James Edwards Tweets a Dialog between a Woke Indian and a U.S. Cavalryman


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  1. Pat Kittle
    Pat Kittle says:

    Black ingrates in the US should likewise be reminded that their ancestors were sold into slavery by other Blacks.

    And if their Black ancestors prevailed, it is their ancestors who would have sold other Blacks into slavery!

    Black ingrates in the US should also be made aware that their Jewish “friends” had ancestors in the top echelons of the slave trade — so much so that at least one major port of entry was so Jewish that it suspended business on Jewish holidays.

    Another little embarrassment — Blacks & Native Americans were also slaveowners. Whites never had a monopoly on cruelty.

    Question for Blacks & Native Americans:

    Would you rather remain in the Stone Age, which is where you were before contact with Europeans?

  2. George Kocan
    George Kocan says:

    I found the dialogue most effective and persuasive. However, I do have a pet peeve about Hollywood’s depiction of American Indians. Typically, Italians or some other European ethnic group that sort of looks Italian pretend to be Indians. I do not know about Sitting Bull, but photos of Geronimo exist and he looks Mongoloid, more like a Chinese or Japanese person. Exceptions do exist. Jack Palance, an Ukrainian, made a credible Indian. His ancestry was probably Tartar, as was the ancestry of many Eastern Europeans, such as Melania Trump.

    • Luke
      Luke says:

      I submit that there was an even more nefarious reason why jewish Hollywood would cast so many White European looking actresses into roles of American Indians and cover them with red makeup. They did the same with many White male actors. It was part of their White race genocide agenda.

      By falsely portraying these fake Indians to White viewing audiences, they knew that to break down the reluctance on the part of racially healthy Whites to engage in race mixing, they could dampen that resistance by making American Indians to look as much like Whites as possible. Just with a slightly reddish tint to their skin and with better suntans.

      And, as it is the case with every evil agenda of jews – they always have multiple destructive elements combined together. When White audiences would go to the theaters to watch a Western movie and the movie involved interactions between the White frontiersmen and Indians, the jews would always make sure to insert one or more obligatory and predictable scenes where some powerful Indian Chief is lecturing the lead White character on how awful the White man is, and when those words of scorn were being spoken by an actor who was racially White, but who had red makeup on so as to appear being an Indian – this clever tactic was likely to trigger the White viewing audience to feel shame and guilt, because in their subconscious – it reminded them of being scolded as a child by one of their White parents.

  3. Dan Fedorchuk
    Dan Fedorchuk says:

    Transpose sitting bull and associates with current whites, and the cavalry with a gender studies diversity commissars. The cult of marxism is sweeping over the west, (actually it’s well entrenched already) history is repeating itself unless it’s stopped. We’ve gone from having a jew in our living room (tv) to having a jew in our pockets (phone), with the cue ball in Davos Klaus, wanting to insert one in our brains. Such a deal.

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