Jewish supremacism, which drives this tribe of criminal psychopaths already for more than 3000 years.

      • Poupon Marx
        Poupon Marx says:

        The Illuminati publicly announce their intentions over and over. But “The Battered Herd” keeps on grazing, chewing its cud, and follows the cohorts over the cliffs. Since most people ARE sheep, it rather implies that they are leaving the counter action to the sheep dogs, but the sheep dogs are being humped by the wolves.

        What The Battered Herd of the Western Into-European needs is-in the immortal lyrics and music of that gun toting, avid hunting maniac by the name of “Uncle” Ted Nugent-is the emergence of the Great White Buffalo to lead the Herd salvation and renewal-quantify and quality.

        But above the canyon walls
        Strong eyes did glow
        The leader of the land
        The great white buffalo
        Well, he got the battered herd
        And he led ’em ‘cross the land
        With the great white buffalo,
        They gonna make a final stand
        Now, listen everybody
        To what I’ve got to say
        There’s hope for tomorrow, if
        We wake up on today.
        There’s hope for tomorrow
        If we wake up today

        An ideal Presidential candidate, I would say.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Some fifty years ago, Tom Wolfe saw the very same pattern you describe. He referred to the black people in print and television ads as dressing white and sounding white and having white facial structures. In other words, only their skin was black and, as you say, seldom if ever was it especially dark.

        Although Wolfe certainly never suggested that there was a Jewish agenda of dispossession in play, indeed a Jewish agenda of any sort, he did note that the point of the ads was clearly to make blacks seem less threatening to “regular Americans”—which is what the white oppressor class used to be called.

      • Edmund Connelly
        Edmund Connelly says:

        Franklin (and I’m also posting this to Pierre de Craon), you may have noticed that Greg Johnson has come up with a brilliant idea to list the top hundred commenters to Counter-Currents. Already, it seems to be strengthening that site’s sense of community. For that reason, I’m finally reaching out to a handful of TOO commenters to see if we can establish more of a two-way (or more) conversation between me as writer and you (and others) as commenter.

        I’ve been blessed with many thoughtful commenters over the years, but your comments in particular have stood out, so I wonder if we can somehow establish better contact, maybe through Kevin MacDonald. Thank you for so many intelligent replies over the years and I hope we can improve that in the new year. (I also wonder if “Lord Shang” from Counter-Currents would be interested as well. Of course, I’d like to hear from everyone on this idea.)

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          Dear Ed: I’m grateful for your generous expression of trust. Kevin has my contact information, and I have no objection to his sharing it with you.

        • Lord Shang
          Lord Shang says:

          Dr. Connelly:

          (I posted this at CC, but you might have missed it; plus, you referenced me immediately above, so I thought a reposting would be justified):

          I’m flattered that an eminent Writer on the Right has noticed my comments. I’m familiar with your work (and others) at TOO, though I rarely comment there. I do recall that very good article from some months back in which you contrasted spiritual vs material explanations of the predicament of whites, using E. Michael Jones and K. MacDonald as representatives of the two poles.

          TOO is well done, but I find it a bit too JQ-centric (writers there seem to spend a lot of time discussing Jews …. lol!). Seriously, I’m one of the more paleoconservative white preservationists and nationalists. I look at the same macro-issue (preventing white dispossession, enslavement and extinction) through the other end of the analytical telescope. That is, I’m less interested in the ways of our dispossessors than in what it is about whites that makes them so vulnerable to being morally weaponized against themselves and their own legitimate interests, as well as in what we can do pragmatically to reverse our negative trajectory. I think the path to white survival runs not through the Jews, but through ourselves.

          Accordingly, in contradistinction to the JQ, I am increasingly fascinated by the CQ – the Christian Question. Although I’m agnostic, I was raised in a Christian home, and I would very much like to become a Christian believer once again. Even if I were one day to experience some kind of reconversion, however, I would never embrace the Church’s racial leftism, which I hold is less derivable from (the logic of) true doctrine, than one part an expression of the modal or collective psychology of the majority of contemporary churchmen, and the other part, a series of cowardly institutional accommodations to the left-liberal zeitgeist. What particularly interests me is the extent to which Christianity necessitates an egalitarian universalist morality (by which I mean, a morality which does not admit of a range of greater or lesser moral obligations based on unchosen or ethically neutral affiliative categories, eg, family, race, nationality, class, neighbor, co-worker, etc). Also, whether modern race-denialism as well “ethical” wokeism (because wokeism most certainly does make ethical claims, albeit ones based upon empirical falsehoods) can even be justified by Christian moral theology (I hold they cannot be, though I’m no theological expert, and have a lot more research to do).

