The SPLC:  A Threat to Civil Liberties and the Rule of Law

“Glen, do you know an organization called the Southern Poverty Law Center and a woman named Heidi Beirich?  She called to tell me she’s about to publish an article about you, accusing you of neo-Nazi ties. I assume she has the wrong Glen Allen.”

Those words came through my phone on an August afternoon in 2016, spoken by the City Solicitor for Baltimore City.  He was a friend who had hired me to work for the Baltimore City law department after I retired from a large law firm. I’d been working quietly and competently for the Baltimore City law department for about six months following my retirement.

“Yes,” I responded, “I know about the Southern Poverty Law Center and Heidi Beirich.  And I  am that Glen Allen.”

The next two days were among the most difficult of my life.  Beirich published her article in the SPLC’s Intelligence Report and, using her vast network of media contacts, caused the article to become headline news in dozens of major newspapers from Britain to Los Angeles, including our local Baltimore Sun. Baltimore City promptly fired me. My law firm, for which I had worked diligently for 27 years before retiring and from which I had received numerous accolades that I published on my law practice website, called to demand I remove the accolades.  Dozens of calls came into my home phone from reporters wanting to talk to me. Television reporters with television cameras from Fox News came to my house.  I got profane and threatening calls from antifa types.  My quiet family life was severely disrupted (but my wife, God bless her, stayed loyal to me throughout the ordeal).  When I returned to my office at the law department to retrieve my personal belongings, one of the young lawyers I’d been mentoring closed his door on me as I walked by.  And the Mayor of Baltimore, amid much righteous fanfare and virtue signalling, fired the City Solicitor on the ground that he had hired me.

I felt under attack, defenseless, and almost totally isolated, and Heidi Beirich, who boasted to the media about her success in getting me fired, obviously knew what I was going through and loved it. (That awful experience was my motivation for later creating the Free Expression Foundation, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit,, to help others who have such ordeals).

What was objectionable about Beirich’s and the SPLC’s actions?  I could make a lengthy list, but I’ll mention just three things.

First, the documents Beirich used to link me to William Pierce’s National Alliance decades prior were stolen confidential documents she had obtained, as I alleged in the complaint I later filed, by bribing or otherwise corrupting a disgruntled National Alliance employee. Such actions violated applicable criminal statutes. In short, the SPLC committed crimes to obtain the documents. (I hasten to add I have never condoned or participated in unlawful conduct and the stolen documents did not indicate otherwise).

Second, Beirich’s actions were not isolated instances of the SPLC’s scofflaw behavior. To the contrary, as I detailed in my complaint, for decades the SPLC has essentially committed mail fraud with its bogus “Hate Group” tallies and  “Hate Map” mailings. Moreover, the SPLC manifestly violated applicable laws by its highly partisan attacks on Donald Trump in 2016.  Such conduct violates IRS requirements for tax-exempt organizations and constitutes grounds for revocation of that favored tax status.

Third, Beirich’s ostensible rationale for doxing me was blatantly pretextual.  She claimed she was doing it in the best interests of Baltimore because it is a predominantly Black city.  But I was an experienced and competent attorney quietly helping Baltimore defend against lawsuits seeking millions of dollars. In one case I was working on before I was fired, the plaintiffs subsequently obtained a $20 million verdict against the city. I could have helped prevent that.  Does anyone really think Beirich or the SPLC cared? The reality is Beirich orchestrated my termination because of what she thought was going on inside my head – plus the fact that I’m an attorney willing to represent the Dissident Right.

So I sued Beirich and the SPLC, seeking both redress for my personal losses and revocation of the SPLC’s 501c3 status. In investigating the factual and legal grounds for my complaint, I learned the sordid history of this corrupt organization – how, for example, in 1986 the SPLC’s entire legal staff (except for Morris Dees) resigned as the organization morphed from traditional civil rights work into a fraudulent, hard left fundraising machine; and how the SPLC’s aim became not merely to monitor but to destroy “hate groups” as the SPLC unfairly defined them. I learned also of its hypocrisy, double standards, and anti-Christian bias.  I detailed all these facts in my complaint.

The trial court judge, remarkably, dismissed my complaint before I could begin factual discovery (depositions, document production, etc.) to establish my claims.  She asserted that my complaint did not meet even minimal standards of plausibility – in other words, it was entirely irrational for me to allege that an SPLC employee such as Beirich would engage in unlawful conduct.  The appellate court, in an unpublished opinion, affirmed.

