Sam Bankman-Fried and the FTX Collapse: A Family Affair

In almost every state in the union there is a government agency or department with the name “Child Protective Services”. Its purported mission is to act as the long arm of a responsible community to protect children from their own parents or guardians when children are being mis-treated. Although vastly abusive in many, if not most, situations, there is, at least, a good faith argument for the existence of such agencies for extreme cases. Its aim is in part to protect the children; but it also aims to ensure that the children develop into adults that hopefully will not be as anti-social as their parents – in other words, to prevent the perpetuation of anti-social behaviour over multiple generations. Good luck! But, at least, the aim is sensible, even if not, in the main, achievable.

Usually, the targets are lower class blacks and white goyim families, where lack of money exacerbates what mainstream “upper middles” would view as an anti-social lifestyle.

However, given the rise to prominence of a new kind of upper class over the last 50 years, the need for a new kind of child protective services – one might call it “goyim protective services” suggests itself. That upper class, of course, is the new Jewish elite that now rules the United States. And if you doubt me, make a couple of quick calls to “Ye”, yeah, who, until a few days ago, used to be worth over a billion dollars, or a certain Mr. Irving, who, until a couple of days ago, used to play professional basketball.

Anti-social upbringing in a “super-class,” like the ruling Jews, would of course be far more damaging to society than the alcoholism and wife-beating typically passed from generation to generation by the “untermenschen” of our society. The latter affects only the immediate and unfortunate households and perhaps neighborhoods of such persons. The former, however, can have huge and devastating consequences to the entire nation.

The need for such an agency raises its ugly head in what presumably was the completely anti-social upbringing of Sam Bankman-Fried, a child of enormous intellectual privilege, brought up in the most intellectually dominant of Jewish households. His case, sad to say, is simply a poster child for the upbringing of the children of powerful Jews who currently run our country, and whose children are presumably being prepared to continue to run – some might say ruin – our country. Sam’s shenanigans with FTX (a crypto exchange) and its related entity, Alemada Research, apparently a major crypto trader, may have resulted in hundreds of millions, and likely billions, of dollars of losses to FTX account holders and others, including left-wing charities and the Democrat Party, recipient of $40 million in the last election cycle. (As the poster boy for “effective altruism” said, “I wanted to get rich, not because I like money but because I wanted to give that money to charity.”)

No one knows for sure yet how much the losses are, but it looks really big. Huge.

If one were not attentive to family backgrounds, one might assume that ol’ “Sam” – a disheveled heap of negroid curled hair, hideously ugly face, slum-like, deliberately insulting attire, and typical Ashkenazi nasal whiny girlie-type voice – might have been the mis-named son of Eddie Antar, of “Crazy Eddie” fame, perhaps brought up in an atmosphere of switch-and bait retailing, where the collected and unpermitted sales tax is your profit margin and the “yakety yak” crap add-on products turn your normal profit margin into high finance. Eddie Antar brought to the next level. But without the self-depreciating humor of vibrating little Christmas trees accompanied by the intonation “Crazie Eddie – where the prices are insane!!!” (1)

In such an upbringing, however, young Sammy, one might presume, would be taught at the dinner table how to cheat the customer, the government, the investing public, and everyone else, whenever possible. In other words, to continue the family “tradition” into the next generation.

But no. His Royal Highness, Prince Sam, was not brought up in such a household. He was brought up in the upperest class of upper-class households, at which the Eddie Antars of the Brooklyn Jewish world could only gape in intimidated awe. Both Sam’s father, Joseph Bankman, and his mother, Barbara Fried, are professors at Stanford Law (incredibly, Barbara is also on the Board of Advisors of the Stanford Ethics in Society Program). On any given day Stanford Law may be viewed as the most prestigious or second-most prestigious law school in the country. Sammy’s mom co-founded Mind the Gap, which is a Democrat Party fundraising organization centered in Silicon Valley that spent millions on the 2020 election. As if that wasn’t enough, his aunt is Linda Fried, the Dean of the Columbia University School of Public Health. All are presumably at some not so distant point descended from a long line of intellectually distinguished Rabbis whose children married into wealth and business acumen.  No “Odessa bootleg liquor” in that background. Please. More like upper class Vienna Jews living in 18-room apartments on the most elegant of boulevards.


He was a Jew, that’s what went wrong.

Non-Jewish Americans simply have no comprehension of the cynicism and hatred in which most Jewish children, including – especially – upper class Jewish children, are raised. Cynicism about “whatever it takes” to separate goyim from their cash. Hatred and contempt for the dumb goyim, who are regarded in most Jewish households – secular or religious – as not much more than preternaturally stupid, though potentially dangerous, talking beasts. And, to be fair, most Jews have no clue as to how their goyim next-door neighbors are raising their children – to believe in moral principles, to tell the truth, to respect others. Very few concentrate first and foremost on how to make money – let alone work to separate Jews from their cash and power. In their world, it’s never brought up. If Jews actually saw how goyim are brought up, they would see what, from their point of view, was only a breeding ground for “suckers” – and of course would never believe that was what was really going on. The admonitions to honesty, fair dealing, morality that most of us goyim associate with proper upbringing are present in Jewish households – but only in respect of other human beings – i.e., other Jews. Not, not, not with respect to the goyim, except in the limiting case where to do otherwise might damage the Jews.

To continue. From a Jewish point of view, how absolutely unfair and contrary to the underlying principles of the universe that mere beasts should have money, cars, houses – anything. An abomination. (“So, Sammy, our job is to correct that, Sammy.” ) This Jewish attitude is accompanied by mass paranoia, verging on psychosis, which educates Jewish children that everyone around them outside their Schul is secretly forming plans to kill them, and that, of course, the history, traditions, culture of such people is nothing more than revolting or meaningless crap – crap that is “taken on” or assumed temporarily solely as a way to worm one’s way up, but certainly not for its own sake. Whether that culture be manner of dress, table manners, music, art, journalism, history, or, most crucially, the laws of the goyim. Or (of course) religion, mainly the hated and despised Christianity.

