What to do. Some modest proposals

So as the partly Jewish Vladimir Lenin asked “What is to be done?”

A direct and explicit attack on Jewish power — at this point — would be no more likely to succeed than a frontal attack on Verdun in 1918.  However admirable this direct approach is, it is unlikely alone to make a significant change.

Is there any indirect approach which could significantly weaken the power of the Jewish nation over the US?

To analyze this, we need to examine the environment the Jewish Nation creates for itself in order to effectuate its goals.

First, some underlying principles:

(a)        Jews hate democracy.  They feel that the vast majority of people hate them (generally wrongly at first, correctly at the end) .  So, from the days of the favorite Jewish King of Spain — Pedro the Cruel — they have LOVED the most vicious, tyrannical, and worthless dictators; in contrast, they have hated popular control unless they felt they could control the people through media.  This gives you an idea of what they want to do with our country.  We are not even close to the end-game.

(b)        Jews do business everywhere, even in the most unlikely goy-centered places.  Accordingly, they need “protection” from democracy everywhere, not just in the locations (NYC and LA) where most of them live.  So having Jew-friendly policies in two cities and nowhere else does them no good.  They have to control everything, everywhere to feel secure.  For example, in “wild west” bastion, Dallas, Texas, in 1963, hardly a center of US Jewry, there were a number of extremely powerful and rich Jews, who composed a substantial part of the Dallas business leadership.

(c)        Because of (a) and (b), Jews love centralization and hate local self government, since they are unable to  influence a multiplicity of governmental units as easily as one central unit.  If they can have a federal agency mandate, backed up by the FBI, once that agency — as it has been — becomes indirectly controlled by them through congressional and presidential campaign contributions over many years, to prevent local, small town businesses, governments, or schools from so much as saying “boo” to a local Jew, that is much easier than trying to  construct safe zones in each of 100,000 separate dinky towns where only 7 Jews live but where those 7 own the department store and most of the office buildings.  Ditto the schools; ditto the media (Jews love media chains, since one or two timely purchases can put hundreds of local town newspapers and TV stations under their editorial control.)

The basic rule is that what Jews centralize, they will buy, bribe and/or infiltrate.  What they buy, bribe and infiltrate, they will control.

So the basic countermeasure is to deprive the Jewish Nation of the tools it needs to succeed, much like the indirect military operation of destroying rail lines through which front-line troops received materiel and food.

The main indirect attack would be decentralization or, where that is impossible due to technological factors (such as the natural monopolies of Google and Facebook), neutralization.

In this light, the following neutral-sounding, counter measures suggest themselves.

Decentralize All Levels of Government.  First, massively decentralize government.  Both at the Federal and at the State level.  This will involve the elimination of laws that, by their very nature, demand centralized control of ordinary citizens and small institutions.

Repeal the all Civil Rights including and those enacted after the Civil Rights Act of 1957.

Eliminate the Department of Education and virtually all of the Department of Justice.

Massively restrict the jurisdiction of the federal courts.  Likewise the state courts.

Eliminate all federal and state law enforcement agencies.  They are not needed for the crimes most people care about, and they will always be used against White interests.  As part of this, eliminate all federal and state criminal laws except those in existence, say, in 1800.

Eliminate all state or federal control over education.  Control should be at the local school board level and the school boards should encompass no more than say, 1,000 students at a crack.  All school funding should be local.  At the local level, revise zoning and other codes to permit anyone to start a school in their house.  End mandatory education in the sense that towns would still be required to provide schools for those who wished to attend, but no one would be required to go to school.  At that point all regulatory pressure on private schools would end.

Eliminate almost all state-level executive officers, except the Governor himself; any significant law enforcement or school officer(s) should be local only and elected at the local level.

Eliminate any credentialing requirements for law, school teaching, medicine that are not done at the local level; and permit very few professions to require credentialing at all.

Decentralize Other Institutions.   Decentralize as many institutions as possible, even if not governments.

Media.  Decentralize — to the extent possible — media.  Go back to the original Federal Communications Act of 1924 and massively reduce the permitted power of broadcasting devices, so that each broadcast station reaches only a truly miniscule areas.  Prohibit any cross ownership.  Require that at least one station be owned by the relevant town.  Prohibit any “network” — make any such arrangements a per-se anti trust violation.

Amend the antitrust laws to prevent the ownership of more than one newspaper by any set of related parties.