The painful memory of the court’s “implausible allegations” rationale popped up in my mind recently when I read about the SPLC staff attorney, Thomas Jurgens.  On March 5, 2023, Jurgens was among nearly two dozen criminals arrested on charges relating to domestic terrorism by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation following a coordinated attack on construction equipment and law enforcement officers  at the future site of the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center.  According to the Atlanta Police Department, these “activists” “changed into black clothing and entered the construction area and began to throw large rocks, Molotov cocktails, and fireworks at police officers  . .  the agitators destroyed multiple pieces of construction equipment by fire and vandalism.” So it was “implausible” that SPLC employees would engage in criminal activities, was it?  To the contrary, any fair-minded person would see the arrest of the SPLC attorney as confirmation that the courts in my case (and others in which the SPLC had been sued) were willfully blind to the SPLC’s corruption and criminal actions.

And what a lost opportunity to clean up some of the stench in the SPLC swamp! Had I been allowed the discovery to which I was entitled, I could have uncovered the SPLC’s ties with radical leftist groups, its bribery, its exploitation of vulnerable people, its misuse of donations, and many other misdeeds.  My confidence in this regard is bolstered by the fact that while my appeal was pending the sewage at the “Poverty Palace” got so rank the entire top echelon of the SPLC — Morris Dees, Richard Cohen, Heidi Beirich, and others — resigned or were terminated and an internal SPLC  report was prepared addressing the SPLC officers’ misconduct. That report would have been a key target of my discovery efforts. To this day the report has never been published, even though the public has a right to know how the SPLC, as a 501c3 tax favored nonprofit, has misused its many hundred millions of dollars of donations.

What is the future for the SPLC, in light of the revelation that one of its staff has been arrested for domestic terrorism?  The SPLC, for sure, has been damaged. I’d like to believe it is on the path to losing its 501c3 status. But I have my doubts. This latest incident is dramatic, but the SPLC has been thumbing its nose at tax exempt requirements with impunity for decades and continues, I’m sure, to rake in enormous sums of money from naïve and uninformed people. I nonetheless look forward to someone, armed with this latest damning evidence,  challenging the SPLC’s 501c3 status — as I did and, if no one else does, I may do again.

Reprinted with permission from the American Free Press.
Glen Allen is an attorney and founder of the FREE EXPRESSION FOUNDATION, a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation dedicated to the defense of citizens denied their Constitutional right to free expression See more at Free Expression Foundation,org,  or write FEF, PO Box 65242, Baltimore, MD 21209-9998

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  1. Tim Folke
    Tim Folke says:

    Glen, as you and I have both learned, more often than not that very evil that seeks to destroy only makes one stronger.

      • Aiden Lake
        Aiden Lake says:

        @ Ronehjr
        A good question for TOQ researchers.
        For starters, the world’s 165 Jewish billionaires are worth $812 billion (Times of Israel, March 20).
        Norman Finkelstein’s “Holocaust Industry” is another massive money-spinner.

  2. A. Leese
    A. Leese says:

    This is remarkably similar to how Leese’s defense was not permitted to be presented in court in Britain. “My Irrelevant Defense” – Arnold S. Leese

  3. conrad gaarder
    conrad gaarder says:

    Heidi, a very German name (Adelheid) given to, in this case most likely, a Jew.
    SPLC, which began as direct mail operation run by Dees, evolved into a Jewish racket, which siphons off tens of millions of dollars from NPR listeners, and sues unpopular defendants, who are then fleeced by lazy, compliant and complicit juries.

    • AriCoinstein
      AriCoinstein says:

      Heidi Beirich is indeed a jew. Also,if you put her,Jabba the Hutt, and a 40 gallon trash bag full of dog feces on chairs next to each other,you would very hard-pressed to say which was which.

      I know a lot of people make comments like that hyperbolically. I’m not being hyperbolic. She LITERALLY looks exactly like Jabba The Hutt as well as a 40 gallon trash bag filled with dog poop.

      Well,no,actually. Maybe I’m being a little stingy by saying 40 gallon. It might be more like 240 gallons,if I’m being honest.

  4. K M Landis
    K M Landis says:

    Interesting case. The City of Baltimore should not have fired Glen Allen. As a result, Baltimore lost its case and had to pay $20 million to settle a bogus lawsuit. These suckers deserve to lose.

