On Russophobia and “Anti-Semitism”

I first learned of the term “Russophobia” many years ago in Robert Wistrich’s 1991 book Antisemitism: The Longest Hatred. My initial impression was essentially that Russians on the “radical right” were attempting to turn the tables on Jews by accusing them of what is effectively the inverse of anti-Semitism (i.e., Russophobia). Of course, this was little more than a mere stratagem designed to obscure their true anti-Semitic intentions. Although not at all thuggish or violent, the proponents of Russophobia, according to Wistrich, were especially dangerous since they included many prominent writers and scholars and had viable connections within the Soviet power structure of the day. Wistrich saw through it all, and so should any right-thinking gentile.

Of the people decrying Russophobia, Wistrich writes:

They are in favor of patriotism, law and order, and traditional values blended with ecological concerns to preserve the Russian cultural heritage. What they claim to hate are the destructive influences of ‘liberals’ in Soviet life, the fads and so-called ‘Russophobes’ – those émigrés, dissidents and above all Jews who are quite falsely said to denigrate Russian history and mock the backwardness of Russian culture. [Igor] Shafarevich’s tract, entitled Russophobia (1989), can be taken as the Bible of this anti-Western, anti-Socialist and antisemitic gospel, driven by intellectual paranoia and an apocalyptic vision of the spiritual crisis confronting Soviet society.

This was essentially my baseline for Russophobia for many years prior to my conversion on the Jewish Question upon reading Kevin MacDonald’s The Culture of Critique. I again encountered Shafarevich’s name when researching Solzhenitsyn and the Right. Solzhenitsyn mentions Shafarevich quite often in his memoirs—always in a positive light—and included three of Shafarevich’s essays in his 1974 From Under the Rubble collection. One of these essays was the incipient version of Shafarevich’s famous work The Socialist Phenomenon.

Shararevich (who was one of the twentieth-century’s leading mathematicians and who died in 2017 at the age of 95.) distributed his long essay “Russophobia” as samizdat in the early 1980s, and published it in the Soviet periodical Nash Sovremennik in 1989. In 2002, he published an expanded version of this essay as Three-Thousand-Year-Old Enigma, a full-length treatise on Russo-Jewish relations, similar to Solzhenitsyn’s Two Hundred Years Togetherbut with greater emphasis on religion. Unfortunately, no English translation of this work exists as of yet.

What’s interesting about “Russophobia,” however, is not only its thoughtful and well-argued counter-Semitism, but the shallow and dishonest responses it engendered from Jewish writers, which tarnished much of Shafarevich’s reputation in the West after the fall of the Soviet Union. From the essay’s onset, Shafarevich expresses concern for the “spiritual life” of Russia. He notes that starting in the 1970s, a flood of anti-Russian literature was being produced which he saw as “the expression of the view of an established, cohesive school.” According to these writers, Russia is inherently despotic and oppressive due to the backward nature of the Russians themselves, which manifests itself mostly through violence, servility, and “messianism.”

Shafarevich counters such slander over several pages of historical discussion, for example, on Richard Pipes’ claim that Tsar Nicholas I served as the model for not only Soviet totalitarianism but for Hitler’s Third Reich as well. Shafarevich demonstrates clearly that totalitarianism was fully developed in the West prior to Nicholas I, and so Tsarist Russia should be let off the hook for initiating “all of the 20th century’s antiliberal tendencies.” As for “Messianism,” Shafarevich deftly reminds his readers that the outlook which appoints a certain group as being “destined to determine the fate of humanity and become its savior” began not with the Russians but with the Jews thousands of years ago. And as for the claim that “the revolution in Russia was predetermined by the whole course of Russian history,” Shafarevich points out that socialism was already fully-developed in the West before gaining any kind of foothold in Russia in the nineteenth century. For evidence, he cites the lack of Russian proto-socialist authors of the stature of Thomas More or Tommaso Campanella, and how early Russian socialists such as Mikhail Bakunin and Alexander Herzen started their socialist endeavors only after they emigrated to the West. He concludes [emphasis in the original]:

Thus, many phenomena that the authors of the tendency we are examining proclaim to be typically Russian prove to be not only not typical of Russia but altogether non-Russian in origin, imported from the West: that was the payment, as it was, for Russia’s entry into the sphere of the new Western culture.