          I’m also very interested in the theoretical relationship between (ethno)nationalism and traditionalist conservatism; indeed, why there cannot be a synthesis of both. I think there can be. I’m actually taking notes towards writing a future, probably extended, article on this topic (which I would submit to CC for publication if worthy), though my progress in reading (or rereading in some cases) many of the classic (and necessary contemporary) works in both traditions is, in light of my fulltime job, manageable health problems, and the constant attentions and aid required by my widowed, nonagenarian mother with no other family, very slow. In a half dozen years, I’ll almost certainly be retired, and my mother dead, and thus I’ll have a lot more free time, at which point I hope to become a bit of a writer on the Right myself, with my focus on the intersection of white preservationism, Christian moral theology, and traditional conservatism.

          Thank you for your encouragement.

          Addendum: Perhaps you should expand your comment above into a post, elaborating upon (and opening up to reader feedback) any changes to the comment structure here at TOO that you feel are warranted. Thanks again for reaching out to me.

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            To Lord Shang, I’ve always presumed what attracts me about the JQ discussed here so much, is the very same thing that attracts everyone else, it is just so damn interesting, and also forbidden fruit we simply aren’t allowed to talk about anywhere else.
            But no doubt the problem lies in us. When we are strong, they are with us but not a problem, when we are weak, they make us weaker, when we’re very weak, they’re on the point of killing us. Its no wonder people’s minds drift to bacteria and infections when thinking about them.
            As to Christianity, it’s all we’ve got, it the only option. The last 100 years of it, 5%, is not a fair representation of not just what it is, but also how we operated with it.
            Two things shook the faith, modernity(and all the science etc that went with it) and prosperity. Both were only possible on a Christian foundation, but both worked against it when the masses were disillusioned by the pointless slaughter of WWI, which the churches insanely supported. Everyone had a handily available off-ramp from the faith that had so let them down. It would have been so much better if this off-ramp didn’t exist, like in the past.
            I’m a millenial European, so we were raised totally atheist, I only came to Christianity later, through the pomposity and hubris of the New Atheists. It was rational argument that persuaded me of Christianity’s truth.
            Obviously most people won’t come this way, and I still struggle to be a real BELEIVER.
            This is what I presume what you want to be.
            I find this helps, I only offer it as I guess this person may not hit your radar, but he is the most Godly person I’ve ever seen. He is also the funniest person I’ve ever seen by a factor of about a million. That’s because what is comedy? It’s real Truth puncturing the absurdity of life, especially mad-made life, which take the bizarre natural world and quadruples it’s insanity 10 million times.
            Good luck brother.

  5. John Alder
    John Alder says:

    I mail woke anti White businesses pro White literature. I also use post paid envelopes that come in junk mail to mail back pro White literature all over the country for free. Never miss an opportunity to be a thorn in our enemies side.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      You are doing God’s work my man. Most of us simply bitch and whine on comment threads.
      Although lot’s of people would like to DO SOMETHING. I’d bet your suggestion, although funny at first, is actually more deap than you realise.
      If the leaders of our powerless(politically) movement really want action from their readers, maybe a good idea is to string together a list of constructive things the people could do. Most people simply need to be told, just as much as they need to be led. And doesn’t this sort of thing work for the left?
      What you do would be below turning up at parent’s evenings, but above posting online, which is itself above not posting.
      Simply being the hated right-winger amongst your work colleagues humanizes our beliefs to normals. Doing that is better that being fake.
      And above all this, public service of some kind, no matter how lowly a level.
      Many would benefit if actions of this sort could be bullit-pointed in a list of some sort by someone with more experience than me. Then your average punter wouldn’t be so intimidated by action. He could also work his way up the lost, once he finds himself at ease with his starting point.
      As I say, we need guided as much as led.

