In Defense of British Men

We recently saw the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, who may not have shared our beliefs entirely (we don’t know for sure) but who I thought spent her entire life maintaining the proper decorum and class of British tradition and conducted herself like a lady the whole time. Her tragic but expected passing has caused me to spend a few moments thinking of these special islands in the North Atlantic where my ancestors came from. I also shed a few tears thinking about them. I don’t think I love any other ethnic group more than the British when recognizing them historically and not just in the modern sense. I love them even more than I do being a Southerner. You could call me an Anglophile. Shouldn’t I be one since that is where my blood is from?

Now before anyone critiques me on English vs British vs UK vs British Isles, I am talking about the four main nationalities that inhabit those two islands off of Northwest Europe. As a Southerner I am descended from all of them except for perhaps Welsh. I know Northern Ireland is separate from Ireland, but I don’t want to nit-pick too much because I want to broadly talk about all four groups together since they have interacted so closely over the centuries. So, from here on out I will just say “British”, and I hope I don’t offend the same group that I am writing today to lavish praise on.

In other news, other than the Queen, we also hear that it is currently being celebrated that no White men will currently hold the top positions in British politics under the new UK prime minister. The demographic that gave the world more achievements than any other is now not allowed to run its own country. I know when I am on James Edwards’s show I like to say “we” when talking about what my ancestors achieved even though it was primarily men and not women who achieved these things. I fully understand that. But I still like to say “we” and claim the achievements because I am related to these men by blood and can therefore claim them as “mine.” I am also very proud of them. British women were important because for centuries they were the mothers of great British men as well as the supporting wives, even though they didn’t create the achievements. But I still like to claim the achievements as “mine” since this is my blood and I am proud of it.

It causes me to ponder and shed some tears thinking about how no other group in the world is currently more underappreciated than British men are on the global scale. We expect this disrespect from the Left, but I would like to take a moment to observe how indifferent and condescending people are on the so called Right — all parts of the Right I might add. If you are confused, I can easily give some examples.

The South where I am from is one of the most conservative parts of the country as well as the most racially aware. Yet we seem to be the most out of touch with our ancestry compared to other White Americans. On one hand this is entirely understandable. What else do we expect from Southerners when we have been in America for so long and we just want to say we are “American.” In a sense that is correct, but I would think a group of people would want to know more about where they came from, and many Southerners do, and I need to give them credit.

But then you have the others who quite ignorantly turn up their noses when they hear the word “British” and they immediately go into rants about “weak men who drink tea and like soccer instead of football.” If you ask them if they will watch the Queen’s funeral, they will say “we got rid of our King centuries ago,” or “who cares?”  As a Southerner I have never related to this ignorance and have actually had a great fondness for the British since I was a girl and have felt a closer connection to them than I do to most Americans. I am not just picking on Southerners. Their attitudes are representative of much of red state America.

I see parallel disdains in other parts of the Right. In our very own movement, it seems common to look down on many of Britain’s achievements from more recent centuries, such as the idea of freedom, the creation of America, and what the Founding Fathers achieved. I am personally a loving fan of the Founding Fathers. They created something remarkable and monumental. I don’t think any other ethnic group would have come up with something remotely similar. What I find peculiar about the people in our movement who criticize Britain’s achievements and ideas from the Enlightenment is that they do it while choosing to remain in a country created by British men from that time, instead of moving elsewhere, and they also do it while speaking the English language and while using many British inventions.

I have never met even one person inside or outside the movement who has chosen to leave this country and go back to their country of origin, wherever that may be.  And usually when people speak of leaving, they mention possibly heading to another British creation such as Canada or Australia. People on both the Right and the Left look down on the Anglosphere for different reasons, yet they all choose to remain in Anglosphere countries. I doubt I am alone among British people or people with British ancestry in wishing a large number of people would leave our countries if they are so disgusted by them. The British are just as much an ethnic group with an ancient history—as ancient as any other, and we deserve our own countries where we can stay the majority just like any other ethnic group does.

I have a great deal of respect for Eastern Europe. I think it is an interesting place with a remarkable culture and I wish the best for its people. Much of our movement has an odd fascination with moving to Eastern Europe, even people who have no ancestry from there. They fantasize about that part of the world, yet almost nobody moves there to start over.  Nor do I encourage people to move there unless they themselves have blood ties to that part of the world. I want to see Eastern Europe survive just as I wish the same for Great Britain.

What I find particularly disturbing is how many in our movement seem to cheer the future of Eastern Europe as our only hope for the future while condemning Great Britain as a lost cause doomed for destruction and no chance of survival. For people who have British ancestry to do this comes across as odd to me and very unnatural. I myself refuse to partake in this mindset. A culture that has existed on that island (islands) for over 1,000 years and that spent the past few centuries leaving a mark on the world far more impressive than any other group should not be condemned to disappear just because it has become obsessed with multiculturalism for 70 years. Again, to see actual people with British ancestry in our movement think this way is very concerning to me.

I follow Mark Collett and his work with Patriotic Alternative over in Britain. He seems to be an optimist about his country. He is always giving uplifting reports about the progress of his organization and how they are constantly attracting more and more White British people. They even do door-to-door surveys all over the country and have interviewed a large number of White British people. If I recall correctly, one such survey had at least 60 to 70% of respondents agreeing that the current immigration to Britain is not a good thing. As Mark pointed out, how many more would have answered honestly if they could say so in private with nobody coming to their door?

I love being an American Southerner, but if the day comes where I have to move from Dixie, my first choice is Great Britain. I don’t care if they have a bigger diversity problem than Eastern Europe. I pick Great Britain because that is me. That is my blood. I can’t imagine going elsewhere.

And I still have hope for that great country because that is naturally what you are supposed to do for your homeland where your very blood came from. If you think the future will be wonderful for the White race without Great Britain, I would be careful what you wish for. It might not be so grand. The world would be unrecognizable. So don’t give up on it so quickly.

British men should stop having a low opinion of themselves. You have so much to be proud of. You are Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Isaac Newton, George Washington, Thomas Savory, Francis Drake, Charles Darwin, Francis Galton, and many others. You are the creators of the Industrial Revolution, much of calculus, and much of modern medicine. You created the fairest justice system in the world. You settled new continents. Everyone in the world wants to move to countries you created. If they don’t respect the founders of these countries, then they should leave. I would be happy to see them go.

The British are a people too. They aren’t just a universal phantom group that anyone can become a part of. We were a great people for centuries. It was only recently that we started hating ourselves and we are the absolute last people in the world who should.

Courtney from Alabama is an Anglophile, wife, mother, and regular contributor to The Political Cesspool Radio Program. 

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  1. Luke
    Luke says:

    I love being an American Southerner, but if the day comes where I have to move from Dixie, my first choice is Great Britain. I don’t care if they have a bigger diversity problem than Eastern Europe. I pick Great Britain because that is me. That is my blood. I can’t imagine going elsewhere.

    • Luke
      Luke says:

      She says she is perfectly willing to ignore the rapidly deteriorating, rapidly racially decomposing, white racially untenable, and white racially suicidal conditions that have now guaranteed the complete and total and irreversible destruction of Great Britain as a historic White European nation and place herself and whatever White family she might have – into the position of being permanently subjugated to being ruled over, and terrorized by, the White race hating, non-White invaders who the jews have deliberately imported into the UK for that very same reason?

