Tom Sunic on the Political Cesspool

Tom Sunic discusses Croatia, the Balkans, and the security arrangements between the US and Croatia in comparison to those between Serbia and Russia. He also analyses how the US neocons and the Biden administration are managing the war in Ukraine, and the political consequences of a potential spillover of the war into the Balkans. Additionally, he addresses the deep divides among European nationalists.


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  1. Monoculture
    Monoculture says:

    The old “satanic” tricks (activate auto-subs)

    Maybe something like that “works”, but you have to really care about it. (As long as the reproductive instinct determines life, probably.)

    For me it is not important and I hate any pretense. I prefer to be better alone and authentic, than in pairs and fulfill a “role” or “expectations”. Either she takes me as I am – or she better should go her won ways.

    Of course, you can negotiate about anything, but a life that consists only of compromises is not a life. This way you can sift out the biggest psycho garbage.

    Which does not mean that one should not make an effort. But as a wise man once said: “…and here comes the irony: The woman wants the man to be superior, but her means to incite his superiority is the attempt to subjugate him. If he lets himself be subjugated, it is all over for him; she can only despise him more.”

    Women instinctively sense any self-insecurity. As soon as you start to put them above yourself or even worship them, as soon as you say yes but mean no (and vice versa), their interest irreversibly dwindles and your dignity is permanently damaged.

    The most fatal mistake: clinging to other people like to a life preserver. Then you have lost not only them, but also yourself. And all that just for a few nice minutes in bed. The Jewish woman Esther Vilar was already right in her observation.

    There are two attitudes towards women that decide everything: The deficient “man” (a “you-man,” needs permanentely a mirrow, “can’t” be alone) whines about his half-empty bed.

    The confident “I-man” is happy about the fact that his bed is already completely sufficiently filled with him alone. Here you alone are the boss. Who is “important” (besides me), I decide alone.

    No annoying “discussions and debates” before going to bed, no pathetic begging and whining for sex, none of her snoring, no cold women’s feet, no their constant nightly trips to the toilet due to their tiny bladder waking you up, etc.

    Unhappiness is always based on a gap between the actual state and the desired state. If you give up these ridiculous unfulfillable expectations, you inevitably become more satisfied.

    Buddhism says, “All suffering in the world begins with desire.” How true! You can sugarcoat everything (placebo), but you can also badmouth everything (nocebo). That’s all there is!

    • Monoculture
      Monoculture says:

      But at the same time, the reverse also takes place: The man’s urge to make the woman his property. If she lets this happen, he loses interest in her and turns, at least in his desire, to other conquests. And the fulfillment of the love relationship we all long for? It is always after this war. It is the happy, oh-so-rare truce. The man has to establish himself as a “bitch tamer”. He has to break in the “nagging stress machine” like an unruly mare.

      I call this “the sweet horny love duel.” This “war of the sexes” takes place permanently, even between old women and young men, it is always a test of strength. The reason is that we can only respect someone who is also a serious opponent. Who permanently threatens us to spend his or her time somewhere else with others.

      Someone once said that the “threat of divorce is a guarantee of a stable marriage”. The worst thing that can happen to a man is to be judged by a woman as a bore. However, if she says, “He’s a cad, but it was never boring with him,” then that may rightly be taken as a seal of approval. A good woman has your back, a bad one will put you in an early grave. Only men with self-esteem are worthy of making a qualitative selection among women as well.

      Some low energy beta cucks claim that “it is better and healthier for a man if the woman desires him more” than vice versa. So she does not run away from him. A colossal admission of weakness. For the man is a hunter by nature, the woman a gatherer. We instinctively sense when a woman could be “sexually dangerous” to us, which stimulates our hunting instinct.

      Male jealousy is always interpreted by women as emotional and or sexual dependence. It’s fear of loss. The person affected thereby admits that he can no longer live an independent life without the other person, helpless like a child. He has in fact just replaced his mom with another woman without ever having grown up before. Such a person should not expect respect. It also shows immense inexperience. Some men only separate themselves from this childish delusion through a multitude of individual adventures.

      Later, they will (hopefully) have to laugh at this former foolishness. For those who can demonstratively do without us, want us to beg for love from them, and only satisfy their vanity and narcissism in us, but such a person can never be good for our soul. However, women who have fully reconciled themselves with the opposite sex and are not constantly running around in battle mode are hard to find these days.

