“A Finger in Every Pie”: Scott Howard’s Open Society Playbook

Previously on TOO, “The Open Society Foundations and The Soros Network: Chapter 1 of Scott Howard’s The Open Society Playbook.”

Scott Howard’s excellent new Open Society Playbook reminds me a lot of Jeff Gates’ 2008 book Guilt by Association: How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War, which I described as “a tour de force exposé of Jewish power. It is a big-picture look at how Ashkenazi groups have achieved the stunning level of control they exhibit in the two former Cold War adversaries, Russia and the United States. Much of this power — which should come as no surprise — springs from Jewish acumen in acquiring wealth, both lawfully and otherwise.”

Like Gates, Howard devotes considerable attention to the “otherwise” aspect of Jewish financial dealings, though Howard doesn’t go quite as far as Gates in making a claim like “The Zionism chronicled in this account [Guilt by Association] describes a transnational organized crime agenda featuring financial and political domination by elites and extremists.”

But that’s only one aspect uniting these two books. What allows both books to stand out is their proper understanding of the ties among these common ethnics operating institutionally throughout the Western world, through government, NGOs, private organizations and the military. “The connections between ‘social justice,’ governmental and supra-governmental entities, big business, and high finance,” Howard writes, “are not incidental. They all mutually reinforce each other and work synergistically to amplify profit and accelerate what is framed as ‘progress,’ but is really a world-wrecking endeavor.” Of the White world, we can add.

In addition to explicitly describing the heavily Jewish composition of the forces aiming to transform the White world, Howard clearly comes down on one side: OUR side. In fact, his introduction begins with the question “Noticing that the world seems to be falling apart around you? This is largely by design … .” The current kerfuffle in Ukraine aside, I do notice this worrisome decay, as have others. For instance, a close acquaintance, whom I consider among the top five or ten writers in English on The Jewish Question, just wrote privately to me (Feb. 26, 2022) in more detail about our situation:

I have a bad feeling about everything right now.

We are already under full-blown communism, I suspect. It’s too much at once, with zero ability to push back, and precious few even wanting to.

Martial law in Canada. … They treated the truck protesters the way Jews here are treating the Charlottesville and 1/6 protestors: the same way a communist regime would. All the excitement about Berkeley, Charlottesville, 1/6, and the truckers was just a ruse. The Jews crushed them all, quickly and easily.

Meanwhile, their own highly organized domestic terrorists burn, loot, and murder with abandon while cops, prosecutors, judges, and secret police agencies in the nation — every single one of them — look on, not arresting them. Letting them out on bail to murder people, to mow them down with their SUV, ginned up on the hate speech blasted out by the Jewish broadcast, cable and Internet media 24/7/365. …

Groups are being co-opted with money: “Tone down the radical stuff, go after blacks, and we’ll help you out.” Nick Griffin said several times that he was offered huge sums of money if he would do everything the same but lay off criticism of Israel….

Cooptation. “Tone it down, go along, and you’ll stay in business. Keep it up and you’ll go to jail and we’ll throw away the key.”

These are dark days.

I wish there was some sign of Good in the world.

Overstated? I’ll bet Howard doesn’t think so, for he closes Ch. 1, his George Soros chapter, by writing, “There are essentially no limits to the subversive and destructive reach of Soros and the Establishment.” Of course Jews will read “Soros and the Establishment” as “Jews” — and they will be right because that is mostly how Howard is using the term.

Very much to his credit, Howard identifies the leading designers of this new world and names them on page after page: Jews. More and more I appreciate and respect those Whites willing to “Name The Jew,” an indispensable first step in our quest for understanding the world and ultimately our own survival. Howard’s chief method of doing this is to add the term “the Jewish” before the many, many Jewish names of players in this unhappy drama, beginning, not surprisingly with George Soros. Additionally, in paragraph one of Ch. 1 we learn that Soros’ Open Society Foundations “have officially dispensed nearly $17 billion over tens of thousands of grants.” Well, that amount overshadows what we White activists and supporters receive — by a vast measure, I’m sure.

So there we have the source of the title of Howard’s book and, I would argue, a representative way of viewing the goals and actions of Soros and others named in this thorough book: Agents of World Jewry. Though I would have been even more explicit than Howard in making this a central theme of the book, it is nonetheless an unmistakable conclusion any careful reader will draw, and for this careful and honest writing, we can be thankful. We can also be thankful that he clearly spells out the target of world Jewry when he writes that the narrative “has been constructed to paint one side — white, Christian — as the villains and the other as the perpetual victims, regardless of the truth of the matter.”

For good reason (personal destruction, end of career, intense harassment, etc.) few politicians in the entire West are willing to be this explicit at naming the White, Christian targets of this Open Society Playbook. When, for example, was the last time a sitting U.S. president ever said “White” in a supportive way? It’s been a while. Ditto for Europe as well. At best, we’ll get occasional dog whistles about race, which invariable leads to screeching by the usual suspects that so-and-so is a racist, White Supremacist, anti-Semite, or all of the above. Assuming that intended readers of this book will be White Christians, Howard has usefully told them who their enemies are. Time to wake up and face this atrocious assault, folks.

Having said that, however, I do have to share some concern that Howard at times conflates world Jewry with other more impersonal forces, such as when he writes that France’s Yellow Vests have been “actively suppressed because it runs contrary to the aims of undercutting extant native [read “White”] populations for the benefit of global capital.” I’d wager that most Jews would recognize “global capital” in a book like this as code words for “Jews.” This confusion over the chief actors applying The Playbook is particularly acute in the middle of the book (chapters 3-5), which we will address shortly. On the whole, however, once we end the book, we know precisely who Howard is talking about — on both sides.

For instance, Howard insightfully employs Lothrop Stoddard’s famous quote, which reads, “Before the revolutionary onslaught can have any chance of success, the social order must first have been undermined and morally discredited. This is accomplished primarily by the process of destructive criticism.” I’ll mildly amend Howard’s words that follow to show exactly what The Open Society [Jewish] Playbook is all about. “Detonate the foundation,” Howard writes, “and the body of the population becomes plastic in the hands of the [Jewish] ruling class, ready to be made into whatever shapes [Jews] so choose.” Howard makes a pretty compelling case for this interpretation.

But is it really fair that I amend it like that? Yes, given the fact that just two pages prior, he employed his naming technique, writing about “the Jewish Laura Rosenberger,” “the Jewish neocon Bill Kristol,” and “the Jewish Michael Chertoff.” On the page after, we read more names that could echo, and Howard offers that “The reader may note that many of those figures are Jewish.” Far more writers should write like this.

