Twitter feed from E.P. Kaufmann showing the effectiveness of propaganda on children

Eric Kaufmann is a professor politics based in the UK. I reviewed his book The Rise and Fall of Anglo-America here. We can only hope that the Millennials will wake up at some point. Kaufmann’s Twitter feed can be accessed at:
1/ Why school indoctrination is working, and will make the Republicans unelectable in a generation. A thread, based on my new @ManhattanInst report with @ZachG932
School Choice Is Not Enough: Social Justice Ideology in U.S. Education
School choice may allow a small number of highly informed and committed parents to insulate their children from CSJ, but it will make little difference for
2/ @jburnmurdoch @FT showed that younger generations are diverging from older ones by not becoming more Republican as they age. Why might this be?
3/ Indoctrination. Virtually all of over 1,500 18-20 year-olds polled had heard at least 1 of 8 critical social justice (CSJ) terms from adults at school. 90% heard a critical race (CRT) concept, 74% a gender one
4/ CSJ is a proxy for left indoctrination. Children getting lots of CSJ are far more liberal-Democratic than those getting none. Republican party id crashes from 61% to 30% comparing youth hearing zero vs 6+ concepts
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  1. Weaver
    Weaver says:

    The book Excellent Sheep is very good. A person can learn the concept without actually reading the book. The concept is just that top students learn what to think, not how.

    Similarly, Nassim Taleb, who has an irritating personality and is often wrong, has written some very interesting comments on intelligence. Specifically, he writes that high IQ don’t always function well, for whatever reason. Secondly, those turned to difficult academic work aren’t always the brightest. Others might function better but not be so motivated.

    Without writing more, I have found his insights valuable at times.

    Separately, I’ve seen much dysfunction at private schools. Drugs are sometimes common. Sometimes problem students are concentrated therein, the hope that these children will be improved. What can happen instead is the good children are impacted negatively.

    Separately, private schools can be a sort of pocket away from reality. At a public school, you meet the special needs kids, meet the druggies, meet the ethnic minorities, the poor, the rich, etc. You get to meet the community you live in. Public school is not entirely bad.

    Private school can trend left when seeking funding. Large corporations won’t give money unless certain factors are met. For example: diversity quotas and no association with a specific religious denomination. Keep in mind that small business tends to be “conservative;” large tends to be “left-wing.”

    Just my quick experiences.

  2. Biden's Balloon
    Biden's Balloon says:

    “Wanglin” spreads pedo propaganda under the pseudonym “Plato”. He thinks a 12y/o girl who can “biologically” give birth does not need a certain amount of life experience to raise that child responsibly. The same reasoning could be used to say that if a teen can drive a car or wants to use drugs, this should be allowed.

    One wonders, however, what “motive” could underly such disturbed “permissive” desires. Is Wanglin, who constantly claims that women “exploit men through sex”, saying this only applies to “women of age” (suddenly no “Lolita complex”)?

    Or does he want to increase his all too small sexual chance with adult women by being able to sexually abuse children, as it was the case in the times of “Plato and Socrates” (and is still the case today in Islam, aka “white sharia”)?

    What would his supposedly revered National Socialists (after whom he named his website) think of this concocted rubbish? Since his website is now only accessible via Tor (e.g. in the Brave browser), I reproduce the full text of his “article” here:

    Socrates: Hello Katrina, it’s good to see you. I understand that you are a feminist who supports the idea of an age of consent. May I ask why you believe this to be necessary?

    Katrina: Yes, Socrates. I believe that it is important to have an age of consent to protect children from sexual predators and ensure that they are not taken advantage of.

    Socrates: I see. But do you believe that all individuals under the age of consent are children?

    Katrina: Yes, I do. They are not yet adults and therefore cannot fully understand the consequences of their actions.

    Socrates: But what do you mean by “fully understand the consequences of their actions”? Are teenagers not sexually mature and able to reproduce?

    Katrina: Yes, but that doesn’t mean they are emotionally mature enough to handle the consequences of sexual activity.

    Socrates: I understand your point, but is it not a biological fact that human females are sexually mature and able to reproduce during their teenage years?

    Katrina: Yes, but that doesn’t mean they should be engaging in sexual activity at such a young age.