    • Lord Shang
      Lord Shang says:

      This is rather brilliant. I’m stupidly always throwing out those pre-paid envelopes (although when I get them from leftists, I have been known to stuff their propaganda back in their own pre-paid envelopes, just so they waste the postage). May I ask where you get or download the pro-white literature? Actually, what we should do is crowdsource a prowhite fact sheet that we could download and then mass photocopy. Go to a Fedex or some similar copy place, and I think you can get it down to under $0.5 per copy if you ask for enough (like a thousand). I would be willing to spend $50 for 1000 fact-laden prowhite 8.5x11s which I could send out with every credit card, GOP and conservacon fundraising, and magazine subscription solicitation I didn’t ask for. This could become a nationwide copycat trend.

      • John Alder
        John Alder says:

        Various pro White groups sell leaflets. The New Order at P.O. Box 27486 milwaukee wisconsin 53227 has one called White and Proud which describes many reasons for White Pride. No reason for Whites to be ashamed.

  6. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    Among other things, this article demonstrates that Jewish aggression, which has hatred as its mainspring, extends to the most quotidian aspects of white people’s lives. Nor plainly does hatred ever take a holiday, even though failure to ratchet it down is sometimes detrimental to the Jews’ otherwise sacred Bottom Line.

    This is the sort of article that gives little pleasure to its reader and must have given even less to its writer. Integrity, not pleasure, is what drives a man to do so very dirty a job as this. Happily, integrity and Ed Connelly aren’t strangers.

    Finally, apropos this:

    I get very annoyed when one conservative or White Nationalist after another refers to programs such as CRT as “Leftist” when it is far more correct to understand them as Jewish.

    Yes, he’s talking to you, VDARE—at least inter alia.

    • Edmund Connelly
      Edmund Connelly says:

      Pierre (and I’m also posting this to Franklin Ryckhaert), you may have noticed that Greg Johnson has come up with a brilliant idea to list the top hundred commenters to Counter-Currents. Already, it seems to be strengthening that site’s sense of community. For that reason, I’m finally reaching out to a handful of TOO commenters to see if we can establish more of a two-way (or more) conversation between me as writer and you (and others) as commenter.

      I’ve been blessed with many thoughtful commenters over the years, but your comments in particular have stood out, so I wonder if we can somehow establish better contact, maybe through Kevin MacDonald. Thank you for so many intelligent replies over the years and I hope we can improve that in the new year. (I also wonder if “Lord Shang” from Counter-Currents would be interested as well. Of course, I’d like to hear from everyone on this idea.)

    • Al Ross
      Al Ross says:

      Re your apposite addendum , Pierre .

      As we both know , there is only so much Truth the human soul can bear.

  7. Veronica
    Veronica says:

    I have noticed the general erasure of whites in advertising for quite some time. I have even counted some instances. A Walmart circular I received recently, for example, featured models who were not only non-white but were over 80% black, which is at odds with their representation in the population, which is roughly 13%. I sent an email to Walmart, questioning this. I have sent emails to other entities who likewise use blacks way out of proportion to their existence in the population.
    I no longer pay for cable TV but I do watch the streaming platform Pluto TV which comes with Roku TVs and it is rife with racial misrepresentation. I sent them an email as well. I watch Pluto TV channels that are devoted to British shows and yet their frequent ads feature a preponderance of blacks. It is disgusting.

    • Flo
      Flo says:

      Companies that invest millions of dollars in advertising and marketing spend those millions at advertising agencies. And ad agencies are staffed almost entirely by devout leftwingers, including significant numbers of homosexuals and other sorts of perverts. They’re very adept at convincing their timid, fashion-obsessed clients to agree to woke ad campaigns. Lately I’ve been binge-watching DIY videos on Youtube. Every single ad features nonWhites. Every single one, no exceptions.

  8. Servenet
    Servenet says:

    I look at the picture of these two uniformed black females in a cockpit and it ANNOUNCES two things – the complete absurdity/madness of this demented, fun-house-mirror society and its metanarrative ultimate purpose to humiliate and mock the white population and let them know they are powerless and are on their way to total oppression. Any conscious and sane white in this “country” can only tremble for what the next 5 to 10 years will bring. Only hope – that an “uncle” will appear and organize a turnaround of this great evil.