      Which brings me to the absolutely loathsome and race treasonous, long overdue demise of Queen Elizabeth.

      I fail to see any reason whatsoever to mourn the death of this vile and treasonous woman. Tucker Carlson did not reveal the truth about what Elizabeth II presided over and helped enable, but the evidence proves her guilt for anyone with two eyes to see and more than a few functioning brain cells to comprehend. Instead, out of a sense of courtesy, I suppose – Tucker only hinted at the truth and then tried to show respect for a woman who really was undeserving of that respect.

      When Elizabeth II assumed her role as Queen of England, her nation was a worldwide superpower and the British Empire stretched to nearly every corner of the world. And, Great Britain was an unapologetic, enormously proud, self-confident, extremely efficient, overwhelmingly White European populated nation. Today, Britain – under the direct leadership of Elizabeth II – is not only no longer even remotely considered ‘Great’, but it has been transformed into a flop house for millions of non-white, third world aliens who despise the native and indigenous White British population and who are in the process of tearing down and erasing the glorious history of a nation that once ruled over vast areas of the world in what clearly amounts to a hostile takeover of decomposing and dying Great Britain.
      How much longer, I wonder, do these White British ‘Royals’ think they will continue to be considered relevant as they allow the continuing racial darkening of Great Britain? How much longer will it be before we see crowds of black and brown skinned aliens dragging these White British Royals out of their mansions and tossing them in the river, to join that Statue we saw them destroy and kick into the river?

      Camp of the Saints, folks. This is why race treason by the political the ruling elites of every history White European nation must never be tolerated. And, this is why Queen Elizabeth II is undeserving of any our grief because she allowed her nation to be destroyed by the White race hating Cultural Marxists.

      • David ASHTON
        David ASHTON says:

        The Queen like her Successor was a constitutional monarch, not an executive president. The responsibility for decline rests solely with the politicians. She tried to keep the “imperial show” on the road, without emulating the racial hate against loyal subjects of non-white ancestry that some of them now voice against white people.
        Before he became King, Charles said, for instance: “I love this country and want to see Britain great again.” Like his late father, he is well aware of the results of overpopulation in the Global South and the dangers to western security of the consequent mass-migration. As King he and his Ministers can only exchange “advice” in private on public issues, and it is up to his subjects in the UK to ensure that governments act in our best national interest

        • Angelicus
          Angelicus says:

          The fact that the UK is now a cesspool is because of people like you. A nation of losers who hide their cowardice behind their “respect” for His/Her Majesty who could not give a damn about you pathetic peasants (because that is what the Royals think of you)

          In their pathetic attempts to whitewash and defend this vile hag who betrayed them 1000 times the moronic royalists say “she is a constitutional monarch” (in other words, just a figurehead/puppet). Although that may be true from a constitutional point of view what kind of person would watch his/her country being destroyed sistematically by a bunch of degenerates and traitors who have been encouraging the ethnical destruction of the British people, its culture and traditions in the name of “diversity”, “social justice” and “anti-racism”, without uttering A WORD against it? Who but a despicable coward and a traitor would do so?

          Not only that, she has ennobled and honoured hundreds of degenerates (Elton John, for example) and worthless Blacks and Browns of all hues who I am sure hate her and everyone who is White.

          I could say much more but let’s finish with this disgusting Christmas message of 2004 where “Her Majesty” proclaimed that “diversity is indeed a strength and not a threat”. What a disgusting, hypocritical lackey of theJewish NWO she was!

          • Mark Gobell
            Mark Gobell says:


            Before proclaiming your ignorant bile to the world, you might benefit from reading up on what power QEII, as a constitutional monarch, actually wields vis governance of the country.

            Here’s a clue for you. None whatsoever.

            Here’s some more facts for you to swallow : QEII does not write her speeches, nor nominates those for honours, knighthoods or peerages.

            You ask :

            “what kind of person would watch his/her country being destroyed sistematically by a bunch of degenerates and traitors who have been encouraging the ethnical destruction of the British people, its culture and traditions in the name of “diversity”, “social justice” and “anti-racism”, without uttering A WORD against it? Who but a despicable coward and a traitor would do so?”

            What kind of monarch would “oversee” that rot? A monarch who is powerless to do anything about it.

            Why did QEII nor anyone else in the royal family not utter a word against any of it?

            Because they are not allowed to meddle in politics.

            With Charles’ brief forays outside of his remit as Prince of Wales and his proclamation of the WEF’s Great Reset project, we may see that neutered relationship change somewhat …

            It is best to research the subject matter before attempting to criticise them.

          • David ASHTON
            David ASHTON says:

            Cowards like me? What do you know about me, you little rat?
            I have been an active, consistent personal opponent of “EM” immigration, communism, panmixia, dysgenics, compulsory multiculturalism, since I was a schoolboy in the late 1950s, and subsequently of wokism; for example, my recent article published by the Council of European Canadians. Hence the hypocritical attacks on me in the “Daily Mail”. I share the disapproval of many awards recommended by politicians, and deprecate the effective disregard of the sentiments of Ulster patriots, notwithstanding their masonic links. How complicated life can be for the simple-minded and monomaniacs.

            Several comments here are venomously one-sided, but in my opinion the “diversity” hope two decades ago will visibly crumble, as incidentally Jews like Alfred Sherman, Melanie Phillips and Rabbi Sacks suggested.

          • Luke
            Luke says:

            Has anyone seen the latest baloney being spewed by the insufferable British liberal, Piers Morgan, over the horizontal departure of Queen Elizabeth?

            For those who haven’t, he was gushing the most sickening, vomit provoking, nauseating praise on the woman that presided over the near complete destruction of the once proud, once powerful, once supremely confident and once overwhelmingly White British populated British Empire. Well, at least the island of Great Britain was overwhelmingly White.

            But, to a pathological, racially suicidal, self-loathing, white guilt brainwashed liberal like Piers Morgan – destroying the British Empire is very likely seen by this race traitorous P.O.S. as her greatest achievement.

          • John the First
            John the First says:

            It is the democracy which initiated the decline, not monarchy. That the aristocracy degenerates under democracy, they cannot help. When the spiral of destruction has started, democracy will create further degeneration and cultural destruction, until some strongman makes an end to it. Democracies are known to unleash forces of destruction. Hence, why the Russians are lucky that Putin quickly made an end to it when Russia turned into a democracy.
            Who wants to be a royal in a democracy anyway, the one part of the population uses you as a castrated ceremonial dressed-up puppet, to satisfy their sentiments, the other part continually throws dirt and mud at you. You give up a great deal of your personal freedom for that. Those royals who still accept these functions, while being stripped of all influence, have sacrificed a great deal of freedom, and when they die, the democratic people engage in a fight about them. That is the reward after you gave up personal freedom, how inhumane.

          • David ASHTON
            David ASHTON says:

            Gabb’s book is worth reading, but he must know that the Monarch according to convention acts only on the advice of elected Ministers. To veto parliamentary legislation, and The Queen has never vetoed immigration control promises (subsequently betrayed, of course), would trigger a constitutional crisis. The monarch must be above party politics, but her subjects are not and theoretically can make changes. The “cesspool” for which the ironically self-styled “Angelicus” falsely blames people like me is the result of a complex of interests over which we have little direct control, though we try hard to expose and oppose them. No thanks or help from benighted bloggers who just rant or moan from their computer dens.