Now, by this point in the essay, the savvy reader will know where it’s going. Although Shafarevich had hardly used the J-word, the people he was skewering had names that echo into eternity—or if they don’t, they should. Grigory Pomerants, Richard Pipes, Boris Shragin, Alexander Yanov, Boris Khazanov, and others. Essentially, Shafarevich is accusing Jewish writers for being the nucleus of this Russophobia and imbuing it with Jewish nationalism. He’s not responding to these people as individuals. He’s responding to them, however politely, as Jews. And that is unacceptable to the same Jews who gleefully condemn Russians as Russians. See how that double standard works?

“Are these authors interested in the truth at all?” he asks. He later probes for ulterior motives:

And hatred for one nation is usually associated with a heightened sense of one’s belonging to another. Doesn’t this make it likely that our authors are under the influence of some sort of powerful force rooted in their national feelings?

In this passage, one can sense a precursor to the evolutionary struggles between populations as found in MacDonald’s Separations and its Discontents and The Culture of Critique.

Shafarevich borrows terms from historian Augustin Cochin, who divided the antagonists of the French Revolution into “Lesser people” and “Greater people.” The former group, an elite minority, lived in a spiritual and intellectual world at odds with the established order, as represented by the latter group. The Lesser People were bent on revolution and enforcing newfangled notions such as equality and freedom, while the Greater People insisted upon Catholicism, concepts such as honor and nobility, loyalty to the King, and taking pride in French history. These were the very things that the Lesser People considered dead weight and wished to remove, with maximum violence if necessary.

Shafarevich applies this duality to 1980s Soviet life by demonstrating how this Jewish school of Russophobia had the same motives and possessed the same hatred that Cochin’s Lesser People had for the Greater People. Their platforms were eeriely similar. In both cases, the Lesser People stressed individualism over nationalism, a disconnect from history, and an utter contempt for the people.

He states that Yanov pushed the idea that

humanity is quantized ONLY INTO SEPARATE INVIDUALS, and not into nations. It is not a new viewpoint. Humanity dispersed (or “quantized”) into individual units that are totally unconnected to one another—such, evidently, is Yanov’s ideal. [emphasis in the original]

As for Russian history, it is complete “savagery, coarseness and failure;” nothing but “tyranny, slavery, and senseless, bloody convulsions.” Religion, according to Pomerants “has ceased to be a trait of the people.” Pomerants also declared that love for one’s people is more dangerous then love for animals and that Russians possess “a lackeyish mixture of malice, envy and worship of authority.” Watch how he advocates for genocide:

The peasant cannot be reborn except as a character in an opera. Peasant nations are hungry nations, and nations in which the peasantry has disappeared [sic!] are nations in which hunger has disappeared.

Andrei Amalrik, a non-Jewish ally, insults the Russian thusly:

And if language is the fullest expression of the spirit of the people, then who is more Russian—the “little Negro” Pushkin and the “little Jew” Mandelshtam, or the muzhik in the beer hall who, wiping his spittle across his unshaven cheeks, bellows: “I’m a Russian!”

Khazanov declares not only that he finds Russia repulsive but that “to be a member of the Russian intelligentsia at the present time inevitably means being a Jew.” Shragin proclaims that the Russians being treated worse than all other groups in prisons was “just and logical.” Furthermore, none—not a single one—of these authors apply similar criticisms to Jews—only to Russians. The authors simply presume Jewish innocence before going out to destroy the reputation of the Russian people. Such attitudes breed revolution and terrorism, as was demonstrated in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth, and culminated in the inhuman atrocities of the Bolsheviks (which, Shafarevich demonstrates, also contained a nucleus of Jews). Shafarevich recognizes that for the Greater People, this is essentially a recipe for death.


[a] people that assesses its own history IN THAT WAY cannot exist. We are dealing here with a phenomenon that vitally affects us inhabitants of this country. [emphasis in the original]

This sentence represents the essence of the current struggle of the White Dissident Right, and the core of “Russophobia.” We, as the Greater People elite, oppose the Lesser People elite—most of whom are Jews—not because we possess an a priori hatred of Jews but because we wish to survive as a people. Shafarevich demonstrates how adhering to the Lesser People’s platform will guarantee that we won’t survive as a people. Really, it’s either-or.