  9. Sanjay
    Sanjay says:

    Informative article. I would of course prefer the thesis be changed to something like “Ashkenazi Ethnocentrism Mediating an Attempt to Weaken European Genetic Fitness via Visual Imagery.”

    My understanding is that Europeans themselves discarded the importance of race during the Enlightenment, engendering the American Revolution, the American Civil War, and the emancipation of American Ashkenazim, Hispanics, and Africans. Thus, I am not sure about how much influence can be credited to media imagery. I recently visited a family member in California. Two of the European families living on the street seem to be having the time of their lives, despite the destruction of Europeans – they didn’t seem to have any concern about it whatsoever, provided that their own Nuclear Family Units was doing fine, and they were indeed doing just that. Both families had recently built swimming pools in their backyards and installed basketball hoops, take frequent trips to the coast to engage in scuba diving, take trips to lakes for fishing and campouts, and one of the families recently purchased a house in Mexico for vacations. Is this lack of concern partly the result of Ashkenazi media imagery? Or does the root of the cause have to do with deteriorating genetics, as Dr. Woodley of Menie would argue?

    Perhaps if European males behaved like European males, as they did before the Enlightenment, the Ashkenazim may not be so bold. Another poster in the comments section of the Jolly Heretic (I don’t consider Dutton to be a scientist but rather just an entertainer) explained the situation with a rhetorical question: “Why does mold grow on expired food?” The Ashkenazim, Africans, Brown ethnicities, homosexuals, and transexuals are the mold, and, well, I’m sure you can figure out the rest, though the answer may not be seen as flattering to Eurocentrists.

    Personally, I myself do not wish to see third-world faces in media imagery – I have an emotional aversion to it. If I wanted third-world imagery, I would move to my Brown ancestral lands, instead of living among the Europeans. If the Ashkenazim are going to be adamant about not having Europeans in visual imagery and the media, I would even accept exclusively Ashkenazi faces, since that to me is still believable given their advanced genetics. But Africans and Brown ethnicities? Not interested.

    Regarding the issue with pilots, I would find it interesting to see the results of replacing European males with Affirmative Action pilots with respect to plane crashes. I predict that most people would simply stop using planes as a means of transportation as the increased danger becomes obvious.

    This article mentioned that the Ashkenazi media does not cover the truth, thus European males are deceived into believing that Cultural Marxism is the proper way to live. However, the internet has been available now for about 25 years, offering plenty of truth, yet European males still don’t ethnically unite and take consequential actions. Thus, is it still accurate to hold the Ashkenazim culpable for the fate of the Europeans, or is it genetics that is at fault?

    • Al Ross
      Al Ross says:

      I am surprised that you did not preface your remarks with ” Speaking as a Brahmin ” or even ” as a Kerala Nair”.

      You have missed the dichotomy of Jewish influence . The Western agnostic socialists are the product of Jewish Marxist thought and the Christians are the votaries of a Jewish socialist martyr. A Semitic win – win.

      The ancient Aryans of India understood the only rational theodicy amenable to Whites.

      • Sanjay
        Sanjay says:

        I’m not really interested in the dynamics of Indian genetics – India has a median IQ of 80 and is highly Psychopathic, and neither the Indian government, the Brahmins, or the general population has an interest in eugenics/transhumanism. As an extremely Group Selected individual, I see no value in me personally possessing any positive genes if my entire population group can’t rise to my level and then keep on genetically ascending without limit. However, I can say that I am an extreme genetic outlier, with extreme levels of so-called “autistic” traits. In fact, I would not be surprised if among the 1.3 billion Indians, there may be no more than a few hundred like me – clearly not statistically representative of the population. Thus, for all practical purposes, Indians as a whole should be understood to be relatively hostile competitors to Europeans, not allies. As I stated, I’m just a genetic weirdo. I could have even just used a neutral name when posting here, but I wanted to be honest to be sure there was no conflict of interests or bias on my part. Plus, having an outsider “autistically” comment of his objective observations of Europeans might help them better understand themselves by becoming cognizant of their own unaware biases. Whatever . . . Perhaps I’m just bored and need a place to rant. My father (probably due to Affirmative Action) was accepted to MIT, became an engineer, was granted citzenship, got married, and then reproduced, making me a natural born citizen. I’ve been acclimated to living in the USA since birth, so I wouldn’t really choose to move to India. However, I have not married nor reproduced, nor do I intend to, so in this respect, you can be at ease.