We come now to goyim law, inherited in this country primarily from 1,000 years of English constitutional development and the Common Law, originating itself from the Roman Law, viewed with veneration in pre-Jewish America as the source and wellspring of our liberties and of ordered government. But by Jews? They have their own law – the Talmud – virulently anti-Christian and anti goyim. Our law? Jews view it with contempt, except to the extent it can be used – or twisted – to help the Jews. (Obviously this attitude is for internal consumption only – not for goyim to hear.) And why shouldn’t they, they think. After all, Jews hated the Roman Empire – remember Titus’s destruction of the Second Temple? The Jews hate the English, probably much more than they hate Germans (look at the cars they drive). Remember the Jews’ expulsion from England under Edward I in 1290? You may not, but Jews do. And their use of the goyisch law evidences this. Any disruptive revolutionary use that can be made of it to up-end cultural and moral norms of the goyim, and thereby promote the interest of the Jews. And don’t think Jewish professors at pre-eminent law schools are any different. In fact, they – and their odious brethren that lead the major, now almost all Jewish-controlled, whatever their “name” – law firms in New York City, Chicago, and L.A. And the accompanying bar associations – lead the charge. A very dangerous and increasingly powerful element indeed.

So what kind of “Jewish” upbringing must young Prince Sam have received even in a household consisting of “distinguished” Jewish law professors and a host of eminent collateral Jewish relatives?

Interlude: Some data points from other prominent Jews.

Mark Rudd initiated a violent takeover of the administrative offices of Columbia University in New York over what was nominally an issue of Columbia’s involvement with the Vietnam War, through its work for the Institute of Defense Analysis. Rudd became a high priest of the Students for Democratic Society (“SDS”) and, later, the criminal terrorist organization known as the Weathermen. After the fact, after he himself incredibly had been given a college teaching position, Rudd described in a speech about Jewish dominance of both the SDS and the Weatherman:

I lived a Philip Roth existence in which the distinction between Jews and gentiles was present in all things: having dogs and cats was goyish. … What outraged me and my comrades so much about Columbia [University, which he famously attended and disrupted], along with its hypocrisy, was the air of genteel civility. Or should I say gentile? Despite the presence of so many Jews in the faculty and among the students—geographical distribution in the admissions process had not been effective at filtering us out, our SAT’s and class-rank being so high—the place was dripping with goyishness. When I got there freshmen still wore blue blazers and ties and drank sherry at afternoon socials with the deans. At the top of the Columbia heap sat President Grayson Kirk and Vice-President David Truman, two consummate liberal WASP’s who privately claimed to oppose the war but maintained the institution’s support of it. Mark Rudd — “Why were there so many Jews in SDS? (or, The Ordeal of Civility

Well, there’s undoubtedly no risk of blue blazers, ties, and sherry in the Rudd – or in the Blankman – household!

During the SDS Columbia riots, Rudd recounts how his own father – a Lt. Colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserves, no less – called Kirk “an intellectual mediocrity.” In fact, Kirk was a distinguished academic, who, according to Wikipedia, “graduated from Miami University in 1924, earned an M.A. in political science from Clark University in 1925, and studied at the École Libre des Sciences Politiques in 1929 before completing a Ph.D. in the discipline at the University of Wisconsin–Madison in 1930.” The École Libre des Sciences Politique, commonly referred to as “Science Po,” was then and is now one of the most difficult schools in the world to get into, being one of the famous “grande ecoles” that dominate the top tier of French intellectual life. Rudd’s father in contrast to Kirk, and in contrast, in fact, to many immigrant Jews of the day, could hardly be described as an intellectual. He was, according to Wikileaks, Jacob S. Rudd (1909–1995), was born Jacob Shmuel Rudnitsky in Stanislower (Yiddish for Stanisławów), Poland; he was a former Army officer who sold real estate in Maplewood, New Jersey. A real estate salesman. Hardly the stuff of which an intellectual elite is made. In fact, an obvious “intellectual mediocrity” if there ever was one.

Rudd goes on. Although, as noted, he was the son of a Lt. Colonel in the US Air Force, he states:

As a child I never fell for the seduction of patriotism. It seemed so arbitrary, who’s an American and who’s not. If my relatives hadn’t emigrated, who would I be? Since I was also at core an idealist and a utopian—another Jewish tradition?—I wanted to skip all that obviously stupid and dangerous stuff that gave rise to wars and racism. In 1965 I began to identify myself as a socialist and an internationalist. I still am an internationalist since old religions die hard.

One can only assume his father felt the same way. One question that pops into the mind is what in the hell was the Army thinking when they allowed a person like this hold a high rank in its own intelligence arm. Another that pops up is that it’s too bad that the officer at Ellis Island allowed this odious family into the country.

Rudd goes on:

Imagine an idealistic Jewish kid growing up in a suburban New Jersey town, always knowing that the world consisted of two kinds of people: Us and Them, the Jews and the goyim. Crossing the river[3] to the big city and taking a place as a student in a world-class Ivy League institution run by Them, I found at the top, much to my surprise, rather slow-witted, Wizard of Oz-like characters who ran things really badly, violated their own principles, lied, put into effect both pro-war and racist policies. My reaction? In my speeches at rallies, I had taken to referring to President Kirk as “that shithead.” Morris V. de Camp, “Punching Left: The Weather Underground, the Haymarket Anarchists, the Kennedys, and the 1960s

Here again the arrogant disparagement of all things non-Jewish. Kirk, a “slow witted Wizard-of-Oz-like character”? Bullshit. Maybe Rudd was “projecting” as the Jewish psychiatrists like to say. The Wizard of Oz-like character seems much more like Rudd himself – and quite possibly his mediocre, arrogant father.

Then we come to the essential Jew, Norman Podhoretz and his wife Midge Decter, serving for decades as the dual cerebral cortices of the New York’s intellectual and literary elite. One day, he and his wife decided to take a vacation out of New York and decided – at least for a while – to visit one of the most important historical sites of their adopted country. But, just like young Mark Rudd, we must assume they both came to the realization that he should not “fall for the seduction of patriotism…[because] it seem[s] so arbitrary”. Or even any interest in the history of their host country. We shall let Mr. Podheretz tell his own charming story:

I could never quite get over the feeling that I was not as ‘real’ an American as someone whose people had come here earlier than mine. Sometimes I would joke about this, as when, in the early days of our marriage, my wife, who wrote (and still does) under the name Midge Decter, and I drove one summer to Fort Ticonderoga in upstate New York to visit what we thought of as an American shrine. But as we approached the gate, the first thing we saw was a sign informing the public that this was the site of several major battles in the French and Indian wars of the 1750s. “The French and Indian wars?” I burst out in mock indignation, “what’s that got to do with me?” At this, in our ignorance, both giggled, and in an antic gesture of protest I turned the car around without ever entering the fort.  James Fulford, “Ramesh Ponnuru Wrong, Again, (Guess Why) On Civil Rights

Can you imagine driving all the way up to a significant historic site – probably about a 5-hour drive north of New York City – even an historical site of a foreign country you were visiting for a couple of weeks – reaching the gate and turning around to drive 5 hours back, all because the sign did not indicate anything you had been brought up with? Presumably he would have toured the fort had the sign been in Yiddish. The paucity of interest in history, particularly of the country whose passport he carried, is breathtaking. In fact, it is highly disturbing. It actually indicates an intense hatred for the country in which he lived and, perforce, for the people of that country – other than the small segment of that people located on Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn. One can only imagine the kind of parochial, hate filled upbringing both the Podhoretz and Decter family provided their young prodigies. And one shudders to think of the upbringing of their odious son, John Podhoretz, now a big muckety muck at the New York Post.

