Ye’s Latest: Listing Jewish Media Owners and Executives

-The man formerly known as Kanye West held an impromptu interview in which he recites a list of Jewish media executives and owners.

The list is apparently from Daily Stormer (2013) but I hear there are other similar-looking versions floating around the internet. I can’t vouch for its accuracy but the general idea is certainly true. In the 2002 Preface to the Second Edition of The Culture of Critique (p. xlvi and following), a listing and discussion.

After what seems like an awkward silence from the questioner who likely did not anticipate such a detailed response, the questioner goes to  Plan B, saying, “Do you think they stick together when they heard about what happened?”—as if to suggest that even if Jews have a predominant place in the media, that they don’t have any common beliefs or act together.

And yet, as is so often the case, that is pretty much what happened despite the apologetic suggestion that Jews do not have any common interests or opinions.

The whole thing blew up after “super agent” Ari Emanuel wrote an op-ed in the Financial Times on October 19.

In a blistering op-ed for the Financial Times, which was picked up by The Hollywood Reporter, super-agent Ari Emanuel — whose client list includes Martin Scorsese, Denzel Washington, Robert Downey Jr., and Oprah Winfrey — is urging his fellow entertainment industry power brokers to cease all dealings with the man currently known as Ye.

In the piece, Emanuel, who is the CEO of Endeavor, urged corporate behemoths like Apple, Adidas, and Spotify to stop working with West, as they were only giving him a wider platform from which to spread his hate speech. Emanuel also urged Parler’s parent company to not go through with any deal to sell the network to the former Mr. Kim Kardashian.

“West is not just any person,” Emanuel wrote. “He is a pop culture icon with millions of fans around the world. And among them are young people whose views are still being formed. This is why it is necessary for all of us to speak out. Hatred and anti-Semitism should have no place in our society, no matter how much money is at stake.”

The Hollywood Reporter piece notes Emanuel’s previous activism:

Emanuel’s essay referenced a 2006 piece he wrote for HuffPost in which he said entertainment companies should stop working with Mel Gibson after the antisemitic remarks he made that year during an arrest for drunk driving. In his new op-ed, Emanuel explained that he has since recommended Gibson for roles following the actor’s public apology and “commitment to understanding the consequences of his actions,” and that he would be open to helping West do the same.

Given what has happened, West is quite correct to say that he has been proved right on the Jewish  power being able to destroy people (3:46). As Joe Sobran wrote in 1996:

The full story of [Pat Buchanan’s 1996 presidential] campaign is impossible to tell as long as it’s taboo to discuss Jewish interests as freely as we discuss those of the Christian Right. Talking about American politics without mentioning the Jews is a little like talking about the NBA without mentioning the Chicago Bulls. Not that the Jews are all-powerful, let alone all bad. But they are successful, and therefore powerful enough: and their power is unique in being off-limits to normal criticism even when it’s highly visible. They themselves behave as if their success were a guilty secret, and they panic, and resort to accusations, as soon as the subject is raised. Jewish control of the major media in the media age makes the enforced silence both paradoxical and paralyzing. Survival in public life requires that you know all about it, but never refer to it. A hypocritical etiquette forces us to pretend that the Jews are powerless victims; and if you don’t respect their victimhood, they’ll destroy you. It’s a phenomenal display not of wickedness, really, but of fierce ethnocentrism, a sort of furtive racial superpatriotism.

A hypocritical etiquette indeed.

And then there’s Kanye discussing his Jewish doctor and his prescription what he calls a “misdiagnosis,” and the assertion by someone that White Lives Matter is “Anti-Semitic” — quickly retracted and changed to the idea that White Lives Matter is anti-Black.

West is obviously not on our side but he is certainly to be praised for publicizing Jewish power—and not backing down in the face of grievous financial damage. Who among us has lost so much—at least $1.5 billion (maybe 2) and counting (at least 3/4 of his fortune)—by standing up for what they regard as the truth?

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  1. Karl Haemers
    Karl Haemers says:

    You may have lost 3/4 of your wealth and income for standing up for your ideals. I may have. How much would Culture of Critique sell if it were featured on Amazon, reviewed by the NYT and other publications, the author given paid speaking tours and media appearances, and lavish displays in main stream book stores? As it deserves. 3/4 would be the least of it.

  2. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    “West is obviously not on our side . .”