      Everything has its price, and those who believe they have to be constantly surrounded by women have to pay a toll and bleed for it, mostly emotionally and financially. For some, this price is too high, and they opt for a quiet life and peace of mind (me for example), but beautiful women are a privilege and not a matter of course that one is “entitled” to (as such clowns as Anglin claim). The most beautiful rose always has the sharpest thorns.

      On the contrary, the animal world and also the past of human evolution proves the opposite: many status-lower women look for the few genetically good men. They would even share him! And only a few good (i.e. also financially potent status-high) men can afford a class A woman at all. An expensive hobby in every respect, which costs you not only money but also your nerves. Women promise pleasure, but mean effort.

      • Captainchaos
        Captainchaos says:

        This is quite possibly the most pathetic thing I have ever read. Just get yourself a prostitute, dude. You’ll feel better once you’ve gotten laid.

        • Martin's Benz
          Martin's Benz says:

          In the intellectual sphere it is considered to be pathetic to throw around untenable “accusations” (or what that is supposed to be) without substantiating them with a single valid counter-argument, in addition to the unasked-for giving of quirky and highly questionable “advice”. Which is not surprising, because the lack of reasoning here is obviously to be compensated for by pseudo-arguments in the form of low-level insults.

        • Monoculture
          Monoculture says:


          Your “advice, conclusions and estimations” (which are to be regarded as astonishingly or better said frighteningly intellectually inferior) say at most something about yourself (in no case however also only remotely something about me).

          Presumably, such severely restricted “jargon” is, in all likelihood, also based on milieu, i.e. the social environment and origin. It seems that the author of this confused word salad is indeed a “captain of chaos” in the flesh.

          Therefore, you could just as well spare these to your (supposedly “interested”) readers.

          Best regards to Chaotistan!

      • Space Cowboy
        Space Cowboy says:


        “Women are suitable as nurses and educators of our first childhood precisely because they themselves are childish, lame and short-sighted, in a word, time-lived great children; a kind of middle stage between the child and the man, who is the real man.” (Schopenhauer)

        “To call the low-grown, narrow-shouldered, broad-hiped and short-legged sex beautiful, this could only be accomplished by the male intellect clouded by the sexual instinct.” (Schopenhauer)

        “The woman is not subjected so that the man would have a coercive right over her, she is subjected by her own continuing necessary and her morality conditioning desire to be subjected.” (Fichte)

        “If women are at the head of the government, the state is in danger, because they do not act according to the requirements of the general public, but according to random inclination and opinion.” (Hegel)

        Just now I read some quotations of a certain E.F.W. Eberhard from his work “Female Autoerotism. Feminism and cultural doom.” from 1927. Reminds of “On the Physiological & Moral Idiocy of Women”.

        “The play invents a scenario where the women of Athens assume control of the government and institute reforms that ban private wealth and enforce sexual equity for the old and unattractive.”

        An idiosyncratic interpretation of the literary material by the “Bard College Berlin”, where English is the language of communication. No doubt, this is not only real art, but also the most useful activity of the highest value.

        “The Bard College Berlin is”, according to Jewish feminist and LGBT rights activist Martha Nussbaum, “one of the educational institutions in Europe that makes the liberal arts idea into reality.”

        “Brides of Disaster”, presented by Briana
        King (brown LGBT-skateboarder from Jew York)

        • Terry Bull
          Terry Bull says:

          Sex is for reproduction and explains the relationship open or subconscious between normal men and normal women. These factors remain even when reproduction does not or cannot occur. Hence many modern problems, aggravated by the pincer attack on the family unit from capitalist exploitation of the orgasm and communist doctrine on gender equality.

          • moneytalks
            moneytalks says:

            Superb observations .

            …” capitalist exploitation “…

            should be

            …[ jewmasterss capitalist exploitation ]…

            FIFY .

  2. Monoculture
    Monoculture says:

    Just wonderful: Herr Wyatt, at least, is visibly anxious to overcome his latent misogyny with a (in his eyes “extremely funny”) parody.

    In the end, however, it could even backfire to him that he actually receives serious requests from the growing tranny camp to organize an individual performance in return for a not insignificant payment!

    • What’s Up Skip
      What’s Up Skip says:

      It’s a perennial problem with Mr Edward’s and his co-host Keith Alexander. After eighteen years I can’t imagine they haven’t been told, so one can only assume they prefer it that way.

      That being said Dr Sunic himself tends to be quite discursive in his presentation.

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