    Socrates: But why should human females wait beyond the age of sexual maturity to reproduce, while other animals do not?

    Katrina: That’s because humans have evolved to have a more complex society where reproduction and sexuality are not just about biological urges, but also involve emotional and social factors.

    Socrates: I agree that human society is complex, but does that mean that we should disregard biology altogether? Is it not arbitrary to decide that someone is not ready to engage in sexual activity until they reach a certain age?

    Katrina: No, it’s not arbitrary. We have decided on an age of consent based on the understanding that individuals below that age are not yet fully mature and cannot make informed decisions about their sexual behavior.

    Socrates: I understand your reasoning, but have we truly considered all of the factors at play here? Is it not possible that our society has constructed the idea of an age of consent as a means of inflating the sexual marketplace value of older women, while simultaneously lowering the birthrate?

    Katrina: I don’t see how the age of consent could have anything to do with the birthrate.

    Socrates: Consider this: if teenagers are sexually mature and capable of reproducing, why should we discourage them from doing so? Could it be that by forcing individuals to wait until a certain age to engage in sexual activity, we are inadvertently contributing to a declining birthrate?

    Katrina: I understand your point, but I still believe that an age of consent is necessary to protect young people from sexual predators.

    Socrates: I agree that we should protect young people from harm, but is it not possible to do so without imposing an arbitrary age of consent? Instead of relying on age-based restrictions, why not focus on educating individuals about sexual health and consent, and empowering them to make informed decisions?

    Katrina: That’s a good point, Socrates. I see now

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      Many adults seem to dream of simulating reproduction with children. It is gross. It is frightening. I dunno whom Wanglin is.

      It’s just a scary world. I had pedos at a school I was at. The kids, however, were also simulating reproduction among themselves. And they seem encouraged to do so. It appears to start in 7th grade, perhaps 6th. So, 12, yes. I don’t support such behavior.

      The only way out is homeschooling. I remember girls sleeping with their adult Latin yard men. So, I mean, it’s not some easy thing to prevent. Almost no one keeps up his own yard.

        • Weaver
          Weaver says:

          Andrew is smart, but he needs a family. I don’t know his situation and history, but I hope he corrects from that.

          I’m trying to become fully self sufficient, to not need to hire workers for most tasks. It’s tricky in the modern world.

      • Biden's Balloon
        Biden's Balloon says:

        The “individualism” imposed by the Jews on the natural core and essence of the Whites basically costumes its cowardice and disinterest with the fig-leaf argument of the “unconditional protection of privacy”.

        Any logical and rational intervention for the protection and health of the community and general public is interpreted and denigrated as “gross interference”. An arbitrary distortion of reality.

        • Weaver
          Weaver says:

          I have no interaction with the man. He seems to travel around. I guess he’s a sex tourist. People do recover from drug addictions and so forth.

          If all that is true, he likely is a threat to children. I’ve never had anything to do with him.

          I know from experience that if you complain about a neighbor, they do not admit fault. Instead, they seek to get even. Anyway, I have no site to ban him or anyone else from. I can’t wield power I dont have.

  3. Biden's Balloon
    Biden's Balloon says:

    However, Kaufmann’s demands do not go far enough for his tribal bro Bernstein already in 2011.

    These issues are being pushed in “Germany” (or what erroneously still calls itself that these days) primarily by the Green “Pedo Party”. See, e.g., right to vote from birth (Wahlrecht ab Geburt), child suffrage (Kinderwahlrecht), disabled suffrage (Behindertenwahlrecht), or non-citizen suffrage (Ausländerwahlrecht).

    While children do not have the right to prevent their own abortion (now soon to be up to the ninth month of pregnancy), they are to be given the “right to vote from birth”. The creatures “governing” us are completely insane.

    Google also “greens germany pedophilia” (see also pedo-Jew “Dani” Cohn-Bendit). Protest sticker, inscription: “Greens want to legalize sex with children. And you still vote green?” (note the Binnen-I in “Grün_Innen”)

    As if this country was not already crushed under the burden of migrants, these lunatics now want to import even more “skilled workers” [sic!] not only from sub-Saharan Africa.