    Come again?
    Then who is? There only are two sides, us and the Jews. All the cucks, sell-outs and fence-sitters are with the Jews.
    Ye couldn’t be MORE on our side.
    This is the most bizarre statement I’ve ever read from Chief MacDonald.
    He needs to explain it.
    What is our side? We’re on team Jesus, the Jews roll with Satan.
    He’s as much with us as Bobby Hutten, Malcolm X and Farrakhan. Who cares if they are black? Even some Jews are with us.
    Our cause is the ghastly, child-sacrificing, blood-sucking Jewish demons.
    Our cause isn’t some imaginary white utopia. That’s never going to happen, mainly because so many whites are treacherous bought scum-bags.
    The Jewish issue is everything, solve that and everything else falls into place. Even the woman problem is bigger than the Jew thing, but there’s no way on earth Jews could enforce all this misery on us without women as their retarded voting army.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” Ye couldn’t be MORE on our side.”

      That is perhaps true
      for checker players of politics .

      It remains to be determined
      for chess players of politics .

      Blacks appear to be more skilled at playing political chess games than Nordics ( aka Whites ) most of whom are notoriously politicly retarded and just barely know how to play political checker games ; where real contemporary politics is more of a chess game than a checkers game and popular voting is mostly irrelevant to substantive and durable political progress .

      Furthermore , by far most Westernworld Nordics are Christianized where Christianity is world renown for being ___

      “judaism for gentiles”.

      Moreover , Nordics cannot easily overcome their ancestral heritage of more than ten thousand years prior to ww2 of most of them by far living in nonpolitical and commensurately anti-intellectual cultures .

  3. Karl Haemers
    Karl Haemers says:

    Kanye’s black “engineers, architects, scientists and doctors” are gonna rise up and fight for justice with him.
    Good luck.

  4. James Clayton
    James Clayton says:

    Last night, there was a discussion of Washington, D.C., these days that included young people at an informal meeting of fellow haters. My wife observes that both the behavior of the White Shirts (as I call the various District police agencies of which there are many from the US PARK POLICE to the NATIONAL CAPITAL POLICE) and Ye’s heroism has certainly been noticed by the young Whites and that giving one hope for future generations. What I see in Ye is at least a demonstration of his lineage’s frequently not taking the long view of what is likely to happen before popping off. However, I rather like your, Kevin’s, Dr. Dalton on the ownership of the mass media of so-called news and entertainment

  5. Karl Haemers
    Karl Haemers says:

    Kanye is comparing himself to MLK and Malcolm X? He points out that Ghandi was considered “racist”, but does not mention that Ghandi was also a Communist agent as was MLK. Kanye does not mention that Malcolm X was Muslim, whereas Kanye is clearly Christian and particularly devout or at least zealous about it. Malcolm X also had much to say about Jews, especially as Jews oppressed and exploited the black man. Kanye should say so.

    How black is Kanye? It is my current theory that any black man with a beard has substantial white admixture. Purebreed blacks cannot grow beards. Is that true Prof. MacDonald?

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      Don’t be too taken in by this ‘communist agent’ thing.
      No doubt the KGB was throwing money around at anyone who stood against the West, and people being people, almost all would take it.
      It’s about time Putin started throwing some of that big time gas & oil money around to dissidents in the West.
      How many you reckon would pocket the cash? But does this make them Putanists?

    • KT-88
      KT-88 says:

      Gandhi tossed the Jews out of India. That’s why he didn’t get the Nobel Peace Prize if anyone wants to connect the dots. This is why we supported Pok-eee-ston even though India was a functioning democracy during the Cold War (for Israel).

      • moneytalks
        moneytalks says:

        ” Gandhi tossed the Jews out of India.”

        That is also most likely why the globalist ILLuminati jewmasterss have sponsored the geo-political strategic ascendency of India persons , whom are for zio-jew hegemony over the Westernworld ( includes also the USA ) , into politicly powerful/influential corporate and governmental positions .

  6. Evangelos Aragiannis
    Evangelos Aragiannis says:

    The supposed IQ difference between West and Gibson, only amounts to an incentive-oriented quality on the part of the latter.

  7. David Westerlund
    David Westerlund says:

    Kanye West must be recognized for his bravery. I found in my anti-joo protesting in Portland OR, Blacks were always complimenting me, while less than 5% of Whites. Educated Blacks see the joo control of our world much better than the White mostly sheep.