Next, what does the book really teach us? In essence, Howard is drawing our attention to the fact that Soros and others of his ethnicity have already displayed their “playbook” for us right out in the open, beginning with the “color revolutions” in Eastern Europe. Though it should be obvious, Howard still provides the parallels found in the United Nations, Western Europe and the United States. In other words, the same script. Thus, in both the Eastern and Western parts of the White world, we see that “groups organize youth movements, create influential media outlets and organize violent protests to undermine the institutions and policies implemented by government.” One might also add the introduction of Critical Race Theory to the repertoire, for it also advances the goals of those using “the Playbook.”

As mentioned, Chapters 3-5 confused me somewhat because I became unsure if Howard was still talking about Jewish networks seeking to transform the Western world or just myriad elites operating under “neoliberalism,” which includes not just a quest for profits but social engineering such as promoting diversity, multiculturalism, gay and lesbian rights, etc. Thus, for instance, when elites decided to decolonize African countries, “white settlers were left exposed and unprotected,” yet the “corporate and moneyed interests,” along with the military- industrial complex, realized “enormous financial windfalls” and that were “incredibly profitable.”

Adding in the special confection of gay rights to traditional capitalist greed, we have the Globohomo mixture so often lamented by critics of this process. Or, as E. Michael Jones labels this profitable advance of Western finance, “the Gay Disco” with its Rainbow Pride flag and such. But when Howard writes that “This project is about cleaving off states and bringing them into the orbit of neoliberalism and high finance, and then detonating them in the name of greed and malice,” I find it harder to identify what is particularly Jewish about it.

In this and the next two chapters, we are treated to long lists of actors in this process, but the Finnish Foundation for Media and Development, the Japan International Cooperation Agency, Bruce McNamer, and the many Christian organizations named are hardly Jewish. Instead, I felt like I was reading a standard Marxist critique of capitalism and high finance, and worse, Ch. 4 in particular read like it was written for a different project and shoehorned in here.

Not to worry, however, for at the end of Ch. 5, Howard roars back by reminding us that

Clearly, all roads lead to the same destination. Remember, it was Western, predominantly Jewish capitalists who funded the Bolsheviks, giving rise to the USSR and massacres in the millions; similarly, it was the Jewish Sassoons (of the burgeoning opium trade) and Kadoorie families who are commonly credited with “opening up” China, and it was the Jewish Alan Greenspan who funneled enough money into the coffers of the Chinese Communist Party to keep it solvent before super-charging its economy on the back of outsourcing and dismantling US manufacturing capabilities.

For the remainder of the book, Howard is laser-focused on the Jewish role in this world-disrupting economic and social process. In fact, Ch. 6 is actually titled “The Zionist-Occupied Government,” and under that title Howard writes that “Western governments do not govern on behalf of or for their own constituencies, in most cases going so far as to ‘elect a new people.’” In other words, Jews now govern many Western nations and are actively implementing “The Great Replacement” about which so many Whites are (rightly) concerned. Further, what is the following if not a scathing moral critique of Jewish behavior in all of this: The Neoliberal Empire is “an ersatz empire built on deception, coercion, fractional reserve banking, and inversion of goodness and godliness”?

Howard’s critique only gets stronger. “Jews are the system’s primary drivers and beneficiaries, and no discussion of neoliberalism and the various factors presently imperiling the West is complete without an understanding of the centrality of Jewish interests.” Yes, ZOG is a reality.

At this point, I have to say that two books that could have monumentally reinforced all that Howard is describing come from Catholic writer E. Michael Jones (EMJ), beginning with his classic The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History (JRS), which is a colossal account of Jewish activity in the West throughout history. That book was soon followed by the economic treatise Barren Metal (2014) where Jones shows that it is the moral aspects of the economy that overwhelmingly trump the mundane financial ones. I’m not suggesting that Howard needs to go back and add this information to the next edition of The Open Society Playbook, but future writers interested in furthering Howard’s thesis certainly should.

In particular, readers of The Playbook should carefully parse the economic (and moral) topics addressed on pages 111-115 and make a note that EMJ has minutely unpacked exactly these topics in Barren Metal. Specifically, attention should be given to the writings of German Jesuit Heinrich Pesch (1854– 1926) and his penetrating critique of capitalism and especially usury. Consider what Howard writes:

Capital is a conduit, a medium by which we exchange goods and services, but it is not in and of itself anything beyond the value we place upon it. Feder [a German writer who influenced Hitler] understood this and deplored the idea of compound interest, which creates nothing but rampant inequality and debt slavery and allows for a parasitic class of financiers to get rich off the work of others.

That is pure EMJ, and reading Barren Metal in light of JRS from six years earlier would surely show that the modern world has an unmistakeable Jewish Problem on its hands. That Scott Howard is also willing to acknowledge and address this is a most welcome development.

While I’m on the topic of recommending books that Howard should have cited, I’ll also note my disappointment that despite the importance Howard gives to massive non-white immigration into most historically White countries, he fails to mention the work Kevin MacDonald has done in describing the Jewish group evolutionary strategy that benefits Jews by fracturing solidly White societies through the importation of non-Whites.

Clearly, Howard understands the Jewish roles, as he quotes another writer saying that Jews are “the most ethnocentric of peoples” and they promote diversity in countries outside of Israel. “Their separatist Zionist agenda can only remain undetected amidst a pluralistic, multicultural regime.” Now that is patently Kevin MacDonald territory.

Continuing, we see that Howard adequately addresses the nexus of Jewish actors and high finance, specifically that of BlackRock, Inc., an investment management corporation based in New York City and headed by the Jewish Larry Fink. Here, Howard emphasizes the sheer preponderance of Jewish financial power as well as how it is employed in furthering larger Jewish interests globally. Again, the parallels with Jeff Gates’ Guilt By Association stand out. While Howard does not explore financial irregularities in Ch. 7, he certainly does in Ch. 8, further cementing the similarities to Gates’ book. For example, Larry Summers was centrally involved in a massive scheme to appropriate up to a trillion dollars from Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union, prompting Steve Sailer to write that it was “the Jewish aspect of the entire scandal that stands out. The principals of this scandal were Jews, and they were allegedly protected by fellow Jew Summers.”