Massively shorten copyright times.  Copyright, through its centralized ownership, is a massive tool of central control, permitting “unwanted” narratives to be removed from public dissemination on copyright and purported “financial” grounds.  Thus, for entertainment copyrights, shorten terms to perhaps 10 years.  And copyrights owned by any news outlets, visual or written, permit only a two-day copyright period; thereafter any news organization’s product is public material with, at most, an ASCAP-like fee to the writers (not the News organizations).  Re-use where the re-user gets no monetary compensation would in  be royalty free.

Banking.  Repeal all laws permitting branch banking.  One branch per bank please, and no related ownership.  Forget about interstate banking.

Currency.  Permit local commodity based currencies and permit gold, silver, and diamonds to act as currencies in any local areas if desired.  (This goes to Anonymity as well (see below))

Neutralize; If Possible, Decentralize.

Media.  Where media cannot be decentralized, regulate it so as to make its application as neutral as the “Ma Bell” telephone lines of yore.  Require that any internet company, bank, airline, train, bus system, or other business with a greater than a 20% market share nationally (or in a local community) may not discriminate in the provision of service based on the speech or ideology of the customer or up-loader.  Put in rules demanding all media outlets permit free speech; no hate speech or “group libel” laws.

Banking.  Force all credit card consortia or businesses — think Visa or American Express — which in a sense need a nationwide scale to be useful at all — to operate like AT&T:  each must serve all without any regard to the political views or speech of customers — card users or card takers.

Currency.  No restrictions may be put on the use of currency; to the extent it is not anonymous, use must be without regard to the political views of the user.

Anonymity (a form of neutralization).  Wherever possible promote the ability to operate — online and offline — with anonymity.

Banking.  Permit anonymous bank accounts to be established without personal identifying information.

Internet.  Work on a regulatory regime for the internet demanding that all platforms permit use of their services anonymously, without giving one’s name or other identifying information.  Make taking a plane like taking an NYC cab in 1965.  Work with DARPA and institutions like Cal Tech to develop an anonymous internet — one in which the user of a site could not be tracked or even recorded.

Money: promote the use of cash.  Permit local and commodity-based (e.g., gold-based) currencies in localities.  Commission the US Treasury to develop anonymous cash cards to be used on the internet.  Bring back bearer securities, both for government issues and private debt, so that income can be received simply by clipping coupons.  Require all corporations to have a certification option and a bearer certificate option.  Require all employers to pay in dollars or in gold if so requested by their employees.

Tax.  Repeal all the information reporting requirements enacted since 1940, including wage withholding.

Campaign Financing.  Limiting spending simply will not work. Instead, eliminate most of the things on which campaign media is spent, which almost uniformly is television.  How?  Require that every broadcast media go to C-span mode, such that for the three months before every election, primary and general, each of, say, the top 6 candidates by polling or other interim data have their speeches broadcast continuously, with no third party commentary, and no advertisements.  The flood of primary data via broadcast will crowd out any ads and will overwhelm the effect of advertising by any other media, as well as prejudiced mainstream media on-air editorials and “talking heads.”

If possible by statute or constitutional amendment, prohibit any funding by any person not resident in the relevant political district or state where the elections are being held.  No more field trips to New York where pledges to Israel must be taken, please.

Politics.  Limit by statute if possible or constitutional amendment if necessary the holding of elective or appointive office by any person not resident in the relevant district and/or state for at least ten years.  No interlopers from Goldman Sachs, please.

BordersSuspension of All Undesirable Immigration.  Ideally, all immigration by persons other than Christian Whites would be suspended for a period of, say, 20 years, with very limited or no such immigration thereafter.  Since Jews will be more likely to see this as an attack on them, start with simply a suspension of all immigration for 20 years.  Phrase this as a neutral protection for the hard-pressed working class, a purported favorite of left-wing Jews everywhere.  Quote the previous statements of Jewish politicians — such as Chuck Schumer and Bernie Sanders, each of whom had pretty good statements on this back in the day —  to defuse charges of anti-Semitism.  In this regard, permit state and local governments, as well as private citizen groups, to protect the border without federal involvement, all exempt from any civil or criminal liability for any damage caused.