          • Liosnagcat
            Liosnagcat says:

            According to David ASHTON’s reply to this comment, for which the “reply” option was not available, “To veto parliamentary legislation. . . would trigger a constitutional crisis.”

            Why is that such a terrible thing? Perhaps such a crisis is just what has been called for.

        • John the First
          John the First says:

          The difference between the Americans and the British is that the former have neither style nor class.

          I wonder, if it is true that old aristocracy promotes immigration, or does nothing against it, thereby marginalizing European working class and bourgeoisie, could it be that they are taking revenge on these classes who have marginalized and dis-empowered the aristocratic class?
          Well, lets not suggest such intention in all seriousness, but how are they supposed to protect working class and bourgeoisie while these have acted violently and brutally in the past, which supposedly was all legitimized and supported by the myth of the innocence of the people.

        • John the First
          John the First says:

          The best thing the British can do, is to cease the ramblings about he past and the dead, focus on the here and now, and kick the new WEF king off this throne, and confiscate all his money and property. Then he can go on siding with the global oligarchic corporations without that status. Better even that the British elites throw him out of their circles too, though I don’t think this will happen. Perhaps the ordinary British can throw him out of the country, because this man will sell his people out, and not only his people, and he is already well underway.

          • David ASHTON
            David ASHTON says:

            For a fair assessment of King Charles, it is useful carefully to study all his books, speeches and recorded asides. His “association” with the WEF does not entail agreement with all the plans cooking in Klaus Schwab’s Kopf.

      • Pialee
        Pialee says:

        I agree with you. But have you seen the photo of her as a child (maybe 10-12 y.o.?) with her mother and them both doing the Hitler salute? With her father and sister next to them. And you know she is of German blood, right? The Windsor name was used as a cover. Maybe she was a form of “Hitler’s Revenge” ?

      • Angelicus
        Angelicus says:

        Excellent comment Luke. As we can see, there plenty of fools willing to lick the boots of the English, particularly their despicable and obnoxious sovereigns, whoever they may be.

        I explained in a couple of comments before how these vile puppets of international Jewry, called the “British royal family” have ALWAYS sided and abetted ALL the evil anti-White polices enacted by the treasonous British governments since 1945.

        One of the last and most disgusting acts of the late bitch called Elizabeth II was to received with all the pomp reserved to a proper stateman at that rabid murderer called Robert Mugabe. That should tell anyone with a healthy brain and a modicum common sense everything, but obviously people like that are a tiny minority, particularly in the UK.

      • Karl Haemers
        Karl Haemers says:

        PM Ian MacDonald worked with the Soviet Jews including Zinoviev (Radomysylsky) to dismantle the British Empire and give it to Jewish Communists (Stalin was an exception). Ghandi was a Communist agent tearing India away from the British Empire, and MacDonald used the excuses Ghandi provided to give India away. Similar processes occurred with Rhodesia and other British colonies in Africa.
        Communist agents at the highest level of British government, especially the PM MacDonald, dismantled the British Empire from within and gave the colonies and territories to Communists.
        Read Nesta Webster, The Surrender of an Empire.

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            Ramsey he presumably meant.
            Though I find it hard to believe he was working with Jews or communists.
            He was of the patriotic win of Old Labour who fought with the crypto-communists. No group in Britain knew these scum-bags better.
            They just saw it as a matter of justice for the Indians to rule themselves. By then Indians already ran the nation, with just a Brit at the top, they were the English-trained impartial civil service which, along with the educational inheritance, were probably the greatest gifts the Brits left in India. Above even the buildings and railways.
            Old Left patriots, who we have so much in common with, couldn’t with integrity strive for representation and self rule for the British working class, but not for Indians.

      • Servenet
        Servenet says:

        You have stated the plain truth of the matter. Fascinating…how many self-professing pro-white types simply LIE…about the matter. Maybe you have a theory regarding this utter cognitive dissonance. I would like to reject them as I would all other phony conservative types. But I fear it wouldn’t be long before my silo became too small.

      • Mike
        Mike says:

        It seems that you have absolutely no bloody idea about the political power that our dearly beloved Queen had. This was very well written piece.

    • Bob
      Bob says:

      Not Thailand? Britains awful weather… awful food…drink culture…wot ? The only Christian I know there looks to northern Florida for escape. A very Christian area of America…the last one actually.

  2. HamburgerToday
    HamburgerToday says:

    The Right has a snobbery problem as much as the Left. We’ve become a nation of people who think looking down on others is a sign of our superiority rather than just a lack of good manners. I see a lot of barely-suppressed sadism in America. People in the White Identity Nationalism (WIN) movement should be the most compassionate towards other Whites, especially those who are struggling with same racial alien invasion problems. I, too, bear English blood. I, too, feel some twinge of loss at a Queen I would never serve or allow to command me. People so easily forget how many generations of English lived under monarchy. Such feelings are as much in our blood as love of tea, biscuits and nice piece of cod.

  3. RockaBoatus
    RockaBoatus says:

    “We recently saw the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, who may not have shared our beliefs entirely” – There’s not scintilla of evidence that she shared any of our beliefs in terms of race realism or a White identity.

    Queen Elizabeth did nothing to stop or reduce the Muslim and African invasion of Britain. Granted, that may not have been her job or even her place politically, but couldn’t she have at least tried to influence others to awaken and combat the hordes of non-Whites who were flooding London and other cities?

    If she truly cared, and if she didn’t want Whites in England to become a minority in their own country, she could have spoken up and denounced the invasion of her land. But like most Brits, the Queen did not understand racial realities (or at least never indicated it publicly). She probably thought as do almost all deracinated Whites that racial ‘diversity is our strength’ and other foolish beliefs. She was taught ‘They’re just like us,’ but as many Brits have finally discovered, those Africans and Muslims are not like us at all.

    Enoch Powell tried to warn the British people over 50 years earlier that if Muslim and African immigration was not stopped, they would overtake the country in sheer numbers since their birthrate was greater. But very few listened. Powell was laughed at by the British elite, but who is getting the last laugh today?

    “Her tragic but expected passing . . .” – What was so “tragic” about it? The old woman lived until she was 96 years old, and she was waited on hand-and-foot and pampered her entire life.

    • Karl Haemers
      Karl Haemers says:

      LOL. Good points.
      Nick Griffin tried to warn Brits about the migrant crisis. He was denounced. Add Nick Griffin to the list of great Brits.

      • Luke
        Luke says:

        As did John Tyndall, a man who was a gifted orator and who could have been the greatest leader of Great Britain in it’s entire history.

        • Angelicus
          Angelicus says:

          I fully agree with you. John Tyndall was a great man, he was betrayed/let down but the cowardly British people who found his style and rhetoric “too extreme”. I remember chatting (10 years ago) with a relative of my wife (who is English). The woman kept complaining about “the foreigners arriving daily” and when I said “Why don’t you support the BNP?” the stupid woman said, “Oh, no! They are racists!”