The final chapter, “The Dark Underbelly,” is a familiar recount of the endless Jewish involvement in wealth transfers through organized crime, prostitution (of White women), drug dealing, organ theft and trading, and, of course, pornography. I see the value of this chapter in its message that many Jews are unique globally in their unwillingness to adhere to the moral and legal norms of any Gentile society, becoming far richer in the process. Further, the accounts we read here should inculcate in the (presumably Gentile) reader the fact that they are in imminent danger given the fact of who their rulers are. Truly, ZOG does not have Gentile interests at heart. (I’ll add that Howard closes the chapter with documented Jewish behavior that I simply cannot reprint here, given its revolting character. Perhaps a reader could include it in the comments below.)

Before offering my own conclusion, I’d like to add a few reactions I had reading the book, beginning with Howard’s description of how little American Jews physically contribute to American war efforts despite the massive aid and war-waging given on Israel’s behalf. He then notes in passing that Israel in 1967 “knowingly fired on the USS Liberty,” a clearly marked Navy intelligence gathering ship off the coast of Israel during the Six-Day War. When I read that understatement, I burst out laughing because it is like saying John Wilkes Booth had a disagreement with Abraham Lincoln on the night of April 14, 1865 at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C.

Israel didn’t just “fire” on the Liberty; they strafed it, dropped napalm on the ship and life rafts, and finally torpedoed it in a deliberate attempt to sink it, as chillingly documented by an officer aboard the unlucky ship, James Ennes Jr. In 1979 Ennes released a book on the attack called Assault On The Liberty: The True Story Of The Israeli Attack On An American Intelligence Ship. I found the story so compelling that upon dedicating my life to a deeper understanding of the Jewish Question, I drove clear across the country to meet Mr. Ennes, where we met and talked at a McDonald’s in a suburb of Seattle. Chapter 8 of The Open Society Playbook could have benefited from a much longer discussion of this infamous direct attack on the United States.

I can also say that I was exceedingly impressed by the scholarly quality of Howard’s prose and the obvious care he gave to getting things right. In the whole book, I might have noticed only two or three typos and no errors of substance. Kudos to Howard and Antelope Publishing for composing such a professional book, one which easily rivals the offerings of major academic presses. The bibliography was in a format new to me but entirely useful once I figured out its style. Also, I didn’t find its lack of an index a hindrance, in that the major appendices offered sufficient information.

Finally, I came away from the book reminded yet again of the need for individuals like Howard to have access to something larger than himself or even a steady publisher. Now a few words on that.

The Need for Institutional Support 

Just the other day I was reading something unrelated by Spencer Quinn of Counter-Currents, and a comment from “Alexandra O.” referred to The Open Society Playbook.

Replying to author Quinn, Alexandra wrote,

I notice on the back of a book by Scott Howard “The Open Society Playbook,” that you wrote a blurb pointing out [the book’s] importance. I think it is — if nothing else — the best listing of all our enemies worldwide, by name, by affiliation, and by affiliation with other affiliations worldwide. Banks, Bankers and Financiers, Governmental Agencies, Non- Governmental Organizations, etc., ad fin. And — not to be ‘racist’ by listing them — the religious affiliations of such.

It’s mind-boggling and belongs in every White Nationalist’s library. You are the only person that has said anything about this book — my post on Amazon under ‘Patti’, another handle, is the only comment on the books thus far. Something’s going on here.

I take that comment to suggest that The Open Society Playbook deserves to live on, to have greater reach, to assist subsequent generations of Whites in avoiding reinvention of the damn wheel again. And to achieve this “immortality,” Howard’s book deserves institutional support, but I don’t see anywhere in the world he can get it. The Vatican? Doubt it. A reputable university? Forget it. A Think Tank? Naw, it’ll probably just get firebombed.

Researchers like Scott Howard need a secure home, where funding is available, along with camaraderie, a reliable library and research base, and so on. With such, Howard’s book would be excellent addition, joining the books of E. Michael Jones, Kevin MacDonald, Jeff Gates, James Petras and many others. I can’t think of any other way to preserve and transmit this critical information if the White race is to survive. It’s really that simple. How else are younger Whites going to learn about these invaluable sources? Without an institution, it is purely hit or miss, and relying on the Internet is clearly not going to work given the ephemeral nature of blogs and podcasts, not to mention the strenuous Jewish efforts to censure writing like ours. No race can flourish without some such institution to inculcate into its members love of self, race, community and country, or the conception of duty and the highest regard for honor. Today we have only the opposite — hatred of Whites and vast incentives to turn on ourselves. This situation has to change.


The Open Society Playbook is a worthy addition to books on the awesome scope of modern Jewish power. And, unlike more and more writers and podcasters who undoubtedly know better, Scott Howard both names the Jew and draws the necessary conclusions. He does this, as discussed above, by illuminating the connections among these Jewish actors. Though I wrote above that at times I was unsure how organized Jewry was primarily responsible for the unhealthy developments we’ve seen in the West over the last century and a half, Howard does in fact write that such policies “under the umbrella of neoliberalism are all connected and … the disproportionately Jewish and Jewish-influenced ruling class benefits.” In short, Howard has exposed the “outsized Jewish role” in all this Evil. Yes, Evil. Trans-Atlantic slave trafficking, child pornography, financial crimes; “We see an outsized Jewish role — more often than not Jewish centrality — in these global operations.”

Pay attention here. Howard throughout the book indeed recognizes that the world is now facing Evil, as he writes in his own conclusion: “Without question, the long shadow cast over the earth today is one of evil.” This is not simply an economic or political struggle, it is, Howard insists, one against Lucifer himself. Jews want “wet clay for their golems, and that is what they are getting. They ‘open up’ to eventually lock down. They want total control and they are playing for keeps.”

Yet again we have been warned.

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  1. John D. Alder
    John D. Alder says:

    I have found that the best and most satisfying way to spit in the face of this evil menace is to embrace National Socialism .

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      Excellent observation my friend. Yet, you will be surprised how many idiots here do not understand that. Perhaps they think that we are proposing to wear light brown shirts and jackboots while marching singing old German songs. This is the consequence of 75 years of Jewish relentless propaganda.

      ‘Let’s put it in a nutshell. Adolf Hitler was the first, not only in identifying the Jew as the mortal enemy of the White race but also in giving us the tools to destroy their nefarious influence and control.

      The NSDAP’s programme is perfectly clear about it; basically comes down to this: Jews will be deprived of citizenship and all the rights associated with it. Jews will not be able to teach in any school or university, neither to own newspapers, (today we should add radio and TV stations). Money is not an end in itself, nor a commodity, but just a means to facilitate the exchange of goods and reward people for their work. The nation’s wealth and its currency are backed up by the (German) people’s productive work and not by gold bullion or shares.