The third data point is told by a non-Jewish acquaintance who was sitting in the living room of a conservative Jewish family. The husband, an American by birth (?), had made big money in a series of investment banking jobs. His wife was European Jewish, naturalized to U.S. citizenship, and the holder of a high-paying job in the U.S. branch of a foreign bank, whose family had lived through the Nazi occupation and whose asses were saved by 400,000 U.S. infantrymen, airmen, and seamen who died defeating Hitler in the European Theatre of World War II. Her son, it happened, had vocalized a heretical interest in joining the U.S. Army – the same force that had saved her whole family less than 50 years before. The wife immediately said “I would never want [Nathan] to join the U.S. Army. If he is going to join any army it should join the IDF [i.e., the Israeli Defense Forces]”. The husband uttered not a contrary word. Clearly, he agreed.

What kind of upbringing does a Jewish family whose lives have been saved by U.S. soldiers, who have scooped out a literal fortune in the U.S. over 20 years, give their children? My God. Why did we ever let either of them in the country? Sammy Blankman, frankly, sounds mild stuff compared to this.

Back to SBF. With young Sammy Blankman-Fried coming from this kind of fetid – not to say, almost treasonous – environment, should we be surprised at anything he cooks up?

But the story gets worse. This is clearly not simply the story of bad upbringing. It looks like his parents, his professor at MIT, and their contacts have been material facilitators (and for a while beneficiaries) of Sammy’s rise. For starters, apparently Blankman pater is a noted expert in crypto-currency tax law, at least that’s what it said before it was scrubbed from Stanford Professorial web page. But Blankman by his own admission has been “studying” Crypto tax, Hmm…, could that mean that he was fully appraised of what was going on so he could give his son free tax or legal advice in the crypto area in which FTX operated? For Daddy’s sake, hope not.

However, this dispiriting report indicates Blankman pater was in the middle of it, and not just with Crypto tax advice:

Bankman was involved in FTX, including raising funds for the firm before its bankruptcy. Via a connection to his former Stanford Law School student Orlando Bravo, Bankman made an introduction which led to a $125 million investment in FTX from private equity firm Thoma Bravo in June 2021.  He and his wife were signatories to a luxury Bahamas residence in Old Fort Bay that is part of the FTX bankruptcy. While it isn’t known what funds were used to purchase this vacation home, Bankman and his wife are trying to return the property to FTX.”

See also: Joseph Bankman – Wikipedia ;  “How Sam Bankman-Fried seduced blue-chip investors”. Financial Times. 2022-11-11. Retrieved 2022-11-12;  “Exclusive: Bankman-Fried’s FTX, parents bought Bahamas property worth $121 million”. Reuters. Retrieved 2022-11-22.

Wow!  Exciting lives for a couple of humble “law” professors!

Glenn Ellison is a Jewish economics professor at MIT, where Sam went to college. Professor Ellison’s daughter, incredibly, is (or was) the CEO of Alemeda Research, which, notwithstanding its name, was a huge crypto trader that apparently was partly owned by Sammy. Part of the enveloping scandal apparently is that FTX funds (read customer deposits) appear to have been used to fund Alameda, which, word has it, is now caput. Not reassuringly she sounds about as ditzy and clueless as Bari Weiss. Except instead of writing articles complaining about antisemitism, she was handling millions (billions?) of dollars in trades, apparently not very well. She went to – take a guess – Stanford, where Sammy’s parents are professors! And apparently not overly interested in studies there either. As Eviamagazine wrote: “Can you guess what Caroline’s advice is for college students? (She was a math major.) She actually says that classes don’t matter that much, and that “friends and networking are really important.” Yeah, right. In her case, at least. Why bother with “studies” when you have contacts like she had. She apparently met Sammy at a proprietary high frequency trading firm and market maker named Jane Street Capital (2), and then went with him to Alemada/FTX along with rumors of personal involvement.

And unsurprisingly, FTX/Alameda and Ellison appear to have had a close relationship with Jewish-run Goldman Sachs.

Sam kept expanding his “family.” In the 2022 election cycle, it appears Sammy was the fourth largest donor, at $39.9 million, almost all to the very Democrats who oversee Gensler’s SEC. That made him second largest Democrat donor to George Soros ($140 million).

As JFK once said in an interview: “I believe in large families.” Its nice to know that Sammy did too, so much so that he kept expanding his to include econ professors, folks at Goldman Sachs, and, finally, a bunch of Congressmen. However, JFK did note in the next breath “of course, there needs to be a father imposing discipline…” Oops. That’s where “Blankman dad” appears to have fallen flat on his face.

Or maybe he didn’t. In fact, the deeper one digs into the FTX scandal, the conclusion becomes obvious: this is simply the Jewish ultra upper-class family writ large – intellectual and financial – fucking the rest of us. Could it be that the result of HRH Sammy’s upbringing is not a defect – but, instead, an intended attribute? He’s still apparently respectable enough to be invited to an elite New York Times-sponsored panel along with the likes of Janet Yellen, Mark Zuckerberg, Bibi Netanyahu, and Volodymyr Zelensky.

If so, “Double Mitzva!” 16 candles this Hanukah season!

So, perhaps, we need a new government agency, a “Goyim Protection Agency,” to effectuate early intervention in such families, to inform the “little ones” that, no, cheating and otherwise screwing goyim is NOT acceptable. Perhaps, in extremis, the child could be removed to a large non-Jewish working class family in, say, South Boston or Cleveland (if there are any of those left in those de-industrialized cities), where he could learn some humility and, perhaps, against all odds, some decency.

I think you are thinking what I’m thinking. A cold day in Hell when that happens.

1. In fairness to “Crazy Eddie”, the consumers did quite well. Even if not quite so well as they thought. Unlike the FTX situation, they certainly stood at no risk of losing their entire net worth, even when buying too much “yakety yak,” by patronizing Eddie’s store on King’s Highway, Brooklyn.