Military.   Jews hate serving in the military, hate the outdoors, hate farm and wild animals, and hate camping.  Thus the main infantry will never be overrun with Jews.  However, just as with the FBI, the military can be — and is now being — corrupted from above to serve Jewish interests.  The solution is to essentially disband the federal Army except for a training force of 50,000 or so men, prohibited by statute from engaging in force anywhere in the U.S. without a two-thirds vote of Congress and a two-thirds vote of the State legislature in any state where the US Army intends to operate..  Instead require towns to field and pay for local militia.  The militia can be centrally trained to high and uniform standards, but they cannot be called out except by vote of the local towns or, perhaps, the State legislature by a two-thirds vote which would lapse automatically at the end of each six month period.  Every male would have military training, so that this reserve force would constitute, say, 12 million men.  These men would be fully armed with the most modern Army equipment, which each would keep in special storage lockers in their homes, essentially like the Swiss, or, for the largest weapons, at local town armories.  So much for attempts to get rid of the Second Amendment.  Militia would have legal precedence over (a) local police and (b) any state or federal police, armed agents, or army personnel.  They would thus be entitled to defend their own and neighboring towns from state or federal incursion with lethal force without any legal ramifications.  Jews will hate this.  But, on its face, it is neutral.

Foreign Relations.

Eliminate.  Eliminate foreign relations.  Given its recent track record, it is not clear that the US should be allowed to have a foreign policy, given that it has done so much damage to itself and the rest of the world in the last 30 years.  Of course the reason is that our foreign policy has been delegated to the Jewish Nation.  It would be better to have no foreign policy at all than one controlled by enemies of our country, enemies that undercut our interests at every turn.

Bricker Amendment.  At long last, pass the Bricker Amendment to the Constitution, reversing an ill-advised Supreme Court decision effectively holding any international treaty will override the Constitution.  If the power to override the Constitution via treaties is left in the hands of the Senate, it will defeat every proposal set forth above simply by way of a web of nefarious treaties.  This has been, and is being, done at every turn.

Treaties.  A massive withdrawal from most US treaties is in order.  Top of the list:

(a) Every extradition treaty.  Under these treaties US citizens can be extradited to barbarous foreign judicial systems.  This treaty network is the product of our police elites — read the FBI and DEA — that feel more comfortable with their “cop-counterparts” in foreign nations than they do with the American people and that, in any case are now fully controlled by the Jewish nation.

(b) NATO, SEATO, and the defense treaties with Japan and South Korea.  Recognize North Korea and Iran and be done with it.

(c)  Selected trade treaties, including possibly the WTO.  In essence get out of every treaty that puts restrictions on the on-shoring of our manufacturing capacity.

(d)   All human rights treaties.

(e)   All asylum or other treaties compelling us to accept immigrants, temporary or otherwise.  These treaties were a Jewish thing from the beginning.  End it.

Adopt a policy of peace and non-involvement, along with a massive draw down of our international armed forces deployments.  The more toys a centralized government has to play with, the more toys for the Jewish National toy box.  Not good.

It will not have escaped the reader’s attention that most of these measures — though not all, e.g., campaign financing — are libertarian and De Toqueville-esque.  The beauty of this is that libertarianism is effectively a Jewish movement!  Think Ayn Rand, Milton Friedman, Alan Greenspan, and Murray Rothbard.  Thus, the bulk of these proposals use Jewish momentum against itself.  Much like a Judo throw.  In any case, at least initially, if skillfully presented, they will not immediately attract the combined rage of the Jewish establishment.

John B. Connolly, World War II combat veteran, confidante of Lyndon Baines Johnson, former Governor of Texas (remember Dealy Plaza?) and U.S. Secretary of the Treasury — no inexperienced student of power — stated that if he were to take over a country he would go immediately to control three institutions:  the banks, the media, and the military.

Funny how our proposals above puts each of these institutions back to the local level, effectively under local control.  Under the control, that is, of the people of the United States.

So that we may, at long last, have a government by, for, and of the people, which may not perish from the earth.

Here’s to John Bricker.  May his soul rest in peace.