      That’s basically it. These are simple tenets but of ETERNAL and UNIVERSAL value. Deprive these vile blood-suckers of ANY form of power and rights and bingo! Having said that, it would be a colossal mistake to limit these measures to the Jews; as many great thinkers pointed out, the problem is much bigger and goes beyond the Jews. I am talking about THE JEWISH SPIRIT. I am convinced that, for every Jew working 24/7 for the demise of the White race and its cultural heritage, there are 50 degenerate Aryan traitors (I hate the word “Gentile”, let’s not use Jewish expressions!). It doesn’t matter if they do it because of greed or out of conviction; the point is that they are doing it! If we ever succeed in recovering our racial and social preeminence all these traitors must be exterminated.

      • Seek
        Seek says:

        Christian clergymen are among the worst of all. They are at the heart of those caravan-style mass marches from Central America to the U.S. (designed to overwhelm our Border Patrol) and the mass refugee “rescues” from the Third World, enlisting outside contractors to do the dirty work. I will never darken the door of another church as long as I live.

  2. Gerry
    Gerry says:

    So things are heating up but “A finger in every Pie” doesn’t take into consideration the energy equation and who will control whats left of the fossil fuel age? This I find of utmost importance but is sorely missing from a website like this. Please take a gander at what you will find here:



    alas so many question…so many questions….?

    • ChilledBee
      ChilledBee says:

      It was impossible for me to open that first link.

      I got the usual b.s. “hackers might be trying to steal your information from thesaker.is (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more

      Since the fiasco in Ukraine – I have found that there are more and more blocks put onto sites they deem dangerous?

  3. anonym
    anonym says:

    Sounds like a book worth buying. Jewish financial activities are so vast and spread out that it’s hard to overview and get the full scope of their power.

    But I miss a deeper analysis of the roots of their activities. Often, at best they are described as ruthless, greedy businessmen, or crooks, but it seems to me that that’s just half of the explanaition. The relentless intensity of their activity have more in common with religious zealots, than rational business men. The fact that it’s a concerted global effort, with Jews from different continents, and different backgrounds, indicates this especially.

    I guess it could be explained by political ideology – libertarian and marxist true believers who’s goals overlap to some extent – but it would make more sense if the actual Jewish religion is their main motivation. A lot of them donate huge amounts to Jewish congregations and Yeshiva schools, where the psychotic prophecy of Isaiah is the core of their belief. As oppose to Christian Evangelical lunatics – who mostly passively pray – are these Jewish “business men” in reality, our times religious zealots, who actually do everything they can to realize the prophecy physically.

    It’s a psychosis that stem back all the way to pharaonic Egypt, the occupation of Israel of Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece and especially, the war against Rome (when the Zealots was organized, and when the Bible was finally canonized and structured, as far as I can tell).

    I think it would be worth while to dig deeper in their talmudic and cabbalistic texts, and monitor the rabbis and yeshiva teachers. The Christian Evangelicals is just a pale derivative of these Jews, whos’ psychosis is the power source of their never ending activities. They don’t wear it on their sleeve, for obvious reasons, and even claim to be atheists, but their fanaticism is nevertheless obvious in their actions. I suspect there’s a lot to expose, that would chock most people.

    • Gerry
      Gerry says:

      @ anonym

      “psychotic prophecy of Isaiah”

      If the core of their belief was actually in that book the world would be a virtual paradise on earth but it isn’t and they don’t? They have diced up only to accept those parts which appeal to them while neglecting and even rejecting the most important parts albeit difficult parts! This is what is surely the most frustrating if not infuriating matter of all which even caused Christ himself much grief with his own apostles.

      He said to them, “How foolish you are, and how slow to believe all that the prophets have spoken! 26 Did not the Messiah have to suffer these things and then enter his glory?” 27 And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he explained to them what was said in all the Scriptures concerning himself. Luke 24:25

      It even caused Him to cry over Jerusalem:

      “Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were not willing. 38 Look, your house is left to you desolate. 39 For I tell you, you will not see me again until you say, ‘Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.’ Matthew 23:37-40

      The day will arrive however, when she will see the truth but O the pain of it will be enormous! The wailing and crying as Zechariah prophesies will be too much really. Indeed imagine spending ones life hating and even cursing Christ only to turn around and see Him!

    • Reactionary
      Reactionary says:

      Adam Green has an excellent show on Bitchute and Odysee called Knowmorenews that does exactly what you suggest.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      “I think it would be worth while to dig deeper in their talmudic and cabbalistic texts . ”
      Rather you than me brother. I’d prefer to saw my own arm off, it would be less painful.

  4. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    “The Neoliberal Empire is “an ersatz empire built on deception, coercion, fractional reserve banking, and inversion of goodness and godliness”?”
    “Howard throughout the book indeed recognizes that the world is now facing Evil, as he writes in his own conclusion: “Without question, the long shadow cast over the earth today is one of evil.” This is not simply an economic or political struggle, it is, Howard insists, one against Lucifer himself.”
    Exactly. These ‘people’ the Jews, or at least their elite class immersed in the cult, are Satanists.
    Why else would they make PRIDE, the worst of the seven deadly sins, the rallying cry of all those who wish to rebel against what is good and wholesome? And it is a rebellion, as that is what their leader Lucifer did against God, and so it is fetishised.
    I’m glad to see Nick Griffin having an Indian Summer as a respected OG of the white cause. Nick’s name is mud in the British mainstream. He always was clever & sharp, and very brave as well. The way he was treated was scandalous. It was his group that broke open the scandal of industrial sex slavery of little white girls by Muslims.
    But Nick wasn’t a Christian either from what I remember. He was also unfortunate in having a face that wasn’t telegenic. He wasn’t ugly, just was born in the wrong era. I reckon he’d even admit that.
    We’ve had 70 odd years of pagan white nationalists trying to get some traction against the Jews, and 70 years of failure. The writer is correct, this is a spiritual battle between good and evil, right and wrong. The Jews see it as such. They’ve picked their side, the devil’s, we must choose God’s.

    • John Alder
      John Alder says:

      George Lincoln Rockwell wrote a book called White Power and in one of the chapters the title was:Fifty Years Of Failure, it’s an excellent description of how and why we have been losing. Perhaps a follow up could be titled :Another Fifty Years Of Failure? I do believe we can win this war for our survival our enemies will not dance on our graves if we refuse to let them !

