Odysee Interview with Tom Sunic

Dr. Tomislav Sunić discusses the breakup of Yugoslavia, eastward expansion of NATO, and the decay of America under liberalism.

Interview with Tomislav Sunić (odysee.com)

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  1. JimB
    JimB says:

    Wouldn’t it be a little more polite, not to mention informative, to re-title this post: Modern Politics Interview with Tom Sunic?
    Odysee is a great platform, no doubt, but Odysee itself isn’t doing the interview…

  2. Pannonius
    Pannonius says:

    Yes, indeed, I thought it was Warren Balogh of the National Justice Party who did the interview. Hmmm

  3. Armoric
    Armoric says:

    At about 50:00 in the discussion, Tom Sunic mentions European groups who want their independence: Scots, Catalans, Corsicans. He mentions the recent riots in Corsica and says that even though he gives them credit for defending their identity, the separatists should keep in mind that the main problem is the Great Replacement by non-Europeans.

    I think those who need the most to hear that message are the English, Spanish and French anti-separatists. We are sometimes told that the Scottish and Catalan separatists are anti-English and anti-Spanish loony leftists who want more non-White immigration. I think this is only true of the leaders. Most Scots who refuse to disappear completely into the UK would also refuse to be replaced by non-Europeans. On the other hand, French and English people who are afraid to say anything against Jewish power and the replacement of White people are not ready to let go of Corsica and Scotland. Their Jacobinic ideal is openness and uniformity within their own state. This is similar to the ideology of George Soros, on a smaller scale. A typical French nationalist may theoretically agree with the idea that we must resist the globohomo ideology and find refuge in smaller locally anchored communities. He may even agree with the idea of creating new communities for White people. But he will still oppose Corsican independence. It’s probably the same in the USA. Most White Americans are probably against the partition of the USA, even though they are being destroyed by the government and its race replacement policies.

    In Corsica, the recent rioting was caused by the murder in jail of the separatist Yvan Colonna. The murderer was a fellow prisoner named Franck Elong Abé, a Cameroonian sent to France after he was arrested by the Americans in Afghanistan. Yvan Colonna was himself in jail for the murder of a prefect. France is divided into a hundred departments headed by government-appointed prefects. Their function is to assert the central authority of the government. Today, this means implementing the race replacement directives. It’s easy to suspect that the administration deliberately used the violent Cameroonian against Colonna.

    A two-month-old phone video of Colonna has been released. He is seen in jail speaking about the situation in Corsica, where he says 4000 new French people arrive every year. His comment is that Corsica is disappearing little by little. I think 4000 French people is preferable to 4000 Africans, but it’s still destroying the Corsicans as a group. Corsica’s population is 340,000, as compared to 364,000 in Iceland. Some people will argue that Corsica has no industry and is heavily subsidized by France, but I think they could easily survive on tourism alone thanks to the sea, the mountain and the pleasant weather. And they are more likely than the French to use violence against the race-replacement agenda.

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