1/  The fall off in numbers when one travels up the bell curve is nothing short of astounding.  Non-Ashkenazi whites have a mean IQ of 100.  On this basis, a standard deviation is about 15 IQ points.  Only 2% of the population has an IQ 2 standard deviations above the mean (IQ 130 or above);  Only 1% has in IQ of 135 or above; and, only 0.13% of the population has an IQ at or above 3 standard deviations above the mean (an IQ of 145 or higher).  Since the Ashkenazim have a mean IQ of about 111, the entire Ashkenazi bell curve is shifted up by close to a standard deviation as compared to goyim Whites.  Accordingly, while only 0.13% of non-Ashkenazi whites have an IQ at or above 145, about 2% of Ashkenazi do.  Applied to estimated population numbers in the United States of 5 million for Ashkenazy Jews and 200 million for non-Ashkenazi whites, the result is that about 100,000 Ashkenazim should have an IQ at or above 145, and about 260,000 non-Ashkenazi whites would be expected to have an IQ of 145 or greater.  Of this total of 360,000, therefore, the Ashkenazie constitute almost 30% of the “top end” intellects in the country.  Accordingly, they are overrepresented by almost a factor of 6 compared to their actual numbers in the population. And then, there’s ethnic networking and concentrating in particular sectors, like media, law, social sciences….


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  1. K M Landis
    K M Landis says:

    Excellent diagnosis of the problem of Jewish power and its abuse. The author discusses many relevant topics concerning the JQ. However, I think that many of the items on the author’s To-Do-List are not practicable, and are easily thwarted.

    One quick take-away – the FBI have been willing tools of the Jews and the political class, and have let themselves be used against the people. The FBI should be redirected away from political “crimes” and back towards fighting real crime. That would be a good start.

    • Anthony Aaron
      Anthony Aaron says:

      The FBI has been going against We The People Of The United States for so very long that they only way to keep any part of it alive is to get rid of the top 6 or 7 GS levels within its rank — all the way from the Director on down — and, basically, just have the ‘agents’ running things. That, though, assumes that any agents that have been there more than, say, 5 years or so, aren’t totally into the sewer that the FBI is … 

      No … best to scrap the entire agency … same with the CIA … the NSA … and any and all ‘intelligence community’ agencies within our Nation.

  2. joe
    joe says:

    ” in the locations (NYC and LA) where most of them live…” You forgot Florida, and hidden clicks in Minneapolis, Chicago, Seattle and San Francisco. And forget about looking up population stats anywhere. They hide…

  3. WCH
    WCH says:

    It would be easier to colonize the moon than accomplish your suggestions. And no one has set a foot on the moon.

  4. Mr E
    Mr E says:

    Regarding banking, at least 5 major Christian organizations have divested from Israel, following the BDS movement: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disinvestment_from_Israel#Churches

    If this approach of these private investment/retirement funds could be brought to the general public, maybe even as banks or credit unions, there would quickly be additional millions of dollars outside of ZOG control. Maybe BDS is too divisive or milquetoast, but how many of us today have a Wall St. backed 401k fund, or bank with a national chain? We must hit them in the shekels.

  5. Richard Sampson
    Richard Sampson says:

    All the statistics about Ashkenazi Jews are based on their supposed high I.Q level, however, what is this based on, in other words how big was the. sample? And how many studies were in fact conducted and by whom! It is amazing that the germans deprived the Jews amazing talent developed all those ” wonder weapons”.

  6. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    Sounds like an executable plan. But the
    Jews are still rubbing their ever greedy,
    insatiable hands in well-known manner:

    “Their ‘plans’ can be as good as they want. Their
    problem is to implement these thoughts in the
    brains of their own people! If even the least un-
    important stinking quack of our ‘holy tribe’ only
    cuts the cheese, tomorrow the whole goy-world
    will already know about it! But their reach is re-
    legated to the last league of the local press by
    our well-oiled brainwashing media machine!”

    In principle, the Jew leaves always a few largely
    “irrelevant valves” (“rightwing-extremist websi-
    tes”) open, that he could ‘shut down’ immedia-
    tely, so that his own overpressure boiler of goy-
    anger doesn’t blow up in his face. This has been
    an integral part of his own calculation for decades.

    One must first cultivate the field, so
    that the fertile soil gratefully receives
    the seed. Here, unfortunately, we are
    going completely in circles, which is,
    of course, well known to the Jews.

  7. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    It could be compared to the approach of a
    parasitic “rootless” plant that exists on the
    life energy of its host. If it would constrict
    it completely and deprive it of the last sun-
    light, it would get rid of its host and would
    perish itself. Of course, this also happens
    from time to time, then a new host must
    be sought (e.g. China instead of America).

    As long as the stupid goy is occupied with
    bread and games, he generally does not
    think about who is behind the whole for
    himself senseless behaviors and artifici-
    ally created “consumer needs” as for
    example the pre-Christmas business.