2. Jane Street Capital, located in offices worldwide: (NEW YORK, LONDON, AMSTERDAM, HONG KONG, SINGAPORE) describes its activities as follows: “We are a global liquidity provider and trading firm, using sophisticated quantitative analysis and a deep understanding of market mechanics to help keep prices consistent and reliable. At Jane Street our trading blends human intuition—earned through more than twenty years of experience—with cutting-edge research. Our style is both rigorous and pragmatic. Depending on the problem, we might draw on large-scale machine learning models, domain expertise, or pen-and-paper mathematics. We’re a firm of puzzle solvers on and off the clock.” What We Do :: Jane Street .





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  1. cowicklow
    cowicklow says:

    Could not agree more – it will be a cold day in hell alright. We will never see it, not in our lifetimes. I think the most salient point made here was just how naïve the goy (us) are about just how much the jews hate us. I mean hate. It is unwavering hatred. My mother had a great, one-word description of them – shabby. That really nails it. Even if you put lipstick on that pig, you will never mistake it for being a pig. The goy are mostly clueless and feckless in the face of this, and the jews know it, and take full advantage of it. I am frequently amazed, however, at how evangelical Christians (and more) actually are on their side!! It is truly sickmaking. This personal story tells it all: my mom, a poor legal immigrant from Ireland, finally was able to work when my brother and I were old enough (just barely). She went to work for a jew woman, who was of course, a single mother. They my mom $100 a week (pitiful amount even then) for her 12 hour days. Eleven years later – as my mom’s tenure was ending – she was still getting paid $100 per week. My mom, in her humble, Irish-Catholic way, never said a word. I feel my stomach turn to this day.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      01 My stomach is still cranked by a not dissimilar experience.
      02 Decades ago, I drove south on Toronto’s Avenue Road, having left a friend’s home in affluent Forest Hill.
      03 Just south of St. Clair Ave., I spotted a circa thirteen year old girl, about five feet in height, struggling with a suitcae half her size.
      04 Puzzled by the fact, that she had just passed a bus stop, I offered her a lift.
      05 She was from some backwater in Canada’s largest province of Quebec, where she replied to a paper’s advertisement for household help.
      06 Her parents scraped up a return bus ticket for a twelve hour run to Toronto and a few dollars for food en route.
      07 Her Jewish millionaire employers in Forest Hill, failed to pay her, made her work far more hours than agreed on, verbally abused her and finally didn’t even give her the 25 cent local bus fare to reach the terminal. Classic Jewish behaviour.
      08 At the terminal, I fed her and bought some snacks for the ride, gave her sufficient funds to grab some hot food en route and manhandled her suitcase into the luggage hold below the bus.
      09 Am I virtue signalling ? Not at all ! Just trying to behave diametrically opposite to that Jewish swine Ilya Ehrenburg, from whom I had to flee daily, after April 21, 45, just a bit younger than this also consequently permanently clued in little girl.
      10 And how many Ukrainian and other East European girls found themselves far worse off, after replying to similar adds in their papers. Domestic and other employment as advertised, turned instead, into prostitution jobs. With their passports confiscated and by nonpayment of wages by their Israeli employers, to keep them enslaved.

      • cowicklow
        cowicklow says:

        My God. One has to wonder how many gentiles have been so ill treated like this. And you bet – whole lotta lovely Ukrainian girls were defiled by these bastards and left for dead. Thanks for sharing, but doesn’t it make us sick to our stomachs?

        • Emicho
          Emicho says:

          Part of the purpose – a small part I suppose considering all the other parts, the thieving, money laundering, agitating against Russia, etc – of ‘The Ukraine’ seems to be to provide a sort of reservoir of young penniless white females for the sex industry.
          In a nation where the average salary is about $800 a month, in Kiev there are strip clubs where you need drop like five grand to get a table.
          It’s not a corrupt country, it’s more of a criminal enterprise with a captive population.
          All this stuff is so obvious and isn’t really hidden, you’ve got to wonder at these white nationalists who take the side of this flamboyantly Jewish regime against Russia.
          Ok, many white nationalists have a sort of ‘Christian Derangement Syndrome’ bias against traditional Russia, but even allowing for this, what on earth is going on here?

    • ChilledBee
      ChilledBee says:

      I can relate to your Mother’s story so much. One incident that will never leave me is when I was a housekeeper/nanny (having to go to another home to care for 3 small children-more bang for the meagre buck) for a very wealthy Jewish business family in New York.(They are still in business today) I was utterly clueless about life as I was only 18 and European, so this was a huge culture shock. . They woke me up at 6:00a.m every day and I worked until 9:00p.m. 6 days a week. I had Sunday’s off, but was told not to ever come back after midnight.

      This may be difficult for some people to read and actually believe it but the mother and father, were in their 60’s took a 2 week vacation and left me alone in their mansion with a small dog. I was absolutely terrified. At 2 O’ clock in the morning on Christmas Eve when they had arrived back from vacation she came screaming into my tiny maid’s room that I had left fruit to rot in the bowl and I had not cleaned their multi-level mansion well enough. She told me to get my things and leave first thing in the morning. I told the father that I did not have any money and he surreptitiously slipped me a 20 dollar bill which I used to stay in the YWCA in New York City. I was fortunate to know one other nanny who let me live in her basement apartment until I could get situated. It was only after reading websites like this one that I started to realize what kind of people they are. I was a blonde/blue eyed shiksa who was of zero concern to these people. What kind of person, who was herself a Mother, could throw out a teenager onto the streets on Christmas Eve without any money? Being a Mother myself now, I find it incomprehensible that another Mother could do this to somebody’s child.

      • cowicklow
        cowicklow says:

        I am so sorry for your suffering. What monsters. I left NYC a couple of years ago to get away from it (them). I could not take it anymore. The china virus was the last straw. God provided for you and blessed you with your own child. Teach her/him well. The animals love their shiksas; seen that too many times. Poorly formed kids (most these days sadly) are easy prey for them.

        • ChilledBee
          ChilledBee says:

          Thank you, Cowicklow. I can just imagine how your Mother was treated. After becoming disenchanted with New York, I made the grand mistake of moving to Los Angeles. I don’t know how I managed it, but I always seemed to end up in the employ of Ashkenazi Jews. I found there was something very peculiar about them. They did not interact with me the way other Americans did, there was always a formal and stand offish treatment from them. They always gave off a vibe that I was up to something. I had this experience several times with different bossses and their families and can honestly say that they were never very friendly towards me, neither were their familiy members who I would interact with from time to time when my boss needed me to pick something up from them. (usually money).I was alone in America, so I was grateful of a job.