As expected, Jews everywhere accused Shafarevich of anti-Semitism. Walter Laqueur responded with a New Republic essay entitled “From Russia with Hate,” in which he straight-facedly asks if Shafarevich was an admirer of Hitler (despite how Shafarevich condemns the Nazis as totalitarians in “Russophobia”). Semyon Resnik nitpicked on minor factual inaccuracies regarding Shafarevich’s treatment of the murder of Tsar Nicholas II and his family. He also accused Shafarevich of perpetuating a blood libel by describing the murder as a “ritual act”—as if this undermines the main points of Shafarevich’s essay.

In his stunningly spiteful 1990 essay entitled “Russian History and Anti-Semitism of Igor Shafarevich,” Eliezer Rabinovich sets up a straw man by accusing Shafarevich of blaming solely the Jews for the Bolshevik Revolution (something Shafarevich explicitly does not do in section eight of his essay). He dodges the question of whether Jews were prominent among the Bolsheviks by declaring such Jews as Trotsky and Zinoviev as “anti-Jewish Jews.” He then disputes much of Shafarevich’s historical exegesis and harps on Russian flaws and Russian culpability for past atrocities. Fair enough. No people is without sin, and Shafarevich claims nothing of the sort with Russia. Further, Rabinovich’s arguments do not necessarily refute Shafarevich’s. It is possible for Russophobia and anti-Semitism as the authors describe them to exist simultaneously. Yet Rabinovich states flatly that “Jewish Russophobia simply does not exist,” while Russian anti-Semitism does. Talk about presumption of innocence! How can anyone take such a self-serving zealot seriously?

Josephine Woll in her Soviet Jewish Affairs essay entitled “Russians and ‘Russophobes’” smears Shafarevich as a radical slavophile. She then, quite superficially, attempts to employ logic against him.

Shafarevich argues inductively, from results to ’causes.’ There are demonstrations and strikes. Their causes cannot be objective circumstances (in any event, Shafarevich does not consider that possibility). Therefore they must be provoked. Who could benefit from provoking them? Those who hate Russia and wish to see her weak. Who feels such hatred for Russia? Jews. QED.

Note how Woll completely ignores the evidence Shafaravich presents to support his idea that Jewish nationalism is the driving force behind Russophobia. Do the quotes he presents not evince contempt for Russia? Are most of their authors not Jewish? Aren’t these authors attacking Russia and Russians while not simultaneously attacking Israel and Jews? How can one not detect enemy action in all of this?

And this brings us back to Wistrich and his ludicrous claim that certain Jews “are quite falsely said to denigrate Russian history and mock the backwardness of Russian culture.” Falsely, is it? Did he not read “Russophobia?” In his book, Wistrich didn’t even include “Russophobia” among his source material, only Woll’s article and others like it. Did Robert Wistrich lie out ignorance or knowing? And none of these writers make credible attempts to counter Shafaravich’s evidence or disprove his conclusions. For them, it’s enough to label such conclusions as anti-Semitic. Whether such conclusions adhere to the truth, like the existence of Russophobia itself, is a less pressing matter.

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  1. Captainchaos
    Captainchaos says:

    “Russophobia” is a concern only for pearl-clutchers looking for a reason to clutch and navel-gazing wankers. As a Nordic Supremacist I have the proper attitude toward Russia: occasional amusement and consistent indifference.

    Red State secession in America is where in action is really at. Start putting the spotlight on that instead of Russian snow-clowns.

    • Art Deco
      Art Deco says:

      Unite with Russia, against our common enemy. Russia has done us no harm. Nor do they threaten us. The globalists are the enemy, not the Russians.

      Nordics are good too. We must not fight each other, because that would benefit the globalists.

      • Crush Limbraw
        Crush Limbraw says:

        Art, most of our American patriots are still living as if it’s the 1980’s and fighting DaLastWar – I personally know some , they can’t get past their ingrained presuppositions and binary thinking. Sad but true.

        As Sun Tzu wrote eons ago – If you know your enemy and yourself, you will ALWAYS win; if you only know one or the other, it’s 50-50; if you know neither your enemy or yourself, you will ALWAYS lose!
        Our enemy is right here in America and he is constantly telling us: “You and him go fight!”
        That is Russophobia exemplified…..it’s a cash cow to use idiotic and dumb American patriots for their profit profit while expending our blood and treasure – also sad but true.

        Is it time to wake up before the coming dawn does it to us?