    Glen Allen should have been allowed by the courts to expose the facts about the SPLC. In a just society, he would get his day in court, but not in communist USA. In jew-run USA, the courts conceal the facts, because they are crooked too.

    The SPLC is a subversive organization. Any objective investigation would prove its criminality, so it gets legal protection from corrupt “judges”. The government should revoke its 501c3 tax-favored status. The trial court “judge” is just a politician and a liar, as are the appellate court “judges”. They’re all party-line activists, funded by jewish money.

  5. Merlin Watson Gullet
    Merlin Watson Gullet says:

    This sort of injustice is intolerable. I keep wondering when whites will revolt against small hat control. I’m no longer a fan of Trump, but I will say that he was correct when he said that the liberals (read jews) coming after him is a symbol for the jews coming after all of us.
    The continuing TDS is off the charts insane, especially in light of the fact that Trump was never far right, and was a liberal his entire life.
    This demonization of any hint of right leaning or white leaning will surely be the undoing of jewish supremacism, as their craziness serves to redpill more people everyday. As whites wake up and the numbers reach critical mass, watch as the nose gets even more desperate and crazy. Jewish cash will eventually run up against a brick wall of white retribution.

  6. Terry Bull
    Terry Bull says:

    This has been a problem in western “democracies” for years. The word “hate” is a particular feature. So also innuendo by using vague language or verbally accurate quotes cut and/or set in a misleading context. The high expense of uncertain libel actions can make remedy impossible for good people. “My son is a lawyer, and makes even more than my other son who is in banking.”

  7. Thaddeus Noble
    Thaddeus Noble says:

    Anyone who has closely followed the SPLC knows that JEWS infiltrated Dee’s scam outfit years ago because it was well known to be a highly successful fleecing operation.

    Dees use of mass mailing to targeted low income Black neighborhoods, boasting of his relentless successful crusade against the Klan, triggered donation after donation pouring in.
    Granted, the donations were not huge sums, but never the less could be counted on following each specifically timed mailing to arrive in your mailbox right after you received your Welfare check. These shysters had it down to a science and it was working.

    One after another, JEWS started to work their way into the door. As more JEWS came on board other legal staff left. By the time Heidi Beirich came onto the staff Dees was being marginalized and he realized it. Soon Dees was ousted and forced to resign. By this time SPLC had banked millions in off shore cash and JEWS now controlled the entire operation.

    Heidi Beirich, a JEW lawyer, and a direct connected finger to the ADL, now worked entirely on ADL directed projects. Mass mailings now skipped low income addresses entirely because they now longer needed to rely on $5 donation crowd plus Blacks have caught on to the SPLC Klan fighting BS story and donations from that source have all but dried up.

    SPLC now targets mailing lists of Democrats or Liberal registered voters. I vote independent and have received their junk in my mailbox also. I know of no Republican voter who has received their mailings and I have questioned a LOT of people. Again, their mailing lists are now VERY specifically targeted toward a very tailored political mindset group.

    The SPLC is now nothing more than a ADL owned and controlled disinformation group whose entire mission is to attack political targets for the ADL. With the entire JEWSMEDIA at her disposal Heidi Beirich can author all the pulp trash she desires and the JEWSMEDIA will spew it in all directions.

    On a positive note, most people disregard the SPLC and consider it a far left group of agitators aligned with JEWISH Antifa.

    • Kevin MacDonald
      Kevin MacDonald says:

      Actually, Jews were there from the start big time, and the main donor base has always been “holocaust-haunted Jews” as Peter Brimelow once phrased it. Dees always emphasized his Jewish middle name of Seligman in his fund-raising lettes.

      • Jim Donaldson
        Jim Donaldson says:

        Glen, Kevin, anyone:

        Any idea why the State of Alabama has not gone after the SPLC criminally let alone civilly? It is located in Montgomery, and the newspaper in the city eviscerated it with an investigative series years ago. From recollection, very credible and serious allegations of misappropriation and financial improprieties have been leveled numerous times against the organization. If the SPLC staff attorney charged with domestic terrorism was somehow acting on behalf of the organization, that would seem to open the door to an investigation on that front as well. It seems low-hanging fruit for state-sponsored lawfare.

      • Johnny
        Johnny says:

        Kevin could the SPLC’s extreme anti Christian and anti Catholic bias haunt them? Even non race aware religious people could hear the history of the SPLC attacking the churches and calling them hate groups. In addition they have a criminal and a terrorist working for them now. This has to be a HUGE opportunity to take them down a peg, and harm their fundraising efforts.