          It’s only looking back that I realize that this was the absolsute norm with them as it was a consistent experience with them. I can contrast those experiences to the ones of the many decent and very friendly Jewish people whose roots were in Iraq, Yemen and similar places. They were completely different to the Ashkenazim and treated me just like a friend would treat me I am still in touch with a few of them to this day.

          @ charles frey – No, I have never written of any of my experiences anywhere else on the internet. I was only prompted to do so after seeing the comment by Cowickow about his Mother. I was in New York during the 80’s.

          • cowicklow
            cowicklow says:

            I’d love to believe they are not all bad. And I have also known some decent ones. But I do believe, when push comes to shove, they will all circle the wagons and push the party line. No doubt in my mind about that. Good luck, I hope you are in a better place now.

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        Have you ever written of your experience previously, or was it featured by a third party somewhere.

        I read or heard of a very similar experience, that happened to a young girl somewhere around West 53rd Street in Manhattan. Perhaps while living in the West Village in about 74.

    • Servenet
      Servenet says:

      Yea, Evangelical here myself. For Evangelicals it´s a matter of a double-whammy. Like all non-Evangelicals they have been spoon-fed philo-Jewism from absolutely all quarters for a good two generations now. But there came ANOTHER layer of ¨love.¨ Fin de siecle publication of the Scofield Bible, published and distributed by Oxford U Press was a shocking abuse of the scriptures with its footnotes essentially guiding the owner of such a Bible into rank worship of all things Jewish. It decimated the Protestant and especially broad Evangelical Church theologically and culturally. Like all people, only a fraction are curious and possess an independency of thought. So the gist of the story is that a very successful conspiracy to misguide a mammoth sub-set of the Church Universal has prevailed for at least two generations now. My first Bible after my conversion at age 18…a good old Scofield Bible. I was theologically, spiritually educated by it for a season. Which season ended in about two years. Certainly still a Bible believing Christian. Just ¨wise¨ to Jewish machinations which, of course, would include gross tampering with the Holy Scriptures.

  2. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    As anyone with a strong background in finance (CPA, CMA, etc.) will tell you, for every financial loss there is an equal financial gain. This is actually a derivative of Newton’s Laws of Motion (for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction).

    The problem is that every time there is a ‘crash’ (1929, 2008, FTX etc.) there are many thousands of losers but only a handful, perhaps a half dozen, winners.

    Yet the media never speaks of the winners, only the losers. This is not a great mystery when one considers which group owns the media.

  3. J.M.
    J.M. says:

    Thank you for this superb presentation that packs punches on their marks every time. Beyond brilliant. Highly courageous.

  4. Emicho
    Emicho says:

    They aren’t just infuriating, disgusting, revolting, etc. There is something about them that is beyond alien, something preternaturally frightening, like from another world, dimension or . . . . half the problem is how difficult this aspect of them is to put down in words.
    This is your man John Podhoretz on ANOTHER tragic death in the poor Kennedy family:
    This is not normal. If I had to bet, I wouldn’t be confident they’re people at all. They’re something very different.
    It’s why no matter how much wealth and power they’ve stolen and hoarded from humanity, not to mention the incomprehensible misery this tribe has inflicted over the centuries on countless, nameless innocent human beings and living things, it’s impossible to be envious or jealous of them, let alone want to be one of them.
    We’re the victims in this outrageously abusive relationship, but it’s them who are truly cursed. *They* are the damned.
    Apart from deranged sociopaths, what goyim would want to swap places with these Jews, and with all that comes with that?

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      Given your apt and overall endlessly documented description of the Jews, any illiterate novice from the Amazon would necessarily assume, that the Jews comprise large proportions of the West’s populations.

      Instead, the Jewish Encyclopedia instructs us, that Germany, for instance, harbored some 600,000+ Jews: comprising a negligible .75 %, according to the German Census of 1933.

      2% is the informed estimate for the US.

      However, their young and very old, as well as the majority of their traditionally and religiously sidelined women [ with admittedly explosive exceptions ] do not determine their anti-goy policies nor their instrumentalization.

      Therefore, one can, even must, necessarily infer, that all that befell Germany, Russia, Europe and even China, in and after at least the two Wars, was of their planned, conscious making.

      The consequently not unreasonable calculation, that activist Jews comprised ca. ONE TENTH OF ONE PERCENT OF THE REICH’S POPULATION, is a testament to their concentrated, omnipresent power and their preparedness and ability to apply it in their sole interest.

      110, 000,000 casualties since 1914, including China, aside.

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        “… 110,000,000 casualties since 1914 …”

        And still the count grows ever larger, with no end in sight.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      The globalist ILLuminati jewmasters’s contempt for humanity is deeply rooted ; to wit ___

      And God said …
      let them have dominion over …
      all the earth ,
      and over every creeping thing that
      creepeth upon the earth .
      ( verbatim quote [ except ellipses ] from
      / The Holy Jewish Torah / KJV / Genesis / 1 : 26 )


      “creeping thing” also includes humanity ;
      and perhaps especially includes babies and children since they are much easier to exploit than adults .

      And ye shall take them as an inheritance
      for your children after you ,
      to inherit them for a possession ;
      they shall be your bondmen forever : …
      ( verbatim quote [ except ellipses ] from
      / The Holy Jewish Torah / KJV / Leviticus / 25 : 46 )


      “them” refers to humanity in hebrew/jewish/judaic captivity

      “bondmen” = slave .

      • Emicho
        Emicho says:

        Thanks moneytalks, but it’s not the Torah that perverts these freaks, it’s the Talmud. Surely this isn’t in doubt?
        Or else such commands would re-wire Christians as well.

        • moneytalks
          moneytalks says:

          The OT God is on biblical record for having perverted psychopathic tendencies according to modern understandings .

  5. Richard McCulloch
    Richard McCulloch says:

    “By the way, the Wizard of Oz was also written by a Jew.”

    According to Wikipedia L. Frank Baum “was born in Chittenango, New York, in 1856 into a devout Methodist family. He had German, Scots-Irish, and English ancestry. He was the seventh of nine children of Cynthia Ann (née Stanton) and Benjamin Ward Baum, only five of whom survived into adulthood.”

    While attending Peekskill Military Academy as a boy he was severely disciplined for daydreaming, so the road to Oz started at a very young age.

    We should always take credit for our own geniuses and dreamers and not be too quick to cede them to others.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      We should always take credit for our own geniuses and dreamers and not be too quick to cede them to others.

      Thank you sincerely for correcting this egregious, insulting goof—and shame on me (and on anyone else who knew better) for evidently dozing off when I reached the offending sentence!