        Yes, I 100% agree with the accounts here of historical and present Ashkenazi political, cultural, and economic activities, their motivations for doing it, and their innate behavioral tendencies. Prof. MacDonald and the writers here document everything in this regard. I am only unsure about the extent to which this Ashkenazi behavior has been the root cause of the destruction of Europeans – I lean more towards a genetic explanation.

        • Al Ross
          Al Ross says:

          Perhaps you are correct , after all the Aryans of ancient India miscegenated with the host people .

          What the dick wanted the dick achieved.

    • Buck
      Buck says:

      Already been done – the revised Boeing 737’s bad flight characteristics were able to be overridded by American pilots – those that crashed were based out of African countries. My guess was the marginal engineering was done by equity engineers.

    • Poupon Marx
      Poupon Marx says:

      Sanjay, I appreciate your comments, such as they are probing and indicate reflection and perhaps meditation. Most comments are two dimensional, falling into the trap of sequence events and logic of a single, materialistic channel. Further, most are far from profound, repetitive to a very large degree, and rely, as almost all scholarly, abstract tombs and works do, on someone else’s observations, data, reporting, or collaboration.

      The West has moved away from pure induction (as I have exposited many times) to deductive extraction from the abstraction with very little reality-check or validation. The vast crop failure of Western Philosophy resembles the crop fields of the movie, Idiocracy, where plants were irrigated with water containing “electrolytes”-which caused stunting of growth. A very illustrative instance of second hand reliance of another ex-spurt.

      For a certain cohort, the information provided here causes individuals who have observed and wondered for years, what is the unifying factor, the basic causes what they have been perceiving. Most people flee from inconvenience, pain, and cognitive dissonance automatically and reflexively. The thought that striving and arriving at the underlying, hidden, covert truth might be of higher value is suppressed in the basement of the “Persona’s Consciousness”.

      That’s why I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to TOO and similar sites. Decades of observation as a non-professional cultural anthropologist field worker left me with enormous amounts of information, observation, data with only limited means to compile, organize, and correlate into a meaningful explanation and analysis.

      Specifically, I do not believe that genetics-or Dr. MacDonald’s Theory of Individualism, center of locus in the Pre-historic epoch-accounts for the lack of group identity, “Blood and Soil” foundational lacking of Western Man. I will expand on that later. I do admire your vertical and horizontal vectors of inquiry and thinking. Most people are trapped in the WWI trenches and driving the circumferential road of an island: Post Enlightenment, Material Determinism, and lack of unity of ideas. This dismal state is somehow accepted by and large, ipso facto, even in the light and stagnation of understanding and formulation of actionable ideas. The Man With No Plan loses every time. I am free of this cycle.

      • Sanjay
        Sanjay says:

        “Further, most are far from profound, repetitive to a very large degree, and rely, as almost all scholarly, abstract tombs and works do, on someone else’s observations, data, reporting, or collaboration.”

        Yes, this is unfortunately true – I was born with a highly asymmetrical intelligence profile – a very high verbal intelligence, but just average quantitative and visuo-spatial ones. The result is that I am incapable of doing my own quantitative/visuo-spatial research, but am quite adept at qualitative understanding of other people’s works and incorporating them into my “writings,” if one can even call it that, as opposed to just rants. I am incapable of profound and original thoughts; however, I have no choice but to make sense of the world within the constraints of my brain’s biology/physiology, even if my understanding is incorrect. I of course would volunteer for any intelligence boosting medical procedures . . .

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” Thus, is it still accurate to hold the Ashkenazim culpable for the fate of the Europeans, or is it genetics that is at fault? ”

      Neither .

      Christianity ( both Catholic and Protestant versions ) offers no effective defenses against the subversions of the chosenhite jewmasterss . Who is primarily responsible for that lack of defenses ?

      Furthermore , it is the residual environmental effects of catastrophic historic events , such as The Thirty Years War , ww1 and ww2 , along with a Christian culture , of submission to the jewmasterss , that provides a powerful combined environmental influence on DNA gene selections .