  8. ariadna
    ariadna says:

    The vast overhaul proposed, explicit and direct, flies in the face of the recognition laid out at the beginning:
    “A direct and explicit attack on Jewish power — at this point — would be no more likely to succeed than a frontal attack on Verdun in 1918.”

  9. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    Incidentally, it is also the case that all Shabbos
    goys become part of the parasitic system them-
    selves once they reach a certain income level
    and thus automatically lose their natural innate
    interest in rejecting “the hand that feeds them”.

  10. Céline Lagacé
    Céline Lagacé says:

    Wishing that some of those proposals could be applied in Canada. There is the FBI but they have also invaded the CIA according to Edward Curtin in is book Seeking Truth in a Country of Lies. To me the CIA and the Mossad goes together like a horse and carriage. Have a nice day!

  11. charles frey
    charles frey says:

    Santa Claus will have to spend an entire week to fill your 127 ft long stocking, wending its way all the way to your curb. Coincidentally, that’s about the number of pages my comment would require, which, in turn, the Moderator would necessarily reject.

    In lieu of the 127 pages, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and include a virtual large box of reality checks.

  12. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    I’m with you on Education, Foreign Relations, and our borders Civilita, those things, although a long shot, are possible. The rest is a very tall order. Thanks for reminding me about the Bricker Amendment. I looked into it awhile back but really didn’t study it closely. I will now though.

    I think that right now, the most important thing is exposure. All of us, we all need to do what we can to expose the inimical things that Jews are doing not only to our country but also the world and it’s a good time to do it. The FTX scandal is a huge money laundering scheme in conjunction with the Jewish/Israeli gangsters who run Ukraine. The recent ‘coming out’ as I call it, of very high profile black entertainers and athletes publicly discussing Jewish domination not only in their fields but in other parts of society is also a great step in the right direction. Could possibly be a game changer.

    I only saw pictures of the Kanye/Ye interview on Alex Jones this morning but Kanye, although his heart is in the right place from our point-of-view, his presentation this morning is allowing the normies and the Jews to write him off as nuts. But I still think that the fact that he is not backing down, he stated that if they take all of his money, (it’s been reported that the IRS has frozen some of his accounts,) that his ex-wife can afford to take care of his kids. He is keeping the Jewish problem before the masses. Far from perfect but he is exposing a problem. He now has 32 million followers on Twitter. So, go Kanye. Keep folks talking.

    Think about our border disaster, the economy, out of control crime in our cities, all caused by Jews, and all the other problems that can be traced right back to them, and all the all Jewish media talks about is who Trumps having dinner with… who’s Trump having dinner with? Interesting.

    I have no idea why Trump would have lunch with Kanye, and Nick Fuentes. Is he sending a message? Attention? Who knows.

  13. JM
    JM says:

    It seems to me that the main problem that the Anti-Globalist forces have with their political program is that they are always trying to claw back positions from the past, whereas the “Left” is nihilistic, seeking to break down everything, a far easier task. For the latter, total programmatic flexibility is possible, including any inducement to a growing base of voters to win elections. They always have new policies to project against the backward looking “right” so the latter can always be outflanked.

    If this state is compared with Germany in the 1930’s, where there were parallels but also great differences. The National Socialists were on a par with the contemporary German Left (Communists and Social Democrats) because they weren’t conservative at all, but projected radical, exciting policies into society; their total focus on the JQ (as in the lead essay) is a myth, the main focus being a program to get the nation out of its crisis and provide relief to the masses of the people.

    Were the “Left” today in the same position as the “Right”, they would do the same. This would mean USING the Republican Party and critically making demands on it (from within and without) to conform to their social and economic program, whilst in the meantime creating independent organisations with their own social and economic program, ambitious to lead a mass movement.

  14. Strange World
    Strange World says:

    I am at all of the opinion that especially the highly technical history of the 20th century should be examined, proved or disproved much rather by trained and renowned engineers, chemists, physicists etc. on truth content and technical feasibility of the alleged events, than by some ideological phantasists who pretend to be “historians”, but in truth only twist the history and refer to some highly doubtful “witness statements”. But this is completely prevented until today for selfish political reasons.

  15. Ron Chapman
    Ron Chapman says:

    G’day Civilta Americana,
    I applaud your ‘modest proposals’ aimed at rectifying our dysfunctional civilisational situation on this planet.