      • Nicola Spart
        Nicola Spart says:

        One conservative organization after another has been neo-conned.
        Also interesting is how interesting magazines and important institutions in the UK have followed the US by gradually acquiring editors or directors of the same ethnic group, from “National Geographic” and “BBC History” to “Index on Censorship” [sic] and now the “Sunday Times”. The “scandals” around BBC boss Richard “Card” Sharp and his pals are worth noting. These people do not all consciously advance, for example, the interests of the Israeli government, but they exert a veto presence on free current affairs comment.
        Sunak’s go-head for the monstrous anti-English “Holocaust Centre” sited deliberately alongside the English Parliament is a particular example of post-1967 Zionist influence in the UK. Jewish response to such criticism is to compare to the “conspiracy tropes” of Goesche and Nilus, andcan then rely on the “useful idiots” in the “antisemitic camp” to confirm this false link.

      • Ettalia Thomas
        Ettalia Thomas says:

        @ KMac
        “The Holocaust is Over” (Avraham Burg).
        Like St Augustine & chastity, not yet, please, not yet!

  8. Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy says:

    Orderliness, cleanliness, thriftiness and clarity are typical fascist qualities by which even today the white man can be unfailingly unmasked in all his wickedness. Chaos, dirt and waste are the in truth estimable qualities of the dark races systematically oppressed by us and their Jewish commanders.

    The Japanese also count as Nazis.

    This facistoid attitude is naturally expressed in the inhuman “music” of these peoples. Because unlike the chaotic Jew and Negro music, every note is exactly in the place where it belongs, sparingly and effectively constructed like a concentration camp. Plus a merciless beat that sounds like a marching colonialist army. That’s why my music tip today is Japanese.

    Why Mr. Matsutake uses the American Moog system instead of the Japanese Roland system is an individual quirk. The over 70 year old master in a live performance, which is unfortunately in mono instead of stereo, which suggests a deliberate sabotage of “liberal” forces in Japan (English subs available).

    Here at least the two best tracks in stereo (“live”).

    Here are the originals of the same two
    tracks as studio recordings from 1981.

    A Japanese film crew inquires of a famous American with a German name how to defuse the chilling punch of their bass frequencies and also integrate moderately negroid swing elements into the music (English subs available).

    • Ronald Nicholson
      Ronald Nicholson says:

      @ Space Cowboy
      Very amusing unless you know something about Imperial Japanese prison camps.

        • Aiden Lake
          Aiden Lake says:

          Due respect, Cowboy, but (1) the Japanese illegally interned in the USA during the war were not badly treated on the whole, (2) Japanese prison camps for enemies of all races, especially white Australians and English soldiers in Burma, were pretty awful places, all on record, (3) neither the Allies nor the Germans and Italians had anything like Unit 731.

          The Japanese nevertheless developed a very beautiful civilization. The point made about shame vs guilt is discussed on the website Japan REFerence, June 13, 2006, online.

          • Space Cowboy
            Space Cowboy says:

            Hi Aiden, I just learned there’s also a “Bolshewikipedia” article about it

            I have not doubted with a word that the Japanese possibly treated their POWs badly (probably not as bad as the Americans treated the Germans, for example, in the “Rhine meadow camps”.)

            However, one must give them credit for not having wiped out hundreds of Asian cities with phosphorus incendiary bombs as the Allies did in Europee, or even considered developing nukes to drop over major American cities as a “test.”

            But this was probably only due to the fact that they did not have any Jews in charge of the War Ministry…

  9. Bobby
    Bobby says:

    God bless you Glen.

    And if you go after them again, be sure to send out an email blast about it and also, tell Kevin, so that he can post about it here. I’ m sure that many would be willing to donate what they can.

    Keep up the good fight Glenn. You’re never alone with the truth.

  10. Space Cowboy
    Space Cowboy says:

    Mr. Matsutake professes his allegiance to the Bundeswehr in no uncertain terms. Message: “We are the Germans of the Far East!” A sympathetic person.

    This person, in contrast, is not a British Wehraboo, but a Jew named Henry Goodman, who calls himself “British actor”, in the role of his life.

    • Space Cowboy
      Space Cowboy says:

      “There’s something in my life, that ain’t quite right.”

      Das rite. It starts with using negro slang.'t

      The second problem is a “haircut” that resembles a burst sofa cushion. The third problem is a “snare drum” that sounds like a toilet lid. And last but not least, the fatuous “joke” of having appeared in TOTP 1986 (instead of “Flop Of The Mob” 2022) with this humbug three years before your own birth, oh stupid you.

