James Edwards at the Counter-Currents Conference, Atlanta 2022

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  1. Captainchaos
    Captainchaos says:

    It would have funny if Ted Swarthis of the blog EGI Notes had been invited to this conference. However much of a paranoid, embittered Eye-talian greaseball he may be many of his criticisms of what he terms “Der Movement” are on point. He is an excellent troll and I think his blog is hilarious, but he offers no realistic solutions, just as Der Movement doesn’t. Sorry, but praising Hitler and then encouraging people to vote Republican is not any kind of solution – it is just useless bullshit.

    Ted Swarthis needs to stop being a useless grease-mongerer and start supporting Red State secession. Why couldn’t all the “White ethnics” of the American northeast be put to use in breaking away all of the politically Red territory of their home states from ZOG as part of a much larger coalition that spanned the continent? Ted Swarthis is mum on the issue, his mouth apparently being too gummed up with spaghetti sauce.

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