          Here you have it! The average Englishman is a bloody coward that would die before doing something “extreme” or “non-respectable” like supporting a genuine revolutionary party like the BNP. As I said before the English deserve EVERYTHING they get!

          • ChilledBee
            ChilledBee says:

            12,00 Names, Occupations, Addresses, Telephone Numbers and
            brief notes of the members were uploaded online. Many of the members were people from all walks of life – doctors, lawyers, police, etc. The list was even uploaded onto WIKILEAKS. Many of the members were personally targeted and has their homes vandalized. Quite a few of them lost their jobs and were shunned in the their local communities.

        • N. J. Casper
          N. J. Casper says:

          Tyndall’s early start dogged and doomed his later serious efforts. “Storming the red platform” in a childish exercise in brownshirt uniform and a booklet on “The Authoritarian State” [JT as Leader] as a plagiarised mix of the “Protocols” and Mosley’s pre-war “Tomorrow We Live” were among the fatal follies. His charmed life in the largely Jewish town of Hove suggests that he was more an asset rather than a danger to his chosen enemies. His sole “achievement” with Colin “knicker-collector” Jordan was to get Mosley’s huge peaceful meetings banned from Trafalgar Square.

      • N. J. Casper
        N. J. Casper says:

        In fact, Sir Oswald Mosley preceded Powell and Griffin in constructive opposition to post-war “coloured immigration”. He said it all and said it first. A man called Colin Atkins also campaigned with hardly any helpers solely on the immigration issue, canvassing only a third of the constituency, and achieving about a fifth of the total vote for candidates. At general elections people have voted for whichever party, usually Conservative, promised the strongest immigration control, or made appropriate dog-whistles, but have always been betrayed.

    • Angelicus
      Angelicus says:

      Brilliant words my friend. Most Britons seem wired to lick the boots of “their betters”. The great Thackeray called England “a nation of snobs”. Subservient idiots who idolized their degenerate and corrupt pseudo-aristocracy and their even more despicable Royal family.

      Anyway, is funny to see how they are murdered and raped by the thousands by the coloured savages imported with the blessings of that arrogant old hag who used to smile in such a condescending manner when cheered by the morons who adore her.

      “Every nation has the government it deserves” (Joesph de Maistre)

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        You say ‘the great Thackeray’? I’m puzzled by this, I thought Vanity Fair was practically unreadable(although I do admit Becky Sharpe was the greatest female character I’ve read in literature)
        In earnestness I ask, what was so great about Thackeray?
        I wouldn’t have had you as a fan.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Mr Rock you must remember any power Lizzy had was the power of a bee-sting. It would hurt but not stop our enemies, but would kill the bee.
      It wasn’t just the British political class that went mad these last 100 years, our people did too.
      Keeping the monarchy alive, a 1500+ year thing that is in the hearts of all *our type* of people, through these darkest of days, we might look back on being the best strategy.
      I read she did interfere politically, on the side of the political elite traitors, in Rhodesia and South Africa. That was before my time, but she certainly interfered in the supporting The Good Friday Agreement that formalised surrender to IRA gangsters. I remember that.
      Her old man also interfered by backing Chamberlain’s Munich ‘piece of paper’, I suppose you could say that was in our interests.
      Another strong point against interfering against all this suicidal mania, at which particular point? Maybe supporting Enoch Powel’s famous speech.

      • N. J. Casper
        N. J. Casper says:

        Rhodesia declared itself a republic in 1970.
        The Queen’s role is well illustrated by the fact that she was obliged to endorse the Irish “peace agreement” in legislation, despite the IRA failed attempt to attack the Queen’s Flight at Heathrow and the murder of Mountbatten and his companions, but typically made the “enigmatic” remark on meeting Martin McGuinness: “I’m still here, you know.”

  4. Jimmy Lee McDonald
    Jimmy Lee McDonald says:


    There is a lot of talk these days about Black pride, Jewish pride, Hispanic pride –even “gay” pride. In fact, there is only one major segment of the population that is NOT encouraged to take pride in its heritage and in the achievement of its ancestors. That group is the White race.

    The lack of white pride is truly a sad and strange thing because no group has more to be rightfully proud of than the white people of the world. The glories and greatness that the men and women of our race have won over the centuries should serve as a source of eternal pride and inspiration to white people everywhere.
    Since the dawn of history, we have been a mighty race of builders, explorers, artists, warriors, inventors, philosophers and cuItivators.

    We have sailed the seas, tamed vast wildernesses, scaled towering mountains and journeyed to the depths of the ocean and into the cold void of outer space. We have built great civilizations, created breathtaking works of beauty and made the deserts bloom. The technological achievements of our people, from the megalithic calendar of Stonehenge to the moon-walk of the Apollo astronauts, are unequaled. We have devised sublime philosophies, created the noblest works of art and music, conquered deadly diseases and performed soul-stirring acts of heroism and self-sacrifice.

    We are the race of Shakespeare, Leonardo, Beethoven and Homer. We are the sons and daughters of Leif Ericson, Columbus, Magellan, Amundsen, Frederick, Napoleon, Washington and Robert E. Lee. We are the hei rs ofSophocles, Heracl itus and Plato; ofRembrandt, Rubens and Durer; of Dante, Goethe and Gutenberg; of Vivaldi, Bach, Mozart and Wagner. We are the descendants of Pythagoras, Galileo, Copernicus, Newton, Nietzsche, Martin Luther and Thomas Aquinas.
    Just to list the great accomplishments of our race would require the work of a lifetime. No one has more to be proud of than we do.

    In order for an individual to be psychologically healthy, he or she must have a clear-cut sense of identity and self-worth. And for our race as a whole to be strong and healthy, white people everywhere must develop a sense of racial identity and racial worth. There is no better way to attain this very necessary level of racial awareness than in having pride in your people and their accomplishments.

    So take pride in your race –pride in what we have achieved in days gone by, and pride in what we shall yet accomplish as we reach for the stars.


    P.O. Box 2100, Auburn, Alabama 36831

    From: Instauration Magazine -1989-08-August-pt2

    • John the First
      John the First says:

      Quite romantic, inspiring, and a venerable attempt. We live in egalitarian democracies though, such names will be used by most people merely as a feather in their own ass, and others, like an example which already appeared, will try to smear them with mud. For every great name you come up with, there will be a thousand throwing mud, no wonder they are sinking in the mud. To democratically overthrow everything and create an egalitarian society and proletarian dictatorship, and when you are going down, to revive names, remove the dust of neglect, and to polish them to make them shine, it’s not going to help. The voice of genius and greatness wisely remains silent.

  5. Dr Tom Sunic
    Dr Tom Sunic says:

    With all due respect it depends on the perspective you use. The Queen never piped up on the Afro-Asian immigrant flooding of GB. She never uttered a word of regret for British WW2 firebombing of German cities, nor the fate of millions of post-WW2 German refugees. Nor did she express regrets about the fate of hundreds of thousands of Croats handed over in May 1945 by the occupying British troops to Yugoslav communist cutthroats. In fact, later she courted well the Yugoslav communist dictator J. B. Tito. No did she have words of disapproval regarding the British mistreatment of Irish dissidents. Not a word of regret in the late 1940s regarding the British judicial witch-hunt of English intellectuals and academics sympathetic to Mosley. Let’s discard once and for all the joke in Poli Sc 101 about England /GB serving as a “balance of power”; in fact ever since the Treaty o Westphalia 1648, all the way down to the fall of the Berlin Wall, 1989, the Court remained mute, if not openly hostile to mutual understanding of European peoples. England or GB is not to just a place of unsurpassable Shakespeare. Its historical insular anti-continental European obsession has created by now a country beyond recognition – largely due to her Majesty unwillingness to jump into the fray. A beacon for new Londonistans of sorts all over Europe..