      • Space Cowboy
        Space Cowboy says:

        At last, a truly creative invention that ensures a cultural quantum leap for posterity; Hans Geiger himself would have been delighted. (Finally a random generator that deserves this name!) Only such, in the best sense, “madmen” (in truth the only normal ones among us) can still save the occidental heritage.

        The problem: People with brains who generate really extraordinary (and useful!) ideas will never become e.g. ministers for defense technology in the (((system))), but have to eke out a miserable shadow existence as supposed outsiders and “freaks”.

        But when WE are finally again in the power, then that becomes mercilessly and immediately DIFFERENT! In the ARYAN EMPORE empire, everyone shall again exploit and develop his FULL CREATIVE POTENTIAL for the overall and greater good of the race community!

    • Aiden Lake
      Aiden Lake says:

      @ Not Hateful
      Ask Professor Dan Cohn-Sherbok, indefatigable author of over 100 books about Jews, including “The Paradox of Anti-Semitism” (2007). Hannah Arendt once remarked that “hatred” was secretly welcomed by Zionists because it helped to populate Israel.

  11. Robert
    Robert says:

    Omnipotence seems to be the SPLC and Beirich’s poison. It seems she and they believe they can get away with anything they want. Will their arrogance and hubris finally be their downfall? No group can be that arrogant and evil and get away with it forever!!!

  12. ariadna
    ariadna says:

    As the Forward informs, the case that whelped the ADL is re-falsified again. Broadway is applying lipstick on Leo Frank’s remains:
    “The revival of Parade opened on Broadway this weekend. The musical tells the true story of Leo Frank, a Jewish businessman in Atlanta, who was accused in 1913 of murdering a 13-year-old factory employee. Our Nora Berman spoke with Micaela Diamond, the actress portraying Frank’s wife, Lucille, who fights tirelessly for her husband’s freedom.

    Context: Frank was convicted after a trial that was filled with false testimonies and surrounded by salacious media coverage. A mob later later kidnapped him from his cell and lynched him. The event was a source of immense trauma for American Jews, and sparked the birth of the Anti-Defamation League.

    Closer to home: “This is not about Hitler,” Diamond said. “It is a very specific American hatred of Jews. You can’t escape the blame, the atrocity of the American hatred.”

    Backstory: Diamond, who is 23, grew up on the Jersey Shore, where she performed in musicals at her JCC and her synagogue. She found out she landed her first Broadway role — playing the youngest version of Cher in The Cher Show in 2019 — while in Israel on a Birthright trip. Of Parade, she said: “I feel more fulfilled at the end of this show than any show I’ve ever done.”

  13. U KNOW WHO
    U KNOW WHO says:

    PS: When one deals intuitively with astrology, it is easy to recognize which type prefers which topics. Does such an ability benefit one? At best in dealing with other earthlings.

    A year ago, I told my mother that my brother was expected to die of his brain tumor in March. He only lived to be 55, so March falls in my 8th house, bringing up issues like death. Just last week I predicted that he would not make it to April. He died three days ago.

    I am firmly convinced that the Jewish multi-drug “vaccination” of Johnson & Johnson killed him, it damaged and disabled his intact immune system, which also protects against diseases like cancer.
    Only 5 people out of 100,000 get glioblastoma. This alone is a huge improbability.

    If we add the average age of a person of 80 years as a further factor, draw a line on a piece of paper for each year, the probability of contracting this type of cancer not at the age of 23, 46, 67 or 79, not three months before but three months after the “vaccinations”, is zero.

    Two “coincidences” occurring at the same time are excluded by multiplying the improbabilities. It is like a lottery winner dying on the same day from lightning. And 3-5 people among 100,000 is extremely unlikely.

    Let’s assume that someone finds an umbrella in the subway of a big city. He goes to the nearest phone booth, flips through the phone book and calls the first random name.

    That the person called is the owner of this umbrella is more likely by a factor of 100 than to develop glioblastoma in the course of his life or to become a lottery winner. But it is even more improbable to develop the disease in the temporal connection with the Jewish “vaccination”.

  14. Johnny
    Johnny says:

    One lawyer who was good at taking on the SPLC was Ron Coleman. Glen Allen here is a lawyer, but would be good if more and more lawyers would not fear the SPLC and instead take them on.

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