        • Captainchaos
          Captainchaos says:

          Fealty in exchange for protection – that is the eternal arrangement. The European peoples are under the protection of the Nordic race and hence not to be touched. Russia went of the reservation and now it is to be gelded. How does Russia get back in the good graces of the Nordic race? By declaring its fealty.

          The Nordic race united globally is an army of all-powerful, all-conquering Supermen. In that sense, offering the opportunity of fealty is very much an act of charity.

          I propose to use Protestantism as a group evolutionary strategy to unite Nordics globally under one banner. Racial supremacy and Christian charity will be one and the same. We offer the opportunity of fealty as a profound act of charity. I can promise you, the Chinese will never be as charitable.

      • joe
        joe says:

        This war is a scam. Took A minute, but here it is:
        Ukraine has been a third world country for decades now, and has many ghost towns full of large, emtpy apartment buildings, exactly like the bombed out ones we’re seeing on jew tv. The russians are in on the scam, bombing apt buildings and towns that have been emtpy for years, making money off the increases in oil/gas, and gold, while the west leaks money by the tens of billions. what a scam

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Perhaps you would be good enough to stop telling everyone how smart you are and, instead, get to work writing a thoroughly reasoned and carefully detailed article laying out your “perfect” plan for all to see. Many, I am sure, share my curiosity to learn why you think that any of those holding high office in Washington or in any state capital would ever permit a secessionist enterprise of any sort to advance beyond the stage of an organizational rally—if indeed they permitted it to get that far. We are, after all, talking here about people for whom the question “what’s in it for me?” will not brook evasion.

      Once the article is completed, you might then offer it to Professor MacDonald for publication. If you can manage to make your spelling and sentence structure a bit more conventional than they have been in your comments and if you ease off a trifle on the relentless gamer-style hipness of your prose, I have no doubt that KM would accommodate you.

      Besides, your doing as I suggest could go a long way toward answering a question that has occurred, I suspect, to more than a few TOO habitués: which among us most merits the epithet “navel-gazing wanker”?

      • Captainchaos
        Captainchaos says:

        Why have any Red State politicians begun to fight against wokeness? Because of public pressure. Why would they start advocating for secession? Same answer.

        Will ZOG willingly allow Red States to secede? Will ZOG of its own accord allow the White race to survive? No on both counts. Metaphysically speaking, the secession question and the race-survival question are effectively one and the same.

        I don’t need to write any damn essay, the answers are right in front of your face.

  2. John D. Alder
    John D. Alder says:

    Is there not already a secessionist movement in the Southern states called the League of the South? They are very active in the sunny state of Florida. It’s a worthy cause to free us from the yoke of a federal government that despises us.

  3. anonym
    anonym says:

    Jews seems to have a “phobia” against most countries they’ve been in. “The Whore of Babylon”, “Wicked Egypt”, the Purim celebration about the mass-murder on Persians, the Pesach celebration of mass-murder of Egyptian infants, the Hanukkah celebration about mass-murdered Greeks, evil Rome, the evil Spaniards and their Inquisition, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, France, Germany… on and on. All of Europe is called Esau, Edom, or “Kellipot” (empty soulless shells) – the “Abyss” Jews step out of when they ascend (aliyah) up to Israel.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      That’s what I’ve thought for ages. It seems to depend on the extent of the experience of the nation in the Jewish mind, so considering how massive has been the Jewish story in America, ten thousand years from now the USA will presumably being cursed to damnation every time some Jew sits down to dinner.
      America freeing itself from the Jewish yoke won’t be the end, in a way it will be the beginning.

      • jsigur
        jsigur says:

        It’s very hard to free yourself from the Jewish yoke when 90% of the world believes the reality spun by the Jewish media. Germany is and was the best example and came closest to doing that. It is history what happened. As soon as they did, Jews wrote a written declaration to the world that they were at war with Germany. Then they proceeded to bar trade with Germany, and intimidating the goyim to do the same or else!. They also began writing horror stories about everything German.
        It’s all covered in the protocols how they react to renegade actors.
        Now with TV and the taming of the internet, Jewish mind control is way more total than ever.
        For all practical purposes, they have assured that places such as here and “Unz” (run and owned by a Jew, by the way) will never preach beyond the already converted, aware goyim that frequent these sites. I know this sounds really negative but THE TIME TO SAVE THE WHITE RACE WAS 1939.
        I have spoken to Jews in private chat who candidly admit that the protocols are real and WWII was “the decider”. They wouldn’t be caught dead saying that on here but spout typical Jewish gibberish approved for goyim ears