    • CourtneyfromAlabama
      CourtneyfromAlabama says:

      There is a lot of focus on my statement on the Queen in these comments but it was one sentence and the rest of the article has nothing to do with that topic. I just opened with her because her death got me thinking about Great Britain in general. I hope everyone can look past that and enjoy the rest of the content which is mostly about British men as the title suggests. Thank you for reading and taking the time to respond!

    • Jess
      Jess says:

      She kept her mouth shut so the Royal Family wouldn’t be removed entirely. Monarchs have to be approved by Parliament under our current constitution.

      It’s called biding your time.

      The Anglo Saxons BEHIND the Royal family know that returning to Christian Monarchy is what we need to do so for a long time that have been setting up their plan.

      We didn’t want to end up a permanent Republic like Russia.

      Anglo Saxon English people know how to keep their mouths shut until the time is right.

    • David ASHTON
      David ASHTON says:

      Mosley’s courageous supporter, the composer Reginald Goodall, was knighted in 1985. A personal friend of Diana Mosley, John Betjeman, was made Poet Laureate. You could hardly expect the Queen not to support her father King George VI and the armed forces during and after WW2. General Fuller continued to support Mosley unmolested.
      A completely different but equally unpleasant perspective can be found in the Daily Mail, “Prince Philip pictured at Nazi funeral,” 6 March 2006, online, and Jonathan Petropoulos, “Royals & the Reich” (2006).
      The Monarch acts “politically” only on the “advice of ministers” and what they do is a matter for the people. The Queen has made peace with the Irish, and accepted the decision first to enter the EEC and then to leave the EU. Her first cousin the Duke of Kent is patron of the Dresden Trust. As for the surrender of Croats to Tito, has Dr Sunic condemned the Ustasha atrocities? In 1946 Churchill condemned the Stepinac “trial”. When Prince of Wales, the King met Oswald Mosley, who had remained close to the Duke of Windsor, and expressed interest in further discussion, to which the former fascist replied that he did not want to complicate the prince’s burdens, or words to that effect. The Queen’s husband’s views on race, population and communism can been discerned from his obiter dicta, essays and books, notably one titled “A Question of Balance”, something that ill-informed critics of our late Sovereign could take to heart.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Reginald Goodall was a conductor, not a composer. Indeed, he was one of the most esteemed conductors of Wagner’s music of the mid- and late twentieth century, although widespread recognition of his notable accomplishments in that repertory came only well past the midpoint of his life.

        Goodall was certainly a loyal friend to Mosley. The fact that he joined the British Union of Fascists shortly _after_ war was declared shows Goodall’s spunk and spirit of defiance. He was resolved not to disavow his political principles or betray his friends, even if doing so were to place his liberty in jeopardy.

        • David ASHTON
          David ASHTON says:

          I sit corrected.
          I could have added Hugh Ross Williamson who defended Mosley in “Who is for Liberty?” in 1939 and afterwards, but was welcomed as an historian by the BBC after the war, and Brocard Sewell who had been in the BUF but had a successful literary career and friendship with the “Mosleyite” novelist Henry Williamson.
          Mosley’s post-WW2 political activities were hampered by organized violence and bans on the use of halls.

          • N. J. Casper
            N. J. Casper says:

            We could add the farmers, the fascist Jorian Jenks who became a leading figure in the Social Association, and Robert Saunders who received the OBE. The lawyer Frederick Lawton became a High Court Justice and Privy Council member.

  6. Jacobite2
    Jacobite2 says:

    Because there is no ‘British’ ethnicity, the largest white ethnic group in the US is German. Although the English were the most influential group in early America, it’s unfortunate that it was the proto-Leftist Puritan-Yankees who ended up on top rather than the normal Englishmen who settled the mid-Atlantic/Southern colonies.

    • Bob
      Bob says:

      They are too religious 🙂 my family were all very devoted Christians…any thing like being an artist or musician is frowned upon because people drink alcohol in bars . Of course… they were all pretty poor… some of my family are highly educated but generally not.

  7. Captainchaos
    Captainchaos says:

    Predictably this thread will degenerate into an opportunity to refight WWII; perhaps the American Civil War will be thrown in for good measure.

    But what of the situation now, today? What idea, what type of mass movement could be generated to destroy the American ZOG or at least significantly diminish its power? It is Red State secession. Unless the American ZOG can be beaten back it is highly dubious that Europe can be saved, leaving aside White America. Therefore, what White America does is likely decisive across the board. The American South, especially with its historical precedent for secession, will prove to be an important part of that endeavor.

  8. Aphrodite
    Aphrodite says:

    I think we can all agree that Elizabeth I was far superior to Elizabeth II, but the Queen is not what the gist of this article is about.

    It seems like she is using the Queen’s death as an occasion to rise to the defense of British men and their history, hence the title of the article.

    I have heard her on the radio before and she has good commentaries.

  9. andyay
    andyay says:

    You’re a bit of a romantic, Courtney but it’s nonetheless refreshing to read kind words written of us, for a change. Thank you, from the briney ridge that leans into the North Atlantic.

  10. Howad A.
    Howad A. says:

    I agree brittish males are great. And being orwegian I am apparenty patly brittish since the averege norwegian is like 15 % to 25 % brittish probs since WIKING times.

    And I’m super awesome so….

    Well britts invented the internet and computer also plus tons of other things.

    Are all brittish men self hating now or just libtards.

  11. Waldemar's Holy Spirit
    Waldemar's Holy Spirit says:

    In my opinion, this systemic immaturity of ex-
    pecting “women to make us happy” stems from
    a lack of detachment from the mother. In the sa-
    me way, I could say, “Life should make me happy!”

  12. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    I applaud Courtney for speaking out in defense of her Anglo ethnicity, as she is on our side and certainly means well. However, the reason that we are under siege as a race of people, and facing extinction is because of the duplicitous and delusionary behavior of the Anglosphere in general, and its malfeasant ‘leadership’ in particular.

    Dr Sunic only mentioned a few of the fatal historic transgressions and blunders of the Angloslhere, but they are legion, they are ugly, and they are ultimately self destructive. I believe that Anglos need to understand and come to terms with the hypocrisy and duplicity that many are intellectually immersed in. The fact is that because of racial grave diggers like Cromwell, Churchill, Lincoln, Roosevelt et al, we are in the terrible existenrial racial predicament that we are faceing today.

    The Anglo world of fantasy & delusion is now about to come to grips with political and biological reality. As Pogo said, “we have met the enemy, and he is us”. The Anglo mindset absolutely needs an ideological revolution in thought, if Western Whites are to survive. And, the National Justice Party, among others is leading the way!