      As much as I hate seeing any citation drawn from Wikipedia, your use of it in this instance serves a laudable purpose. That is to say, as everyone who has ever used this (((hyperpartisan))) pseudo–reference work knows, if there is a Jew anywhere in a highly regarded person’s background—even if you have to back to the ninth century to locate him—the Israelis who write most of Wikipedia’s articles will drag that Jew to center stage. Plainly, the cupboard was bare this time.

      (Of course, if the subject of the article is a mass murderer, his Jewishness, even if in an unbroken line to the Babylonian Captivity, will be dismissed as irrelevant to the subject’s actions. Or else he will be described as a nonobservant Jew. Yeah, sure.)

      So on the question of the taint of Jewishness, your efforts should get L. Frank Baum the directed verdict of acquittal he deserves.

  6. Flavia
    Flavia says:

    Having read Commentary magazine cover to cover on and off for many years, I find Norman Podhoretz’ anecdote about his visit to Fort Ticonderoga utterly bewildering. Teachers at every educational level face the petulant statement “What’s that got to do with me?” from Black students all the time. I have always inwardly sneered at such expressions of anti-intellectualism–anti-MIND, really–curiosity being the most fundamental expression of one’s gray matter. For Podhoretz to have ever verbalized such a sentiment, and then to have recorded it in a memoir, is a disgrace.

    The perspectives of the Occidental Observer are quite new to me, as are some of the more illuminating posts on Gab regarding Jewish institutional power. But looking back through the years, I do begin to see a pattern. A Jewish graduate student giving a presentation–a critique, really–of the reading list for the master’s comps, her intention being to point out its folly. The professors who continuously expressed their admiration of, and devotion to, the Frankfurt School. Etc. etc. Now I realize we have lived for a very long time with people intent on dismantling every piece of Western Civilization.

    But as for the financial shenanigans, I’m beginning to think we need a tally of Jewish investment plunderers. How many times do we have to witness a Lehman Brothers, or a Madoff, or a Bankman Fried event?

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      … or an event like Louis de Rothschild’s Viennese, predominant CREDITANSTALT – BANKVEREIN collapse, spreading the US 29 crisis across Europe. Resulting in wholesale title thefts across the economic spectrum

      Or the financial manipulations at Versailles, where the Allies and Germany were both REPRESENTED by the same banking family, associated with Schiff’s Kuehn Loeb, of Federal Reserve Bank fame. A theft, that by comparison, left Madoff several zeros short, to the left of the decimal point. Finally paid off by Germany more than a century later.

      Three days after I’m declared dead, I shall forget the face of an obviously Jewish NY elderly woman, gazing upward into a CNN camera, while M is being led off, handcuffed, four feet beside her.

      Very shortly before, it had come to light, that JEWISH CHARITIES were also embezzled by M.

      Her absolutely classical and Talmud imbued, differentiating critique ? ” IMAGINE HIM STEALING FROM HIS OWN PEOPLE ” !!!

      Until court day, it suffices, that we are aware of this tally, and that they are aware that we are aware.

      • charles frey
        charles frey says:

        Another sizable addition to our unlawful tally, written or otherwise, far beyond Madoff, would be FDR’s 33 illegal confiscation of all personally owned gold bars and golden articles held by US citizens, only excempting wedding rings, under penalty of huge fines and incarceration.

        One can call it a confiscation, because the Fed, to whom it was surrendered, paid only $ 26 per ounce, after which it raised the price considerably.

        The photograph taken during the ceremonial signing, shows Morgenthau resting his right hand on Rosenfeld’s chair. [ No typo: originally Campo di Rossi in Lisbon and Venice ].

          • Flavia
            Flavia says:

            Mr. Frey and Mr. Rearden,
            Thank you to both of you for your informative responses. It would appear that people are far more cognizant of Jewish acquisition and plundering than I am. If either of you have any books on the subject to suggest, I would appreciate it. (As an aside, the extremely long essay by Romanoff would be better packaged as a book. Thank you for posting the link, however.)
            One thing I noticed as I rapidly scrolled through it was that there was no mention of art as one of the commodities hoarded by wealthy Jewish families. One of the things that has always irritated me about the Wildenstein collection is that the family hoards these artistic treasures in storage spaces–they don’t even hang them in their palaces. Great paintings by European masters are housed in slots lined up in vast basements and cargo storage units. This is a disgrace, and storing them this way only underscores their real value to the Wildenstein’s as mere commodities.

          • Emicho
            Emicho says:

            Reply to Flavia –
            Of course they only value them as commodities. If Jews valued beautiful art they’d use their massive wealth to create more of it. But they do the opposite, don’t they?
            What other possible conclusion can one draw from this observation?

  7. Lady Strange
    Lady Strange says:

    Excellent article, I appreciate so much the exploration of the psychology of these parasites instead of the banal listing of facts.

    ” a disheveled heap of negroid curled hair, hideously ugly face, slum-like, deliberately insulting attire, and typical Ashkenazi nasal whiny girlie-type voice ”

    The first time I discovered the face of this gentleman S B I thought he was a quarteron or some kind of  mulatto. So much for the myth of Ashkenazim being “more European than Europeans.”
    It seems, according to genetic studies,  that even Ashkenazim have a lot of middle eastern and negroid blood, which is not insignificant.( physically and mentally ).

    ” I wanted to get rich, not because I like money but because I wanted to give that money to charity.”

    but all these charities appear to serve anti-white activism, how curious…a coincidence.

    ” Hatred and contempt for the dumb goyim, who are regarded in most Jewish households – secular or religious – as not much more than preternaturally stupid, though potentially dangerous, talking beasts ”

    There are several false dimensions to their apprehension of white goyms, and underneath the affectation of contempt, an intense jealousy (just look at the grotesque physique of Sam B or a Philip Roth)

    ” there’s undoubtedly no risk of blue blazers, ties, and sherry in the Rudd – or in the Blankman – household!”

    Since the emancipation of the Jews in the French society at the beginning of the 19th century, they were considered as particularly ill-bred, incapable of good manners and of a very bad taste (see for exemple Sam’s palace in the Bahamas, triumph of the parvenu, the tastes of an oriental satrap ),…

    They will never change and will have to be de- emancipated by force one day ( ghettos in the third world – where they belong physically ans mentally – is their habitat )

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      I don’t know if they have negro blood, I’m willing to entertain any theories these days but there has always been a typical ‘Jew-fro’, my favourite being Sean Penn’s in Carlito’s Way as a classic of the genre.
      I also initially thought ‘Bankman-Fried’ was some sort of Jewish joke name. Like his purpose was to ‘fry bankers’ by scamming crypto or something.
      Almost all of these outrageous never-ending scams and hoaxes played on the clueless Western masses contains mockery if you look closely. I’ve concluded they just can’t help themselves. The most obvious recent one was when they told us new Covid variant strains would be classified by Greek letters. Then they just went straight to Omicron and have stuck with it ever since because it’s an anagram of ‘moronic’ and they find this too funny to change.
      It’s the only part of their nonsense I grudgingly admire.