    Unfortunately our situation is too dire for modest proposals to suffice.
    You correctly diagnose that we need to decentralise socio-economic and living arrangements and devolve socio-political decision making and governance implementation to local levels wherever possible. That will involve eliminating all man-made laws designed to perpetuate the enslavement and control of humanity by restoring the primacy of the Creator’s laws necessary to harmonious operation of the universe. That simplification process will need to be accompanied by a prolonged and detailed explanation of what those man-made laws are, how they have been imposed and why they are repugnant.

    Arguably that intricate existential educational program is underway via the current process of dismantling the Khazarian Mafia’s control matrix on this planet and reversing its effects on her inhabitants as overtly apparent in the work of presidents Trump (in the US and globally), Putin (in BRICS etc and in the SMO in Ukraine), Xi (in BRIS etc and removing the Khazarian Mafia’s control in China) and the efforts of their associated Global Military Alliance in every nation.

    This task is necessarily a complex, painstaking and lengthy process.

    To deconstruct the extraordinary national and global centralisation of power created in virtually all nations and its culmination in the globalism of finance, governance, economic interactions, healthcare and all the rest, is a mammoth task. That work is in progress and well underway. However, the greatest problems are involved in deprogramming the global population that has been thoroughly mind controlled to accept the money meme and usurious banking and the control matrix they enable. That’s matrix is the result of a millennia long demonic campaign centred on having humanity believe in the money meme and false dependence upon the use of money and usurious banking to facilitate virtually all social, political and economic life.

    That false paradigm has to be gently erased from human consciousness so that real spiritual values can replace it as the driving force in the evolution of individual and collective consciousness and life on this planet. Achieving that is difficult because everyone has been programmed from birth (and even in the womb) by the thoughts and behaviours of parents and indoctrination by society. Worse yet, the false ideas about who we are and our human spiritual heritage and potential have been distorted, corrupted and all but erased by demonically created and distorted religions, governance arrangements, schooling, poisonous food, water and air; and toxic, anti-human academic, cultural and religious teachings as well as toxic so-called allopathic medicines and healthcare, etc.

    Almost everyone has been brain washed, programmed and sickened by their life experiences such that many suffer severe cognitive dissonance when confronted with the truth about life, the universe and everything. For those sufficiently awakened to be aware of our true reality, the agonisingly slow deprogramming process we are currently experiencing may seem interminable and unsuccessful. It isn’t.

    The Talmudically controlled Khazarian Mafia has been defanged and its minions and enablers are being rounded up. Russia is in the process of eliminating the various nefarious Talmudic activities with HQ in the Ukraine; and a Global Military Alliance (GMA) is starting the final take down of Talmudic governments in the US and everywhere.

    Once the GMA produces a clean global socio-political slate worldwide, governance and all societal mechanisms will be completely revamped. WHY? Because otherwise history will repeat itself as egocentricity and avarice will gradually reassert itself if the money meme and its pernicious outgrowths like usury, corrupt governments and the corruption of hearts and minds it breeds, is not eradicated.

    To deprogram humanity and eliminate obsessions about money (currencies) and the political control and enslavement of others that it breeds, the GMA will introduce the Quantum Financial System (QFS) and Quantum election mechanisms that will ensure that everyone will receive adequate unstealable (because banking will be unhackable), usury-free money and currency. That will be combined with an unhackable Quantum electronic voting system that will enable every legitimate elector, at every devolved governance level, to vote upon relevant POLICY matters, NOT for individuals allegedly seeking to represent them in parliaments, councils and such. The Quantum election system will no doubt have provision for election of individuals at local council levels whose function will be IMPLEMENTATION of policy decisions duly made by communities. Similarly, council members at district and regional levels will no doubt be tasked with nominating individuals to implement and audit the performance of their decisions.

    Devolution of governance will obviously include the complete deconstruction of schooling systems and state and federal law enforcement agencies. Parents and communities will retain the right to decide all policies relating to child raising and community safety and security.

    ‘How will all this be financed’? You ask. This divinely ordained RESET of life on this planet will include an accounting for, and return of, all the wealth stolen from humanity here over millennia. Every nation will become genuinely independent and each will have a national Treasury funded appropriately by the International Treasury Controller who will distribute confiscated previously stolen gold, silver, precious metals and funds appropriately to every nation. Each national Treasury will then issue asset backed, interest (usury) free money and currency as deemed appropriate pursuant to policy decisions voted on and approved by the population.

