American Krogan video series on the Visigoths and the Jews

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  1. Abu Sammi
    Abu Sammi says:

    Why on earth go to the trouble of creating videos and then post them on a platform like twitter?
    Much better to place them somewhere that they can be downloaded.

  2. Diego de Carmona
    Diego de Carmona says:

    Xanks you for this fine information.

    BTW, nearby Villanublado (little village with an “international” airpòrt of Valladolid) is another small village with a beautiful complex: visigoth church, places for monks, soldiers, horses and a local full of skuls & bones. Organised collection.:

    ¿The name? WAMBA ….


    Just like in one of Évora´s churches. A side of the “Temple” full of bones, skulls. We are now in Southern Portugal. In another beautiful region of our Iberian “sister”: Alentejo.

    Can´t almost wait to open your gift.. Need te sleep …

    All the best …


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