  13. Roscoe P. Coltrane
    Roscoe P. Coltrane says:

    Bravo to Courtney of Alabama! The English, Scots Irish, Welsh and Irish were the were undoubtedly the best colonists- compare the Anglosphere to the former colonies of any other group of Europeans-like say, the Spanish or Belgians. Once freed from the suffocation of the English, the lower classes sent by the English by their”betters’ turned every colony in the Angloshere into a garden spot!

  14. Blowtorch Mason
    Blowtorch Mason says:

    Roscoe- it’s amazing isn’t it, what the people scrapped off of the bottom of the jailhouse floor accomplished in bringing English civilization to the world. The English class system- or caste system if truth be told, was the only thing holding England back

  15. Karl Haemers
    Karl Haemers says:

    Bravo! Or should I say Cheerio!
    I heartily agree, be proud of your Anglo-Saxon/Briton heritage. I would love to see the British Isles rescue themselves from the migrant invasion. And Australia, Canada and New Zealand too.

    Far more important however is to rescue the British Isles from the enemy within the gates: Jews, especially bankers such as the Rothschilds. They have had a stranglehold over the British Empire for over a century, and it is they who are driving the migrant invasion. Strike at the root, Brits!

    I might also have chosen some different representatives of the Anglo-Saxons and related tribes to present as worthy examples. Instead of “Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Isaac Newton, George Washington, Thomas Savory, Francis Drake, Charles Darwin, Francis Galton”, some of whom were propagandists, a Freemason who was the first Director of the Royal Society which controlled science, another Freemason who tore valuable colonies away from the British Empire which may have been better off staying in it, and anti-Christian social engineers, we might consider William Wallace, Oswald Mosley, William Joyce and Edmund Burke (the last 2 Irish).

    • Brian S. Rockford
      Brian S. Rockford says:

      American independence like the French revolution did indeed have a masonic aspect. Unlike the Germanophile Edward VIII, I understand that King Charles III refused to be initiated into the society. British Freemasons are distinct from Grand Orient. All these matters are quite complex, including the recent sea-change in Zionist attitudes towards Muslim immigration into Europe. Nothing wrong with Shakespeare or Galton, surely?

  16. David ASHTON
    David ASHTON says:

    Venomous and ignorant attacks on this thread have targeted not only the late Queen and me personally, but also the English people. This is no contribution to occidental co-operation.

    • CourtneyfromAlabama
      CourtneyfromAlabama says:

      David, I have thoroughly enjoyed your comments here. People like you and I really don’t owe any explanation on why we love our people so much. We love them because that is our blood. Attacks on our people are fine but I find it curious that most people who attack the British, at least those who do using English language intercourse, seem to live in countries created by the British. That is the one thing that baffles me so much. Thank you for commenting.

      • David ASHTON
        David ASHTON says:

        Thank you, too. The English ancestry of many in the Confederate states is well known, especially among our country musicians and civilized bikers. All white people must now bury the old hatchets (an anti-BIPOC metaphor?!) and unite to prevent race replacement, in a well-informed and civilized manner.

      • Lorenz Kraus
        Lorenz Kraus says:

        This shouldn’t baffle you at all, if you had a sense of empathy. Did black slaves want to lose their language to a foreign enemy and end up in a foreign land? All the immigrants from Europe to the US, since the 1950s, came largely because the US was bombing their lands. “Bomb them over there to bring them over here.” Now they are trapped speaking English and can’t go back because their native languages were beaten out of them and they have been cut off. Many countries don’t accept us back. The spiritual damage doesn’t go away.

        The English made an industry out of Hitler wanting to conquer the world to make it speak German, which was always a lie and slander used to genocide Germans, but they were fine with making English the language of the world by hook and by crook. The hypocrisy never ends.

        When will white nationalists figure out what Benjamin Franklin grasped 200 years ago?

        “The English constitute the principal body of white people on earth,” while continental Europeans (Russians, Swedes, Spaniards, Italians, and Germans) were “swarthy.” White was a euphemism for English since the beginning. White supremacy means English supremacy. The British empire is the empire of white supremacy that crucified Europe. Lenin, Stalin, and Trotsky were groomed in London a decade before the British-revolution in Russia by Fabian founder and Privy Councilor Sidney Webb. The British organized Bolshevism to slaughter Europe from end to end. The British weaponized Jews against the world causing Jews to loose all standing in Europe due to their affiliation with communism.

        The white population in the US is less than 10 percent, but calls the shots because it makes everyone who is European identify with “white,” while retaining all the important power for the English Mafia that runs the country. Is there a Jew on the FED’s FOMC? Not that I can see.

        The English mafia uses Jews to hide its power. That’s the trick. The English Mafia uses crypsis far more than Jews. Jews are obvious. Who protects Jews from criticism? The whites..the English. Jewish power is a function of English-British power. If the English lost power in America, Jews would lose power in America.

        David Duke never brings up that the Bolsheviks were groomed by the English. That’s a critical piece of information. Who brings up that Kissinger is a knight of the British empire or that his protege Klaus Schwab is a knight of the British empire? Conservative and libertarians will NEVER bring that up. Soros is handled by Privy Councilor Malloch-Brown who sits on his Open Society board.

        Jewish knights serve the White man, the Englishman. That’s public information. The English use the “invisible hand.” The Queen knighted Shimon Peres, who accepted knighthood on behalf of the state of Israel. Israel is a British servant state, not a Jewish sovereign state. Shas party leader and Interior minister Eli Yishai said, “Israel belongs to the white man.” Of course, those who serve British imperialism are “honorary whites.” So, of course, Jews are white, as white nationalist leader Jared Taylor. Spencer also praised Israel and Zionism. How could a movement be so confused on its messaging, unless it was a two-faced movement? White nationalism is designed to nose-dive nationalism for British benefit.

        If we call the non-English Europeans the PEACH race, we see through white nationalism. That concept would substantially break the English-Jewish Mafia power-structure and lead to a true ethno-renaissance, (which Europeans in the US and Europe need), which English domination of America has always worked against, here and across the world. Europeans will get nothing out of white nationalism, except, British subversion. That’s why white nationalism can’t get off the ground. It is designed to fail. It is not needed. The English Mafia already runs the show.

        • Pierre de Craon
          Pierre de Craon says:

          The British weaponized Jews against the world causing Jews to lose all standing in Europe due to their affiliation with communism.

          So that’s the reason that French, Italian, German, Polish, Czech, and Greek Jews were all as poor as synagogue mice!

          The white [i.e., English] population in the US is less than 10 percent, but calls the shots because it makes everyone who is European identify with “white,” while retaining all the important power for the English Mafia that runs the country. Is there a Jew on the FED’s FOMC? Not that I can see.

          Look again. Practically half are Jews—and they’re suffering from being outnumbered!

          The English mafia uses Jews to hide its power. That’s the trick. The English Mafia uses crypsis far more than Jews. Jews are obvious. Who protects Jews from criticism? The whites … the English. Jewish power is a function of English-British power. If the English lost power in America, Jews would lose power in America.

          Your comments have helped me tremendously. I’ll never trust my lying eyes and ears again.

        • David ASHTON
          David ASHTON says:

          So, the English control the Jews rather than the Jews control the English!
          There is a touch of Lyndon LaRouche in this diatribe, and as much an accurate and balanced analysis of historical data as David Icke’s Lizard Theory of the Royal Family.