  4. Biden's Balloon
    Biden's Balloon says:

    When the citizens of the Eastern bloc, which suffered for decades under communist dictatorship and an economy of scarcity, were finally freed from this seemingly endless curse, they thought they had won “a ticket in the raffle to the liberal-capitalist paradise” (“democracy”) virtually overnight.

    Meanwhile they realize more and more, it was once again only the toxic ticket directly into the social madhouse (or, as we Germans say, “a grab into the toilet”). But now they hang like drug addicts on the drip of consumerism and no longer want to let go of what permanently destroys them more effectively than any communism.

  5. Biden's Balloon
    Biden's Balloon says:

    Tiny fun fact: To our ears, Mr. Taylor’s pronunciation sounds very similar to that of his interviewees. I always wondered where the specific pronunciation of the R in American English came from. After hearing this interview, it was clear to me: it is a legacy of Irish influence. Since more descendants of Irish immigrants than British live in America, this makes sense.

    While at the same time I notice a similarity of Hiberno-English to Canadian English (in words like “out”, “sound” or “about”). Oddly enough, Irish is more similar to German in sentence structure.

    So if Anglo-Saxons speak differently in Britain or Australia, it must be due to a result of Celtic, Scottish and/or Welsh influence: “The rhotic varieties of English include the dialects of South West England, Scotland, Ireland, and most of the United States and Canada. The non-rhotic varieties include most of the dialects of modern England, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.”

  6. Biden's Balloon
    Biden's Balloon says:

    However, this also raises the question of where the strange pronunciation of the Negroes in both America and the UK comes from. Because there is no special dialect for Negroes in Germany.

  7. Ron Chapman
    Ron Chapman says:

    Arguably its pointless criticising what the schooling system is “teaching” children while ignoring the fact that the schooling system itself IS the PROBLEM.

    Schooling systems have been invented to propagandise and dumb down the bulk of children in society so that they grow into mind controlled easily directed and controlled adults.

    Governments seize children from parents, dumb them down by mandating false and behaviourist curricula taught using Pavlovian techniques including constant almost hourly subject changes designed to disrupt cognition, utilising age-segregated cohorts so that children cannot benefit from interaction with and emulation of the example of older or younger children, in regimented education factories. To add insult to injury, governments demand that these mind numbing procedures be inflicted upon children for the first 12-15 most formative years of their lives AND extort parents to fund these propaganda and indoctrination procedures.

    Every child is sovereign with a unique life purpose:

    Calling compulsory mass schooling ‘education’ is absurd. Real education is individual and lifelong. Compulsory public or private institutional schooling is collective indoctrination, that lowers children’s mentation levels. Don’t believe me? Explain the vogue for intersectionality, cultural appropriation and denying biological sex.

    The problem didn’t start with the cultural Marxists’ Gramsciesq takeover of Western cultural institutions including schools and Academia. It has always been with us as extreme cases like Sparta demonstrated long ago. In that sense I don’t agree with “An American Educator’s” commiseration with the predicament of “top school officials in the US or anywhere as mentioned in the above referenced article. Schooling systems and bureaucracies are part of the problem, not the solution.

    Regardless of the ideology being inculcated into children and adults, mass schooling and academic systems stifle individuality and inculcate conformity. Thus we get whole societies believing that life and consciousness emerges from random chemical reactions and, more recently, that a non existent virus required everyone to wear masks, socially distance and incarcerate themselves in their homes for months on end, etc.

    Prisons mislabelled as schools, stifle individual creativity, promote uniformity and stupidity; socially engineering children for lives of ignorance. Schooling is mind control. It teaches children what to think, NOT how to think.

    Perhaps the most pernicious outcome example (because it virtually enslaves our whole world) is the almost global societal acceptance of governments’ dictating that everyone must use privately issued bank debt tokens fraudulently labelled as “money” but which are merely electronic digits created out of thin air and placed in accounts by banks who then charge interest on those counterfeit money tokens, thus enslaving, impoverishing and controlling whole nations.