  8. Sandy
    Sandy says:


    He was a Jew, that’s what went wrong.”

    Methinks it would be more accurate to write that organized Jewry, one more time beat out disorganized Goyim. Good essay though.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      Since most Nordics
      ( aka goyim/Whites/Occidentals/[and the like] )
      prior to WW2 are usually descendants of rural cultures where a legacy tradition of a nonpolitical way-of-life continues to exert powerful influence on a contemporary nonrural majority of Westernworld Nordics . Hence , they are more precisely [ unorganized ] rather than mostly “disorganized” as a result of ___

      1) extant predominant nonpolitical way-of-life

      2) lack of political intelligence ( not IQ ) needed to readily form effective and relevant organizations for Nordics to prevail against their globalist ILLuminati jewmasters’s ( includes also a crypto-jew faction in the RCC Vatican ) UN facilitated genocidal existential threat against them and continue to thrive-n-survive in this world in this life

      3) by far most Westernworld Nordics remain Christianized where it is a sheeple-oriented religion of self-enslavement to their chosenhite jewmasterss whom have no intention of [ letting ] them form anti-enslavemnt organizations .

  9. K M Landis
    K M Landis says:

    Sam Bankman-Fried and Caroline Ellison are not Jewish, are they? Surely not! To even suggest such a thing qualifies as Hate Speech (which must be censored) and is legally actionable. Our court system can deal with such slander in its usual fair & impartial way.

    That’s just another anti-Semitic trope. Add this one to the long list in the New Guide to Antisemitic Tropes, provided by the Jewish Defamation League (ADL).

  10. Pierre de Craon
    Pierre de Craon says:

    I thank the author for this article, which succeeds in both informing and entertaining as it shifts rapidly from one unappetizing personality to another. Thanks, too, to KM for introducing another contributor.

    I certainly do not dispute the author’s self-characterization as a man who isn’t worthless (“non nequissimus”), but unless his given name is Civus, he must have meant his readers to regard him as a citizen—hence, “civis.” N’est-ce pas?

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      I enjoyed the article for the same reason you and most others did.

      However, I have reasons to believe, that its author is not new here. Just rebranded for understandable reasons, not to be discussed here and thereby doing the ADL’s analyses. Or any other activities of theirs that include the word anal.

      The article included a link to the conference of these idiots combined, sponsored by the NYT. I have tried to find out how one can view this live, if at all, so as to avoid subsequent, amelioratng explanations of what was said.

      It’s scheduled for 9 hours, so it would require some personal scheduling or at least the preparation for a DVR.

      Would you be so kind as to pull some teeth ?

      Also, do you agree with my analysis of how many Jews, in fact, ran the entire Reich ?

      • Pierre de Craon
        Pierre de Craon says:

        Would you be so kind as to pull some teeth?

        If only I knew whose teeth to pull!

        Also, do you agree with my analysis of how many Jews, in fact, ran the entire Reich?

        This is one of those areas, Charles, where, given my ignorance relative to your knowledge, I am in no position to disagree. That it could be so few, however, sends a chill up my spine. Indeed, it ought to terrify everyone who still doubts their power in almost every nation in the world.

  11. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    Wow,Super review of the situation.Sam will likely be protected by the Jewish – controlled DOJ, Yellen Treasury and SEC. He likely has a huge wad of stolen cash parked in offshore havens. Perhaps as nearby as Grand Cayman.

    Despite the goy hatred,one must marvel at the prolific nose cosmetic surgery and bleached hair Jews purchase to appear more goy. Jewish babies frequently have “nose corrections” early on these days.

  12. Janluk
    Janluk says:

    I thought The late rabbi, menachem Mendel schneerson, when talking about the difference between Jews and gentiles said that they were actually two different species.

  13. ariadna
    ariadna says:

    It is impossible to grow up to be a normal member of a nation/citizen of one’s country with a sense of belonging to it if from early childhood you are inculcated with the notion that you are “special” by being in it but not of it, and your immediate environment (family, friends, shull) express directly and indirectly distrust, contempt, and even hate against the non-jews.
    My first encounter with it came about in primary school when during a recess we were eating the sandwiches we had brought from home and a Jewish girl looking at the ham sandwich of another girl said with a mean cackle: “I don’t eat ham because I don’t want to become stupid.” Not the kind of “joke” an 8-year-old thinks up but something she had to have heard at home.

  14. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    This world is now so fragmented and complex
    that causal correlations are hardly recognizable
    to anyone. Whoever enters my apartment at
    night doesn’t know where the light switches are
    or where the quickest escape route is. It takes
    him three times as long as me to figure this out.

    But one thing remains eternally the same and un-
    changing: our instinct for the betrayal of oursel-
    ves. Insincerity, self-pollution, is contrary to nature.

    The only word I ever have to express when
    I look into the lying Fresse of these traitors is,
    “Ekelhaft!” It is despicable repulsiveness that
    I feel only for all these wretched creatures!

  15. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    You might say Americans have been asleep in “racial studies”
    class.They’re Sitzenbleiber! They have decoupled the connec-
    tion between cause & effect. But nature is no longer putting up
    with this silly “show” and is taking its toll! Payday approaches!

  16. Joe
    Joe says:

    “…where he could learn some humility and, perhaps, against all odds, some decency.
    I think you are thinking what I’m thinking. A cold day in Hell when that happens.”

    Exactly. So, this implies that there’s no possible civil or “genteel” solution to this eternal jewish question. That means that only an UNcivil and UNgenteel approach will work. I know… this goes against our very nature, but if it’s the only path to survival, then it MUST be taken… and SOON.

  17. John
    John says:

    It is not what they do but what we don’t do. We are on the cusp of a paradigm shift, at least, a small percentage of our people are. Few of us will survive &, thus, will be stronger. The end goal is our own Break Away Civilization to continue our destiny of a strong united people, to journey our quest for knowledge & exploration & head back to the stars as we were meant to – WE ARE EXPLORERS. We need our own Ethnostate, explicitly, NOW; let’s start with our own community, town, city, state; is there one? People right now are ready to move.

    1972 was the last time we set foot on our Moon, we were supposed to head for the stars. We gave up that dream & chose diversity – it has gotten us on the road to extermination.