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        Oh, I’ve no doubt our side will win either, it’s as predictable as night following day.
        But there is going to be a whole lot of suffering first.
        Germans would never in a million years have voted for the Nazis, and hence their renaissance, if every single disaster hadn’t overcame them first, WWI, hyper-inflation, political chaos in the streets, Wiemar degeneracy, tales of Bolshevick mass murder from their neighbours.
        Take away even one of these things and the Germans would probably have just drifted voting for pathetic, sell-out mainstream creatures.
        It doesn’t matter that it all ended in a firey Hell, or a sacrificial glory for the ages, whichever way you see it, because it wasn’t predestined to end like this. It was mostly just bad luck.
        It’s the nature of our enemy that they will just keep pushing until they generate the backlash, they can’t help themselves, any more than most whites won’t wake up until things get so bad.

        • Edmund Connelly
          Edmund Connelly says:

          “Oh, I’ve no doubt our side will win either, it’s as predictable as night following day.”

          I certainly hope you are right, but it’s far from clear to me that this will happen. While it is increasingly clear that Satanic forces are gaining power, I search in vain for Godly countervailing forces. Any chance you could direct me that way?

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            “Any chance you could direct me that way?”
            – I would if I could brother. It’s just the nature of things that at present they’re invisible, and any perhaps I could point to will doubtlessly let us down.
            Victory is inevitable because Satanic forces can’t build, only destroy. Yes, they can co-opt and manipulate chains that others have built and put us in them, but it’s also in the nature of things that hubris and stupidity will take them too far.
            Thankfully, the more powerful they get, the more decadent and retarded they become, you must have noticed this correlation. There’s hope there.
            It also says in Revelation that the devil’s time will be short, this seems true as well, who could have imagined 30 years ago the USA would be an international laughing stock, it’s streets full of drugged out homeless, and blacks periodically looting inner cities with the support of the government?
            With a descent this rapid, I’d be amazed if the USA lasts another decade.
            Just about every group of people in the last 100 years have suffered greatly and been humiliated, Germans, French, East Europeans, Africans, Chinese, Arabs, Japanese, Indians, Koreans, the one and only group to have a charmed life seems to be Anglos.
            That’s not going to last. Especially when Anglos caused the majority of this mayhem around the world(prodded along by everyone’s favourite ethnic cousins).

          • John D. Alder
            John D. Alder says:

            According to a forecast I read the USA will begin to break apart around 2032 into seperate countries and we will see a global rise in separatist and secessionist movements as well as populist and nationialist movements. We can already see this developing. The system cannot be saved or reformed it will crash and burn so it’s up to us to decide what will replace the old corrupt system that nobody should waste time , money or energy trying to save or reform.

    • Lucius Vanini
      Lucius Vanini says:

      “PRIDE, the worst of the seven deadly sins.” No, faith is worse. For one thing it enables people to credit such obvious junk as “deadly sins.”

      Europeans have been taught that pride is a sin because certain people wanted them humbled. The latter also taught that selfishness is evil, that putting others’ interests before one’s own is righteous and holy, that those who are first in this world will be last in the next (there’s the ol’ post-dated check again, that’ll ne’er be cashed lol!), trading places with those who presently are last. Et cetera. Obviously they wanted Europeans to be apathetic witnesses of their own undoing, and their ticking time bomb eventually exploded.

      By the way, I have some questions to ask you. Someone on these pages said he notices how Christians come to White-Advocacy sites to stump for Saul, but doubts that they promote White Advocacy in their churches. Damnedly good point. Well, are you stumping for White power in your Anglican or whatever temple?

      2) Are you not obliged to prefer the society of non-White “brothers in Christ,” blacks and others who embrace your credo, to Caucasian non-believers like me? Y’know, because I’m a committed racist, you and Rockaboatus both live in the Ethnostate I dream of, whereas blacks who share my metaphysics are excluded. Which of us is the actual White Nationalist?

      3) You’ve said you pray for the likes o’ me. Do you pray for White preservation and prosperity? Look: your deity is allegedly omnipotent and according to you he favors Whites remaining Whites (lol because he created different races and would’ve created just one if he’d wanted them amalgamated). Well? Either you’re not praying to him for that, OR he does want the races merged, OR he’s actually a weak god who can’t cope with a fallen angel of his. Which is it? I ask because things aren’t getting better for us…. If he can do anything and is on our side, your prayers SHOULD be efficacious, non e’ vero?

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        Pride isn’t a sin. Faith is worse. Selfishness is good. Wow. Good luck building a working society on those principles. But forget that, I’ll answer your questions.
        1.”Someone on these pages said he notices how Christians come to White-Advocacy sites to stump for Saul, but doubts that they promote White Advocacy in their churches.”
        – I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m not a Christian and I don’t have a church or a temple. I come here because I reckon this site is closest to the truth about our problems, and I support Christians because their philosophy seems to me closest to the truth.
        I would go to a church if a based church was close by, like a pre-Vatican II one, something like that. But I despise the gay church as much as you do.
        2. I don’t think it’s possible for anyone or thing to “oblige” a person to prefer anything. You can’t control folk’s minds. And I don’t really understand the second part of your question, perhaps you could simplify it?
        3.”You’ve said you pray for the likes o’ me. Do you pray for White preservation and prosperity?”
        – That was a joke, I don’t actually pray at all. I wish I did. I was brought up atheist so praying seemed ridiculous but I do hope to get over this stupid weakness in time.
        If you are going to quote me, do it properly, not your own riff on what you think I said.
        I think at bottom your question is ‘If your God is omnipotent, then why isn’t everything perfect?’
        Obviously you could get a much better answer to this elsewhere, but seeing as you asked me, I’ll give you it in how I understand the tale: Things *were* perfect, we lived in Eden, in a garden, and would have stayed like this if Eve hadn’t listened to the talking snake, then Adam hadn’t let Eve manipulate him into disobedience.
        All our disasters stem from these follies, listening to women and disobedience from God. With the devil having a starring roll.
        Seems a good summation of our problems today.
        It’s obviously allegorical, as Christ’s Kingdom is “not of this world”, we aren’t supposed to be able to understand it. That’s why you come closest to it in sculpture, paintings, architecture, poetry, music, prayer, communion, etc. Not through logic(although that was how I personally was initially persuaded of it’s truth, but I think I’m uncommon).
        If the entire Christian religion was just this one story, it would make more sense than any dumb Jewish ideology. Ideology itself is today’s version of false prophets. Seems obvious to me, I wish more people would make this point.
        But I going off topic.
        I, and I’d bet a few Christians, aren’t pro-white because we dislike others, but because it’s common sense for like to be with like, or rather, it’s mind-blowingly idiotic to imagine multiculturalism or multiracialism is a good idea.
        We’re looking for what is good and what is true, what works. Also a good part of it is the hostility to white people expressed in the culture, it’s a natural inclination to stand up for the underdog. If that’s not too Christian a thought for you.