  4. Ovidiu
    Ovidiu says:

    Yes, Shafaravich is basically making McDonald’s argument relying on an intuitive, or common sense, graps of what is called the ‘social-identity theory’…. However this only explains why the Jews are so enthusiastic in promoting it but , just as with Liberalism in general, there are also other forces at work which promote individualism and denationalization for religious or economic (globalization, free movement of goods, capital and people/workforce) reasons and who have hired the Western media and the Western intellectual elites to do promote these views.

  5. John Thurloe
    John Thurloe says:

    Those who are Russophobic aren’t too particular in their phobias. The don’t care much for many other constituencies and are quick to assign other offenders to such categories. Liberals for instance don’t care for all parties that are not themselves. Including those who live over the next hill. As Tom Lehrer put it liberals love the Puertoricans and the Blacks “as long as we don’t let them in our schools”. Liberal types can get exhausted from hating so many types. Russians weren’t even on their horizon until being virtue signalled to so engage.

    Best to consider this all a compliment.

  6. Karl Haemers
    Karl Haemers says:

    Jewish Russophobia is another example of chutz-pocracy.
    I am reading Solzhenitsyn and the Right now, and it seems Solzhenitsyn was not anti-semitic enough. To take a nuanced, centrist or at least split position on the Jewish Issue and then nevertheless be labeled “anti-semitic” proves it. There is no dissembling or finding middle ground with Jews, especially today. No amount of concession toward Jews so long as one has a single bad word for them will prevent one being labeled an “anti-semite”. So go all in.

  7. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    ” . . similar to Solzhenitsyn’s Two Hundred Years Together . . no English translation of this work exists as of yet.”
    You’d almost come to the conclusion they don’t want us reading such things.

  8. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    Oh, how unfair and wrong we are here, when we deride and minimize jewish cultural accomplishments within our western civilization.

    For example, how modest the following Google video entry, announcing merely the piano virtuoso Zelenskyy, when, in reality, there are three additional artists of renown.


    Glance at the packed house audience and observe the number of children present.

    The taller and less fat of the two extras who join in later, is Potok, one of the four judges of the Kyiv – produced KIDS VOICE UKRAINE, featuring genuine prodigies. Potok is fond of exclaiming ” Klass ! “, [ Klasse in German and classy in English ]; of which he has none, by appearing in this untreated sewage.

    Suitable to link to your Congress Critters !

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      Who can identify the person pictured to the right of the Eiffel Tower and NYC skyline: since stage settings are never random ?

      Obviously this performance by four humanoids is a repeat of a previous, different show, featuring merely Zelenskyy and the pig to HIS LEFT.

      As you can witness on the following Google entry.

  9. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    ” . . due to the backward nature of the Russians themselves . ”
    I used to believe there was some qualitative difference between different kinds of whites, with for example the Russ and Irishman presumably bottom, and I suppose Germans and Englishmen top.
    I’m over this silly prejudice. -Tinkers & Gypos excluded-
    Anyone who’s spent time with English peasants can attest they’re pretty base, it’s hard to imagine Poles or Russkies any *less* cultured. Certainly I can personally guarantee lowly Ulster proles are identical to Scottish ones.
    And there’s been enough Irish and Russian genius to prove it a match for the fruits of any English or French culture. This I’ve a little less experience of 😉
    For anyone who wanted to be as faux-high-cultured as I, watching the 1966 (or whatever) Soviet film version of War And Peace allows you to watch Czarist high society as it supposedly was, understand this remarkable work of literature & thought enough so you can confidantly converse in it, and also get a revelation in how tame the propaganda of the USSR was, compared to Holywood.
    This six & a half-odd hour film shows these princes, aristos and landowners, yet doesn’t slander them at all, just presents them (according to reviewers worldly-ier than me) as lovingly and as seriously as Tolstoy himself did.
    The film is so good I know for certain it would have crippled me as a Cold Warrier had I been of that earlier vintage. As I’m sure it would to most of the open-minded folks who visit this site.
    If the USSR can produce that film in the 1960’s, then the Soviet Union absolutely was not what we were told it was.
    The Western European snobbery towards the East Europeans surely has more to do with the East suffering by protecting the West from the Asiatic hordes, Mongol or Turk, the West being situated closer to a brand New World, and probably most importantly, the West had the fortune not to be plagued with Jews who retarded the development of an Eastern European Middle class.
    Though it did give the Eastern Europeans a wokeness to the JQ which will save them(I hope) as Jews destroy the West(although I haven’t a clue what the Ukrainians are thinking), and I was also very pleased to read recently the Chinese are wide awake to the Jewish cancer.
    It probably won’t matter what happens eventually with Russia or America or Europe, or even if white people do gain any sort of racial consciousness at the last moment in time to save just themselves, if not one single thing our ancestors thought or built.
    The Chinese being aware of Jews, and of the evil Jewish medievil esotericism which has culminated in the horror of Zionism, will probably matter more for the future happiness and freedoms of mankind in the next 500 years than anything else.
    Our efforts, at least going down with a fight, and making enough noise so the future Sino-rulers of earth take proper notice, may be the best we can hope for.
    It’s not very optimistic for white nationalists, but I’m cool with it. Way, way too many of our people have sold their soul to these demons, there is going to be, there must be a reckoning.