  8. Pat Kittle
    Pat Kittle says:

    Praise the Lord and pass the popcorn!

    Thank ye, Ye!

    This Black man lost over $$$ BILLION $$$ disobeying his masters. Everyone should consider what we are willing to risk.

  9. Ron Chapman
    Ron Chapman says:

    Kanye is part of the slow exposure of the truth.
    Eustace Mullins told us:
    ‘The Babylonian Talmud says: “Five things did Canaan charge his sons:
    love one another, love robbery, love lewdness, hate your masters, and
    do not speak the truth” – The Last Will of Canaan, Babylonian Talmud,
    Peshachim 113b.
    These five points have been the modus operadi of the Canaanites for
    three thousand years. “the Will of Canaan today remains the operating
    instructions of the Canaanite heirs, who presently control the World
    Order. At the same time, it remains unknown to the peoples whom the
    Canaanites continue to rob, enslave, and massacre.” The instructions
    are a command to commit genocide against the people of Shem (Genesis 27:39-41)’.

    George Orwell explained the ‘word’ and hence thought destruction “double think” process in his book “1984”. Today many people cannot think beyond clichés and those who can have been socially conditioned by ‘Jew’ controlled cultural Marxism to fear thinking let alone saying anything that others will label as racist, sexist, misogynistic, transphobic, a conspiracy theory or anti-semitic, yadda, yadda, yadda. The process has gone way beyond not being able to criticise those who control our world. NOW it is heresy to think let alone speak rationally about anything not approved by Yid controlled governments, MSM and academia etc. The mechanism is designed to destroy rationality and societal cohesion.

    The Pharisees segued into the neo-Pharisaic Khazarian leadership in the ninth century BC as their Judahite ethnic tribal base had been destroyed.

    The Khazars converted to acceptance of the Talmud and Torah because it plausibly mirrored their murderous barbarism while cloaking it in pseudo religious rituals.

    They had to do that to placate their neighbours, the Rus, the Muslims and the Byzantine Empire, because their overtly murderous empire was no longer being tolerated and faced invasion if they didn’t. Their barbarity and bad faith continued however and so the Rus (the nascent Russian empire) and the Byzantine empire combined to eliminate the Khazarian empire in the 10th and 11th centuries. The Khazarian ruling class dispersed heading north west towards modern day Poland and Germanic lands where they morphed into the Askenazis that, because of their ethno-centric nepotism and hatred of the Christian Rus and Byzantines who destroyed their empire, lived in in apartheid shtetls and enclaves which enabled their leaders (rabbis) to mind control and hence dominate the Khazarian mass population from cradle to grave. That tyrannical collectivist ideological mechanism has become apparent in our wider world as the Ashkenazis have morphed it into various ideologies notably, Capitalism, Communism, Bolshevism, Fascism, Nazism and neo-Marxist Wokeism which they have imposed on various areas of global society.

    Before Khazaria was dissolved they were known ln Europe and Asia as the name stealers (See eg: The new jew question

    And See: Space Aliens –
    because they used to provide hospitality to travelers from both the east and the west, learn all about them and their business and then murder them, steal their belongings and pretend to be them and carry on their trade and defraud the murdered traders’ contacts in neighbouring lands.

    Because of their trading skills and knowledge, and because they harboured fierce hatred for all non-Khazars, and because they lived apart in tight knit shtetl communities repelling and pillaging outsiders, Khazarian leaders were able, over centuries, to mind control the ordinary members of their communities. That enabled them to act cohesively within other societies such that they became very distinctive (the Pharisees’ use of “goyim” and related terminolgy and their ethno-centric collectivist ideology greatly facilitated this tribal indoctrination and enabled their leaders to become rich and competent in the manipulative arts which they then practiced on Christian and other non-Khazarian societies.

    The neo-Pharisee Khazars didn’t adopt the name ‘Jew’ until around 1775 when they started their overt campaign to dominate Europe and the whole planet.The term did not exist prior to that time. Christ Jesus said of the Pharisees, ‘they say they are Jews but are not’.

    Today the neo-Pharisee leaders of those who call themselves Jews still adhere to the Talmud but most of them are of Khazarian origins. The Khazars nurture a deep seated albeit concealed hatred of Christians and especially of Russian Christians because the Rus destroyed their empire and scattered their tribe in the 10th and 11th centuries. Russia’s SMO in Ukraine is finally putting an end to that episode.