        • Lucius Vanini
          Lucius Vanini says:

          “Pride isn’t a sin.” Right! Pride is feeling well about oneself–and I know that your Christian toxin condemns that: it wants people to be humble! The humble don’t mind being insulted and walked on. But have you ever heard the slogan “White Pride Worldwide”? You don’t think we need White pride worldwide? No, you don’t. Race means little to you and you’re not a White advocate.

          “Faith is worse.” Right! Toward the end of your absurd response you say LOGIC lol convinced you of your fables–e.g., the one you mention, re disobedience in the perfect world of Eden and lol the talking snake. No, faith is needed to accept talking snakes as fact–faith, the will to believe, believing because you want to believe. Well, that means anything can be believed–so why are believers in Jesus right but believers in Krishna wrong?

          “Selfishness is good.” Right! The reason you find the proposition shocking lol is that your ancient Jewish mind-poisoners didn’t want your people to put themselves first in their own regard. They hoped for Europeans who’d be satisfied with the short end of the stick.

          Taking care of “me and mine” first and last IS selfish and also that which preserves, protects and strengthens. To prioritize one’s relatives–including the extended family of race–is not unselfish: it’s a healthy extension of self-interest. If you weren’t a true bigot (I’m a racist but not a bigot: think on that), you might read a book by probably the best female philosopher–Ayn Rand, who wrote THE VIRTUE OF SELFISHNESS. You’d learn real things, but, alas, she was an ethnic Jewess.

          So you don’t stump for Adolf H. among churchgoers, but you stump for Saul among us? IF we here are “closest to the truth about our problems,” why do you need to impart your Christian notions to us? Because the Christians have “the philosophy CLOSEST [???] to the truth”? Well, we again, according to you, are closest to the truth about our problems–and we ARE interested in OUR problems, not in talking snakes.

          Moreover the Christians don’t agree with us. Where I am now, Christian ngo’s are accommodating and aiding non-White invaders of Euroamerica, Jews are of course behind so much of the invasion, but so are Christians–and don’t say that they’re going against their creed, because what they do is consistent with your Semite-derived gospel.

          Lol you can’t squirm out of the prayer thing so easily. IF your god is omnipotent and loves Whiteness, your prayers should work and all our troubles should end. Moreover, you DID say, “We pray for you.” So don’t say I put words in your mouth. But I see that you have so little integrity that you’re capable even of saying you really aren’t a Christian when you’re asked a difficult question about the Christian superstition. You believe in it all, but are NOT a believer at the same time! Wow, I’m on the verge of nausea.

          Any Christian thought is far too Christian for me.

          • TJ
            TJ says:

            Catholic Charities and Lutheran Social Services are lavishly funded by Fedgov. The more “refugees” the richer they become. Money, fake or otherwise, has a way of bending ideology to fit. Money doesn’t just talk, it screams. . .highest bidder wins. . .

            From memory, Catholic Charities got $6,000,000,000 in 2000- assuming 7% inflation [honest numbers] that would be $26.6B to-day. . .CC no longer publishes the amount of taxpayer grants.

            >>>A FAIR study in 2017 found illegal immigrants are a net consumer of taxpayer benefits worth more than $100 billion a year, not including the cost of enforcing the border. While federal benefits are…


          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            “Pride is feeling well about oneself”
            No son, that’s confidence. Or well being. Try a dictionary. Pride comes before a fall, or if you aren’t bright enough to understand this analogy, it’s to be avoided.
            It’s the worst of the seven sins because it is at bottom the cause of the others.
            “The humble don’t mind being insulted and walked on”
            Who said this(I mean except you)? Again, show me the definition in the dictionary where it explains the meaning of to be humble is to be walked over.
            I thought you just had your own interpretations of things I said, I now realise you’ve probably got your own interpretations of everything.
            You know what causes this delusion? Pride.
            “have you ever heard the slogan “White Pride Worldwide”?”
            I had heard that, but I’d actually never realised how similar it is to the gay motto. No wonder it’s accomplished nothing, and has a tendency to faggotry. Now I see your boys are fighting for the NWO in Ukraine taking orders from a Jew! You can’t make this stuff up.
            “you’re not a White advocate.”
            I thought I was, but if you say I’m not, I’m not going to argue. I certainly see why you guys are so toxic to normal people though, if you are an example.
            “Toward the end of your absurd response you say LOGIC lol convinced you of your fables–”
            This is like talking to a child. How old are you? I should have guessed by the way you keep laughing at your own jokes. Perhaps it’s my fault. I’m presuming too much with you. I’ll try to be more direct: Logic convinced me of the truth *in the fables* not of them. Get it?
            – I’ll come back to this, I got to boost now, if the reply button disappears I’ll continue it on a new page.

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            Continued . . .
            “No, faith is needed to accept talking snakes as fact–”
            I didn’t say I accepted talking snakes as facts. I’m dumbstruck by how much I’ve got to break these very basic, simple concepts into moron-speak before you understand them. I specifically stated the story was allegorical, 99x out of 100 this even doesn’t need to be stated because it’s just so damned obvious, but still you’re confused.
            “so why are believers in Jesus right but believers in Krishna wrong?”
            I can’t speak for others, only myself. Maybe Krishna followers are right. It’s called being humble about the possibilities of any human being to understand the universe. This question reminds me of the immature student atheist point of ‘why are there so many religions, they can’t all be right!’ Followed by smugly congratulating themselves on what they imagine is an original point. You’ve got that vice in common too.
            There are a variety of religions because there are a variety of humans. What’s striking is not what they differ in, but in how similar they all are. Everyone’s trying to grope their way in the dark to truth in their own way, based on their own traditions. Except you. You know it all already. Because you’re full of pride. See how it make you look ridiculous?
            “I’m a racist but not a bigot: think on that”
            No thinking needed. You are totally bigoted towards Christianity. That’s why you hate and mock it, even although you have absolutely zero understanding of it. That’s the definition of bigotry.
            Yeah, I’m going to take life advice from a Jewish woman. Is this a wind-up?
            “So you don’t stump for Adolf H. among churchgoers, but you stump for Saul among us”
            I’ve already told you I don’t go to church, and I don’t “stump for Saul”. Your talking like a dummy. It’s just mind-numbing to reply to half of what you’re saying.
            “Lol you can’t squirm out of the prayer thing so easily. IF your god is omnipotent and loves Whiteness, your prayers should work and all our troubles should end.”
            Why should they work? Where does it say “pray for anything you want, and I’ll give you it?”
            It’s this total misunderstanding of the thing you hate. Which again, is the definition of bigotry.
            “Moreover, you DID say, “We pray for you.” So don’t say I put words in your mouth.”
            This is just off-the-hook crazy. I’m now starting to think you must have some sort of mental disability. I don’t know what it is, as I’m no expert on these things, it’s like a weird sort of autism.
            Go on, quote me where I said you put words in my mouth? That’s right, you can’t. I said it was a joke. Remember now, dip-shit? Aren’t you embarrassed by such sloppiness? You should be.
            “saying you really aren’t a Christian when you’re asked a difficult question about the Christian superstition.”
            This is too much. You! Ask a difficult question?! You are a real comedian. The hardest part of interacting with you is getting down on to your level. I keep forgetting I’m obviously dealing with a well below average IQ.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” They’ve picked their side, the devil’s, we must choose God’s.”