    • moneytalks
      moneytalks says:

      ” 1972 was the last time we set foot on our Moon, we were supposed to head for the stars. We gave up that dream & chose diversity – it has gotten us on the road to extermination.”

      Superb observation .

      However , “that dream” is actually a realistic distant goal that humanity must strive to achieve in order to escape out from the inevitable and guaranteed

      {{ Solar TOTAL Extinction Event }}

      whereby ALL life extant here on planet earth
      will perish forever into the

      D O O M of O B L I V I O N .

      Humanity will need people capable of making such a
      [ Superb Observation ] , as quoted above , to lead and/or keep them on a path of sufficient adherence to the

      {{{ P R I M A L – P R I M E D I R E C T I V E }}}

      for humanity to thrive-n-survive beyond

      any future Extinction Event at any future time anywhere

      in an infinite universe .

      • John D. Alder
        John D. Alder says:

        Here’s hoping we don’t bring a spaceship full of blacks and jews into another galaxy. I don’t think that if there is intelligent life out there they would appreciate us flying in prehistoric throwbacks and avaricious money lenders and culture destroyers. We can leave them behind along with religious missionaries. .

  18. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Thank you for this essay Civus. Some fine writing. It is an essay of anger, and disgust and rightfully so.

    I do however wish that you would have gone into more detail on some things, especially the FTX debacle.

    “No one knows for sure yet how much the losses are, but it looks really big. Huge”. Correct. But how huge?

    FTX was sending investors and depositors money to Ukraine and then Ukraine was then sending kickbacks to the DNC and democrat political campaigns. Zelensky, and all of the Ukrainian oligarchs, many whom have left for Israel, are all Jewish. FTX was also “donating” millions upon millions to the DNC, politicians, and other U.S. government biggies. Based in the Bahamas, I am almost certain that it is against the law for U.S. politicians and political campaigns to receive donations from foreign countries.

    I literally don’t own a TV, but I do listen to the radio. I haven’t heard much about FTX lately. At first Jesse Waters at Fox, and Tucker did some solid reporting on it, don’t know if there are any more stories. But it is turning out to be one of the biggest money laundering schemes in history and all of it, orchestrated by Jews. And then there’s the fact that they’re money laundering have pitted the U.S. and NATO, in a war with Russia, a country with a staunch nationalistic leader and the largest nuclear arsenal in the world. Putin has been very clear that his invasion of Ukraine is an existential one due to NATO continuing to surround his country. Huge indeed.

    Will there be any prosecutions… probably not. Slaps on the wrist… maybe. Why, the top levels of the government are involved. Most of the taxpayer money that was heisted from our treasury and sent to Ukraine winds up in people’s pockets and in Israel (a Ukrainian Jew told me this himself).

    You see, to the Jews, Sam Shithead Freak is a hero. To them, he is a God. Walking around in wrinkled T-shirts, flaunting his ugliness, he is saying, “see, we can steal all we want from the goyim and pummel him into oblivion and he doesn’t even notice. Theft, ugliness, treachery, and lies are our Gods.” Remember, their reality is an inverted one, or whatever ‘they’ want it to be.

    “The thief comes not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly”. ~ John 10:10

  19. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    Stunning four minute spot by Tucker on Ukraine.

    U.S. has sent over 90 Billion dollars so far and Zelensky keeps demanding more. The democrats refuse to audit! That’s right, we’re just giving them the money and have no idea where it’s going.

  20. Floda
    Floda says:

    Great essay, pity this is not generally understood by our people. However I see a great change coming quite soon. Russian TV stated Zelensky and his inner sanctum will all hang when this war is over, they added ‘We expect the secret services of the US and UK will have promised to protect them, but no matter where on Earth they are, we will find them and deal with them’.

    On my vision of a profound change, I have thought for a while now that a day will come when Russia and Germany reach an understanding. Remember a very large part of the German population lived under Russian domination and they know them quite well. They also know Russia is not the USSR, while the Russians see themselves as European and would like nothing better than normalised relations and to trade with Europe. The Jewish gangsters will do whatever they can to stop this rapprochement but I think Putin will not let them. Germany and Russia, 200 Million Whites (in the main) would make an economic Titan.

    The Jews in America made a gargantuan mistake when they arranged the 2014 Coup in Kiev and began shelling Russian speakers in the East.. The next mistake was getting the Royal Navy to destroy the Nordstrom Pipeline, an act of Sabotage by Britain against Germany. They are all heading into a freezing winter which will change everything.

    • Emicho
      Emicho says:

      It’s demoralising how often Britain’s name pops up in this US/Russia war. What possible argument can we have with Russia? We’re no where near them, we’ve got our own gas, oil & coal(though we’re destroying them).
      We’re just a pathetic sap of America, Puerto Rico probably has more freedom from ZOG than us.
      Inviting all those oligarch thieves chased out of Russia into London presumably also has something to do with this. That was another great move, really paying dividends.
      Anyone seen this:

      David Icke said they look like schoolboys. They do, like two 13 year olds who’ve managed to get a sixteen year old girl’s phone number.

  21. Junghans
    Junghans says:

    Ahoy mates, a royal shit storm is a brewing. A great article indeed!! Jewry will no doubt label it an “anti-semetic screed”, but truth can be stranger than fiction at times.
    The White dodo birds have yet to begin see how they’ve been duped. The revelations exposed in this article are only the tip of this dangerous kosher peril.
    Keep the exposes coming Kev, it’s vital.

  22. English Tom
    English Tom says:

    Whilst I fully endorse the article, I must point out that jews were expelled by Edward 1st (Longshanks) not his son Edward 2nd. Edward 2nd had a very bad ending, consisting of a red hot poker shoved up his anus, very far.

    • charles frey
      charles frey says:

      Looks like the expellees believed in the old English judicial concept of CORRUPTION OF BLOOD, making the offspring equally liable for the previous generation’s malfeasance.

      An absurdity, specifically not brought across the Atlantic by the Pilgrims.

  23. Larry
    Larry says:

    As far as I can ascertain L Frank Baum was not Jewish either racially or religiously. He was in fact a devout student of Theosophy when it came to his beliefs. Surprised this has not been corrected in the article yet.

    • Pierre de Craon
      Pierre de Craon says:

      Surprised this has not been corrected in the article yet.

      Sad to say, you shouldn’t be. The author’s misspelled screen name hasn’t been corrected either. Getting details right, whether they are major or minor, now, more often than not, takes second place to “self-expression”—i.e., pointless, repetitious, off-topic blather.

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