      Explicitly , it is the environmental influences on DNA selections of original genetic stock and not the resultant genetic stock per se that are at fault .

      Obviously , mankind
      { especially : Nordics/EuroMan/Aryans/Europeans/Indo-Europeans/Caucasians/Whites/( and some unspecified others ) }
      needs to be more focused on maintaining a potential for everlasting actual physical life of humanity and less focused on dreaming about religious fantasies or on pursuing unprofitable and eventual dysfunctional wars ;
      before it is no longer possible to sustain a potential for
      eternal life for humanity as a whole .

  10. Panadechi
    Panadechi says:

    In this matter of racial survival, like all the important things in life, you have to think correctly. Keep a cool head. It is already evident that not only in the USA, but much of the once white and prosperous West, is becoming the Sewer of Hell, where pestilence and racial human waste are imported by the already known destructive parasite, supported by liberal whites. , businessmen, Christian religious organizations, NGOs, foundations and plutocratic financial globalism, all conspirators in the white genocide. Finally, as long as racially, politically, militarily and socially-culturally separated autonomous territories are not created, the problem will not have a solution. Now stimulating racial-ethnocentric awareness in whites is essential, while those new countries or only white nations are devised, planned and designed.

  11. ChilledBee
    ChilledBee says:

    What truly puzzles me about this phenomenon happening in most majority White countries is the message this must be sending out to Black women. If I were a Black woman I would be deeply offended that most commercials now feature a White woman with a Black Man. Surely this is suggesting that Black males do not want a Black woman?

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      I’ve heard black women complain about this once or twice. Not personally, I’ve never asked a black woman what she thinks of this. But I do remember what happens when a black woman complains publicaly about this sort of thing.
      It’s a bit like when a black man complains about the Jews. All of a sudden an entire industry, an entire cult even, that has been set up to indulge his every whim or indulgence, instantly snaps back against him with ferocity.
      How dare he think for himself. How dare she think for herself?
      The message given is this: “You see this great golem we’ve created that we’ve allowed you to play with all this time? That you’ve seen for your whole life crush every white person you’re envious of? Well carry on biting the hand that feeds you, and this will be turned on you personally.”
      Then the black man/women(same phenomenon) will realise he/she doesn’t want to give up all the toys and goodies, so will gladly get back inside their box.
      A few with spirit will continue to demand an answer, and so will be publicly hounded, shamed and rejected. Thereby serving as a warning to all the other blacks of what happens when they dare question their leftist masters.

  12. Robert Penman
    Robert Penman says:

    There are so many problems we face because of this. Firstly, if you complain, even many Whites will say, “why can’t black people, and other races be in adds?”, implying that you are an irrational bigot. Also, speaking up against these adds will only antagonise different racial groups, which will play into the hands of the Jews. Yet, if we do nothing, will fad from history.

    There must be an effective way to fight this. We need our best minds to create a fighting strategy.

    A small thing that just about anyone can do is post things, that are not technically “political”, with positive images of European heritage, NOTHING else, just that. This will not only get a positive image of White Europeans into the public mind, but also show up anyone who attacks these images. Including images of sweet children, particularly girls, will help endear what we are presenting.

  13. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    We are witnessing the downfall and complete annihilation of the white male and this is all by de-zion. They can’t rule over us
    if our men are warriors and our family culture is strong. What I am witnessing is that our males are failing miserably. I pray that I am

      • Michelle
        Michelle says:

        You are absolutely correct… we are!! But, we are also in competition with the Jewish Porn Industry; the Jewish owned Sports Industry, the Jewish owned Alcohol industry and the Jewish run drug running industry and the Jewish owned media that brought this subject to light. We are losing because we under estimated the winning bounty; we should have thought bigger.

  14. Karlfried
    Karlfried says:

    “Yet, if we do nothing, will fad from history.”
    What shall we do? I think that we should go straightforward. We want to live, and our children shall look as we do. That is the most natural thing, and there is not at all any need to explain this.Even to the contrary, in case that we want to explain we will loose ground. —
    It is a natural thing that in Germany live mostly Germans and only to a very small number some foreigners. That is the normal thing. Some exchange with our neighbours, for example Skandinavian girls, will not change the picture towards the dark side.
    Try to live in an environment of people who look and think like yourself and you will feel fine. I do so and it works perfectly. —–

    In case that I meet a Gutmensch (liberal, do-gooder) I tell him quickly and sharply that his thoughts are deadly for the German folk and that he therefore is an dead-enemy of the German folk. —
    In Germany we have had for several years a Kanzler who was Austrian. If a Gutmensch does negative remarks about him I say to the Gutmensch that he is insulting a former German Kanzler.