      At this point what difference does it make ?

      “” I form the light and create darkness:

      I make peace and create evil:

      I the Lord do all these things.””

      ( verbatim quote from :
      The Old Testament / KJV / Isaiah / 45 : 7 )

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        What difference does it make? We all have to live with ourselves. Choosing the dark side makes even material differences.
        Look at the effect sluttery has on young woman’s looks. Compare with a married woman. It’s not the sex, it’s the sleeping around.
        A good example everyone can understand is the difference between Jen Psaki and Trump’s spokes-chic.
        One is beautiful, glowing with goodness, while the other looks ghoulish and like she sleeps in a coffin.
        One is a Christian and works for what is right, the other works for blood-drinking Jews.
        One worked for a flawed man who tried to do what was right for average Americans, the other has a boss who is a corrupt pedophile.
        You can test this stuff. Put a baby near some nasty old woman, who’s lived a life surrounded by dark, demonic forces. The kid will start to cry as soon as it gets within 6 feet of her. I’ve seen this. It’s amazing. The baby can sense the evil vibes. Put it next to a kindly old woman and it won’t even blink.
        This stuff is REAL. Our rulers know this, just because they don’t educate the masses about this stuff doesn’t mean it’s not true. It’s confirmation it is true.
        Of course God created it all, who else? But he also gave pretty clear instructions as well. It’s a bit like if you created a game of snakes and ladders. Then the kids started moaning “why did you create the snakes?”
        Same thing. It’s pretty basic stuff.

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        I’m surprised you join in the rather basic anti-Christian stuff. You’ve always got pretty sharp takes on things.
        You must know that most of the greatest whites in history were believing Christians.
        You must also understand that today’s Christianity is a mockery of what it is supposed to be and what it actually was for a thousand+ years.
        I simply do not believe you don’t understand this.

        • Lucius Vanini
          Lucius Vanini says:

          Thus saith the non-Christian who doesn’t pray, BUT believes that Christianity is the light and the way…. I guess you say you’re not a Christian and you don’t pray as a way to dodge inconvenient questions about that Jewish heresy, eh? It’s like, “Don’t ask me! What do I know–I ain’t a Christian!” LOL!

          But as I told you, I keep all TOO pieces under which I comment. This is what you said on 12/22/21, under “Rogen and Silverman”: “To you it’s just a racial battle. To ME it’s so much more than that, it’s a spiritual battle. If WE win MY battle, the racial thing takes care of itself.” (My emphasis.) Uh, who is the WE? And if MY means YOUR, which side of the “spiritual battle” are you on? The Muslims’? The Zoroastrians’? Why art thou fibbing to moi?

          As for prayer again, look: IF Christianity and Jesus are what you think they are, don’t you think you should START praying? Huh? If not, WHY NOT? Again, Jesus is all-powerful, right? And he loves you, right? Well, PLEASE, ask him to make the Jews do Aliyah and to sweep away the neo-Marxists from the West.

          That most of the great Whites were Christians is laughable. But in any case, why won’t YOU join the religion you want us to think well of? LOL that’s no recommendation! A bald man is trying to sell me a hair-restorer!

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            “I guess you say you’re not a Christian and you don’t pray as a way to dodge inconvenient questions about that Jewish heresy, eh?”
            Where is this famous inconvenient question of yours? I’m still waiting to hear it.
            I’d probably drop dead of shock if you managed to dream up an ‘inconvenient question’.
            “Uh, who is the WE? And if MY means YOUR, which side of the “spiritual battle” are you on? The Muslims’?”
            The WE is everyone on earth rooting for the truth. Everyone who is against lies, evil and stupidity. Yes that will include millions of Muslims. And presumably Zoastrians.
            And it doesn’t surprise me one bit you keep every comment you write, I bet you read them all ten times over as well. This is the sin of vanity, which you have in abundance, and where does vanity come from? Oh yeah, from PRIDE.
            “That most of the great Whites were Christians is laughable.”
            How many were white nationalists? Probably none. Yes, I doubt many of the great whites of history thought it a great plan to import Third World trash, but none would describe themselves as white nationalists. It’s just too shallow, too childish. Even Saint Adolph wasn’t one. Once you get to a certain level of intelligence you jettison your childish materialism. That you don’t understand this, explains everything.
            “But in any case, why won’t YOU join the religion you want us to think well of? LOL”
            Please. Enough of the laughing at your own jokes. It’s just too cringe. And I’ve already explained why I don’t join a church. Just like I’ve told you why I don’t pray. And if I ever do, it’s not going to be for selfish reasons, or retarded utopian white nationalist dreams. You’ve got to have some dignity. Well, you might not, but you really should.

        • TJ
          TJ says:

          “You must know that most of the greatest whites in history were believing Christians.”

          Including the BC era?

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            You mean how many people believed in Christ before Christ was born?
            Wow, what a barn-stormingly clever point.
            How long it take you to come up with that one? But thanks for sharing it with us all.
            That’s me truly put in my place.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          ” You must also understand that today’s Christianity is a mockery of what it is supposed to be and what it actually was for a thousand+ years.”

          … now do you understand my “anti-Christian stuff” ?