    For centuries the Khazarian tribal leadership fostered it’s ethnocentric hatred of all goyim in their followers by isolating them in shtetls and apartheid community situations where they could clandestinely use mind control techniques to foster that hatred of all ‘others’ from birth to death.

    Arguably Talmudic ideology was and still is designed as a brain washing socio-political control mechanism. Jewish leaders are indoctrinated in Talmudic ethnocentric, genocidal ideology from cradle to grave and impose it on the rest of the “tribe”. That ethno-centricity and its inherent collectivist nepotism has garnered enormous financial, political and social success for those who say they are ‘Jews’. While that situation is maintained by the Talmudic Khazarian, i.e. non-Semitic, controllers of global Jewry, (both the Bolshevik NWO globalists and the Zionist, Israel Firsters) the brain washed general Jewish population will remain in the fold. Why not? After all, the educational, vocational, financial and political rewards of covertly not assimilating to the rest of humanity appear to be very substantial.

    Those who say or think that they are ‘Jews’ falsely believe they are because they have been mind controlled, often from birth, to accept that status. Arguably huge numbers of those who think they are Jews although they are not Talmudists and haven’t been thoroughly indoctrinated into Talmudic ideology, actively promote their “Jewishness” because of the social, educational, vocational, financial and political advantages they accrue from that status. In other words, most ‘Jews’ are not guilty of the crimes of their Talmudic leaders.

    Arguably also, a large portion of the general Jewish population that are either not sayanim or hasbara, or even if they are, ‘only ‘go along’ with the directives of their Jewish leaders in order ‘to get along’, just as, for example, most USans and Brits and “Five Eyes” populations fund via taxation, and otherwise ‘go along to get along’ with their leaders’ invasions and other war crimes in foreign nations on the other side of the world. Arguably most people, whether they are goyem or think they are Jews, ‘know not what they do’; but they are still culpable for their apathy, ignorance and cognitive dissonance although not consciously murderous or ‘satanic.’

    Apparently most people who profess to being ‘Jews’ don’t realise that they are not genetically descendants of Shem but rather most of them have Japhethian, ie Khazarian genetic origins. A much smaller number of people who think that they are ‘Jews’ have Separdic or other ancestral origins. It is widely accepted today that virtually no people who say they are ‘Jews’ actually have significant Shemite DNA; nor were their ancestors Hebrews or Israelites. Most ‘Jews’ don’t know that let alone understand what it means.

    The Pharisees (while they existed as such) and the neo-Pharisees, i.e. the Khazarians who, in the 9th century embraced the Talmud and Torah and the trappings of the Pharisees’ tribal religion in order to pretend that they were changing their murderous and barbaric ways.

    Their culture was essentially devious and deceptive before they converted to Talmudism and nothing changed thereafter. BUT to avoid the overt wrath of goyim societies, they redoubled their deceptive efforts to pretend to be religious and to seem like the rest of humanity while merely going underground with their blood thirsty, cannibalistic and satanic behaviours. Thus today, 75% of ‘Jews’ are atheistic and the remainder worship a jealous, vindictive, genocidal entity that is no god at all.

    To survive and carry out their plot to seek vengeance on Christians and all non Talmudists, the neo-Pharisees, have not only hidden the truth about themselves but also they’ve embarked upon a successful millennia long campaign to conceal and falsify not only the teachings of Christ Jesus but also they have successful concealed and falsified virtually all of our planet’s history just as the Pharisees had previously distorted and hidden the truth about Christ Jesus’s divine revelations by influencing Roman emperors to create the Christian religion. Jesus didn’t incarnate to establish a religion and didn’t. He came to teach divine truths lost and corrupted over millenia by Pharisees and others. In recent centuries the Christian religion and especially the Catholic Church, has been a prime neo-Pharisaic mechanism for destroying human spirituality and knowledge. That doesn’t mean that many Catholics, and religious people generally, are not spiritual and moral any more than that many non Talmudic ‘Jews’ are not spiritual and moral people.

    The neo-Pharisees ethnocentric lifestyle, distinctive customs and averice, and their tendency to parasitically exploit every society in which they lived, made them very distinctive and caused resentment and hatred by those they exploited. As a result they were expelled from well over a hundred societies and countries.
    Never-the-less they persisted and their dominance in trade, ‘money changing’ and banking has enabled them to dominate societies, countries and empires.