        • Brian S. Rockford
          Brian S. Rockford says:

          I thought Sidney Webb had written against the creation of a Zionist state in Palestine, but maybe Mr Kraus knows better. On some of the issues raised, see the Cabinet Papers on British support for anti-Bolshevik forces; Sharman Kadish, “Bolsheviks & British Jews” (2013); Nesta H. Webster, “World Revolution” (1921); Helen Rappaport, “Conspirator: Lenin in Exile” (2010); “Lenin on Britain” (1934)

      • Liosnagcat
        Liosnagcat says:

        “Attacks on our people are fine but I find it curious that most people who attack the British. . . seem to live in countries created by the British.”

        I’m not seeing attacks on the British as a people, especially with regards to their history; I’m seeing lamentations of what they’ve become at the hands of their Jewish masters.

  17. Martin Webster
    Martin Webster says:

    Hello American friends,

    Below is a recent ‘If Americans Knew’ re-posting of a snarling article published in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz on the death of our late Queen Elizabeth II. As “constitutional monarchs” our kings and queens cannot set government policy. Indeed, to keep the monarchy in existence they often have to ‘go with the flo’.

    Look at the photos of the crowds which have assembled and continue to assemble all over the UK to mark the Queen’s passing. How many black and brown faces do you see?

    Personally, I lament the passing of Queen Elizabeth because her successor, King Charles III, has been crawling to international Jewish bankers (and Arab oil billionaires) and sucking up to ‘Black Lives Matter’ prominenti with avidity. He took this line upon the instruction of his real mentor, the late Lord Louis Mountbatten, one of the 20th century’s leading servants of the global Jewish élite.

    One of these days I’ll have to write for TOO an account of my over-night stay, in circa 1978/9, at the castle in Wales at Llantwit Major, occupied by the ‘United World Colleges of the Atlantic’ in order to deliver a speech on behalf of the National Front.

    This school was founded by King Charles III, then the Prince of Wales, but on money provided by the likes of Lazards and other Jewish international usurers, as numerous plaques on the walls gave testimony. The institution has branches in Canada and Australia. Its purpose is to bring together for a year pre-university teenage students. These students are the carefully-selected offspring of senior civil servants, senior military officers, senior business leaders, etc., of all the nations on the globe so that they may bond and form international(ist) networks before they get into their careers serving the globalist project.

    Anyway, here’s the ‘If Americans Knew’ reporting of the Haaretz article.

    Best wishes to all true patriots,

    Martin Webster.
    If Americans Knew – Saturday 10th September 2022

    Over 120 countries, but never Israel:
    Queen Elizabeth’s unofficial boycott
    In her 70-year reign, Queen Elizabeth crisscrossed the globe,
    but purposely skipped Israel. In 1984, speaking with Queen Noor
    during a visit to Jordan, he found the settlements ‘depressing’
    and the Air Force’s planes over the West Bank ‘frightening’…

    For decades, the British royal family had boycotted Israel.
    It wasn’t an official boycott, but it was often unofficially
    acknowledged by officials…
    by Ofer Aderet, reposted from Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz

    In 1986, Margaret Thatcher became the first British leader to visit Israel. Journalist David Landau, later Haaretz editor-in-chief, dared to ask her when the queen would visit. “But I’m here,” the Iron Lady replied. In 2014, not long before he passed, Landau was awarded the OBE for his contributions to Israeli-British relations. He did not ask the queen directly why she refrained from visiting here.

    “When there is sustainable peace,” was the answer stammered by official British representatives whenever they were asked why the Queen is boycotting the State of Israel. This, of course, didn’t stop the queen from visiting Arab countries.

    She did not reverse this boycott throughout her 70 years on the throne, despite being the best-traveled world leader, with over 120 countries visited and around a million miles traversed in her tours. “Is there another member state of the UN which the British royal family treats with such consistent and studied contempt?” Landau wondered.

    Cognoscenti would explain that it is the British Foreign Service that decides such things, and that it is doing so out of supposed spite. This, among other reasons, as “revenge” for the violent Israeli resistance to the British mandate, and having established a state on its ruins. [Among Zionists’ violent resistance was assassinating British officials such as Loyd Moyne.] Others said that the British are afraid to antagonize the Arab world, and that is why the Queen won’t show her face here.

    But had she truly wanted to, the Queen could have popped over for a visit. “The sad but inescapable conclusion, therefore, is that she herself is part of this nasty, petty British intrigue to deny Israel that rankling vestige of legitimation that is in their power to bestow or withhold – a royal visit.,” Landau wrote in Haaretz over a decade ago, in an article where he called upon the monarch to “bin these sour-smelling inhibitions and end this boycott”.

    Some British royals visited Israel over the years, but Buckingham Palace always went out of its way to make it clear that the visit is neither royal, nor official. Thus it was in 1994, when Prince Phillip came to receive the Righteous Among the Nations award on behalf of his mother, who is buried in Jerusalem.

    In 1995 Charles, then Prince of Wales, came to attend Rabin’s funeral. A change came only in the 70th anniversary of Israel’s independence, in 2018, when Prince William arrived for a visit, that was termed as official, even if it was meaningless.

    Two years later his father Charles, soon to be crowned king, visited here for the international Holocaust forum, held to mark 75 years since the liberation of Auschwitz. The Queen, however, maintained her boycott.

    Not all Israelis wanted such a visit, either way. “Elizabeth II is the daughter of George VI, the king on whose behalf Jewish freedom fighters were hanged in the Land of Israel; The king whose navy blocked the way of refugees to the Land of Israel, leading to their death. The hangman’s daughter is not welcome in Israel,” a commenter wrote on Haaretz’s website. [For the real situation see this.]

    Others mentioned the dark episodes in her family’s past, mainly her uncle, Edward VIII, the family’s black sheep, whose list of sins also includes Nazi sympathies.

    In 2015, British tabloid The Sun published a family film from 1933 showing the seven-year-old Princess Lilybeth saluting in the Nazi fashion alongside her mother, sister, and uncle. The Palace expressed disappointment at the dissemination of the old footage, but declined to explain the background to it. [See this.]

    The Queen’s fans, on the other hand, are quick to point out in her “favor” that a Jewish mohel circumcised her son Charles, in the best tradition of the royal family, deriving from a claim to Davidic descent.

    The closest she came to visiting here was in 1984, when she toured Jordan. The visit provided a few quotes seen as hostile to Israel.

    Among other things, it was reported that Her Highness was disturbed when Israeli jets passed overhead as she looked at the West Bank from across the river. “How frightening,” she muttered then.

    King Hussein’s wife, Queen Nour, replied: “It’s terrible.” Later on, upon being shown a map of the West Bank with the settlements marked on it, she said: “What a depressing map.”

    • WATCH: Inside Britain’s Israel Lobby
    • Against Our Better Judgment: The hidden history of how the U.S. was used to create Israel
    • Thatcher’s ‘Friendship’ With Israel Based on Pragmatism Not Love

    • Kevin MacDonald
      Kevin MacDonald says:

      Martin W. wrote: “One of these days I’ll have to write for TOO an account of my over-night stay, in circa 1978/9, at the castle in Wales at Llantwit Major, occupied by the ‘United World Colleges of the Atlantic’ in order to deliver a speech on behalf of the National Front.”
      Please do!