  10. Art Deco
    Art Deco says:

    It’s great to read about Igor Shafarevich. The globalists don’t seem to like him very much. That’s a point in his favor. The globalists hate Russia, except when they ruled it during the period 1917-1948. They’ve always hated America. Now they are trying to provoke war between Russia and America, to destroy us both.

    I remember Shafarevich’s essays in From Under the Rubble. An internet search brings me to Spencer Quinn’s article “Solzhenitsyn from Under the Rubble”, dated January 18, 2021 in Counter Currents. I shall read it now, to refresh my memory about this book.

  11. Armoric
    Armoric says:

    As I see it, “antisemitism” is the crime of complaining about antigoyism. Obviously, “antigoyism” refers to Jewish efforts to destroy White people. It can be used as a synonym for antiracism, russophobia, antiwhitism… Under any of those names, it’s the same aim of destroying us. But the Jews have a preference for the word “antiracism”, which they use as a code word.

    “It is possible for Russophobia and anti-Semitism as the authors describe them to exist simultaneously. Yet Rabinovich states flatly that “Jewish Russophobia simply does not exist,” while Russian anti-Semitism does.”

    Since antiwhitism and antisemitism are opposite wordviews, you would expect the existence of both to be acknowledged. If it’s okay to complain about racist White people being motivated by their ethnic interests, it should be okay to criticize Jewish racism too.

    But the Jewish rule is that the Jews can never be wrong. Attacks against Whites are encouraged under the pretence of “anti-racism”, but any criticism of Jewish power is denounced as a crime and a sacrilege. Even a word like antigoyism is in itself a sacrilege.

    Typically, Jewish attacks against us come along with a ritual denunciation of our antisemitism and a ritual expression of collective indignation. As the Polish saying goes: the Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you! This is an old technique, associated with the idea of chutzpah and reality inversion.

    • Birhan Dargey
      Birhan Dargey says:

      What killed the Canadians Truckers protests? a Canadian MP crying about the Holocaust..A newspaper columnist was whining about being told ” shut up jew.” well how many times we hear ”Shut up…Nigger/Greaser/beaner/Irish mick/noodle chin/ BUT he said is not the same..why not? jewish pain is MORE painful.. than goyim pain

  12. James_Reinfeld
    James_Reinfeld says:

    When the Russians are defamed, our first thought should be that they are our blood brothers, and what hurts them hurts us too.

  13. Birhan Dargey
    Birhan Dargey says:

    IF you were to look/analyze Zio/jewish/Israeli World power inn the context of Global Financial markets, global natural resources/oil/gas/gold/ etc. One could see plainly that their dominance extends over most of the G8/USA/UK/America/Brazil/Europe/ the only pockets of resistance outstanding are Russia/Iran/Nkorea/..and it seems that they have concluded that WW III (nuclear?) is the best/fastest way to knock them out all in one blow…

    • John D. Alder
      John D. Alder says:

      While the Southern states have The League Of The South promoting secession perhaps we also need a pro White States Rights Party ? The democrats and republicans offer no hope and the third parties embrace the same multiracial multicultural pablum the major parties support.

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