    Moreover, because national Treasuries will resume their primary task of emitting money and currency and properly managing the economy to avoid the BOOM/BUST machinations of the current Ashkenazi controlled Central banking system, national governments will be able to avail themselves of their own money issuing power and will no longer need to borrow fraudulently created money and currency at interest from privately owned banks improperly licensed to issue it.

    THAT will mean that current cosmically unlawful income taxes will cease to be levied to fund government provision of infrastructure and services. Thereafter, every individual on this planet will retain the fruits of his/her labour. An added advantage of this change will be elimination of useless taxation enforcement and associated accountancy employment. There will also be a huge decrease in mindless advertising because advertising expenditures are currently tax deductible. IF advertising expenditures must come from income without any offsetting tax deduction (because no tax is levied) the advertising incubus will cease to impinge upon society and individual consciousness as it does now.

    In addition, Central Banks will be abolished and the activities of commercial and retail banks will cease with them, eliminating the Talmudists’ usurious fractional reserve system scam that has impoverished and enslaved this entire planet for centuries. As a result, every community will have the economic wherewithal to decide, plan, implement and audit its own infrastructure and services provision without needing outside government assistance and control. This will have the added advantage of enabling local communities to quickly identify criminal scams and abuses as they occur and to correct them expeditiously and without the obfuscation and delays created by corrupt higher governmental authorities. Gone will be the ability of individuals and communities to be able to whinge about governments not helping them and/or failing to ensure that justice is done etc.

    This will also largely defang the ability of institutions and so-called NGOs to abuse and scam people as local councils will be able to quickly intervene to protect the interest of local members where necessary.

    It follows from the above, that national Parliaments and similar, and their bloated bureaucracies will no longer be needed. It is estimated that these institutions suck up some 15-20% of the resources of the communities in which they operate.

    Other significant needed changes to the way we live will include the drastic modification and reduction in judicial and policing functions, once the multitude of Talmudic legislated restrictions and strictures on life are removed. Similarly, the ridiculous fiction that corporations have a real and potentially perpetual existence; AND that they have personhood equivalent to sovereign human life but with even greater privileges than sovereign human beings, will be abolished.

    As the inspiration for patents and copyright comes from the Creation it is not appropriate that individuals gifted therewith should be able to hoard the benefit(s) and/or restrict their use by others. As poverty, scarcity and want will rapidly disappear once the GMA orchestrates the coming changes, there will be no incentive for individuals and governments to seek to hide, hoard or obtain special benefits from preventing patent and copyright usage by humanity generally.

    These changes are divinely ordained and are being implemented by the GMA which is under Universe Management control. This planet’s new systems of governance are being put in place under Christ Michael Aton’s Millennial Reign administration proclaimed on 5 February 2019. All planetary governance will be overseen by the military using quantum computing and the Star Link System.

    Pray that the GMA quickly finalises its work Pilgrims!

    Peace and Blessings,

  16. John
    John says:

    -“Separation would be a huge benefit to Whites, but a catastrophe for Blacks …. just a fact.”
    -“Blacks would absolutely PANIC if a parting of ways occurred.”
    -“I remind them every day on Quora. Most don’t listen…but when the lights shut off and the checks stop, I can only imagine the horror.”
    These r 3 examples of y we Europeans aka Whites r on a trajectory to extermination. Instead of focusing on our children (who will b most impacted as we make them a minority), we focus on what is not in the best interest of our children.

  17. Crush Limbraw
    Crush Limbraw says:

    No – It Is NOT a Coincidence!
    Ever since 2015 when I started my venture in Government Religion Politics Culture – my biggest realization now is….There are NO Coincidences with God!

    After reading this author’s article and archiving it, I dug into DaLimbraw Library for related materiel……….and discovered that the author effectively covered what God gave to Ancient Israel through Moses as outlined in the Old Testament.
    which means they will work as long as we begin to apply them.

  18. todd hupp
    todd hupp says:

    Super goy Musk has the US Jewish controlled establishment terrified.He may be pursued/harassed in a Trump-like way soon per the WH Press Secretary.

  19. GovloverMD
    GovloverMD says:

    Excellent article, but I fear that it inadvertently furthers the myth of high Ashkenazi IQ. See this excellent video overview of the very flawed, ungeneralizable studies that are so frequently cited to back this up.


    As I suggested in another comment, I would love to see another article on this topic. I don’t judge you for believing in this myth, as I once did myself (and even spread it without critically appraising the literature). Or, if there are indeed high quality, generalizable studies on this topic, I would love to hear about them!

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