    • Brian S. Rockford
      Brian S. Rockford says:

      “Going with the flow” is the key problem, when the ideological sewers were opened by people like Herbert Marcuse, Stuart Hall, Ambalavaner Sivanandan, Tony Blair, Lord Lester, Daniel Trilling….ad nauseam. Previously in correspondence with the Jungian Afrikaner Laurens van der Post, Charles alluded adversely to the power of the Israeli lobby in the USA. More recent developments result from constant nagging about The Holocaust, the secular western commemoration paradigmatically replacing the Crucifixion, to a man who is a humanitarian. Jewish tributes to him and his deceased mother may be “insincere”, but he can hardly be expected to issue ungrateful rejections.

  18. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thank you Courtney for your essay. In it you tend to repeat yourself. I do the same thing in my writing and am trying to be aware of it. But for some reason I liked it here, I found it a bit musical.

    Like many, the passing of the Queen made me sad. Jef Costello has a great essay over at Counter-Currents on the Queen’s passing and why it made him sad:

    When the current Kind Charles married Princess Diana, way back in the 80s’, I was in college. Because I was so naive at the time, and yes, stupid!, I went to a predominantly Jewish college not knowing what I was getting myself into. Remember also, that Ronald Regan was the President at this time. So, the insanity of ‘Trump derangement syndrome’, that we have today which is really another term for; ‘destroy white’s and their European culture’, was ablaze on this campus.

    I remember being at home and watching the marriage of Charles and Diana; how beautiful it all is,’ I thought to my self, such magnificent pageantry.’ Being part English, I thought; ‘I really have to learn about British history.’

    Back at college, as when Ronnie was elected President, the Jews were being their hysterical, selves. I remember one Jewish girl, in class, as the Royal wedding was being discussed saying; “It’s all so disgusting and ugly.” ‘Disgusting and ugly,’ I answered her, astonished at her statement. She completely ignored me. Knowing full well I had no clue as to the Jewish hatred of Anglo’s.

    I don’t own a TV, so I was watching some of the scenes from London on YouTube but not much. Living in an apartment in Brooklyn, I am without a washer and a dryer. I have to do my laundry at a laundromat, not my favorite chore but is a great excuse to read. The laundry has TV’s.

    CNN was on and they were broadcasting speeches and whatever the gathering was called at St. Paul’s Cathedral. I marveled at how beautiful St. Paul’s is and thought to myself, ‘my ancestors built that. White people build beautiful things.’ I also noticed that the Jews who run CNN, when their cameras moved from the speaker and onto people in the audience, zoomed in on either black people, or Indian people. I just shook my head in disgust. Sitting next to me in the laundrymat, were two, I’m assuming Mexican girls and a young child, hispanics. I could not help but notice how pretty one of the girls was. They were young, in their 20s’.

    ‘Fucking Jews,’ I said as I watched the camera continue to zoom in on blacks as black as the ace of spades and Indians. The girls giggled. ‘What’s the matter?’, the pretty one said. I replied that this is a ‘white people thing.’ And that the ‘fucking Jews, who control the media, want us gone. And this is one of the reasons that I’m sitting here, next to you guys in a laundrymat. Lucky for you.’ ‘What you mean?’, they asked. “You know the border’s wide open,’ I said, ‘it’s how you got here.’ The pretty one, with her heavy accent, piped up, ‘excuse me,’ she said. “We come here legally. Those people who cross the border, they are the lowest of the low from my country and other countries. I studying to be an economist here. When I get my degree, I’m going back to Mexico.” ‘Oh, don’t bullshit me,’I said.

    “Look at me,” the pretty one said. “What you think is going to happen to me if I cross that border? I’m going to be raped, and then gang raped. And there would be nothing I could do about it. Do you believe that!?” ‘That, I believe,’ I said. And then she said what many immigrants have said to me over the years; “why do you let these things happen to your country?” Open borders, a bias media, Jewish control of all industries. Why do you let it happen?”

    Courtney, you started your essay off with this: “but who I thought spent her entire life maintaining the proper decorum and class of British tradition and conducted herself like a lady the whole time.” Okay… That reminds me of a liberal loon I was recently talking to (will I ever learn?) who told me that Biden is doing a ‘fantastic job.’ He didn’t like Trump because Trump did not act Presidential and Biden acts very Presidential. What does it mean to ‘act Presidential?’ What does it mean that the Queen conducted herself with proper British class, decorum, and tradition and acted like a lady the whole time she was Queen? What does that mean? Would the Kings and Queens of past in Britain let millions of illegals, non-white European illegals invade their country and rape their women? Wouldn’t E2 been those things that you state she was if she would have come out and spoken out against this? Would her subjects have agreed with her? Would they have loved their Queen even more than now?

    Yes they would have.

    Why did she let it happen?

    Why do we keep letting it happen?

    • David ASHTON
      David ASHTON says:

      @ Bobby
      There are some differences in outlook and approach between the Jewish community in republican US and that in the monarchial UK, which I have no desire to expand on here; and the historical background is comparatively complex, especially regarding the Middle East.

      As for admitting illegal immigrants, the Queen had no personal power to “speak out” let alone “let it happen”. “WE” do.

      • Bobby
        Bobby says:

        David, I strongly disagree with you here. But please read the post that Kevin put up today, Wednesday, 9/14, by Tobias Langdon whom, like you I’m almost certain, is English.

        Tobias does a great job of going into detail on the subject of E2’s actions, or inactions, on behalf of her country during her reign.

        • David ASHTON
          David ASHTON says:

          Tobias Langdon looks at everything as if there is not much going on that isn’t the fault of omnipotent and evil Jews. The Royal Family history is more complex. His “evil” Queen has tried as a Christian to keep the post-imperial multi-racial show called “the Commonwealth” on the road, but in any event what she could say or do in public was constitutionally restricted. National decline and the massive immigration are the responsibility of politicians like Tony Blair and the global network of the “race, sex, class” revolutionary elite whose republicanism will now begin to emerge as an existential problem for the Crown itself in the United Kingdom.

        • David ASHTON
          David ASHTON says:

          Seen it.
          The King has to be an impartial Sovereign of a Kingdom with non-white subjects and has no appetite to promote civil conflict. However, divisiveness is appearing of its own accord, and an all-inclusive Britishness is ultimately unworkable; for instance, recent Muslim-Hindu clashes in Leicester, Black demands for “royal reparations”, transnational non-white criminality and imported weapons, the security danger of mass-immigration from uniquely overpopulating Africa to which Charles and his elder son have tactfully alluded. What will dawn on politicians facing election and their own safety should shape his own sense of national tradition and ecological survival.

  19. Bantu Education
    Bantu Education says:

    What a wonderful heart-warming essay – if only more women (and men for that matter) shared the pride that “Courtney from Alabama” has in her British heritage, instead of the sneering disrespectful anti-white leftism – what amounts to “negro worship” – that are so prevalent in the media and online discussion sites like Quora.

  20. Don
    Don says:

    HI Courtney. Always enjoy your appearances on Political Cesspool and I thoroughly enjoyed your wonderful post and your love for English people. Of English ancestry myself, I share your sentiments and applaud your good will. Keep on publishing.

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