          Do you know of any valid/(empiricly confirmed) refutation of this historical analysis of the origin of Christianity expertly rendered in the half-hour video at this link ___



  5. Harry Warren
    Harry Warren says:

    Does anyone know where I can buy Jeff Gates’s ‘Guilt By Association’ in the UK? Amazon don’t have it, nor Abebooks.

  6. Angelicus
    Angelicus says:

    I would like to know why my comment was not published. At least you could have let me know what was the problem. I would have understood if it was edited because I am aware I tend to lose my temper and sometimes I use very strong language. Having said I am sure that with a bit of “pruning” it would not have offended anyone and I am OK with that. It seems we are getting very touchy here…

  7. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    Whoever said, that Truth is the first casualty in any war, espoused nothing new. The London area studio fabricated Newsreel of Boers tearing babies from their incubators and flinging them to the ground; the Kaiser’s troops flinging Belgian babies into the air and bayonetting them while falling back down ; soap; gas; lampshades; and again, the ” eyewitness ” report by the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the US on national TV, fantasizing about the Iraqis tearing Kuwaiti babies out of their incubators, etc., etc.

    Two days ago the Tel Aviv [old] liberal, daily HAARETZ, to its credit, and pursuant to its commitment to journalistic integrity, cautioned against such propagandistic disinformation. It demonstrated its warning by pointing towards a specific incident.

    On Sept. 12, 2015, the sixteen year old Palestinian girl Ahed Tamimi, was present when other children were throwing stones at two members of ” the most moral Army in the World. ” As one of several videos shows, her 15 year old cousin was shot in the mouth with a rubber bullet at close range, which lodged in his brain, and was writhing on the ground before being taken to Ramallah Hospital.

    Thereafter, two additional girls beset said soldiers, but it was Ahed Tamimi, who slapped one repeatedly in his face and yelled at him ” to leave her country ! ” It took these idiots three days to return and to arrest her before dawn, and taking her to a military prison with her feet shackled, to await her military trial.

    Their then Minister of Education and now Prime Minister Bennet opined officially, that ” she should live out her life in prison !!! ”

    ” Ben Caspit, a journalist for the MAARIV daily, praised the soldiers for NOT REACTING , but called for RETALIATION AGAINST THE TAMIMI FAMILY. IN THE CASE OF THE GIRLS, WE SHOULD EXACT A PRICE AT SOME OTHER OPPORTUNITY, IN THE DARK, WITHOUT WITNESSES AND CAMERAS ” : he wrote. [ emphasis added ]

    Educational reporting for people who experienced our anti- partisan Einsatzgruppen. We’ve changed —- they haven’t.

    Dreadful ? No, it gets better.




    An additional humdinger by Trey Gowdy, after some snow shoveling !

  8. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    ” Free, unbiased, unafraid and against smugness and group think ” was the adhered to recipe by FOX when it came to America’s domestic ills.

    Without exception they changed tack in the current question of war and are solidly behind Ukraine/Zelensky; and to the best of my knowledge never uttered Kolomoyskyi’s filthy name: presumably due to what it too clearly denotes.

    Their Trey Gowdy is a thoroughly likeable person, but also a very experienced lawyer/prosecutor who knows a thing or two about the entire array of acceptable evidence.

    On Sunday last he was of course holding forth on the war. At one point the screen was split in three; he on the left, in the middle a still of a Ukrainian war scene and on the right a running video, purportedly also form that hapless country.

    EXCEPT, that the video on the right showed a masked Black clubbing a woman over the head and robbing her of her purse: filmed at an angle from above, on the sidewalk and aimed down a NYC subway entrance; I believe accessing Houston station. A video we had all seen more than once.

    It’s the Producer’s fault, not that of Gowdy, but I hope he pays greater attention.

    My point is, that this leads to greater disinformation, such as that referred to above in my previous comment. You can’t be a little pregnant; we can either trust our news – or we can’t.

    Now there is news afoot, that Putin is specifically bombing facilities housing child trafficking enterprises and western-owned and operated bio labs. [ With their recent reputation ]. Several certifiably insane lawmakers are calling for a no-fly zone. Cuban crisis redux. When school children were advised to hide beneath their desks, spread their legs and bend way over in order to best protect their heads: ” and kiss their ass goodbye ! ” as one wit added.

    We can’t afford even the most inane misreporting; as Gowdy would agree.

    [ Yesterday I contributed to the samaritanspurse.org appeal for those pitiable people, whose fate I shared for the first six years of my life in Berlin ].

    • Lucius Vanini
      Lucius Vanini says:

      The part about being against “smugness and group-think” comes from Carlson’s characterization of his show as “the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group-think”—words with which he closes each show. And I do believe that Carlson lives up to his hype to an appreciable degree, even where Ukraine is concerned. He hasn’t quite joined the stupid self-righteous chorus disgracing Fox.

      He HAS been prevailed upon, I think, to pronounce Putin a bad guy, whereas at first he rightly refrained from blaming him at all; but in no way does he go to the lengths of the other commentators. His reluctance is evident; I feel he’s resigned to the necessity of speaking down to the sheeple, who’d be outraged by anyone not disapproving of a Russian child-killer, and who might second the already energetic efforts to get Carlson fired. (Did you know that HAARETZ recently declared that Carlson’s criticism of Soros is “a clear danger for American Jews” and that assuredly there are more Jews than ever working for his dismissal?)

      Carlson won’t speak admiringly of that swine Zelenskyyyy lol, but says what he is—no friend of civil liberties or of peace with Russia. Most importantly, I think, he stalwartly opposes hostile policies toward Putin, warning of the world catastrophe that’s so near. And as far as I know, he’s the only host who’ll now interview that personification of Realpolitik, Colonel Douglas MacGregor, who so shocked Trey Gowdy that the latter all but apologized to the audience for having interviewed him. (My impression of that hick is very different from yours.)

      In short, while I basically agree with your strictures concerning Fox, I don’t think they quite apply to Tucker C.

      But speaking of Soros, I’d say that on top of all the other reasons for not demonizing Russia for this tragedy, there’s the totally credible allegation that the former TV clown is in bed with that global troublemaker. “Must We Die For A ‘Soros Puppet’?” https://theeuropeanfamily.com/f/must-we-die-for-a-soros-puppet

      • Angelicus
        Angelicus says:

        Hello Lucius! I have just read your article on “The European Family”. Very good! Tucker Carlson is too worried about his job and very nice salary to say something really daring. He typifies the average American White “patriot”, pure talk but no action…

        If I was him, I would have left FOX a long time ago and set up my own radio/TV show on the Internet and speak frankly about race and the “enemies of Mankind”.

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