    Once a nation accepts such absurdities it is ‘child’s play’ for governments to turn their compliant populations into Covidiots, isolating grandma in nursing homes to die of loneliness alone, improperly cared for and raped by healthcare employees using forced nasal probes that damage the cribriform plate and injections of unspecified experimental substances, to ward off misnamed colds and flues. Populations so mind controlled that they accept such Government dictates, will believe anything, and do, as Wokeism demonstrates.

    John Gatto correctly said that reading, writing, and arithmetic can be self taught in 100 hours. All that is required is that a child (or adult) becomes interested in mastering some subject.

    Home schooled children has demonstrated this but individuals can teach themselves these basic skills unaided at any age provided that they are motivated to do so.

    Parents have been enslaved as free range serfs following the banksters’ elimination of serfdom and chattel slavery in order to entice whole populations to believe they are free – because people work better and demonstrate initiative and creativity when they think they are free.

    Parents have to free themselves from their own enslavement to the delusions of capitalism and so-called democracy before they can save their children from a life of dependency created by total strangers who spend 12-15 years moulding their children’s minds with state propaganda dictated by banksters and their corporate mates who are the real rulers of our world.
    Peace and Blessings,

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      Schools seem to work well at least to the 6th grade, excluding subjects like history and literature, anything cultural.

      I assume racial differences are the cause of problems in Southern schools. Yankees at all white/Asian schools clearly learn more.

      Mass culture is part of the problem also. The tv/radio don’t paint a cool picture of a young boy studying for tests to then get a good, early job. I remember growing up thinking that rock singers and actors must be cool. Today, kids admire “influencers.” No one wants to be the nerd doing actual work, taking tests, and learning useful skills.

      I’m aware that there are too many college degrees. However, I suspect there are still too few nerds who can do the actual work, as opposed to just looking goofy (eg forget haircut bc focused on work not reproduction.)

  8. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    I couldn’t download The Rise and Fall of Anglo-America because my computer says it’s a security risk. Also other links like dailystormer I got warnings from my malwarebytes. I assume they’re safe and this is sabotage by the usual suspects but still I’m cautious that they may not be now?

    Just want to share this link also for guys who want to join

  9. Swan
    Swan says:

    Very true and very scary. Some young people I know with whom I have spoken have completely internalized the woke Weltanschauung. The scary thing is that nothing will pacify the angry black. The more they are given the more they will want and the more they will hate whitey. The Haitians killed every White person on the island and they are still in the Brahman class of Whitey’s victims. These self-hating indoctrinated Whites have no concept of the danger they’re putting their older selves in. Still, after conversing with them, one doubts anything will awaken them.

    • Weaver
      Weaver says:

      Some people are just stupid, including many “smart” people.

      I dunno why I’m able to question things and figure things out. I don’t think it’s as simple as IQ. Too many kids humiliate me in mind games; ah, board games I guess you’d call them.

      I’m always questioning things, always also relying on trusted authorities including this website for info, which leads me to usually be correct. I’m amazed at how I can explain a topic and be dismissed. Many are just completely uninterested and won’t even consider an alternative. Some people just want to repeat what the news page says; they want just to repeat it, not to discuss. There’s no research, no consideration of multiple views, just a repeating of what’s written.

      Similarly, I know “experts” who just repeat some authority. That’s their job, to repeat blindly, followed by “my opinion is this.” Their high pay is just due to their repeating some authority and then either spending long hours working or in recreation. There is no “research” behind their “opinions.” They’ll then insist they are “smart.” Zombies.

    • B. Rockford
      B. Rockford says:

      Kaufmann is always worth reading, especially on trends; e.g. his “Whiteshift”. Jews in the US and in the UK differ in outlook in several respects to some extent, because of their historical experience in each country, but today they almost all look at issues in terms “Is it good for the Jews”. In higher education, Black affirmation and Chinese immigration are therefore unwelcome.
      Despite early promotion by Jews of the “woke” movement, the development of its offshoots, especially into attacks on Zionist “racism” and Western “colonialism”, has provoked a reaction from some Jewish pundits; e.g. David Abulafia, Douglas Altabef, Judith Bergman, David Bernstein, Dov Fischer, Paul Gottfried, David Horowitz, Adam Levick, Melanie Phillips, Jesse Singal, Jack Wertheimer.
      “Wise is he who does ENOUGH research” (attrib. Euripides).

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