    Depending upon the circumstances the situation will develop into one of several possibilities. But the fact alone, that we bring our positon forward very clearly, that we show by body and face expression that we will not accept unjustified and cheap insults against our history and our sheer existence, that brings the Gutmenschen into the defending position and they loose ground. That ist natural, because they cannot and none can justify or explain genocide and complete mental illness to be a good thing for us. —

  15. Edmund Connelly
    Edmund Connelly says:

    Dear Readers: Some have noticed that the posting of today’s “Condition Red” photo essay is hard to access. I fear I’m responsible for that. As a photo essay, it has many photos and I sent a file of 16MB to our editor. Likely that overwhelmed whatever program is used to post articles.

    I would like to ask readers for help, then. Perhaps if I used MS Word and sent in a file with Word, Prof. MacDonald could manipulate it more easily. But I have only Apple devices and use their iWork word processor called Pages, which I love.

    I realize I can choose to Export the Pages document as Word, but to my shock this year, I learned that it does not support even basic formats such as bold and italics. I don’t think it supports lives links, either. You’d think at this late date, we’d be able to go back and forth between Pages and Word easily.

    I can Export a Pages document as PDF, and as far as I know, that preserves all properties of my document, but I don’t think Prof. MacDonald can conveniently prepare that for publication.

    Thus, I ask if readers have any suggestions. I’ve looked on the Net to see if I can download Microsoft 365 (which contains Word) but it’s not clear that I can do that for my Apple computer.

    I will not compose or edit on my iPad; I must have a computer with a mouse. Does that mean I need to acquire a Windows computer? Do I then need to buy Microsoft 365? I suppose I will if I have to, although I despise Windows (and Word). Ideally, I’d love to be able to Export my Pages document to something that faithfully preserves my work and makes it easy for our editor to publish it.
    Thanks in advance for your ideas.

  16. Deo
    Deo says:

    I no longer watch television nor see many advertisements thanks to adblock. While I was visiting family earlier today, they had their television on and I quickly became absolutely appalled by the overrepresentation of minorities and the utter absence of white males in the commercials and programming. I am a young guy and even I didn’t know it had gotten this bad. What was even more appealing was the lack of any sort of reaction by my relatives, who seemingly did not notice it or were at most indifferent toward it. Now, I am anything but a hot-headed person. Still this subject fills me with rage, frustration, and dread. It is so depressing to know that the average person has no pattern recognition and questions nothing. We are frogs and the water is undoubtedly boiling.

    • TJ
      TJ says:

      The frog story has nothing to do with boiling water.

      Here is the story I first heard in the mid sixties:

      Experimenter places frog in tepid water, then very slowly raises the temperature. Frog expires.

      Second frog is placed in water which is already too hot [not boiling!] for survival- frog senses danger and leaps out to safety.

      The first frog did not realize anything was amiss due to the temperature rise being so gradual. This represents the slow rot of civilization- this is normalcy bias- tomorrow will be like today, no problema.

      Now change is speeding up and many in the public sense the danger. Normalcy bias is lifting.

      The collapse can be graphed with a french curve. Very slow down [1900 to 1960]. Then accelerating collapse. Faster collapse over shorter intervals, then infinite collapse over infinitely short duration as the rate of change goes vertical.. Similar to orgasm, I reckon.

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        Normalcy-bias has been and is being successfully exploited , by The City of Satan Fabian socialist’s notorious boa constrictor modus operandi of gradualism , to destroy USA sovereignty in order to facilitate the ILLuminati NWO consummation of global despotism .

      • David Bartlett
        David Bartlett says:

        Perhaps you have misunderstood Deo’s “boiling water” reference? He is suggesting that even if the water is boiling, metaphorically speaking, too many Americans will still refuse to see their predicament.

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