    That collectivist exclusivity and ethno-centricity will rapidly dissipate once the Khazarian Mafia’s control of global finance and banking is broken and they can no longer reward, and where necessary, coerce rank and file Jews and others to do their bidding. THAT process is underway now.

    • Rebecca
      Rebecca says:

      Thanks Ron for the super clear and informative history on the conglomeration of Khazarian’s into the Jewish world.

      Might you have more to share regarding the end of your post on how the Khazarian Mafia’s global finance and banking system is in the process of being broken?

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        Yeah it was a great comment.
        I see it that way also, the Rabbis were quite happy ruling their tribe with a rod of iron in the old European ghettos, which were *The Definition* of totalitarian societies.
        Hannah Arendt’s stuff about whites not being liberal enough producing totalitarian nations in places like 30’s Germany and Spain is idiocy on stilts.
        It’s depressing seeing her name quoted as some sort of authority by kosher-conservatives in our modern journey into clownish, but ultra-authoritarian, woke-world.
        Her stuff is garbled mish-mash to befuddle these sell-outs.
        These intense, bookish Rabbis getting the pick of rich Jew litter, and so producing all the offspring created the pedigree we all recognise & think of as ‘Jewish’.
        It was the European Enlightenment’s threat to liberate Jewish peasants from their co-ethnic oppressors that may have provided the most impetus for Organised Jewry taking a shot at world conquest, the wreckage of which we’re living in just now.

        Just a constructive critique, but maybe Mr Chapman could edit his comment before posting it. Still great stuff though.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          ” These intense, bookish Rabbis getting the pick of rich Jew litter, and so producing all the offspring created the pedigree we all recognise & think of as ‘Jewish’.
          It was the European Enlightenment’s threat to liberate Jewish peasants from their co-ethnic oppressors that may have provided the most impetus for Organised Jewry taking a shot at world conquest, the wreckage of which we’re living in just now. ”

          Superb observations .

          However ,

          …” taking a shot at world conquest “…

          would perhaps be slightly more illuminating to assert

          …[ continuing ,

          since the holy jewish Torah :
          Book of Genesis / chapter 1 / verse 26 ,
          where God authorized jews to conquer the world ,
          was first disseminated among the rabbis about 3000 years ago ,

          to shoot for world conquest ]…

      • Albert Pike
        Albert Pike says:

        Even the Jews joke about their disproportionate ownership of the media.
        ITs a fact that must not be mentioned by non Jews.
        We need more diversity in that respect. More Blackss, More White Anglos,
        etc. I suspect Pro Sports also are disproportionally owned by Jews. Were are the black and minority owners?

  10. Luke
    Luke says:

    ‘ye probably has beaten Donald Trump in that metric, although theoretically Elon Musk may have beaten both by far but we don’t know it yet because the dust hasn’t settled. But Tesla stock is down 28% since Musk went rogue last Spring.

  11. Bill White
    Bill White says:

    Ari Emanuel was quoted as saying: “West is not just any person. He is a pop culture icon with millions of fans around the world. And among them are young people whose views are still being formed. This is why it is necessary for all of us to speak out. Hatred and anti-Semitism should have no place in our society, no matter how much money is at stake.”

    Decoded version: “West is not just any person. He is a pop culture icon with millions of fans around the world. And among them are young people whose views are still being formed. This is why it is necessary to silence him and make an example of him. Opposition to Jewish power must be allowed no place in our society, no matter how much money we have to spend in order to suppress it.”

  12. Pierre Simon
    Pierre Simon says:

    Losing 3/4 of your wealth when you have billions is not the same as having your bank account closed when all you have is your meager pension of 1200 $ per month to get by. You can’t pay your rent anymore and you have no access to your money, if you have no savings, you are as good as dead. That’s basically why people shut up. Unless you have fuck-you money and a way of staying out of their financial reach, you would be a fool to talk openly about jews. So no, its easy for a guy like Ye to do what he did.

    • Carolyn Yeager
      Carolyn Yeager says:

      No, no easy for Ye, you coward. They don’t intend to leave him with that 1/4 when they’re finished. They probably hope to leave him with no choice but suicide, as they’ve done to others.

      The reason people don’t speak up is because they’re ignorant of the facts — they don’t know what’s really at stake. With their $1200 a month, they can get by.

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